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This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought

Publisher: www.data.nur.nu
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Publisher: www.data.nur.nu

This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought


راء rā’ name of the letter ر

رئة ri’a pl. رئون ri’ūn, رئات ri’āt lung

رئوي ri’awī pulmonary, pulmonic, pneumonic, of or pertaining to the lung, lung (used attributively)

رأب ra’aba a (ra’b) to mend, repair, patch up (هـ a rent, and the like); to rectify, put in order, set right (هـ s.th.)

رؤبة ru’ba patch (for mending a rent)

مرأب mir’ab pl. مرائب marā’ib2 repair shop, garage

رابور (Fr. rapport) report

راتينج ratinaj resin

راتينة = رتينة (look up alphabetically)

رؤد ru’d soft, tender; ru’d and فتاة رؤد (fatāh) delicate young girl

رئد ri’d pl. ارآد ar’ād person of approximately the same age, contemporary

رادار rādār radar

راديكال radikālī radical

راديو rādiyō radio

راديولوجي radiyōlōjī radiology

راديوم radiyūm radium | ذو راديوم فاعل radioactive

رأرأ ra’ra’a: رأرأ بعينه (bi-‘ainaihī) to roll one’s eyes

رأس ra’asa a (رئاسة ri’āsa) to be at the head, be the chairman, be in charge (هـ of s.th.); to preside (هـ over s.th.); to had, lead, direct, manage, run (هـ s.th.); -- رؤس ra’usa u to be the chief, the leader II to appoint as chief or head, make the director or leader, entrust with the direction, management or chairmanship (ه s.o.) V = ra’asa VIII to become or be the chief, head, leader, or director

رأس ra’s m. and f., pl. رؤوس ru’ūs, ارؤس ar’us head (also as a enumerative of cattle); chief, chieftain, head, leader; upper part, upper end; tip; top, summit, peak; vertex, apex; extremity, end; promontory, headland, cape (geogr.); main part; beginning: رأسا ra’san directly, straightway; immediately |برأسه sui generis, in a class by itself, independent, self-contained, e.g., علم برأسه (‘ilm) a science in itself; رأس برأس (both) alike, one like the other, equally, without distinction: على رأس (with foll. genit.) at the head of; at the end of; at the beginning of, before, prior to; على الرأس والعين (wa-l-‘ain) very gladly; juts as you wish! at your service! على رؤوس الأشهاد ‘alā r. il-ašhād in public, for all the world to see; رأسا على عقب ra’san ‘alā ‘aqbin upside down, topsy-turvy, e.g., قلبه رأسا على عقب (qalabahū) to turn s.th. completely upside down, upset s.th. from the bottom up; الرأس الى القدم (qadam) or من الرأس الى أخمص القدم (akmaṣi l-qadam) from head to toe; رفع به رأسا to pay attention to s.th.; رأس الآفات the principal evil, the root of all evil; رأس تنورة Ras Tanura (cape. E Saudi Arabia, oil center); رأس ثوم r. tūm clove of garlic: رأس الجسر r. al-jisr bridgehead; رأس حامية (ḥāmiya) hothead, hotspur, firebrand; رأس السنة r. as-sana New Year; رأس العمود r. al-‘amūd capital (of a column or pilaster); رأس الكتاب letter-head; رأس المال pl. رؤوس المال capital (fin.): مسقط الرأس masqaṭ, masqiṭ ar-r. birthplace, home town; سمط الرأس samṭ ar-r. zenith (astron.); البلد الرأس (balad) the capital city; رؤوس الأصابع tiptoes

رأسي ra’sī head (adj.), cephalic; main, chief, principal; perpendicular, vertical

رأسمالي ra’s-mālī capitalistic; (pl. -ūn) capitalist

رأسمالية ra’s-mālīya capitalism

رئيس ra’īs pl. رؤساء ru’asā’ one at the head, or in charge, of; head; chieftain; leader; chief, boss; rais; director; head-master, principal, chairman; governor; president; manager, superintendent; conductor (mus.); superior (as distinguished from مرؤوس subordinate); (mil.) captain (Ir. 1922. Leb.; formerly also Syr. And Eg.); رئيس اول (awwal) military rank between captain and major (= Fr. capitaine1ière classe; Ir. 1922, Syr. 1952) | رئيس الأساقفة archbishop; رئيس البلدية r. al-baladīya chief of a municipality, mayor; رئيس التحرير editor-in-chief; رئيس اركان الحرب r. arkān al-ḥarb chief of general staff; رئيس التشريفات r. at-tašrīfāt chief of protocol, master of ceremonies (of the king; formerly Ir.); رأس الشماسمة archdeacon; رئيس عرفاء r. ‘urafā’ (mil.) master sergeant (Ir., Syr.); رئيس الأقسام r. al-aqsām technical director general (of the State Railways; Eg.); رئيس النواب r. an-nuwwāb president of parliament, speaker of the (lower) house; رئيس هيئة اركان الحرب r. hai’at arkān al-ḥarb chief of general staff; رئيس الوزراء r. al-wuzarā’ and رئيس الوزارة prime minister, premier

رئيسة ra’īsa manageress; directress; mother superior

رئيسي ra’īsī main, chief, principal, leading |دور رئيسي (daur) leading role, leading part; سبب رئيسي (sabab) principal cause, main reason; شارع رئيسي main street; الفضائل الرئيسية cardinal virtues (Chr.); مقالة رئيسية (maqāla) editorial, leading article, leader

ريس rayyis (= رئيس ) mate (naval rank; Eg.) |رئيس ممتاز (mumtāz) a naval rank (approx. = petty officer3rd class; Eg. 1939)

رئاسة ri’āsa, رياسة riyāsa (also رآسة ) leadership, leading position; management, direction; chairmanship; presidency, presidentship; supervision, superintendency | رئاسة الوزارة prime ministry, premiership; دار الرياسة presidential palace, seat of the chief executive of a country

ترؤس tara‘‘us direction, management; chairmanship

روائس rawā’is2 cliffs lining river bode (wadis)

مرؤوس mar’ūs subordinate; (pl. -ūn) a subordinate, a subaltern

رأف ra’afa a and رؤف ra’ufa u (رأفة ra’fa, رآفة ra’āfa) to show mercy (ب on s.o.), have pity (ب with s.o.), be kind, gracious, merciful (ب to s.o.) V do.

رأفة ra’fa and رآفة ra’āfa morcy, compassion, pity: kindliness graciousness

رؤوف ra’ūf merciful, compassionate; kind, benevolent; gracious

ارأف ar’af kindlier, more gracious (ب toward)

رافيا rāfiyā raffia, raftia palm

1 رأم ra’ama a (ra’m) to repair, mend (هـ s.th.)

2 رئم ra’ima a (رئمان ri’mān) to love tenderly (هـ s.th.), be very fond (هـ of); to treat tenderly, fondle, cares (هـ s.th.)

رئم ri’m pl. ارآم ar’ām white antelope, addax

رءوم ra’ūm loving, tender (mother to her children)

رام الله rāmallāh Ramallah (town in W Jordan, N of Jerusalem)

رامية rāmiya ramie, a strong, lustrous bast fiber; China jute (bot.)

راوند rāwand rhubarb

1 رأى ra’ā يرى yarā (ra’y, رؤية ru’ya) to see; to behold, descry, perceive, notice, observe, discern (هـ s.th.); to look (هـ هـ at s.th. as), regard (هـ هـ s.th. as), consider, deem, think (هـ هـ s.th. to be ...); to judge; to be of the opinion (ان that), believe, think (ان that); to express one’s opinion; to feel (ان that); to deem appropriate, think proper (هـ s.th.), decide (هـ on s.th., ان to do s.th.); to consider, contemplate |أرأيت a-ra’aita tell me! what do you think? رأى رأي العين (ra’ya l-ain) to see with one’s own eyes; رأى رؤيا (ru’yā) to have a dream; رأى منه العجب (‘ajaba) to be amazed at s.th.; رأى للشيء فائدة expect some benefit from s.th.; رأى من واجبه (min wājibihī) to regard as one’s duty, deem incumbent upon o.s.; رأى له ان to think that it would be in s.o.’s interest to ...; رأى رأيه (ra’yahū) to share s.o.’s. opinion; pass.: رؤي ان (ru’iya) it was decided that ...; رؤي الشيء it was felt proper to do III it was thought to be the right thing to do ill to act ostentatiously, make a show before people, attitudinize; to do eyeservice; to behave hypocritically, act the hypocrite, (dis)simulate, dissemble (ه toward s.o.) IV ارى arā to show, demonstrate (هـ ه to s.o. s.th.) يا ترى yā turā (in interrogative sentences) what’s your opinion? would you say ...? |I wonder ..., متى يا ترى I wonder when ..., ترى هل wonder if ..., would you say that ...? اتراها جاءت (a-tarāhā) I wonder if she has come, would you say she has come? اتراني اعود would you say I should go back? V to deem, think, believe VI to present o.s. to or come into s.o.’s (ل ) view, show o.s. (ل to s.o.); to appear, seem (ل to s.o.); to appear right, seem appropriate (ل to s.o.), be thought proper (ل by s.o.); to see one another; to look at o.s. (in a mirror); to act the hypocrite; to fake, feign, simulate (ب s.th.) VIII to consider, contemplate (هـ s.th.); to be of the opinion (ان that), decide (ان that) |ارتأى رأيا (ra’yan) to have an opinion; ارتأى رأيه (ra’yahū) to share s.o.’s opinion

رأي ra’y pl. آراء ārā’ opinion, view; idea, notion, concept, conception; advice, suggestion, proposal; (Isl. Law) subjective opinion, decision hued on one’s individual judgment (not on Koran and Sunna) | في رأيي and عند رأيي in my opinion; انا من هذا الرأي I am of this opinion; من رأيه ان he is of the opinion that ...; أخذ الرأي على (ukida) it was put to the vote, (the matter) was voted upon; لم يكن عند رأيهم he was not what they had expected; لم يكن له فيه رأي he had no say in the matter; الرأي العام (‘āmm) public opinion; ذو الرأي pl. ذوو الآراء sensible, judicious; man of good sense and judgment; well-informed, knowledgeable person, one in the know; تبادل الآراء tabādul al-ārā’, exchange of views; صلب الرأي ṣulba ar-r. obstinate, stubborn, opinionated; قسم الرأي qism ar-r. committee of experts, council on legal and economio matters (attached to the ministries; Eg.)

راية rāya pl. -āt banner, flag

رؤية ru’ya seeing, looking, viewing; inspection, examination

رؤيا ru’ya pl. رؤى ru’an vision; dream | سفر الرؤيا sifr ar-r. the هـ pocalypse (Chr.)

مرأى mar’an sight, view; vision; apparition | على مرأى من before s.o.’s eyes; على مرأى ومسمع من (wa-masma‘in) before the eyes and ears of; with full knowledge of

مرآة mir’āh pl. مراء marā’in, مرايا marāyā looking glass, mirror; reflection, reflected image

مراية mirāya pl. -āt looking glass mirror

رئاء ri’ā and رياء riyā’ eyeservice; hypocrisy, dissimulation; dissemblance; simulation (ب of s.th.)

مراآة , مراءاة murā’āh eyeservice; hypocrisy, dissimulation, dissemblance; simulation (ب of s.th.)

راء rā’in viewer, onlooker, spectator, observer

O رائية rā’iya pl. -āt view finder (of a camera)

مرئي mar’īy seen; visible; المرئيات the visible things, the visible world

مراء murā’in pl. مراؤون murā’ūun hypocrite

2 رئة and رئوي see رء

3 راي rāy an Egyptian variety of salmon

4 راية see 2 رأى

رب rabba u (rabb, ربابة ribāba) to be master, be lord, have possession (هـ, ه of), control (هـ, هـ s.o., s.th.), have command or authority (هـ, ه over); -- u (rabb) and II to raise, bring up (ه a child) II to deify, idolize (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.)

رب rabb pl. ارباب arbāb lord; master; owner, proprietor (Isl. Law); (with foil. genit.) one possessed of, endowed with, having to do with, etc.; الرب the Lord (= God) |رب بحري (baḥrī) a naval rank (approx. = seaman; Eg.); رب العائلة father of the family, paterfamilias; ارباب السلطان a. as-sulṭān the rulers; ارباب المال the capitalists; صعود الرب the هـ scension (Chr.); ارباب المعاشات a. al-ma’āšāt pensioners; ارباب السوابق those previously convicted; ارباب الفنون artists

ربة rabba pl. -āt mistress; lady |ربة المنزل r. al-manzil the lady of the house; ربة البيت r. al-bait landlady; ربة شعره r. ši‘rihī his muse; ربات الحجال r. al-ḥijāl the ladies

رب rubb pl. رباب ribāb, ربوب rubūb rob, thickened juice (of fruit): mash, pulp

رب rubba (with fol. indet. genit.) many a, e.g., رب رجل (rajulin) many a man, رب مرة (marratin) many a time

ربما rubbamā sometimes; perhaps, maybe, possibly

ربة rabba, ribba a kind of skin eruption affecting the head and face

رباب rabāib, ربابة rabāba rebab or rebec, a stringed instrument of the هـ rabs resembling the fiddle, with one to three strings (in Eg. usually two-stringed)

ربيب rabīb pl. -āt ارباء aribbā’ foster son, stepson; foster father; confederate, ally

ربيبة rabība pl. ربائب rabā’ib2 foster daughter, stepdaughter; foster mother; (woman) ally

ربوبية rubūbīya divinity, deity, godship

ربان rubbān pl. -īya, ربابنة rabābina captain, skipper; a naval rank, approx. = captain, ربان ثان (tānin) approx. = commander (Eg. 1939)

رباني rabbānī divine; pertaining to God | الربانيات divine things; الصلاة الربانية (ṣalāh) the Lord’s Prayer (Chr.)

مربة (eg.) mirabba (= مربى murabban) jam, preserved fruit

راب rābb stepfather

رابة rābba stepmother

ربأ raba’a a to hold in esteem, esteem highly (ب s.o.); If '! 4J to consider s.o. above s.th., above doing s.th., have too high an oplnion of s.o. as to suspect him of (doing) s.th. or as to expect him to do s.th.; ربأ بنفسه عن (bi.-nafsii) to deem o.s. above s.th., be too proud for, stand aloof from

ربيئة rabī’a pl. ربايا rabāya guard

ربت rabata i (rabt) to pat, caress, stroke (ه s.o.) II do. |ربت على خده (kaddihi) to pat s.o.’s cheek; ربت على كتفه (katifihi) to pat s.o. on the shoulder; ربت نفسه to be self-satisfied, self-complacent, smug

ربح rabiḥa a (ribḥ, rabaḥ) to gain (هـ من from s.th. s.th.), profit (من from); to win (sports, games) |ما ربحت تجارتهم (tijāratuhum) their business was unprofitable II and IV to make (ه s.o.) gain, allow s.o. (ه ) a profit

ربح ribḥ pl. ارباح arbāḥ gain, profit; benefit; interest (on money); pl. proceeds, returns, revenues; O dividends |ربح بسيط simple interest, ربح مركب (murakkab) compound interest

رباح rabbāḥ pl. ربابيح rabābīḥ2 monkey

اربح arbaḥ2 more profitable, more lucrative

مرابحة murābaḥ (Isl. Law) resale with specification of gain, resale with an advance

رابح rābiḥ profiteer, gainer, winner; beneficiary; lucrative, gainful, profitable (business)

مربح murbiḥ lucrative, gainful, profitable

ربد V to become clouded, become overcast (sky); to turn ashen, take on a glowering expression (face, with anger) IX to become ashen, assume a glowering expression (face)

مربد murbadd clouded; gloomy, morose (face)

ربص rabaṣa u (rabṣ) to wait, look, watch, be on the lookout (ب for) V to lurk, lie in wait (ل for s.o.), waylay, ambush (ل s.o.); to lay an ambush, move into an ambush; to take up positions (mil.); to expect (هـ, ب s.th.), wait (هـ, ب for s.th.) |تربص الفرصة (furṣata) to wait (or look) for an opportunity; تربص الأمر (amra) to wait for s.th. to befall s.o. or to happen to s.o., e.g., ; تربص به الدوائر to wait; for s.o. to meet with disaster

تربص tarabbuṣ probationary term (adm.)

متربص mutarabbiṣ candidate, aspirant

ربض rabaḍa (rabḍ, rubūd) to lie down; to lie, rest (animals; with the chest to the ground); to lurk (ل for s.o.)

ربض rabaḍ pl. ارباض arbāḍ outskirts, suburb; place where animals lie down to rest

مربض marbaḍ pl. مرابض marābiḍ2 place where animals lie down to rest; sheep pen, fold

ربط rabaṭa u i (rabṭ) to bind, tie up, make fast, moor (هـ s.th.); to tie, fasten, attach, hitch (الى هـ s.th. to); to connect (الى هـ s.th. with); to fix, appoint, determine (هـ s.th.); to value, rate, assess (هـ s.th.); to add, append, affix (الى هـ s.th. to); to insert (الى هـ s.th. in); to combine, unite (هـ s.th., بين – وبين s.th. with); to ligate (هـ s.th.), apply a tourniquet (هـ to); to bandage, dress (هـ a wound); to bridle, check (هـ, على s.th.); to brake (هـ a train); to suspend (ه a cleric; Chr.) |ربط لسانه (lisānahū) to silence s.o.; ربط على قلبه (qalbihī) to fortify s.o., give s.o. patience (said of God); ربط جأشه (ja’šahū) to keep one’s self-control, remain calm, be undismayed; ربط الطريقة to practice highway robbery III to be lined up, posted, stationed (troops); to line up, take up positions; to be moored (ship); to move into fighting positions |رابط في قضيته (qaḍīyatihī) to defend the cause of, fight for VIII to bind o.s., commit o.s. engage o.s.; to be bound (ب by, also, e.g., by an obligation), be tied (ب to); to be linked, be connected (ب with); to depend (ب on); to unite, join forces

ربط rabṯ binding, tying; fastening, joining, attaching, connecting; fixation, determination (of an amount, of a number); valuation, assessment | ربط مالي financial allocation; اهل الحل والربط ahl al-ḥall wa-r. infIuentiBJ people, those in power; مكان الربط makān ar-r. (welded) seam, weld (techn.)

ربط rabaṭ (tun.) section, quarter (of a city), suburb

ربط rabṭa pl. -āt, رباط ribāṭ ribbon, band, bandage; bundle; parcel, package |ربطة الرقبة r. ar-raqaba necktie; ربط الساق r. as-sāq garter; ربطة النقود money purse

رباط ribāṭ pl. -āt, ربط rubuṭ, اربطة ar-biṭa ribbon, band; ligature, ligament; bandage; dressing (of a wound); bond, fetter, shackle; -- suspension (of a cleric; Chr.); (pl. -āt, ربط rubuṭ) inn for travelers, caravansary; hospice (for Sufis or the poor) |رباط الاجربة r. al-ajriba garter; رباط الجزمة r. al-jazma shoestring; رباط الرقبة r. ar-raqaba necktie

رباط ribāṭ, رباط الفتح ribāṭ al-fatḥ Rabat (capital of Morocco)

رباط الجأش ribāṭ al-ja’š composure, self-control, calmness, intrepidity

مربط marbiṭ, marbaṭ pl. مرابط marābiṭ2 place where aniimals are tied up

مربط mirbaṭ pl. مرابط marābiṭ2 hawser, mooring cable; rope; O terminal (el.)

ارتباط irtibāṭ connectedness, connection, link; contact, liaison; tie (ب to); obligation, engagement, commitment; bearing (ب on), connection ((ب with), relation (ب to); unity; league, confederation | بدون ارتباط bidūn irt, not binding, without obligation (com.); ضابط ارتباط liaison officer

رابط الجأش rābiṭ al-ja’š composed, calm, unruffled, undismayed, fearless

رابطة rābiṭa pl. روابط rawābiṭ2 band; bond, tie; connection, link; confederation, union, league | روابط الصداقة r. aṣ-ṣadāqa bonds of friendship; الرابطة الاسلامية (Islāmīya) the Moslem League

مربوط marbūṭ bound; connected; fastened, tied, moored (الى to); fixed, appointed; fixed salary; estimate (of the budget)

مرابط murābiṭ posted, stationed; garrisoned (troops); Marabout | الجيش المربوط (jaiš) the Territorial Army (Eg.)

مرتبط murtabiṭ connected, linked (ب with); bound, committed (ب by); depending, conditional (ب on)

ربع raba‘a a to gallop (horse); -- to sit; to squat; to stay, live II to quadruple, multiply by four, increase fourfold (هـ s.th.); to square (هـ a number) V to sit or sit down cross-legged; to sit | تربع على العرش (‘arš) to mount the throne, sit on the throne

ربع rab‘ pl. ربوع rubū‘, رباع ribā‘, ارباع arbā‘, اربع arba‘ home, residence, quarters; pl. ربوع region, area territory, lands; ربع (group of) people | الربع الخالي Rub‘ al Khali (desert region in S Arabia)

ربع rib‘: حمى الربع ḥummā r-rib‘ quartan (fever)

ربع rub‘ pl. ارباع arbā‘ quarter, fourth part; roubouh, a dry measure (Eg. = قدح = 8.25 l); (syr.) 25-piaster piece |ربع سنوي r. sanawī quarterly, trimestral

ربعي rub‘ī quarterly, trimestral

ربعة rab‘a: ربعة القوام r. al-qiwām and ربعة القامة r. al-qāma (m. and f.) or medium height, medium sized

ربعة rub‘a robhah, a dry measure (Eg.; = قدح = 0.516 l)

رباع rabbā‘ athlete (boxer, wrestler, weight lifter, etc.)

ربيع rabī‘ spring, springtime, vernal season; name of the third and fourth months of the Muslim year (ربيع الأول r. al-awwali Rabia I, and ربيع الثاني r. at-tānī Rabia Il); quarter, fourth part

اربعة arba‘a (f. اربع arba‘) four |ذوات الأربع dawāt al-arba‘ the quadrupeds

اربعة عشر arba‘ata ‘ašara (f. اربع عشرة arba‘a ‘ašarata) fourteen

اربعون arba‘ūn forty; الأربعون a ceremony held on the 40th day after s.o.’s death |عيد الأربعين ‘īd al-a. Ascension Day (Chr.)

رباعي rubā‘ī consisting or four, quadripartite, fourfold, quadruple; quadrangular; tetragonal; (gram.) consisting of four radical letters, quadriliteral; quartet; (pl. -āt) quatrain (poet.) |مؤتمر رباعي (mu’tamar) four-power conference; رباعي الأضلاع quadrilateral; رباعي الأرجل r. l-arjul quadruped(al), four-footed; محرك رباعي المشوار muḥarrik r. l-mišwār four-cycle engine

الأربعاء al-arba‘ā’, al-arbi‘ā’, يوم الأربعاء yaum al-a. Wednesday

يربوع yarbū‘ pl. يرابيع yarābī‘ jerboa (Jaculus jaculus; zool.)

مربع marba‘ pl. مرابع marābi‘ meadow

تربيع tarbī‘ lunar quarter; -- (pl. ترابيع tarābī‘2) quadrangle; square, plaza (surrounded by houses) |تربيع الدائرة quadrature or the circle

تربيعة tarbī‘a pl. ترابيع tarābī‘2 square, quadrangle; square, plaza; square panel; tile, floor tile

تربيعي tarbī‘ī quadratic, square

الرابع ar-rābi‘ the fourth; رابعا fourthly, in the fourth place

رابع rābi‘ (due to erroneous pointing) = رائع q.v.

مربوع marbū‘ of medium height, medium-sized

مربع murabba‘ fourfold, quadruple; quadragular; tetragonal; square, quadratic; quadrangle; square; (pl. -āt) quadrangular piece; quartet |متر مربع (mitr) square meter; مربع الأضلاع quadrilateral (math.)

