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This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought

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Publisher: www.data.nur.nu

This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought


ص abbreviation of صفحة ṣafḥa page (of a book)

ص ب abbreviation of صندوق البريد ṣundūq al-barīd post-office box, p. o. b.

صؤاب ṣu’āb (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. صئبان ši’bān, صيبان ṣībān nit

صابورة see2 صبر

صابون see صبن

صاج ṣāj thin sheet iron; bread tin, baking tin | صاج مضلع (muḍalla‘) corrugated iron

يا صاح yā ṣāḥi = يا صاحبي yā ṣāḥibī

صاد name of the letter ص

صاغ in order, right, proper, sound, regular, standard; a rank in army and police (intermediate between captain and major); a naval rank intermediate between lieutenant and lieutenant commander (Eg.) | عملة صاغ (‘umla) standard currency; غرش صاغ (girš) standard piaster

صاغقول اغاسي (Turk. sağkol ağasι) military rank intermediate between captain and major (Eg.)

صالة (It. sala) ṣāla pl. -āt hall, large room

صالون ṣālūn salon, parlor, reception room | عربة صالون ‘arabat ṣ. parlor car, club car

صامولة see صمولة ṣamūla

صأى ṣa’ā a i (صئى ṣa’īy) to twitter, chirp (of a bird)

صب ṣabba u (ṣabb) to pour, pour forth, cast, empty, fill (في هـ s.th. into); to impose, عليه بلاء (balā’an) a trial upon s.o. | صب الغارة to commit an assault; -- i (ṣabb) to be poured out, pour forth, shed, flow (في into); to befall (على s.o.), come upon s.o. (على); -- (1 st pers. perf. ṣabibtu) a (صبابة ṣabāba) to love ardently (الى s.o.) V to pour forth, shed, flow; to drip, outflow (هـ with), be bathed (هـ in); to dissolve, melt, deliquesce | تصبب عرقا (‘araqan) to be wet with perspiration, break into a sweat VII to be poured out, pour forth, flow, shed, effuse, gush out; to be intent, be bent (على or الى on), be out for (على or الى ); to apply o.s. (على or الى to s.th.), study, endeavor (على or الى to be or do s.th.); to be aimed, directed, oriented (على at), bear upon (على )

صب ṣabb pouring; casting, founding (of metal); cut; flow gush; outpour, effusion; ardently in love, enamored

صبيب ṣabīb pl. اصباب aṣbāb declivity; slope, incline, hillside

صبيب ṣabīb poured out, shed, spilled; blood; sweat, perspiration

صبابة ṣabāba ardent love, fervent longing

صبابة ṣubāba rest, remainder, remnant

مصب maṣabb pl. -āt, مصاب maṣābb2 outlet, escape, drain; mouth (of a river, and the like); drainpipe; funnel

مصبوب maṣbūb lead (metal); pl. مصبوبات cast-metal goods, foundry products

1 صبأ ṣaba’a a (صبوء ṣubū’) to grow (tooth, nail), sprout (plant); -- ṣaba’a a to turn (الى to, toward)

2 صابئ ṣābi’ Sabian; Mandaean, see the following

الصابئة aṣ-ṣābi’a the Sabians, designation of two different sects, 1) the Mandaeans, a Judeo-Christian Gnostic, baptist sect in Mesopotomia (Christians of St. John), used in this sense in the Koran. 2) The Sabians of Harran, a pagan sect extant as late as the 11th century A. D.

صبح ṣabaḥa a (ṣabḥ) to offer a morning draught (ه to s.o.); -- ṣabuḥa u (صباحة ṣabāḥa) to be beautiful, graceful, handsome, comely, pretty; to beam, be radiant (face) II to offer a morning draught (ه to s.o.); to come in the morning (ه to s.o.); to which a good morning (على or ه to s.o.) III يصابحه ويماسيه he attends to it mornings and evenings, he is constantly, incessantly occupied with it IV to enter upon morning; to wake up, be awake, be in one’s senses; to be or become clear; to become, be, or happen in the morning; to get (في into a situation), reach a state, come to a point where ...; to become, grow, turn; to be | اصبح الصباح (ṣabāḥu) it became morning; اصبح على خير to have a good morning, begin the day happily; تصبح على خير (tuṣbiḥ) porting word at night: may you he well tomorrow morning! يفعله اذا اصبح ويفعله اذا امسى (amsā) he does it mornings and evenings, he does it all the time, incessantly; اصبح الحق (ḥaqqu) truth has come to light; لم يصبح يفعل he no longer did (so); لم يصبح له وجود it no longer existed VIII to have a morning draught; to light (هـ s.th., e.g., a lamp); to use for lighting (ب s.th.) X to begin the day

صبح ṣubḥ pl. اصباح aṣbāḥ dawn; daybreak; morning; (ellipt. for صلاة الصبح ṣalāt aṣ-ṣ.) morning prayer (at dawn)

صبحة ṣubḥa early morning; breakfast, morning meal

صباح ṣabāḥ morning; صباحا ṣabāḥan in the morning | صباح مساء ṣabāḥa masā’a in the morning and in the evening, mornings and evenings; صباح اليوم ṣabāḥ al-yaum this morning; صباحك بالخير, صباح الخير (bi-l-kair) good morning! عم صباحا (‘im) do.

صباحي ṣabāḥī morning (adj.)

صباح ṣubāḥ and صبحان ṣabḥān2, f. صبحى ṣabḥā pretty, comely, handsome, beautiful, graceful

صبيح ṣabīḥ pl. صباح ṣibāḥ pretty, comely, handsome, beautiful, graceful

صباحة ṣubāḥa beauty, gracefulness, grace

صبيحة ṣabīḥa morning

صبوح ṣabūḥ morning draught; beautiful as the early day, radiant, bright

مصباح miṣbāḥ pl. مصابيح maṣābīḥ2 lamp; light, luminary (also fig.); head-light (of an automobile) | مصباح الإضاءة incandescent light, light bulb; مصباح كشاف (kaššāf) searchlight; مصباح كهربائي (kahrabā’ī) electric light, light bulb; مصباح كهربائي يدوي (yadawī) electric flashlight

اصباح iṣbāḥ morning

استصباح istiṣbāḥ illumination, lighting | غاز الاستصباح illuminating gas

مصبح muṣbaḥ morning

صبر ṣabara i (ṣabr) to bind, tie, fetter, shackle (ه s.o.); to be patient, be forbearing, have patience, take patience, persevere; to bear calmly, patiently, stoutly, endure (على s.th.); to refrain, abstain, desist (عن from), renounce (عن s.th.); to hold one’s own (ل against s.o.), withstand (ل s.o.) II to ask (ه s.o.) to be patient; to admonish (ه s.o.) to be patient; to console, comfort, solace (هـ the heart); to make (هـ s.th.) durable; to conserve (هـ s.th.); to preserve, can (هـ s.th.) | صبر بطنه (baṯnahū; eg.) to have a snack III to vie in patience (ه with s.o.); to bear stoutly V to be patient, be for-bearing, have or take patience, persevere VIII = V

صبر ṣabr fettering, shackling; patience, forbearance; composure, equanimity, steadfastness, firmness; self-control, self-command, self-possession; perseverance, endurance, hardiness | قتله صبرا qatalahū ṣabran to kill s.o. in captivity; لا صبر لي (ṣabra) I cannot bear it! this is unbearable! قلة الصبر qillat aṣ-ṣ. impatience; قليل الصبر impatient; قل صبره qalla ṣabruhū to be impatient; to lose patience; لم يبق في قوس صبري منزع lam yabqa fī qausi ṣabrī minza‘ (there is no arrow left for the bow of my patience, i.e.) my patience is at an end

صبر ṣabir, ṣabr aloe (bot.)

صبرة ṣabra severe cold

صبرة ṣabra heap, pile; ṣubratan summarily, on the whole, in the lump

صبار ṣabbār (very) patient, enduring, perseverant, steadfast

صبار ṣubār Indian fig (Opuntia ficus-indica; bot.)

صبر ṣubbair Indian fig (Opuntia ficus-indica; bot.)

صبور ṣabūr pl. صبر ṣubur (very) patient, enduring, perseverant, steadfast

صبارة ṣabāra and ṣabārra severe cold

تصبيرة taṣbira (eg.) light meal in the forenoon, a snack

مصابرة muṣābara long-suffering, longanimity, endurance, perseverance, patience, forbearance

اصطبار iṣtibār patience, forbearance, endurance, perseverance

صابر ṣābir patient, long-suffering, enduring, perseverant, steadfast

مصبرات muṣabbarāt conserves, canned goods

2 صبر ṣabbara to ballast (ه a ship)

صابورة ṣābūra ballast of a ship

صبع ṣaba‘a a (ṣab‘) to point with the finger (على or ب at); to insert one’s finger (ها into the hen, so as to ascertain whether she is going to lay an egg)

اصبع iṣba‘ pl. اصابع aṣābi‘2 finger; toe (also اصبع القدم i. al.qadam); a linear measure (Eg.; = 3.125 cm) | اصابع من البطاطس French fried potatoes; اصبع الأحمر lipstick; اصابع السجق s. as-sujuq frankfurters; بصمة الأصابع baṣmat al-a. fingerprint; طابع الأصابع do.; له اصبع في هذا الأمر he has a hand in this matter

صباع ṣubā‘ (eg.) finger; toe (also صباع القدم ṣ. al-qadam)

اصبوع uṣbū‘ pl. اصابيع aṣābī‘ finger; toe

مصبع muṣabba‘ gridiron, grill

صبغ ṣabaga u i a (ṣabg, ṣibag) to dye, stain (هـ s.th., e.g., a fabric), color, tint, tinge, paint, daub (هـ s.th.); to give s.th. (هـ ) the air, touch, or appearance (ب of s.th.); to dip, immerse (هـ s.th., في in water); to baptize (ه s.o.) | صبغه صبغة (ṣibgatan ukrā) to transform, change s.o. VIII to be dyed, be or become colored or tinted; to be baptized, receive baptism

صبغ ṣibg pl. اصباغ aṣbāg color, dye, dyestuff; pigment; (coat of) paint, varnish; make-up, grease paint, face paint

صبغة ṣibga color, dye, dyestuff; pigment; tincture (med.); coloring, tinge, tint, shade, hue, nuance, touch, air; nature, character; (coat of) paint, varnish; baptism; religion | صبغة الأفيون ṣ. al-afyūn tincture of opium, laudanum; صبغة اليود ṣ. al-yūd tincture of iodine; صبغة محلية (maḥallīya) local touch, local color; اخرجه من صبغته (akrajahū) to change, disfigure s.o. or s.th.

O صبغيات ṣibgīyāt chromosomes

صباغ ṣibāg pl. اصبغة aṣbiga color, dye, dyestuff; spice, condiment, seasoning, sauce

صباغ ṣabbāg dyer

صباغة ṣibāga dyer’s trade, art of dyeing or staining

مصبغة maṣbaga dyehouse, dye works

صابغ ṣābig dyer; baptist | يوحنا الصابغ (yūḥannā) John the Baptist

مصبوغ maṣbūg dyed, stained, colored, tinted; having a touch or air (ب of); influenced (ب by); imbued (ب with)

صبن II to soap, rub with soap (هـ s.th.)

صابون ṣabūn soap | حجر الصابون ḥajar aṣ-ṣ. soapstone, steatite

صابونة ṣābūna (n. un.) a cake of soap

صابوني ṣābūnī soapy, soap-like, saponaceous, made of soap

صبان ṣabbān soap boiler

مصبنة maṣbana soap works

صبا (صبو ) ṣabā u (ṣabw, ṣubūw, صبا ṣiban, صباء ṣabā’) to be a child, be childish; -- (ṣubūw, صبوة ṣabwa) to bend, incline (الى to), feel sensual desire (الى for); to strive (الى for), aspire (الى to); -- ṣabiya a (صباء ṣabā’, صبا ṣiban) to behave like a child, act in a childish manner II to rejuvenate, render youthful again V to behave like a child, act in a childish manner; to incline to youthful pleasures; to rejuvenesce, undergo rejuvenation, regain youth, become young again; to woo, court (ها a woman); to tempt, entice, captivate, charm (ه s.o., هـ the heart) VI to behave like a child X = VI

صبا ṣaban pl. صبوات ṣabawāt, اصباء aṣbā’ east wind

صبا , صبى ṣiban childhood, boyhood, youth; youthfulness; inclination, propensity, bent, longing, desire

صباء ṣabā’ childhood, boyhood, youth; youthfulness

صبوة ṣabwa youthful passion; amorous disposition; sensual desire; childish manners

صبو ṣubūw youthful passion; amorous disposition; sensual desire; childish manners

صبوة ṣubūwa childhood, boyhood, youth; youthfulness

صبي ṣabīy pl. صبية ṣibya, ṣabya, صبيان ṣibyān, ṣubyān, اصبية aṣbiya boy, youth, lad

صبية ṣabīya pl. صبايا ṣabāyā girl; young girl

صبياني ṣibyānī boyish, childlike; childish, puerile; children’s

صاب ṣābin youthful, juvenile thoughtless, rash

صبي see صبو

صح ṣaḥḥa i (صحة ṣiḥḥa, صحاح ṣaḥāḥ) to be healthy; to be all right, be in order; to recover, recuperate (من from); to heal (of a wound); to be sound, strong, vigorous, firm, right, correct, faultless, unimpaired, unblemished; to be firm, unshakable (resolution); to be admissible, permissible; to be true, authentic, certain, sure; to prove true, turn out to be true; to hold good. go (على for), apply (على to), b. true (على of); to result or follow definitely (عن from); to be a fact, turn out (ل for); to become a fact; to be successful, work out well (ل for s.o.); to fall to s.o. or to s.o.’s share (ل) | صحت عزيمته على or صح عزمه (‘azmuhū) he was firmly resolved to ..., his mind was made up to ...; يصح الاعتماد عليه it may serve as a basis; يصح ان يقال فيه it is rightly said of him ...; صح في الأذهان to appear right, adequate, reasonable II to restore, to health, cure, heal (ه s.o.); to correct, emend, rectify (هـ s.th.); to prepare, a critical edition (هـ of a text); to legalize, authenticate (هـ a document), certify, confirm, attest (هـ the authenticity of a document), sign (هـ a document); to impose one’s signature, undersign (magr.) V to undergo correction, emendation, rectification, be corrected, emended, rectified X to regain health; to recover, recuperate (من from)

صحة ṣiḥḥa health; hygiene; faultlessness, rightness, soundness, correctness; truth, genuineness, verity, veracity, credibility, authenticity; validity; legal validity, legality | وزارة الصحة العمومية (‘umūmīya) Ministry of Public Health (Eg.)

صحي wholesome, salubrious, healthy, healthful (diet, and the like); sanitary; hygienic | المحجر الصحي (maḥjar) quarantine

صحيح pl. صحاح ṣiḥāḥ, ṣiḥāḥ, اصحاء aṣiḥḥā’2 healthy, well, sound, healthful; complete, integral, perfect; whole, entire, undivided; right, correct, proper; true, veritable, actual, real; authentic, genuine, truthful, reliable, credible, believable; valid, legally valid, legal, lawful, rightful; strong (gram.; of a consonant, a verb) | جمع صحيح (jam‘) sound plural (ending in ون -ūn or ات -āt; gram); عدد صحيح (‘adad) whole number, integer (math.); صحيح انه (annahū) he was (he is) …, he was (he is), it is true, …

اصح aṣaḥḥ2 sounder, healthier; more correct, more proper | او على الأصح or more properly speaking

اصحاح aṣḥāḥ, iṣḥāḥ chapter of the Holy Scriptures (Chr.)

