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This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought

Publisher: www.data.nur.nu
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Publisher: www.data.nur.nu

This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought


1ف abbreviation of فدان faddān (a square measure)

2ف fa (conj.) then, and then; and so, thus, hence, therefore; but then, then however; for, because; (with subjective:) so that | يوما فيوما (yauman) day after day, day by day; شيئا فشيئا (šai’an) gradually, step by step; امر فقتلوه (fa-qatalūhu) he ordered him to be killed

فان fa-inna (with foll. suffix or noun in acc.) for, because

فاء name of the letter ف

فابريقة fābrīqa and فابريكة pl. -āt, فبارك fabārik2 factory, plant

فأت VIII to tell lies (على about); to take violent measures (على against); to violate (على a duty, etc.); pass. افتئت uftu’ita to die suddenly | افتأت برئيه (bi-ra’yihī) to act on one’s own judgment

افتآت ifti’āt oppression, violence

فاتورة (It. fattura) fātūra pl. فواتير fawātīr2 invoice, bill

الفاتيكان al-fātīkān, al-vatikān the Vatican

فؤاد fu’ād pl. افئدة af’ida heart

فؤادية fu’ādīya “Fuad cap”, summer field-cup of the Egyptian Air Force (1939)

فأر fa’r (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. فئران fi’rān mouse; rat

فار fār (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. فيران fīrān mouse; rat

فارة fāra (= فأرة fa’ra) mouse; (pl. -āt) plane (tool)

فارس fāris2 Persia, also بلاد فارس

فارسي fārisī Persian; a Persian

فاروز fārūz turquoise

فازلين fazlīn, vazlīn vazeline

فأس fa’s f., pl. فؤوس fu’ūs, افؤس af’us ax, hatchet; hoe

1 فاس fās = فأس fa’s

2 فاس fās2 Fez or Fès (city in Morocco)

فاشستي fāšistī fascist(ic); a fascist

فاشستية fāšistīya fascism

فاشي fāšī fascist(ic); a fascist

فاشية fāšīya fascism

فاصوليا fāṣūliyā (eg.-syr.) common European bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.; bot.)

فأفأ fa’fa’a to stammer, stutter

فاكون (Fr. wagon) fākōn pl. فواكين fawākīn2 (railroad) car, coach

فأل VI to regard as a good omen, as an auspicious beginning (ب s.th.); to be optimistic

فأل fa’l pl. فؤول fu’ūl, افؤل af’ul good omen, favorable auspice; optimistic outlook, hope; omen, auspice, sign | قرأ الفأل to tell fortunes, predict the future

تفاؤل tafā’ul optimism

متفائل mutafā’il optimistic; optimist

فالس (Fr. valse) vals waltz

فالوذج fālūdaj a sweet made of flour and honey

فالوذجى fālūdajī soft and flabby, like fālūdaj

فئام fi’ām group (of people)

فإن fa-inna see 2ف fa

فانلة fanella and فانلا pl. -āt flannel; undershirt; pl. فانلات fanellāt underwear, underclothing

فانوس fānūs pl. فوانيس fawānīs2 lantern | فانوس سحري (siḥrī) laterna magica, magic lantern; (slide) projector

فئة fi’a pl. -āt group, class; troop, band, party; platoon (of light arms; Syr., mil.); rate (of taxation), (tax) bracket; tax, rate, fee; price

فاوريقة fāwarīqa pl. فوارق fawārīq2 factory plant

فايظ fāyiẓ (=فائض ) see فيظ

فبراير fabrāyir February

فبارك fabārik2 (pl.) factories, plants

فت fatta u (fatt) to weaken, undermine, sap (في s.th.) | في ساعده or فت في عضده (‘aḍudihī) to weaken s.o., sap s.o.’s strength, discourage, enervate s.o. II to crumble, fritter (هـ s.th.); to divide into small fragments (هـ s.th.) | يفتت القلب (الأكباد ) (qalba) heartbreaking, heart-rending V to crumble, disintegrate, break up into fragments VII = V

فتة fatta a kind of bread soup

فتات futāt crumbs, morsels

فتيت fatīt crumbs, crumbled bread

فتيتة fatīta a kind of bread soup

فتأ fata’a a and فتئ fati’a a (with negation) not to cease, to be (هـ s.th.); فتئ fati’a a (فتء fat’) to desist, refrain (عن from), cease (عن doing s.th.), stop (عن s.th., doing s.th.) | ما فتئ يفعل not to cease doing, do incessantly

فتح fataḥa a (fatḥ) to open (هـ s.th.); to turn on (هـ a faucet); to switch on, turn on (هـ an apparatus); to dig (هـ a canal); to build (هـ a road) ; to open, preface, introduce, begin (هـ s.th.); to conquer, capture (هـ s.th.); to reveal, disclose (هـ على to s.o. s.th.); to grant victory or success (هـ على to s.o. over or in s.th.; of God), give into s.o.’s (على ) power (هـ s.th.; of God); to open the gates (of profit) (على to s.o.; of God); to infuse, imbue, inspire, endow (ب or هـ على s.o. with; of God); (gram.) to pronounce with the vowel a (هـ a consonant) | فتح البخت (bakta) to tell fortunes; فتح عينيه على آخرهما (‘ainaihi) to open one’s eyes wide, stare wide-eyed; فتح الشهية (šahīyata) to stimulate the appetite II to open (هـ s.th.); (of a dower) to open III to address first (ه s.o.), speak first (ه to s.o.); to open the conversation or talk (في ه with s.o. about); to disclose (هـ or ب ه to s.o. s.th.), let s.o. (ه ) in on s.th. (هـ or ب ) V to open, open up, unfold (intr.); to be opened (عن so that s.th. becomes perceptible); to be open, be responsive (heart) VII to open, open up, unfold (intr.); to be opened VIII to open, inaugurate (هـ s.th.); to introduce, preface, begin (ب ه s.th. with); to conquer, capture (هـ s.th.) X to begin, start, commence (هـ s.th.); to seek the assistance of God (على against), implore God for victory (على over)

فتح opening; introduction, commencement, beginning | فتح الاعتماد opening of a credit, presentation of a letter of credit; -- (pl. فتوح futūḥ, فتوحات futūḥāt) conquest; victory, triumph; pl. فتوحات alms; donations, contributions (for a zāwiya; Tun.)

فتحة the vowel point a (gram.)

فتحة futḥa pl. فتح futaḥ, -āt opening, aperture, breach, gap, hole; sluice

فتاح fattāḥ opener (of the gates of profit, of sustenance; one of the attributes of God)

فتاحة fattāḥa pl. -āt can opener

مفتاح miftāḥ pl. مفاتيح mafātīḥ2 key (to a door, of a keyboard, esp. that of a piano); switch (el., railroad); lever, pedal (of a vehicle); knob (on a radio); stop (of a wind instrument); valve (of a trumpet); peg, pin (of a stringed instrument)

مفتاحجي miftāḥjī (railroad) switchman

مفاتحة mufātaḥa opening of a conversation

افتتاح iftitāḥ opening, inauguration; introduction, beginning | ليلة الافتتاح lailat al-ift. première, opening night

افتتاحي iftitāḥī opening, introductory, preliminary, prefatory, proemial; inaugurational | مبلغ افتتاحي (mablag) opening bid, lowest bid (at auctions); فصل (مقال) افتتاحي (faṣl, maqāl) and مقالة افتتاحية (maqāla) editorial, leading article, leader; ليلة افتتاحية (laila) première, opening night

استفتاحية iftiftāḥīya editorial, leading article, leader; overture (mus.)

استفتاح istiftāḥ start, beginning, commencement, inception, incipience; earnest money, handsel

فاتح fātiḥ opener; beginner; conqueror, victor; light (color) | فاتح البخت f. al-bakt fortuneteller; ارزق فاتح light-blue

فاتحة fātiḥa pl. فواتح fawātiḥ2 start, opening, beginning, commencement, inception, incipience; introduction, preface, preamble, proem | الفاتحة or فاتحة الكتاب name of the first sura

مفتوح maftūḥ opened, open | الباب مفتوح على مصراعيه (miṣrā‘aihi) the door is wide open

مفتح mufattaḥ appetizing; (pl. -āt) aperitif

مفتتح muftataḥ start, beginning, commencement, inception, opening, inauguration

2 فتر fatara u (فتور futūr) to abate, subside; to become listless, become languid, languish, flag, slacken; to cool off, become tepid, become lukewarm (water); to slacken, flag, become lax, become remiss, let up (عن in) II to cause (هـ s.th.) to subside, abate, allay, mitigate, ease, soothe (هـ s.th.); to make languid, make listless, exhaust, slacken. weaken, sap, enfeeble (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to make tepid (هـ water) IV to make languid, make listless, exhaust, Blacken, weaken, sap, enfeeble (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) V to become listless, become languid, languish, flag, slacken; to become tepid, become lukewarm (water)

فتر fitr pl. افتار aftār small span (the space between the end of the thumb and the end of the index finger when extended); corner

فترة fatra lassitude, languor, listlessness, slackness, weakness, feebleness, debility; tepidity, indifference, coolness (of a feeling); -- (pl. fatarāt) interval of time, intermission, pause; period, spell, while | فترة الانتقال transition period; بين فترة واخرى (wa-ukrā) now and then, from time to time; في الفترة بعد الفترة at certain intervals, now and then, off and on, once in a while

فتور futūr lassitude, languor, listlessness, slackness, laxity, slackening, flagging; tepidity

فاتر fātir languid, weak, feeble, listless, slack, loose, flabby; dull, listsless, stagnant (stock exchange); tepid, lukewarm

متفتر mutafattir intermittent

2 فاتورة pl. فواتر look up alphabetically

فتش II to examine (thoroughly), scrutinize, search, investigate, explore (هـ s.th.); to look, search (هـ into s.th.); to inquire (عن about, after), look, search (عن for); to supervise, superintend, control, inspect (على or هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to be in charge, exercise supervision, control, or inspection (على of)

فتاش fattāš thorough examiner, investigator, explorer, researcher

تفتيش taftīš pl. تفاتيش tafātīš2 examination, scrutiny, searching, search; investigation; inquiry, research, exploration; supervision, superintendence, control, charge; inspection; survey, review; controlling body, board of control; inquisition; circle of irrigation, irrigation district, also تفتيش الري t. ar-rīy (Eg.) | تفتيش جوي (jawwī) aerial inspection

تفتيشي taftīšī išnvestigational, investigatory, examining, examinatory

مفتش mufattiš inspector, supervisor | مفتش بيطري (baiṭarī) veterinary inspector (Eg.); مفتش الري m. ar-rīy irrigation inspector (Eg.)

مفتشية mufattišīya inspectorate

فتفت fatfata to speak secretly (الى to); to fritter, crumble (هـ s.th., esp. bread)

فتفوتة fatfūta pl. فتافيت fatāfīt2 crumb, morsel (esp. of bread)

فتق fataqa u (fatq) to undo the sewing (هـ of s.th., e.g., of a garment), unsew, unstitch, rip, rip open, tear apart, rend, slash, slit open (هـ s.th.), | فتق الذهن (dihna) to make s.o. see his way clear, cause s.o. to see things in their true light; الضرورة تفتق الحيلة (ḥīlata) necessity is the mother of invention; فتقت له حيلة futiqat lahū ḥīlatun a ruse came to his mind II to unsew, unstitch, rip, tear, etc. (= I; هـ s.th.) V to be unsewn, be unstitched (e.g., a garment), be ripped open, be torn apart, be rent, be slashed, be slit open; to bring forth, produce (عن s.th.); to hatch, contrive, devise (عن s.th., fig., of the mind) VII to be unsewn, be unstitched (e.g., a garment), be ripped open, be torn apart, be rent, be slashed, be slit open; to bring forth, produce (عن s.th.)

فتق fatq pl. فتوق futūq rip, rent, tear, cleft, crack, fissure, slit, slash; hole (e.g., in a stocking); hernia, rupture (med.) | مصاب بالفتق (muṣāb) afflicted with hernia; person suffering from hernia

فتاق fitāq hernia, rupture (med.)

فتيق fatīq unstitched, ripped, ripped open, slit, rent, torn; sharp

مفتوق maftūq unstitched, ripped, ripped open, slit, rent, torn; afflicted with hernia

فتك fataka u i (fatk) to assassinate, murder, slay, kill (ب s.o.), destroy, annihilate (ب s.th.); to attack suddenly, assault (ب s.o.) | فتك به فتكا ذريعا (fatkan darī‘an) to cut off, destroy, wipe out, eradicate, extirpate, exterminate s.o.; to decimate, thin the ranka of (esp., said of a disease)

فتك fatk assassination, murder; destruction, annihilation

فتكة fatka pl. -āt devastation, ravage, havoc

فتاك fattāk deadly, lethal, murderous; of disastrous effect, wreaking havoc (ب on)

افتك aftak2 deadlier, more destructive

فاتك fātik pl. فتاك futtāk assassin, murderer, killer

فتل fatala i (fatl) to twist together, twine, entwine, plait, throw (هـ s.th.); to spin (هـ s.th.) II to twist, twine, wreathe, wind, weave, plait (هـ s.th.); to splice (هـ a rope) V to be twisted, be twined, be plaited, be woven, be wound VII = V; to turn on one’s heel and leave, turn away (من from) | انفتل من الباب to slip out the door

فتلة fatla (n. vic.) twist(ing), twining, plaiting; (eg.; pl. فتل fital) thread | شمع الفتلة (šlammā‘a) to make off, make a getaway, beat it

فتيل fatīl twisted, twined, entwined, plaited, wreathed, wound, woven, coiled; -- (pl. -āt, فتائل fatā’il) wick; gauze tampon; fuse, slow match, match cord | لا يغني فتيلا (yugnī) it is of no use at all (من to s.o.), it won’t help him (عنه ) a bit, it isn’t worth a farthing; لا يجدي فتيلا (yujdī) = لا يغني فتيلا

فتيلة fatīla pl. -āt, فتائل fatā’il2 wick; O filament of a light bulb

فتال fattāl ropemaker, cordmaker

مفتول maftūl strapping, sturdy, husky; (watch) tower (Nejd) | مفتول الساعد muscular, brawny, strong, husky, burly

فتن falana i (fatn, فتون futūn) to turn away (من ه s.o. from); to subject to temptations or trials, seduce, tempt, entice, allure, beguile (ه s.o.); to enamor, charm, enchant, captivate, enthrall, enrapture, fascinate, infatuate (. s.o.); -- fatana i (fatn) to torture, torment (ه s.o.); to denounce (على s.o.), inform (على على against s.o.); pass. futina to be charmed, be enraptured, be infatuated (ب by), be enamored (ب of), be in love (ب with); to be crazy (ب over), be like mad (ب after) IV to enamor, charm, enchant, captivate, enthrall, enrapture, fascinate, infatuate (ه s.o.) VIII to subject to temptations (ه s.o.); to be charmed, be tempted, be infatuated; act. iftatana and pass. uftutina: to be subjected to temptations, be lead from the right course; pass. uftutina = futina

فتنة fitna pl. فتن fitan temptation, trial; charm, charmingness, attractiveness; enchantment, captivation, fascination, enticement, temptation; infatuation; intrigue; sedition, riot, discord, dissension, civil strife

فتان fattān fascinating, captivating, enchanting, charming; tempter, seducer; denunciator, informer, slanderer

;jil alu.,,· more charming, more attractive, more delightful

مفاتن mafātin2 charming qualities; charms; magic powers

فاتن fātin pl. فواتن fawātin2 tempting, alluring, seductive, fascinating, captivating, enchanting, charming; tempter, seducer

مفتون maftūn fascinated, captivated, infatuated, enraptured, charmed (ب by); enamored (ب of), in love (ب with); madman, maniac

(فتو and فتي) فتى fatiya a (فتاء fatā’) to be youthful, young, adolescent IV to give a formal legal opinion (في ه to s.o. in or regarding; Isl. Law); to furnish (ه s.o.) with information (في about), expound, set forth (في ه to s.o. s.th.); to deliver an opinion (في about), decide by a legal opinion (ب for or in favor of s.th.), state as a (legal) opinion (بان that) X to ask (ه s.o.) for a formal legal opinion (في in or regarding; Isl. Law); to ask (ه s.o.) for a formal opinion (في about), request information (في ه of s.o. about), seek s.o.’s (ه ) counsel (في in, about), consult (في ه s.o. in, about), ask s.o.’s (ه ) opinion (في about)

فتى fatan pl. فتيان futyān, فتية fitya youth, adolescent, juvenile, young man; slave; hero; pl. young people, adolescents, juveniles

فتاة fatāh pl. فتيات fatayāt young woman, (young) girl

فتاء fatā’ youth, adolescence

فتي fatīy youthful, juvenile, adolescent, young

فتية fatīya youthfulness, juvenility

فتوى fatwā pl. فتاو fatāwin, فتاوى fatāwā futwa, formal legal opinion (Isl. Law)

فتيا futyā formal legal opinion (Isl. Law)

فتوة futūwa youth, adolescence; the totality of the noble, chivalrous qualities of a man, noble manliness, magnanimity, generosity, nobleheartedness, chivalry; designation of Islamic brotherhoods of the Middle Ages, governed by chivalrous precepts; name of several youth organizations in Arabic countries; (eg.; pl. -āt) bully, brawler. rowdy, tough; racketeer (eg.)

افتاء iftā’ deliverance of formal legal opinions (Isl. Law); office of mufti (Isl. Law); deliverance of formal opinions, advising, advice, counseling

استفتاء istiftā’ request for a formal legal opinion (Isl. Law); consulting, consultation; referendum, plebiscite, also استفتاء الشعب ist. aš-ša‘b and استفتاء شعبي (ša‘bī)

مفت muftin pl. ·fl" deliverer of formal legal oplnions (Isl. Law); official expounder of Islamic law, mufti | مفتي الديار المصرية (miṣrīya) Grand Mufti of Egypt; سماحة المفتي samāḥat al-m. (title of a mufti) His Eminence the Mufti

فثأ fata’a a (فثء fat’) to quench, still (هـ s.th., hunger, thirst, also fig.)