مربعة murabba‘a pl. -āt section, district, area

مرابع murābi‘ partner in an agricultural enterprise (sharing one quarter of the gains or losses)

جلس متربعا jalasa mutarabbi‘an to sit crosslegs

رابغ rābig pleasant, comfortable

ربق ribq lasso, lariat

ربقة ribqa, rabqa pl. ربق ribaq, رباق ribāq, ارباق arbāq noose

ربك rabaka u (rabk) to muddle, entangle, complicate (هـ s.th.); to confuse, throw into confusion (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); -- rabika a (rabak) to be in an involved, confused situation VIII to be confused; to become involved (في in)

ربك rabak involved, confused situation

ربك rabik: confused; in trouble, beset by difficulties

ارتباك irtibāk pl. -āt entanglement, involvement; snarl, tangle, muddle, mess; confusion; embarrassment; upset (of the stomach)

مربك murabbik confusing, bewildering, disconcerting

مرتبك murtabik; confused, complicated, involved; bewildered, disconcerted, embarrassed; involved (في in)

ربل rabil plump, fleshy, fat (person)

ربلي rablī, rabalī fleshy

ربلة rabla pl. rabalāt (mass of) flesh (of the body)

ربيل rabīl fleshy, corpulent, fat

ربالة rabāla corpulence

ربما see رب

ربا (ربو ) rabā u (رباء rabā’, ربو rubūw) to increase; to grow; to grow up; to exceed, (على a number, also عن ), be more than (على) |ما يربو على المئة more than a hundred II to make or let grow; to raise, rear, bring up (ه s.o.); to educate; to teach, instruct (ه a child); to breed, raise (هـ e.g., poultry, cattle); to develop (هـ e.g., a method) III to practice usury IV to make grow, augment, increase (هـ s.th.); to exceed (على a number, an age, a measure) V to be brought up, be educated; to be bred, be raised

ربو rabw dyspnea, asthma

ربوة rubwa (rabwa, ribwa) pl. ربى ruban hill

ربوة ribwa pl. -āt ten thousand, myriad

ربا riban interest; usurious interest; usury

ربوى ribawī usurious

رباء rabā’ surplus, excess; superiority (على over s.o.); favor

تربية tarbiya education, upbringing; teaching, instruction; pedagogy; breeding, raising (of animals) |سيئ التربية sayyi’ at-t. ill-bred; قليل التربية ill-bred, uncivil, ill-mannered; علم التربية ‘ilm at-t. pedagogy, pedagogics; تربية الأطفال baby care; التربية البدنية (badanīya) physical education, physical training; تربية الحيوان t. al-ḥayawān cattle farming, stockbreeding; تربية الدجاج t. ad-dajāj chicken farming, poultry husbandry; تربية السمك t. as-samak pisciculture; تربية النباتات t. an-nabātāt plant cultivation

تربوي tarbawī, تربيوي tarbiyawī pedagogic, pedagogical

رابية rābiya pl. رواب rawābin hill

مرب murabbin pl. مربون murabbūn educator; pedagogue; breeder (of livestock)

مربية murabbiya pl. -āt tutoress, governess; dry nurse, nursemaid

مربى murabban raised, brought up; educated; well-bred, well-mannered; jam, preserved fruit; pl. مربيات murabbayāt preserves

مراب murābin usurer

مترب mutarabbin well-bred, well-mannered

ربورتاج (Fr. reportage) pl. -āt reportage, report

ارت aratt2, f. رتاء rattā’2, pl. رت rutt afflicted with a speech defect

رتب II to array, arrange, dispose (هـ s.th. in a regular sequence or order); to decorate, dress (iii a show window); to settle, determine, regulate (هـ s.th.); to put into proper order, put together (هـ words); to prepare, set aside, earmark (هـ s.th.); to fix, appoint (ل هـ a salary for s.o.); to make (هـ s.th.) result or accrue (على from), derive (على هـ s.th. from), make (هـ s.th.) the result or consequence of (على ) V to fall in line; to be arranged, organized or set up (along the lines of); to be set aside, be assigned; to be subordinate (على to s.th.), be the result or consequence (على of), result, follow, derive, spring (على from), be caused (على by) |ترتب بذمته (bi-dimmatihī) to become the debtor of s.o.

رتبة rutba pl. رتب rutab degree, grade, level; rank, standing, station; class, quality; (mil.) rank; clerical rank, order (of the Christian ministry); religious ceremony (Chr.) |كتاب الرتب ritual (of the Roman Catholic Church)

رتابة ratāba monotony

رتيب ratīb monotonous

رتباء rutabā’2 noncommissioned officers (Syr.; mil.)

مرتبة martaba pl. مراتب marātib2 step; a steplike elevation serving as a seat; mattress; grade, degree, rank, class |في المرتبة الأولى (ūlā) first (mortgage)

ترتيب tartīb pl. -āt order, arrangement, array; sequence, succession; make-up, setup; layout (of a complex, e.g., of houses); organization; preparation, arrangement, provision, measure, step; rite of administering a sacrament (Chr.) |بالرترتيب one by one, in proper succession; من غيرترتيب disorderly, in confusion

ترتيبي tartībī ordinal |عدد ترتيبي (‘adad) ordinal number .

راتب rātib monotonous; (pl. رواتب rawātib2 salary, pay, emolument; pl. رواتب certain supererogatory exercises of devotion

مرتب murattab arranged; organized, set up, regulated, etc.; (pl. -āt) salary, pay, emolument

رتج rataja u (ratj) to look, bar, bolt (هـ the door); -- ratija a (rataj) to be tonguetied, be speechless, falter IV pass. ارتج عليه (urtija) words failed him, he was speechless, he didn't know what to say, he was at a loss

رتاج ritāj pl. رتج rutuj, رتائج ratā’ij2 gate, gateway I eli)1 p muḥkam ar-r. firmly bolted (gate)

رتع rata‘a a (rat‘,رتوع rutū‘, رتاع ritā‘) to pasture, graze; to gormandize, carouse, feast; to revel, indulge freely (في in) IV to pasture, put out to graze (هـ cattle)

مرتع marta‘ pl. مراتع marāti‘2 rich grazing land, pasture; fertile ground (ل for; fig.); breeding ground, hotbed (of vice, of evil, etc.)

رتق rataqa u i (ratq) to mend, repair, patch up, sew up (هـ s.th.)

رتق ratq pl. رتوق rutūq patching, mending, repair; dam (of a stocking)

رتك rataka u i, (ratk, ratak, رتكان ratakān) to run with abort steps, trot

مرتك martak litharge (chem.)

رتل ratila a (ratal) to be regular, well-ordered, neat, tidy II to phrase elegantly (الكلام al-kalāma one’s words); to psalmodize, recite in a singsong; to sing, chant (هـ spiritual songs, hymns; Chr.)

رتل ratl pl. ارتال artāl railroad train |رتل آلي (ālī) motorized convoy (mil.)

رتيلاء rutailā’2 harvestman (Phalangium), daddy longlegs; tarantula

ترتيل tartīl slow recitation of the Koran (a technical term of tajwīd); psalmodizing, psalmody, singsong recitation; singing, chanting (of hymns, etc.; Chr.); -- (pl. تراتيل tarātīl2) hymn; religious song (Chr.)

ترتيلة tartīla pl. تراتيل tarātīl2 hymn

مرتل murattal church singer; choirboy, chorister (Chr.); singer, chanter

رتم ratama i (ratm) to utter, say (بكلمة bi-kalima a word; only with neg.)

رتم ratam (coll.; n. un. ة ) retem (Retama raetam Webb., Genista raetam Forsk.; bot.)

رتمة ratma and رتيمة ratīma pl. رتائم ratā’im2, رتام ritām thread wound around one’s finger as a reminder

رتا (رتو ) ratā u and II رتى rattā to mend, darn (هـ e.g., stockings)

رتوش (Fr. retouche) ritūš retouch

رتينج ratīnaj (= راتينج ) resin

رتينة (It. retina) ratīna pl. رتائن ratā’in2 incandescent mantle

رث ratta i (رثاثة ratāta, رثوثة rutūta) to be ragged, tattered, shabby. worn (garment)

رث ratt pl. رثاث ritāt old, shabby, worn, threadbare |رث الهيئة r. al-hai’a of shabby appearance

رثة ritta old, outmoded things, worn clothes

رثيث ratīt old, .habby, worn, threadbare

رثاثة ratāta shabbiness, raggedness

رثوثة rutūta shabbiness, raggedness

رثو ) and رثي) رثا ratā u (ratw) to bewail, lament, celebrate in an elegy, in a funeral oration (ه a deceased person); -- رثى ratā i (raty, رثاء ritā’, مرثية martiya, مرثاة martāh) to bewail, lament, bemoan (ه a deceased person); to elegize, celebrate in an elegy, in a funeral oration (ه a deceased person); to mourn (ل for, over), deplore (ل s.o. or s.th.); to pity (ل s.o.), feel sorry (ل for) |رثاه بمرثاة to elegize s.o. (a deceased person), bewail and celebrate him in an elegy; شيء يرثى له (yurtā) a deplorable, regrettable thing

رثى raty bewailing, bemoaning, lamentation

رثاء ritā’ bewailing, bemoaning, lamentation; regret; elegiac poetry

رثية ratya pl. ratayāt arthritis, gout

مرثية martiya and مرثاء martā’ pl. مراث marātin elegy, dirge, epicedium; pl. مراث funeral orations

رج raja u (rajj) to convulse, shake, rock (هـ s.th.); pass. rujja to be shaken, tremble, shake, quake VIII to be convulsed, shake, tremble, quake

رج rajj shaking, rocking, convulsion

رجة rajja convulsion; shook, concussion

رجاج rajjāj trembling, quaking, shaking, rocking

ارتجاج irtijāj shock, concussion; trembling, tremor | O ارتجاج المخ irt. al-mukk cerebral concussion (med.)

رجأ IV to postpone, adjourn, defer, put off (هـ s.th.)

ارجاء irjā’ postponement, deferment, adjournment

رجب rajaba u and rajiba a (rajab) to be afraid (من or عن of), be awed (من or عن by)

رجب rajab Rajab, the seventh month of the Muslim year

رجح rajaḥa a i u (رجوح rujūḥ, رجحان rujḥān) to incline (scale of a balance); to weigh more, be of greater weight; to preponderate, predominate; to surpass, excel (ه s.o.); to be very likely (ان that), رجح عنده ان it appeared to him most likely that ...; -- to weigh (هـ بيده s.th. in the hand) II to make (هـ s.th.) outweigh (على s.th. else), give preponderance (هـ to s.th., على over); to think (هـ s.th.) weightier; to prefer (على هـ s.th. to), give (هـ s.th.) preference (على to), favor (على هـ s.th. more than); to think likely or probable (هـ s.th., ان that) V to carry greater weight, be weightier, preponderate; to swing back and forth, pendulate; to rock; to seesaw, tester VIII to swing back and forth, pendulate; to rook; to seesaw, tester

رجاحة rajāḥa forbearance, indulgence, leniency; composure, equanimity

رجحان rujḥān preponderance, predominance (على over), ascendancy, superiority

ارجح arjaḥ2 superior in weight, preponderant; having more in its favor, more acceptable; preferable; more likely, more probable | الأرجح ان it is most likely that ...; probably ...; على الأرجح probably, in all probability

ارجحية arjaḥīya preponderance, predominance, prevalence

ارجوحة urjūḥa pl. اراجيح arājīḥ2 seesaw; swing; cradle

راجح rājiḥ) superior in weight, preponderant; having more in its favor, more acceptable; preferable; probable, likely

مرجوحة marjūḥa pl. مراجيح marājīḥ2 seesaw; swing

مرجح murajjaḥ preponderant, predominant; probable, likely

رجرج rajraja and II tarajraja to tremble, quiver; to sway

رجراج rajrāj agitated; trembling, tremulous; swaying; quivering; الرجراج the sea

1 رجز VIII to compose or declaim poems in the meter rajaz; to thunder, roar, surge (sea)

رجز rujz, rijz punishment (inflicted by God); dirt, filth

رجز rajaz name of a poetical meter

ارجاز arjāz verses in the meter rajaz; little (work) song

ارجوزة urjūza pl. اراجيز arājīz2 poem in the meter rajaz

2 ارجوز look up alphabetically

رجس rajisa a (rajs) and rajusa u (رجاسة rajāsa) to be dirty, filthy; to commit a shameful act, do s.th. disgraceful or dirty

رجس rijs pl. ارجاس arjās dirt, filth; dirty thing or act, atrocity

رجس rajas pl. ارجاس arjās dirt, filth

رجس rajis dirty, filthy

رجاسة rajāsa dirt, squalor

رجاس rajjās roaring, surging (sea); thundering

رجع raja‘a i (رجوع rujū‘) to come back, come again, return; to recur; to resort, turn (الى to); to recommence, begin again, resume (الى s.th.); to fall back (الى on), go back, revert (الى to); to look up (الى s.th. in a book), consult (الى a book); to go back, be traceable (الى to), be attributable (الى ان to the fact that ...), derive, stem, spring (الى from); رجع به الى to reduce s.th. to (its elements, or the like); to depend (الى on); to be due, belong by right (الى to); to fall under s.o.’s (ل ) jurisdiction, be s.o.’s (ل ) bailiwick; to desist, refrain (عن from); to withdraw (عن , also في e.g., what one has said), revoke, countermand, repeal, cancel (عن or على e.g., a decision); to turn against s.o. (على); رجع به على فلان to claim restitution of s.th. from s.o.; to demand, claim (ب s.th., على from s.o.); to entail, involve (ب s.th., a consequence); to have a good effect (في on), be successful (في with) |رجع على عقبه (‘aqbihī) pl. رجعوا على اعقابهم (a‘qābihim) to retrace one's steps, go back the way one came; رجع الى الصحة (ṣiḥḥa) to regain one’s health; رجع الى صوابه (ṣawābihī) to come to one's senses; رجع الى نفسه to watch o.s., examine o.s.; يرجع ذلك الى ان this is due to the fact that ...; يرجع السبب الى (sabab) the reason is to be found in ...; رجعت به الذاكرة الى he recalled, remembered ...; رجع في كلامه (kalāmihī) to go back on one’s word II to cause to come back or return; to return, give back; to send back; to turn away (عن ه s.o. from); to sing or chant in a vibrant, quavering tone; to echo, reverberate (هـ s.th.) |رجع صداه (ṣadāhū) to return the echo of s.th., echo s.th. III to return, come back (هـ, ه to); to revert

رجعع rujū‘ return; reverting, coming back (الى to); recourse (الى to); traceability (الى to); revocation, withdrawal, retraction (عن of s.th.); resignation, surrender (عن of s.th.); reclamation; recall; restitution, return |برجوع البريد by return mail

رجيع rajī‘ excrement

مرجع marji‘ pl. مراجع marāji‘ return; authority to which one turns or appeals; place of refuge, retreat; recourse resort; authority, responsible agency; source (esp. scientific), authoritative reference work; resource; source to which s.th. goes back or to which s.th. can be attributed; starting point, origin; recourse (jur.) | مرجع النظر m. An-naẓar jurisdiction, competence; المرجع اليه he is the one to turn to; المرجع في ذلك الى I am thereby referring to …; كان مرجع هذا الشيء الى this was due to …, was attributable to …; اليهم مرجع الفضل (m. ul-faḍl) the merit is due to them

مرجعية marji‘īya authority

مراجعة murāja‘a reiteration, repetition; inspection, study, examination; consultation (of a reference work); request; application, petition (esp. to an authority); application for advice or instruction, etc., consultation (of s.o.); checking, verification, re-examination; auditing, audit (also مراجعة الحساب ); revision, correction (of a manuscript)

ارجاع irjā‘ return, restitution; refundment; attribution (الى to); reduction (الى to)

تراجع tarāju‘ withdrawal, retreat; recession, retrogadation

ارتجاع irtijā‘ return to an older form or order, reactionism, reaction

ارتجاعي irtijā‘ī reactionary

استرجاع istirjā‘ reclamation; recovery, retrieval; retraction, withdrawal, revocation

راجع rāji‘ returning, reverting, etc.; due, attributable (الى to); rightfully belonging (الى to s.o.); subject (ل to s.th.); depending (ل on) | الحمى الراجعة (ḥummā) relapsing fever

مراجع murāji‘ checker, verifier, examiner; reviser | مراجع m. al-ḥisāb auditor, comptroller

رجف rajafa a (rajf, رجفان rajfān) to be convulsed, be shaken; to tremble, quake; to shiver, shudder; -- to agitate, convulse, shake (ه s.o.) IV to make (ه s.o.) tremble or shudder; to convulse, shake, rock (هـ s.th.); to spread lies, false rumors; also with ب , e.g., ارجف بافتراءات (bi-ftirā’āt) to spread calumnies VIII to tremble, quake; to shudder

رجفة rajfa (n. vic.) trepidation, tremor; shudder, shiver

رجاف rajjāf trembling, quaking; shaken, convulsed

ارجاف irjāf pl. اراجيف arājīf untrue, disquieting talk, false rumor

رجل rajila a to go on foot, walk II to comb (هـ the hair); to let down (هـ the hair), let it hang long V = I; to dismount (من or if from; rider); to assume masculine manners, behave like a man |ترجل في طريقه to walk all the way VIII to improvise, extemporize, deliver offhand (هـ a speech) X to become a man, reach the age of manhood, grow up; to act like a man, display masculine manners or qualities

رجل rijl f., pl. ارجل ari"l foot; leg

رجل rijl pl. ارجال arjāl swarm (esp. of locusts); -- common purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.; bot.)

رجل rajil going on foot, pedestrian, walking

رجل rajul pl. رجال rijāl man; pl. رجالات rijālāt great, important men, leading personalities, men of distinction |رجال الدولة r. ad-daula statesmen; رجال السند r. as-sanad informants, sources of information

رجالي rijālī men’s, for men (e.g., apparel)

رجولة rajūla masculinity, virility, manhood

رجولية rajūlīya masculinity, virility, manhood

مرجل mirjal pl. مراجل marājil2 cooking kettle, caldron; boiler

ارتجال irtijāl improvisation, extemporization, extemporary speech

ارتجالي irtijālī extemporary, improvised, impromptu, offhand, unprepared

راجل rājil pl. رجل rajl, رجالة rajjāla, رجال rujjāl, رجلان rujlān going on foot, walking; pedestrian

مرتجل murtajal improvised, extemporaneous, extemporary, impromptu, offhand

1 رجم raiama u (raim) to stone (ه a.o.); to curse, damn, abuse, revile (ه s.o.) |رجم بالغيب (gaib) to talk about s.th. of which one knows nothing; to guess, surmise, make conjectures; to predict the future II رجم بالغيب do.

رجم rajm stoning; (pl. رجم rujam) missile | رجم بالغيب (gaib) conjecture, guesswork; prophecy

رجم rujum shooting stars, meteorites

رجمة rajma pl. رجم rujam, رجام rijām tombstone

رجيم rajīm stoned; cursed, damned; see also alphabetically

2 ترجم , ترجمة look up alphabetically

مرجونة marjūna basket

رجا (رجو ) rajā u (رجاء rajā’, رجاة rajāh, مرجاة marjāh) to hope; to hope for s.th. (هـ ); to .xpeat, anticipate (هـ s.th.), look forward (هـ to); to wish (هـ for s.th., هـ ل s.o. s.th., e.g., success); to ask (هـ for s.th., من or s.o., ان to do s.th.), request (هـ s.th., من from s.o., ان that he ...) | رجاه في الحاح (ilḥāḥ) to plead with s.o., implore s.o.; اجو عدم المؤاخذة (‘adama l-mu’ākadata) | I must ask your indulgence V to hope (ه, هـ for); to expect, anticipate (ه, هـ s.th., s.o.), look forward (هـ to); to request (ه s.o.); to ask (ه s.o.) VIII to hope (ه, هـ for); to expect, anticipate (ه, هـ s.th., s.o.), look forward (هـ to); to dread (ه s.o.)

رجا rajan and رجاء rajā’ pl. ارجاء arjā’ side, direction; region; -- pl. ارجاء arjā’ vastness (of a land), expanses; whole vicinity or area |في ارجائه about its interior, e.g., في ارجاء الغرفة (gurfa) all about the room, في ارجاء البلاد all over the country, throughout the country; تجاوبت ارجاء الردهة باتصفيق (a. ur-radha) the entire auditorium resounded with applause; شاسع الأرجاء and واسع الأرجاء vast in extent, vast-dimensioned

رجاء rajā’ hope (ب, في and genit.; of); expectation, anticipation; urgent request | على رجاء in the hope of, hoping for; رجاء العلم rajā’ al-‘ilm for your information (on memos, records, etc.); رأس الرجاء الصالح Cape of Good Hope

رجاة rajāh hope, expectation, anticipation

رجية rajīya s.th. hoped for; hope

مرجاة marjāh hope

راج rājin hoping, full of hope

مرجو marjūw hoped for, expected; requested |المرجو من فضلك ان (min faḍlika) approx.; I hope you will be kind enough to ...; المرجو مراعاة ان (murā‘ātu) please notice that …, attention is called to the fact that …

رجي rajiya a to become silent; to remain silent; pass. رجي عليه (rujiya) to be tongue-tied, be unable to utter a sound

رجيم (Fr. régime) rijīm diet

رحب raḥiba a (raḥab) and raḥuba u (ruḥb, رحابة raḥāba) to be wide, spacious, roomy II to welcome (ب s.o., also ب s.th., e.g., news), bid welcome (ب to s.o.); to receive graciously, make welcome (ب s.o.) V to welcome (ب s.o.), bid welcome (ب to)

رحب raḥb wide, spacious, roomy; unconfined | رحب الصدر r. aṣ-ṣadr generous, magnanimous; broad-minded, open-minded, liberal; frank, candid, open-hearted; carefree; صدر رحب (raḥb) generosity, magnanimity; open-mindedness, broad-mindedness, liberality; frankness, candor; رحب الباع generous, openhanded, liberal; رحب الذراع do.

رحب ruḥb vastness, wideness, spaciousness unconfinedness | اتى على الرحب والسعة (atā, ṣa‘a) to be welcome; وجد رحبا وسعة (sa‘atan) to met with a friendly reception

رحب raḥab vastness, wideness, spaciousness, unconfinedness |رحب الصدر r. aṣ-ṣadr magnanimity, generosity; lightheartedness

رحبة raḥba, raḥaba pl. -āt public square (surrounded by buildings); (pl. raḥabāt and رحاب riḥāb) vastness, expanse |رحاب الكون and رحاب الفضاء r. al-faḍā’ vastness of outer space

رحيب raḥīb = رحب raḥb

رحابة raḥāba wideness, vastness, spaciousness, unconfinedness |رحابة الصدر r. aṣ-ṣadr magnanimity, generosity

مرحبا بك marḥaban bika welcome!