مصح maṣaḥḥ pl. -āt sanatorium; health retreat, sanitarium

مصحة maṣaḥḥa that which promotes or is conducive to health; sanatorium

تصحيح taṣḥīḥ correction, rectification; emendation, critical revision

مصحح muṣaḥḥiḥ O vernier (of a range finder) | المصحح اسفله (asfalahū) the undersigned

صحب ṣaḥiba a (صحبة ṣuḥba, صحابة ṣaḥāba, ṣiḥāba) to be or become a companion, an associate, a comrade, a friend (ه of s.o.), make or become friends, be friends (ه with s.o.); to associate, have social intercourse (ه with s.o.); to accompany, escort (ه s.o.); to be closely associated (ه with s.o.) III = I; to keep (ه s.o.) company IV to send along, delegate as companion or escort (ه ه or هـ for s.o. s.o. else or s.th.) VI to have social intercourse, associate (مع with); to become friends, be friends (مع with) VIII to accompany, escort (ه s.o.); to take (ه s.o.) as companion or escort, have o.s. escorted or accompanied (ه by s.o.): to take along (ه s.th., ه a companion) X to take a companion or escort, take along

صحبة ṣuḥba friendship, companionship, comradeship; accompanying, company, escort; association, intercourse; friends, companions, associates, comrades; (eg.) nosegay, bunch of flowers: ṣuḥbata accompanied by; with | صحبة هذا (ṣuḥbata) herein enclosed

الصحابة aṣ-ṣaḥāba the Companions of the Prophet Mohammed

صحابي ṣaḥābī a Companion of the Prophet Mohammed

مصاحبة muṣāḥaba accompanying, company, escort

اصطحاب iṣṭiḥāb accompanying, company, escort; association

صاحب ṣāḥib pl. اصحاب aṣḥāb, صحب ṣuḥub, صحابة ṣaḥāba, صحبان ṣuḥbān, صحبة associate, companion, comrade, friend; adherent, follower; the other (of two); (with foll. genit.) man, owner, possessor, holder, master, lord, commander, representative, author or originator of …; entrusted with; addicted or given to; يا صاح yā ṣāḥi = يا صاحبي yā ṣāḥibī| صاحب الأمر ṣ. al-amr ruler, master, overlord, sovereign; صاحب البواخر shipowner; صاحب الجلالة ṣ. al-jalāla His Majesty; صاحب حال the noun to which a circumstantial phrase (ḥāl) refers; صاحب الدولة ṣ. ad-daula (formerly) title of the Prime Minister (Eg.); صاحب السجادة ṣ. as-sajjāda title of the leaders of certain dervish orders in their capacity of owners of the founder’s prayer rug; صاحب السعادة ṣ. as-sa‘āda title of a pasha; صاحب السماحة ṣ. as-samāḥa title of a mufti, approx. “His Eminence”; صاحب السمو الملكي ṣ. as-sumūw al-malakī His Royal Highness; اصحاب الشأن a. aš-ša’n those concerned; the important, influential people; اصحاب الشبهات a. aš-šubuhāt dubious persons, people of ill repute; صاحب الطبع (formerly) Keeper of the Seal (of the Bey of Tunisia); صاحب العزة ṣ. al-‘izza title of a bey; صاحب العظمة ṣ. al-‘aẓama His Majesty; صاحب المعالي ṣ. al-ma‘ālī title of a cabinet minister; صاحب العمل ṣ. al-‘amal employer; صاحب الغبطة ṣ. al-gibṭa title of the Coptic Patriarch; صاحب الفضيلة title of Islamic theologians and sheiks, such as Rector and Professors of Al Azhar University; صاحب ṣ. al-fikra father to the thought, the originator of an idea; صاحب المقام الرفيع (ṣ. al-maqam) formerly, title bestowed on bearers of the order القلادة established by Fuad I in 1936

صاحبة ṣāḥiba pl. -āt, صواحب ṣawāḥib2, صواحبات ṣawāḥibāt fem. of صاحب woman companion. etc. | صاحبة الجلالة ṣ. al-jalāla Her Majesty; صاحبة السمو الملكي ṣ. as-sumūw al-malakī Her Royal Highness; صاحبة العصمة ṣ. al-‘iṣma title of a lady of high social standing

صويحب ṣuwaiḥib friend (diminutive of صاحب )

صويحبة ṣuwaiḥiba pl. -āt girl friend (diminutive of صاحبة )

مصحوب maṣḥūb accompanied (ب by); attended (ب with); associated (ب with); provided (ب with)

اصحر aṣḥar2 f. صحراء ṣaḥrā’2 desertlike; of the color of desert sand; desolate, bleak

صحراء ṣaḥrā’2 pl. صحار ṣaḥārin, صحاري ṣaḥārā, صحروات ṣaḥrawāt desert, steppe

صحراوي ṣaḥrāwī desert, desolate, waste | اراض صحراوية (arāḍin) desert areas

صحارة ṣaḥāra pl. صحاحير ṣaḥāḥīr2 case, chest, crate, box

صحف II to misplace the diacritical marks; to misread, mispronounce, misspell (هـ a word); to misrepresent, distort, twist (هـ a report, etc.) V to be misread or misspelled (word)

صحفة ṣaḥfa pl. صحاف ṣiḥāf bowl, dish, platter

صحيفة ṣuḥaifa saucer

صحيفة ṣaḥīfa pl. صحف ṣuḥuf, صحائف ṣaḥā’if2 leaf (in a book or notebook), page; newspaper, paper, daily, journal; epidermis; surface; exterior | الصحيفة البيضاء (baiḍā’) honorable name, honor

صحفي ṣuḥufī newspaper-, news-, press- (in compounds), journalistic; (pl. -ūn) newspaperman, journalist | مؤتمر صحفي (mu’tamar) press conference

صحافة ṣiḥāfa journalism, news business; the press

صحافي ṣaḥāfī journalistic; journalist, newspaperman, newsman

صحافية ṣiḥāfīya woman journalist

مصحف maṣḥaf, muṣḥaf pl. مصاحف maṣāḥif2 volume; book; copy of the Koran (مصحف شريف )

تصحيف taṣhīf misplacement of the diacritical marks; misspelling, slip of the pen; (grammatical) mistake; misrepresentation, distortion

صحل ṣaḥal raucous voice

1 صحن ṣaḥn pl. صحون ṣuḥūn bowl, dish; plate; dish, meal, food; yard, courtyard; surface, plane; disk; (pl. اصحنة aṣḥina) phonograph record, disc (tun.) | صحن الدار courtyard, patio; صحن السجار ashtray; على صحن الخد (ṣ. il-kadd) on the (surface of the) cheek

مصحون maṣḥūn ground, brayed, pounded, crushed, grated

2 صحناة ṣaḥnāh sardine

(صحو and صحي) صحا ṣaḥā u (ṣaḥw) and صحي ṣaḥiya a (صحا ṣaḥan) to be or become clear, bright, cloudless, serene (day, sky); -- (صحو ṣaḥw, ṣuḥuw) to regain consciousness, come to; to recover (من from intoxication), sober up; to wake up, awake (من from sleep); to become alert (الى to s.th.), become aware (الى of s.th.) II to wake up, awaken, rouse (ه s.o.) IV to be or become clear, bright, cloudless, serene (day, sky); to wake up, awaken, rouse (ه s.o.)

صحو ṣaḥw cloudlessness, brightness serenity (of the weather); clarity, alertness of the mind, consciousness; bright, serene, cloudless, sunny (weather)

صحوة ṣaḥwa awakening, recovery of consciousness; state of consciousness

صاح ṣāḥin bright, serene, cloudless, clear (weather); -- (pl. -ūn, صحاة ṣuḥāh) awake, wakeful, watchful, alert, vigilant; conscious; sober

صخب ṣakiba a (ṣakab) to shout, cry, yell, clamor, roar, bellow; to scold (على s.o., s.th.); to rage, roar, be loud VIII to raise a din, roar simultaneously, be tumultuous, resound in utter confusion, rage

صخب ṣakab shouting, roar(ing), bellowing, yelling, clamor, din, hubbub; cry, outcry, yell; raging

صخب ṣakib crying, yelling, noisy, clamoring, vociferous, roaring, raging

صخاب ṣakkāb clamorous, boisterous, roaring, bellowing, raging

اصطخاب iṣtikāb noise, din, clamor, hubbub, uproar, tumult, turmoil, roar, raging

صاخب ṣākib loud, noisy, clamorous, boisterous, vociferous, tumultuous, roaring, raging |قوة صاخبة (qūwa) power of the voice

مصطخب muṣṭakab noise, din, hubbub, tumult, raging, roar(ing)

صخر ṣakr (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. صخور ṣukūr, صخورة ṣukūra, صخرات ṣakarāt rocks, solid rock, boulders, rock formations; pl. صخور rock (geol.)

صخرة ṣakra boulder, rock | قبة الصخرة qubbat aṣ-ṣ. the Dome of the Rock, the Mosque of Omar (in Jerusalem)

صخري ṣakrī rocky, stony

صخر ṣakir rocky, stony

صد ṣadda u (ṣadd) to turn away, alienate, discourage, divert, deter, restrain, reject, send away (عن ه s.o. from); to dissuade (عن ه s.o. from his desire); to repel, parry, ward off (هـ s.th., e.g., an attack); to hinder, prevent (عن ه s.o. from); to impede, hamper, stop, bring to a standstill (ه s.o.); to resist, oppose (ه s.o.) | لا يصد النظر (naẓara) it does not offend the eye, it is nice to look at; -- i u (ṣadd, صدود ṣudūd) to turn away (عن from), turn one’s back (عن on s.o., on s.th.); to stay away, remain aloof (عن from s.th.) II to suppurate, maturate, fester IV do. V to face, confront (ل s.o.)

صد ṣadd averting, turning away; checking, stopping; repulsion, rejection; hindering, impeding, obstruction, prevention; resistance, aversion, reluctance

صدد ṣadad nearness, proximity; intention, purpose, design, aim; respect, regard, relation, concern, subject, matter; topic (of a discussion); ṣadada (prep.) opposite, in front of | على صدد and بصدد opposite, in front of; في صدد concerning, regarding, re, with respect to; في هذا الصدد in this respect, with regard to this, with relation to this, on this occasion, in this connection; هو بصدد امر he is currently busy with s.th., he is at present occupied with a matter; نرجع الى ما نحن بصدده (narji‘) we return to what is our present concern or to what we are just discussing

صديد ṣadīd pus, matter

صديدي ṣadīdī suppurative, purulent, festering

صدئ ṣadi’a a (صدأ ṣada’) and صدؤ ṣadu’a u (ṣadā’a) to become or be rusty, rust, oxidize II = I; to make (هـ s.th.) rusty, cause (هـ s.th.) to rust, corrode (هـ s.th.)

صدأ ṣada’a rust; oxidation; smut, rust (plant disease)

صداءة ṣadā’a rustiness

صدئ ṣadi’a rusty, rust-covered; dirty, mean, shabby

مصدأ maṣda’ rusty, rust-covered

صدح ṣadaḥa a (ṣadḥ, صداح ṣudāḥ) to chant, sing; to play (ب a song, a tune)

صدح ṣadaḥ banner

صدحات ṣadaḥāt (musical) strains

O صادح ṣādiḥ note raised a semitone, a sharp (mus.)

صدر ṣadara a i (صدور ṣudūr) to go out, step out (عن or من of, from within); to proceed, emanate, arise, originate, stem (عن or من from), have its origin (عن or من in); to come out, be issued, be promulgated (order, ordinance, law); to appear, be published (book); to leave, go out (mail); to go (الى to); to happen, occur, come to pass; pass. ṣudira to have a chest complaint | صدر عن الجد (jidd) to set about seriously, get to work earnestly; صدر عن ارادته to act on one’s own volition II to send, send off, dispatch, forward (هـ s.th.); to export (هـ s.th.); to publish, bring out (هـ a book); to preface (هـ a book); to introduce, commence (ب هـ a book with) III to seize, impound, confiscate (هـ s.th.); to urge, press, oppress (s.o.), throw obstacles in s.o.’s (ه ) way IV to send, send out, dispatch (هـ s.th.); to export (هـ s.th.); to issue (هـ s.th., e.g., banknotes, bonds), make out (هـ s.th., e.g., a passport); to publish, bring out (هـ s.th., e.g., a book); to give, issue (هـ an order); to pronounce, pass (هـ a legal sentence); to utter, express (هـ an opinion, a view) V to be sent, be dispatched; to preside (هـ over), head (هـ a group); to have a front seat (هـ at a social gathering); to resist, oppose (ل s.o.), throw obstacles in s.o.’s (ل ) way, stand in s.o.’s (ل ) way X to bring about, obtain (هـ s.th., esp. حكما ḥukman a legal judgment or sentence); to issue (marsūman an ordinance)

صدر ṣadr pl. صدور ṣudūr chest, breast, bust; bosom, heart; front part, front; part, portion; first hemistich; leader, commander; beginning, start, outset, commencement, inception; early period, beginnings, dawn (fig.) | صدر الدار one who occupies the highest position in the house, who plays first fiddle in the house; صدر رحب (raḥb) generosity, magnanimity; open-mindedness, broadmindedness, liberality, frankness, candor; صدر الإسلام early period of Islam, early Islam; الصدر الأعظم title of the Grand Vizier in the Ottoman Empire; grand vizier (Mor.); صدر المكان ṣ. al-makān the foremost part of a room; صدر النهار ṣ. an-nahār daybreak, beginning of the

day; ابو صدر robin (zool.); بنات الصدر banāt aṣ-ṣ. worries, anxieties, apprehensions; باب الصدر front door; ذات الصدر chest complaint; bottom of the heart, secret thoughts; رحب الصدر raḥb aṣ-ṣ. generous, magnanimous; open-minded, broad-minded, liberal; free of misgivings, unhesitating; رحيب الصدر do.; ضيق الصدر ḍayyiq aṣ-ṣ. annoyed, angry (ب at); disgruntled, depressed; منقبض الصدر munqabiḍ aṣ-ṣ. dejected, low-spirited, crestfallen; مكانة الصدر makānat aṣ-ṣ. first place, precedence, priority; واسع الصدر = رحب الصدر; صدرا من الزمان (zamān) quite a stretch of time, for some time; في الصدر in the foreground; سخم بصدره (sakkama) to irritate s.o., make s.o. angry; انشرح صدره inšaraḥa ṣadruhū to be gladdened, be pleased, be cheered, be happy, rejoice

صدري ṣadrī pectoral, chest (used attributively) | نزلة صدرية (nazla) bronchitis

صدرة ṣudra vest, waistcoat; camisole, (under)waist, bodice

صديري ṣudairī and صديرية pl. -āt vest, waistcoat; bodice

صدار ṣidār vest, waistcoat; (under-)waist, bodice

صدارة ṣadāra, ṣidāra precedence; presidency, chairmanship; first place, pre-eminence; grand vizierate, office, chancellery, or position, of the Grand Vizier (Mor.)