فج fajja u (fajj): فج رجليه (rijlaihi) to straddle IV to stride, hurry

فج fajj pl. فجاج fijāj way, road between two mountains | من كل فج عميق or من كل فج وصوب (wa-ṣaubin) from all sides, from all directions, from everywhere

فج fijj unripe, green (fruit); blunt, rude (speech)

فجأ faja’a and فجئ faji’a a (فجء faj’, فجأة faj’a, فجاءة fujā’a) and III to come suddenly, descend unexpectedly (ه upon s.o.), confront (ه s.o.) suddenly or unexpectedly, take (ه s.o.) by surprise, surprise (ب ه s.o. with), attack, assail (ه s.o.)

فجأة faj’atan suddenly, unexpectedly, inadvertently, unawares

فجاءة fujā’atan suddenly, unexpectedly, inadvertently, unawares

فجائي fujā’ī sudden, unexpected, surprising

مفاجأة mufāja’a pl. مفاجآت mufāja’āt surprise

فاجئ fāji’ sudden, unexpected, surprising

مفاجئ mufāji’ sudden, unexpected, surprising; pl. مفاجئات surprising events, surprises

فجر fajara u (fajr) to cleave, break up, dig up (هـ e.g., the ground); -- (فجور fujūr) to act immorally, sin, live licentiously, lead a dissolute life, indulge in debauchery; to commit adultery II to create an outlet or passage (هـ for water, and the like), let (هـ water, and the like) flow or pour forth; to split, cleave (هـ s.th.); to explode (هـ s.th.) IV to commit adultery V to gush out, spurt forth, break forth, break out, erupt, burst out VII = V; to go off, discharge, burst; to burst forth; to explode, detonate; to overflow (ب with); to descend suddenly, break in, rush in, swoop down (على upon)

فجر fajr dawn, daybreak, morning twilight; dawn (fig.), beginning, outset, start; (f.) morning prayer (Isl. Law)

فجور fujūr immorality, iniquity, depravation, dissolution, debauchery, licentiousness, profligacy, dissolute life, fornication, whoredom

تفجر tafajjur outbreak, outburst, eruption

انفجار infijār pl. -āt outbreak, outburst, eruption; explosion, detonation | مواد الانفجار mawādd al-inf. explosives

انفجاري infijārī explosive, blasting (adj.)

فاجر fājir pl. فجار fujjār, فجرة fajara libertine, profligate, debauchee, roué, rake; adulterer; liar; insolent, impudent, shameless, brazen

فاجرة fājira pl. فواجر fawājir2 adulteress; whore, harlot

متفجر mutafajjir explosive, blasting (adj.)

منفجر munfajir explosive, blasting (adj.)

فجع faja‘a a (faj‘) to inflict suffering and grief (ه upon s.o.), afflict, distress (ه s.o.); to make miserable (ه s.o., ب by bereaving him of s.o.) | فجع بولده fuji‘a bi-waladihī he was stricken by the death of his eon II to torment, torture, distress, grieve (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) V to be or become painfully affected, be mentally distressed

فجعة faj‘a gluttony

فجاعة fajā‘a gluttony

فجوع fajū‘ painful, grievous, trying, distressing

فجيعة fajī‘a pl. فجائع fajā’i‘2 misfortune, calamity, disaster

فجعان faj‘ān voracious, insatiable; glutton, ravenous eater

تفجع tafajju‘ agony, mental distress, affliction, suffering, grief

فاجع fāji‘ painful, grievous, trying, distressing

فاجعة fāji‘a pl. فواجع fawāji‘ misfortune, diluter, calamity; catastrophe; drama, tragedy

مفجعات mufajji‘āt horrors, terrors

تفجعن tafaj‘ana to eat greedily, ravenously, be gluttonous

فجعنة faj‘ana gluttony

فجفج fajfaja garrulous, loquacious; thoughtless chatterer, windbag; braggart, boaster, swaggerer

فجل fujl (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. فجول fujūl radish (Raphanus sativus L.; bot.)

فجا (فجو ) fajā u (fajw) to open (هـ ه door)

فجوة fajwa pl. fajawāt, فجاء fijā’ opening, aperture, breach, gap, interstice; (horisontal) tombstone

فح faḥḥa u i (faḥḥ, فحيح faḥīḥ) to hiss (snake), whistle (storm)

فحش faḥuša u (fuḥš) to be monstrous; to be excessive, exorbitant; to be detestable, abominable, atrocious, obscene, indecent, foul, shameless, impudent IV to use obscene language; to commit atrocities VI = I and IV

فحش fuḥš monstrosity; abominableness, atrocity; obscenity, indecency; obscene language

فحشاء faḥšā’2 monstrosity, abomination, atrocity, vile deed, crime; adultery, fornication, whoredom

فحاش faḥḥāš obscene, lewd, shameless in speech or action | تأليف فحاش pornography

تفاحش tafāḥuš monstrosity, abominableness

فاحش fāḥiš monstrous; immoderate, excessive, exorbitant, absurd, preposterous, nonsensical; detestable, loathsome, abominable, atrocious, repugnant, disgusting; dirty, foul, vile, indecent, obscene; shameless, impudent

فاحشة fāḥiša harlot, whore, prostitute; -- (pl. فواحش fawāḥiš2) monstrosity, abomination, atrocity, vile deed, crime; adultery, fornication, whoredom

مفحشة mufḥiša harlot, whore

فحص faḥaṣa a (faḥṣ) to scratch up (هـ the ground); to examine (ه s.o., also medically, هـ s.th.), test (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), investigate (هـ s.th.), scrutinize (هـ , s.o., s.th.); to search (عن for), inquire (عن about, into s.th.), seek information (عن about) V to search (عن for), inquire (عن about, into s.th.), seek information (عن about); to examine (هـ s.th., ه s.o., medically)

فحص faḥš pl. فحوص fuḥūš test; examination (in general, school, medical); (medical) checkup; investigation, scrutiny; search, inquiry

افحوص ufḥūṣ pl. افاحيص afāḥīṣ2 dugout hollow in the ground in which a bird lays ito eggs, nesting place, breeding place

فحل X to become dreadful, terrible, momentous, serious, difficult (على for s.o.; affair), to get out of control, become excessive, become irreparable (damage)

فحل faḥl pl. فحول fuḥūl, فحولة fuḥūla male (of large animals), stallion; outstanding personality, luminary, star, master; a paragon (of) | الشعراء الفحول (šu‘arā’) the master poets

فحولة fuḥūla excellence, perfection

استفحال istifḥāl dreadfulness, terribleness, gravity, seriousness; difficulty

مستفحل mustafḥil dreadful, terrible; grave, serious; difficult; overwhelming, overpowerful, rampant, spreading dangerously

فحم faḥuma u (فحوم fuḥūm, فحومة fuḥūma) to be or become black; -- faḥama a (faḥm) to be dumfounded, nonplused, unable to answer II to blacken (with charcoal), make black (هـ, ه s.o. s.th.); to char, carbonize, reduce to charcoal (هـ s.th.) IV to dumfound, nonplus, strike dumb (ه s.o.); to silence (ه s.o.) with arguments; to put (ه s.o.) off brusquely, give s.o. (ه ) the brush-off

فحم faḥm (coll.; n. un. ة ) charcoal(s); coal(s); pl. فحومات fuḥūmāt coals, brands of coal | فحم حجري (ḥajarī) soft coal, bituminous coal; فحم حطب ḥaṭab charcoal; فحم قوالب briquettes; فحم كوك (kōk) coke

فحمة faḥma pl. faḥamāt lump of coal | فحمة الليل f. al-lail deep-black night; -- (pl. فحام fiḥām, فحوم fuḥūm) blackness

فحمي faḥmī black, coal-black

فحيم faḥīm black

فحام faḥḥām coal merchant, coal dealer; collier, miner

فاحم fāḥim black | اسود فاحم aswad or فاحم السواد f. as-sawād coal, black, pitch, black, jet-black

فحوى faḥwā or فحواه faḥwā2 sense, meaning, signification, import; purport, tenor (of a letter, of a speech, etc.)

فخ fakk pl. فخاخ fakkāk, فخوخ fukūk: trap, snare

فخت fakata a (fakt) to perforate, pierce (هـ s.th.)

فخذ fakid, fakd, fikd f., pl. افخاذ afkād thigh; leg (of mutton, etc.); (m.) subdivision of a tribe

فخذة fakda leg (of mutton, etc.)

فخذي fakidī, fakdī femoral

فخر fakara a (fakr, fakar, فخار fakār) to glory (ب in), boast (ب of s.th.), brag (ب of). vaunt (ب s.th.); to pride o.s. (ب upon), be proud (ب of); -- fakira a (falfa,) to despise, disdain III to vie in glory (ه with s.o.); to be proud (ب of), pride o.s. (ب upon), boast (ب ه before s.o. of) V to be proud, haughty VI and VIII = I fakara X to find (هـ s.th.) excellent

فخر fakr glory, pride; honor; vainglorious poetry (as a literary genre) | غير فخر gaira fakrin or ولا فخر wa-lā fakra I say this without boasting

فخري fakrī honorary, honoris causa

فخرة fukra glory, pride

فخار fakār glory, pride

فخور fakūr vainglorious, boastful, bragging; proud (ب of)

فخير fakīr boasting, bragging, swaggering, boastful

فخار fakkār (fired) clay; earthenware, crockery, pottery

فخاري fakkārī potter’s earthen; potter

فاخورة fākūra pottery, earthenware manufactory

فاخوري fākūrī potter

افخر afkar2 more splendid, more magnificent

مفخرة mafkara pl. مفاخر mafākir2 object of pride, s.th. to bout of; glorious deed, exploit, feat; glorious trait or quality

مفاخرة mufākara boasting, bragging, vainglory, pride

تفاخر tafākur boasting, bragging, vainglory

افتخار iftikār pride, vainglory, boasting, bragging

فاخر fākir proud, vainglorious, boastful, bragging; outstanding, excellent, first-rate, perfect, splendid, superb, glorious, magnificent; sumptuous, de luxe

مفاخر mufākir boastful, vainglorious, proud

مفتخر muftakir proud, vainglorious, boastful, bragging; outstanding, excellent, first-rate, perfect, splendid, superb, glorious, magnificent; sumptuous, de luxe

فخفخ fakfaka to be boastful, vainglorious; to boast, brag

فخفخة fakfaka ostentation, showiness, pageantry, pomp

فخم fakuma u (فخامة fakāma) to be stately, imposing, splendid, magnificent, grand II to intensify (هـ s.th.); to honor, treat with respect (ه s.o.), show deference (ه to); to pronounce emphatically, make emphatic (هـ a consonant)

فخم fakm stately, imposing, splendid, superb, magnificent, grand, grandiose

فخامة fakāma stateliness, imposingness, imposing appearance; splendor, magnificence, eminence, high rank; title of the head of a nonmonarchic state; title of honor given to high-ranking foreign dignitaries, approx.: Highness, Excellency, = صاحب الفخامة | فخامة الدولة f. ad-daula title of the President of the Republic (Syr., Leb.); فخامة رئيس الدولة do. (Syr., Leb.); فخامة الرئيس f. ar-ra’īs title of a foreign head of state, approx.: His Excellency, the President; فخامة المعتمد السامي f. al-mu‘tamad as-sāmī His Excellency, the High Commissioner

تفخيم tafkīm emphatic or velarized pronunciation of a consonant (phon.) | آلة التفخيم amplifier (radio)

مفخم mufakkam honored | الحروف المفخمة the emphatics (phon.)

فدح fadaḥa a (fadḥ) to oppress, burden (ه s.o.), weigh (ه upon s.o.) X to regard (هـ s.th.) as a heavy burden, as painful

فداحة fadāḥa oppressiveness, burdensomeness

افدح afdaḥa2 more oppressive, more burdensome, more serious, heavier

فادح fādiḥ burdensome, oppressive; grave, serious (mistake), heavy (loss), bad (physical defect)

فادحة fādiḥa pl. فوادح fawādiḥ misfortune, calamity

فدخ fadaka a (fadk) to break, smash (هـ s.th.)

فدر fadar pl. فدور fudūr chamois

فدفد fadfad pl. فدافد fadāfid2 wasteland, tract of desert land, desert

فدم fadama i to seal (هـ the mouth, an aperture)

فدم fadm pl. فدام fidām clumsy in speech; heavy-witted, sluggish, dull, stupid

فدن II to fatten, stall-feed (هـ s.th.)

فدان faddān pl. فدادين fadādīn2 yoke of oxen; (pl. افدنة afdina) feddan, a square measure (Eg. = 4200.833 m2)

فادن fādin pl. فوادن fawādin2 plummet, plumb bob

فدى fadā i (fidan, فداء fidā’) to redeem, ransom (ب هـ, ه s.o., s.th. with or by); to sacrifice (ب ه for s.o. s.th.) III to sacrifice, offer up (ب s.th.) VI to beware (من of), guard (من against), get away, keep away (من or هـ from); to get rid (من or هـ of); to prevent, obviate, avert, avoid (من or هـ s.th.) VIII = I; to obtain (هـ s.th.) by sacrificing s.th. else (ب ); to redeem o.s., ransom o.s. (ب with or by); to free o.s. (من from) | افتداه بالنفس to sacrifice o.s. for s.o. or s.th., risk life and property for s.o. or s.th.

فدى fidan, fadan redemption, ransoming; ransom; sacrifice (with foll. genit.: for s.th., to save or liberate s.o. or s.th.) | جعلت فداك (ju‘iltu) (lit.: may I be made your ransom, i.e.) oh, could I but sacrifice myself for you! مات فدى للوطن (waṭan) he died for his country

فدية fidya pl. فديات fidayāt, فدى fidan ransom; redemption (from the omission of certain religious duties, by a material donation or a ritual act; Isl. Law)

فداء fidā’ redemption, ransoming; ransom; price (one has to pay for s.th.), sacrifice (one makes for s.th.) | جعل كل شيء فداءه (fidā’ahū) he sacrificed or gave up everything for it

فدائي fidā’ī one who sacrifices himself (esp., for his country); esp. pl. فدائيون fighters who risk their lives recklessly, soldiers prepared to sacrifice their lives; fedayeen, commandos, shock troops (Eg.)

فدائية fidā’īya spirit of self-sacrifice

مفاداة mufādāh sacrifice

فاد fādin redeemer

مفدي mafdīy (prop., object of self-sacrifice) following the name of a king, also after وطن waṭan, عرش ‘arš, and the like, approx.: dearly beloved, dear

فذ fadd pl. افذاذ afdād, فذوذ fudūd alone, only, sole, single; singular, unique; uncommon, unusual, infrequent; pl. افذاذ extraordinary people

فذلكة fadlaka brief summary, résumé, survey, outline, abstract, epitome

فر farra i (farr, فرار firār, مفر mafarr) to flee, run away, run off, escape (من from) | فر هاربا (hāriban) to flee, take to one’s heels IV to put (ه s.o.) to flight VIII to open up or part (عن so that s.th. becomes visible); to bare, show (عن the teeth when smiling), reveal (عن s.th.); to shimmer, gleam

فرار firār flight

فرار furār: عينه فراره ‘ainuhū furāruhū (firāruhū) his outward appearance bespeaks his inner worth; you need only look at him to know what to think of him

فرار farrār fugitive, runaway, escaped; a fugitive, a runaway; deserter, defector; quicksilver, mercury

فريرة furrēra teetotum (eg.)

مفر mafarr flight, escape | لا مفر منه (mafarra) unavoidable, inevitable

فار fārr pl. -ūn, فارة fārra fugitive, fleeing; a fugitive

فرأ fara’ pl. افراء afrā’ wild ass, onager

فراء farā’ wild ass, onager | كل الصيد في جوف الفراء kullu ṣaidin fī jaufi l-f. there are all kind, of game in the belly of the wild ass (proverbially of s.o. or s.th. that combine. all good qualities and advantages and makes everything else dispensable)

فراك (Fr. frac) firāk, frāk pl. -āt swallow-tailed coat, full dress, tails

فراولة faraula (from It. fragola) strawberry (eg.)

الفرات al-furāt the Euphrates; فرات sweet (water)

فرتيكة furtīka clasp, buckle (eg.)

فرج faraja i (farj) and II to open, part, separate, cleave, split, gap, breach (هـ s.th.), make an opening, gap or breach (هـ in); to dispel, drive away (هـ s.th., e.g., grief, worried; to comfort, solace, relieve (عن s.o.) II to show (على ه to s.o. s.th.) IV to leave (عن a place); to free, liberate, let free (عن s.o.), release (عن s.o., s.th.) V to be opened عن , be separated, be cleft, be split; to part, divide, move apart (e.g., a crowd so as to let s.o. pass; to be dispelled (grief, sorrow); to derive comfort (في or على from the light of), take pleasure, delight (في or على in looking at); to regard, view, observe, watch, inspect (على s.o., s.th.), look (على at s.o., at s.th.) VII to be opened, be separated, be cleft, be split; to open or part widely, widen, diverge, split open, gape, yawn; to open (عن so that s.th. becomes visible); to show, reveal (عن s.th.); to relax, become relaxed (features; crisis); to be dispelled, be driven away (grief, sorrow); to become gay

فرج farj pl. فروج furūj opening, aperture, gap, breach; pudendum of the female, vulva

فرج faraj freedom from grief or sorrow, release from suffering; joy; relaxation; relief, ease, repose, pleasure, comfort; happy ending

فرجة furja state of happiness (esp. after suffering); pleasure, delight; -- (pl. فرج ) opening, aperture, gap, breach, hole; onlooking, watching, inspection, viewing; sight, spectacle

فروج farrūj (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. فراريج frārīj2 chick, young chicken, pullet

فرارجي (eg.) farargī seller of chicken, poulterer

مفرج mafraj pl. مفارج mafārij2 relief, relaxation; denouement, happy ending

افراج ifrāj freeing, liberation; release (عن of s.o., of s.th.), unblocking (عن e.g., of assets), decontrol (عن e.g., of rationed foodstuffs, etc.)