ترحاب tarḥāb welcome, greeting |قابله بترحيب (qābalahū) to receive s.o. with open arms

ترحيب tarḥīb welcoming, welcome, greeting

رحرح raḥraḥa: رحرح بالكلام (kalām) to equivocate, speak ambiguously, beat around the bush

رحرح raḥraḥ and رحراح raḥrāḥ wide, broad, flat; carefree, pleasant (life)

رحض raḥaḍa a (raḥḍ) to rinse, wash

مرحاض mirḥāḍ pl. مراحض marāḥīḍ2 lavatory, toilet

رحيق raḥīq exquisite wine; nectar

1 رحل raḥala a (رحيل raḥīl) to set out; to depart, leave; to move away, emigrate; to start (عن from a place) | رجل يرحل ويقيم (yuqīm) a man constantly on the go, a dynamic man II to make (ه s.o.) leave, induce or urge (ه s.o.) to depart; to evacuate (الى ه s.o. to), resettle, relocate (الى ه s.o. in); to deport (الى ه s.o. to); to allow (ه s.o.) to emigrate; to give (ه s.o.) travel clearance; to carry (passengers e. g., a ship); to transfer (هـ s.th.); to transport, convey, forward (هـ s.th.); to dispatch, send out (هـ s.th.); to carry over, post (هـ an item; bookkeeping); to carry forward (هـ the balance; bank) V to wander, roam, migrate, lead a nomadic life; to be evacuated VIII to set out, leave, depart; to move away, emigrate |ارتحل الى رحمة ربه (ilā raḥmati rabbihī) to pass away, die

رحل raḥl pl. رحال riḥāl camel saddle; saddlebags; baggage, luggage; pl. stopping place, stop, stopover |شد الرحال (šadda) to set out, break camp; القى رحاله alqā riḥālahū to stop (في in, at)

رحلة riḥla travel, journey; trip, tour; travelogue

رحلة ruḥla destination, place for which one is bound

رحيل raḥīl departure, setting out; emigration; exodus; demise

رحال raḥḥāl pl. رحل riḥal roving, roaming, peregrinating, wandering, migratory nomadic; -- (pl. رحالة raḥḥāla) great traveler, explorer; nomad |الطيور الرحالة migratory birds; الأعراب (العربان) الرحل (‘urbān) the nomadic Bedouins

رحالة raḥḥāla great traveler, explorer; globetrotter

مرحلة marḥala pl. مراحل marāḥil2 a day’s journey; leg of a journey; way station; stage, phase |يزيد عليه بمراحل (yazīdu) it exceeds it by far; في مراحل حياتها (ḥayātihā) throughout her life, in every stage of her life

ترحال tarḥāl departure, setting out |حياة الترحال ḥayāt at-t. nomadic life

ترحيل tarḥīl emigration, exodus; effectuation of (s.o.’s) departure; deportation; evacuation; resettlement; transfer; moving; transport, transportation; posting (of accounts); carrying forward (fin.); dispatch |ترحيل عمال t. ‘ummāl assignment (or detailing) of workmen

ارتحال irtiḥāl departure, setting out; emigration, exodus; demise

راحل rāḥil pl. رحل ruḥḥal departing leaving, parting; traveling; (pl. -ūn) deceased, late, الفقيد الراحل the deceased

راحلة raḥila pl. رواحل rawāḥil2 female riding camel|شد راحلته (šadda) to saddle one’s camel, start out on a journey

مرحل muraḥḥal pl. -āt carry-over |مجموع مرحل balance carried forward (fin.)

2 راحيل rāḥīl Rachel

رحم raḥima a (رحمة raḥma, مرحمة marḥama) to have mercy (ه upon s.o.), have compassion (ه for s.o.) ; to spare, let off (ه s.o.); to be merciful II رحم عليه to say to s.o.: رحمك الله raḥimaka llāh may God have mercy upon you; to ask God to have mercy (على upon s.o.), plead for God’s mercy (على for what has happened) V = II; VI to show human understanding for one another, love and respect one another X to ask (ه s.o.) to have mercy

رحم raḥim, riḥm f., pl. ارحام arḥām uterus; womb; relationship, kinship |ذوو الارحام dawū l-a. relatives on the maternal side

رحمة raḥma pity, compassion; human understanding, sympathy, kindness; mercy |كان تحت رحمته to be at s.o.’s mercy; جعله تحت رحمته to leave s.th. or s.o. to s.o.’s mercy; بساط الرحمة pall

رحيم raḥīm pl. رحماء ruḥamā’ and رحوم ruḥūm merciful, compassionate

الرحمن ar-raḥmān the Merciful (i.e., God)

مرحمة marḥama pl. مراحم marāḥim2 pity, compassion, sympathy; mercy

ترحيم tarḥīm: ترحيم الموتى (mautā) pl. تراحيم tarāḥīm2 intercessory prayer for the dead (Chr.)

استرحام istirḥām plea for mercy

مرحوم marḥūm deceased, late, e.g., المرحوم السيد the late M. …

رحى raḥan f., pl. ارحاء arḥā’, رحى ruḥīy, ارحية arḥīya quern, hand mill | حجر الرحى ḥajar ar-r. millotone; دارت رحى الحرب (القتال ) dārat r. l-ḥarb the war (fighting) broke out; the war (fighting) was going on

رحوى raḥawī rotating, rotatory

رحاوى raḥḥāy pl. -ūn grinder

رخ raḳḳa u to mix with water, dilute (هـ wine)

رخ raḳḳ (n. un. ة ) light shower

رخ rukk roc, name of a fabulous giant bird; (pl. رخخة rikaka) rook, castle (chess)

رخاخ rakāk soft (ground); comfortable, pleasant, easy (life)

رخص rakuṣa (rukṣ) to be cheap, inexpensive; (رخاصة rakāṣa) to be supple, tender, soft II to permit, allow (ل s.o. ب or في s.th.); to authorize, license (ل s.o., ب or في to do s.th.); to empower (ل s.o.); to reduce the price (هـ of s.th.) IV to reduce the price (هـ of s.th.) V to be willing to please, meet on fair term. (مع في s.o. in), show o.s. ready to compromise (مع with s.o. في in s.th.); to make concessions (في or ب in s.th.); to permit o.s. liberties, take liberties (في in) X to find cheap, regard as inexpensive (هـ s.th.); to request s.o.’s (ه ) permission

رخص rakṣ supple, tender, soft

رخص rukṣ cheapness, inexpensiveness

رخصة rukṣa pl. رخص rukaṣ permission; concession, license, franchise; admission; authorization; leave; permit |رخصة قيادة السيارات r. qiyādat as-sayyārāt driving permit, operator’s license

رخيص rakīṣ supple, tender, soft, cheap, inexpensive, low-priced; base, mean, low; trash, trumpery

ترخيص tarkīṣ pl. -āt, تراخيص tarākīṣ2 granting of permission; permission; authorization; mandate; concession; license; price reduction, price cut

مرتخص murtakiṣ low-priced, inexpensive, cheap |كل مرتخص وغال kullu murtakaṣin wa-gālin every conceivable effort, everything (in one’s power)

رخم rakuma u (رخامة rakāma) and rakama u to be soft, mellow, gentle, pleasant (voice); رخمت بيضها (على بيضها ) rakamat baiḍahā (‘alā baiḍihā) to sit on the eggs (hen) II to soften, mellow (هـ the voice); to apocopate (هـ a word); to tile with marble (هـ the floor)

رخم rakam (coll.; n. un. ة ) Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus; zool.)

رخام rukām marble

رخام rukāma pl. -āt marble slab

رخيم rakīm soft, mellow, pleasant, melodious (voice); O note lowered by a semitone, flat (mus.)

ترخيم tarkīm shortening, apocopation, esp. of a name in the vocative by elision of the final consonant (gram.)

(رخو and رخي) رخو rakuwa u and رخي rakiya a (رخاوة rakāwa, رخاء rakā’) to be or become loose, slack, relaxed; to slacken, slump, sag, relax; -- رخاء rakā’ u (رخاء rakā’): رخا عيشه (‘aišuhū) to live in easy circumstances, live in opulence IV to loosen, slacken (هـ s.th.); to relax (هـ s.th.); to let go (هـ s.th.); to lower, drop, let down (هـ s.th.) VI to slacken, sag, droop, become limp; to show little energy or zeal, let up, become lax, be remiss (عن in s.th.); to go down, slump (prices); to lag, become dull or listless (stock market); to diminish, flag, wane, ebb, decrease; to desist (عن from); to be lowered, drop, fall (curtain); to be delayed, be retarded VIII to slacken, slump, sag, droop, become limp, flaccid, flabby; to become loose, work loose; to soften, become soft; to relax, become relaxed, unbend; to abate, let up; to languish, nag, lose force or vigor X = VIII

رخو rakw, rikw loose, slack; limp, flabby, flaccid; indolent, languid; soft; supple

رخاء rakā’ ease, comfort, happiness; prosperity; abundance, opulence (of living); welfare; fairness, lowness (of prices)

رخاء rukā’ gentle breeze

رخاوة rakāwa softness; flaccidity, limpness; laxity |رخاوة العود r. al-‘ūd weakness of character

رخي rakīy feeble, weakened, languid; relaxed, at ease; cozy, comfortable

تراخ tarākin, limpness; slackness; languor, lassitude; abatement, mitigation, letup; relaxation; loosening, looseness

ارتخاء irtikā’ loosening, slackening; looseness, slackness; laxity; abatement mitigation, letup; ease, relaxedness; relaxation; limpness; languor, lassitude

استرخاء istirkā’ = ارتخاء irtikā’

راخ rākin sagging, drooping

متراخ mutarākin limp, flaccid, flabby; drooping; languid; negligent, indolent, slack

رد radda u (radd) to send back; to bring back, take back (الى هـ, ه s.o., s.th. to); to return (الى هـ s.th. to its place). put back, lay back (الى هـ s.th. in its place); to throw back, repel, drive back, drive away (ه s.o.); to resist, oppose (ه s.o.); to turn down, refuse, decline (هـ s.th., e.g., the fulfillment of a wish); to ward off, parry, repel (هجوما hujūman an attack); to reject (تهمة tuhmatan a suspicion); to hand back, give back, return, restore (هـ s.th., الى to s.o.); to return (السلام as-salāma the greeting); to reply (على to s.o.), answer (على s.o.); to reflect (هـ light); to throw back, echo (هـ the voice); to refute, disprove (على s.th.); to hold back, keep, restrain (عن ه s.o. from s.th.); to dissuade (عن ه s.o. from), prevail upon s.o. (ه ) not to do s.th. (عن ); to trace back, attribute (الى هـ s.th. to an origin); to bring, yield ( هـ على s.th. to s.o.); to reappoint, reinstate (ه ه s.o. as, e.g., حاكما ḥākiman as governor) |رد الباب to close the door; رد جوابا (jawāban) to answer; ما يرد هذا عليك شيئا this won’t help you at all; لا يرد (yuraddu) irrefutable; رده على عقبيه (‘aqibaih) pl. ردهم على اعقابهم (a‘qābihim) to drive s.o. back to where he came from; رد عينه عنه (‘ainahū) he averted his eyes from it II to keep away, avert, prevent, stave off (هـ s.th.); to repel, throw back (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to repeat (constantly, frequently); to break forth, burst (هـ into, e.g., into singing), strike up, intone, let ring out (هـ a tune, or the like) |ردد الصدى (ṣadā) to return the echo; ردد النظر في (naẓara) to look at s.th. again and again; ردد طرفه بين (ṭarafahū) to let one’s eyes wander between, look first at one, then at the other V to be thrown back, be reflected (voice, echo); to ring out (shouts); to shift repeatedly (wind); to come and go (على at s.o.’s house; rarely الى ), frequent, visit frequently (على s.o.’s house, a place; rarely الى ); to return, recur; to hesitate, be reluctant (في in s.th., to do s.th.); to waver, become uncertain, become doubtful في in s.th. or as to s.th.) |تردد على الألسنة (alsina) to be frequently diocussed (question) VIII to withdraw, retreat, fall back; to move backward, retrogress; to go back, return, revert (الى to); to fall back (الى on); to go away, absent o.s.; to desist, refrain (عن from), renounce, give up, abandon, quit, leave (or s.th.); to forsake, desert (or one’s faith, one’s principles, etc.), apostatize, fall off (عن from) |ارتد على عقبيه (‘aqbaihi), pl. ارتدوا على اعقابهم (a’qābihim) to withdraw, turn back X to reclaim, demand back, call in (هـ s.th.), demand the return (هـ of s.th.); to bring back, lead back (ه الى s.o. to); to get back (هـ s.th.); to retrieve, recover, regain (هـ s.th.); to withdraw (e.g., يده yadahū one’s hand; also fig., e.g., استقالته istiqālatahū one’s resignation); to withdraw, take out (هـ money, from an account, from a bank) |استرد انفاسه (anfāsahu) to catch one’s breath

رد radd pl. ردود rudūd return; restoration, restitution; refund, reimbursement; repayment, requital; repulsion; warding off, parrying; denial, refusal; rejection; reply, answer; reflection (e.g., of light); refutation; attribution (الى to) |رد الفعل al-fi‘l reaction; رد الاعتبار rehabilitation; ردا على (raddan) in reply to ...; اخذ ورد see أخذ akada

ردة radda ugliness; reverberation, echo; bran

ردة ridda apostasy (عن الاسلام or from Islam)

ارد aradd2 more useful, more profitable (على to s.o.)

مرد maradd fact to which s.th. is attributable, underlying factor or reason; averting, rejection, repulsion; responsory (Chr.) |لا مرد له (maradda) irresistible; مرده الى (maradduhū) it is attributable to ..., one must ascribe it to لا مرد له الا براعته (maradda, barā‘atuhū) it can only be attributed to his efficiency; كان على مرد لسانه (maraddi lisānihi) to be constantly on s.o.’s lips, be a standing phrase with s.o.

ترداد tardād frequent repetition; frequentation

ترديد tardīd repetition, reiteration

تردد taraddud frequent coming and going, frequentation; frequency (el.); hesitation, irresolution, indecision, wavering; reluctance

ارتداد irtidād retreat, withdrawal; retrogression; renunciation, desertion; apostasy (عن الاسلام from Islam) |كارتداد الطرف ka-rtidādi ṭ-ṭarf in the twinkling of an eye, in a jiffy

استرداد istirdād reclamation, claim of restitution, vindication (Isl. Law); recovery, retrieval; retraction, withdrawal; refundment, reimbursement; withdrawal, taking out (of money, from an account)

مردود mardūd yield, return(s)

مرتد murtadd turncoat, renegade, apostate

1 ردأ rada’a a (rad’) to support, prop, shore up (هـ a wall)

ردء rid’ pl. ارداء ardā’ support; help, helper

2 ردؤ radu’a u (رداءة radā’a) to be bad V to become bad, be spoiled

رديء radī’ pl. اردياء ardiyā’2 bad; mean, base, vile; evil, wicked; vicious, malicious |رديء السمعة r. as-sum‘a of ill repute

اردأ arda’2 worse; more wicked

رداءة radā’a badness; wickedness; viciousness, maliciousness

اردب irdabb (now commonly pronounced ardabb) pl. ارادب arādib2 ardeb, a dry measure (Eg.; = 1981)

اردب irdabba cesspool

ردح radaḥ long period of time |ردحا من الهر radaḥan min ad-dahr for a long time

ردس radasa i u (rads) to crush (هـ s.th.); to roll smooth, level by rolling (هـ ground)

ردع rada‘a a (rad‘) to keep, prevent (ه عن s.o. from) VIII to be kept, be prevented (عن from)

رادع rādi‘ deterring; (pl. روادع rawādi‘) deterrent; impediment, obstacle, handicap; restriction, limitation, curb, check; inhibition (psych.)

ردغة radga, radaga mud, mire, slush

ردف radafa u (radf) and radifa a to come next, come immediately after s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ), follow, succeed (ه s.o., هـ s.th.) III to ride behind s.o. (ه on the same animal); to be the substitute (ه of s.o.), replace (ه s.o., هـ s.th.); to be synonymous (هـ with) IV to seat (ه s.o.) behind one (on an animal); to make (ه s.th.) be followed (ب by s.th. else); to complement, complete (ب هـ s.th. with or by) VI to follow one another, come in succession; to pile up in layers, become stratified; to form a single line; to flock, throng (على to); to be synonymous

ردف ridf pl. ارداف ardāf rear man (riding on the same animal); one who or that which is subsequent, follows, comes next; posteriors, backside, rump; haunches, croup (of an animal); dual: الردفان ar-ridfān day and night

رداف ridāf croup, rump (of an animal)

رديف radīf rear man, one following next in line; redif, reserve (in the army of the former Turkish Empire)

رديفة radīfa fem. of رديف

ترادف tarāduf succession; synonymity

مرادف murādif synonym (of a word); synonymous, consignificant (ل with); corresponding in meaning, analogous

مترادف mutarādif synonymous; مترادفات synonyms

ردم radama i u (radm) to fill up with earth (هـ pit, pond) II to repair, fix, mend IV not to leave (على s.o.), cling (على to s.o.; said of disease) V to be mended, be repaired; to repair, mend (هـ s.th.); to be worn, show signs of wear

ردم radm filling up (of swamps, ponds, etc.); rubble, debris; dam

رديم radīm worn, shabby, threadbare (garment)

ردن radana i (radn) to spin; to purr (cat); to grumble (على at)

ردن rudn pl. اردان ardān sleeve

ردينى rudainī spear (originally epithet for one of superior quality)

مردن mirdan pl. مرادن marādin2 spindle

ردنجوت (Fr. redingote) redengōt frock coat, Prince Albert

ردهة radha hall; large room, sitting room, parlor; lobby; entrance hall, vestibule | ردهة الاستقبال reception hall, drawing room, parlor ردهة المحاضرة r. al-muḥāḍarāt lecture room

ردي radiya a (ردى radan) to perish, be destroyed II to bring to the ground (ه s.o.), bring about the fan of (ه ) IV to bring to the ground (ه s.o.), bring about the fall of (ه ); to destroy, ruin (ه s.o.); to fell (ه s.o.); to kill (ه s.o.) |اراده قتيلا (qatīlan) to fell s.o. with a deadly blow V to fall, tumble; to decline, fall off, come down, go from bad to worse; to deteriorate, become worse; to clothe o.s. (ب with), put on (ب a garment) VIII to put on (هـ a garment or headgear); to wear (هـ a garment, a headgear), be clothed, be clad (هـ in) |ارتدى ملابسه (malābisahū) to put on one’s clothes, dress, get dressed

ردى radan ruin, destruction

رداء ridā’ pl. اردية ardiya loose outer garment, cloak, robe; (lady’s) dress, gown; attire, costume |رداء المساء al-masā’ evening gown

مترد mutaraddin dressed

رذ radda u: رذت السماء (samā’) and IV there was a drizzle, it drizzled

رذاذ radād drizzle

رذل radila a and radula u (رذالة radāla) to be low, base. vile. despicable. Contemptible; -- radala u (radl) to reject, cast off, discard, repudiate, disown (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to despise, disdain, scorn (هـ, ه s.o. s.th.); to disapprove (هـ, ه of) IV to reject, cast off, discard, repudiate, disown (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) X to regard as low or despicable (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.)

رذل radl rejection; repudiation; (pl. رذول rudūl, ارذال ardāl) low, base, mean, vile, despicable, contemptible

رذيل radīl pl. رذلاء rudalā’ low, base, mean, vile, despicable, contemptible, depraved

رذالة radāla lowness, baseness, meanness, vileness, depravity

رذالة radīla pl. رذائل radā’il vice; depravity

مرذول mardūl depraved, despicable, mean, base, vile, evil, wicked

1 رز ruzz (= ارز ) aruzz) rice

2 رز razza u (razz) to insert, drive in (هـ s.th.) II to burnish, polish (هـ s.th.) IV to telephone

رزة razza pl. -āt staple, U bolt; ring screw; joint pin

O ارزيز irzīz telephone

رزأ raza’a a (رزء raz’) to deprive (في or ه هـ s.o. of s.th.); pass. رزئ ruzi’a to incur or suffer loss; to lose (ب s.th.); to be afflicted (ب by)

رزء ruz’ pl. ارزاء arzā’ heavy loss, serious damage; disaster, calamity

رزيئة razī’a and رزية razīya pl. رزايا razāyā heavy loss, serious damage; disaster, calamity

رزب razaba u (razb) to keep, stick, cling (هـ to)

مرزبة mirzabba pl. مرازب marāzib2 iron rod

مرزاب mirzāb pl. مرازيب marāzīb2 waterspout, gargoyle; (roof) gutter

رزح razaḥa a (رزوح ruzūḥ, رزاح ruzāḥ, razāḥ) to succumb, collapse, sink to the ground (under a burden); to descend, hover (e.g., silence) III to suffer

مرزغ marzig muddy, boggy, miry

رزق razaqa u to provide with the means of subsistence (ه s.o.; said of God); to bestow (ه هـ upon s.o. s.th., material or spiritual possessions; said of God), endow (ه هـ s.o. with); to bless (ه هـ s.o. with, esp. مولودا with a child); -- pass. ruziqa to be endowed (هـ with); to live VIII to make a living, gain one’s livelihood; to live (من on or by s.th.) X to seek one’s livelihood; to ask for the means of subsistence

رزق rizq pl. ارزاق arzāq livelihood, means of living, subsistence; daily bread, nourishment, sustenance; boon, blessing (of God); property, possessions, wealth, fortune; income; pay, wages |ارزاق ناشفة dry rations, emergency rations (mil.)

الرازق ar-rāziq the Maintainer, the Provider (one of the 99 attributes of God)

ارترزاق istirzāq independent livelihood, self-support

مرزوق marzūq blessed (by God), fortunate, prosperous, successful

مرتزق murtaziq hired, hireling, mercenary, kept

مرتزقة murtaziqa kept persons, hangers-on; mercenaries

مرتزق murtazaq means of subsistence, livelihood, living

رزم razama i u (razm) to bundle, bale, pack, wrap up (هـ s.th.)

رزمة rizma pl. رزم rizam bundle; bale, pack; parcel, package; ream (of paper)

رزن razuna u (رزانة razāna) to be grave, serious, sedate, staid, calm, composed, self-possessed V to display grave or sedate manners, show o.s. calm, composed, self-possessed

رزين razīn grave, serious, sedate, staid; composed, calm, self-possessed

رزانة razana gravity, sedateness, staidness; composure, self-possession, poise

رزنامة ruznāma see روزنامة

رزية pl. رزايا see رزيئة

رسيس rasīs covered with verdigris

رسب rasaba u (رسوب rusūb) to sink to the bottom, settle, subside (esp., in water); to fail, dunk (in an examination) II to cause to settle (هـ s.th., in a liquid), deposit (هـ a sediment); to precipitate (هـ s.th.; chem.) V to settle, subside, be deposited; to precipitate (chem.)

رسوب rusūb sediment, deposit; lees, dregs, settlings; precipitate (chem.); failure (in an examination)

ترسيب tarsīb sedimentation; precipitation (chem.)

راسب rāsib pl. رواسب rawāsib2 sediment, deposit; dregs, lees, settlings; precipitate (chem.); residue

رستامية rustāmīya to tidy, arrange well, put in order (هـ s.th.)

رستق rastaqa to tidy, arrange well, put in order (هـ s.th.)

رستو , روستو (It. arrosto) rostō roast meat

رستوران (Fr. restaurant) restorān restaurant

مرسح marsaḥ (= مسرح ) pl. مراسح marāsiḥ2 theater, playhouse; stage; party, social gathering

مرسحي marsaḥī social, party (used attributively); formal (dress)

رسخ rasaka u (رسوخ rusūk) to be firmly established, be deeply rooted (في in s.th.); to be firm, solid, stable; to be conversant, be thoroughly familiar (في with s.th.), be well versed, be at home (في in s.th., in a field); to seep in; to permeate (في a fabric); to become fast (color or dyes in a fabric) II and IV to make (هـ s.th.) take root(s), establish (هـ s.th.); to implant (هـ s.th.); to secure, make fast, fix firmly, ground (هـ s.th.) |ارسخ الشيء في ذهنه (dihnihī) to impress or inculcate s.th. upon s.o.

ارسخ arsaka more firmly established, more deeply rooted |ارسخ قدما (qadaman) do.