صدور ṣudūr coming out, appearance, publication (e.g., of a book), issuance (e.g., of an ordinance)

مصدر maṣdar pl. مصادر maṣādir starting point, point of origin; origin, source (fig.); (gram.) infinitive, verbal noun; absolute or internal object

تصدير taṣdīr sending (off), dispatch, forwarding; exportation, export; preface, foreword (of a book); issuance

مصادرة muṣādara seizure, confiscation

اصدار iṣdār exportation, export; issue, issuance, bringing out, edition, publication; making out, issuance | مصرف الاصدار maṣrif al-i. bank of issue

استصدار istiṣdār issue, making out; issuance

صادر ṣādir going out, emanating, originating; issued, come out, published, etc.; exportation, export; yield; الصادرات export goods, exports

مصدور maṣdūr affected with a pectoral ailment, phthisical, consumptive, tubercular

مصدر maṣdar export merchant, exporter

صدع ṣada‘a a (ṣad‘) to split, cleave, part, sunder (هـ s.th.); to crack, break (هـ an object), cause (هـ an object) to crack; to break (هـ through obstacles), conquer, overcome, surmount (هـ obstacles, difficulties) | صدع بالحق (ḥaqq) to come out openly with the truth; صدع بأمر (amr) to execute an order, comply with an order; pass. sudi‘a to have or get a headache II to cause a headache (ه to s.o.); to molest, harass, trouble (خاطره kāṭirahū s.o.); pas. ṣuddi‘a to have or get a headache V to get split, let cleft, come apart, burst, break, crack; to go to pieces; to reel, waver, be shaken; to separate (عن from), part (عن with) VII to get split, get cleft, come apart, break, crack; to be rudely interrupted; to break, dawn (morning)

صدع ṣad‘ pl. صدوع ṣudū‘ crevice, fissure, crack, break, rift, cleft

صداع ṣudā‘ headache

مصدوع maṣdū‘ having a crack, cracked, broken

صدغ ṣudg pl. اصداغ aṣdāg temple (anat.); earlock, lovelock (also قصة الصدغ quṣṣat aṣ-ṣ.)

صدغي ṣudgī temporal (anat.)

صدف ṣadafa i u (ṣadf, صدوف ṣudūf) to turn away (عن from), avoid, shun (عن s.o., s.th.); -- i (ṣadf) to turn (ه s.o.) away (عن from), discourage, restrain, deter (عن ه s.o. from); to happen by chance III to find (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), meet (ه s.o., هـ with s.th.); to meet unexpectedly, by chance (ه s.o.), light (هـ, ه on), come across s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ), run into s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ), encounter (هـ , s.o., s.th.); to coincide, be coincident, concur (هـ with s.th.); to fall (هـ on a given date); to happen by chance, come to pass (ان that) | صادف الاستحسان to meet with approval; صادف محله (maḥallahū) to come in handily, be convenient, be opportune V to turn away (عن from), avoid, shun (عن s.o., s.th.) VI to happen by chance, come to pass

صدف ṣadaf (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. اصداف aṣdāf pearl oyster, sea shell, conch | صدفة الاذن ṣ. al-udun external ear, auricle, pinna

صدف ṣadaf, مرض الصدفية maraḍ aṣ-ṣadafīya a noncontagious skin disease, psoriasis (med.)

صدفي ṣadafī sea-shell, shell (adj.); nacreous, mother-of-pearl (adj.)

صدفة ṣudfa pl. صدف ṣudaf chance, haphazard, coincidence, unexpected concurrence; صدفة ṣudfatan by chance, by coincidence, accidentally | بالصدفة or بطريق الصدفة by chance, by coincidence, accidentally; as chance will have it, haphazardly

مصادفة muṣādafa pl. -āt encounter, meeting; chance, haphazard, coincidence, unexpected concurrence; muṣādafatan by chance, by coincidence, accidentally

مصادف muṣādif corresponding (ل to), concurrent (ل with a date of another chronological system), coincident (ل with), falling (ل on a given date)

صدق ṣadaqa u (ṣadq, ṣidq) to speak the truth, be sincere; to tell (ه s.o.) the truth (عن about); to prove to be true, turn out to be correct, come true; to be right; to fit exactly (على s.o. or s.th.), apply (على to), hold true (على of) | وعده or في وعده (fī wa‘dihī or wa‘dahū) to keep, or fulfill, one’s promise; صدقه النصيحة (naṣīḥata) to advice s.o. sincerely; صدقه الحب (ḥubba) to love s.o. sincerely, truly II to deem (هـ, ه s.o. s.th.) credible, accept (هـ s.th.) as true, give credence (هـ, ه to s.o., to s.th.), believe, trust (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to consider or pronounce (هـ s.th.) to be true, right, correct or credible; to believe (ب in); to give one’s consent, to consent, assent, agree (على to s.th.), approve (على of s.th.), grant, license, sanction, certify, confirm, substantiate, attest, ratify, authenticate, legalize, verify (على s.th.) | لا يصدق (yuṣaddaqu) incredible, unbelievable, unreliable, untrustworthy; صدق او كذب ṣaddiq au kaddib (as an affirmative parenthesis) believe it or not III to treat (ه s.o.) &s a friend; to maintain one’s friendship (ه with s.o.); to be or become friends (ه with s.o.), befriend (ه s.o.); to give one’s consent, to consent, assent, agree (على to s.th.), approve (على of), grant, license, sanction, certify, confirm, substantiate (على s.th.); to legalize, authenticate (على a signature, etc.) IV to fix a (bridal) dower (ها for a woman) V to give alms (على to s.o.); to give as alms, donate (على to s.o., ب s.th.)

صدق ṣidq truth, trueness, truthfulness; sincerity, candor; veracity, correctness (of an allegation); efficiency; صدقا ṣidqan truly, really, in truth

صدقة ṣadaqa pl. -āt alms, charitable gift; almsgiving, charity, voluntary contribution of alms, freewill offering; legally prescribed alms tax (Isl. Law) | صدقة الفطر ṣ. al-fiṭr almsgivings at the end of Ramadan (Isl. Law)

صداق ṣadāq, sidāq pl. صدق ṣuduq, اصدقة aṣdiqa (bridal) dower; -- (pl. اصدقة ) marriage contrast (tun.)

صداقة ṣadāqa pl. ·41 friendohip

صديق ṣadīq pl. اصدقاء aṣdiqā’2, صدقاء ṣudaqā’2, صدقان ṣudqān friend; friendly, connected by bonds of friendship

صدوق ṣadūq veracious, truthful, honest, sincere

صديق ṣiddīq strictly veracious, honest, righteous, upright; الصديق epithet of the first Caliph, Abū Bakr

اصدق aṣdaq2 truer, sincerer | اصدق برهان على (a. burhānin) the most reliable, or best, proof for ...; اصدق صديق the most loyal, or best, friend

مصداق miṣdāq confirmation, corroboration, substantiation; touchstone, criterion

تصديق taṣdīq belief, faith (ب in); consent, assent, agreement (على to), approval, sanctioning, licensing, certification, confirmation, attestation, ratification, verification, authentication, legalization (على of s.th.) | سرعة التصديق sur‘at at-t. credulity; سريع التصديق credulous مصادقة muṣādaqa consent, assent, agreement (على to), concurrence (على in); approval, sanctioning, certification, confirmation, attestation, ratification (على of s.th.); legalization, authentication (على of a document)

تصادق taṣāduq legalization, authentication (على of a document)

صادق ṣādiq true, truthful, veracious, sincere, candid; reliable; accurate, true, genuine, faithful, authentic

مصدقة muṣaddiqa certificate, certification, attestation

مصدق muṣaddaq credible, believable, reliable, trustworthy | غير مصدق incredible; مصدق عليه رسميا (rasmīyan) legalized, officially certified

صيدلي look up alphabetically

صدم ṣadama i (ṣadm) to bump, strike, knock, dash, bounce, bang, run (هـ, ه against), hit (a upon); to run (ه into s.o., e.g., an automobile, etc.); to collide, clash (ب with, e.g., train with car) ill to bump, strike, knock, dash, bounce, bang, run (هـ, ه againat s.o. or s.th.); to resist, oppose (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), battle (هـ, ه against); to encounter (hostilely), clash; pass. صودم ṣūdima to be severely afflicted (ب by) VI to collide (e.g., trains), encounter (armies); to clash, conflict (e.g., different opinions) VIII to collide, clash (ب or مع with); to bump, strike, run (ب against), hit (ب s.th., e.g., a mine); to take offense (ب at, e.g., at mistakes), take exception (ب to); to fail (ب due to), be thwarted (ب by); = VI

صدمة ṣadma pl. ṣadamāt push, thrust, jolt, shook, blow, stroke; upset, commotion, (psychic) shock; obstacle, difficulty

صدام ṣidām collision, clash; breakdown, collapse | صدام وجداني (wijdānī) mental breakdown

مصادمة muṣādama, pl. -āt collision, clash, impact

تصادم taṣādum collision, clash; bounce, impact (ب on); upset, commotion, (psychic) shock | طاسة التصادم buffer (railroad)

اصطدام iṣṭidām collision, clash; bounce, impact (ب on); upset, commotion, (psychic) shock

صدى ṣadiya II (ṣadan) to be very thirsty IV to echo, resound, reverberate V to occupy o.s. (ل or الى with); to turn, apply o.s. (ل or الى to s.th.); to undertake (ل or الى s.th.), embark (ل or الى upon); to oppose, resist, counteract, antagonize (ل s.o.), throw obstacles in s.o.’s (ل ) way, be in s.o.’s (ل ) way

صدى , صدا ṣadan pl. اصداء aṣdā’ echo, reverberation

تصدية taṣdiya hand clapping

صر ṣarra i (ṣarr, صرير ṣarīr) to chirp, stridulate (cricket); to creak (door); to squeak, screech; to grate, scratch; to gnash, chatter (teeth); to lace, cord, tie up, truss up, bind (هـ s.th.); to shove, put (هـ في money into a purse); to prick up (هـ or ب one’s ears) IV to persist (على in), insist (على on); to make up one’s mind, resolve, determine, decide (على to do s.th.); to prick up (هـ or ب one’s ears)

صرة ṣurra pl. صرر ṣurar (money) bag, purse; bundle, packet, parcel | الصرة or صرة الحرمين ṣ. al-ḥaramain the ṣurra for Mecca and Medina, the traditional funds sent by the different Islamic countries (nowadays, e.g., by Egypt and Tunisia) with the hadj caravan to be distributed among the poor of Mecca and Medina; امين الصرة the Trustee of the ṣurra (who is responsible for its delivery); صرة النقود cash remittance

صرير ṣarīr chirping, stridulation (of crickets); squeaking, screeching

صرار ṣarrār or صرار الليل ṣ. al-lail cricket (zool.)

صريرة ṣarīra coins wrapped in a purse

اصرار iṣrār penitence, perseverance (على in), insistences (على on) | سبق الإصرار sabq al-i. premeditation, willfulness (jur.)

مصر muṣirr persistent, insistent; determined, resolute

الصرب aṣ-ṣirb Serbia; the Serbs

صربي ṣirbī Serbian

صرح ṣaruḥa u (صراحة ṣarāḥa, صروحة ṣurūḥa) to be or become pure, unadulterated, uncontaminated, clear; -- ṣaraḥa a (ṣarḥ) to make clear, clarify, explicate, explain (هـ s.th.) II to explain, explicate, clarify, make clear (هـ s.th.); to declare, state, announce (ب s.th.), make a statement (ب about); to speak out frankly, openly, be clear, be explicit (ب, عن about), let (ب, عن s.th.) be known; to allow, permit, grant (ب ل to s.o. s.th.); to license (ب s.th.), give a permit, grant a license (ب for) III to speak frankly, openly; to speak out frankly or openly, be clear, be explicit (ب about), avow (ب s.th.), let (ب s.th.) be known; to declare (ه ان to s.o. that) IV to make clear, clarify, explicate, explain (هـ s.th.) VI to become clear, evident, manifest, come to light VII to become evident, manifest, clear

صرح ṣarḥ pl. ṣurūḥ castle, palace, lofty edifice, imposing structure

صراح ṣurāḥ pure, unadulterated, uncontaminated, clear; distinct, plain, obvious, evident, patent, manifest, unambiguous, unequivocal

صريح ṣarīḥ pl. صرحاء ṣuraḥā’2, صرائح ṣarā’iḥ2 pure, unadulterated, uncontaminated; clear; distinct, plain, obvious, evident, patent, manifest, unambiguous, unequivocal; open, frank, sincere, candid; free, openhearted

صراحة ṣarāḥa clearness clarity, distinctness, plainness; unambiguousness; openness, frankness, candor, sincerity, openheartedness; ṣarāḥatan clearly, plainly, distinctly, patently, unequivocally, unambiguously; openly, frankly, bluntly, straightforward, honestly, openheartedly

اصرح aṣraḥ2 purer, clearer; sincerer

تصريح taṣrīḥ pl. -āt, تصاريح taṣārīḥ2 (public) statement, declaration; permission, (official) permit, license

صرخ ṣaraka u (صراخ ṣurāk, صريخ ṣarīk) to cry, yell, scream, shriek, shout; to cry for help; to call (ب s.o.); to call out, shout (على to s.o.); to yell, bellow, roar (في or في وجهه at s.o.) | صرخ صرخة (ṣarkatan) to cry out, let out a cry X to cry for help; to call (ه to s.o.) for help

صرخة ṣarka pl. -āt cry, outcry, yell, scream; call for help

صراخ ṣurāk crying, yelling; clamor, screaming, screams

صريخ ṣarīk crying, yelling; clamor, screaming, screams

صراخ ṣarrāk crier, screamer, bawler; peacock

صاروخ ṣārūk pl. صواريخ ṣawārīk2 rocket; siren (magr.) | O صاروخ عابر القارات intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM

قنبلة صاروخية qunbula ṣārūkīya rocket bomb, guided missile

صارخ ṣārik gaudy, flashy (color); glaring (color, light); crude, gross, coarse; noisy, loud; crier, caller

صرد ṣard severe cold (spell)

صراد ṣarrāad drifting clouds, cirrus

صريد ṣurraid drifting clouds, cirrus

صرصر ṣarṣara to let out a piercing cry, scream shrilly

ريح صرصر rīḥ ṣarṣar violent, cold wind, icy gale

صرصر ṣurṣur pl. صراصير ṣarāṣīr2 a variety of cockroach (Blatta aegyptiaca; zool.); cricket (zool.)

صرصور ṣurṣūr pl. صراصير ṣarāṣīr2 cricket (zool.); cockroach (syr.)

صرصار ṣarṣār cricket (zool.)