تفرج tafarruj inspection, viewing, regarding; watching, observation

انفراج infirāj relaxedness, relaxation

متفرج mutafarrij pl. -ūn viewer, watcher, observer, spectator, onlooker

منفرج munfarij opened wide, wide-open; relaxed; gay, merry | زاوية منفرجة (zāwiya) obtuse angle (geom.)

فرجار firjār compass, dividers

فرجون firjaun currycomb, brush

فرح fariḥa a (faraḥ) to be glad, happy, delighted, rejoice (ل, ب at), be gay, merry, cheerful (ل, ب about, over) II to gladden, delight, cheer, exhilarate, make merry, happy, gay (ه s.o.)

فرح faraḥ joy, gladness, glee, gaiety, hilarity, mirth, exhilaration, merriment, happiness; wedding; pl. افراح afrāḥ feast of rejoicing, celebration, festival, festivity; wedding (feast) | ردهة الأفراح radhat al-a. banquet hall, ball-room

فرحة farḥa joy

فرح fariḥ merry, gay, cheerful, joyful, glad, delighted, happy

فرحان farḥān2 merry, gay, cheerful, joyful, glad, delighted, happy

مفارح mafāriḥ2 feasts of rejoicing, joyous events

تفريح tafrīḥ exhilaration, amusement

فارح fāriḥ merry, gay, cheerful, joyful, glad, delighted, happy

مفرح mufriḥ gladdening, cheering, exhilarating, joyous, delightful

فرخ II to have young ones (bird); to hatch (said of eggs); to hatch, incubate (هـ s.th.); to germinate, sprout, put out new shoots (of a tree); to spread, gain ground IV to have young ones (bird); to hatch (said of eggs); to hatch. incubate (هـ s.th.); to germinate, sprout, put out new shoots (of a tree) | افرخ روعه (rau‘uhū) fear left him

فرخ fark pl. افراخ afrāk فروخ furūk, فرخ firāk, فرخان firkān young bird; shoot, spout (of a plant, of a tree) | فرخ ورق f. waraq (eg.) sheet of paper

فرخة farka pl. فراخ firāk young female bird; hen | فرخ رومي (rūmī) (eg.) turkey hen

فراخ firāk (pl. of فرخ ) poultry, domestic fowls

فرخ tafrīk hatching, incubation | آلة التفريخ incubator

فرد farada and faruda u (فرود furūd) to be single, be alone; to be singular, be unique; -- farada u (فرود furūd) to withdraw, retire, segregate (عن from); -- farada i (eg.) to spread, spread out, extend, stretch (هـ s.th.); to unfold (هـ s.th.) IV to set aside, separate, segregate, isolate (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to single out. assign especially (ب or ل هـ s.th. for), devote (ب or ل هـ s.th. to s.th. else) V to be alone; to do alone, perform single-handedly (ب s.th.); to possess alone (ب s.th.); to be matchless, be unique VII = V; to stand alone, b. without parallel (في or ب with or in s.th.); to withdraw, segregate, walk away (عن from); to be isolated (عن from) X to find (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) singular, unique or isolated; to isolate (هـ s.th., chem.)

فرد fard pl. افراد afrād, فرادى furādā alone, single; sole, only; solitary, lone, lonely; singular, unique, matchless, unrivaled, peerless, incomparable; one, a single one, a single thing, a single person, individual; odd, uneven (number); الفرد epithet of the month of Rajab; (pl. فراد firād) one, one of a couple, one of a pair; (pl. فرود furūd, فرودة furūda) pistol; -- singular (gram.) | فردا فردا fardan) singly, separately, one by one, one at a time, one after the other

فردة farda one part, one half, one of a pair

فردى fardī single, solitary; single- (in compounds); pertaining to a single person; one-man (in compounds); solo (adj.); singles (tennis); individual, personal; individualist; odd, uneven (numbr)

فردية fardīya individuality, individualism

فريد farīd alone, lone, lonely, solitary; singular, unique, matchless, peerless, unrivaled, incomparable; (with foll. genit.) especially endowed with | فريد في بابه unique of its kind

فريدة farīda pl. فرائد farā’d2 precious pearl, precious gem, solitaire; (eg.) quire (of paper)

فرادا furādan singly, separately, one by one, one at a time, one after the other

فرادى furādā singly, separately, one by one, one at a time, one after the other

تفريدي tafrīdī detailed, itemized

انفراد infirād solitude, loneness, loneliness; isolation, seclusion | على الانفراد alone, apart, isolatedly, in solitude, in seclusion; singly, by o.s.; confidentially; الانفراد بالسلطة (sulṭa) autocracy

انفرادي infirādī individual; individualistic; autocratic; isolationistic, tending to isolation

مفرد mufrad single, solitary, lone, detached, isolated; (gram.) simple, consisting of only one word (expression); being in the singular; singular (gram.); (pl. -āt) vocable, word; pl. words, terms, names, expressions (of a scientific field); details | مفردات خاصة (kāṣṣa) technical terms, terminology; بمفرده by o.s., alone, apart, singly, isolatedly, in solitude, in seclusion, solitarily; بالمفردات in detail; by retail

منفرد munfarid isolated, detached, separated; lone, solitary, alone; solo (adj.; also mus.)

2 فردة firda (<فرضة furḍa) pl. فرد firad tax, head tax, poll tax

الفردوس al-firdaus f., pl. فراديس farādīs2 Paradise

فردوسي firdausī paradisiacal, heavenly

1 فرز faraza i (farz) and IV to set apart, separate, detach, isolate (هـ s.th.); to secrete, excrete, discharge (هـ s.th.; physiol.); to sort, sift, classify (هـ s.th.); to examine (هـ s.th.), screen (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), muster (ه s.o.); to select, pick out (هـ s.th.); to distinguish, discriminate, differentiate (من هـ s.th. from)

فرز farz separation, detachment, isolation; secretion, excretion, discharge; sorting, sifting; mustering, muster, screening, examination; selection, selecting | فرز عسكري (‘askarī) pre-induction examination (mil.)

فرازة farrāza: O فرازة آلية (‘ā1īya ) seed separator, seed-screening apparatus

مفرزة mafraza pl. مفارز mafāriz2 group, detachment, party, troop, band

افراز ifrāz pl. -āt secretion, excretion, exudation, discharge, expectoration (physiol.) | قسمة افراز qismat i. partition in kind (Isl. Law)

O فارزة fāriza comma

مفرزات mufrazāt secretions, excretions, exudations (physiol.) | المفرزات الداخلية (dākilīya) internal secretions, endocrines

2 فريز pl. افرزة = افريز

3 فيروز , فاروز and فيروزج look up alphabetically

4 افريز pl. افاريز look up alphabetically

فرزان II tafarzana to queen, become a queen (of a pawn; in chess)

فرزان firzān pl. فرازين farāzīn 2 queen (in chess)

1 فرس farasa i (fars) to kill, tear (هـ its prey, of a predatory animal) V to regard searchingly, eye, scrutinize (هـ, ه or في s.o., s.th.), look firmly (هـ, ه or في at s.o., at s.th.); to recognize, detect (هـ a quality, في in s.o.) VIII = I; to ravish, rape (ها a woman)

فرس faras m. and f., pl. افراس afrās horse, mare; knight (chess) | فرس البحر f. al-baḥr hippopotamus; فرس الرهان race horse; الفرس الأعظم PegaSus (astron.)

فراسة farāsa horsemanship, equitation

فراسة firāsa perspicacity, acumen, discernment, discrimination, minute observation; keen eye (esp. for traits of character); intuitive knowledge of human nature | علم الفراسة ‘ilm al-f. physiognomy; فراسة اليد f. al-yad chiromancy, palmistry

فريسة farīsa pl. فرائس farā’is2 prey (of a wild animal)

فريسي farīsī, فرسي Pharisee

فروسة furūsa horsemanship, equitation; chivalry, knighthood,

فروسية furūsīya horsemanship, equitation; chivalry, knighthood; heroism, valor

فارس fāris pl. فرسان fursān, فوارس fawāris2 horseman, rider; knight, cavalier; hero; pl. cavalry | لست من فرسان ذلك الميدان (lastu, maidān) I am unfamiliar with this field, I am not competent in this field

فارسة fārisa pl. -āt horsewoman; mounted female warrior, Amazon

مفترس muftaris rapacious, ravenous (animal) | حيوان مفترس (ḥayawān) predatory animal, beast of prey

2 الفرس al-fursān the Persians; Persia, also بلاد الفرس

فارس fāris, also بلاد فارس Persia

فارسي fārisī Persian (adj. and n.)

فرسي visāy Versailles

فرسخ farsak pl. فراسخ farāsik2 a measure of length, parasang

فرسوفيا varōviyā Warsaw (capital of Poland)

فرش faraša u (farš, فراش firāš) to spread, spread out (هـ s.th.); -- faraša u i (farš) to pave, cover (هـ the ground, floor, path, room, etc., ب with) II to cover (هـ the floor, etc., ب with); to furnish, provide with furniture (هـ ..th.); to tile, pave (هـ s.th.) VIII to spread, spread out (هـ s.th.); to lie down, stretch out, sprawl (هـ on s.th.); to sleep (ها with a woman) | افترش لسانه (lisānahū) to give one’s tongue free rein

فرش farš pl. فروش furūš furnishing; furniture, household effects; mat, rug, carpet; anything spread on the ground as bedding; foundation (arch.)

فرشة farša bed; mattress

فراش farāš wheel (of a mill); (coll.; n. un. ة ) moths; butterflies

فراشة farāša (n. un.) moth; butterfly; flighty, fickle person

فراش firāš pl. فرش furuš, افرشة afriša cushion, pillow; blanket, cover, spread; mattress; bed

فراش farrāš one who spreads the carpets; servant, attendant; house servant, valet; office boy, errand boy

مفرش mifraš pl. مفارش mafāriš2 tablecloth, table cover, cover (in general); bedspread, counterpane

مفرشة mifraša pl. مفارش mafāriš2 saddle blanket

مفروش mafrūš covered (ب with); furnished; مفروشات mafrūšāt furniture, household effects

2 فرش II to brush (هـ s.th.)

فرشة furša pl. فرش furaš brush; paintbrush | فرشة البودرة powder puff; فرشة اسنان f. asnān toothbrush

فرشاة furšāh brush; paintbrush

فرشاية furšāya (syr.) brush

فرشح faršaḥ (فرشحة faršaḥa) to straddle, stand with one’s legs apart

فرشخ faršaka = فرشح faršaḥa

فرشينة (It. forcina) furšīna pl. -āt hairpin

فرص II to make holidays

فرصة furṣa pl. فرص furaṣ opportunity, chance, auspicious moment; holidays, vacation | فرصة من الزمن (furṣatan, zaman) for a short time, briefly; انتهز الفرصة (intahaza) to seize the opportunity, avail o.s. or take advantage of the opportunity

فريصة farīṣa pl. فرائص farā’iṣ2 flesh or muscle beneath the shoulder-blades | فريصته or ارتعدت فرائصه (irta‘adat) violent fear or excitement seized him

مفرص mufarriṣ holiday-maker, vacationist, tourist

فرصاد firṣād mulberry; mulberry tree

فرض faraḍa i (farḍ) to decide, determine; to decree, order, ordain (هـ s.th.); to appoint, assign, apportion, allocate (هـ ل to s.o. s.th., money, and the like); to impose, enjoin, make incumbent (هـ على upon s.o. s.th.), prescribe (هـ على to s.o. s.th.); to impose (الحصار blockade, على on); to assume, presume, suppose, presuppose, postulate (هـ s.th., ان that) | فرض ارادته عليه (irādatahū) to force one’s will on s.o. II to notch (هـ s.th.), make incisions (هـ in s.th.) VIII to impose, enjoin, make incumbent (هـ على upon s.o. s.th.), prescribe (هـ على to s.o. s.th.); to decree, order (هـ s.th.); to assume, suppose (هـ s.th., ان that)

فرض farḍ pl. فروض furūḍ notch, incision; duty, precept, injunction, order, decree, ordinance, command; religious duty (Isl. Law); statutory portion, lawful shore (Isl. Law); assumption, supposition, presupposition, premise, postulate, hypothesis | فروض التحية f. at-taḥīya prescribed forms of salutations; فرض عين f. ‘ain individual duty (Isl. Law); فرض كفاية collective duty (Isl. Law); على فرض on the premise of …; على فرض ان on the assumption that, with the understanding that ..., supposing that ...

فرضي farḍī hypothetic(al), suppositional, conjectural, assumed without proof

فرضية farḍīya hypothesis

فرضة furḍa pl. فرض furaḍ notch, incision; opening, gap, crevice, crack; seaport, river harbor, small port town

فريضة farīḍa pl. فرائض farā’ḍ2 religious duty (Isl. Law); divine precept, ordinance of God (Isl. Law); obligatory prayer (Isl. Law); pl. distributive shares in estate (Isl. Law) | فريضة الجمعة f. al-jum‘a the obligatory divine service on Friday (Isl. Law); ذو الفرائض dawū l-f. the “Koranic heirs”, i.e., those entitled to a statutory portion in estate according to sura lV, 12ff . (Isl. Law); علم الفرائض ‘ilm al-f. law of descent and distribution

افتراض iftirāḍ assumption, supposition, presupposition, premise, postulate, hypothesis

افتراضي iftirāḍī hypothetic(al)

فارض fāriḍ old, advanced in years

مفروض mafrūḍ supposed, assumed, premised; pl. مفروضات duties, obligations

فرط farata u to precede (ه s.o.); to escape inadvertently, slip (من s.o.’s tongue; of words); to escape (من s.o.), get lost (من on s.o.); to happen (inadvertently) (من to s.o., faux pas, etc.); to neglect (في s.th.), be lax, be remiss (في with regard to); to strip off (هـ fruits) | فرط منه الشيء (šai’u) he missed the thing, lost it II to leave, abandon, forsake, give up (ه s.o., في or ,. s.th.), renounce, waive (في or هـ s.th.); to separate (ه or عن from), part (ه or عن with); to neglect (في s.th.), be lax, be remiss (في with regard to); to exceed the proper bounds, go too far, be excessive (في in), exaggerate, overdo (في s.th.); to waste, squander (في s.th.) IV to exceed the proper bounds, go too far, be excessive (في in), exaggerate, overdo, abuse (في s.th.) VII to be stripped off, be loosened, become detached (من from); to be dissolved, dissolve, break up | انفرط عقدهم (‘aqduhum) they broke up, they parted company, they dissolved

فرط farṭ excess, immoderation, exaggeration; (with foll. abstract noun) hyper- (in compounds)

فرط faraṭ (eg.) interest (on money, capital, etc.)

فراطة furāṭa small change, coins

تفريط tafrīṭ negligence, neglect

افراط afrāṭ excess, immoderation, exaggeration

فارط fāriṭ elapsed, bygone, put, last, e.g., يوم الأحد الفارط (yaum al-aḥad) last Sunday

مفرط mufarril prodigal, wasteful, squandering; wastrel, spendthrift, prodigal, squanderer

مفرط mufriṭ exaggerated, excessive

فرطح farṭaḥa to make broad, broaden, flatten (هـ s.th.)

مفرطح mufarṭaḥ broad; flattened, flat, oblate; fat and flabby, bloated

فرع fara‘a a (far‘, فرع furū‘) to surpass, outstrip (ه s.o.); to excel (ه s.o.) II to put forth branches, to branch; to derive, deduce (من هـ s.h. from) V to branch out, ramify, become ramified, spread in all directions; to divide, fork, bifurcate (road, pipeline); to branch off VIII to de1lower

فرع far‘ pl. فروع furū‘, افرع afru‘ twig, branch. bough, limb, (also coll.) branches, twigs; derivative; section, subdivision; branch office, subsidiary establishment, branch; branch line, feeder line; branch wire, feed wire (el.) | الفروع or علم الفروع ‘ilm al-f. the doctrine of the branches, i.e., applied fiqh, applied ethics (consisting in the systematic elaboration of canonical law in Islam); شرعا وفرعا šar‘an wa-far‘an with full right, with good cause, justly

فرعي fa‘ī branch, subsidiary, tributary, sub-, side (in compounds); subdivisional; secondary

افرع afra‘2, f. فرعاء far‘ā’ tall, slender

تفرع tafarru‘ many-sidedness, versatility; (pl. -āt) ramification; pl. secondary things, concomitant circumstances, minor factors

فارع fāri‘ tall, lofty, towering; high-grown, slender, slim; beautiful, handsome, pretty | فارع الطول f. aṭ-ṯūl tall, high-grown; فارع القامة tall and slender

مفرع mufarra‘ ramified, branching

متفرعات mutafarri‘āt secondary things, concomitant circumstances, minor factors

فرعون fir‘aun pl. فراعنة farā‘ina Pharaoh

فرغ faraga u and fariga a (فروغ furūg, فراغ farāg) to be empty, be void; to be vacant; to be exhausted, be used up; to be rid (من of s.o.), be done, be finished (من with); to finish, terminate, conclude, close, wind up, finish off, settle, complete, bring to an end (من s.th.); to devote o.s. apply o.s. attend, tend (الى or ل to s.o. to s.th.), occupy o.s. (الى or ل with) | فرغ الى نفسه to collect one’s thoughts II to empty, void, vacate, evacuate, discharge (هـ s.th.); to unload (هـ a cargo); to pour out (هـ s.th.) IV to empty, void, vacate, evacuate (هـ s.th.); to pour out (على هـ s.th. over. في into); to unload (هـ s.th., e.g., from a ship) | افرغه في قالب (qālab) to mold s.th. (fig.); (مجهوده or) افرغ جهده (jahdahū) to exert o.s. to the utmost, make every effort (في in), do one’s best V to be free from work. be unoccupied, be idle, have leisure; to be free, disengage o.s. (الى or ل for some work), occupy o.s. exclusively (الى or ل with), devote o.s., apply o.s., attend (الى or ل to) X to empty (هـ a bowl, and the like); to vomit | استفرغ مجهوده to exert o.s. to the utmost. make every effort (في in), apply every ounce of strength (في to), do one’s best

فرغ farg empty, void; vacant

فراغ farāg void, vacuity, vacancy, vacuum, empty space; gap; space (ل for s.o., for s.th.); cession (of things which are not transferable as a property, but transferable as a possession; (Isl. Law); leisure, sparetime

فراغي farāgī vacuum (adj.)