راسخ rāsiq, firmly established, deep-rooted; grounded, firmly fixed, stable; conversant (في with s.th.), thoroughly versed, completely at home (في in a field)

رسراس risrās (eg.) glue, adhesive, specif., one for pasting leather, made of a yellow powder

رسغ rusg pl. ارساغ arsāg, ارسغ arsug wrist

رسف rasafa u i to go in shackles; to be bound; to be moored (ship)

رسل rasila a (rasal) to be long and flowing (hair) III to correspond, carry on a correspondence, exchange letters (ه with s.o.); to contact (ه s.o.), get in touch (ه with s.o.) IV to send out, dispatch (ب or هـ, ه s.o., s.th. الى , also ل , to); to send off, send away (ب or هـ , .s.o., s.th. الى , also ل , to); to send, forward, ship (ب or هـ s.th. الى , also ل , to); to send, transmit (radio); to release, let go (هـ s.th.); to set free (هـ s.th.); to discharge (هـ s.th.); to pour forth, vent (هـ s.th.), give vent (هـ to); to utter (هـ words); to shed (هـ tears); to let (هـ the hair) hang down, let it fall (على on) |ارسل في طلبه (ṭalabihī) to send for s.o.; ارسل الكلام ارسالا (al-kalāma irsālan) to speak without restraint, talk freely; ارسل نفسه مع طبيعتها (nafsahū) to yield to one’s natural impulse, do the natural thing; ارسل على سجيته (sajīyatihī) to make s.o. feel at home; ارسل نفسه على سجيتها (nafsahū) to feel at home, let o.s. go V to proceed leisurely, take one’s time (في in s.th.); to hang down, be long and flowing (hair) VI to keep up a correspondence, exchange letters; to send to one another, exchange (ب s.th.) X to ask (من s.o.) to send (هـ s.th.), have s.o. (من ) send (هـ s.th.); to be relaxed, at ease, free from restraint; to be long and flowing (hair); to be friendly, affable, intimate, chummy (الى with s.o.); to act naturally, without affectation; to let o.s. go; to enlarge (في الكلام fī l-kalām in discourse, i.e., to talk at length); to abandon o.s., give o.s. up (في to s.th., also مع or الى ); to persist (في in s.th.), keep up (في s.th.)

رسل rasl easy, gentle, leisurely (pace, gait); loose, slack, relaxed; long and flowing (hair)

رسل risl moderation |على رسلك ! slowly! gently! take it easy!

رسيل rasīl pl. رسلاء rusalā’2 messenger; runner (mil.)

رسول rasūl pl. رسل rusul messenger; emissary; envoy, delegate; apostle (Chr.); الرسول or رسول الله the Messenger of God (i.e., Mohammed)

رسولي rasūlī apostolic, papal (Chr.) |البركة الرسولية (baraka) apostolic benediction; السدة الرسولية (sudda) the Holy See; قاصد رسولي apostolic delegate

رسالة risāla pl. -āt, رسائل rasā’l2 consignment, shipment; mail item; (written) communication, (written) report; missive; letter, note; epistle; dispatch; message; treatise; radio message; (pl. -āt) mission, calling, vocation |رسالة برقية (barqīya) telegram; رسالة غرامية (garāmīya) love letter; رسالة مسجلة (musajjala) registered letter

رسيلات rusailāt: القى الخبر على رسيلاته (kabara) he didn’t take the matter seriously

O مرسال mirsāl: مرسال نور m. nūr, pl. -āt searchlight

مراسلة murāsala exchange of letters, correspondence; note, message, letter, communication; orderly (mil.)

ارسال irsāl sending, forwarding, shipping, dispatch

ارسالية irsālīya pl. -āt consignment; mail item; shipment; transport; (mil.) expedition; mission

ترسل tarassul art of letter writing

استرسال istirsāl ease, naturalness, relaxedness; abandon; elaboration, expatiation

مراسل murāsil pl. -ūn correspondent, reporter (of a newspaper) |مراسل حربي (ḥarbī) war correspondent; مراسل خاص (kāṣṣ) special correspondent; مراسل رياضي (riyāḍī) sports reporter

مرسل mursil sender (of a letter); consignor; O transmitter (radio)

O مرسلة mursala pl. -āt transmitter (radio)

مرسل mursal sent, forwarded; dispatched; delegated; transmitted (radio); long and flowing (hair); (pl. -ūn) millionary (Chr.); incompletely transmitted (of a Prophetic tradition resting on a chain of authorities that goes no further back than the2nd generation after the Prophet) |المرسل اليه recipient, addressee (of a letter); consignee; كلام مرسل (kalām) prose

مرسلية mursalīya mission

مسترسل mustarsil loose, flowing (hair); friendly, affable; intimate, chummy; devoted, given up (في or مع to s.th.)

رسم rasama u (rasm) to draw, trace (هـ s.th.); to sketch (هـ s.th.); to describe (هـ e.g., a circle); to paint (هـ s.th.); to record, put down in writing (هـ s.th.); to enter, mark, indicate (هـ s.th.); to sketch, outline (هـ s.th.; fig.); to describe, depict, portray, picture (هـ s.th.); to make, work out, conceive (خطة kiṭṭatan a plan); to prescribe (ب or ل هـ to s.o. s.th.), lay down as a rule (ب or ل هـ for s.o. s.th.); to ordain (ه a priest; Chr.) |رسم شارة الصليب to make the sign of the cross, cross o.s. (Chr.) II to enter, mark, indicate (هـ s.th., في in); to appoint to a public office (هـ s.o.; tun.) V to follow (هـ s.th., esp. s.o.’s footsteps, an example, etc.); to be appointed to a public office (tun.) VIII to come out, find visible expression; to be traced, engraved, inscribed, written; to impress itself, leave an impression (على on); to be ordained, be introduced into the office of the ministry (priest; Chr.); to make the sign of the cross (Chr.)

رسم rasm drawing (e.g., as a subject in school); -- (pl. رسوم rusūm, رسومات rusūmāt) a drawing; sketch; graph; picture; photograph; illustration; pattern (e.g., on a fabric); -- (pl. رسوم ) trace, impression) designation, mark; inscription, legend; record, notes; (official) document, (legal) instrument; writing; design; prescription, regulation; ceremony, form, formality; rate, fee, tax, due |برسم bi-rasmi intended for, care of (c/o), for; اخذ الرسم akd ar-r. taking of a picture; رسم بياني (bayānī) illustrative figure, diagram (in a book); رسم الدخول admission fee; رسم دخولي (dukūlī) import duty, tariff; رسم شمسي (šamsī) photograph; رسم عمومي layout, ground plan (arch.); رسم تفصيلي detail drawing; رسم قلبي (qalbī) cardiogram; رسوم قيدية (qaidīya) registration fees; رسم الإنتاج r. al-intāj excise tax; رسم قيمي (qaimī) ad valorem duty; رسم هزلي (hazalī) caricature, cartoon

رسمي official, formal, conventional; ceremonial; official, officeholder, public servant; رسميا ramīyan officially; رسميات rasmīyāt formalities; ceremonies, ceremonial, ritual; rules, regulations |رجال رسمية officials; ملابس رسمية official dress; court dress; ثياب رسمية uniforms; شبه رسمية šibh r. and شبيه بالرسمي semi-official; نصف رسمي niṣfu r. do.; غير رسمي gairu r. unofficial

رسام rassām pl. -āt draftsman; painter, artist

رسامة risāma, rasāma ordination, consecration (of a priest; Chr.)

روسم rausam pl. رواسم rawāsim2 O cliché (Syr.)

مرسم marsam studio (of an artist)

مراسم marāsim2 ceremonies, ceremonial, ritual; etiquette, protocol (dipl.); customs; principles; regulations |مدير ادارة المراسم mudīr idārat al-m. and رئيس المراسم chief of protocol (dipl.); مراسم التتويج coronation ceremonies; مراسم التشريفات court etiquette

ترسم tarassum design, planning

ارتسام irtisām pl. -āt (visible) expression, manifestation (e.g., of a feeling, of an emotion on s.o.’s face)

مرسوم marsūm drawn, traced, sketched; painted; recorded in writing, written; designed, planned; decreed, ordered; -- (pl. مراسيم marāsīm2) decree; act, edict; regulation, ordinance (ب regarding); مراسيم ceremonies, ceremonial, ritual; etiquette; regulations |مرسوم بقانون (bi-qānūn) enactment, statute, ordinance (Eg.); مرسوم تشريعي (tašrī‘ī) and مرسوم اشتراعي (ištirā‘ī; Pal., Syr.) do.; مدير المراسيم mudīr al-m. chief of protocol (dipl.)

رسمال rasmāl pl. رساميل rasāmīl2 = رأس مال capital (fin.)

رسن rasana pl. ارسن arson, ارسان arsān, ارسنة arnsina halter

رسا (رسو ) rasā u (rasw) to be firm, stable, steady; to anchor (على off a coast), cast anchor, land, dock; to ride at anchor (على off a coast, في in a harbor); to disembark, land (ب s.o.; ship); to come or go eventually (على to), land (على with) |رسا عليه المزاد (mazād) it was knocked down to him (at an auction); رست عليه المناقصة (munāqaṣa) the commission or contract went to him (after an invitation to submit tenders) IV to make fast, fix firmly (هـ s.th.); to anchor, place at anchor (هـ a ship)

مرسى marsan pl. مراس marāsin anchorage |مرسى مطروح Mersa Matrûh (village in NW Egypt, on Mediterranean coast)

مرساة mirsāh pl. مراس marāsin anchor

راس rāsin pl. رواس rawāsin fixed, stationary, immovable, firm, steady, stable, firmly established; anchored, at anchor; pl. راسيات rāsiyāt, رواس rawāsin towering, unshakable mountains

رسى (= رسا see above) to anchor

رش rašša u (rašš) to spatter, splash, spurt (هـ a liquid); to spray (هـ a liquid); to sprinkle (هـ s.th., ب with, على on); to splatter, spatter, bespatter (هـ s.th., ب with water, etc.); to water (هـ s.th.)

رش rašš sprinkling; watering; splattering, spattering; spraying; buckshot |مصلحة الرش والكنس maṣlaḥat ar-r. wa-l-kans street-cleaning department; عربة الرش ‘arabat ar-r. watering cart, sprinkler; رمى رشا to fire in bursts (mil.)

رشة rašša light drizzle

رشاش raššāš spattered liquid; drizzle, dribble (esp. fig.)

رشاش raššāš pl. -āt water hose; machine gun |مدفع رشاش (midfa‘) machine gun; مسدس رشاش (musaddas) pl. مسدسات رشاشة submachine gun, Tommy gun

رشاشة raššāša pl. -āt perfume spray, atomizer; O watering can; shower, douche (Mor.)

O مرشة mirašša watering can

رشح rašaḥa a (rašḥ) to sweat, perspire; to leak, be leaky (vessel); to filter, strain, percolate (هـ a liquid) II to raise, rear, bring up (ه a child); to train, prepare (ه s.o.); to nominate, put up as a candidate (. s.o., ل for, e.g., for an office), (with نفسه nafsahū) to be a candidate, apply (ل for an offioe. etc.); to filter (هـ s.th.) V to be reared, be brought up; to be suited, qualified, trained (ل for s.th.); to be nominated as a candidate, be a nominee (ل for s.th.); to catch a cold

رشح rašḥ secretion (of a fluid); perspiration, sweating; leaking, leakiness; filtering, filtration, percolation; oozing, trickling; cold, catarrh

رشاحة rušāḥa transudate, transudation (med.)

ترشيح taršīḥ training, preparation; nomination (as a candidate, for election); (= ترشيح نفسه ) candidacy, candidature; election; concession

ترشح taraššuḥ infiltration (med.)

ارتشاح irtišāḥ infiltration (med.)

مرشح muraššiḥ pl. -āt filter; percolator; filtering installation; purification plant

مرشح muraššaḥ pl. -ūn candidate, nominee; having a cold

مترشح mutaraššiḥ pl. -ūn candidate, nominee

رشد rašada u (rušd) to be on the right way, follow the right course, be well guided, not go astray (esp., in religious matters); to have the true faith, be a true believer; to become sensible, become mature, grow up; to come of age II to lead the right way, guide well (ه s.o.) IV to lead the right way, guide well (ه s.o.); to load, guide, direct (الى • s.o. to s.th.), show (ه s.o.) the way (الى to; fig.); to lead s.o. (ه ) to the discovery that (الى ان ), suggest to s.o. the idea of, make s.o. realize that; to calls.o.’s (ه ) attention (الى to s.th.), point out (الى ه to s.o. s.th.); to teach (الى ه s.o. to do s.th.), instruct, (direct, guide (الى ه s.o. in); to inform (الى ه s.o. about), acquaint s.o. (ه ) with the facts of (الى ); to advise, counsel (الى ه s.o. to do s.th.); to inform (الى against s.o.); to come of age X to ask (ه or ب s.o.) to show the right way, ask s.o. for guidance or directions; to ask (ه s.o.) for instructions or information; to consult (ه s.o.), ask s.o.’s (ه ) advice, seek guidance (ه from s.o.); to be guided (ب by)

رشد rušd integrity of (one’s) actions, proper, sensible conduct; reason, good sense, senses; consciousness; maturity (of the mind) |سن الرشد sinn ar-r. majority, full legal age; بلغ رشده (rušdahū) to come of age; ثاب الى رشده to come to one’s senses, calm, down, sober up; ضاع رشده to go out of one’s mind; ذهب برشده to drive s.o. mad (pain)

رشد rašad integrity of conduct, straightforwardness, forthrightness

رشاد rašād integrity of conduct; reason, good sense, senses; maturity; garden peppergrass (Lepidium sativum L.; bot.)

رشيد rašīd rightly guided, following the right way; having the true faith; reasonable, rational, intelligent, discriminating, discerning; mature; (pl. رشداء rušadā’) of full legal age, major; Rosetta (city in N Egypt)

مراشيد marāšid2 where the right way leads to; salvation

ترشيد taršīd a declaring (s.o.) of age (jur.)

ارشاد iršād guidance; a conducting, showing the way (الى to); guiding hand; care; spiritual guidance; instruction; direction; directive; information; advising, advice; pl. ارشادات ) directives, directions, instructions, advice |بإرشاده on his instructions, following his direction; وزارة الإرشاد القومي wizārat al-i. al-qaumī Ministry of National Guidance (Eg.)

شعر ارشادي ši‘r iršādī didactic poetry

راشد rāšid following the right way, rightly guided, having the true faith; sensible, reasonable; of full legal age, major |الخلفاء الراشدون (kulafā’) the orthodox caliphs (i.e., Abū Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Utmān, ‘Alī)

مرشد muršid pl. -ūn leader; guide to the right way; adviser; spiritual guide; informer; instructor; (ship) pilot; tourist guide; Grand Master, Master (e.g., of the Moslem Brotherhood)

مرشدة muršida woman guide

رشرش rušruš pl. رشرش rašārīš2 belt

رشراش rašrāš tender (e.g., meat)

رشف rašafa i u (rašf) and rašifa a (raša), V and VIII to suck, sip (هـ s.th.); to drink (هـ s.th.); to drink up, drain (هـ a vessel)

رشفة rašfa (n. un.) pl. -āt gulp, sip (of a drink)

رشق rašaqa u (rašq) to throw (ه ب at s.o.

s.th.), pelt, strike, hurt (ه ب s.o. with s.th.); to insert, fasten. fix (في هـ s.th. in); -- rašuqa u (رشاقة rašāqa) to he shapely, of graceful stature; to he elegant, graceful, lissome VI to pelt one another, hurt one another

رشيق rašīq elegant, graceful (exterior, style); svelte, slender, slim; lissome

رشاقة rašāqa elegance, grace, gracefulness; shapeliness graceful, slender build; nimbleness, agility

رشم rašama u (rašm) to mark, designate (هـ s.th.); to make the sign of the cross; to seal (هـ s.th.) |رشم بصليب على to make the sign of the cross over; رشم الصليب to make the sign of the cross (Chr.)

رشمة rašm pl. رشوم rušūm, رشومات rušūmāt sign of the cross (Chr.); anointment (Copt.-Chr.)

رشمة rašma ornamental halter decorated with silver pendants, or the like; camel halter

راشن rāšin tip, baksheesh

رشا (رشو ) rašā u (rašw) to bribe (ه s.o.) VIII to accept as bribe, he corrupt, he venal

رشو rašw bribery, corruption

رشوة rišwa, rušwa, rašwa pl. رشا, رشى rišan, rušan, (eg.) رشاوى rašāwā bribe; bribery, corruption, dishonesty

رشاء rišā’ rope, well rope

ارتشاء irtišā’ venality, corruptibility; bribery, corruption

رص raṣṣa u (rašṣ) to fit tightly together, press together, compress (هـ s.th.); to ram, force ( هـ s.th. into the ground); to pile up, stack up (هـ s.th.); to join together, line up, align, arrange .ide by side (هـ s.th.) II to fit tightly together, press together, compress (هـ s.th.); to ram home (هـ s.th.); to coat or cover with lead (هـ s.th.) VI to be pressed together, be packed together; to press together, crowd together; to be or become compact

رصاص raṣāṣ lead; bullets | قلم رصاص qalam r. pencil

رصاصة raṣāṣa (n. un.) pellet; bullet

رصاصي raṣāṣī lead, (made) of lead; leady; leaden, lead-colored, dull gray

رصيص raṣīṣ compressed, closely packed, jammed together; compact

O تراص tarāṣṣ agglutination

رصد raṣada u (raṣd) to keep one’s eyes (هـ, ه on); to lie in wait (ه for); to observe (هـ s.th.). watch (هـ s.th. or over s.th.), control (هـ s.th.); to conjure (ه demon) | رصد الأفلاك to observe the stars, practice astronomy II to provide, set aside, earmark (هـ funds); to prepare, keep ready (هـ s.th.); to balance (الحساب the account; com.) IV to keep ready (هـ s.th.); to provide, set aside, earmark (هـ ل s.th., esp. funds, for); to procure, get (هـ s.th.) V ترصد الأفلاك to observe the stars, practice astronomy

رصد raṣd, raṣad pl. ارصاد arṣād observation | رصد الأفلاك r. al-aflāk stargazing, astronomy; ارصاد جوية (jawwīya) meteorological observation; تقرير الأرصاد weather report

رصدخانة raṣdakāna observatory

رصد raṣad pl. ارصاد arṣād spy, watcher, watchdog; lookout, observation post; ambush; talisman

رصاد raṣṣād: رصاد الجو r. al-jaww meteorologist

رصيد raṣīd pl. ارصدة arṣida stock on hand (of merchandise, of supplies); avaible funds; balance (com.; also = remainder of a sum to be paid later); capital (fin.) | شيك يدون رصيد uncovered check, check without sufficient covering funds

مرصد marṣad pl. مراصد marāṣid 2 observatory | مرصد جوي (jawwī) meteorological station, weather station

O مرصد marṣad telescope

مرصاد mirṣād observation post, look-out; ambush | وقف المرصاد to lie in wait; كان منه بالمرصاد and وقف له بالمرصاد to lie in ambush for s.o., waylay s.o.

راصد rāṣid registering; (pl. رصاد ruṣṣād) watcher, watchdog, spy |O خزينة راصدة cash register; O ميزان راصد (mīzān) self-registering balance

راصدة rāṣida: راصدة فلكية (falakīya) telescope

مبلغ مرصود mablag marṣūd security, cover (fin.)

رصع II to inlay, set, stud (هـ s.th., ب with gems or gold); to adorn, decorate, ornament (هـ ب s.th. with)

رصف raṣafa u (raṣf) to pave, lay with stone (هـ s.th.); -- raṣufa u (رصافة raṣāfa) to be firmly joined II to lay with flagstones, pave (هـ s.th.)

رصف raṣf paving (of roads)

رصيف raṣīf firmly joined, firm, solid, compact; -- (pl. ارصفة arṣifa) pavement; sidewalk; quay; wharf, pier; mole, jetty; platform; (pl. رصفاء ruṣafā’) colleague |رصيف المحطة r. al-maḥaṭṭa (railway) platform; رصيف لأعمال الحفر في البحر (li-a‘māli l-ḥafr fī l-baḥr) offshore drilling platform (for oil drilling); عوائد الرصيف ‘awā’id ar-r. quayage, pierage, wharfage

رصيفة raṣīfa pl. -āt woman colleague |رصيفتنا الغراء (garrā’) a phrase of courtesy used by one newspaper when referring to another; approx.: our honorable friends

رصافة raṣāfa firmness compactness

مرصوف marṣūf paved (ب with)

رصن raṣuna u (رصانة raṣāna) to be firm, strong; to be sedate, calm, composed

رصين raṣīn firm, unshakable; sedate, calm, composed

رصانة raṣāna sedateness, composure, calmness, equanimity

رض raḍḍa u (raḍḍ) to crush (هـ s.th.); to bruise (هـ a part of the body)

رض raḍḍ pl. رضوض ruḍūḍ bruise, contusion

رضيض raḍīḍ crushed; bruised

رضاب ruḍāb spittle, saliva

رضخ raḍaka a i (raḍk) to break, smash, shatter (هـ s.th.); to crack (هـ a kernel); -- raḍaka a (raḍk) to give (هـ s.o.) a small, paltry present; -- (ruḍūk) to yield, bow, give in, subordinate o.s., submit (ل to s.o., to s.th.) VIII ارتضخ لكنة (luknatan) to speak Arabic with a foreign accent

رضخ raḍk, رضخة raḍka a small, paltry gift

رضيحة raḍīka a small, paltry gift; tip, baksheesh

رضوخ ruḍūk submission, surrender; yielding, compliance; sympathetic understanding (ل of)

مرضاح mirḍāk nutcracker

رضرض raḍraḍa to break into coarse pieces, pound, crush (هـ s.th.)

رضراض raḍrāḍ pebbles, gravel

رضع raḍi‘a a and raḍa‘a i a (raḍ‘, رضاع raḍā‘) to suck (ثدي أمه tadya ummihī at its mother’s breast) II and IV to nurse at the breast, suckle, breast-feed (ه a baby)

رضيع raḍī‘ pl: رضعاء ruḍa‘ā‘2, رضائع raḍā’i‘2 suckling, infant, baby; foster brother

O رضاعة raḍā‘a pl. -āt nursing bottle

رضاع riḍā‘ foster relationship

راضع rāḍi‘ pl. رضع ruḍḍa‘ sucking; suckling, infant, baby; infant (adj.)