صراط ṣirāṯ way, path, road

صرع ṣara‘a a (ṣar‘, ṣir‘, مصرع maṣra‘) to throw down, fell, bring to the ground (ه s.o.); -- pass. ṣuri‘a to be epileptic, have an epileptic fit; to be or go mad III to wrestle (also as a sport), fight (ه with s.o.) VI to wrestle with one another VII to be or go mad VIII = VI

صرع ṣar‘ epilepsy

صرع ṣur‘ rein

صريع ṣarī‘ pl. صرعى ṣar‘ā thrown to the ground, felled; epileptic; demented, insane, mad, crazy; (with foll. genit.) succumbing to s.th., fallen victim to s.th., | سقط صريعا to be killed (in battle); صريع الشراب ṣ. aš-šarāb addicted to the bottle; صريع الكرى ṣ. al-karā overcome by sleep

مصرع maṣra‘ pl. مصارع maṣāri‘2 battle-ground; ruin, destruction, perdition, death; fatal accident; vital part of the body (the injury of which can cause death)

مصراع miṣrā‘ pl. مصاريع maṣārī‘2 leaf of a door; hemistich | صفائح المصراع door panel; الباب مفتوح على مصراعيه (miṣrā‘aihi) the door is wide open

صراع ṣirā‘ wrestling, wrestling match; fight, struggle

مصارعة muṣāra‘a wrestling, wrestling match; fight, struggle

اصطراع iṣṭirā‘ fight, struggle, conflict, controversy

مصروع maṣrū‘ thrown to the ground, felled; epileptic; demented, insane, mad, crazy

مصارع muṣāri‘ wrestler; fighter

صرف ṣarafa i (ṣarf) to turn; to turn away, avert (عن هـ, ه s.o., s.th. from); to dissuade, alienate, keep away (عن ه s.o. from); to divert, distract (عن ه s.o. from); to turn, direct (الى ه s.th., e.g., one’s eyes, one’s attention, to s.th.); to grant leave, dismiss, send away (ه s.o.); to give s.o. (ه ) the brush-olf; to spend, expend (على ه money for); to defray the cost (على of s.th.), pay (على for s.th.); to pay out, disburse (ل هـ money to); to issue, give out (هـ s.th., e.g., tickets), make out (هـ s.th., e.g., a permit); to spend, devote (ل or الى or في هـ time, effort on); to pass, spend (في هـ time at s.th., doing s.th.); to change money (هـ ); to inflect (هـ a word) | صرف النظر عن (naẓar) to avert one’s glance from, disregard s.th., pay no attention to s.th., leave s.th. out of consideration; -- i (صريف ṣarīf) to creak, grate II to cause to flow off, draw off (هـ water); to drain (هـ land); to dispatch, expedite, wind up, liquidate (هـ business); to change money (هـ ); to market, retail, distribute, sell (هـ merchandise), dispose (هـ of merchandise); to circulate (هـ s.th.); to give a free hand (ه في to s.o. in s.th.), let (ه s.o.) dispose freely (في over, in), grant the right of disposal (في ه to s.o. over or in s.th.); to inflect (هـ a word), conjugate (هـ a verb), decline (هـ a noun) V to act independently; to dispose freely, have the right of disposal (في over); to move freely, act without restriction (في in), administer (freely) (في s.th.); to behave, act, conduct o.s., comport o.s. ; to exercise sacerdotal functions (Copt.-Chr.); to be inflected (gram.); to be derived | تصرف تصرفا كيفيا في (taṣarrufan kaifīyan) to proceed arbitrarily in or at VII to turn away; to go away, depart (عن from), leave (عن s.th.); to give up, abandon, relinquish, quit (عن s.o., s.th.); to flow off, drain; to pass on, change over, turn one’s attention (الى to s.th.); to proceed (الى to some activity or to do s.th.); to apply o.s., devote o.s. (الى to s.th.); to be spent, be expended (money); to be issued, be made out (e.g.. ticket); to be fully, i.e., triptotically, inflected | انصرف الى نفسه to withdraw by o.s., isolate o.s.; انصرف يفعل to set about to do s.th., proceed to do s.th.

صرف ṣarf averting, turning away; expenditure, expense; spending, use, application (e.g., of time, of effort, etc.); issuance, issue, making out; disbursement; money changing; barter (Isl. Law); drainage; inflection (gram.); (pl. صروف ṣurūf) adversities, misfortunes (also صروف الدهر ṣurūf ad-dahr) | محطة الصرف maḥaṭṭat aṣ-ṣ. (el.) power station; drainage station, pumping

station; سعر الصرف ṣi'r aṣ-ṣ. exchange rate; علم الصرف ‘ilm aṣ-ṣ. morphology (gram.); ممنوع من الصرف indeclinable (gram.); بصرف النظر عن (bi-ṣ. in-naẓar) regardless of, irrespective of, notwithstanding, to say nothing of

صرف ṣirf pure, unadulterated, unmixed; mere, sheer, absolute

صرفيات ṣarfīyāt payments, disbursements

صريف ṣarīf squeak(ing), creak(ing), squeal(ing)

صراف ṣarrāf money changer; cashier, teller, treasurer; paymaster; banker

صرافة ṣarrafa (woman) cashier | صرافة التذاكير (woman) ticket agent

صيرف ṣairaf pl. صيارف ṣayārif2 money changer; cashier, teller, treasurer

صيرفي ṣairafī pl. صيارفة ṣayārifa money changer; cashier, teller, treasurer

صريفة ṣarīfa pl. صرائف ṣarā’if2 reedmat hut

مصرف maṣrif pl. مصارف maṣārif2 drainage canal, drainage ditch, drain; bank; pay office, teller’s window (at a bank)

تصريف taṣrīf drawing off (of water), drainage; sale, retail, disposal, distribution; change, alteration; inflection, declension, conjugation | تصاريف الدهر t. ad-dahr the vicissitudes of fate; تصريف الشئون settlement, windup, or management, of affairs

تصرف taṣarruf pl. -āt free disposal (في over), right of disposal; usufruct; administration; action, way of acting, demeanor, behavior, conduct; outflow, efflux, effluence, output (in terms of the capacity of a pump), discharge, throughput, quantity of water flowing through; pl. تصرفات measures, dispositions, regulations | تصرف منجز (munjaz) regulation effective immediately (Isl. Law); حسن التصرف ḥusn at-t. discretion; مطلق التصرف muṭlaq at-t. having unrestricted right of disposal,

invested with full power; بتصرف freely; تحت تصرفه at s.o.’s disposal; وضع شيئا تحت تصرفه to put s.th. at s.o.’s disposition; تصرفات الزمن t. az-zaman the vicissitudes of time

انصراف inṣirāf going away, leave, departure; avertedness, aversion (عن to); abstention (عن from). renunciation (عن of)

مصروف devoted, dedicated (الى to s.th.); money spent, expenditure; pl. -āt, مصاريف maṣārīf2 expenses, expenditures, costs | مصروف البريد and مصاراف البريد postage; مصروف الجيب m. al-jaib pocket money; خالص المصاريف postage free, franked; وفى المصاريف (wafā) to cover the cocte, defray the expense; مصروف من الخدمة (kidma) dismissed, discharged

متصرف mutaṣarrif approx.: provincial governor (Ir.; administering anyone of the 14 liwā’, q.v.); former title of a Turkish administrative officer in Arab countries

متصرف mutaṣarrifa jurisdiction of a mutaṣarrif (q.v.), approx.: province; dignity, government, authority, etc., of a mutaṣarrif

منصرف munṣarif fully inflected, i.e., triptotical (gram.); المنصرف the money spent, expenditures

منصرف munṣarif departure, leave, going away | لا منصرف عنه (munṣarafa) indispensable, inevitable; منصرفهم munṣarafahum at their departure, when they left; في صرف النهار (m. in-nahār) at the parting of day, at day’s end

1 صرم ṣaruma u (صرم ṣarāma) to be sharp; to be stern, hard, harsh, severe; -- ṣrama i (ṣarm, ṣurm) to cut, cut off, sever (هـ s.th.); to leave, forsake (ه s.o.), separate (ه from s.o.), part (ه with s.o.) II to cut, cut off, cut through, sever, separate (هـ s.th.) V to decrease, wane, dwindle; to elapse, go by, pass; to be past, be bygone, be over (time) VII to elapse, go by, pass; to be past. be bygone, be over (time)

صرم ṣarm severance, separation

صرمة ṣirma pl. صرم ṣiram herd of camels

صرامة ṣarāma sharpness, keenness; harshness, sternness, severity, rigor, unfriendliness

صريمة ṣarīma horse bridle

مصارمة muṣārama estrangement, break, antagonism, hostility

صارم ṣārim sharp, harsh, hard, severe, stem

منصرم munṣarim elapsed, past, bygone (period of time)

2 صرم ṣurm = سرم

3 صرم ṣarma pl. صرم ṣuram (eg.) shoe

صرمايا ṣurmāyā pl. -āt, صرامى ṣarāmī (syr.) shoe made of red or yellow leather; shoes

مصارين see مصر

صار ṣārin and صارية ṣāriya pl. صوار ṣawārin mast, pole | صارى العلم ṣ. l-‘alam flagpole

مصطبة maṣṭaba, miṣṭaba pl. مصاطب maṣāṭib2 outdoor stone bench (built into the side of a house), maṣṭaba

مصطول maṣṭūl fool

صعب ṣa‘uba u (صعوبة ṣu‘ūba) to be hard, difficult (على for); to be embarrassing, shocking, unpleasant (على for, to) II to make hard, make difficult (على for s.o. s.th.); to present as difficult (على to s.o. s.th.) V to become difficult; to make (هـ s.th.) hard or difficult VI to be difficult (of a person); to be hard to please X to find or consider difficult (هـ s.th.)

صعب ṣa‘b pl. صعاب ṣi‘āb hard, difficult; pl. difficulties | صعب الاحتمال hard to bear, oppressive; صعب الارضاء ṣ. al-irḍā’ hard to please, fastidious; صعب المراس obstinate, stubborn, self-opinionated, recalcitrant, headstrong; عملة صعبة (‘umla) hard currency

صعوبة ṣu‘ūba difficulty | صعوبة المراس obstinacy, stubbornness, recalcitrance, refractoriness

مصاعب maṣā‘ib2 difficulties

صعتر ṣa‘tar wild thyme (Thymus serpyllum; bot.)

صعد ṣa‘ida a (صعود ṣu‘ūd) to rise, go up; to lift, climb, ascend, slope upward; to mount, scale, ascend, climb (هـ s.th.), climb up (هـ on s.th.); to take off (airplane); صعد به الى to make s.o. ascend, lead s.o. up to … II to ascend, mount; to go upstream; to travel to Upper Egypt; to send up (ه s.o.); to cause (هـ s.th.) to rise or ascend; to heave

(from one’s breast), utter (هـ sigh, wails, and the like); to cause (s.th.) to evaporate, vaporize, volatilize (هـ s.th.); to sublimate (هـ s.th.; chem.) | صعد الزفرات (zafarāt) to heave deep sighs IV to make (ه s.o.) ascend or advance; to ascend (الى to elevated terrain); to go upstream; to travel up, travel V to evaporate, vaporize VI to rise, lift, ascend

صعود ṣu‘ūd height, altitude

صعدة ṣa‘da pl. ṣa‘adāt rise, incline; slope, declivity

صعود ṣu‘ūd rising, lifting, ascending; take-off (of an airplane); ascent; boom; advance (الى toward) | صعود الرب ṣ. ar-rabb and عيد الصعود ‘īd aṣ-ṣ. Ascension Day (Chr.)

صعود ṣa‘ūd steep hill

صعيد ṣa‘īd pl. صعود ṣu‘ūd highland, upland, plateau; الصعيد and صعيد مصر ṣ. miṣr Upper Egypt | في صعيد واحد on a common basis, on common ground, on equal footing, without distinction, indiscriminately; على صعيد واحد congenial, like-minded, kindred in spirit, agreed

صعيدي ṣa‘īdī pl. صعايدة ṣa‘āyida Upper Egyptian

صعداء ṣu‘adā’2 (deep) sigh | تنفس الصعداء tanaffasa ṣ-ṣu‘adā’ to sigh (deeply), heave a (deep) sigh

مصعد maṣ‘ad pl. مصاعد maṣā‘id2 point of ascent

مصعد miṣ‘ad pl. مصاعد maṣā‘id2 elevator, lift; O anode

مصعدة miṣ‘ada elevator, lift

صاعد ṣā‘id pl. صواعد ṣawā‘id 2 rising, ascending (also, e.g., of vapors) | فصاعدا fa-ṣā‘idan and beyond that, and more; من -- فصاعدا from -- on, from --upward; من الآن فصاعدا (min al-āna) from now on, henceforth

متصاعد mutaṣā‘id rising, ascending (also, e.g., of vapors)

صعر ṣa‘ra a (ṣa‘ar) to be awry (face; with pride) II صعر خده (kaddahū) to put on a contemptuous mien

صعق ṣa‘aqa a (صاعقة ṣā‘iqa) to strike s.o. (ه ) down with lightning, destroy, hit, slay (ه s.o.; of lightning); to stun, stupefy, make unconscious (ه s.o.); -- ṣa‘iqa a and pass. ṣi‘iqa (ṣa‘aq, صعقة ṣa‘qa) to be thunderstruck; to lose consciousness | صعق في مكانه (makānihī) to stop dead in one's tracks, stand as if thunderstruck IV to strike down, slay, destroy (ه s.o.; of lightning); to stun, stupefy, make unconscious (ه s.o.) VII to be struck by lightning

صعق ṣa‘aq thunder, peal of thunder

صعق ṣa‘iq thunderstruck, dumfounded

صاعقة ṣā‘iqa pl. صواعق ṣawā‘iq 2 bolt of lightning, thunderbolt

مصعوق maṣ‘ūq struck by lightning; thunderstruck, stupefied, dumfounded; crushed, destroyed

صعلكة ṣa‘laka loitering, loafing

صعلوك ṣu‘lūk pl. صعاليك ṣa‘ālīk2 utterly destitute; have-not, pauper, poor wretch; beggar; tramp, vagabond, loafer

صغر ṣagura u (ṣigar, صغارة ṣagāra) and ṣagira a (ṣagar) to be or become small, little, scanty; to diminish, decrease, wane, dwindle; to be young; to be lowly, submissive, servile, humble; -- ṣagara u (ṣagr) to be younger (ب ه than

s.o. by) | ما صغرني الا بسنة (bi-sanatin) he was only one year younger than I

II to make small(er) or little(r), lessen, minimize, reduce, diminish, decrease (هـ s.th.); to belittle, deride, ridicule, debase, bemean (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to form a diminutive (هـ of a noun) VI to prove o.s. contemptible, be servile, fawn, cringe, grovel X to deem (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) small, little or paltry; to make light (هـ, ه of s.o., of s.th.), undervalue (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to think little (هـ, ه of s.o., of s.th.) | استصغر نفسه (nafsahū) to feel inferior

صغر ṣigar smallness, littleness, scantiness, paltriness, paucity, insignificance; youthfulness, juvenility (also صغر السن ṣ. as-sinn) صغرة ṣigra: هو صغرة ابويه (ṣ. abawaihi) he is the youngest of his parents’ children

صغير ṣagīr pl. صغار ṣigār, صغراء ṣugarā’2 small, little; paltry, scanty, insignificant; tiny, minute; young, juvenile, minor; a minor, one under age | صغير السن ṣ. s-sinn young; صغير النفس ṣ. an-nafs mean-spirited, base, servile,

Toadying, cringing, groveling صغار الموظفين ṣ. al-muwaẓẓafīn small officials, subaltern officials; العيد الصغير (‘īd) Little Bairam, i.e., the feast of fast breaking on the1st of Shawwal; كل صغيرة وكبيرة kullu ṣ. wa-kabīra every detail

صغير ṣagīra pl. صغائر ṣagā’ir2 venial sin (Isl. Law); minor mistake; pl. trivialities, trifles

صغارة ṣagāra littleness, paltriness, scantiness, paucity; lowliness, servility, humility, humbleness

اصغر aṣgar f. صغرى ṣugrā pl. m. اصاغر aṣāgir2 smaller, littler; younger | اصغر الشرين a. aš-šarrain the lesser of two evils, آسيا الصغرى Asia Minor; الدول الصغرى (duwal) the small countries; سوريا الصغرى (sūriyā) Palestine; النهاية الصغرى the minimum

تصغير taṣgīr diminution, lessening, decrease, reduction | اسم التصغير ism at-t. diminutive (gram.)

اصغار iṣgār disdain, contempt, disregard

تصاغر taṣāgur servility, toadying, cringing, groveling

صاغر ṣāgir low, lowly, despised, contemptible, humiliated, meek, dejected; submissive, servile; subject (ل to s.o.)

مصغر muṣaggar reduced, decreased, diminished | في صورة صغيرة (ṣūra) on a reduced or small scale, in miniature; فلم مصغر (film) microfilm

صغو ) and صغا (صغي ṣagā u (صغو ṣagw, sugūw) to incline, bend, lean (الى to, toward); -- صغي ṣagiya a (ṣagan, ṣugīy) to incline, bend, lean (الى to, toward); to listen (ل to) IV to listen, pay attention, lend one’s ear (ل or الى to s.th., to s.o.). heed (ل or الى s.th.)