فروغ furūg emptiness, voidness, vacuity; vacancy, unocoupiedness; termination, expiration, exhaustion | فروغ الصبر f. aṣ-ṣabr impatience

افرغ afrag2 emptier

تفريغ tafrīg emptying, vacating, evacuation; discharge; unloading (of a cargo)

افراغ ifrāg emptying, vacating, evacuation; pouring out

استفراغ istifrāg emptying, voiding, vacating, evacuation; vomiting

فارغ fārig pl. فراغ furrāg empty, void; vacant; unoccupied, not busy, idle, leisurely; inane, vacuous, idle, useless; -- tare (com.) | بالفارغ in the void (of the target) = in the bull’s-eye; بفارغ الصبر bi-f. iṣ-ṣabr impatiently

مفروغ منه mafrūg minh finished, settled (question, problem, and the like); exhausted (topic, and the like)

مفرغ mufarrig emptying; creating a vacuum | O آلة مفرغة vacuum pump

مفرغ mufarrag emptied, vacated, exhausted of air, vacuum (adj.); hollow

مفرغ mufrag cast (in a mold) | حلقة مفرغة (ḥalqa) seamless ring; vicious circle, circulus vitiosus

1 فرفر farfara to shake itself (of animals, esp. of a bird)

فرفر farfar small bird

فرفور furfūr small bird

2 فرفوري farfūrī = فغفوري fine porcelain

3 فرفير firfīr purple, purpure

فرفش farfaša: فرفش نفسه (eg.) to recover, pick up, revive

فرفشة farfaša (eg.) ease, comfort, convenience, leisure

فرفير firfīr purple, purpure

فرق faraqa u (farq, فرقان furqān to separate, part, divide, sever, sunder (هـ s.th.); to make a distinction (بين between), distinguish, differentiate, discriminate (بين between); فرق (farq) to part (هـ the hair); fariqa a (faraq) to be terrified, be dismayed; to be afraid (من of) II to separate, part, divide, sever, sunder (هـ s.th.); to strew about, scatter, disperse (هـ s.th.); to make a distinction (بين between), distinguish, differentiate (بين between; عن ه s.o. from); to distribute (في or على هـ s.th. to, among); to frighten, scare, daunt, terrify, horrify (ه s.o.) | فرق تسد farriq tasud divide and rule! divide et impera! III to separate o.s. disengage o.s., withdraw, depart (هـ, ه from s.o., from s.th.), part (هـ, ه with s.o., with s.th.), leave, quit (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) V to be or become separated, split, disunited, divided, scattered, dispersed, separate, part, divide, scatter, disperse, dissolve, break up VII to be or become separated, disunited, divided, separate o.s., disengage o.s. (عن from), part (عن with) VIII = V | افترق طرائق قددا (ṭarā’iqa qidadan) to split into many parts or groups, become divided

فرق farq separation, severance, sunderance, division, partition; differentiation, distinction, discrimination; parting (of the hair); -- (pl. فروق furūq) difference, dissimilarity, distinction; small change, coins; pl. cases similar with regard to facts, yet different as to their legal implications (Isl. Law)

فرق firq part, portion, division, section, unit; band, company, party, detachment, troop, group; herd, flock

فرق faraq fear, fright, terror

فرق fariq fearful, timid, timorous, cowardly, craven

فرقة firqa pl. فرق firaq part, portion, division, section, unit; band, company, party, detachment, troop, group; class; grade, class (in school); pupils or students of a course; troupe, ensemble; team, crew; division (mil.); sect | الفرقة اللأجنبية (ajnabīya) the Foreign Legion; الفرقة الخامسة the fifth column; فرقة مصفحة (muṣaffaḥa) armored division; فرقة المطافئ (or الأطفاء ) f. al-maṭāfi2 (or al-iṭfā’) fire department, fire brigade; فرقة الإعدام f. al-i‘dām firing squad; فرقة استعراضية (isti‘rāḍīya) show troupe, revue troupe; فرقة موسيقية (mūsīqīya) orchestra; فرقة موسيقى f. mūsīqā (military) band

فرقة furqa separatedness, separation, disunion

فريق farīq pl. فروق furūq, افرقة afriqa, افرقاء afriqā2 band, company, troop, detachment, unit; party; faction; team (sports); - a military and naval rank, approx.: lieutenant general (Eg.), vice admiral (Eg.) | فريق اول (awwal) lieutenant general (Ir.); فريق ثان (tānin) major general (Ir.)

فروق farūq very fearful, timid, timorous, cowardly, craven; --Constantinople

فاروق fārūq very timorous; الفاروق he who distinguishes truth from falsehood (epithet of the2nd Caliph, Omar)

فاروقية fārūqīya “Faruk cap”, winter field cap of the Egyptian Air Force (1939)

فرقان furqān proof, evidence; الفرقان the Koran

مفرق mafraq, mafriq pl. مفارق mafāriq2 crossing, intersection, bifurcation, forking, fork, junction, interjunction; road fork, highway intersection, crossroads, also مفرق الطرق m. aṭ-ṭuruq; المفرق al-mafraq or قلعة المفرق qal‘at al-m. Mafrak (city in N Jordan) | مفرق الشعر mafriq aš-ša‘r parting (of the hair)

تفريق tatrīq separation, severance, sunderance, partition, division; dispersion, dispersal, scattering; differentiation, distinction, discrimination; distribution; pl. تفاريق tafārīq2 single, separate parts, detached sections | بالتفريق in detail; in portions; by retail (com.)

تفرقة tafriqa separation, severance, sunderance, partition, division; dispersion, dispersal, scattering; differentiation, distinction, discrimination; distribution | بالتفرقة in detail; in portions; by retail (com.)

مفارقة mufāraqa separation, parting, farewell, leave-taking, departure; difference, dissimilarity, distinction

فراق firāq separation, parting, farewell, leave-taking, departure; difference, dissimilarity, distinction

تفرق tafarruq separation, disunion, division; dispersing, dispersal, scattering; deployment (in the field; mil.)

افتراق iftirāq separation, disunion, division

فارق fāriq distinguishing, differential, distinctive, discriminative, separative; (pl. فوارق fawāriq2) a separating or distinctive factor; distinctive characteristic, criterion; difference, distinction, dissimilarity, disparity | مع بعد الفارق (bu‘d l-f.) in spite of the great difference

مفرق mufarriq distributor, retailer; mailman, postman

مفرق mufarraq retail (adj.) | تاجر المفرق retail merchant, retailer; بالمفرق by retail

متفرق mutafarriq dispersed, scattered; sporadic; متفرقات miscellany, sundries (com.), miscellaneous items

مفترق muftaraq crossing, intersection, bifurcation, forking, fork, junction, interjunction; road fork, highway intersection, crossroads, also مفترق الطرق m. aṭ-ṭuruq

2 فاوريقة pl. فواريق look up alphabetically

3 افريقيا look up alphabetically

4 افريقي pl. افارقة look up alphabetically

فرقد farqad calf; الفرقدان two bright stars of Ursa Minor (β and γ)

فرقع farqa‘a (فرقعة farqa‘a) to pop, crack, burst, explode II tafarqa‘a = I

فرقعة farqa‘a crack, pop, report (of a firearm); explosion, blast

مفرقع mufarqi‘ explosive, blasting (adj.); pl. مفرقعات explosives; firecrackers, fireworks

فرقلة farqilla (eg.) pl. -āt whip with a leather thong, used in driving animals

فرك faraka u (fark) to rob (هـ s.th.) II = I V to be robbed VII = V

فريك farīk rubbed; cooked green wheat

O مفراك mifrāk twirling stick

2 فراك look up alphabetically

فركش farkaša (eg.) to disarrange, dishevel, tangle (هـ s.th.), tousle, muss, tear (hair)

1 فرم farama i (farm) to out into small pieces (هـ meat, tobacco), mince, chop, hash (هـ meat) II = I

مفرمة miframa meat grinder; mincer, mincing machine

مفرمم mafrūm: دخان مفروم (dukān) finely cut tobacco; لحم مفروم (laḥm) chopped meat, hashed meat

2 فرم (It. forma) furma pl. فرم furam mold

فرمان faramān pl. -āt, فرامين farāmīn2 firman; decree, edict; (letter of) safe-conduct, laisser-passer (formerly, in the Ottoman Empire)

فرمبواز (Fr. framboise) frambuwāz raspberry

فرمسون (eg.) firmasōn (from Fr. franc-maçon) Freemason

فرملة farmala pl. فرامت farāmil2 brake (of a wheel, etc.)

فرملجي (eg.) farmalgī pl. -īya brakeman

فرموزا farmōza, formōza Formosa

فرن furn pl. افران afran oven, baking oven

فران farrān baker

فرنج II tafarnaja to become Europeanized, adopt European manners, imitate the Europeans

الإفرنج al-ifranj the Europeans | بلاد الإفرنج Europe

افرنجي ifranjī European; الإفرنجي syphilis

فرنجة firanja2 Land of the Franks, Europe

تفرنج tafarnuj Europeanization, imitation of the Europeans

متفرنج mutafarnij Europeanized

1 فرند firind a sword of exquisite workmanship

2 فرندة faranda, varanda pl. -āt veranda, porch

فرنس farnasa (فرنسة farnasa) to make French, Frenchify, imbue with French culture (هـ s.th.) II tafarnasa to become a Frenchman; to imitate the French

فرنسا faransā (also فرنسة ) France

فرنسي faransī French; (pl. -ūn) Frenchman

فرنساوي faransāwī (also فرنسوي ) French

الفرنسيس al-faransīs the French

الفرنسيسكان al-faransiskān the Franciscans

فرنك (Fr. franc) firank and فرنكة pl. -āt franc

فره farih lively, agile, nimble

فراهة farāha liveliness, agility, nimbleness, swiftness (of an animal); sturdiness

فاره fārih lively, agile, nimble, swift (animal); comely, pretty; sturdy; big

فرو farw (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. فراء firā’ furriery, fur(s), skin(s), pelt(s), peltry

فروة farwa (n. un.) fur, pelt; akin, hide | فروة الرأس scalp; ابو فروة abū f. (eg.) chestnut فرى farā i (fary) to split lengthwise, cut lengthwise (هـ s.th.); (eg.) to mince, chop (هـ s.th.); to invent lyingly, fabricate, trump up (على هـ s.th. against) | فرى كذبا (kidban) to fabricate, or invent, a lie (على against) II to split lengthwise, cut lengthwise (هـ s.th.) IV = II; VIII to invent lyingly, fabricate, trump up (على ه s.th. against); to slander, libel, calumniate (على s.o.)

فرية firya pl. فرى firan lie, falsehood, falsity; slander, calumny

فرى farīy: جاء) شيئا فريا or) اتى to do s.th. unheard-of, do an unprecedented thing

مفراة mifrāh (eg.) (= مفرمة ) meat grinder; mincer, mincing machine

افتراء iftirā’ lie, falsehood, falsity; slander, calumny

مفتر muftarin slanderer, calumniator

مفتريات muftarayāt lies, falsities; calumnies

فريز farīz pl. افرزة afriza = افريز ifrīz (look up alphabetically)

فز fazza i (fazz) to jump up, start, bolt; to be or become frightened, terrified, dismayed, startled; to frighten, alarm, startle (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), scare away (عن هـ, ه s.o., s.th. from) IV to frighten, alarm, startle (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), scare away (عن هـ, ه s.o., s.th. from) V to become restless, restive, uneasy X to fill with unrest or excitement, rouse, agitate, excite, stir up, instigate, incite, egg on, inflame, whip up (ه s.o.), provoke (هـ an incident); to startle (عن ه s.o. out of); to stir up, arouse (من ه s.o. from)

فزة fazza start, jump, bolt, dart

استفزاز istifzāz pl. -āt instigation, agitation, incitement, provocation

استفزازي istifzāzī agitative, instigative, inflammatory, rabble-rousing, provocative, incendiary

فزر lazara u (fazr) to tear, rent, burst (هـ s.th.) V to be torn, be rent, split open, burst VII = V

فزارة fazāra female leopard

فزورة fazūra pl. فوازر fawāzir2 (eg.) riddle, puzzle

فزع fazi‘a a (faza‘) and faza‘a a (faz‘, fiz‘) to be afraid, be scared (من of), be alarmed, frightened, terrified (ل or من by); -- fazi‘a a to take refuge, flee (الى to), seek asylum (الى with) II to strike (ه s.o.) with fear; to frighten, scare, alarm, terrify, dismay, startle (ه s.o.) IV to frighten, startle, terrify, scare (ه s.o.) V to be terrified, startled, dismayed; to be frightened | تفزع من نومه (naumihī) to be roused from one’s sleep

فزع faza‘ pl. افزاع afzā‘ fear, fright, terror, alarm, dismay, anxiety, consternation, panic

فزع fazi‘ frightened, terrified, scared, alarmed, startled, dismayed, fearful, timorous

فزعان faz‘ān frightened. terrified, scared, alarmed, startled, dismayed, fearful, timorous

فزاعة fazzā‘a one who inspires fear; scarecrow

مفزع mafza‘ place of refuge, retreat, sanctuary

مفزعة mafza‘a place of refuge, retreat, sanctuary; scarecrow

مفزع mufzi‘ terrible, dreadful, alarming

مفزع mufzi‘ frightened, terrified, alarmed, startled

فستان fustān pl. فساتين fasātīn2 (woman’s) dress, gown, frock

فستق fustuq, fustaq pistachio (bot.)

فسح fasuḥa u (فسحة fusḥa, فساحة fasāḥa) to be or become wide, spacious, roomy; – fasaḥa a (fasḥ) to make room, clear a space (هـ, في in, ل for) II to make wide, make spacious, widen, broaden, extend, expand (هـ s.th.); to make room, clea a space (ل for) | فسح مجالا له (majālan) to make room for s.o., or s.th., give s.o. or s.th. free play or free scope; to open up an opportunity for s.o.; فسح له الطريق to open or pave the way for s.o. or s.th. IV to make room, clear a space (ل for); to clear. open up (هـ s.th., ل for) V to be or become wide, spacious, roomy; to walk, take a walk VII to be or become wide, spacious, roomy; to extend, expand, dilate; to be free, be ample (time) | انفسحت لي الأوقات I had plenty of time

فسحة fusḥa wideness, ampleness, spaciousness, roominess; extensive possibilities, ample opportunities, wide scope for action; (time) margin, enough time (ل for); -- (pl. فسح fusaḥ, -āt) free, open, or empty, space; holidays, vaoation; walk, promenade, stroll, ride, drive, outing, excursion | ما زال في الوقت فسحة (waqt) there is still time

فسحة fusḥa pl. -āt (eg.) anteroom, vestibule, hallway, entrance hall; (eg., also syr.) open space between houses; courtyard

فسيح fasīḥ) pl. فساح fisāḥ wide, ample, spacious, roomy, broad

انفساح infisāḥ wideness, ampleness; extension, expansion, dilation

منفسح munfasaḥ) wideness, ampleness; plane, surface

فسخ fasaka a (fask) to dislocate, disjoint, luxate, put out of joint (هـ a limb); to sever, sunder, tear (هـ s.th.); (jur.) to cancel, abolish, rescind, revoke, abrogate, annul, nullify, invalidate, dissolve, void, vacate (هـ s.th.); -- fasika a (fasak) to lose color; to fade (color) II to tear to pieces, tear apart, lacerate, mangle (هـ s.th.); (eg.) to salt (هـ fish) V to break up into fragments, fall apart, disintegrate VII (jur.) to be canceled, abolished, rescinded, revoked, abrogated, annulled, nullified, invalidated, dissolved, voided, vacated

فسخ fask (jur.) cancellation, abolishment, abolition, rescission, revocation, abrogation, annulment, nullification, invalidation, dissolving, voiding, vacating

فسخي faskī abolitionary, revocatory, abrogative, nullifying

فسخة faska (wood) splinter, chip, sliver

فسيخ fasīk (eg.) small salted fish

متفسخ mutafassik degenerate(d)

فسد fasada u i (فساد fasād, فسود fusūd) to be or become bad, rotten, decayed, putrid, be spoiled; to be or become vicious, wicked, vile, corrupt, depraved, be marred, impaired, corrupted, perverted, vitiated; to be empty, vain, idle, unsound, false, wrong II to spoil, deprave, ruin, corrupt, demoralize (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to degrade, abase, sully, tarnish, defile (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) IV to spoil (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.; هـ s.th. على of s.o., e.g., s.o.’s plans, etc.), deprave, corrupt, pervert, demoralize (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to mar, distort, devaluate, depreciate, denigrate, degrade (هـ s.th., على for s.o.); to weaken, sap. undermine, upset, ruin, destroy, foil, thwart, frustrate (هـ s.th.); to alienate, estrange (على ه s.o. from another; هـ على s.o. from s.th.), entice away (على s.o., هـ from s.th.); to sow, or stir up, dissension (بين among); to act evilly, wickedly; to cause mischief | افسد عليه امره (amrahū) to play s.o. a dirty trick VII = I

فساد fasād rottenness, spoiledness, corruption, decay, decomposition, putrefaction, putridity; depravity, wickedness, viciousness, iniquity. immorality; weakness; pervertedness, wrongness ; incorrectness, imperfection (of a legal transaction; Isl. Law)

مفسدة mafsada pl. مفاسد mafāsid2 cause of corruption or evil; scandalous deed, heinous act; pl. مفاسد dirty tricks, malicious acts, chicaneries | في المصلحة والمفسدة (maṣlaḥa) in good and bad times, for better or for worse

افساد ifsād thwarting, undermining, sabotaging

فاسد fāsid pl. فسدي fasadī bad, foul, rotten, spoiled, decayed, decomposed, putrid; depraved, corrupt, vicious, wicked, immoral; empty, vain, idle, unsound, false, wrong; imperfect (legal transaction; Isl. Law) | دور فاسد (daur) vicious circle, circulus vitiosus

فسر II to explain, expound, explicate, elucidate, interpret (هـ s.th.), comment (هـ on) V to be explained, interpreted, etc. (see II); to have an explanation (ب in), be explainable (ب with, by) X to ask (ه s.o.) for an explanation (عن of), inquire (عن ه of s.o. about), ask (عن ه s.o. about); to seek an explanation (عن for)

تفسير tafsīr pl. تفاسير tafāsīr2 explanation, exposition, elucidation, explication, interpretation; commentary (esp. one on the Koran)

تفسيري tafsīrī explanatory, explicatory, illustrative

تفسرة tafsira urine specimen (of a patient, for diagnosis)

استفسار istifsār pl. -āt inquiry, question (عن about)

مفسر mufassir commentator

فسطاط fusṭāṭ pl. فساطيط fasāṭīṭ2 (large) tent made of haircloth; tent, pavilion, canopy; الفسطاط al-fusṭāṭ ancient Islamic city south of present-day Cairo

فسطان fusṭān pl. فساطين fasāṭīn2 see فستان

فسفات fusfāt phosphate

فسفر fasfara and II tafasfara to phosphoresce

فسفر fusfur phosphorus

فسفس fasfara (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. فسافس fasāfis2 bedbug

فسفوسة fasfūsa pl. فسافيس fasāfīs2 pustule, pimple

فسيفساء fusaifisā’ mosaic, mosaic work

فسق fasaqa u i (fisq, فسوق fusūq) and fasuqa u to stray from the right course; to stray, deviate (عن from); to act unlawfully, sinfully, immorally, lead a dissolute life; to fornicate (ب with) II (Isl. Law) to declare (ه s.o.) to b. a fāsiq (q.v.)