مرضع murḍi‘ and مرضعة murḍi‘a pl. مراضع marāḍi‘2 wet nurse; foster mother

رضه abbreviation of رضي الله عنه see رضى

رضا see رضى riḍan

رضي raḍiya a (رضى riḍan, رضوان riḍwān, مرضاة marḍāh) to be satisfied, be content (هـ, ب or في with); to consent, agree (هـ, ب or في to); to approve (هـ, ب or في of), accept, sanction (هـ, ب or في s.th.); to accept the fact, resign o.s. to the fact (ان that); to be pleased (هـ, على or عن with); to wish, desire (هـ s.th., ل for s.o.) |رضي لنفسه ب (li-nafsihī) to permit o.s. s.th.; ما رضي لها المذلة (madalla) he had no desire to humiliate her; رضي او ابى (au abā) whether he likes it or not; رضي الله عته (Isl. eulogy) may God be pleased with him; رضي من الغنيمة بالإياب (iyāb) to be content to return without booty, be happy to have saved one’s skin n to satisfy, gratify, please (ه s.o.); to compensate (ه s.o.) III to seek to satisfy, try to please (ه s.o.); to propitiate, conciliate, win (ه s.o.), gain the good will of (ه ) IV to satisfy, gratify, please (ه s.o.) V to seek to satisfy, try to please (ه s.o.); to seek to propitiate (ه s.o.); to conciliate. appease (ه s.o.) VI to come to terms VIII to be satisfied, content, pleased (هـ with); to consent, agree (هـ to s.th.); to approve (هـ of s.th.), sanction (هـ s.th.) X to seek to satisfy, try to conciliate, treat in a conciliatory manner (ه s.o.); to conciliate, appease (ه s.o.); to show o.s. obliging, make o.s. popular, ingratiate o.s., try to gain good will or favor

رضى , رضا riḍan contentment, contentedness, satisfaction; agreement, consent, assent, acceptance, approval; pleasure, delight; good will, favor |عن رضى readily, gladly; سريع الرضى easy to please, easily reconciled

رضي raḍīy pl. ارضياء arḍiyā’2 satisfied, content; pleasant, agreeable |بنفس راضية (bi-nafs) gladly

رضوان riḍwān consent, assent, agreement, acceptance, approval, sanction; good will, favor; pleasure, delight

مرضاة marḍāh a means affording satisfaction or gratification; satisfaction, pleasure

ترضية tarḍiya satisfaction, gratification; compensation

رضاء riḍā’ contentment, contentedness, satisfaction; agreement, consent, assent, acceptance, approval, sanction; propitiation, conciliation

بالمراضاة bi-l-murāḍāh by fair means, amicably

إرضاء irḍā’ satisfaction, gratification; fulfillment (of a claim, of a desire) |صعب الارضاء ṣa‘b al-i. hard to please, fastidious

تراض tarāḍin mutual consent

استرضاء istirḍā’ conciliatory attitude, conciliatoriness; propitiation, conciliation

استرضائي istirḍā’ī conciliatory

راض rāḍin pl. رضاة ruḍāh satisfied, content; agreeing, consenting; willing, ready; pleasant, agreeable (life)

مرض murḍin satisfactory; satisfying; pleasant, pleasing, gratifying, sufficient

رطب raṭiba a and raṭuba u (رطوبة ruṭūba, رطابة raṭāba) to be moist, damp, humid; to be wet II to moisten (هـ s.th.); to cool, refresh; to soothe, soften, calm (القلب al-qalba the heart); to become succulent, mellow, ripen (dates) IV to moisten (هـ s.th.); to become succulent, mellow, ripen (dates) V to be moistened; to be cooled, be refreshed; to be soothed, be softened, be calmed

رطب raṭb moist, damp, humid; wet; fresh, cool; juicy, succulent, tender (plant)

رطب ruṭab (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. ارطاب arṭāb, رطاب riṭāb fresh, ripe dates

رطيب raṭīb pl. رطاب riṭāb moist, damp, humid; fresh, cool; juicy, succulent, tender (plant)

رطوبة rṭūba moisture, dampness, humidity; wetness

راطب rāṭib moist, damp, humid; wet

مرطبات muraṭṭibat refreshments, soft drinks

رطل raṭl pl. ارطال arṭāl rotl, a weight (in Eg. = 449.28 g; in Syr. = 3.202 kg, in Beirut and Aleppo = 2.566 kg)

رطم raṭama u (raṭm) to involve, implicate, drag (ه في s.o. into s.th. unpleasant) VIII to tumble, fall, plunge (في into); to stick fast, be stuck; to be involved, be entangled (في in s.th.); to run aground, strand (ship); to bump, hit, crash (ب against)

O مرطم marṭam breakwater, mole, jetty

رطن raṭana u (رطانة raṭāna, riṭāna) to speak unintelligible language, talk gibberish, jabber

رطانة raṭāna, riṭāna lingo, gibberish

رطينى rujainā lingo, gibberish

رعاع ra‘ā‘ rabble, mob, riffraff, scum, ragtag; rowdies, hooligans

رعب ra‘aba a (ru‘b) to be alarmed, terrified; to be afraid, be scared II and IV to frighten, scare, terrify (ه s.o.) VIII to become frightened, become alarmed, be afraid

رعب ru‘b fright, alarm, dismay

ارعاب ir‘āb frightening, intimidation

راعب rā‘ib dreadful, horrifying, terrible

مرعوب mar‘ūb frightened, terrified, appalled, afraid

مرعب mur‘ib frightening, terrifying, terrible, horrible, dreadful

رعد ra‘ada a u (ra‘d) to thunder; to appall (ل ب s.o. with) IV to make (ه s.o.) tremble; pass. ur‘ida to shudder, shiver, tremble (من with, e.g., with fear) VIII to tremble

رعد ra‘d pl. رعود ru‘ūd thunder

رعدة ra‘da, ri‘da tremor; shudder; shiver

رعاد ra‘‘ād (coll.; n. un. ة ) electric ray (zool.)

رعديد ri‘dīd pl. رعاديد ra‘ādīd2 cowardly; coward

رعرع ra‘ra‘a to come into the prime of life (youth) II tara‘ra‘a to grow, develop, flourish, thrive

رعرع ra‘ra‘, ru‘rū‘ pl. رعارع ra‘āri‘2 in full bloom

رعراع ايوب ra‘rā‘ ayyūb (eg.) a variety of fleabane (Pulicaria arabica Coss., Pulicarla inuloides D.C.; bot.)

رعش ra‘aša a (ra‘š) and ra’iša a (ra’aš) to tremble, shake IV to make (ه s.o.) tremble; to make (ه s.o.) shiver VIII = ra’aša

رعشة ri‘ša tremor |رعشة الحمى r. al-ḥummā feverish shiver

ارتعاش irti‘āš tremor, trembling

رعص V and VIII to writhe, wind, coil

رعف ra‘afa u a and ra‘ifa a: رعف انفه (anfahū) to have a nosebleed

رعاف ru‘āf and رعيف ra‘īf nosebleed

راعف rā‘if tip of the nose

رعلة ru‘la wreath

رعيل ra‘īl pl. رعال ri‘āl squadron of armored, motorized, or cavalry troops (Syr., Ir.; mil.)

رعام ru‘ām gladers

رعمسيس ra‘amsīs Ramses (name of Eg. kings)

رعن ra‘ana u (رعونة ru‘ūna) to be lightheaded, frivolous; -- ra‘ana u (ra‘n): رعنته الشمس ra‘anathu š-šamsu to have a sunstroke

رعن ra‘n sunstroke; -- (pl. رعان ri‘ān) mountain peak

ارعن ar‘an2 lightheaded, frivolous, flippant, rash, heedless, careless; stupid, silly; thoughtless; unsteady, fickle, volatile

رعونة ru‘ūna pl. -āt levity, frivolity, flippancy; thoughtlessness

رعا (رعو ) ra‘ā u (ra‘w, رعوة ra‘wa, ru‘wa, رعوى ra‘wā, ru‘wā) and IX ارعوى ir‘awā to desist (من or عن from sin, from error), repent, see the light |ارعوى عن غيه (gayyihī) to repent, turn over a new leaf

رعوى ra‘wā, ru‘wā repentance, amendment, conversion

رعوى ra‘awī and رعوية see رعى

رعى ra‘ā a (ra‘y, رعاية ri‘āya, مرعى mar‘an) to graze; to tend (هـ a flock of animals); -- (ra‘y, رعاية ri‘āya) to guard, protect, take under one’s wing (ه s.o.); to care (هـ, ه for), take care (هـ, ه of); to watch (هـ over); to male a point (هـ of s.th.), make it one’s business; to observe, bear in mind, heed, respect (هـ s.th.); to adhere (هـ to), comply (هـ with), abide (e.g., عهدا ‘ahdan or معاهدة mu‘āhadatan by a treaty or an agreement, etc.); to take into consideration (هـ s.th.), allow (هـ for s.th.) in to supervise, watch, control (هـ s.th.), keep an eye (هـ on); to maintain, keep up, preserve (هـ s.th.); to observe, bear in mind, heed, respect (هـ s.th.), comply (هـ with, e.g., with regulations); to take into consideration, take into account (هـ s.th.), allow, make allowance (هـ for s.th.); to show deference, regard or respect (ه for s.o.); to make provision, see to it (ان that) |راعى خاطره (kāṭirahū) to defer to s.o., respect s.o.’s feelings or wishes IV ارعيته سمعى ar‘aituhū sam‘ī I listened to him; ارعنى سمعك ar‘inī sam‘aka listen to me! ارعى هـ نظره (naẓarahū) to follow s.th. attentively with one’s eyes VIII to graze, pasture (cattle) X to attract (نظره naẓarahū s.o.’s eyes, انتباهه intibāhahū s.o.’s attention); to observe (هـ s.th.)

رعى ra‘y care, keeping, custody, guardianship; protection; observance (ل of), adherence (ل to, e.g., to agreements) | رعيا لك God be with you!

رعية ra‘īya pl. رعايا ra‘āyā herd, flock; parish (Chr.); subjects, citizens; a subject, a citizen

رعوي ra‘awī, رعاوى ra‘āwī and رعائى ra‘ā’ī pastoral, bucolic | كنيسة رعائية parish church (Chr.); رسالة رعائية pastoral letter (Chr.)

مرعى mar‘ā pl. مراع marā‘in grassland, grazing land; pasture

رعاية ri‘āya keeping, custody, charge, care; attention, consideration, regard; patronage, auspices, sponsorship, protectorate |تحت رعاية under the auspices of, sponsored by; مركز رعاية الطفل markaz r. al-ṭifl health center for children (Eg.); شرط معاملة الدول الأكثر رعاية šarṭ mu‘āmalat ad-duwal al-aktar ri‘āyatan most-favored nation clause

مراعاة murā‘āh consideration, regard, deference, respect; compliance (with), observance (e.g., of regulations, of duties, etc.) | مراعاة ل (murā‘atan) in deference to, out of regard for, for the lab of; in observance of; مراعاة لخواطرهم out of deference to them, out of regard for their feelings, wishes, etc.; مع مراعاة هذا taking this into account, bearing this in mind

راع rā‘in pl. رعاة ru‘āh, رعيان ru‘yān, رعاء ru‘ā’, ri‘ā’ shepherd, herdsman; guardian, keeper, protector; patron, sponsor; pastor (Chr.)

مرعى mar‘ā observed, complied with

رغب ragiba a (رغبة ragba, رغب ragab) to desire, wish, want, crave, covet (في s.th.); to ask (من or الى s.o., في for s.th., ان to do s.th.), request (في s.th.; من or الى s.o., ان to do s.th.); to prefer (في على s.th. to, also ب عن s.th. to), like s.th. (في , also ب ) better than (على , also عن ); to dislike, detest, loathe (عن s.th.), have a distaste (عن for); to wish (ل ب s.o. s.th.) |لا يرغب فيه (yurgabu) undesirable II to make (ه s.o.) desirous (في of), awaken a desire, a wish (ه في in s.o. for); to interest (ه في s.o. in s.th.), excite s.o.’s (ه ) interest in (في ); to awaken an aversion (ه عن in s.o. to s.th.) IV = II

رغب ragab: رغبا ورهبا ragaban wa-rahaban torn between greed and fear

رغبة ragba pl. ragabāt wish, desire, longing, appetite (في for)

رغيبة ragība pl. رغائب ragā’ib2 object of desire, desideratum; wish, desire

ترغيب targīb awakening of a desire or longing (في for); incitement to covetousness; invitation, attraction

راغب rāgib pl. رغبة desiring, desirous |لآخر راغب li-ākiri rāgibin (sale) to the highest bidder

مرغوب margūb: مرغوب فيه coveted, sought after, in demand; desired, desirable; غير مرغوب فيه undesirable; شخص مرغوب فيه (šakṣ) persona grata, شخص غير مرغوب فيه persona non grate (dipl.); مرغوب عنه undesirable, unwanted, objectionable, loathsome

مرغبات muraggibāt attractions, lures, advantages

رغث ragaṭa a (rugt) to suck (ها at the mother’s teats; said of animals)

رغوث ragūt unweaned young female animal

رغد raguda u (رغادة ragāda) and ragida (rugd) to be pleasant, comfortable, carefree (life)

رغد ragd easy, carefree, pleasant, agreeable (life) | عيش رغد (‘aiš) a life of plenty and opulence

رغيد ragīd easy, carefree, pleasant, agreeable (life) | عيش رغيد (‘aiš) a life of plenty and opulence

رغد ragad comfort, opulenoe, affluence (of living)

رغادة ragāda comfort, opulence, affluence (of living)

1 رغرغ ragraga to live in opulence and luxury

2 رغرغ ragraga (= غرغر gargara) to gargle

ارغاطة urgāṭa pl. –āt, اراغيط arāgīṭ (eg.) windlass, winch; capstan

رغيف ragīf pl. ارغفة argifa, رغفان rugfān, رغف ruguf loaf of bread; roll, bun (syr.)

رغم IV to foroe, compel, coerce (ه على s.o. to do s.th.)

رغم ragma (prep.) despite, in spite of |رغم ان although, though; رغما عن ragman ‘an in spite of, despite; رغما عن انفه (anfihī) and على الرغم من انفه just to spite him, in defiance of him, against, his will; بالرغم من bi-r-rami min and بالرغم عن and على الرغم من despite, in spite of; بالرغم من كل هذا in spite of all this; بالرغم منه and على الرغم منه against s.o.’s will; against one’s own will, reluctantly, without wanting it; على رغم مني ‘alā ragmin minnī without my wanting it; بالرغم من in spite of the fact that, although; لا الا رغما lā … illā ragman only reluctantly, only with great effort

رغام ragām dust and sand

رغام rugām mucus

رغامى rugāmā windpipe, trachea (anat.)

مرغمة margama pl. مراغم marāgim2 compulsion, coercion, force; aversion, unwillingness, reluctance, dislike, distaste

ارغام irgām compulsion (على to)

راغم rāgim reluctant, unwilling |وانفه راغم (anfuhū) (as a ḥāl clause) reluctantly, grudgingly

ارغن look up alphabetically

رغا (رغو ) ragā u (ragw) to foam, froth II and IV do. |ارغى وازبد (azbada) to fume with rage

رغو ragwa, rugwa pl. رغاو ragāwin foam, froth, spume; lather; dross, slag

رغوي ragwī foamy, frothy

رغاء raggā’ windbag (fig., of a person); garrulous; chatterbox, prattler

رغاوة rugāwā foam, froth, spume

راغ : ما له ثاغية ولا راغية (tāgiya) he has absolutely nothing, he is devoid of all resources, prop.: he has neither a bleating (sheep) nor a braying (camel)

رف raffa i (raff, رفيف rafīf) to gleam, shimmer, glisten, glitter; -- u i (raff) to quiver, twitch; to flicker; to flap the wings (bird); to flutter; to wave, stream; to flash, flare for a moment; to appear suddenly; -- u I to be anxious to please (ل s.o.). serve (ل s.o.) diligently |رف على ذاكرته it flashed through his mind, it occurred to him all of a sudden

رف raff flight, covey (of birds)

رف raff pl. رفوف rufūf, رفاف rifāf shelf; rack; ledge | وضعه على الرف to shelve s.th., put s.th. aside

رفاف raffāf radiant, flashing, sparkling, glistening

رفأ rafa’a a (raf’) to mend, repair, patch (هـ clothing), sew up, fine-draw (هـ a rent), darn (هـ socks); to drag (هـ a boat) on shore

رفاء raffā’ darner, fine-drawer

رفاء rifā’ (marital) harmony, love |بالرفاء والبنين (banīn) live in harmony and beget sons! (felicitation to newlyweds)

مرفأ marfa’ pl. مرافئ marāfi’2 landing place wharf, quay; port, harbor

1 رفت rafata i u (raft) to break, smash, crush (هـ s.th.); to reject, turn down, decline (هـ s.th.); to dismiss, discharge (هـ s.o. from service)

رفت raft dismissal, discharge (from service)

رفت rufāt mortal remains, body (of a person)

2 رفتية raftīya transit duty; clearance certificate, clearance papers (com.)

رفث rafata i u to behave in an obscene manner

رفث rafat obscenity

رفح rafaḥ Rafah (town in S Gaza sector)

رفد rafada i (rafd) to support, aid, help (ه s.o.); to support, uphold, carry (ه s.th.) IV to support, aid, help (ه s.o.) X to ask (ه s.o.) for support, appeal (ه to s.o.) for help

رفد rifd pl. رفود rufūd, ارفاد arfād present, gift; support

رفادة rifāda dressing, bandage (over a wound); saddlecloth, pad

رافد rāfid pl. روافد rawāfid2 tributary stream; الرافدان ar-rāfidān (Euphrates and Tigris = ) Mesopotamia, Iraq

رافدة rāfida pl. روافد rawāfid2 support, prop; rafter

رفرف rafrafa to flap the wings (bird); to flutter (flag, wings, or the like); to blow (wind); to blindfold (هـ the eyes)

رفرف rafrāf pl. رفارف rafārif 2 cushion, pad; eyeshade, visor (of a cap); fender (of an automobile)

رفروف rafrūf pl. رفاريف rafārīf2 eye bandage

رفس rafasa i u (rafs) to kick (ه s.o.)

رفس rafsa (n. vic.) kick

رفاس raffās steam launch, steamboat; motor tug; O propeller

رفش rafš shovel, spade

رفاص raffāṣ (= رفاس raffās) steam launch, steamboat

رفض rafaḍa i u (rafḍ) to leave, abandon (هـ s.th.); to discard, dismiss (هـ s.th.); to reject, turn down, decline, refuse to accept (هـ s.th.) IV to finish, conclude, terminate V to he bigoted, fanatic IX to scatter, disperse, break up; to disappear, cease (e.g., pain); to drip (sweat)

رفض rafḍ dismissal; rejection, refusal, nonacceptance

رفيض rafīḍ abandoned; rejected, dismissed

ترفض taraffuḍ bigotry, fanaticism

رافضة rāfiḍa pl. روافض rawāfiḍ2 turncoats, renegades, dissenters, defectors; troops having deserted their leader; Rafidites, a Shiitio sect

رافضي rāfiḍī pl. ارفاض arfāḍ apostate, renegade, turncoat; Rafidite; disloyal, rebellious; bigoted, fanatical

رفع rafa‘a a (raf‘) to lift, lift up, raise aloft, heave up, hoist up (هـ s.th.); to raise (هـ s.th., e.g., one’s head, also fig.: e.g., the intellectual level, a price); to raise in esteem (هـ s.th.); to make high or higher (هـ s.th.); to elevate (هـ s.th.); to heighten, exalt, enhance (هـ s.th.); to raise, promote (ه الى s.o. to the rank of); to fly, let up (هـ , e.g., a kite); to hoist, run up (علما ‘alaman or راية rāyatan a flag); to take off, doff, tip (قبعته qubba‘atahū one’s hat); to place, fasten or attach (هـ s.th.) high above; to erect, set up (هـ s.th.); to raise (صوته ṣautahū one’s voice); to remove, take away (عن or هـ من s.th. from); to abolish, eliminate (هـ s.th.); to lift (هـ s.th., e.g., a ban), put an end (هـ to s.th.); to remedy (هـ a mistake); to free, relieve (عن هـ s.o. of s.th.); to put s.th. (هـ ) before s.o. (الى ), submit (ه الى s.th., e.g., a petition, to), file (هـ الى a report, and the like, with a proper authority); to present, dedicate (هـ الى s.th. to s.o.); to offer up (هـ sacrifices; Chr.); to make, deliver (تقريرا a report); to start, initiate (قضية qaḍīyata legal action); to ascribe (هـ الى a Prophetic tradition to an authority or source); (gram.) to pronounce the final consonant with u; to put (هـ a word) in the nominative or indicative, respectively; pass. rufi‘a it appeared, came in sight, became visible (ل before s.o.); رفع عنه rufi‘a ‘anhu he regained consciousness |رفع شيئا فوق شيء to put s.th. before or above s.th. else; رفع به رأسا (rafa‘a) to pay attention to s.th.; رفع من شأنه (min ša’nihī) to enhance the importance of s.th.; to speak of s.th. in glowing terms; رفع من مكانته (makānatihī) to upgrade s.th.; رفع يديه عنه (yadaihī) to desist, refrain from s.th.; رفع الدعوى عليه (da‘wā) to sue s.o., lodge a complaint against s.o. (امام in a court); رفع قضية عليه (qaḍīyatan) or رفع به قضية to bring legal action against s.o., go with s.o. to court; رفع الاستئناف to appeal, make an appeal (امام to a court) II to raise, lift;, elevate; to celebrate carnival III to act as defence counsel (عن of s.o.), defend (عن s.o., in court), plead s.o.’s (عن ) cause; to summon, hale (ه الى s.o. to court) V to be or deem o.s. above s.th. (عن ), be too proud (عن for s.th.), look down (عن upon) |ترفع برأسه to raise or bear one’s heed high VI to hale one another before the judge (الى الحاكم ); to take one’s case before the judge (الى الحاكم ); to plead (in court) VIII to rise, lift; to go up, ascend; to become higher; to grow, increase, rise; to ring out (tone, voice, tune); to go away, pass away, be eliminated, disappear (عن from) |ارتفع صوته (ṣautuhū) to gain prestige

رفع raf‘ lifting, hoisting (also, of a flag); elevation; raise, raising, stepping up (of prices, of temperatures, etc.); setting up; erection; abolition; lift, (e.g., of a ban); remedy, elimination, removal; remission (of a tax); submission, filing (e.g., of a report); pronunciation of the final consonant with u (gram.) |رفع الأثقال weight lifting (athlet.)

رفعة rif‘a height, elevation (e.g., of a structure); high rank or standing | صاحب الرفعة (formerly:) title of the Egyptian Prime Minister, رفعة رئيس الوزراء rif‘at raīs al-wuzarā’ His Excellency the Prime Minister

رفاع rifā‘ Shrovetide (Chr.)

رفيع rafī‘ high, high-ranking; lofty, exalted, sublime; loud (voice, sound); thin, fine, delicate; exquisite, refined, subtle; artistic |رفيع الشأن r. aš-ša’n approx.: exalted; formerly, in Tunisia, title of the members of the Bey’s family; صاحب المقام الرفيع (maqām) title conferred upon bearers of the order القلادة al-qilāda, established by Fu’ād I in 1936; الفنون الرفيعة (= الفنون الجميلة ) the fine arts; الرفيع والوضيع high end low (= all)

ارفع arfa‘ higher; loftier, more exalted; liner; more relined, subtler

رفيعة rafī‘a pl. رفائع rafā’i‘2 legal case brought before the competent authorities; a document submitted to a proper authority

مرفع marfa‘ Shrovetide (Chr.); carnival, pl. مرافع marāfi‘2 do.

مرفعة mirfa‘a pl. مرافع marāfi‘2 hoisting gear, crane

ترفيع tarfī‘ pl. -āt promotion (of an official); salary raise (الى to the amount of)

مرافعة murāfa‘a pl. -āt speech for the defense (in court); proceedings at law |يوم المرافعة yaum al-m. date fixed for the trial (of a case in court); قانون المرافعة (Eg.) and مجلة المرافعة majallat al-m. (Tun.) code of procedure

ترفع taraffu‘ arrogance, haughtiness, snobbery (عن toward s.th.), disdain, contempt (عن of s.th.)

ارتفاع irtifā‘ rise (e.g., of prices); elevation; increase; height, altitude (e.g., of a mountain, عن سطح البحر ‘an saṭḥI l-baḥr above sea level, etc.) | على ارتفاع at an altitude of ...

رافع rāfi‘ bearer |آلة رافعة hoisting gear, lifting apparatus, hoist; windlass, winch; crane; pump; مضخة رافعة (miḍakka) suction pump

رافعة rāfi‘a pl. روافع rawāfi‘ hoisting gear, lifting apparatus, hoist; crane; hoisting installation (mining) |O رافعة هوائية (hawā’īya) ejector; O رافعة الغام r. algām mine sweeper

مرفوع marfū‘ traceable in ascending order of traditionaries to Mohammed (Prophetic tradition); (gram.) in the nominative or indicative, respectively

مرفع muraffa‘: المرفع شأنه (ša’nuhū) = الرفيع الشأن (see رفيع rafī‘)

مرافع murāfi‘ plaintiff

مترفع mutaraffi‘ haughty, arrogant, snobbish

مرتفع murtafi‘ rising, ascending; high, elevated; resounding, ringing | سكة الحديد المرتفعة (sikkat al-ḥadīd) elevated railway

مرتفع murtafa‘ height, altitude; elevated place; O terrace; pl. -āt heights, elevations, hills

رفق rafaqa u (rifq) and rafiqa a (rafaq) to be kind, friendly, nice (ب to s.o., also على and ل ), treat gently (ب s.o.,), be courteous (ب with s.o.) III to be a companion, a comrade (ه of s.o.); to keep (ه s.o.) company; to be on intimate terms, be hand in glove, be friends, associate closely (ه with s.o.); to accompany (ه s.o.; also mus.); to escort (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) IV to be of use, be useful (ه to s.o.), avail, serve, help (ه s.o.); to accompany (هـ ب s.th. with);: to attach, enclose, add, append (هـ ب to s.th. s.th.) V to show o.s. kind, display a gentle, friendly attitude (ب toward s.o., also مع ), be nice (ب to s.o., also مع ); to do gently (في s.th.), proceed gently (في in) |ترفق في سيره (sairihī) to walk slowly, stroll, saunter VI to travel together VIII to profit, benefit, gain (ب from or by), make use, avail o.s., take advantage (ب of), utilize (ب s .h.); to lean one’s elbows, rest one’s arms (هـ on s.th.)