صغو ṣagw and صغا ṣagan inclination, disposition, tendency, affection, attachment, good will

اصغاء isgā’ attention, attentiveness

صاغ ṣāgin inclined, disposed, attentive; listener, hearer

مصغ attentive; listener, hearer

1 صفة see وصف

2 صف ṣaffa u (ṣaff) to set up in a row or line, line up, align, array, arrange, order (هـ s.th.); to eat, compose (هـ type, typ.); to range, class, classify (مع ه s.o. among); to cut (هـ s.th.) in strips II to set up in a row or line, line up, align, array, arrange, order (هـ s.th.); to comb (هـ the hair) straight VI to line up, take position in a row or line, stand in a row or line, be lined up, be aligned, be strung in a line VIII - VI; to fall in, stand in formation (of a military detachment) | اصطف الى جانب الطريق to line the rood, form a lane (e.g., troops, police, etc.)

صف ṣaff aligning or arranging in a line or row; -- (pl. صفوف ṣufūf) row, line, file, rank, queue; row, or tier, of seats; grade, form (in school), class course, section, division, group | صف الدم ṣ. ad-dam, blood group; آلة صف الحروف typesetting machine, ضابط الصف (also صف ضابط pl. صف ضباط ) non-commissioned officer; انتظم صفوفا intaẓama ṣufūfan to line up in rows or files

صفة ṣuffa pl. صفف ṣufaf (stone) molding; ledge

صفاف ṣaffāf and صفاف الحروف type-setter, compositor

مصف maṣaff pl. مصاف maṣaff2 position (of an army); battle line; row, line, file; composing stick (typ.) | رفعه الى مصاف (with foll. genit.) to class s.o. with, put s.o. on the same level with

صفح ṣafaḥa a (ṣafḥ) to broaden, widen, flatten, beat into a leaf, foliate, plate (هـ s.th.); to pardon, forgive (عن s.o., s.th.) II to broaden, widen, flatten,

beat into a leaf, foliate (هـ s.th.); to roll out (هـ s.th.); to plate, overlay, or cover, with metal plates (هـ s.th.); to armor (هـ s.th.); to equip, furnish, cover (هـ ب s.th. with) ill to shake hands (ه with s.o.); to greet (.s.o.); to touch (هـ s.th.) lightly or gently, graze (هـ s.th.), brush, glide (هـ over s.th.), pass, blow (هـ over s.th., of the wind, breath, etc.) | صافح سمعه (sam‘ahū) to reach s.o.’s ear V to leaf, thumb (هـ a book, etc.); to examine, scrutinize, regard, study (هـ s.th.) VI to shake hands X to ask s.o.’s (ه ) forgiveness (هـ for), apologize (هـ ه to s.o. for)

صفح ṣafḥ pardon, forgiveness; (pl. صفاح ṣifāḥ) side, surface | ضرب (اضرب) عنه صفحا to turn away from s.o. or s.th., pass over s.o. or s.th., ignore, snub, slight, disregard s.o. or s.th., desist from s.th.

صفحة ṣafḥa pl. ṣafaḥāt outside, exterior; plane, surface; page; leaf, sheet; phase

صفيح ṣafīḥ broad side or surface; sheet iron; tin, tinplate; tin plates, tin sheets

صفيحة ṣafīḥa pl. صفائح ṣafā’iḥ2 plate, sheet (of metal), leaf (of wood), slab, flag (of stone), ledger stone (on a tomb); tin plate, tin sheet; can, jerry can | صفائح المصراع ṣ. al-miṣrā‘ door panel; O صفائح المقول ṣ. al-miqwal phonograph records, gramophone discs

صفوح ṣafūhḥ forgiving, reedy to forgive

صفاح ṣuffāḥ pl. -āt, صفافيح ṣafāfīḥ plate, sheet, leaf; flagstone, stone slab

تصفيح taṣfīḥ plating

تصفح taṣaffuḥ examination, scrutinization, scrutiny, study

مصفح muṣaffaḥ, shaped into plates or thin layers, plated, foliated; armored, armor clad, ironclad, metal-covered| خشب مصفح (kašab) plywood; سيارة مصفحة (sayyāra) armored car

مصفحة muṣaffaḥa pl. -āt armored car, armored reconnaissance car (mil.)

صفد ṣafda i (ṣafd) to bind, fetter, shackle (ه s.o.) II and IV = I

صفد ṣafad pl. اصفاد aṣfād bond, tie, fetter

صفاد ṣifād bond, tie, fetter | صفاد اليدين ṣ. al-yadain manacle, handcuff

1 صفر ṣafara i (صفير ṣafīr) to whistle (bird, person); to hiss (snake); to chirp, stridulate (cricket); to seream (siren) II = I

صفير ṣafīr whistling, whistle, etc. (see above); high, thin tone (e.g., of a flute) | حروف الصفير sibilants; -- see also below and alphabetically

صفارة ṣaffāra pl. -āt whistle; siren | صفارة الأمان ṣ. al-amān all-clear siren; صفارة الإنذار ṣ. al-indār warning siren

2 صفر II to dye yellow, make yellow, to yellow (هـ s.th.) IX to turn yellow, to

yellow; to pale, become pale | اصفر وجهه (wajhuhū) he grew pale, he turned white

صفر ṣufr brass; money

صفر ṣafar jaundice

صفرة ṣufra yellow color, yellowness, yellow; pallor, paleness (of the face)

صفار ṣafar yellow color, s.th. yellow; pallor, paleness |صفار البيضة ṣ. al-baiḍa egg yolk

صفار ṣaffār pl. ة brass founder

اصفر aṣfar2, f. صفراء ṣafrā’2, pl. صفر ṣufr yellow; pale, pallid, wan | ضحكة صفراء (ḍaḥka) forced, or embarrassed, laugh; نحاس صفر (nuḥās) brass

صفراء ṣafrā’ bile, gall

صفير (eg.) golden oriole (zool.)

صفارية ṣufārīya golden oriole (zool.)

صفراوي ṣafrāwī bilious; choleric | الحمى الصفراوية (ḥummā) yellow fever; ضحكة صفراوية (ḍaḥka) bitter, or sardonic, laugh (= Fr. rire jaune)

اصفرار iṣfirār yellowing, yellow; pallor, paleness (of the face)

مصفر muṣfarr yellow-colored; pale, pallid, wan

3 صفر ṣafira a (ṣafar, صفور ṣufūr) to be empty, be devoid, vacant (من of) | صفرت يده من الشيء (ṣafirat yaduhū) to have lost s.th. II to empty, void, vacate, evacuate, free (هـ s.th.) IV = II

صفر ṣafr, ṣifr, ṣufr, ṣafir, ṣufur pl. اصفار aṣfār empty, void, devoid, (من of), free (من from) | صفر اليدين ṣifr al-yadain empty-handed

صفر ṣifr zero, naught; nothing

اصفر aṣfar empty, void

مصفر muṣfir empty-handed | مصفر اليد m. al-yad with an empty hand; مصفر اليد من كل شيء without any possessions at all, completely destitute

4 صفر ṣafar pl. اصفار aṣfār Safar, name of the second month of the Mohammedan year

1 صفصف ṣafṣaf (coll.; n. un. ة ) a variety of willow (Salix Safsaf F.; bot.)

2 صفصف ṣafṣaf even, level; waste, desolate, barren, empty | قاع صفصف wasteland, desolate area; جعله قاعا صفصفا to devastate s.th., lay s.th. waste

صفع ṣafa‘a a (ṣaf‘) to cuff, buffet, slap lightly (ه s.o.); to slap s.o.’s (ه ) face, box s.o.’s (ه ) ears; to violate (هـ a rule) VI to slap one another

صفعة ṣaf‘a (n. vic.) slap, cuff, smack; blow

صفاع ṣaffā‘ pl. -ūn a kind of buffoon

صفق ṣafaqa i (ṣafq) to slap, smack (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to aet into motion (هـ s.th.); to flap, clap; to shut, slam, bang (هـ a door); -- ṣafuqa u (صفاقة ṣafāqa) to be thick, heavy, close in texture (cloth) II to flap, clap, smack; to clap one’s hands (also بيديه ), applaud (ل s.o.); to flap (ب the wings)

صفقة ṣafqa pl. ṣafaqāt handclasp (in concluding a deal); conclusion of a contract (Isl. Law); deal, bargain, transaction | صفقة خاسرة poor deal, bad bargain; صفقة رابحة favorable deal, good bargain; صفقة واحدة ṣafqatan wāḥidatan all at once, wholly, entirely, altogether; اعطى صفقة (a‘ṭā), عقد صفقة to conclude a bargain, effect a transaction; عاد (رجع) بصفقة المغبون to lose the game, return empty-handed; كانت له الصفقة الخاسرة do.

صفاق ṣifāq pl. صفق ṣufuq dermis underskin; peritoneum

صفيق ṣafīq pl. صفاق ṣifāq thick, heavy, close in texture (cloth) | صفيق الوجه ṣ. al-wajh impudent, insolent, brazen

صفاقة ṣafāqa impudence, insolence, brazenness

تصفيق taṣfīq hand clapping; applause, acclaim | تصفيق الاستحسان applause

صفاكس ṣafākis2 Sfax (aeaport in Tunisia)

1 صفن ṣafana i to stand with one foot (ب ) slightly raised; to pore, brood, ponder, reflect, muse

صفن ṣafan pl. اصفان aṣfān scrotum

2 صفين ṣafīn (Juniperus Sabina; bot.)

صفا (صفو ) ṣafā u (ṣafw, ṣufūw, صفاء ṣafā’) to be or become clear, unpolluted, limpid, cloudless, untroubled, serene, undisturbed, pure; صفا لـ to apply o.s. to s.th. with clear intent, devote o.s. wholeheartedly to, be completely given to, be solely preoccupied with, be exclusively ready for (heart, mind) II to make clear, limpid, pure, clarify, clear, purify (هـ s.th.); to settle, straighten out (مسألة mas’alatan a question, a problem); to remove the water, pour off the water (هـ from s.th., e.g., in cooking; also صفاه من الماء ); to rid of moisture, dry out (هـ s.th.); to clarify, purify, rectify (هـ s.th., من by removing s.th.); to filter, strain (هـ s.th.); to settle, pay, liquidate (هـ s.th.); to realize (هـ assets) III to be sincere (ه toward s.o), deal honestly (ه with s.o.) IV = III (ه or ل ): to be no longer in a position (to ), posses no longer, forfeit; to cease composing poetry (poet) | اصفاه بالشيء to have s.o. in mind for s.th., choose, select, or single out s.o. for s.th.. grant s.o. s.th. in preference to others, bestow upon s.o. s.th. (دون فلان which others do not have) VI to be sincere toward one another, be honest with one another, be of pure intent toward one another VIII to choose, select (ه s.o.) X = VIII; to deem (هـ s.th.) clear or pure | استصفى ماله to realize all one’s assets; to confiscate s.o.’s property

صفو ṣafw clearness, clarity, limpidity, untroubledness, cloudlessness, serenity, purity, sheerness; happiness, felicity, pleasure, delight; clear, limpid; untroubled, undisturbed, serene, pure, sheer

صفوة ṣafwa the best, or choicest, part, prime, cream, flower, elite, quintessence

صفا ṣafan (coll.: n. un. صفاة ṣafāh pl. صفوات ṣafawāt) stone(s), rock(s)

صفوان ṣafwān stones, rocks

صفوة ṣifwa sincere friend, best friend, bosom friend

صفاء ṣafā’ clearness, clarity, limpidity, untroubledness, cloudlessness, serenity, purity, sheerness; happiness, felicity, serenity, gaiety, cheerfulness; sincerity, candor, honesty | ساعات صفاء pleasant time, delightful hours

صفى ṣafīy clear, limpid, untroubled, undisturbed, serene, cloudless, pure, sheer; (pl. اصفياء aṣfiyā’2) sincere friend, best friend, bosom friend

صفية ṣafīya pl. صفايا ṣalafīya leader’s share of the loot; lion’s share of the booty

مصفى maṣfan refinery

مصفى miṣfan sieve

مصفاة miṣfāh pl. مصاف maṣāfin strainer, colander, filter; strainer cloth; sieve; refinery, purification plant | مصفاة القهوة coffee filter, percolator

تصفية taṣfiya pl. -āt clarification, clearance, purification (also fig.); filtering, filtration; elimination (also in sports); settlement, straightening out, adjustment; clearing (com.); liquidation (com.); clearance sale | تصفية الحسابات t. al-ḥisābāt settlement of accounts; مأمور التصفية official receiver, receiver in equity

مصافاة muṣāfāh cordiality, concord, harmony; good will, sincere attitude or disposition

تصاف taṣāfin peaceful settlement, compromise (بين between)

اصطفاء iṣṭifā’ selection (also biol.)

استصطفاء istiṣfā’: اصطفاء الأموال sequestration of property

صاف ṣāfin clear, limpid; sheer, pure, straight, unmixed, undiluted, unadulterated; untroubled, undisturbed; serene; pure; net | صافى النية ṣ. an-nīya sincere, candid, openhearted; صافي الحمولة net tonnage; صافى الأرباح net profit

مصف muṣaffin official receiver, receiver in equity; clarifier, clarifying agent

مصفى muṣaffan purified, pure, clear, limpid, cloudless

مصطفى mušṭafan chosen, selected; المصطفى epithet of Mohammed

صفير ṣafīr sapphire

صقالة (It. scala) ṣaqāla pl. صقائل ṣaqā’il2 scaffold; gangway, gangplank

صقب III to approach (ه s.o.), go or come near (ه s.o.); to be neighbor (ه with s.o.), be adjacent (هـ to s.th.), adjoin (هـ s.th.)