فسق fisq sinfulness, viciousness, moral depravity, dissolute life | دور الفسق dūr al-f. brothels

فسوق fusūq outrage, iniquity

مفسقة malaaqa pl. مفاسق mafāsiq2 brothel

فاسق fāsiq pl. فساق fussāq, فسقة fasaqa godless, sinful, dissolute, wanton, licentious, profligate, vicious, iniquitous, nefarious; trespasser, offender, sinner; fornicator, adulterer; a person not meeting the legal requirements of righteousness (Isl. Law)

2 فسقية fasqīya, fisqīya pl. -āt, فساقي fasāqīy fountain; well

1 فسل fasl pl. فسول fusūil low, lowly, ignoble; despicable; false, deceitful

فسل lusUIa lowliness; w.akness

فسيلة fasīla pl. فسيل fasīl, فسائل fasā’il2 palm seedling, palm shoot

2 فسولية fasūlīya = فصوليا

فسلجة faslaja physiology

فسلجي faslajī physiologic(al)

(فسو) فسا fasā u (fasw, فساء fusā’) to break wind noiselessly

فاسياء fāsiyā’2 dung beetle

فسولية fasūliya = فصوليا

فسيولوجيا fisiyōlōjiyā physiology

فسيولوجي fisiyōlōjī physiologic(al); physiologist

فش fašša u (fašš) to cause (هـ a swelling, and the like) to subside; to go down, subside (swelling) | فش خلقه (غله) في (kulqahū, gillahū) (eg.) to vent one’s anger on … VII to go down, subside (swelling, and the like)

فشة fišša pl. فشش fišaš (eg., syr.) lung, lights (of animals)

فاشي and فاشية look up alphabetically

فشخ fašaka a (fašk) to straddle; to stride, take large steps

فشخ fašk pl. -āt stride, large step

فشر fašara u to brag, boast, swagger

فشر fašr bragging, swagger, vain

فشار fušār bragging, swagger, vain boasting

فشار fišār (eg.) popcorn

فشار faššār braggart, swaggerer, vain boaster

فشفاش fašfāš (eg.) lung, lights (of animals)

فشك fašak (coll.; n. un. ة ) cartridges | فشك خلبي (kullabī) blank cartridges (Syr.); فشك دخاني (dukānī) smoke cartridges (Syr.)

فشل fašila a (fašal) to lose courage, be or become cowardly or faint-hearted, lose heart, despair; to be disappointed; to fail, he unsuccessful (في in); to miscarry, go wrong, fail n and IV to thwart, foil, frustrate (هـ s.th.) V to fail, be unsuccessful

فشل fašal disappointment, failure, flop, fiasco

فشل fašl, fašil weak, faint-hearted, cowardly, craven

فاشل fāšil failing, unsuccessful, futile, doomed to failure; no good, worthless

(فشو) فشا fašā u (فشو fašw, fušuw, فشي fušīy) to spread, spread about, diffuse, gain ground, make the rounds, circulate; to be revealed, he disclosed, he divulged IV to spread, disseminate, put in circulation (هـ s.th.); to reveal, disclose, divulge (هـ or ب s.th.) V to spread, spread about, gain ground, rage (e.g., a disease)

تفش tafaššin spreading, spread, outbreak

فص II (eg.) to remove the outer shell (هـ of s.th.)

فص faṣṣ pl. فصوص fuṣūṣ stone of a ring; clove (of garlic); segment (of an orange); lobe (anat., bot.); joint; essence | فص ملح f. milḥ (eg.) lump of salt; بنصه وفصه (naṣṣihī) in the very words, ipsissimis verbis, literally, precisely

1 فصح faṣuḥa u (فصاحة faṣāḥa) to be eloquent II to bring (هـ the language) into literary form, make (هـ the language) correct Arabic, purify (هـ the language) IV to express o.s. in flawless literary Arabic; to speak clearly, distinctly, intelligibly; to give expression (عن to), express, state clearly, declare outright, make plain (عن s.th.), speak openly, frankly (عن about); to orient, inform (عن ل s.o. about); to become clear, plain, distinct V to affect eloquence, affect mastery of the language VI = V

فصيح faṣīḥ pl. فصحاء fuṣaḥā’2, فصاح fiṣāḥ, فصح fuṣuḥ pure, good Arabic (language), literary; skillful in using the correct literary language; clear, plain, distinct, intelligible (language, speech); fluent, eloquent

فصاحة faṣāḥa purity of the language; fluency, eloquence

افصح afṣaḥ2, f. فصحى fuṣḥā of purer language; more eloquent |العربية (اللغة) الفصحى (‘arabīya, luga) classical Arabic; الفصحى do.

افصاح ifṣāḥ flawless literary Arabic style; frank statement, open word (عن about), open declaration (عن of)

مفصح mufṣiḥ clear, plain, distinct, intelligible; cloudless, sunny, bright (day)

2 فصح IV to celebrate Easter (Chr.); to celebrate Passover (Jud.)

فصح fiṣḥ, faṣḥ pl. فصوح fuṣūḥ Easter (Chr.); Pesach, Passover (Jud.)

فصد faṣada i (faṣd, فصاد faṣād) to open a vein; to bleed (ه s.o.), perform a venesection (ه on) V to drip (e.g., the face, عرقا ‘araqan with perspiration) VII to be bled, undergo a venesection; to bleed (nose)

فصد faṣd opening of a vein, bloodletting, venesection, phlebotomy

فصاد fiṣād opening of a vein, bloodletting, venesection, phlebotomy

فصادة fiṣāda pl. فصائد faṣā’id2 bloodletting, venesection, phlebotomy | ابو فصادة abū f. (eg.) wagtail (zool.)

مفصد mifṣad, pl. مفاصد mafāṣid2 lancet

فصفات fuṣfāt phosphate

فصفور fuṣfūr phosphorus

فصفوري fuṣfūrī phosphoric, phosphorous | ضياء فصفوري phosphorescence

فصل faṣala i (faṣl) to separate, part, divide, disjoin, divorce, cut off, detach, set apart, segregate (عن هـ, ه s.o. s.th. from); to separate (بين two things or persons); to isolate (هـ s.th.); to cut, sever, sunder, interrupt (هـ s.th.); to discharge, dismiss, fire, sack, expel (من or عن ه s.o. from an office), relieve, divest (من or عن ه s.o. of an office), cashier (ه s.o.); to decide (هـ a controversy, and the like), make a decision. render judgment (في in, about, with respect to); to fix the price (هـ for s.th.); -- (فصال fiṣāl) to wean (ه عن الرضاع the infant from sucking); -- faṣala u (فصول fuṣūl) to go away, depart, move away (عن or من from), leave (عن or من a place), pull out (عن or من of a place) II to divide into particular sections, arrange in sections, group, classify, categorize (هـ s.th.); to present in logical order, set forth in detail, detail, particularize (هـ s.th.); to make (هـ s.th.) clear, plain, distinct; to make to measure, cut out (هـ a garment) III to separate o.s., dissociate o.s., be separated (ه from s.o.), part company (ه with); to haggle, bargain (على ه with s.o. for) VII to separate o.s., disengage o.s., dissociate o.s. segregate, secede (عن from); to be separated, disjoined, detached, removed, set aside, cut off (عن from), be interrupted; to be discharged, dismissed, fired, sacked, cashiered; to retire, resign (من or عن from an office), be relieved, be divested (من or عن of an office); to quit, leave (من or عن a political party, and the like)

فصل faṣl parting, disjunction, detachment, severance, sunderance, cutting off; separation; division, partition; discharge, dismissal (من or عن from an office); decision, (rendering of) judgment; -- (pl. فصول fuṣūl) section, part; chapter; act (of a play); movement (of a symphony, etc.); article (in a newspaper); class, grade (school); season | فصل الخطاب (in letters:) conclusion of the formal greetings by the words اما بعد ammā ba‘du; conclusion, termination; decision; unmistakable judgment; بيني وبينك فصل الخطاب we’re through with one another once and for all; فصل التمثيل (theater) season; القول الفصل (qaul) the last word, the final decision; يوم الفصل yaum al-f. Day of Judgment, Doomsday

O فصلة faṣla comma | O فصلة منقوطة semicolon

فصلة fiṣla offprint, reprint

فصيل faṣīl pl. فصال fiṣāl, فصلان fuṣlān young (weaned) camel

فصيلة faṣīla pl. فصائل faṣā’il genus, species, family (bot., and the like); detachment, squad; group, cell (pol.); platoon, squadron (of heavy arms; mil.) | فصيلة دم f. dam blood group; فصيلة الإعدام f. al-i‘dām firing squad, execution squad; فصيلة الاستكشاف reconnaissance squad, patrol

فيصل faiṣal decisive criterion; arbitrator, arbiter

فيصل faiṣalīya “Faisal cap”, Iraqi field cap (formerly, Ir.)

مفصل mafṣil pl. مفاصل mafāṣil2 joint, articulation

مفصلي mafṣilī articular

تفصيل tafṣīl detailed statement, elaborate or minute exposition, particularization, detailing; elaborateness, minuteness, completeness of detail; cutting out, cut (of a garment); (pl. -āt, تفاصيل tafāṣīl2) detail, particular | تفصيلا tafṣīlan and بالتفصيل in detail, elaborately, minutely, circumstantially; من تفصيل (with foll. genit.) made to measure by ...; tailored by ...; ثياب التفصيل tailor-made clothes; محبوك التفصيل well-fitting (garment)

تفصيلي tafṣīlī detailed, minute, particular, elaborate; analytic(al); تفصيليا tafṣīlīyan separately, singly, one at a time | المساحة التفصيلية land survey

انفصال infiṣāl separation; disengagement, dissociation, withdrawal; secession; interruption | O حرب الانفصال ḥarb al-inf. the American Civil War; انصار الانفصال separatists

انفصالي infiṣālī separatistic; (pl. -ūn) separatist

انفصالية infiṣālīya aeparatismفاصل faṣil separatory, separating, parting, dividing; isolating, insulating; decisive, crucial; conclusive; separation, partition, division, interruption | بلا فاصل without interruption, uninterrupted, unbroken; فاصل الحرارة f. al-ḥarāra heat-insulating (phys.); مباراة فاصلة (mubārāh) finals, final match (sports); خط فاصل (kaṭṭ) demarcation line

فاصلة fāṣila pl. فواصل fawāṣil2 partition, division; interstice, interspace, interval; O comma; O dash (punctuation mark); end, rhyme of a Koranic verse

مفصل mufaṣṣal set forth or described minutely, elaborately or in great detail, detailed, minute, elaborate, circumstantial; tailor-made, custom-made; مفصلا mufaṣṣalan in detail, minutely, elaborately, circumstantially

مفصلة mufaṣṣala pl. -āt hinge

منفصل munfaṣl separate, detached

فصم fṣama i (faṣm) to cause (هـ s.th.) to crack, crack (هـ s.th.); to split, cleave (هـ s.th.); pass. fuṣima to be destroyed (house) VII to have a crack, be cracked; to be split, be cleft

فصم faṣm pl. فصومات fuṣūmāt recess, niche, chamfer (in walls; arch.)

انفصام infiṣām split; O schizophrenia

فصوليا faṣūliyā (or فصولية ) the common European bean (Phascolus vulgaris L.; bot.)

فصى V to free o.s., rid o.s. (من of), shake off (من s.th.)

فض faḍḍa (1st pers. perf. faḍaḍtu) u (faḍḍ) to break (open), pry open, force open, undo (هـ s.th., e.g., a seal); to break, snap (هـ s.th.); to scatter, disperse, break up, rout (هـ s.th.); to perforate, pierce (هـ a pearl); to conclude, close (هـ a session, and the like); to dissolve (هـ parliament); to settle (هـ a conflict, and the like); to shed (هـ tears) | فض بكارتها (bakāratahā) to deflower a girl; لا فض فوك lā fuḍḍ fūka how well you have spoken! II to plate or coat with silver, to silver (هـ s.th.) VII to he opened, be broken, be undone (e.g., a seal); to be scattered, be dispersed, be routed; to scatter, disperse, disband, break up, dissolve; to be concluded, be closed (session, and the like) VIII to deflwer (ها a girl)

فض faḍḍ opening, breaking, undoing (e.g., of a real); dispersion, scattering, breaking up, routing; settlement, settling (of a dispute); conclusion, closure (e.g., of a session) | فض البكارة f. al-bakāra defloration

فضة fiḍḍa silver

فضي fiḍḍī silver, silvery, argentic, argentous, made of silver, like silver; فضيات fiḍḍīyāt silverware | الجمهورية الفضية (jumhūrīya) Argentina; الستار الفضي the motion-picture screen, the silver screen

مفض mifaḍḍ implement for opening or breaking open | مفض الخطابات letter opener

انفضاض infiḍāḍ dissolution, breaking up, dispersal; end, close, conclusion, closure (e.g., of a session)

افتضاض iftiḍāḍ defloration

فضح faḍaḥa a (faḍḥ) to disclose or uncover s.o. (ه ) faults or offenses, expose, show up, compromise, shame, disgrace, dishonor (ه s.o.); to outshine, eclipse (هـ s.th., e.g., the moon the stars); to ravish, violate, rape (ها a woman); to disclose, reveal, show, bring to light, divulge, betray (هـ s.th.) VII to be exposed, be compromised, be disgraced, be dishonored VIII to become public, become known, come to light | افتضح امره (amruhū) he was exposed

فضح faḍḥ exposure, humiliation, mortification, debasement, degradation, disgracing, dishonoring

فضيح faḍīḥ covered with shame, exposed, compromised, humiliated, shamed, disgraced, dishonored; disgraceful, shameful, infamous, ignominious

فضيحة faḍīḥa exposure, humiliation, mortification, debasement, degradation, disgracing, dishonoring; -- (pl. فضائح faḍā’iḥ2) disgraceful, or scandalous, act or thing; infamy, ignominy; shame, disgrace, scandal

فضاح faḍḍāḥ divulging secrets, unearthing shameful things

افتضاح iftiḍāḥ disgracefulness, ignominy, infamy

فاضح fāḍiḥ disgraceful, shameful, infamous, ignominious, dishonorable, discrediting, scandalous

مفضوح mafḍūḥ covered with shame, exposed, compromised, humiliated, shamed, disgraced, dishonored; disgraceful, shameful, infamous, ignominious

فضفاض faḍfāḍ wide, loose, flowing (garment); ample, abundant; plump, corpulent (girl); pompous, high-sounding, bombastic (speech)

فضل faḍala u and faḍila a (faḍl) to be surplus, be in excess, be left (over), remain; -- faḍala u (faḍl) to excel, surpass (على or هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to be excellent, superior, exquisite, good, be better, be more adequate II to prefer (على هـ, ه s.o., s.th. to s.o., to s.th.), like better (هـ, ه s.o., s.th., على than); to give preference (على هـ, ه to s.o., to s.th. over), set s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ) before or above (على ) III to contend for precedence or superiority (ه with s.o.) | فاضل بين شيئين to compare two things in order to determine which deserves preference IV to confer a benefit (على upon s.o.), do (على s.o.) a favor, oblige (على s.o.); to present, honor (ب على s.o. with), bestow, confer (ب على upon s.o. s.th.), grant, award (ب على to s.o. s.th.) V = IV; to have the kindness (ب of doing or to do s.th.; or ف fa with finite verb), be so kind (ب as to do s.th.; or ف with finite verb), deign, condescend, be graciously disposed (ب to do s.th.; or ف with finite verb); (imperative) tafaḍḍal please! if you please; to put on house clothes, be dressed for around the house

فضل faḍl pl. فضول fuḍūl surplus, overplus, excess, superfluity, overflow; leftover, remainder, remnant, rest; matter of secondary importance, subordinate matter; -- pl. فضول that which is superfluous, redundant or in excess, a surplus, overplus, superfluity; waste, refuse; droppings, excrements; -- superiority (على over); precedence, priority (على over), preference (على to); grace, favor (على to, toward); kindness, graciousness, amiability; erudition, culture, refinement; -- (pl. افضال afḍāl) merit, desert (في on behalf of, with respect to), credit (for, in), service(s) (على to); benefit, favor, gift, present | فضلا عن (faḍlan) beside, aside from ..., not to speak of …, let alone ..., to say nothing of ...; فضلا عن ذلك besides, moreover, furthermore; بفضل thanks to, owing to, due to; من فضلك please! if you please; يرجع الفضل في ذلك (yarji‘u) or الفضل في ذلك عائد عليه the merit thereby is his due, he deserves all the credit for it; ليس بالفضول ان it is not superfluous that ...; فضول الأحاديث futile

talk, idle words; من فضول الكلام ان (f. il-kalām) it would be needless talk to ..., it would be a waste of words if ...