رفق rifq friendliness, kindness, gentleness | جمعية الرفق بالحيوان jam‘īyat ar-r. bi-l-ḥayawān Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

رفقة rifqa, rufqa pl. رفاق rifāq, رفق rifaq, rufaq, ارفاق arfāq group, troop, body (of people); company | برفقة accompanied by, in the company of

رفيق rafīq pl. رفقاء rufaqā’2, رفاق rifāq companion, attendant; escort; buddy, friend; comrade (in Marxist terminology); associate, partner; accomplice; kind (ب to), mild, gentle, tender |رفيق المدرسة r. al-madrasa classmate, schoolmate

رفيقة rafīqa pl. -āt woman companion; girl friend; sweetheart; mistress, par amour

مرفق mirfaq, marfiq elbow; -- mirfaq pl. مرافق marāfiq2 anything conducive to personal ease and comfort, convenience; appurtenance (of an apartment, of a house; such as kitchen, bathroom, stable, etc.); attainment of civilization, civilizational institution; pl. مرافق attainments of civilization; conveniences; public utilities; installations; facilities |القيام على مرافقهم (qiyām) concern for their welfare; مرافق الحياة m. al-ḥayāh conveniences, anything conducive to personal ease and comfort; المرافق العامة (‘āmma) the public utilities; مرافق التكرار refining facilities (oil industry)

مرافقة murāfaqa accompaniment; escort; company, association

ارتفاق irtifāq utilization, use; usefulness, serviceableness; easement (jur.)

مرافق murāfiq pl. -ūn companion, attendant; escort; accompanist; adjutant, aide (Ir.)

مرفق به murfaq bihi attached, enclosed; pl. مرفقات enclosures (in a letter, or the like)

مرتفق murtafaq that on which one leans or rests; support; toilet, latrine

رفل rafala u (rafl) to trail a garment; to strut, swagger

رفل rifl train (of a garment)

رفه rafuha u (رفاه rafāh, رفاهة rafāha, رفاهية rafāhīya) to be comfortable, pleasant, luxurious (life) II to make (هـ life) pleasant and comfortable; to afford (ه s.o.) a pleasant, luxurious life; to be a source of ease and comfort, make things easy (على, عن for s.o.), let (على , s.o.) live in comfort; to relax (على, عن s.o.), provide recreation (على, عن for); to ease soften, mitigate (عن هـ for s.o. s.th.); to cheer up (عن s.o.), raise the spirits of (عن ); to soothe (عن the soul) |رفه عن نفسه to relax, find recreation (هـ from work); رفع على نفسه to find recreation

رفه rifh and رفاه rafāh well-being, welfare; personal ease and comfort; good living, luxury, comforts of life

رفاهة rafāha, رفاهية rafāhīya comfortable, luxurious life; luxury; comfort, comfortableness, coziness; complete relaxation and ease

ترفيه tarfīh creation of ease and luxury; habituation to luxury; providing of comfort and relaxation; recreation; (mental) relaxation |ترفيه العيش t. al-‘aiš good living, comfortable life; قسم الترفيه qism at-t. recreation department

رفا (رفو ) rafā u (rafw) to darn, mend (هـ s.th.)

رق raqqa i (رقة riqqa) to be or become thin, delicate, fine; to be tender, soft; to be pure, clear, limpid (water); to soften, relent (ل toward s.o.), have pity, feel compassion, have sympathy (ل for) |رق له قلبه (qalbuhū) he took pity on him II to make thin. thin out (هـ s.th.); to refine, make fine, soft or tender, render delicate (هـ s.th.); to polish, smooth, make elegant (هـ one’s speech); to flatten, roll out (هـ esp. metal) IV to make thin, line or tender, render delicate, refine (هـ s.th.); to soften (هـ the heart) V to soften, relent (ل toward s.o.). have pity, have sympathy (ل for), sympathize (ل with) X to be thin, fine, delicate; to soften (هـ s.th.); to enslave, make a slave (هـ s.o.)

رق raqq pl. رقوق ruqūq turtle

رق riqq quality or condition of being a slave, slavery, bondage

رق raqq, riqq parchment; riqq (eg.) tambourine

رق riqqa thinness; slenderness, slimness; fineness, delicateness, delicacy; gentleness, mildness; amiability, graciousness, friendliness |رقة الحاشية r. al-ḥāšiya friendliness, courteousness, amiability; رقة الشعور sensitivity, delicacy of feeling, tact; رقة الطبع r. aṭ-ṭab‘ kindness, gentleness, mild temper, friendliness; رقة المزاج gentleness, mild temper

رقاق ruqāq flat loaf of bread; O waffles

رقيق raqīq pl. ارقاء ariqqā’2, رقاق riqāq slave, slaves (sing. and coll.); flat loaf of bread (mid); thin; slender, slim; line, delicate; soft. tender, gentle; sensitive, tactful, discreet, prudent |تجارة الرقيق slave trade; رقيق الحال poor, needy; رقيق الحاشية (الحواشي ) r. al-ḥāšiya (al-ḥawāšī) friendly, courteous, civil, amiable; رقيق الشعور sensitive; رقيق الطبع r. aṭ-ṭab‘ kind, gentle, mild-tempered, friendly; رقيق المزاج gentlehearted

رقيقة raqīqa lamina, flake

ارق araqq2 thinner; slimmer; more delicate

مرقاق mirqāq rolling pin

مرقوق marqūq thin, flaky pastry

رقأ raqa’a a to cease to flow (tears)

رقب raqaba u (رقوب ruqūb, رقابة raqāba) to observe, watch, regard attentively (هـ s.th.); to supervise, control (هـ s.th.); to wait (هـ for), await (هـ s.th.); -- (رقوب ruqūb) to watch (هـ over s.th.), guard (هـ s.th.); to take into consideration, heed, observe, respect (هـ s.th.); to fear (ه God); to be on one’s guard, watch out, be careful |لا يرقب فيه إلا ولا ذمة (illan wa-lā dimmatan) to treat s.o. ruthlessly ill to watch, observe, regard attentively (ه s.o., هـ s.th.), keep an eye (هـ, ه on); to make out, detect (هـ s.th.); to control (هـ s.th., e.g., the traffic, the press, s.o.’s doings, etc.), supervise (هـ some work), have an eye (هـ on, e.g., on s.o.’s dealings); to fear (ه God) | راقب الله فيه (lit.: to fear God with regard to s.o.) to treat s.o. well for fear of God V to expect, anticipate, await (هـ s.th.), look forward to (هـ ), wait, look, look out (هـ, ه for); to regard (هـ s.th.), look (هـ at s.th.); to lie in wait (ه for) VIII to expect, anticipate (هـ s.th.)

رقبة riqba observation; control; attention; caution, wariness; vigilance, watchfulness

رقبة raqaba pl. -āt, رقاب riqāb neck; -- (pl. رقاب ) slave; (īsl. Law) person |O رقبة جسر r. jisr bridgehead; صلب الرقبة ṣulb ar-r. stubborn, obstinate, obstreperous; غليظ الرقبة do.; هذا في رقابهم responsibility for it rests on their shoulders; أخذ بعضهم برقاب بعض akada ba‘ḍuhum bi-r. ba‘ḍin to follow in close succession

رقوب ruqūb anticipation, expectation

رقيب raqīb pl. رقباء ruqabā’2 vigilant, watchful; guardian, keeper, warden; watcher, observer, lookout; spy; overseer, supervisor, inspector; controller, control officer; postal censor; sergeant (Syr., mil.) |رقيب اول (awwal) approx.: staff sergeant (Syr., mil.)

رقبى ruqbā donation with the proviso that it shall either revert to the donor after the donee’s death or become the property of the donee upon death of the donor (Isl. Law)

رقابة raqāba supervision, control; censorship (of the press)

رقوبة raqūba and راقوبة rāqūba (eg.) nest egg

مرقب marqab and مرقبة marqaba lofty observation post, lookout; watchtower; O observatory

مرقب mirqab telescope

مراقبة murāqaba observation; supervision; surveillance; inspection; control; censorship (of the Press); mail censorship; superintendency, controllership; zone of inspection

ترقب taraqqub expectation, anticipation

ارتقاب irtiqāb expectation, anticipation

مراقب murāqib pl. -ūn observer; overseer, supervisor, inspector; controller, control officer; censor; sergeant major, quartermaster sergeant (Eg. 1939) |مراقب تعليم m. ta‘līm a military rank (approx.: master sergeant; Eg. 1939); مراقب تعيين m. ta‘yīn a military rank (approx.: quartermaster sergeant; Eg. 1939); مراقب مدني (madanī) title of a high local official (Mor., Tun.); مراقب الخطوط linesman (soccer)

رقد raqada u (raqd, رقود ruqūd, رقاد ruqād) to sleep, be asleep; to go to bed; to lie down to rest; to lie; to rest; to abate, subside, let up, calm down (e.g., a storm); to be down, be flagging; to be dull, listless (market) |رقد على البيض (baiḍ) to sit on the eggs (hen) II to put (ه s.o.) to sleep; to make (ه s.o.) lie down; to put (ه s.o.) to bed; to lay down, stretch out (ه s.o.) IV to put to sleep (ه s.o.); to put to bed (ه a child)

رقدة raqda sleep; manner of lying, lying position

رقاد ruqād sleep; recumbency, recumbent position

رقود ruqūd sleep; recumbency, recumbent position; sleeping, sleep (pl. of the active participle)

راقود rāqūd pl. رواقيد rawāqīd2 large jug

مرقد marqad pl. مراقد marāqid2 bed; couch; resting place; mausoleum

ترقيد tarqīd (eg.) layerage (hort.) |ترقيد البيض t. al-baiḍ hatching of the eggs

ترقيد tarqīd (tarqīd) layer (hort.)

راقد rāqid pl. رقد ruqqad, رقود ruqūd sleeping, asleep; lying, reclining, recumbent; resting; quiet, dull, listless (market)

مرقد muraqqid somniferous, lulling; pl. مرقدات soporifics

رقرق raqraqa to mix. dilute (هـ wine with water) II taraqraqa to overflow (بالدموع with tears; eyes), be bathed (بالدموع in tears); to glitter, glisten, sparkle: to stir gently, breathe (wind)

رقراق raqrāq bathed (in tears), moist, misty (eyes); glittering, glistening; radiant, brilliant, resplendent

رقارق raqāriq not deep, shallow (water)

رقش raqaša u to variegate, make multicolored (هـ s.th.) II do.; to adorn, embellish, decorate (هـ s.th.)

ارقش arqaš2 variegated, multicolored, colorful

O مرقاش mirqāš pl. مراقيش marāqīš2 brush (of the painter)

رقص raqaṣ u (raqṣ) to dance; to prance (horse; على to a tune) | رقص فرحا (faraḥan) to dance with joy II to make (هـ s.o.) dance; to set (هـ s.th.) in a swinging motion; to make (هـ the heart) tremble | رقص الحناجر (prop.: to make the throats tremble) to provoke loud laughter III to dance (ها with a girl) IV = II; VI to move; to dance; to prance; to tremble (heart)

رقص raqṣ dancing, dance | معلم الرقص mu‘allim ar-r. dancing instructor

رقصة raqṣa (n. vic.) pl. raqaṣāt dance

رقاص raqqāṣ (professional) dancer; pendulum (phys.; also of a timepiece)

رقاصة female dancer; dancing girl, danseuse; ballerina

مرقص marqaṣ, pl. مراقص marāqiṣ2 dance hall, ballroom; dance, ball

راقص rāqiṣ dancer; dance, dancing (used attributively) |حفلة راقصة (ḥafla) dance, ball; موسيقى راقصة dance music; ليلة راقصة (laila) dancing party

راقصة rāqiṣa pl. -āt female dancer; O kneecap, patella

مراقصة murāqiṣa (female) dancing partner

رقط II to speckle, spot (هـ s.th.)

ارقط arqaṭ2 speckled, spotted; leopard

رقع raqa‘a a (raq‘) to patch (هـ a garment); -- raqu‘a u (رقاعة raqā‘a) to be stupid II = raqa‘a

رقعة ruq‘a pl. رقع ruqa‘, رقاع riqā‘ patch; piece of cloth; piece of land, terrain or ground; area; lot, plot of land; ground (of a flag); chessboard; slip of paper, piece of paper; note, brief message; ticket; coupon; bond, security; a cursive style of calligraphy

رقيع raqī‘ stupid, silly, foolish; impudent, impartment, shameless; (pl. ارقعة arqi‘a) firmament

رقاعة raqā‘a stupidity, foolishness folly

مرقعة marqa‘a and مرقعية marqa‘īya tatters, rags

ترقيع tarqī‘ patching |ترقيع القرنية t. al-qarnīya transplantation of the cornea (mid.)

مرقعات muraqqa‘āt fragments

رقم raqama u (raqm) to write (هـ s.th.); to point, provide with points (هـ a text); to brand (هـ a hone); to imprint (هـ a trace, a mark); to mark (هـ s.th.); to stripe (هـ a fabric); to number (هـ s.th.) II to point, provide with points (هـ a text); to stripe, streak (هـ s.th.); to rule (هـ s.th.); to number (هـ s.th.)

رقم raqm pl. ارقام arqām numeral; number, No. |الأرقام الهندية (hindīya) the numerals of the Arabs; رقم القياس r. al-qiyās or رقم قياسي (qiyāsī) record (athlet.), سجل رقما قياسيا (sajjala) to set a record (athlet.)

رقيم raqīm inscription tablet; letter, message

مرقم mirqam pl. مراقم marāqim2 drawing pencil, crayon; (painter’s) brush

ترقم tarqīm pointing; numbering, numeration

مرقم marqūm pl. مراقم marāqīm2 striped blanket

رقوص II taraqwaṣa (syr.) to toss, fling o.s. about

رقى raqiya a (raqy, ruqīy) to ascend (الى or في s.th. or to s.th.); to climb, mount, scale (هـ s.th.); to rise (in rank), advance, he promoted; to date back, go hack (الى to a bygone era); رقي به to lead s.o. up; to further, promote, encourage s.th.; - raqa i (رقية ruqya) to use magic or incantations (ه on s.o., من against s.th.) II to cause to ascend; to promote (ه s.o.); to raise, further, promote, advance (هـ s.th.) V to ascend, rise, advance, progress VIII to ascend, rise; to ascend (هـ s.th.; also. e.g., العرش al-‘arša the throne), climb (هـ s.th., on s.th., also العربة al-‘araba into the carriage); to advance, he promoted (الى منصب ilā manṣib to an office); to rise, increase (الى to the number of); to advance, rise, show an upward trend, develop upward; to date hack. go hack (الى to a given time)

رقي ruqīy rise, progress, upward development; الرقي به promotion, encouragement, furtherance of s.th.

رقية ruqya pl. رقى ruqan spell, charm, magic; incantation

رقاء raqqā’ magician, sorcerer

ارقى arqā higher, superior; more advanced, more progressed

مرقاة marqāh pl. مراق marāqin stairs, staircase; O elevator, lift

ترقية tarqiya raising; -- (pl. -āt) promotion (in rank); elevation; promotion, furtherance, encouragement, advancement; extension, development, improvement

ترق taraqqin pl. taraqqiyāt ascension; ascent; advance, advancement; progress, rise, progressive development

ارتقاء irtiqā‘ climbing, mounting; ascension; ascent; progress, rise, progressive development |ارتقاء العرش irt. al-‘arš accession to the throne

راق rāqin ascending, rising; high, high-ranking; superior, high-grade, high-class, of high standard; educated. refined; advanced |الطبقة الراقية (ṭabaqa) the upper class

راق rāqin pl. رقاة ruqāh magician, sorcerer

مرتق murtaqin high, superior, advanced (esp. intellectually)

مرتقى murtaqan ascent, rise

1 رك rakka i (rakk, ركة rikka, ركاكة rakāka) to be weak, feeble; to be poor, meager, scanty; -- u (rakk): رك الشيء في عنقه (fī ‘unuqihī) to saddle s.o. with the responsibility for s.th., thrust s.th. upon s.o.

ركة rikka weakness feebleness

ركيك rakīk pl. ركاك rikāk, رككة rakaka weak, feeble; thin; colorless, pallid (e.g., style); scanty, meager, poor, pitiful

ركاك rukāk weak, feeble

ركاكة rakāka weakness, feebleness; lowliness; inadequacy, poorness; colorlessness, pallor (e.g., of style)

2 ركة rukka distaff |طب الركة ṭibb ar-r. (eg.) popular treatment of illnesses by means of charms and incantations, practiced by women

ركب rakiba a (ركوب rukūb) to ride (هـ an animal); to mount (هـ an animal); to go, travel (هـ in a carriage, in an automobile, on a train, on board a ship, etc.), ride (هـ in a vehicle, on a bicycle); to get, climb (هـ into a carriage, on a bicycle, etc.), board (هـ a train, an airplane, a ship, etc.); to pursue (ه s.o.), be after s.o. (ب with s.th.); to engage (هـ in), embark (هـ on); to commit, perpetrate (هـ a sin, a crime); to master (هـ s.th.) | ركب البحر (baḥr) to travel by sea; ركبا الحياة (ḥayāh) to master life; ركب الخطر (kaṭar) to embark on a risky undertaking; ركب خيوله الحربية (kuyūlahū l-ḥarbīya) to get on one’s high horse; ركب ذنب الريح (danaba r-rīḥ) to speed along like the wind; ركب رأسه (ra’sahū) to act at one’s disoretion; to act rashly, follow a whim; ركب السيارة (sayyāra) to go by car, travel in an automobile; ركب الشطط (šaṭaṭ) to commit excesses, go too far; ركب الطيارة (ṭayyāra) to fly, go by plane; ركب متن العنف (matna l-‘unf) to commit acts of violence; ركب مركب الخطل (markaba l-kaṭal) to make a foolish mistake, commit a folly; to embark on a reckless course, do irresponsible things; ركب مطية الإخفاق (maṭīyata l-ikfāq) to back the wrong horse, be on the losing side, fail; ركب الأهوال (ahwāl) to defy the horrors; ركب الهواء (hawā’) to fly, travel by air; ركب هواه (hawāhu) to follow one’s whim II to make (ه s.o.) ride; to put, place, fasten, mount (هـ على s.th. on); to fit, mount, insert, set (هـ في s.th. in. e.g., a precious stone in a ring); to build in (هـ a machine part); to assemble (هـ e.g., the parts of an apparatus); to set up (هـ a machine); to install (هـ s.th.; techn.), lay (هـ an electric line, and the like); to assemble, put together, fit together (هـ s.th.); to make, prepare (هـ s.th. out of several components or ingredients); to construct, build (هـ e.g., a technical apparatus) IV to make (ه s.o.) ride or mount |اركبه رأسه وهواه (ra’sahū wa-hawāhu) to let s.o. have his head, let s.o. do as he pleases V to be composed, be made up, consist (من of) VI to be superimposed one upon another VIII to commit, perpetrate (هـ a sin, a crime); to pursue, practice (هـ s.th. | ارتكب شططا (šaṭaṭan) to overdo s.th., go too far

ركب rakb riders, horsemen, cavalcade; caravan; traveling party; retinue, escort; procession, troop (of people)

ركبة rukba pl. ركب rukab, -āt knee |ابو الركب abū r-rukab dengue, breakbone fever (med.)

ركاب rikāb pl. ركب rukub stirrup; (pl. -āt, ركب rukub, ركائب rakā’ib2) riding

Camel, riding animal, mount |حل ركابه بأرضنا ḥalla rikābuhū bi-arḍinā he has arrived on our soil; هو في ركابه he is his loyal follower, he doge his footsteps; سار في ركابه do.; to cling to s.o.’s heels, be blindly subservient to s.o.

ركوب rakūb mount, riding animal

ركوبة rakūba pl. ركائب rakā’ib2 mount, female riding camel

ركوب rukūb (horseback, camelback, etc.) riding; traveling (in a vehicle, by sea, by air, etc.); mounting (of a bicycle, of a horse, etc.), boarding (of a train, of a ship, etc.) |ركوب البحر r. al-baḥr navigation; ركوب الهواء r. al-hawā’ flying, aviation

ركاب rakkāb one who rides frequently, (professional) horseman or rider, jockey

ركبان rukbān retinue, escort |ذكره سار به الركبان (dikruhū) approx.: his fame has spread far and wide

مركب markab pl. مراكب marāk2 ship, boat, vessel |مركب بخاري (bukārī) steamship, steamer; مرك īحربي (ḥarbī) warship, man-of-war; مركب دوري (daurī) patrol boat; مركب شراعي (širā‘ī) sailing vessel, sailboat; مركب لصيد m. aṣ-ṣaid fishing smack, trawler; مركب النقل m. an-naql freighter, transport

مركبة markaba pl. -āt vehicle; carriage, cab

مراكبى marākibī pl. marākibīya boatman; ferryman

تركيب tarkīb pl. -āt, تراكيب tarākīb2 fitting in, insertion, setting; building in; fastening, mounting; assembling, assembly; final assembly; installation (e.g., of a telephone extension); composition; making, preparation (out of several components or ingredients); construction, building (techn.); structure; constitution, build, physique; -- (pl. تراكيب tarākīb2) phrase, idiom; construction (gram.)

تركيبي tarkībī constructive, constructional

ارتكاب irtikāb perpetration (of a sin or crime)

راكب rākib riding, on horseback, mounted; riding, traveling (in a vehicle); (pl. ركاب rukkāb, ركبان rukbān) rider, horseman; (pl. ركاب rukkāb) passenger, occupant (of a conveyance) |راكب دراجة r. darrāja cyclist

مركوب markūb pl. مراكيب marākīb2 riding animal, mount; (eg., syr.) red-leather shoes |ابو مركوب abū m. (eg.) shoebill (Balaeniceps rex; zool.)

مركبات murakkabāt components, constituents, elements, ingredients (esp. chem.)

مركب murakkab mounted, fastened, fixed (على on); fitted, inserted, set (في in); built-in; assembled; made up, composed, consisting (من of); compound. composite; complex; bound, not free; -- (pl. -āt) composition; a compound (chem.); a composite; a complex (psychol.); medication, medicament | ربح مركب (ribḥ) compound interest; مركب كيميائي (kīmiyā’ī) chemical compound; مركب نقص m. naqṣ inferiority complex

مرتكب murtakib perpetrator (of a crime)

ركد rakada u (ركود rukūd) to be motionless, still, stagnant

ركود rukūd suspension, standstill, stagnation; sluggishness; stillness, tranquility

راكد rākid stagnant; sluggish

ركز rakaza u i (rakz) to plant or ram in the ground, set up (هـ s.th., e.g., a pole); to fix, embed firmly (هـ s.th.) II to plant or ram in the ground, set up, (هـ s.th., e.g., a pole); to position, emplace (هـ s.th.); to fix, embed firmly (هـ s.th.); to cause to take root, naturalize (هـ s.th.); to concentrate (هـ s.th., also one’s thoughts, في on) V to concentrate; تركز tarakkaz ready! (starter’s command; athlet.) VIII to be implanted; to settle permanently, stay (في at a place); to lean, support one’s weight (على or الى on); to he fastened, be mounted (على on); to be based, rest (على on); to concentrate (في on); to gravitate (في to)

ركز rikz sound, tone

ركزة rakza pause, rest, break

ركاز rikāz pl. اركزة arkiza, ركزان rikzān precious minerals, buried treasures of the earth

ركيزة rakīza pl. ركائز rakā’iz2 treasure; support, brace, shore, stanchion; pillar, pier; post, pile; shoring

مركز markaz pl. مراكز marākiz2 foothold; stand, station; place where s.o. is posted or stationed; post; (police, etc.) station; office, branch office (com.); locality where s.th. takes place, scene, site, seat; position (mil.); headquarters; main office, central office; central exchange (telephone); center (of a circle and fig.); focus; markaz, an administrative district (subdivision of a mudīrīya, Eg.); position, situation, office, post; (social, financial, official, etc.) status, standing; power, position (of a country); situation | مركز اساسي (asāsī) starting point, basis; مركز البوليس police station; مراكز حيوية (ḥayawīya) vital centers; مركز الإدارة m. al-idāra main office, central office, headquarters; مركز الداء m. ad-dā’ the seat of the disease O مركز الإذاعة m. al-idā‘a broadcasting station; مركز رئيسي main office, headquarters; مركز الرياسة m. ar-riyāsa central command post; مركز رياسة الجيش m. riyāsat al-jaiš Supreme Command of the Army (Eg.); مركز رعاية الطفل m. ri‘āyat aṭ-ṭifl health center for children (Eg.); مركز السكة الحديدية m. as-sikka al-ḥadīdīya railroad junction; مركز الشرطة m. aš-šurṭa police station; مركز نيابي (niyābī) parliamentary seat, mandate; O مركز التوليد power station

مركزي markazī central; district (used attributively); لامركزي O centrifugal; decentralized (administration)

مركزية markazīya centralism; centrality, central position or situation; لامركزية decentralization

تركيز tarkīz setting up; installation; implantation, establishment, naturalization; concentration | جهاز التركيز jahāz at-t. stabilizer (tech.)