O مصاقبة muṣāqaba affinity

1 صقر ṣaqr pl. صقور ṣuqūr, اصقر aṣqur saker, falcon, hawk

2 صاقور ṣaqūr stone axe

صقع ṣaqa‘a a (ṣaq‘, صقاع ṣuqā‘) to crow (rooster); pass. ṣuqi‘a to be covered with hoarfrost (ground) II to be icy, ice-cold, frozen

صقع ṣuq‘ pl. اصقاع aṣqā‘ area, region, country, district, locality, land | الأصقاع المتجمدة الجنوبية (mutajammida, janūbīya) the Antarctic

صقعة ṣaq‘a frost, severe cold

صقيع saqī‘ frost; ice; hoarfrost

اصقع asqa‘2 more eloquent

مصقع miṣqa‘ pl. مصاقع maṣāqi‘ eloquent; loud-voiced, having a stentorian voice

1 صقل ṣaqala u (ṣaql, صقال ṣiqāl) to smooth, polish, burnish, cut (هـ s.th.); to refine (هـ style, taste, and the like) VII to become smooth

صقل ṣaqala u polishing, burnishing | صقل الأذهان mental training

صقيل ṣaqīl polished, burnished; smooth, shiny, glossy

صقال ṣaqqāl polisher. smoother

صيقل ṣaiqal pl. -āt مصاقل maṣāqil2 polisher, smoother

مصقلة miṣqala pl. مصاقل maṣāqil2 burnisher (tool)

مصقول maṣqūl polished, burnished; cut (glass, and the like); acute, refined (wit)

2 صقالة look up alphabetically

صقلب ṣaqlab pl. صقالبة ṣaqāliba Slav

صقلية ṣiqillīya Sicily

2 صك ṣakka u (ṣakk) to beat, strike; to shut, lock (هـ the door) | صكت به الآذان his ears were tingling or ringing; صك سمعه (sam‘ahū) to strike s.o.’s ear (noise); to roar in s.o.’s ears VIII to knock together, shake, tremble, (knees), chatter (teeth)

2 صك ṣakk pl. صكوك ṣukūk, صكاك ṣikāk, اصك aṣukk (instrunlent of) contract (Isl. Law); legal instrument, document, deed; check, cheque

1 صلة see وصل

2 صل ṣalla i (صليل ṣalīl) to ring, clink, clank, clatter, rattle

صل ṣill pl. اصلال aṣlāl, صلال ṣilāl a variety of venomous adder, viper

صليل ṣalīl rattle, clatter, clash (e.g., of weapons), jingling (of coins)

1 صلب ṣaluba u (صلابة ṣalāba) and ṣaliba a to be or become hard, firm, solid, stiff, or rigid, solidify, harden, set, stiffen II to make hard, firm, solid, stiff, or rigid, harden, solidify, stiffen, indurate (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to support, prop, shore up (A s.th.); to harden (هـ the heart) V = I; to show o.s. hard or severe

صلب ṣulb hard, firm, solid, stiff, rigid; steel; -- (pl. اصلب aṣlub, اصلاب aṣlāb) spinal column, backbone; loins; -- text,

body (of a book, and the like) | صلب الرأي ṣ. ar-ra’y obstinate, stubborn, headstrong, opinionated; صلب الرقبة ṣ. ar-raqaba do.; صلب العود ṣ. al-‘ūd of robust physique, strongly built, husky, sturdy; stubborn, resistant, unbending, unyielding, relentless; هو ابن صلبه (ibn ṣulbihī) and هو من صلبه he is his own son, his offspring; درامة مستخرجة من صلب الحياة (mustakraja min ṣulbi l-ḥayāh) a drama taken from real life; في صلبه at heart, in his innermost

صلبة ṣulba: صلبة العين ṣ. al-4ain sclera (anat.)

صليب ṣalīb hard, firm, solid, stiff, rigid

صلابة ṣalāba hardness, callousness; hardening, induration; firmness, solidity, stiffness, rigidity; stubbornness, obstinacy, unyieldingness; intolerance | صلابة العود ṣ. al-‘ūd sternness, severity, hardness, obstinacy, stubbornness, inflexibility, relentlessness

تصلب taṣallub hardness, callousness, hardening | تصلب الشرابين t. aš-šarābīn arteriosclerosis

متصلب mutaṣallib unyielding, inflexible, relentless, hard

2 صلب ṣalaba i (ṣalb) to crucify (ه s.o.) II = I; to make the sign of the cross (على over); to cross o.s.; to cross, fold (هـ one’s arms)

صلب ṣulb crucifixion

صليب ṣalīb pl. صلبان ṣulbān, صلب ṣulub cross | الصليب الجنويب (janūbī) the Southern Cross (astron.); الصليب الأحمر the Red Cross; صليب معقوف swastika; شارة الصليب and اشارة الصليب sign of the cross (Chr.); عود الصليب ‘ūd aṣ-ṣ. peony (Paeonis; bot.)

صليبي ṣalībī: الحروب الصليبية the crusades; الصليبيون the crusaders

صلبوت ṣalbūt (representation of the) crucifixion, crucifix

مصلب muṣallab crossing, interjunction (of roads)

صلت ṣaluta u (صلوتة ṣulūta) to be glossy, be smooth and shining IV to draw, unsheathe (السيف as-saifa the sword); pass. uṣlita to be drawn (sword)

1 صلج ṣullaj (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. -āt cocoon, chrysalis of the silkworm

2 صولجان look up alphabetically

صلح ṣalaḥa u a (صلاح ṣalāḥ, صلوح ṣulūḥ, مصلحة maṣlaḥa) and ṣaluḥa u (صلاح ṣalāḥ, صلاحية ṣaāḥīya) to be good, right, proper, in order, righteous, pious, godly; to be well, thrive; to be usable, useful, practicable, serviceable, fitting, suitable, or appropriate (ل for), lend itself (ل to), suit, match (ل s.th.), fit (مع s.th. or s.o.), apply (مع to s.o. or s.th.); to be admissible, permissible (مع in, at, with); to be valid. hold true (ل for) II to put in order, settle, adjust, restore, restitute (هـ s.th.), make amends, compensate (هـ for); to mend, improve, ameliorate, fix, repair (هـ s.th.) III to make peace, become reconciled, make up, reach a compromise or settlement (ه with s.o.); to foster peace (بين between), reconcile (بين people) IV to put in order, settle, adjust (من or هـ s.th.), overhaul, restore, restitute, rebuild, reconstruct; to make amends, compensate (من or هـ for); to mend, improve, ameliorate, fix, repair (من or هـ s.th.); to make suitable or fitting, adjust, modify (هـ s.th.); to reform (من or هـ s.th.); to remove, remedy (من or هـ s.th.); to make arable or cultivable, reclaim, cultivate, till, (هـ land); to further, promote, encourage (ه s.o.), make (ه s.o.) thrive or prosper, bring good luck (ه to s.o.); to make peace (بين between), bring together (بين people), bring about an agreement (بين between), conciliate (بين people) VI to make peace, make up, become reconciled with one another VII to be put in order, be righted, be corrected, be improved, be ameliorated VIII = VI; to agree (على on), accept, adopt (على s.th.) X to deem (ه s.th.) good, proper, suitable, fitting, usable, useful, practicable, or serviceable; to make arable, cultivable, reclaim (هـ land)

صلح ṣulḥ peace, (re)conciliation, settlement, composition, compromise; peace (pol.), peacemaking, conclusion of peace | حاكم الصلح (Syr.) justice of the peace; قاضي الصلح do.; قضوية الصلح qaḍawīyat aṣ-ṣ. jurisdiction of the قاضي الصلح

صلحي ṣulḥī of peace, peace (adj.); arbitrative, arbitrational, arbitration (in compounds) | لجنة صلحية (lajna) arbitration committee

صلاح ṣalāḥ goodness, properness, rightness; usability, practicability, usefulness; righteousness, probity, piety, godliness

صلاحية ṣalāḥīya suitability, fitness, appropriateness, aptness; efficiency; usability, practicability, usefulness, use, worth; serviceability, proper or working condition (e.g., of a machine); competence; validity. applicability; (pl. -āt) full or mandatory power. power of attorney, also صلاحية تامة (tāmma) | جهات ذات صلاحية competent authorities; مطلق الصلاحية muṭlaq aṣ-ṣ. plenipotentiary (dipl.)

صلوحية ṣalūḥīya = صلاحية ṣalāḥīya

اصلح aṣlaḥ2 better, more proper, more correct; more pious, godlier; fitter, more suitable

مصلحة maṣlaḥa pl. مصالح maṣāliḥ2 matter, affair; requirement. exigency; that which is beneficial, helpful, or promoting; advantage, benefit, interest, good, welfare; office, authority, department, governmental agency, administration (chiefly Eg.) | مصلحة الآثار المصرية (miṣrīya) Administration of Egyptian Antiquities; مصالح الأمة m. al-umma the welfare of the people; مصلحة البريد postal administration; مصلحة الحدود administrative agency for the territories outside the cultivated area (Eg.); المصالح الحكومية (ḥukūmīya) the governmental agencies; مصلحة الصحة m. aṣ-ṣiḥḥa health office; المصلحة العامة (‘āmma) public welfare, commonweal; في مصلحة فلان in s.o.’s interest; في المصلحة والمفسدة (mafsada) in good and bad times, for better or for worse; لمصلحة فلان in s.o.’s favor, for the benefit of s.o., to s.o.’s advantage, on behalf of s.o., in s.o.’s interest; خدم مصالح فلان to serve s.o.’s interests

مصلحي maṣlaḥī administrational, official, governmental

تصليح taṣlīḥ restoration, restitution, mending, fixing, overhauling, repair, improvement, amelioration

مصالحة muṣālaḥa peace, conciliation; compromise; composition, settlement

اصلاح iṣlāḥ pl. -āt restoration, restitution, redressing, reparation; improvement, amelioration, betterment, mending, correction; reconstruction; reconditioning, repair; renovation, refurbishing; adjustment, settling, remedying, removal, elimination; restoration of order, establishment of peace, happiness and order; reformation, reform; reclamation, cultivation (of land); (re)conciliation, settlement, compromise, peacemaking (بين between)

اصلاحي iṣlāḥī reformatory, reformational, reform- (in compounds); reformer, reformist | معهد اصلاحي (ma‘had) reformatory, house of correction

اصلاحية iṣlāḥīya revisionism, reformism; (pl. -āt) reformatory, house of correction

تصالح taṣāluḥ (re)conciliation

اصطلاح iṣṭilāḥ pl. -āt agreement, convention, practice, usage; (colloquial, linguistic) usage; technical term, terminus technicus

اصطلاحي iṣṭilāḥī conventional; technical (of a term)

استصلاح istiṣlāḥ reclamation, cultivation

صالح ṣāliḥ good, right, proper, sound; thorough, substantial, downright, out-and-out, solid; virtuous, pious, devout, godly; usable, useful, practicable, serviceable, fitting, suitable, appropriate (ل for); (pl. صوالح ṣawāliḥ) advantage, benefit, interest, good, welfare | السلف الصالح (salaf) the worthy ancestors, the venerable forefathers; صالح السير (sair) passable, practicable (road); صالح للعمل (‘amal) fit for action, ready for use, serviceable, practicable; valid (ل for), applicable (ل to); الصالح العام (‘āmm) public welfare, commonweal; في صالح (with foll. genit.) in favor of, for the benefit of, to the advantage of, in the interest of s.o. or s.th.; لصالح do.; كان من صالحه it was in his interest; صوالح شخصية (šakṣīya) personal interests

الصالحات aṣ-ṣāliḥāt the good works, the good deeds

مصالح muṣāliḥ peacemaker, conciliator

مصلح muṣliḥ peacemaker, conciliator; reformer, reformist; salt

مصطلح muṣṭalaḥ and مصطلح عليه generally accepted, universally followed, commonly established, conventional, customary; (pl. -āt technical term, terminus techniques

صلد ṣalada (صلادة ṣalāda, صلودة ṣulūda) to be or become hard, firm, solid, compact (ground) IV = I

صلد ṣald pl. اصلاد aṣlād hard, firm, solid, dry, barren, arid (ground); rigid, lifeless, inert

صلودة ṣulūda hardness, firmness, solidity (of the ground)

صلصة (It. salsa) ṣalṣa pl. -āt and صلص sauce | صلصة مايونيز mayonnaise

صلصل ṣalṣala to ring, clink, clank; to clatter, rattle, II taṣalṣala do.

صلصلة ṣalṣala clank(ing), clatter(ing), clash, rattle

صلصال ṣalsāl dry clay, argillaceous earth

مصلطح muṣalṭaḥ = مسلطح shallow, shoal, flat

صلع ṣali‘a a (ṣala‘) to be bald

صلع ṣala‘ baldness

صلعة ṣul‘a, ṣala‘a bald pate, bald head

اصلع aṣla‘2, صلعاء ṣal‘ā’2, pl. صلع ṣul‘, صلعان ṣul‘ān bald(-headed)

صلعم abbreviation of the eulogy following the name of the Prophet Mohammed: صلى الله عليه وسلم (ṣallā, ṣallam) God bless him and grant him salvation!

صلف ṣalifa a (ṣalaf) to boast, brag, bluster, swagger V = I

صلف ṣalaf vainglory, bragging, boasting, conceit, arrogance, pomposity, self-importance

صلف ṣalif pl. صلفاء ṣulafā’2 vainglorious, bragging, boastful, showing off, pompous, blustering, swagering; braggart, boaster, show-off, swaggerer, fourflusher

تصلف taṣalluf vainglory, bragging, boasting, conceit, arrogance, pomposity, self-importance

متصلف mutaṣallif vainglorious, bragging, boastful, showing off, pompous, blustering, swagering

صلو II to perform the salat (صلوة see below), pray, worship | صلى بالناس to lead people in prayer; صلى على to pray for; (of God) to bless s.o.: صلى الله عليه وسلم (sallam) God bless him and grant him salvation! (eulogy after the name of the Prophet Mohammed)

صلوة , صلاة ṣalāh pl. صلوات ṣalawāt salat, the official Islamic prayer ritual; intercession, intercessory prayer, benediction; blessing, grace (of God) |الصلاة الربانية (rabbānīyra) the Lord’s prayer; صلاة التراويح a prayer performed during the nights of Ramadan; صلاة الستار vesper prayer (Chr.)

مصل muṣallin prayer, worshiper

مصلى muṣallan place of prayer, oratory

صلون ṣalūn salon, parlor, reception room

صلى ṣallā i (ṣaly) to roast, broil, fry (هـ s.th.); -- ṣaliya a (ṣalan, ṣulīy, صلاء ṣilā’) to burn (intr.; ب or هـ in); to be exposed to the blaze of (ب or هـ ) II to warm, heat (ب هـ s.th. with or on) IV = II (هـ هـ s.th. on or with); to make (ه s.o.) burn (هـ in. esp. النار in the fire) | اصلاه نارا من الغيرة (gaira) to make s.o. undergo the most excruciating pangs of jealousy; اصلاه نارا to set s.th. on fire; to fire at s.o. or s.th. (mil.) V to warm o.s., seek warmth (ب at, by, بالنار by the fire) VIII = V|لا يصطلى بناره (yuṣṯalā bi-nārihī) invincible, a great hero

مصطلى muṣṯalan fireplace

صم ṣamma (1st pers. perf. ṣamimtu) a (ṣamm, صمم ṣamam) to be or become deaf; -- ṣamma (1st pers. perf. ṣamamtu) u (ṣamm) to close, plug, cork, stopper (هـ s.th., e.g., a bottle) II to deafen (ه s.o.); to make up one’s mind (على to do s.o.); to make up one’s mind (على to do s.th.), determine (على upon, to do s.th.), resolve, be determined (على to do s.th.), decide (على on, to do s.th.); to persist (على in); to deoign (هـ s.th.); to plan (هـ s.th.), design (هـ ل s.th. for) IV to be or become deaf; to deafen (ه s.o.), make (. s.o.) deaf (هـ, عن to s.th.) VI to give a deaf ear (عن to)

صمة ṣimma plug, cork, stopper

صمم deafness |كان في صمم عن to be deaf to s.th.

صمام ṣimām pl. -āt plug, cork, stopper; valve, tube (radio) | صمام الأمان (الأمن ) s. al-amān (al-amn) safety valve; O صمام التقويم rectifier tube; رفع الصمام عن to let s.th. take its course, give free rein to s.th. (also to a feeling)

O صمامة ṣammāma embolism (med.)