فضلة faḍla pl. faḍalāt remnant, remainder, residue, leftover, rest, surplus, overplus; waste, scrap, discard, offal, waste product; pl. excretions (physiol.), excrements

فضول fuḍūl curiosity, inquisitiveness, officiousness, meddling

فضولي fuḍūlī inquisitive, curious; busy-body, officious, meddlesome; prattler, chatterer; manager without commission, uncommissioned agent (Isl. Law)

فضولية fuḍūlīya inquisitiveness curiosity; obtrusiveness, importunity, officiousness, indiscreetness

فضيل faḍīl pl. فضلاء fuḍalā’ outstanding, eminent, very good, first-rate, excellent; distinguished, deserving; learned, erudite

فضالة fuḍāla pl. -āt remnant, remainder, residue, leftover, rest, surplus, overplus; offal, refuse, scum

فضيلة faḍīla pl. فضائل faḍā’il2 moral excellence, excellent quality, virtue; merit, advantage, excellence, exquisiteness | صاحب الفضيلة title of Islamic scholars (as, for instance, Rector and sheiks of Al Azhar University), also preceding the title of sheik: فضيلة الشيخ

افضل afḍal2, f. فضلى fuḍlā, pl. m. -ūn, افاضل afāḍil2, f. فضليات fuḍlayāt better, best; more excellent, preferable, etc.; افاضل (very) excellent, learned men; فضليات السيدات f. as-sayyidāt the worthy (or esteemed) ladies

افضلية afḍalīya precedence, priority (على over), preference (على to. over); predilection

مفضل mifḍal pre-eminent, most outstanding, most excellent, very generous, very liberal

مفضلة mifḍala pl. مفاضل mafāḍil2 house dress, everyday dress

مفضال mifḍāl pre-eminent, most outstanding, most excellent; very generous, very liberal

تفضيل tafḍīl preference, preferment, favoring; esteem, high estimation | اسم التفضيل ism at-t. noun of preference = elative (af‘āl2; gram.)

فضل mul/i44la compariaon, weighing

تفضل tafaḍḍul deigning, condescension, complaisance, courteousness, courtesy, favor, grace | لبسة التفضل libsat at-t. careless manner of dressing for around the house

تفاضل tafāḍul rivalry for precedence; quantitative disparity (of two services rendered; Isl. Law) | O حساب التفاضل differential calculus

O تفاضلي tafāḍulī differential (adj.)

فاضل fāḍil remaining, leftover, left, surplus, exceeding, in excess; (pl. فواضل fawāḍil2) remainder, remnant, residue, rest, leftover, surplus, overplus, excess; -- (pl. -ūn, فضلاء fuḍalā’2) outstanding, eminent, very good, first-rate, superior, excellent, distinguished, deserving; learned; man of culture and refinement

مفضل mufaḍḍal preferable, preferred

(فضو and فضي) فضا faḍā u (فضو fuḍūw, فضاء faḍā’) to be or become spacious, wide, large (space); to be empty, void, vacant II to empty, void, vacate (هـ s.th.) IV to come, attain (الى to), arrive (الى at), reach (الى s.o., s.th.); to lead (الى ب s.o. to; الى to, e.g., to results); to inform, notify (ب الى s.o. of), announce (ب الى to s.o. s.th.) V to have free time, have leisure (ل for)

فضاء faḍā’ vast and unlimited space, empty space; space (phys.); cosmic space; sky; vast expanse, vastness, void | سفينة الفضاء spaceship; رمى به في الفضاء to throw s.th. in the air; -- (pl. افضية afḍiya) open area, open tract of land, open country

فضائي faḍā’ī: سفينة فضائية spaceship

فاض fāḍin empty, vacated, vacant; unoccupied, not busy, at leisure, free (of commitments)

فطح faṭaḥa a (faṭḥ) and II to spread out, make broad and flat, flatten (هـ s.th.)

افطح afṭaḥ2 and مفطح mufaṭṭaḥ broad-headed, broad-nosed

فطاحل faṭāḥil2 (pl. of فطحل fiṭaḥl) important, outstanding, leading men or personalities, luminaries, celebrities, stars | زمن الفطحل zaman al-fiṭaḥl primeval times, preadamic period

فطر faṭara u (faṭr) to split, cleave, break apart (هـ s.th.); -- (فطور fuṭūr) to break the fast, eat and drink after a fast; to breakfast, have breakfast; -- (faṭr) to make, create, bring into being, bring forth (هـ s.th.; of God); to endow (على ه s.o. with; of God); pass. fuṭira to have a natural disposition (على for); فطر على (fuṭira) is native of him, is in his nature IV to break the fast, eat and drink after a fast; to breakfast, have breakfast V to be split, be cleft, be broken VII = V; انفطر بالبكاء (bi-l-bukā’) to break into tears

فطر faṭr pl. فطور fuṭūr crack, fissure, rift, cleavage, rupture

فطر fiṭr fast breaking | صدقة الفطر ṣadaqat al-f. almsgiving at the end of Ramadan (īsl. Law); عيد الفطر ‘īd al-f. Feast of Breaking the Ramadan Feast, or Lesser Bairam, celebrated on the1st of Shawwal

فطر fuṭr (coll.; n. un.) fungi, mushrooms

فطري fuṯrī fungal, fungus, fungi-, myco- (in compounds); فطريات fuṯrīyāt parasitic fungi; mushrooms; fungal cultures | المرض الفطري (maraḍ) mycosis

فطرة fiṭra creation; (pl. فطر fiṭar) nature, (natural) disposition, constitution, temperament, innate character, instinct; fiṭratan by nature

فطري fiṭrī natural; instinctive, native, inborn, innate | الإنسان الفطري (insān) natural man; الديانات الفطرية natural religions

فطور faṭūr breakfast

فطير faṭīr unleavened; immature, unbaked; fresh, new, newly made; unleavened bread

فطيرة faṭīra (coll. فطير faṭīr) pl. فطائر faṭā’ir (unleavened) bread; pastry made of water, flour and shortening (sometimes with sugar added); a cake-like white bread (made with eggs and butter; eg.)

فطايري faṭāyirī pl. فطايرية faṭāyirīya (ṭun.) maker or seller of faṭira (see above)

فطاطري faṭāṭirī pl. فطاطرية faṭāṭirīya (eg.) maker or seller of faṭira (see above)

افطار ifṭār fast breaking; breakfast; first meal after sunset during Ramadan

الفاطر a-fāṭir the Creator (= God)

فطس faṭasa i (فطوس fuṭūs) to die II to kill (ه s.o.); to suffocate, strangle, choke to death (ه s.o.) VII to become flattened (nose)

فطيس faṭīs suffocated, stifled

فطيسة faṭīsa pl. فطائس faṭā’is2 corpse, body; carrion, carcass

افطس afṯas2 flat-nosed, snub-nosed

فطم faṭama i (faṭm) to wean (ه s.o.; an infant or a young animal) VII to be weaned; to abstain (عن from)

فطام fiṭām weaning, ablactation

فطيم faṭīm pl. فطم fuṭum weaned

فاطمي fāṭimī Fatimid (adj. and n.); الفاطميون the Fatimids

فطن faṭina a, faṭana u and faṭuna u (فطنة fiṭna) to be or become clever, smart, discerning, sagacious, perspicacious, bright, intelligent; to notice, realize, comprehend, understand (ب or ل or الى s.th.); to be or become aware (ب or ل or الى of); to think (الى of s.th.) II to make intelligent (ه s.o.); to make (ه s.o.) realize or understand (ب, ل, الى s.th.), explain (ب, ل, الى ه to s.o. s.th.); to remind(ب, الى ه s.o. of) V to comprehend, understand (ل s.th.)

فطن faṭin clever, smart, astute, sagacious, perspicacious, bright, intelligent

فطنة fiṭna pl. fitan cleverness, astuteness, sagacity, perspicacity, acumen, intelligence

فطن faṭin pl. فطناء fuṭanā’2 clever, smart, bright, intelligent

فطانة faṭāna cleverness, smartness

تفطن tafaṭṭun intelligence; intellection

فظ faẓẓ pl. افظاظ afẓāẓ crude, rude, coarse, blunt, gruff, impolite, uncivil, uncouth, boorish, uneducated; -- walrus

فظاظة faẓāẓa crudeness, rudeness, coarseness, bluntness, gruffness, impoliteness, uncouthness, boorishness

فظع faẓa‘a u (فظاعة faẓā‘a) to be or become abominable, detectable, hideous, ugly, repulsive, disgusting, shooking, odious, heinous, atrocious, horrid, horrible X to find (هـ s.th.) abominable. detestable, etc. (see I); to call abominable, revolting, shocking (هـ s.th.)

فظع fazi‘ abominable, detectable, hideous, ugly, repulsive, disgusting, shocking, odious, heinous, atrocious, horrid, horrible

فظيع faẓī‘ abominable, detestable, hideous, ugly, repulsive, disgusting, shocking, odious, heinous, atrocious, horrid, horrible

فظاعة faẓā‘a pl. فظائع faẓā’i‘2, abominableness, hideousness, ugliness, repulsiveness, odiousness, heinousness, atrocity, horridness, horror; pl. atrocities

مفظع mufẓi‘ abominable, detestable, hideous, ugly, repulsive, disusting, shocking, odious, heinous, atrocious, horrid, horrible

فعل fa‘ala a (fa‘l, fi‘l) to do (هـ s.th.); to act; to perform, some activity; to have an influence or effect (في or ب on), affect (في or ب s.o., s.th.); to do (ب to s.o., s.th.; في هـ s.th. with) | فعل فيه فعلا كريها (fi‘lan) to have an unpleasant effect on s.o. II to scan (هـ a verse) VI to interact, interplay; (chem.) to enter into combination, form a compound; to combine (مع with) VII to be done; to be or become influenced or affected (ل by), be under the influence of s.o. or s.th. (ل ); to b. agitated, excited, upset VIII to concoct, invent, fabricate (كذبا على (kidban kidban a lie against); to falsify, forge (هـ s.th., e.g., a handwriting); to invent (هـ s.th.)

فعل fi‘l activity, doing, work, action, performance; function; -- (pl. افعال af‘āl, فعال fi‘āl) deed, act, action; effect, impact; -- (pl. افعال af‘āl) verb (gram.); pl. افاعيل afā‘īl2 great deeds, exploits, feats; machinations | فعلا fi‘lan or بالفعل indeed, in effect, actually, really, practically; بالفعل out of, because of, due to

فعلي fi‘lī actual, factual, real; effective, efficacious, efficient; practical; de facto; verbal (gram.)

فعلة fa‘a pl. -āt deed, act, action

فعال fa‘‘āl effective, efficacious, efficient

فعالية fa‘‘ālīya effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency; activity

افعل af‘al2 more effective, more efficacious

تفعيل taf‘īl pl. تفاعيل tafā‘īl2 foot of a verse; (poet.) meter

تفاعل tafā‘ul pl. -āt interaction, interplay; formation of a chemical compound, chemical process. chemical reaction

انفعال infi‘āl (state of) being affected, acted upon, or influenced, passivity; stimulation. irritation (biol.); (pl. -āt) agitation. excitement, excitation, commotion

انفعالي infi‘ālī excitable, irritable, susceptible (biol.); caused by affect, affective (philos.)

انفعالية infi‘ālīya excitability, irritability (biol.)

فاعل fā‘il efective; efficacious, efficient; (pl. -ūn) doer, actor, perpetrator; (pl. فعلة fa‘ala) worker, workman, laborer; -- active subject of a verbal clause (gram.) | اسم الفاعل ism al-f. nomen agentis, active participle (gram.); ذو راديوم فاعل radioactive

فاعلية fā‘ilīya effectiveness, efficacy; activity

مفعول maf‘ūl object (gram.); مفعول به do.; -- (pl. مفاعيل mafā‘īl2) effect, impression, impact; effectiveness, validity | اسم المفعول ism al-m. nomen patientis, passive participle (gram.); سرى مفعوله sarā maf‘ūluhū to be or become effective, be valid (على for); ساري المفعول sārī l-m. valid (e.g., an identity card); مفعول رجعي (raj‘ī) retroactive force, retroactivity

منفعل munfa‘il excited, agitated, upset; irritable

مفتعل mufta‘al artificial, fabricated, forged, falsified, false, spurious

فعم IV to cram, jam, pack, fill to overflowing, fill up (ب هـ s.th. with)

مفعم muf‘am brimful, chock-full, filled to capacity or overflowing, replete, overfull, filled entirely, crammed, jampacked (ب with)

افعى af‘an f., pl. افاع afā‘in adder, viper, asp

افعوان uf‘uwān adder, viper, asp

فغرة fugra a u (fagr) to open (هـ the mouth) wide, gape VII to open wide, be agape (mouth)

فغرة fugra pl. فغر fugar mouth of a valley

فغفوري fagfūrī fine porcelain

فاغية fāgiya henna blossom

فقأ faqa’a a (فقء faq’) to knock out, gouge out (هـ an eye); to lance, open (هـ an abscess, and the like) | فقأ عينيه (‘ainahū) to deal s.o. (an opponent, an enemy) a heavy blow, ruin s.o. V to burst, explode, pop

فقحة faqḥa pl. فقاح fiqāḥ anus, anal orifice

فقد faqada i (faqd, فقدان fiqdān, fuqdān) to fail to find (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to lose (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to have lost, miss (هـ , s.o., s.th.); not to have (هـ s.th.), be bereaved (ه of s.o.), be deprived, bereft, destitute (هـ of s.th.); to mislay, have mislaid (هـ s.th.); to miss (هـ an opportunity, and the like) | فقد صوابه (ṣawābahū) to go out of one’s mind IV to cause (ه s.o.) to lose or miss or forfeit (هـ s.th.); to bereave, deprive, dispossess, rob (هـ ه s.o. of s.th.) V to seek (هـ s.th.), look, search (هـ for s.th.); to examine, study, survey, inspect, check, investigate (هـ s.th.); to visit (هـ s.th.), review, inspect (هـ troops, and the like) VIII = V; to miss (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) X to miss (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.)

فقد faqd loss; bereavement

فقيد faqīd lost, missing; dead, deceased; deceased person | فقيد العلم f. al-‘ilm one whose death is deplored by science; الفقيد الراحل the deceased

فقد fiqdān, fuqdān loss; bereavement | فقدان الصواب f. aṣ-ṣawāb folly, madness; فقدان الذاكرة loss of memory, amnesia

تفقد tafaqqud pl. -āt examination, study, survey, inspection, check, investigation; review, inspection (e.g., of troops); visit

افتقاد iftiqā examination, study, survey, inspection, check, investigation; review, inspection (e.g., of troops); visit

فاقد fāqid devoid, destitute, bereft, deprived (of s.th.; with foll. genitive), bereaved (of s.o.; with foll. genitive); -less, un-, in-; loser | فاقد الشعور unconscious; insensible, senseless; فاقد الضمير unconscionable, unscrupulous, unhesitating; فاقدو التهذيب people without education, unmannered people

مفقود mafqūd lost, missing, nonexistent, absent, lacking, wanting; missing person

متفقد mutafaqqid controller, inspector

فقر faqara u i (faqr) to pierce, bore, perforate (هـ s.th.); -- faqura u (فقارة faqāra) to be or become poor, needy II to pierce, bore, perforate (هـ s.th.) IV to make poor, impoverish (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), reduce (ه s.o.) to poverty; to put (ه s.o.) in need (الى of s.th.) VIII to become poor; to need (الى s.o., s.th.), lack, require (الى s.th.), be in need, be in want (الى of s.o., of s.th.)

فقر faqr poverty; need, lack, want

فقرة fiqra pl. fiqrāt, fiqarāt, فقر fiqar vertebra; section, paragraph, passage, article

فقري fiqrā spinal, vertebral | السلسلة الفقرية (silsila) or العمود الفقري (‘amūd) spine, vertebral column; حيوانات فقرية (ḥayawānāt) vertebrates

فقار faqār (coll.; n. un. ة ) vertebra; faqār spine, vertebral column

فقير faqīr spinal, vertebral | السلسلة الفقارية (silsila) spine, vertebral column

فقير faqīr pl. فقراء fuqarā’2 poor, poverty-stricken; poor man, pauper; mendicant dervish, Sufi mendicant

افتقار iftiqār need, requirement, want, lack (الى of)

فقوس faqqūs a kind of large cucumber (= فقوص )

مفقس mifqas pl. مفاقس mafāqis2 incubator

فقش faqaāa i (faqš) to break, crush (هـ s.th.)