تراكز tarākuz concentricity

ارتكاز irtikāz support

مركز murakkaz concentrated, centralized; O condensed

متراكز mutarākiz concentric

ركس VIII to suffer a setback, be thrown back; to decline, degenerate, be degenerate; to become stunted, atrophy

ركض rakaḍa u (rakḍ) to race, rush, run; to run away; to gallop (intrans., said of a horse, and trans. هـ a horse) III to race (ه s.o.), run a race (ه with) VI to compete in a race; to run fast

ركاض rakkāḍ runner, racer

ركوض rakūḍ fast-running, swift

ركع raka‘a a (ركوع rukū‘) to bend the body, bow (esp. in prayer); to kneel down, drop to one’s knees II and IV to make (ه s.o.) kneel down

ركعة rak‘a pl. raka’āt a bending of the torso from an upright position, followed by two prostrations (in Muslim prayer ritual)

راكع rāki‘ pl. ركع rukka‘ bowing to the ground

ركل rakala u (rakl) to kick (ه s.o., هـ s.th.)

ركلة rakla (n. vic.) kick

ركم fJ rakama u (rakm) to pile up, heap up, accumulate, amass (هـ s.th.) VI to accumulate, be heaped up; to pile up, gather (clouds) VIII = VI

ركم rakam pile, heap

ركام rukām pile, heap; lump; cumulus clouds

O مركم markam pl. مراكم marākim2 storage battery

تراكم tarākum accumulation

ركن rakana u (ركون rukūn) and rakina a to lean, support one’s weight (الى on); to quiet down, become or be calm, to trust (الى in), rely (الى on); to be dependent, have to rely (الى on) | ركن الى الهدوء to remain calm IV to trust (الى s.o.), rely (الى on), place one’s confidence (الى in); to resort (الى to) |يركن اليه (yurkanu) reliable, dependable. trustworthy VIII to lean, recline, support one's weight (الى or على on)

ركن rukn pl. اركان arkān support, prop; corner; nook; basis, basic element, first principle; pl. اركان staff (mil.); basic elements, chief elements | اركان الحرب a. al-ḥarb general staff (mil.); اركان الجيش a. al-jaiš do.; رئيس اركان الجيش chief of general staff; وثيق الأركان of strong build, sturdy

ركنى ruknī: ضربة ركنية (ḍarba) corner kick (soccer)

ركين rakīn firm, steady, confident, imperturbable; grave, calm, sedate

ركون rukūn reliance, confidence, trust

مركن mirkan pl. مراكن marākin2 washtub

مراكنة murākana (tun.) betrothal, engagement

اركان arkān reliance, confidence, trust

ركوة rakwa pl. rakawāt (syr.) small coffee pot of copper. having a long handle

رم ramma u i (ramm, مرمة maramma) to repair, overhaul (هـ s.th.); -- i (ramm, رمة rimma) to decay; to rot II to decay; to rot V to be repaired, undergo repair

رم ramm repair

رم ramm: رم الأسنان r. al-asnān caries (med.)

رمة rimma cadaver

برمته bi-rummatihī whole, complete, entire | سورية برمتها all Syria

رميم ramīm decayed, rotten; رمائم ramā’im2 decaying bones

رمام rumām decayed, rotten

مرمة maramma pl. -āt repair; shipyard (Tun.)

ترميم tarmīm pl. -āt repair, overhauling, restoration

رمث ramal pl. ارماث armā~ log raft

رمح ramaḥa a (ramḥ) to pierce, transfix (with a lance; ه s.o.); to gallop (horse)

رمح rumḥ pl. رماح rimāḥ, ارماح armāḥ lance, pike; spear, javelin; pole |رمي الرمح ramy ar-r. javelin throwing (athlet.)

رماح rammāḥ pl. ة lancer; uhlan

السماك الرامح as-simāk ar-rāmiḥ Arcturus (astron.)

رمد ramida a (ramad) to have sore eyes; to be inflamed (eye) II to burn to ashes, incinerate (هـ s.th.) V to burn to ashes, become ashes

رمد ramad ophthalmia, inflammation of the eyes; eye disease |رمد حبيبي (ḥubaibī) trachoma, granular conjunctivitis; مستشفى الرمد muštašfā r-r. eye clinic

رمدي ramadī and طبيب رمدي ophthalmologist, oculist

رمد ramid sore-eyed

ارمد armad2 sore-eyed

رماد ramād pl. ارمدة armida ashes | اربعاء الرماد arbi‘ā’ ar-r. or يوم الرماد yaum ar-r. or عيد الرماد ‘īd ar-r. Ash Wednesday (Chr.); نفخ في الرماد (lit.: to blow into cold ashes, i.e.) to engage in futile undertakings, set out on a wild-goose chase

رمادي ramādī ashen, ash-colored, ash-gray

ترميد tarmīd cremation, incineration

رمز ramaza u i (ramz) to make a sign, to wink, nod, motion; to point (الى to), indicate (الى s.th.); to symbolize, represent or express symbolically (الى s.th.); to designate (ل ب or الى s.th. with a distinguishing mark)

رمز ramz pl. رموز rūmūz sign, nod, wink, motion; hint; allusion, intimation; allegory; riddle; symbol. symbolic figure, emblem, character; secret sign, code sign

رمزي ramzī symbolic(al}; in code, in cipher

رمزيات ramzīyāt cipher, code

راموز rāmūz pl. روامز rawāmīz2 specimen, sample; O facsimile

رمس ramasa i u (rams) to bury (ه s.o.); to cover, efface, wipe out (هـ tracks) VIII ارتمس في الماء to be immersed in water

رمس rams pl. رموس rumūs, ارماس armās grave, tomb

راموس rāmūs grave, tomb

رمش ramaša i u to take with the fingertips (هـ s.th.); to wink, blink

رمش ramaš inflammation of the eyelids, conjunctivitis

رمشة ramša blink, wink

رمش rimš pl. رموش rumūš eyelashes

رمص ramaṣ white secretion (of the eye)

رمض VIII to be consumed by grief and sorrow

رمض ramaḍ parchedness, scorchedness (esp. of the ground due to excessive heat)

رمضاء ramḍā’2 sun-baked ground | استجار من الرمضاء بالنار approx.: to jump out of the frying pan into the fire

رمضان ramaḍān2 Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar

رمق ramaqa u (ramq) to regard (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), glance, look (هـ, ه at) II to stare, gaze (هـ, ه at); to perform (هـ work) perfunctorily and negligently, botch (هـ a job); to keep (ه s.o.) barely alive V to wait (هـ for an opportunity, and the like)

رمق ramaq pl. ارماق armāq (last) spark of life, breath of life | سد رمقه sadda ramaqahū to keep s.o. or o.s. barely alive, eke out a living, manage to keep body and soul together; to provide s.o. with a bare existence; to allay s.o.’s hunger; على آخر رمق ‘alā ākiri ramaqin at the point of death; on the verge of exhaustion, on one’s last legs

مرموق marmūq regarded, looked at; noted, of note; remarkable, notable, significant, important; lofty, proud

رمك armak2, f. رمكاء ramkā’ 2 ashen, ash-gray

رمكة ramak pl. -āt, رماك rimāk, ارماك armāk mare

رمل II to sprinkle with sand (هـ s.th., so as to blot it) IV to become a widower or a widow V = IV

رمل raml pl. رمال rimāl sand |علم الرمل ‘ilm ar-r. or ضرب الرمل ḍarb ar-r. geomancy (divination by means of figures or lines in the sand)

رملي ramlī sandy, sabulous; sand- (in compounds) |ساعة رملية sandglass, hourglass

رمل ramal name of a poetical meter

رمال rammāl geomancer

ارمل armal2 pl. ارامل arāmil2 widower

ارملة armala pl. ارامل arāmil2, اراملة arāmila widow

مرملة marmala sandbox

ترمل tarammul widow(er)hood

1 رمان rummān (coll.; n. un. ة ) pomegranate; رمانة knob, pommel; (pl. -āt), رمانة يدوية (yadawīya) hand grenade

2 ارمن and ارمنى look up alphabetically

1 رمى ramā i (ramy, رماية rimāya) to throw, cast (هـ, ب s.th.); to fling, hurl (هـ, ب s.th.); to toss away, throw down (هـ, ب s.th.); to throw aside, toss aside, discard, lay aside (هـ, ب s.th.); to shoot, fire; to pelt, hit, bombard (هـ ه s.o. with) shoot, fire (ه ب at s.o. with); to charge (ب ه s.o. with), accuse (ه ب s.o. of), blame) reproach (ب ه s.o. for); to aim, drive, be aimed (الى at), have in view, purpose, intend (الى s.th.), be out for (الى ); with بين to sow dissension among or between | رماه بطلق نارى (ṭalaq) he fired a shot at him; رمى بالغيب (gaib) to practice divination VI to pelt one another; to throw o.s. to the ground, prostrate o.s., fall to the ground; to throw o.s., fling o.s. (على on); to plunge, rush, throw o.s. (في into s.th.); to be vast, extend far into the distance; to come, get (information, report, news; الى to s.o.) |ترامى على قدميه (qadamaihi) to throw o.s. at s.o.’s foot; ترامى بين ذراعيه (dirā‘aihī) to throw o.s. into s.o.’s arms; عاطفة ترامى به عهدها (‘ahduhā) a fooling that he had known long, long ago, a fooling which lay far behind him; ترامى الينا ان we have received word that VIII to throw o.s. (على on, e.g., on the bed, on or to the ground); to fling o.s., fall (على upon s.o.), throw o.s., plunge (في into s.th.); to have fallen down and lie prostrate; to lie, sprawl (على on) |ارتمى الى الأرض to fall to the ground, tumble

رمي ramy (act or process of) throwing, flinging, shooting, etc. | رمي الحربة r. al-ḥarba javelin throwing, رمي القرص r. al-qurṣ discus throwing (athlet.); اعدام رميا بالرصاص i‘dām ramyan bi-r-raṣāṣ execution before a firing squad

رمية ramya (n. vic.) throw, toss, fling; shot |رب رمية من غير رام rubba ramyatin min gairi rāmin many a shot is without a (skilled) marksman (proverbially, of unexpected or undeserved success)

رمية ramīya pl. رمايا ramāyā game animal (being shot at or already killed)

مرمى marman pl. مرام marāmin aim, end, purpose; goal (athlet.); range (of a gun); reach, extent |حارس المرمى goal-keeper; مرمى النظر m. an-naẓar range of vision, field of vision

ترام tarāmin vastness, expanse |ترامى الأطراف vast expanse, vastness

رام rāmin pl. رماة rumāh throwing; thrower, hurler; marksman; rifleman (Syr., mil.) |الرامي Sagittarius (astron.); سهم الرامي sahm ar-r. Sagitta (astron.); رامي اللهيب flame thrower

مترام mutarāmin wide, extensive |مترامي الأطراف vast, huge

2 رامية look up alphabetically

رن ranna i (رنين ranīn) to cry, wail, lament; to resound; to echo; to ring

رنة ranna pl. -āt scream; sound; reverberation, echo

رنين ranīn lament, wailing; sound; reverberation, echo; resonance; ring

رنان rannān and مرنان mirnān ringing, resounding; resonant; reverberating, echoing

O رنانة rannāna tuning fork (mus.)

ارنب and ارنبة look up alphabetically

رنح II to make dizzy, make stagger, send reeling (ه s.o.); to sway (هـ s.th.) | رنح اعطافه (a‘ṭāfahū) to work up s.o.’s feelings, send s.o. into a frenzy V to stagger, reel, totter, sway; to shake, rock |ترنحت اعطافه (a‘tāfuhū) to get into one’s stride, become ecstatic, be carried away; to be beside o.s.

مرنحة marnaḥa prow (of a ship)

رندح randaḥa to scan (verse)

رنق II to cloud, muddy (هـ water); to blur, dim (هـ the eyes; said of sleep); to halt, stop, stop over, stay; to look, glance (نحو toward or at s.th.) | رنق النظر الى (naẓara) to keep looking at, stare at

رنق ranq turbid, clouded (water)

رونق raunaq glamor, splendor, beauty

رنم II and V to sing (ب a song); to intone (ب a song); to recite in a singsong voice, chant (ب s.th.)

ترنيمة tarnīma pl. ترانم tarānim2 hymn, anthem; song; a kind of chanting recitation; little story recited in a singsong voice; little song

رنا (رنو ) ranā u to gaze, look (الى at s.th.)

رنى II and IV to please delight (ه s.o.)

رهب rahaba a (rahab, ruhb, رهبة rahba) to he frightened, be afraid; to fear, dread (ه s.o.) | رهب جانبه see جانب II to frighten, scare, alarm, intimidate (ه s.o.) IV = II; to terrorize (ه s.o.) V to threaten (ه s.o.); to become a monk, enter monastic life (Chr.)

رهبة rahba fear, fright, alarm, terror; awe

رهبى rahbā, ruhbā fear

رهبوب rahbūb great fear, fright, terror

رهيب rahīb dreadful, awful, fearful, terrible; solemn, grave

ترهيب tarhīb intimidation

ارهاب irhāb intimidation, frightening; threatening; terror, terrorism (pol.); sabotage

ارهابي irhābī terrorist(ic); sabotage (used attributively); (pl. -ūn) terrorist

ترهب tarahhub monasticism, monastic life (Chr.)

راهب rāhib pl. رهبان ruhbān monk (Chr.)

راهبة rāhiba pl. -āt nun (Chr.)

مرهوب marhūb terrible, dreadful

رهبن II tarahbana to become a monk, enter monastic life (Chr.)

رهبنة rahbana and رهبانية rahbānīya monasticism; monastic order, congregation (Chr.)

رهج rahj, rahaj dust

رهط rahaṭa a to gobble, gulp greedily

رهط rahṭ, rahaṭ pl. ارهاط arhāṭ, ارهط arhuṭ, اراهط arāhiṭ2, اراهيط arāhīṭ2 group (of people), band, troop

رهط rahṭ pl. رهاط rihāṭ leather loin-cloth

رهف rahufa u (رهافة rahāfa) to be thin; to be sharp (sword); -- rahafa a (rahf) and IV to make thin (هـ s.th.); to make sharp, sharpen (هـ s.th., esp. fig.) |ارهف الأذن (udn) to prick up one’s ears (لفلان so as to catch the words of s.o.), رهف السمع ل (الى ) (sam‘) to listen closely to

رهف rahif thin

رهيف rahīf thin; slender, slim; sharpened, sharp

ارهاف irhāf sharpening

مرهف murhaf thin, fine; sharpened, sharp | مرهف الحس m. al-ḥ. delicate, sensitive

رهق rahiqa a (rahaq) to come over s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ), overtake (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) III to approach (هـ an age); to approach the age of sexual maturity; to be adolescent IV to bring down (هـ ه upon s.o. s.th.), make (ه s.o.) undergo or suffer (هـ s.th.); to oppress, burden, overburden (ه s.o., ب with s.th.), lie heavily, bear down (ه on s.o.) |ارهقه جذبا (jadban) to tug at s.o. violently or too violently

مراهقة murāhaqa puberty

ارهاق irhāq pressure, oppression; suppression; heavy load (e.g., of work)

مراهق murāhiq adolescent

مرهق murhiq oppressive (burden, heat)

رهل rahila a to be flabby, soft; to be bloated, fat (flesh, body) V do.

راهل rāhil flaccid, flabby, soft, ترهل tarahhul obesity, fatness

مترهل mutarahhil flaccid, flabby, soft; bloated, fat

رهمة rihma pl. رهم riham, رهام rihām drizzle, lasting fine rain

مرهم marham pl. مراهم marāhim2 salve, ointment; cream, cold cream; pomade

رهن rahana a (rahn) to pawn, deposit as security (هـ s.th., عند or ه with s.o.); to mortgage (هـ real estate) III to bet, lay a wager (ه with s.o., على on, that ) IV to deposit in pledge, give as a security, pawn (هـ s.th.) VIII to receive or take in pledge, as a security (هـ من s.th. from s.o.); to pawn, deposit in pledge (هـ s.th.); to make (هـ s.th.) subject (ب to), make (هـ s.th.) conditional (ب on); pass.: urtuhina to be subject (ب to) |ارتهن نفسه ب (nafsahū) to pledge o.s. or dedicate o.s. to the cause of X to demand as a security (ه هـ from s.o. s.th.)

رهن rahn pawning, mortgaging, pledging; -- (pl. رهون ruhūn, رهونات ruhūnāt, رهان rihān) pawn, pledge; security (ب for s.th.); hostage; mortgage. hypothec; رهن ب depending on, conditional on, subject to; -- rahna (prep.) pending; depending on, conditional on; subject to, liable to |محل رهونات maḥall r. pawnshop; رهن اشارته rahna išāratihī at s.o.’s beck and call; رهن سيطرته r. saiṭaratihī under s.o.’s power or dominion; هذا رهن ذاك this depends on that; المسألة رهن اهتمامه al-mas’ala r. ihtimāmihī the problem is being given every attention by him; اودع السجن رهن التحقيق ūdi‘a s-sijna rahna t-taḥqīq he was taken into custody pending investigation

رهنية rahnīya mortgage (deed)

رهين rahīn pawned, mortgaged, pledged, given as security; held in pledge; security (ب for); responsible (ب for); subject (ب to); (prep.) subject to, depending on | كان رهينه (rahīnahū) to be under obligation to s.o.; to be dependent on s.o.

رهينة rahīna pl. رهائن rahā’in2 pawn, pledge, security; hostage; mortgage, hypothec

رهان rihān bet, wager; competition, contest

مراهنة murāhana pl. -āt bet, wager

راهن rāhin pledger, mortgagor; fixed, established, certain; lasting, permanent; current; present, actual |الظروف الراهنة present circumstances; الحالة الراهنة the present condition; the status quo

مرهون marhūn pawned, pledged, mortgaged, given as security; subject (ب to) |الأمور مرهونة بأوقاتها (bi-auqātihā) there is a time for everything

مرتهن murtahan mortgagee, pledgee; pawnbroker

2 رها (رهو ) rahā u (rahw) to amble

رهو rahw quiet, calm, peaceful, tranquil; stillness, calm, peace, tranquility; (pl. رهاء rihā’) crane (zool.)

رهوان rahwān ambler (horse); pal-frey

2 الرهاء ar-ruhā’ the city of Urfa (Gr. Edessa)

رهون rahwana and II tarahwana to amble (horse)

رهوان see رهو

1 راب (روب ) rāba u (raub) to curdle (milk) II and IV to (cause to) curdle (هـ milk)

روب raub curdled milk, curds

رائب rā’ib curdled (milk)

2 روب (Fr. robe) rōb pl. ارواب arwāb dressing gown

روبابيكا (It. roba vecchia) rōbabēkiyā: بائع الروبابيكيا junk dealer

روبصة raubaṣa sleepwalking, somnambulism

تروبص taraubuṣ sleepwalking, somnambulism

روبل rūbel ruble

روبية rūbīya pl. -āt rupee

روتانية rūtāniyā Ruthenia

راث (روث ) rāta u (raut) to drop dung

روث raut (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. ارواث arwāt dung, dropping (of horse, camel, and the like)

1 راج (روج ) rāja u (رواج rawāj) to be spread, circulate, be current; to find a good market, sell well, be in demand (merchandise); to be or become brisk, pick up (market); to be at band, be available (ل for s.o.) II to spread (هـ rumors, news, etc.), circulate, put into circulation (هـ s.th.; currency, rumors, news, etc.); to push the sale (هـ of s.th.), open a market (هـ for an article); to sell, bring on the market (هـ an article); to promote, further (هـ, ل s.th.); to make propaganda (ل for), propagate (ل s.th.)

رواج rawāj circulation; marketability, salability; sales

اروج arwaj2 more widespread, more common; better selling

ترويح tarwīj spreading, propagation, circulation; sale, distribution (of an article of commerce); promotion, furtherance

رائح rā’ij circulating, current; universal, widespread, common; salable, marketable, in demand, selling well (merchandise); brisk (business market)

2 روج (Fr.) rūž rouge

روح ) and ريح) راح rāḥa u (رواح rawāḥ) to go away, leave, go; (with foll. imperf.) to begin, set out to do II rawwaḥa to fan (air); to refresh, animate, revive (هـ the heart, the spirits); -- rayyaḥa to give (ه s.o.) rest, make (ه s.o.) relax, make (ه s.o.) comfortable, provide rest and recreation (ه for s.o.); to rest (هـ e.g., عينيه one’s eyes) |روح عن نفسه to find recreation, relax, amuse o.s. III to go in the evening (ه to s.o.); to alternate, vary (بين between two things) IV اروح arwaḥa to stink, smell bad; -- اراح arāḥa to give (ه s.o.) rest, let (هـ s.th.) rest; to deliver, release (من ه s.o. from); to put (ه s.o.) at ease, soothe (هـ the heart, or the like); to relieve, free (ه s.o., من of), ease (من ه for s.o. s.th.); to do (ه s.o.) a good turn, gladden (ب ه s.o. with), make (ه s.o.) happy (ب by) |اراح نفسه من (nafsahū) to find recreation from, relax from V to fan o.s. (بالمروحة bi-l-mirwaḥa with the fan) VI to fluctuate, alternate, vary (بين between; esp. with two figures following); to intervene, lie (بين between two events) VIII to find rest (من from); to rest, relax, find recreation; to be satisfied, be pleased (الى with s.th.), agree, consent (الى to s.th.); to like (ل or الى s.th.), be happy, be glad (ل or الى about s.th.) |ارتاح للمعروف to be happy to be of service, like doing favors X استروح to inhale air, breathe; to smell, sniff (هـ s.th.); to be refreshed (الى by or with s.th.); -- استراح to be calm; to become calm; to find rest; to take a rest, have a break; to be refreshed (الى by or with s.th.); to rest, relax (من from); to be delivered, be saved (من from), be relieved (من of); to calm down, relax; to rely (الى on); to be happy, be glad (الى about), be pleased (الى with)

راح rāḥ wine

ريح rīḥ f. (occasionally m.) pl. رياح riyāḥ, ارواح arwāḥ, ارياح aryāḥ wind; fart; smell, odor | ابو رياح abū r. weather vane; scarecrow; سكنت ريحه sakanat rīḥuhū to expire, become obsolete, fall into oblivion; هبت ريحه habbat rīḥuhū he was in clover, he was in luck’s way; ذهب مع الريح to go with the wind, vanish

ريح rayyiḥ windy

روح m. and f., pl. ارواح arwāḥ breath of life, soul; spirit (in all senses); gun barrel |روح القدس r. al.quds (qudus), also الروح القدس the Holy Ghost; لا روح فيه (rūḥa) spiritless, insipid, inane; خفيف الروح likable, amiable, charming; ثقيل الروح dull, boring, unpleasant (person); طويل الروح long-suffering, patient; حرصا على الروح (ḥirṣan) dangerâ (on warning signs)

روحي rūḥī spirituous; spiritual; pl. -āt spiritual things |حالة روحية state (or frame) of mind; مشروبات روحية alcoholic beverages, spirits

روح rauḥ refreshment

روحة rauḥa pl. -āt journey or errand in the evening

راحة rāḥa rest, repose; recreation; ease, leisure; vacation; comfort; (pl. -āt, راح rāḥ) palm of the hand, hand | بالراحة leisurely, gently, slowly, at one’s ease; بكل راحة unhurriedly, leisurely; easily, with ease; بيت الراحة bait ar-r. water closet, toilet; اسباب الراحة luxury; معدات الراحة mu‘iddāt ar-r. conveniences; فترة الراحة fatrat ar-r. pause, rest, break, recess; راحة الحلقوم r. al-ḥulqūm Turkish delight; راحة اليد r. al-yad palm of the hand; راحة القدم r. al-qadam sole of the foot

ريحة rīḥa smell, odor

روحية rūḥīya spirituality; mentality, mental attitude, frame of mind

رواح rawāḥ departure; going, leaving; return, return trip (as opposed to جيئة ); rest, repose |في غدوه ورواحه (gudūwihī) (lit.: in his coming and going, i.e.) in everything he did

رياح rayyāḥ pl. -āt (eg.) large irrigation canal, main canal (in the Egyptian irrigation system)

اروح arwaḥ2 more calming, more soothing

اريحي aryaḥī generous, liberal, openhanded

اريحية aryaḥīya generosity, liberality, munificence

ريحان raiḥān (coll.) sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum; bot.); (pl. رياحين rayāḥīn2) aromatic plants |قلم الريحان qalam ar-r. or القلم الريحاني (raiḥānī) a highly decorative style of Arabic calligraphy

روحاني rūḥānī spiritual, immaterial; divine, sacred, holy; (pl. -ūn) clergyman, minister (Chr.)