صميم ṣamīm innermost, heart; core, essence, marrow, pith; true, sincere, genuine | من صميم القلب (ṣ. il-qalb) from the bottom of the heart, wholeheartedly, most sincerely; في صميم amid, in; ضربه في الصميم to affect s.o. to the very core, touch s.o. most deeply

صميمي cordial, hearty

اصم aṣamm2, f. صماء ṣammā’2, pl. صم ṣumm, صمان ṣummān deaf; hard and solid, massive (rock); الأصم the deaf one, epithet of the month of Rajab | فعل اصم (fi‘l) triliteral verb with identical second and third radical, verbum mediae geminatae (gram.); اصم اصلخ (aṣlak) stone-deaf; جذر اصم (jadr) irrational or surd root (math.), آلة صماء willing tool

تصميم taṣmīm determination (على for, to do s.th.), resolution, decision; resolute action; tenacious pursuit (of a plan); planning, projecting; design, designing (e.g., of a dress); (pl. –āt, تصاميم taṣāmīm2) plan; design; sketch|من تصميم فلان designed by so-and so

مصمم muṣammim determined (على to do s.th.)|مصمم الازياء fashion creator, designer

صمت ṣamata u (ṣamt, صموت ṣumūt) to be silent, be taciturn, hold one’s tongue, hush up, be or become quiet or still II to silence (ه s.o.) IV = II

صمت ṣamt silence | في صمت silently, quietly

صموت ṣumūt silence; pl. of act. participle صامت

صموت ṣamūt silent, taciturn

صامت ṣāmit pl. صموت ṣumūt silent | سينما صامتة silent film

مصمت muṣammat uniform (color); plain, unpatterned, blank (wall); uniform in texture, made of a single material; massive, solid, not hollow, compact

صماخ ṣimàk pl. اصمخة aṣmika auditory meatus

صمد ṣamada u (ṣamd) to betake o.s., repair, go (هـ, ه or ل or الى to, into, toward), to turn, apply o.s. (هـ or ل or الى to s.th.); -- (صمود ṣumūd) to defy, hrave, withstand (في وجهه fī wajhihī or ل s.o., s.th.), to stand up (في وجهه or ل against s.o. or s.th.), resist, oppose (في وجهه or الى s.o. or s.th.); to hold out (في وجهه or ل against); -- i to close, plug, cork, stopper (هـ s.th., e.g., a bottle) II to betake o.s., repair, go (ه to s.o., هـ to, toward), to close, plug, cork, stopper (هـ s.th., e.g., a bottle), to save, lay by (money) III to come to blows, fight (ه with s.o.)

صمد ṣamad lord; eternal, everlasting (epithet of God)

صمدانى ṣamadānī eternal, everlasting

صمادة ṣimāda (ir.) headcloth (worn by men)

صمصم ṣamṣama to persist (فى in)

صومعة ṣauma‘a pl. صوامع ṣawāmi‘2 monk’s cell, hermitage; silo (for grain storage); (mor.) minaret

صمغ II to gum (هـ s.th.); to paste, glue (هـ s.th.) IV to exude gum (tree)

صمغ samg pl. صموغ ṣumūg gum, resin | صمغ سائل mucilage; صمغ عربي (‘arabī) gum arabic; صمغ اللك s. al-lakk shellac; صمغ مرن (marin) rubber, caoutchouc; صمغ هندي (hindī) do.; شجر الصمغ šajar aṣ-ṣ. rubber trees

صمغي ṣamgī gummy, gummiferous, gumlike, mucilaginous

تصميغ taṣmīg gumming; resinification

1 صمل ṣamala u (ṣaml) to be firm, be hard, hold one’s ground, stand firm, hold out, last, endure

صمل ṣaml rigidity, stiffness, | صمل جيفي (jīfī) rigor mortis

2 صمولة ṣamūla pl. صوامل ṣawāmil2, صامولة ṣāmūla pl. صواميل ṣawāmīl2 nut (of a bolt), rivet

صملاخ ṣimlāk pl. صماليخ ṣamālīk2 earwax, cerumen

صمى IV to deal (ه s.o.) a fatal blow, to hit (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) fatally | رمى فاصمى ramā fa-aṣmā to shoot and hit, shoot dead on the spot

صن ṣann basket

صنة ṣinna odor emanating from the armpit

صنان ṣunān odor emanating from the armpit

صنارة ṣinnāra pl. صنانير ṣanānīr2 hook, fishhook

صنبور ṣanbūr pl. صنابير ṣanābīr2 (water) faucet, tap

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صنتيم ṣantīm pl. -āt centime (1/100 franc)

1 صنج ṣanj pl. صنوج ṣunūj cymbal (mus.)

2 صنجة ṣinja =1 سنجة

3 صنجات ṣanajāt castanets

صنجقية ṣanjaqīya see سنجق

صنديد ṣindīd pl. صناديد ṣanādīd leader, notable; brave, valiant

صندوق ṣundūq, ṣandūq pl. صناديق ṣanādīq2 crate, box; chest; trunk, suitcase; case, cabinet; money box; till, coffer; pay office, treasurer’s office; any public institution where funds are deposited and disbursed for a special purpose (e.g., sick fund, health insurance, etc.) | صندوق البريد post-office box; صندوق المكاتب mailbox; صندوق النقد الدولي ṣ. an-naqd ad-duwalī International Monetary Fund; صندوق التوفير savings bank; ابو الصندوق (eg.) hunchback; امين الصندوق treasurer; دفتر الصندوق daftar aṣ-ṣ. cashbook

صندل ṣandal sandalwood; sandals; (pl. صنادل ṣanādil2) (freight) barge; lighter, barge

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1 صنع ṣana‘a a (ṣan‘, ṣun‘, صنيع ṣanī‘) to do, make (هـ s.th.); to arrange, stage, put on (هـ s.th.); to produce, build, manufacture, fabricate, design (هـ s.th.); to work, treat, process (هـ s.th.) | صنع اليه معروفا to do s.o. a favor; صنع معه جميلا do.; صنع به هـ to do s.th. to s.o.; صنع به صنيعا قبيحا to do s.o. a dirty trick II to industrialize (هـ s.th.) ill to cooperate, go along (هـ, ه with); to flatter, cajole (ه s.o.); to bribe (ب ه s.o. with) V to pretend, feign, stimulate, fake, sham, affect (هـ s.th.); to speak or write in an artificial, affected, stilted, or mannered way; to use means for enhancing her beauty (woman) VIII to order, commission (هـ s.th.); to create (هـ s.th.) synthetically; to produce, manufacture, make, fabricate (هـ s.th.); to pretend, feign, fake, assume falsely (هـ s.th.); to invent (هـ s.th.); to make (ل ه s.th. into), take, use (ل هـ s.th. for); to commit, bind (ل ه s.o. to) X to have (ه s.o.) make (هـ s.th.)

صنع ṣan‘, ṣan‘ production, manufacture, fabrication, making, design, make, workmanship | صنع اليد ṣ. al-yad handwork; بديع الصنع badī‘ aṣ-ṣan‘ of wonderful workmanship

صنعي ṣan‘ī artificial, synthetic

صنع ṣun‘ benefit, favor

صنعة ṣan‘a work, workmanship, making, manufacture, fabrication; art; technical skill, artistic skill; work, craft, trade, business, occupation, vocation, profession |صاحب الصنعة artisan, craftsman; expert, specialist

صناع ṣanā‘: صناع اليد ṣ. al-yad skillful, skilled, dexterous, deft

صناعة ṣinā‘a pl. -āt, صنائع ṣanā’i‘2 art, skill; occupation, vocation, calling, business, profession; handicraft; trade, craft; industry; pl. branches of industry, industries | صناعة شريفة honorable, respectable trade; ارباب الصناعات the artisans, craftsmen; رجل الصناعة rajul aṣ-ṣ. industrialist; اصحاب الصنائع والحرف (ḥiraf) artisans and tradesmen

صنائعي ṣanā’i‘ī artificial, synthetic, imitation; workmanlike, handicraft, trade (adj.); industrial; artisan, craftsman

صناعي ṣinā‘ī artificial, synthetic, imitation; workmanlike, handicraft, trade (adj.); industrial | سر صناعي (sirr) industrial secret; الفن الصناعي (fann) applied arts, artistic handicraft

صنيع ṣanī‘ action, acting, doing; act, deed; fact; good deed, benefit, favor; charge, protégé; creature, willing tool; meal, repast, banquet

صنيعة ṣanī‘a pl. صنائع ṣanā’i‘2 action, deed; good deed, good turn, benefit, favor; charge, protégé; creature, willing tool

مصنع maṣna‘ pl. مصانع maṣāni‘2 factory, plant, mill, works; establishment, firm; مصانع also: large structures, installations, man-made works | ارباب (اصحاب) المصانع manufacturers, industrialists

مصنعية maṣna‘īya wages, pay

تصنيع taṣnī‘ industrialization

تصنع taṣannu‘ hypocrisy, dissimulation, dissemblement; affectedness affectation, mannerism

اصطناع iṣṭinā‘ production, making

اصطناعي iṣṭinā‘ī artificial, synthetic, imitation

صانع ṣāni‘ pl. صناع ṣunnā‘ maker, producer, manufacturer, creator; artisan, craftsman; worker, workman, laborer; servant

مصنوع product, produce; pl. مصنوعات (industrial) products, produce, articles, manufactured goods

متصنع mutaṣanni‘ subtilizing, overrefining; affected, stilted, mannered

مصطنع muṣṭana‘ artificial, synthetic; affected, simulated, imitated, sham,

bogus, phony | مفتاح مصطنع (miftāḥ) duplicate key, masterkey

2 صنعاء ṣan‘ā’ San‘a (capital of Yemen)

صنف II to sort, assort, classify, categorize (هـ s.th.); to compile, compose, write (هـ a book)

صنف ṣanf, ṣinf pl. اصناف aṣnāf, صنوف ṣunūf kind, sort, specimen; article (com.); genus, species, class, category; sex; صنفا in kind (as oppose to: in cash)

تصنيف taṣnīf classification. Categorization, sorting, assorting; compilation, composition, writing; (pl. تصانيف taṣānīf2) literary work

تصنيفة taṣnīfa assortment, selection

مصنف muṣannif author, writer

مصنف muṣannaf pl. -āt literary work

صنفر ṣanfara to rub with sandpaper, to sandpaper, to emery (هـ s.th.)

صنفر ṣanfar and صنفرة ṣanfara emery

صنم ṣanam pl. اصنام aṣnām idol, image

صنو ṣinw pl. صنوان ṣinwān, اصناء aṣnā’ one of two, twin brother

صنوبر ṣanaubar stone pine (Pinus pinea; bot.) | حب الصنوبر ḥabb aṣ-ṣ. pine nut, pinon

صنوبري ṣanaubarī pine (adj.). piny, pine-like; pineal | الغدة الصنوبرية (gudda) pineal gland

صه ṣah pst! hush! quiet!

صهب IX and XI iṣhābba to be or become reddish, red-brown

اصهب aṣhab2, f. صهباء ṣahhbā’2, pl. صهب ṣuhb reddish; الصهباء wine

صهد ṣahada a (ṣahd) to scorch, parch, burn (هـ ه s.o., s.th., esp. of the sun)

صهد ṣahd beat

صهيد ṣahīd scorching beat, blaze

صهود ṣuhūd scorching heat, blaze

صهر ṣahara a (ṣahr) to melt, fuse, smelt (هـ s.th.) III to become related by marriage (في or ه to s.o.) IV to become related by marriage (الى or ب to s.o.) VI to be related by marriage VII to melt, fuse; to melt away, vanish, break (intr.)

صهر ṣihr relationship by marriage; -- (pl. اصهار aṣhār) husband of one’s daughter, son-in-law; husband of one’s sister, brother-in-law

صهير ṣahīr molten, in fusion

مصاهر maṣāhir2 (pl.) smelting furnaces; blast furnaces

O مصهر miṣhar pl. -āt fuse (el.)

مصاهرة muṣāhara relationship by marriage; O affinity

انصهار inṣihār melting process | O سلك الانصهار الواقى silk al-ins. al-wāqī fuse (el.)

صهريج ṣihrīj, ṣahrīj صهاريج ṣahārīj2 cistern; large (water) container, tank

صهل ṣahala a i (صهيل ṣahīil) to whinny, neigh (horse)

صهيل ṣahīl whinny(ing), neighing

صهوة ṣahwa pl. ṣahawāt, صهاء ṣihā’ back (of a horse)

صهيون ṣahyūn2, also ṣihyaun2 Zion

صهيوني ṣahyūnī, ṣihyaunī Zionistic, Zionist

صهيونية ṣahyūnīya, ṣihyaunīya Zionism

1 صاب (صوب ) ṣāba u (ṣaub, صيبوبة ṣaibūba) to hit (هـ s.th., the target); to be right, hold true, be to the point, hit the mark, be pertinent, be apposite (opinion) | صاب ام اقلع (am aqla‘a) by all means, under all circumstances II to direct, fix (الى هـ s.th., also, e.g., the glance on, to), aim, point, train (الى هـ s.th. at or on); to agree (ه with s.o.), concur (هـ, ه with s.o., in s.th.), consent, assent (هـ to s.th.), approve (هـ of s.th.), sanction (هـ s.th.) IV to hit (هـ a target); to attain, reach, achieve (هـ s.th., e.g., end, purpose); to reach out (هـ for s.th., of the hand); to get, obtain, win, gain (هـ e.g., a fortune), acquire (هـ s.th.ه e.g.ه a certain amount of knowledge); to have, eat (هـ a snack); to take (هـ a meal); to befall (ه s.o.), fall (ه upon s.o.), happen (ه to s.o.); to allot (ب ه to s.o. s.th.), bestow (ب ه upon s.o. s.th.), make (ب s.th.) fall to s.o.’s (ه ) lot; to cause losses (من to s.o.); to be right, be in the right; to do the right thing, hit the mark; to do right, properly (ه s.th., expressed by a verbal noun); to say the right word; pass اصيب uṣība to be stricken, attacked, afflicted (ب by a disease, and the like); to be killed | اصاب اصابات (iṣābāt) to score, make goals (in sports); اصاب في عمله (‘amalihī) to do right, act properly; اصيب بجراح to incur multiple wounds; اصيب بخسارة (bi-kasāratin) to suffer a loss; اصيب اصابة شديدة (iṣābatan) to be hard hit, be grievously afflioted X استوصب istauṣaba to approve (ه of s.th.), sanction (هـ s.th.)

صوب ṣaub direction, quarter; that which is right, proper, or correct; ṣauba (prep.) in the direction of, toward, to | من كل حدب وصوب (ḥadabin) or من كل صوب وحدب or من كل فج وحدب (fajjin) from all sides, from all directions, from all quarters, from everywhere; في كل صوب وحدب every place, everywhere, all over, in all quarters

صيب ṣayyib rain cloud

صابة ṣāba pl. -āt harvest (tun.)

صواب ṣawāb that which is right, proper, or correct; right, proper, or correct; rightness, correctness, properness; reason, intellect, mind, consciousness; صوابا ṣawāban rightly, justly | هو على الصواب he is right; سلك طريق الصواب والحق (ḥaqq) to act in exactly the right manner, pursue the right course; رجع (فاء) الى صوابه to regain one’s reason, get back to one’s senses, become reasonable again; اضاع صوابه, فقد صوابه to lose one’s mind; غاب عن صوابه to lose consciousness; غائب عن صوابه unconscious, senseless

اصوب aṣwab2 more pertinent, more apropos, more apposite, more proper, more correct

اصوبية aṣwabīya advisability, expediency

تصويب taṣwīb aiming; turning, pointing; (pl. -āt) correction, rectification

اصابة isāba pl. -āt hit; goal, score (in sports); injury, wound; state or process of being afflicted (by a disease), (attack of) illness, sickness; accident | اصابة العمل i. al-‘amal industrial accident; محل الاصابة maḥall al-i. scene of the accident

استصواب istiṣwāb approval

صائب ṣā’ib pertinent, apropos, apposite, right, correct; suited, appropriate

مصيب muṣīb pertinent, apropos, apposite, right, correct; suited, appropriate

مصيبة muṣība pl. -āt, مصائب maṣā’ib2 misfortune, calamity, disaster

مصاب muṣāb stricken, befallen, attacked, afflicted (ب by); injured, wounded, sick, ill; wounded person, casualty; victim of an accident; misfortune, calamity, disaster |مصاب اليم grievous misfortune, mournful event, death

2 صوبة (Turk. soba) ṣōbe stove (syr.)