فقش faqš: لوز فقش (lauz) thin-shelled almonds

فقص II to hatch, incubate (هـ an egg; of a bird)

فقوص faqūṣ (coll.; n. un. ة ) a kind of large cucumber

تفقيص tafqīṣ hatching, incubation | آلة لتفقيص البيض (t. il-baiḍ) or آلة التفقيص incubator

فقط II: فقط الحساب faqqaṭa l-ḥisāba to write the word فقط faqaṭ “only” after the total on an invoice so as to prevent fraudulent additions; to spell out the figures of an invoice

فقط faqaṭ only, no more (postpositive); altogether, total (after figures)

فقع faqa‘a a to burst, pop, explode II to crack, snap, pop VII = faqa‘a

فقاعة fuqqā‘a pl. فقاقيع faqāqī‘2 bubble

فاقع fāqi‘ bright yellow; bright, intense, brilliant, vivid (color)

فاقعة fāqi‘a pl. فواقع fawāqi‘2 blister, vesicle; pustule

فقم faqima a (faqam, faqm, فقوم fuqūm), faquma u (فقامة faqāma) and VI to be or become grave, serious, critical, dangerous, increase dangerously, become aggravated, reach alarming proportions, come to a head

فقم fuqqam, fuqm (coll.; n. un. ة ) seal (zool.)

تفاقم tafāqum aggravation, increasing gravity

فقنس faqnas phoenix

فقه faqiha a (fiqh) to understand, comprehend (هـ s.th.); -- faqiha a (fiqh) and faquha u (فقاهة faqāha) to have knowledge, esp., have legal knowledge II to teach (ه s.o.), instruct (في ه s.o. in) IV to teach (هـ ه s.o. s.th.), instruct (هـ ه s.o. in s.th.) V to understand, comprehend (هـ s.th.); to study the fiqh (q.v.); to apply o.s. to the acquisition of knowledge (في in), study (في s.th.), devote one’s studies to (في ), work at or on s.th. (في ); to gain information, get a clear picture, obtain a clear idea

فقه fiqh understanding, comprehension; knowledge; الفقه jurisprudence in Islam, fiqh | فقه اللغة f. al-luga (indigenous, Arabic) philology

فقهي fiqhī juristic(al); relating to jurisprudence in Islam

فقيه faqīh pl. فقهاء fuqahā’2 legist, jurisprudent (and theologian), expert of fiqh (q.v.); -- (popular usage; eg., pronounced fiqī) reciter of the Koran; elementary school teacher

فك fakka (1st pers. perf. fakaktu) u (fakk) to separate, disjoin, disconnect, sever, sunder (هـ s.th.); to break (open) (هـ s.th., e.g., a seal); to open (هـ s.th., e.g., the hand); to dislocate, disjoint (هـ s.th., e.g., a bone); to take apart, disassemble, dismount, take to pieces, disintegrate, break up, decompose, dismember, fragmentize (هـ s.th.); to dismantle, tear down (هـ s.th.); to untie. unbind, unfasten, undo (هـ s.th.); to detach, disengage, take off (من هـ s.th. from); to unbutton (هـ s.th.); to unscrew (هـ s.th.); to lift, raise (الحجز al-ḥajza the confiscation, عن of s.th.); to solve (هـ s.th., e.g., a problem); (eg.) to change (هـ money); -- fakka (1st pers. perf. fakaktu) u (fakk, فكاكز fikāk, fakāk) to ransom, redeem, buy off, liberate, emancipate, release, set free (ه s.o.); -- fakkka u (fakk, فكوك fukūk) to redeem (هـ s.th., e.g., a pledge) II to loosen, unfasten (هـ s.th.); to take to pieces, take apart, disassemble, dismount (هـ s.th.); to disrupt, shatter, fragmentize (هـ s.th.) V to be taken apart, be disassembled, be dismounted; to be disrupted, be shattered, be fragmentized; to break apart (e.g., a ship); to split, fissure, fission, break up, dissolve, disintegrate, come apart VII to be separated, be disjoined, be disconnected, be loosened, be unfastened, be undone, be untied, be unbound, be unbuttoned, be unscrewed; to separate o.s., detach o.s. disengage o.s. (من from), rid o.s. (من of) | لم ينفك (with foll. imperf. or predicative aco.) not to atop doing, keep doing VIII to redeem (هـ s.th., e.g., a pledge); to dissolve, break up, separate, disintegrate, destroy (هـ s.th.); to snatch away (من هـ s.th. from s.o.)

فك fakk redemption (of a pledge); (pl. فكوك fukūk) jawbone, jaw | الفك الأسفل the lower jaw, mandible; الفك الأعلى (a‘lā) the upper jaw, maxilla

فكة fakka small change, coins

فكاك fikāk, fakāk disengagement; redemption, liberation, emancipation, release; ransom

مفك mifakk pl. -āt screw driver

تفكيك tafkīk fragmentation, dismemberment, decomposition | O تفكيك الذرة t. ad-darra nuclear fission

تفكك tafakkuk fragmentation, breakup, dissolution, disruption, rupture, disunion, split; disintegration, decomposition

انفكاك infikāk disengagement

افتكاك iftikāk redemption (of a pledge)

مفكوك mafkūk loose

مفكك mufakkak disconnected, disjointed, incoherent (words, phrases)

فكر fakara u i (fakr) to reflect, meditate, cogitate, ponder, muse, speculate (في on), revolve in one’s mind, think over, contemplate, consider (في s.th.); to think (في of, also ب ) II = I; to remind (في or هـ ه s.o. of) IV = I; V to reflect, meditate, cogitate, ponder, muse, speculate (في on), revolve in one’s mind, think, over, contemplate, consider (في s.th.); to think (في of) VIII = V; to remember, recall, recollect (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.)

فكر fikr pl. افكار afkār thinking, cogitation, reflection, meditation, speculation, contemplation, consideration; thought, ideas, notion, concept; opinion, view | شارد الفكر absent-minded, distracted; مشوش الفكر mušawwaš al-f. confused, bewildered, perplexed, dismayed, embarrassed

فكرة fikra pl. فكر fikar thought, idea, notion, concept; qualm, scruple, demur, hesitation | صاحب الفكرة (father to the thought =) the originator, author; على فكرة (eg.) incidentally …, by the way ..., speaking of ..., apropos (of) ...

فكرى fikrī ideational, ideative, speculative, mental; intellectual

فكير fakīr pensive, meditative, cogitative, thoughtful

تفكير tafkīr thinking, cogitation, meditation, reflection; speculation, contemplation, consideration; thought

تفكر tafakkur thinking, cogitation, meditation, reflection; speculation, contemplation, consideration

مفكر mufakkir thinking, reflecting, meditating, pondering, musing; pensive, meditative, cogitative; thinker

مفكرة mufakkira notebook | مفكرة يومية (yaumīya) diary, journal

مفكرات mufakarāt thoughts, considerations

فكش fakaša u to sprain VII to be sprained

فكه fakiha a (fakah, فكاهة fakāha) to be or become gay, merry, cheerful, sportive, jocular, humorous II to amuse (ه s.o.) with jokes III to joke, jest, make fun (ه with), banter (ه s.o.) V to amuse o.s., have fun (ب with), be amused (ب by); to joke, make fun

فكه fakih gay, merry, gleeful, jolly, cheerful, sportive, fun-loving, jocular, humorous; amusing (thing)

فكاهة fukāha joking, jesting, fun-making; humor

فكاهي fukāhī humorous, humoristic; humorist

افكوهة ufkūha joking, jesting, fun-making; humor; pl. افاكيه afākīh2 jokes, jests, pranks, antics

تفكهة tafkiha amusement, exhilaration, delectation

مفاكهة mufākaha bantering talk, joking, kidding

تفكه tafakkuh delight, enjoyment, amusement, diversion; humorous talk, joking, banter

فاكه fākih gay, merry, gleeful, jolly, funny; humorous

فاكه fākiha (coll.) pl. فواكه fawākih2 fruit(s)

فاكهاني fākihānī fruit seller, fruit dealer

2 فل falla u (fall) to dent, notch, blunt (هـ s.th., e.g., a sword); to break (هـ s.th.); -- falla to flee, run away | فل غربه (garbahū), فل من حدته (ḥiddatihī) and فل حديده to weaken s.o.; to dampen, subdue s.o.; فل من شباه (šabāhu) to weaken s.o. II to dent, notch, blunt (هـ s.th., e.g., a sword)

فل fall pl. فلول fulūl dent, notch, jag; -- fall (for sg. and pl.) pl. فلول fulūl, افلال aflāl, فلال fullāl defeated, vanquished; scattered remnants of an army

مفلول maflūl dented, jagged, notched, blunt

2 فل fill, full (eg.) Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac L.; bot.)

3 فل fall, fill cork

4 فلة villa pl. -āt villa, country house

فلامنكى see فلمنكي

فلت falata i (falt) to escape (من s.o., s.th.; from), slip away, get away (من from s.o., from s.th.); to he freed, he set free, be released, be liberated, he set at liberty; to let (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) escape or slip away or get away, let loose, free, release, liberate, set free, set at liberty (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) IV = I; V to escape (من s.o., s.th.; from), slip away, get away (من from s.o., from s.th.); to free o.s., extricate o.s. (من from); to be freed, be set free, be released, be liberated, be set at liberty VII to escape (من s.o., s.th.; from), slip away, get away (من from s.o., from s.th.); to free o.s., extricate o.s. (من from); to he finished (من with); to be freed, he set free, he released, he liberated, he set at liberty

فلت falat escape

فلتة falta pl. falatāt unexpected event, unexpected, turn; extravagance; slip, oversight, error. lapse; faltatan suddenly, unexpectedly

فلاتي falātī pl. فلاتية falātīya (eg.) licentious, wanton, dissolute, debauched; debauchee, libertine, roué, rake; good-for-nothing, ne’er-do-well

افلات aflāt escape

انفلات infilāt escape

فالت fālit escaped, free, at liberty, at large; escapee; (pl. فلتاء fu1atā ’2) licentious, wanton, dissolute, debauched; debauchee, libertine, roué, rake; good-for-nothing, ne’er-do-well

1 فلج falaja u i (falj) to split, cleave (هـ s.th.); pass. fulija to be semiparalyzed II to split, cleave (هـ s.th.) VII to be semiparalyzed

فلج falj pl. فلوج fulūj crack, split, crevice, fissure, cleft, rift

فالج fālij semiparalysis, hemiplegia

مفلوج maflūj semiparalyzed, hemiplegic

2 فيلج pl. فيالج look up alphabetically

فلجان filjān = فنجان finjān

فلح falaḥa a (falḥ) to split, cleave (هـ s.th.); to plow, till, cultivate (الأرض al-arḍa the land) | ان الحديد بالحديد يفلح (yuflaḥu) lit.: iron is cleft with iron, i.e., approx.: rudeness must be met with rudeness IV and X to thrive, prosper, become happy; to have luck or success, be lucky, be successful في in, with)

فلاح falāḥ thriving, prosperity; salvation; welfare; success

فلاحة filāḥa cultivation, tillage; agriculture, farming, husbandry

فلاح fallāḥ pl. -ūn, فلاحة fallāḥa tiller of the soil, husbandman; peasant, farmer, fellah

فلاحة fallāḥa pl. -āt peasant woman; peasant girl

فلاحي fallāḥī peasant’s, farmer’s, farming, country, rural, rustic, agricultural

فالح fāliḥ lucky, fortunate, successful

مفلح mufliḥ lucky, fortunate, successful; one who prospers, one who is well off

1 فلذة filda pl. filadāt, فلذ filad, افلاذ aflād a piece (of meat) | فلذة كبذه f. kabidihī his own blood, his own child; افلاذ الأرض a. al-ard the hidden treasures of the earth

2 فولاذ and فولاذي look up alphabetically

فلور look up alphabetically

فلز filizz, filazz pl. -āt (nonprecious) metal

فلس II to declare (ه s.o.) bankrupt or insolvent IV to be or become bankrupt or insolvent, to fail; to be ruined

فلس fals (colloq. pronounced fils) pl. فلوس fulūs fels, a small coin, in Iraq and Jordan = 1/1000 of a dinar; pl. فلوس (eg.) money; scales (of a fish)

تفليس taflīs (n. vic. ة ) declaration of bankruptcy; (pl. تفاليس tafālīs2) bankruptcy, insolvency, failure | مأمور التفليسة receiver (in bankruptcy; Eg.)

افلاس iflās bankruptcy, insolvency, failure

مفلس muflis pl. مفاليس mafālīs2 bankrupt, insolvent

فلسطين filāsṭīn2 Palestine

فلسطيني filasṭīnī Palestinian; (pl. -ūn) a Palestinian

فلسف falsafa to philosophize II tafalsafa do.; to pretend to be a philosopher

فلسف falsafa philosophy

فلسفي fallafī philosophic(al)

فيلسوف failasūf pl. فلاسفة falāsifa philosopher

مفلسف mufalsif pl. -ūn philosopher

متفلسف mutafalsif philosophaster, philosophist

ﭬلط volṭ pl. اﭬلاط avlāṭ volt (el.)

فلطح falṭaḥa to make broad, broaden, flatten(هـ s.th.)

فلطاح filtāḥ broad, flattened, flat

مفلطح mufalṭiḥ broad, flattened, flat

فلع fala‘a a (fal‘) to split, cleave, rend, tear asunder (هـ s.th.) II do.

فلع fal‘, fil‘ pl. فلوع fulū‘ crack, split, crevice, fissure, cleft, rift

فلفل falfala to pepper (هـ s.th.)

فلفل fulful, filfil (coll.; n. un. ة ) pepper; n. un. فلفلة peppercorn | فلفل احضر (ahḍar) green peppers; دارفلفل dārafilfil (eg.) a variety of pepper (Piper Chaba Hout.; bot.)

فلفلي fulfulī, filfilī pepperlike, peppery, pepperish

مفلفل mufalfal peppered

فلق falaqa i (falq) to split, cleave, rive, sunder, tear asunder (هـ s.th.); to cause (هـ dawn) to break, dispel the shadows of night (of God) II to split, cleave, rive, sunder, tear asunder (هـ s.th.) V to be split, be cleft, be torn apart; to split, cleave, crack, fissure, be or become cracked, be full of cracks or fissures VII = V; to burst; to break (dawn); (eg.) infaliq go hang yourself! go to hell!

فلق falq pl. فلوق faq crack, split, crevice, fissure, cleft, rift

فلق falaq daybreak, dawn

فلقة filqa pl. فلق filaq one half (of a split thing)

فلقة falaqa a device for holding the legs of the delinquent during the bastinado

فلاق fallāq pl. ة bandit, highwayman, highway robber

فليق failaq pl. فيالق fayāliq2 a large military unit; army corps; corps

1 فلك II to have round breasts (girl); (syr.) to predict the future, prophecy

فلك falak pl. افلاك aflāk celestial sphere; celestial body, star; circuit, orbit (of celestial bodies) | علم الفلك ‘ilm al-f. astronomy; astrology

فلك fulk (m. and f.) ship, (also coll.) ships; (Noah’s) Ark

فلكي falakī astronomic(al); astrologic(al) (pl. -un, فلكية falakīya) astronomer, astrologer | عالم الفلك do.

مفلوك maflūk ill-starred, unlucky, unfortunate

مفلك mufallik girl with round breasts

2 فلوكة falūka pl. فلائك falā’ik2 sloop, felucca; boat

فلائكي falā’ikī (فلايكي ) boatman

فلكن falkana to vulcanize (هـ s.th.)

فلم film pl. افلام aflām film; motion picture | فلم مجسم (mujassam) 3 D film; فلم ملون (mulawwan) color film; فلم ناطق sound film

فلمندي falamandī Flemish; Fleming

فلمنكي falamankī Dutch, Hollandish, Netherlander

1 فلان fulān, f. فلانة fulāna2 (substituting for an unnamed or unspecified person or thing) so-and-so

فلاني fulānī adjective of the above | في الساعة الفلانية at such and such an hour

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فلندرة falandra Flanders

فلنكة falanka pl. -āt (railroad) tie, sleeper (eg.)

فلو filw pl. افلاء aflā’; فلو faluw, fuluw pl. افلاء aflā, فلاوى falāwā colt, foal

فلا falan (coll.; n. un. فلاة falāh) pl. فلوات falawāt, افلاء aflā’ waterless desert; open country; open space

المفالي al-mafālī the pastures, the grazing grounds

فلور filūr fluorine (chem.)

O مفلور mufalwir fluorescent

1 فلى falā i (faly) to delouse, search for lice (هـ s.th.); to examine, scrutinize, investigate (هـ s.th.) II to delouse, search for lice, rid of lice (هـ s.th.) V to louse o.s.

فالية fāliya spotted dung beetle; touchhole (of old-time firearms)

2 فليا fulayyā = فلية (see below)

الفليبين al-filībīn the Philippine Islands

فلين fallīn and فلينة fallīna cork

فلية , فليه fulayya (eg.) pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium L.; bot.)

فليون falyūn godchild (Chr.)