روحانية rūḥānīya spirituality; transfiguration

مراح marāḥ place visited in the evening; -- murāḥ, also marāḥ pasture; daytime pasture

مروحة mirwaḥa pl. مراوح marāwiḥ2 fan; ventilator; O propeller | المروحة الخوص (kūṣ) palm-leaf fan; مروحة الخيش m. al-kaiš punkah, a canvas-covered frame suspended from the ceiling for fanning a room

O مرواح mirwāḥ fan; ventilator (mor.)

مرياح miryāḥ causing flatulence (food)

ترويح tarwīḥ fanning; ventilation, airing; refreshment; diversion, amusement (also الترويح عن النفس )

ترويحة tarwīḥa: ترويحة نفس t. nafs walk, stroll

صلاة التراويح ṣalāt at-tarāwīḥ prayer performed during the nights of Ramadan

ترييح taryīḥ (eg.) installation; fitting in, insertion

ارتياح irtiyāḥ satisfaction, gratification; pleasure; joy, delight

استرواح istirwāḥ airing, ventilation; air intake; respiration | استرواح صدري (ṣadrī) pneumothorax (med.)

استراحة istirāḥa rest, repose, relaxation, recreation; - (pl.- at) intermission, recess, pause, root, break; public resthouse (for travelers; Eg.)

رائح rā’iḥ: رائح وغاد (gādin) going back and forth, walking up and down

رائحة rā’iḥ pl. روائح rawā’iḥ2 odor, smell; fragrance, perfume; pl. روائح perfumes; flavorings (e.g., those used in baking)

مريح murīḥ restful, reposeful; calming, soothing; cozy; comfortable; flatulent |كرسي مريح (kursī) armchair; club chair, easy chair

مراح murāḥ see above under marāḥ

مرتاح murtāḥ resting, relaxing; relaxed, calm, serene; reassured, satisfied, content; pleased, delighted |مرتاح البال at ease, relaxed, serene, tranquil; مرتاح الضمير of peaceful mind, undisturbed by scruples

مستريح mustarīḥ resting, relaxing; relaxed, calm, reassured

مستراح mustarāḥ water closet, toilet

2 راد (رود ) rāda u (raud) to walk about, move about, prowl; to look, search (هـ for s.th.) in to seek to win (على ه s.o. for s.th.), try to entice or tempt (ه على s.o. to do s.th.); to approach, accost (ه s.o.); to seek to alienate or lure away (ه عن s.o. from); to attempt to seduce (ها a woman) |راوده عن نفسه to seek to tempt s.o. IV to want (هـ s.th., ان to do s.th.), wish. have a mind, be willing (ان to do s.th.); to want to have (هـ s.th.), desire, covet (هـ s.th.), strive (هـ for s.th.); to be headed. be bound (هـ for a place); to intend (هـ s.th., ان to do s.th.); to aim (الى or من هـ with s.th. at), purpose, have in view ( من هـ by s.o. s.th.); to drive (الى at s.th., من with s.th.); to be out (الى or هـ for), be bent (الى or هـ on); to mean (ه s.o., هـ s.th., ب by); to have s.o. (ه ) in mind with s.th. (ب ), aim at s.o. (ه ) with s.th. (ب ); to have (good or evil) designs (هـ ) on s.o. (ب ), intend or plan to do s.th. (هـ ) with s.o. (ب ); to be on the point (هـ or ان of doing s.th.), be about (هـ or ان to do s.th.); to urge, induce, prompt (ه على s.o. to do s.th.) |اراد به ان by this he meant that ...; he understood it to mean that ...; اراد به خيرا (kairan) to wish s.o. well; اراد على ان to seek to induce s.o. to (do s.th.); اراد العاصمة on his way to the capital; اراد نفسه على الشيء (nafsahū) he tried to bring himself to do it VIII to repair, betake o.s. (هـ to a place); to explore (هـ s.th.)

رود raud exploration

ريادة riyāda exploration

رويدا ruwaidan slowly, gently, leisurely | رويدا رويدا gradually, slowly, by and by; رويدك ruwaidaka take it easy! slowly!

مرود mirwad pl. مراود marāwid2 pencil, little stick (originally for applying kohl to the eyelids)

ارادة irāda will, volition; wish; desire; (pl. -āt) irade, decree (of a ruler); will power |(ḥasaba) at will

ارادي irādī intentional, willial, voluntary

ارتياد irtiyād visit (to a place); exploration

رائد rā’id pl. رواد ruwwād visitor; scout, reconnoiterer; boy scout; explorer; leader; major (mil.; U.A.R.); precept, guiding principle. rule (of conduct)

مريد murid pl. -ūn novice (of a Sufi order); aspirant; adherent, follower, disciple

مراد murād wanted, desired, intended; design, purpose, intention

2 رود see رؤد

رودس rudūs Rhodes (chief island of the Dodecanese)

روديسيا rōdīsiya Rhodesia

راز (روز ) rāza u (rauz) to weigh (هـ s.th.); to examine (هـ s.th.); to consider هـ s.th.)

روزنامة rūznāma almanac

1 روس II (from رأس ) to point, sharpen (هـ s.th.); to taper (هـ s.th.); to supply with a heading or title (هـ essay, book)

ترويسة tarwīsa head, heading, title, caption

2 مراوس mirwās race track

مراويس marāwīs2 race horses

3 الروس ar-rūs the Russians

روسي rūsī Russian

الروسية ar-rūsīya the Russian language

روسيا rūsiyā Russia |روسيا البيضاء (baḍā’) Byelorussia

روستو (It. arrosto) rostō, لحم روستو (laḥm) fried meat; rout

روشن raušan pl. رواشن rawāšin2 skylight, scuttle

راض (روض ) rāḍa u (rauḍ, رياضة riyāḍa) to tame, domesticate (هـ an animal); to break in, train (هـ an animal); to train, coach (ه s.o.); to pacify, placate (ه s.o.) | راض نفسه to practice (على s.th.), exercise o.s. (على in) II = I; to tame, regulate (هـ e.g., a river) III to seek to make tractable, try to bring round (ه s.o.) V to practice, exercise o.s.; -- تريض tarayyaḍa (denominative of رياضة ) to (take a) walk, promenade; to do physical exercise, go in for sports VI to haggle, bargain (with one another, over a price) VIII to practice, exercise o.s.; to train o.s., school o.s. (ب on or by means of); to (take a) walk, promenade X to be or become glad, happy, cheerful

روضة rauḍa pl. روض rauḍ, -āt, رياض riyāḍ, ريضان rīdān garden; meadow |روضة الأطفال (pl. رياض ) kindergarten, nursery school

الرياض ar-riyāḍ Riyadh (capital of Saudi Arabia)

رياضة riyāḍa pl. -āt practice, exercise; physical exercise, gymnastics; sport; walk, promenade; relaxation, rest; spiritual exercise; رياضات religious exercises, devotions (Chr.); mathematics |رياضة نفسه r. nafshī walking, promenading; الرياضة البحتة (baḥta) pure mathematics; الرياضة التطبيقية (taṭbīqīya) applied mathematics; رياضة عقلية (‘aqlīya) exercise of wits, intellectual games

رياضي riyāḍī sportive, sports (adj.); (pl. -ūn) sportsman; mathematic(al) | اخبار رياضية sports news; مراسل رياضي (murāsil) sports reporter; الألعاب الرياضية sports

رياضات riyāḍīyāt mathematics

ترويض tarwīḍ sports

راع (روع ) rā‘a u (rau‘) to frighten, scare, alarm (ه s.o.); to startle, surprise (ه s.o.); to awaken s.o.’s (ه ) admiration, appeal (ه to s.o.), please, delight, thrill (ه s.o.) |ما راعني الا مجيؤك (illā majī’uka) your arrival has been a complete surprise to me II and IV to frighten, scare, alarm, awe (ه s.o.) V and VIII to be frightened, be alarmed (من at, by)

روع rau‘ fright, alarm, dismay, fear; -- rū‘ heart, mind, soul |هدئ روعك (haddi’) and سكن روعك (sakkin) take it easy! relax! القى (ادخل) في روعه to persuade s.o., make s.o. believe, talk s.o. into believing (ان that), inspire (هـ s.th.); خطر بروعه it occurred to him, it came to his mind

روع rawa‘ beauty

روعة rau‘a fright, alarm, fear; awe; astonishment, surprise; perplexity; charm, beauty, magnificence, splendor

اروع arwa‘2 more wonderful, more marvelous; more charming, more delightful; more magnificent; more obvious, clearer

ارتياع irtiyā‘ alarm, dismay, shock

رائع splendid, admirable, wonderful, marvelous, glorious, magnificent; charming, delightful; awesome, imposing, impressive, thrilling; clear as daylight |في رائعة النهار fī r. in-nahār in broad daylight; في رائعة شبابه fī r. šabābihī in the prime of his years; الحقيقة الرائعة plain truth

رائعة rā’i‘a pl. روائع rawā’i‘ an imposing thing |روائع الفن r. al-fan masterpieces of art

مروع murawwi‘ terrible, dreadful, frightening

مروع murawwa‘ frightened, terrified, alarmed

مريع murī‘ dreadful, terrible, horrible

مرتاع mutā‘ frightened, terrified, alarmed

راغ (روغ ) rāga u (raug, روغان rawagān) to turn off, swerve; to dodge, evade (عن, من s.o.), get out of the way of (عن, من ); furtively to turn away; to go away (الى to), depart, leave (الى for) III to deal in an underhanded, fraudulent manner (ه with s.o.), double-cross (ه s.o.); to dodge, engage in low trickery, play fast and loose; to light with unfair means (ه s.o.)

رواغ rawāg dodge, shift, artifice, sly trick

رواغ rawwāg sly, wily, insidious, crafty

رويغة ruwaiga dodge, shift, artifice, sly trick

اروغ arwag2 more cunning, more insidious

روغان rawagān turning off; swerving; dodging, evasion

مراوغة murāwaga sly, underhanded dealings; humbug, trickery; artifice, cunning; pl. -āt distortions, prevarications, lies; tricks, wiles

راق (روق ) rāqa u (روق rauq) to be clear, be pore (liquid); to surpass, excel (على s.o., s.th.), prove superior (على to); to please, delight, (ه or ل s.o., also في عينه fī ‘ainihī s.o.), give s.o. pleasure, appeal to s.o. (ه, ل, في عينه ) II to clarify, purify, filter (هـ a liquid) |روق دمعه (damahū) to refresh s.o. (drink); to pacify, placate s.o., cool s.o. off; روق البضاعة to make a clearance sale IV to pour out (هـ a liquid); to shed, spill (هـ s.o.); to make (هـ a liquid) flow |اراق ماء وجهه (mā’a wajhihī) to eacri1ice one’s honor, lose all respect, lose face V to have breakfast

راق rāq pl. -āt layer, stratum

روق rauq pl. ارواق arwāq portico; horn

روقة rauqa beautiful, pretty, handsome (of persons; for both gender, sing. and pl.)

رواق riwāq, ruwāq pl. اروقة arwiqa tent; curtain, screen; flap of the tent for protection against the wind (used by Syrian Bedouins); sun roof of mate over a bazaar (syr.); portico; open gallery, colonnade, loggia; porch, veranda (syr.); pavilion of an exposition; living quarters, dormitories and workrooms of the students of Al Azhar University in Cairo, divided according to provinces and nationalities |ضرب رواقه to pitch one’s tent, take up quarters, settle down

رواقي riwāqī stoic(al); (pl. -ūn) a stoic; friar; الرواقية ar-riwāqīya Stoicism

راووق rāwūq filter

ترويق tarwīq filtration, clarification, purification

ترويقة tarwīqa (syr.) breakfast

اراقة irāqa pouring out; shedding, spilling |اراقة الدم bloodshed

رائق rā’iq clear, pure

مال الروك māl ar-rōk (eg.) public property, community property

1 رول II to slaver, slobber, drool

روال ruwāl slaver, slobber

2 رول (Fr. rôle) rōl role

1 رام (روم ) rāma u (raum, مرام marām) to desire, wish, want, covet (هـ s.th.), crave (هـ for); to wish (ل هـ s.o. s.th.); to look (هـ for) |على ما يرام (yurāmu) as well as one could possibly wish, in excellent order

رام rāmallāh Ramallah (town in W Jordan, N of Jerusalem)

روم raum wish, desire

مرام marām pl. -āt wish, desire, craving, longing; aspiration

2 الروم ar-rūm the Romaeans, the Byzantines; Byzantium; pl. الأروام al-arwām (the adherents of) the Greek Orthodox Church | بحر الروم baḥr ar-r. the Mediterranean

رومي rūmī pl. اروام arwām Romaean, Byzantine; Greek Orthodox (Church) | ديك رومي (dīk) turkey (eg.); جبنة رومي (gibna) a brand of cheese (eg.)

روما rōmā and رومة rōma Rome

رومية rūmiya Rome

الرومان ar-rumān the Romano; the Romanic peoples

روماني rūmānī Roman; Romanian; Romanic

رومانيا rūmāniyā Romania

روماتزم (Engl.) rūmātism rheumatism

روند riwand, راوند rāwad rhubarb

رونق see رنق

1 روى rawiya a (ري ray, riyy) to drink one’s fill, quench one’s thirst; to be irrigated; -- rawā i to bring (على or ل s.o.) water, give (ه s.o.) to drink; -- rawā i (رواية riwāya) to tell, relate (هـ ل s.th. to s.o.), report (هـ s.th.), give an account of (هـ ); to pass on, transmit (هـ عن s.th. on the strength of an authoritative source), quote (عن from a source) II to quench s.o.’s (ه ) thirst; to water, irrigate (هـ s.th.) IV to give (ه s.o.) to drink, quench s.o.’s (ه ) thirst; to water (هـ flowers, etc.); to moisten. wet (هـ s.th.) V to draw, obtain (عن هـ s.th. from); to ponder (هـ عن s.th.), reflect (في on) VIII to quench one’s thirst; to be supplied with water for drink, be given to drink; to be watered, be irrigated; to draw (on a source, i.e., to obtain information from it)

ري riyy quenching (of thirst); -- riyy, rayy watering, irrigation; moistening, wetting

ريا rayyan aroma, fragrance

روي rawīy thirst-quenching

روي rawīy final letter, rhyming letter (in Arabic verse); rhyme | ذو روي واحد monotonous (song)

رواء rawā’ fresh (water)

رواء ruwā’ prettiness, comeliness pleasing appearance

روية rawīya deliberation, reflection, consideration | عن روية deliberately, on purpose, عن غير روية offhand, casually

رواية riwāya pl. -āt tale, narrative; report, account; story; novel; play, drama; motion picture, film | رواية محزنة (muḥzina) tragedy; رواية مسرحية (masraḥīya) play, stage play; رواية سينمائية motion picture, film; رواية مضحكة (muḍḥika) comedy; رواية غنائية (ginā’īya) opera; رواية قصصية (qiṣaṣīya, qaṣaṣīya) novel; رواية تمثيلية (tamtīlīya) play, drama; رواية ناطقة sound film; رواية هزلية (hazlīya) comedy

روائي riwā’ī novelist; dramatist, playwright; author, writer

ريان rayyān2, f. ريا rayyā, pl. رواء riwā’ sated with drink; well-watered, well-irrigated; luxuriant, lush, verdant; full, plump (face); succulent, juicy, fresh, pretty; see also alphabetically

تروية tarwiya deliberation, reflection, consideration

اروائي irwā’ī irrigational; irrigated

ترو tarawwin deliberation, reflection, consideration

راو rāwin pl. rāwiyūn, رواة ruwāh and راوية rāwiya pl. روايا rawāyā transmitter (esp. of ancient Arabic poetry); relater; narrator, storyteller

مرويات marwīyāt tales, stories, reports

2 راية see راى

3 رؤيا see رأي

1 ري , ريان, ريا see روى

2 رية riyya = رئة ri’a (see رء )

3 رياء see رأى

ريال riyāl pl. -āt riyal, a silver coin: in Eg. = 20 qirš šāg (piasters); in Ir. = 200 fals; ريال ماريا تريزا Maria Theresa dollar

ريان Riyan (town and airport in S Hadhramaut, on Gulf of Aden)

راب (ريب ) rāba i (raib) to disquiet, alarm, fill with suspicion or misgivings (ه s.o., هـ about s.th.); to give pause (.ه to s.o.), make (ه s.o.)8top and think (ان that), make (ه s.o.) uneasy; to cast a suspicion (ه on s.o.), show (ه s.o.) in a suspicious light; to doubt, question, suspect (ه s.th.) IV to disquiet, alarm, startle, fill with suspicion or misgivings (ه s.o.) V to have doubts or misgivings (ب, في about), be suspicious (ب or في of) VIII to be suspicious, smell a rat; to suspect, doubt, question (ب or في s.o., s.th.), have doubts or misgivings (ب or في about), wavervdoubtfully (بين between) X to be invdoubt, be skeptical (في about), be suspicious,vhave misgivings, entertain doubts

ريب raib doubt; suspicion; uncertainty | بلا ريب (bilā) no doubt, undoubtedly, doubtless; لا ريب فيه (raib) there is no doubt about it; ريب المنون r. al-manūn unpredictable turn of fortune, threatening fate; misfortune

ريبة rība pl. ريب riyab doubt, suspicion, misgiving

ارتياب irtiyāb doubt, suspicion, distrust, misgiving

مريب murīb arousing suspicion, suspicious

مرتاب murtāb doubting, doubtful, skeptical; doubter, skeptic; (به or فيه) مرتاب doubted, questionable, doubtful; suspect, suspicious | مرتاب في امره (amrihī) suspicious, suspect, under suspicion

مستريب mustarīb doubtful, in doubt (في about); suspicious

مستراب (فيه ) mustarāb (fīhi) suspect, suspicious

راث (ريث ) rāta i (rait) to hesitate, delay, tarry V to hesitate, tarry, be tardy; to give (ب or في s.th.) long and thorough consideration; to stop; to stay, linger (في at a place); to be patient, bide one’s time, temporize, wait

ريثما raitamā (conj.) as long as, while; when; until

ريح , ريحة, رياح, ريحان, اريح, اريحية, ارياح, مرياح see روح

ريخ (G.) raik Reich

ريس rayyis (=رئيس ra’īs) mate (Eg. Naval rank) | ريس ممتاز (mumtāz) a naval rank (approx.: petty officer3rd class; Eg. 1939)

رياسة riyāsa (= رئاسة ri’āsa) see رأس

رياسي riyāsī presidential

راش (ريش ) rāša i (raiš) to provide with feathers, feather (هـ s.th.); to feather one’s nest, become wealthy II to provide with feathers, feather (هـ s.th.); to fledge, grow feathers (bird) V to fledge (bird); to become wealthy

ريش rīš (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. رياش riyāš, ارياش aryāš feathers; feathering, plumage; clothes, attire, exterior; bristles (e.g., of a brush)

ريشة rīša (n. un.) pl. -āt feather; quill; writing pen (also ريشة الكتابة ); brush (of a painter); plectrum; lancet; (eg.) reed (of certain wind instruments, e.g., of the oboe; mus.) |وزن الريشة wazn ar-r. featherweight (athlet.)

ريشي rīšī feather (adj.), feathery, feathered, plumed, pinnate

رياش riyāš household effects; furniture; equipment

تريض , رياض, رياضة, رياضي, رياضيات see روض

راع (ريع ) rā‘a i (rai‘, ريوع ruyū‘, رياع riyā‘, ريعان raya‘ān to increase, grow, flourish, thrive II to increase, augment (هـ s.th.)

ريع rai‘ pl. ريوع ruyū‘ yield; returns, proceeds, income (accruing from an estate), interest; profit share royalty; prime, choicest part | ريع الشباب r. aš-šabāb the prime of youth

ريعان rai‘ān prime, choicest part |في ريعان الشباب fī r. iš-šabāb in the prime of youth; في ريعان النهار fī r. in-nahār in broad daylight

ارض مريعة arḍ marī‘a productive land

تاريع tārī‘ (eg.) cadastre; (also مساحة الريع ) land survey

رائعة rā’i‘a: في رائعة النهار fī r. in-nahār in broad daylight (see also روع )

ريف rīf pl. ارياف aryāf fertile, cultivated land; country (as opposed to city), countryside, rural الريف or ريف مصر Lower Egypt; seashore. seacoast; Er Rif (hilly coastal region of NE Morocco)

ريفي rīfī rural, rustic, peasant (adj.), country (used attributively); peasant, farmer; provincial, yokel, bumpkin; inhabitant of Er Rif (in Morocco)

راق (ريق ) rāqa i (ريق raiq) to shine, glisten, glow, burn; to flow out, pour forth IV to pour out, shed, splll (see also روق )

ريق rīq and ريقة rīqa pl. ارياق aryāq saliva, spittle | على الريق before break-fast, on an empty stomach; بلع ريقه and ابتلع (rīqahū) (lit.: to swallow one’s saliva, i.e.) to catch one’s breath, rest a while, take a short break; to hold back, restrain o.s. (of s.o. in a rage); بلعه ريقه (balla‘ahū rīqahū) to allow s.o. a break, let s.o. catch his breath; اجرى الريق (ajā) to make the saliva flow, i.e., to make the mouth water, stimulate the appetite; لايجف له ريق (yajiffu) be is untiring (in speaking), he talks incessantly

ريق rayyiq: في ريق الشباب r. iš-šabāb in the full bloom of youth

2 رال (ريل ) rāla i and II to slobber, slaver, drool

مريلة maryala (string) apron

مريول maryūl bib

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1 رام (ريم ) rāma i (raim) to go away, move, budge; to leave (هـ a place) |ما رام مكانه (makānahū) not to budge, not to move from the spot II to stay, remain (بالمكان at the place); (eg.) to bluff (على s.o.)

ريم rīm (eg.) froth, foam

ترييم taryīm (eg.) swaggering, bluffing, swindle

2 ريم rīm (= رئم ) addax, white antelope

1 ران (رين )rāna i to take possession (على or هـ of s.th.), seize, overcome (على, ب or ه s.o., said of passion); to descend or come upon s.th. (على ); to reign, prevail (على in, e.g., silence in a room)

2 ريان , f. ريا see روي

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