صات (صوت ) ṣāta u a (ṣāut) to ring, sound, make a noise or sound; to raise one’s voice, about II = I; to vote, cast ballots (at an election)

صوت ṣaut pl. اصوات aṣwāt sound (also phon.); voice; tone, strain; melody, tune; noise; fame, renown; vote; pl. interjections (gram.) | بعد الصوت bu‘d aṣ-ṣ. fame, celebrity; رجع الصوت raj‘ aṣ-ṣ. echo, reverberation; علم الأصوات ‘ilm al-a. phonetics; قوة الصوت qūwat aṣ-ṣ. volume, intensity (radio); بصوت مسموع audibly; بصوت عال aloud; بصوت واطئ (wāṭi’) softly, in a low voice, under one’s breath

صوتي ṣautī sonant, sound- (in compounds), vocal, sonic, acoustic; resounding, resonant, sonorous; phonetic

صوتيات ṣautīyāt phonetics

صوات ṣuwāt crying, shouting, clamor

صيت ṣīt (good) repute, standing, prestige; fame, renown; celebrity, famousness | بعد الصوت bu‘d as.-ṣ. fame, celebrity; ذائع الصيت famous, celebrated, well-known

صيت sayyit loud-voiced, having a stentorian voice; O loud-speaker (Syr.)

O مصوات miṣwāt microphone

تصويت taṣwīt voting, vote, casting of ballots, polling (election)

صائت ṣā’it sound- (in compounds) | O سينما صائتة sound film

مصوت muṣawwit voter; entitled to vote, franchised

صاج look up alphabetically

صوح II to dry (هـ s.th.)

مصوح muṣawwaḥ withered, dried (herb, etc.)

1 صاخ (صوخ ) ṣāka u = ساخ sāka u

2 صوخ IV to listen, lend one’s ear (الى or ل to s.o., to s.th.)

صاد name of the letter ص

صودا soda | صودا كاوية (kāwiya) caustic soda, sodium hydroxide; نترات الصودا (nitrāt) sodium nitrate

صوديوم (Lat. sodium) sodium

صور II to form, shape, mold, fashion, create (هـ s.th.); to paint, draw, sketch (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to illustrate (with drawings or pictures, هـ s.th.); to make a picture (هـ, ه of s.o., of s.th.); to photograph (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to represent, portray (هـ s.th., fig.) | صور له (ṣuwwira) it appeared to him, seemed to him V = pass. of II; to imagine, fancy, conceive (هـ s.th.); to think (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) to be s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ); to seem, appear, look (ل to s.o.) | لا يتصور العقل (‘aqlu) unimaginable, inconceivable, unthinkable

صور ṣūr horn, bugle; see also below

صورة ṣūra pl. صور ṣuwar form, shape; pictorial representation, illustration; image, likeness, picture; figure, statue; replica; copy, carbon copy, duplicate; manner, mode; ṣūratan formally | صورة جامعة total picture, overall picture; صورة متحركة (mutaḥarrika) motion picture, film; دار الصور المتحركة , motion-picture theater, cinema; صورة شمسية (šamsīya) photograph; صورة طبق الأصل (ṭibqa l-aṣl) true copy; exact replica (fig.); undistorted picture; صورة مكبرة (mukabbara) enlargement, blowup (phot.); في صورة الآدميين in human shape; بصورة جلية (jalīya) obviously, evidently; بصورة محسوسة perceptibly, tangibly, palpably; بصورة خاصة (kāṣṣa) especially, particularly; بصورة عامة (‘āmma) generally, in general; بصورة مكبرة (mukabbara) increasingly, on a larger scale, to an increasing degree; بصورة ملحوظة noticeably, markedly; على صورة كيميائية (kīmiyā’īya) chemically, by chemical means; في صورة ما اذا in case that ..., if; في صورة مصغرة (muṣaggara) on a reduced scale, in miniature

صوري ṣūrī, ṣūwarī formal; superficial; false, sham, deceptive, fallacious; artificial, fictitious, seeming, fancied, imaginary

تصوير taṣwīr drawing, sketching; representation, portrayal, depiction; illustration; painting; photography, also التصوير الشمسي (šamsī); take (in motion picture taking) | آلة التصوير camera

تصويرة taṣwīra pl. تصاوير taṣāwīr2 pictorial representation, image, picture, illustration

تصور taṣawwur pl. -āt imagination (also philos.), fancy, fantacy, idea; conception, concept (philos.)

تصوري taṣawwurī existing in imagination only, imaginary, fancied, fictitious | O الذهب التصوري (madhab) idealism (as a philosophical school)

مصور muṣawwir pl. -āt former, shaper, fashioner, creator; painter; photographer; cameraman (motion pictures); draftsman, commercial artist, illustrator | مصور الكائنات the Creator of the Universe; المصور الكهربائي للقلب (kahrabā’ī, qalb) electrocardiograph

مصورة muṣawwira camera

مصور muṣawwar illustrated; -- (pl. -āt) photographer’s studio; motion-picture studio | مصور الجغرافيا m. al-jugrāfiyā atlas

2 صور ṣūr2 Tyre (town in S Lebanon)

1 صوص ṣūṣ pl. صيصان ṣīṣān chicken, chick (syr.)

2 صوصي ṣauṣī (eg.) to peep, cheep, squeak

صوع VII to turn on one’s heel; to obey, yield, give in, submit (ل to s.o. to s.th.)

صاع ṣā‘ pl. اصوع aṣwu‘, اصواع aṣwā‘, صيعان ṣī‘ān saa, a cubic measure of varying magnitude | بصاع صاعا tit for tat; رد له الصاع صاعين (radda, ṣā‘ain) or to pay s.o. back

twofold, bring double retaliation on s.o.

صاعة ṣā‘a salon, parlor, reception room

1 صاغ (صوغ ) ṣāga u (ṣaug, ṣiyāga) to form, shape, mold, fashion, create (هـ s.th.); to formulate (هـ s.th.); to coin (هـ a word); to fabricate, invent, make up (هـ a lie) | صاغ الذهب والفضة (dahab, fiḍḍa) to work in gold and silver, practice the art of goldsmithing

صوغ ṣaug forming, shaping, molding, fashioning, creating

صيغة sīga forming, shaping, molding, fashioning, creating; -- (pl. صيغ ṣiyag) shape, form; external form; wording, text, version (e.g., of a letter, of a treaty); formula (in general, also math., chem.); jewelry, gold and silver articles; (gram.) form | صيغة الفاعل the active (gram.); صيغة المفعول the passive (gram.); بصيغة حاسمة in a decided form, in no uncertain terms

صياغة ṣiyāga composing, drafting, wording, forming, formulation, fashioning, molding, shaping; goldsmithery, goldsmithing

مصاغ maṣāg jewelry, jewels, gold and silver articles

صائغ ṣā’ig pl. صياغ ṣuyyāg, صاغة ṣāga, صواغ ṣuwwāg goldsmith, jeweler

مصوغات maṣūgāt gold and silver jewelry, goldsmithery, jewelry

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صوف ṣūf pl. اصواف aṣwāf wool

صوفي ṣūfī of wool, woolen; Islamic mystic, Sufi

صوفية ṣūfiya Sufi way of life; الصوفية Sufism (Islamic mysticism)

صوفان ṣūfān tinder, touchwood, punk

صوفانة ṣūfāna tinder, touchwood, punk

صواف ṣawwāf wool merchant

التصوف at-taṣawwuf Sufism (Islamic mysticism), the Sufi way of life; mysticism

المتصوفة al-mutaṣawwifa the Sufis, members of Sufi communities, mystics

صوفيا ṣōfiyā Sofia (capital of Bulgaria)

1 صال (صول )ṣāla u (ṣaul, صولة ṣaula, صيال ṣiyāl) to spring, jump, leap (على on), attack, assault (على s.o.) II to pan, wash out (هـ grain, gold) III to vie, compete (هـ with s.o.)

صولة ṣaula pl. -āt attack, assault; force, tyranny, despotism, arbitrariness

2 صول (Turk. sol) approx.: sergeant major, technical sergeant (Eg.) | صول التعليم approx.: master sergeant; صول التعيين approx.: quartermaster sergeant (mil.)

صولجان ṣaulajān pl. صوالجة ṣawāllija staff with a curved end; polo mallet; scepter, mace

صام (صوم ) ṣāma u (ṣaum, صيام ṣiyām) to abstain (عن from s.th.); to abstain from food, drink, and sexual intercourse; to fast

صوم ṣaum abstention, abstinence, abstemiousness; fasting, fast; الصوم fasting during the month of Ramadan, one of the five principal duties of the Muslim | الصوم الكبير the Great Fast = Lent (Chr.); عيد صوم الغفران ‘īd ṣ. al-gufrān Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement (Jud.)

صيام ṣiyām fasting, fast

صيامي ṣiyāmī Lenten fare

صائم ṣā’im pl. -ūn, صوم ṣuwwam, صيم ṣuyyam, صيام ṣiyām fasting (adj.); faster, one who fasts

الصومال aṣ-ṣomāl Somaliland

صومالي ṣomalī Somali (adj. and n.)

صومعة ṣauma‘a see صمع

صان (صون ) ṣāna I (ṣaun, صيانة ṣiyāna) to preserve, conserve, keep, retain, maintain, sustain, uphold (هـ s.th.); to maintain (هـ e.g., a machine, an automobile); to protect, guard, safeguard, keep, save (عن هـ ه s.o., s.th. from); to defend (عن هـ, ه s.o., s.th. against) V to uphold one’s honor, live chastely, virtuously (woman); to shut o.s. off; seclude o.s. protect o.s.

صون ṣaun, preservation, conservation, guarding, keeping; susten(ta)tion, upholding; maintenance, upkeep, care; protection, safeguard(ing), securing, defense; chastity, respectability | صاحبة الصون honorary title or ladies of high social standing

صوان ṣiwān, ṣuwān pl. اصونة aṣwina cupboard, case

صوان ṣawwan (coll.; n. un. ة ) flint; granite

صواني ṣawwānī: ادوات صوانية (adawāt) flint implements

صيانة ṣiyāna = صون ṣaun | ملك الصيانة malak aṣ-ṣ. guardian angel (Chr.)

صائن ṣā’in preserver, sustainer, maintainer, keeper, guardian, protector; protective

مصون maṣūn well-protected, well-kept, guarded, sheltered; chaste, virtuous (woman); also an epithet for women

صوة ṣūwa pl. صوى ṣuwan stone landmark, trail mark

صوى ṣawā i (ṣuwīy) and ṣawiya a (ṣawan) and II to dry up, wither, wilt; -- ṣawā to peep, cheep, squeak, chirp, screech

صيت see صوت

صاح (صيح ) ṣāḥa i (ṣaiḥ, صياح ṣiyāḥ) to cry, yell, shout; to scream, screech; to crow; to utter, let out (صيحة ṣaiḥatan a cry); to call out (ب to s.o.), shout, bellow, bawl (في or على at s.o.) II to cry out (loud), roar, bellow, bawl VI to shout at one another, call out to one another; to clamor, raise a din

صيح ṣaiḥ crying, clamor

صيحة ṣaiḥa (n. vic.) pl. -āt cry, outcry, shout | صيحة الحرب ṣ. al-ḥarb battle cry, war cry; ارسل صيحات (arsala) to utter cries; صاح صيحة to utter a cry; على صيحة within shouting distance; ذهب صيحة في واد (ṣaiḥatan) to die unheard (call)

صياح ṣiyāḥ crying, clamor, cry, outcry; cry of a bird

صياح ṣayyāḥ crier, loud-mouthed person; noisy, clamorous, vociferous, crying

تصايح taṣāyuḥ crying, clamor, roar, bellow(ing)

1 صاد (صيد ) ṣāda i (ṣaid) to catch (in a trap), trap (هـ game); to hunt (هـ game); to hunt down (هـ game); to catch (هـ fish) V to hunt for prey; to hunt down (s.th.); to catch (هـ s.th.); VIII = I | اصطاد في الماء العكر (‘akir) to fish in troubled waters

صيد ṣaid hunting, hunt; angling, fishing (also صيد السمك ṣ. as-samak); game, venison, prey, quarry | من صيد خياله (ṣ. kayālihī) dreamed up by him, a product of his fantasy (of a story)

صياد ṣayyād pl. -āt hunter; fisher | صياد السمك ṣ. as-samak fisher, fisherman; kingfisher (zool.)

صيداء ṣaidā’ Sidon (city in Lebanon)

مصيدة miṣyada pl. مصايد maṣāyid2 trap, snare; net; hunting or fishing implement

مصيدة maṣyada pl. مصايد maṣāyid2 fishery, fishing grounds (also مصيد الأسماك )

2 صاد ṣād name or the letter ص

صيدلية ṣaidalīya apothecary’s trade; pharmacy, pharmacology

صيدلي ṣaidalī pl. صيادلة ṣayādila pharmacist, druggist, apothecary

صيدلاني ṣaidalānī pharmacist, druggist, apothecary

صيدلية ṣaidalīya pl. -āt pharmacy; drugstore

صيدليات ṣaidalīyāt drugs, pharmaceutics

صار (صير ) ṣāra i (ṣair, صيرورة ṣairūra, مصير maṣīr) to become (هـ s.th.); (with foll. imperf.) to begin, commence, start to ..., come to ..., get to ..., get into a situation where ..., get to the point where ...; to set in, occur, happen, come to pass, take place; to fall to s.o.’s (ل ) lot, befall (ل s.o.); to betake o.s., come, get (عند or الى to); to arrive (الى at); to end, wind up (الى with), result (الى in); صار به الى to lead, bring s.o. or s.th. to; يصار الى (yuṣāru) one proceeds to ..., one will eventually..., one will wind up with II to induce (ه s.o.) to become (هـ s.th.), make (هـ ه s.o. into s.th., out of s.o. s.th.)

صير ṣīr crack (of the door); small salted fish

صيرورة ṣairūra (act or process of) becoming, development; end, outcome, upshot, result

مصير maṣīr development, progress (e.g., of work); -- (pl. مصاير maṣāyir2) place at which one arrives; end, outcome, upshot, issue, result; fate, destiny, lot; life; see also under مصر | تقرير المصير self-determination (pol.); مصير كل حي m. kull ḥayyin the way of all flesh

تصيير taṣyīr cession, transfer (jur.)

صيصية ṣīṣiya pl. صياص ṣayāṣin spur of the rooster

صيغة see صوغ

صاف (صيف ) ṣāfa i (ṣaif) to be summery; to spend the summer, estivate (هـ or ب in) | صاف الزمان ام شتا (zamānu am šatā) at all times, under all circumstances II, V, VIII = I

صيف ṣaif pl. اصياف aṣyāf summer

صيفي ṣaifī summery, estival, summer (adj.) | توقيت صيفي daylight-saving time

مصيف maṣīf pl. مصايف maṣāyif2 summer residence, summer resort; rest center, holiday camp

اصتياف iṣtiyāf summering, summer vacationing

صائفة ṣā’ifa summer(time)

مصطاف muṣṭāf summer resort; (pl. -ūn) vacationist, summer visitor

الصين aṣ-ṣīn China; the Chinese | بلاد الصين China

صيني Chinese (adj. and n.); porcelain, china

صينية ṣīnīya (syr. ṣēnīya, leb. ṣainīya) pl. صواني ṣawānī a large, round metal plate with raised brim, esp. one made of copper, used as baking tin, serving tray and table top; turntable, صينية متحركة (mutaḥarrika); pl. chinaware, porcelain vessels

صيوان ṣīwān pl. -āt, صواوين ṣawāwīn2 (large) tent, pavilion, marquce