فم fam (construct state also فو fū) pl. افواه afwāh; (eg.) fumm pl. افمام afmām mouth; muzzle; orifice, aperture, hole, vent; mouth, embouchure (of a river), head (of a canal, etc.); mouthpiece (esp., of a cigarette, of a pipe, etc.); cigarette holder | فم الحوت fam al-ḥūt star α in the constellation Piecis Australis, Fomalhaut; آلات الفم wind instruments

فن II to diversify, vary, variegate (هـ s.th.), bring variety or diversity (هـ into s.th.); to mix, mingle, jumble (هـ s.th.) V to be or become manifold, multifarious, varied, variegated, diverse, many-sided, versatile; to use different kinds; to be a specialist, an expert, a master (في in a field), master (في s.th.) VIII = V

فن fann pl. فنون funūn, افنان afnān, افانين afānīn2 kind, specimen, variety; pl. افانين Various sides (of s.th.), diversity | افانين من all kinds of, sundry, various; الجنون فنون (junūn) insanity has many varieties, manifests itself in many ways; -- (pl. فنون funūn) scientific discipline, field of work, special field, specialty; art | الفن الحربي (ḥarbī) art of war, strategy; الفنون الجميلة or الفنون الرفيعة or O الفنون المستظرفة (mustaẓrafa) the fine arts; فن المكتبات f. al-maktabāt library science; الفن الصحفي (ṣuḥfī) science of journalism; journalism

فني fannī specialist(ic); expert, professional; technical; artistic(al); tactical, strategic(al); technician; artist

فنية fannīya artistry

فنن fanan pl. افنان afnān branch, twig (of a tree), of a shrub)

فنان fannān pl. -ūn artist | O عامل فنان pl. عمال فنانون (‘umm`al) artistic handicraftsman, commercial artist

فنانة fannāna woman artist

افنون ufnūn pl. افانين afānīn2 branch, twig (of a tree)

تفنن tafannun diversity, variety, multiplicity, multifariousness; many-sidedness, versatility (في in); varied activity, activity in various fields; mastery; skillful, workmanlike or chic manner

افتنان iftinān diversity, variety, multiplicity, multifariousness; many-sidedness, versatility (في in); varied activity, activity in various fields; mastery

متفنن mutafannin many-sided, versatile

مفتن muftann masterful, expert, mastering one’s field

فنار fanār pl. -āt lighthouse

فنجال finjāl pl. فناجيل fanājīl2 = فنجان

فنجان finjān and فنجانة finjāna pl. فناجين fanājīn2 cup; coffee cup | جعل زوبعة في فنجان (zauba‘alan) to cause a tempest in a teapot

فنجر fanjara: فنجر عينيه (‘ainaihi) to stare, glare (في at s.o., at s.th.)

فنخ fanaka a to squeeze (هـ s.th.); to invalidate, nullify, void (هـ s.th.); to break (هـ a contract, an agreement)

فند II to call (ه s.o.) a liar, prove (ه s.o.) wrong, disprove, confute, refute, rebut (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to classify, specify (هـ s.th., e.g., the items of an invoice); to detail, particularize, itemize (هـ s.th.) IV to prove (ه s.o.) wrong; to disprove, confute, refute, rebut (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.)

فندق funduq pl. فنادق fanādiq2 hotel, inn

فنار pl. -āt look up alphabetically

فانوس pl. فوانيس look up alphabetically

فنط II to detail, particularize, itemize, enumrate item by item (هـ s.th.)

فنطاس finṭās pl. فناطيس fanāṭīs2 water tank, reservoir, cistern; large container

فنطيس finṭīs pl. فناطيس fanāṭīs2 broad-nosed

فنطيسة finṭīsa pl. فناطيس fanāṭīs2 snout (of swine)

فنغراف funugrāf pl. –āt phonograph

فنق V to live in ease and affluence

1 فنك fanak fennec (zool.)

2 فنيك look up alphabetically

فنلندا finlandā Finland

فنلندي finlandī Finnish; Finn

فني faniya a (فناء fanā’) to pass away, perish, cease to exist, come to nought; to come to an end, cease, wane, dwindle, evanesce, vanish; to be extinguished, become extinct; to be exhausted, be consumed, be spent; to undergo obliteration of the self; to become totally absorbed (في by) | لا يفنى imperishable, inexhaustible IV to annihilate, bring to nought, ruin, destroy (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to exhaust, consume, wear out, spend (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to cause (هـ s.th.) to become absorbed or consumed (هـ by) VI to annihilate each other; to be consumed (في by), lose o.s. (في in), identify o.s. completely (في with); to dedicate o.s. with heart and soul, give o.s. over wholeheartedly (في to some activity)

فناء fanā’ passing away, cessation of being; perdition, ruin, destruction, annihilation; evanescence, vanishing, termination, extinction; exhaustion; nonbeing, nonexistence, nonentity; extinction of individual consciousness, recedence of the ego, obliteration of the self (myst.)

فناء finā’ pl. افنية afniya courtyard; open space in front or at either side of a house; open hall | رحابة فناء raḥābat al-f. hospitable reception, generous entertainment; سار يخطو في فناء الغرفة (yakṭū, f. il-gurfa) he walked about the room

افناء ifnā’ annihilation, ruination, ruin, destruction

تفان tafānin mutual annihilation; self-denial, self-sacrifice (in an activity)

فان fānin evanescent, transitory, transient, ephemeral, vain; exhausted; far advanced in years, very old

فنيقي finīqī Phoenician

فنيقية finīqīya2 and فنيقيا finīqiyā Phoenicia

فنيك (Fr. phénique) finīk phenol, carbolic acid, also حامض الفنيك

فهاهة fahāha weakness, impotence

فهد fahd pl. فهود fuhūd, افهد afhud lynx (also the term for cheetah and panther)

فهرس fahrasa (فهرسة fahrasa) to compile an index (كتابا for a book), to index (كتابا a


فهرس fihris and فهرست fihrist pl. فهارس fahāris2 table of contents, index; catalogue; list

فهم fahima a (fahm, faham) to understand, comprehend, realize (هـ s.th.); to note (هـ s.th.), take note, take cognizance (هـ of s.th.); to hear, learn (هـ من of s.th. from), be informed (هـ من of s.th. by); فهم عنه to understand s.o., understand what s.o. says or means | يفهم ان (yufhamu) it is reported, it is said that …, we understand that II to make (ه s.o.) understand or see (هـ s.th.), instruct (ه هـ s.o. in s.th.), give (هـ ه s.o. s.th.) to understand IV = II; V to try to understand or comprehend (هـ s.th.); to understand gradually, come to understand (هـ s.th.); to penetrate, fathom (هـ s.th.); to understand, comprehend (هـ s.th.) VI to understand one another; to communicate with each other; to reach an understanding, come to an agreement, come to terms (مع with, على in, about); to be comprehended, be understood VIII to understand, comprehend (هـ s.th.) X to inquire (عن or s. of s.o. about s.th.), ask (عن or هـ s.o. s.th. or about s.th.)

فهم fahm pl. افهام afhām understanding; comprehension. grasp; perceptive faculty, perceptivity; brains, intellect; discernment, acumen, penetration, insight, intelligence | سوء الفهم sū’ al-f. misapprehension, misunderstanding

فهم fahim quick-witted, of acute discernment

فهيم fahīm pl. فهماء fuhamā’2 discerning, judicious, sensible, intelligent

فهامة fahāma very understanding, extremely sympathetic

تفهيم tafhīm instruction, orientation

تفهم tafahhum gradual understanding; understanding, comprehension, grasping, grasp

تفاهم tafāhum mutual understanding, mutual agreement, concurrence, accord; understanding (مع with, على on, about);

agreement, arrangement (مع with) | سوء التفاهم sū’ at-t. (mutual) misunderstanding, discord, disharmony, dissension

استفهام istifhām inquiry (عن about; also على ); question | علامة الاستفهام ‘alāmat al-ist. question mark

استفهامي istifhāmī interrogative (gram.)

مفهوم mafhūm understood; comprehensible, intelligible, understandable; known; sense, meaning, signification; (pl. مفاهيم mafāhīm2) notion, concept | بالمفهوم in the literal sense, literally; unequivocally, unambiguously, clearly; المفهوم ان it is said, it is reported that …

فو fū see فم fam

فوال (Fr.) fuwāl voile (dress material)

فوة fuwa (eg.) madder (Rubia tinctorum L.; bot.)

فات (فوت ) fāta u (faut, فوات fawāt) to pass away, vanish; to be over, be past; to go by s.o. (ه ), pass s.o. (ه ); to escape, elude (ه s.o.), slip away; to abandon, give up, leave behind, relinquish (هـ s.th.); to anticipate, forestall (ه s.o.); to exceed, surpass (ب ه s.o. by) | فات الوقت (waqt) it is (too) late; فاته ان it escaped him that ...; he omitted, neglected, failed, or forgot to ...; he failed to see that ..., he overlooked the fact that …; لم يفته ان (yafuthu) he did not fail to ..., he did not neglect to ...; فاتته الفرصة fātatu l-furṣatu he missed the opportunity; فاته القطار he missed the train II to make (هـ s.th.) escape (على s.o.); to cause (على s.o.) to miss (هـ s.th.); to let (ه s.o.) pass; to alienate, sell (هـ s.th., tun.) IV to make (هـ s.th.) escape (ه s.o.); to make (ه s.o.) miss (هـ s.th.) VI to differ, be different, be dissimilar VIII to offend against s.th. (على ), act contrary to (على ), belie, betray (على s.th.)

فوت faut escape; -- (pl. افوات afwāt) distance, interval; difference

فوات fawāt passing, lapse | فوات الأجل f. al-ajal the passing of the appointed time, expiration of the deadline; الفوات بالمدة (bi-l-mudda) superannuation; بعد فوات الوقت (الأوان ) (f. il-waqt, il-awān) too late; قبل فوات الوقت (الأوان ) before it is too late

فويت fuwait (m. and f.) one following his, or her, own opinion only, acting in his, or her, way only

تفويت tafwīt pl. -āt alienation, transfer, sale (tun.)

تفاوت tafāwut difference, dissimilarity, disparity, contract; disharmony

افتيات iftiyāt treason (على to), betrayal (على of), offense (على against)

فائت fā’it past, elapsed (time); passing; transitory, transient; passerby

متفاوت mutafāwit different

فوتوغرافيا (It. fotografia) fotūgrāJfiyā photography

فوتوغرافي fotūgrāfiya photographic; photographer

فوتيه (Fr. fauteuil) fūtēh pl. -āt armchair, fauteuil

فوج fauj pl. افواج afwāj group, crowd, troop, band; detachment; party; shift (in a mine); battalion (Ir. till 1922; Syr., Leb.); regiment (Ir. since 1922); افواجا afwājan in droves, in crowds | تبدل الفوج tabaddul al-f. change of shift

فاح (فوح ) fāḥa u (fauḥ, فوحان fawaḥān) to diffuse an aroma, exhale a pleasant odor, be fragrant; to spread, diffuse, emanate (fragrance) | فاح منه شذا القداسة (šāda l-qadāja) he was reputed to be a holy man

فوحة fauḥa fragrant emanation, breath of fragrance

فواح fawwāḥ exhaling, diffusing (fragrance)

فود faud pl. افوهد afwād temple; hair around the temples

1 فار (فور ) fāra u (faur, فور fawarān) to boil, simmer, bubble; to boil over (also fig.); to effervesce, fizz; to flare up, burst into passion; to gush forth, well forth, gush up, shoot up (water from the ground) II to make (هـ s.th.) boil (also fig., e.g., the blood); to excite, stir up (هـ s.th.) IV to make (هـ s.th.) boil

فور faur boiling, simmering, bubbling, ebullition, etc. (see I); فورا fauran at once, right away, instantly, forthwith, on the spot, without delay, promptly, immediately, directly; فور faura (prep.) immediately after | من الفور or من فوره (من فورها etc.) or على الفور at once, right away, instantly, forthwith, on the spot, without delay, promptly, immediately, directly

فورى faurī prompt, instantaneous, instant, immediate, direct

فورة faura flare-up, outburst, tantrum

فوار fawwār boiling up, ebullient; effervescent, fizzing; bubbling (spring, etc.); foaming, frothy; hot-headed, irascible

فوارة fawwāra spring, fountain, jet d’eau

فوران fawarān boiling, simmering, bubbling, ebullition; flare· up, outburst

فائرة fā’ira uproar, riot; commotion, agitation, excitement

2 فار pl. فيران and فارة look up alphabetically

فورشة = فورشة furša

فورشينة (It. forcina) furšīna hairpin

فوريقة = فاوريقة look up alphabetically

فاز (فوز ) fāza u (fauz) to be successful, be victorious, triumph; to attain, achieve, accomplish, obtain, gain, win (ب s.th.); to defeat, beat (على an opponent, ب with; sports, etc.); to escape (من s.th.) | ما فاز بطائل (bi-ṭā’ilin) to fail, be unsuccessful, accomplish nothing II to cross the desert, travel through or in the desert

فوز success, triumph, victory; obtainment, attainment, achievement, accomplishment; escape

مفازة mafāza pl. -āt, مفاوز mafāwiz2 desert

فائز fā’iz successful, victorious, triumphant; victor, winner

فائزة fā’iza victress, winner

فاس fās = فأس fa’s

فوسفات fusfāt phosphate

فاشي and فاشية look up alphabetically

فوصفور fuṣfūr phosphorus

فوض II to entrust, consign, commit (هـ ل or الى to s.o. s.th.); to entrust, charge (هـ ل or الى s.o. with), commission s.o. (ل or الى ) to do s.th. (هـ ); to authorize, empower, delegate (ل or الى s.o.), give full power (ل or الى to s.o.) ill to negotiate (هـ s.th.), treat, parley, confer (في on, about, ه, مع with) VI to negotiate or treat or parley with one another, confer (في on, about); to negotiate (في s.th.), treat, parley, confer (في on, about; مع with)

فوضى fauḍā disorder, disarray, confusion, tohubohu, chaos; anarchy

فوضوي fauḍawī anarchic; chaotic

فوضوية fauḍawīya anarchism

تفويض tafwīḍ entrustment, commitment, consignment, commission(ing), charging; authorization, empowerment, delegation of authority; authority, warrant, authorization, mandate, mandatory power, procuration, proxy, power of attorney | تفويض مطلق (تام ) (muṭlaq, tāmm) general power of attorney, unlimited authority; وثيقة التفويض warrant of attorney

مفاوضة mufāwaḍa pl. -āt negotiation, parley, talk, conference; partnership (Isl. Law) | فتح باب المفاوضات to open negotiations

مفوض mufawwaḍ authorized agent, deputy, proxy, mandatory; commissioner | وزير مفوض minister plenipotentiary (dipl.); المفوض السامي (sāmī) the High Commissioner (formerly in Syr.)

مفوضية mufawwaḍīya pl. -āt legation (dipl.); commissariat | المفوضية العليا (‘ulyā) the High Commissariat (formerly in Syr.); مستشار المفوضية mustašār al-m. counselor of legation (dipl.)

فوطة fūṭa pl. فوط fuwaṯ apron. pinafore; napkin, serviette; towel

فوعة fau‘a: فوعة الشباب fau‘at aš-šbāb prime of youth

فوف fūf pellicle, membrane

فوفة fūfa pellicle, membrane

مفوف mufawwaf: ثوب مفوف (taub) white-striped garment

فاق (فوق ) fāqa u (fauq, فواق fawāq) to surpass, excel, overtop (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), tower (هـ, ه above); to be superior (ه to s.o.); to outweigh, outbalance; to transcend, exceed (هـ s.th.); -- to remember (على s.th.) | فاق بنفسه (فووق fuwūq, فواق fuwāq) to give up the ghost, expire, die II to direct, level (الى ه a weapon at), aim (الى هـ s.th. at); to (a)waken, wake up, revive, restore to consciousness (ه s.o.); to clear, sober (هـ the head); to remind (ه s.o.) IV to recover, recuperate, convalesce (من from), regain health; to wake up, awake; to get up (من النوم min an-naum from sleep); to be awake; to come to, regain consciousness (من after, e.g., after a swoon, after a state of intoxication); to awaken, arouse, stir up (من ه s.o. from) V to be superior (على to), surpass, excel, overtop (على s.o., s.th.). tower (على above); to do excellent work, show outstanding skill (ب in, with); to pass an examination with distinction (ل in a course) X to recover, recuperate, convalesce (من from), regain health; to wake up, awaken; to get up (من النوم min an-naum from sleep); to be awake; to come to, regain consciousness (من after, e.g., after a swoon, after a state of intoxication)

فوق fauqu (adv.) up, upstairs, on top, above; fauqa (prep.) above, over; on, on top of; beyond, more than | فوق الحد f. al-ḥadd boundless, unlimited, infinite, excessive, exaggerated; فوق ذلك moreover, besides, furthermore, in addition to that, beyond that; فوق البنفسجي (banafsajī) ultraviolet; فوق الطبيعة supernatural; فوق العادة extraordinary, unusual, exceptional; special, emergency (e.g., meeting); فوق انه in addition to the fact that it ..., beyond its being ...; فما فوقه and upward, and more (than that); من فوقه min fauqihī above it; from above it, from atop it

فوقاني fauqānī located higher or above, higher, upper

فاقة fāqa poverty, want, neediness, indigence

فواق fuwāq hiccup(s); gasping of a dying person, death rattle

افاويق afāwīq2 (pl. of فيقة fīqa) milk (gathering in the udder between two milkings); (fig.) boons, kindness, benefactions | ارضعني افاويق بره arḍa‘anī a. birrihī he showered me with kindnesses

افاقة ifāqa recovery, recuperation, convalescence; awakening; revival, restoration to consciousness

تفوق tafawwuq superiority; preponderance, predominance, ascendancy, supremacy; above-average performance, talent | تشجيع التفوق promotion of young talent

فائق fā’iq superior; surpassing, excellent, exquisite, first-rate; outstanding, remarkable, striking; pre-eminent; exceeding, extraordinary; going far beyond (a restriction, etc.); awake, waking, wakeful

مفيق mafīq awake, waking, wakeful

متفوق mutafawwiq superior; surpassing, excellent, exquisite, first-rate, outstanding, remarkable, striking; pre-eminent; victor

مستفيق mustafīq awake, waking, wakeful

فول fūl (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. -āt bean(s); broad bean(s), horse bean(s) | فول مدمس (eg., mәdammis) cooked broad beans with oil (national dish in Egypt); فول سوداني (sūdānī) peanut(s)

فوال fawwāl seller of beans

فولاذ fūlād steel

فولاذي fūlādī and فلاذي fulādī steel (adj.), of steel, made of steel; steely, steel-like, steel-hard

فولت volt volt (el.)

فوم fūm = ثوم tūm

فونوغراف funūgrāf pl. -āt phonograph

فاه (فوه ) fāha u (fauh) to pronounce, utter, voice, say (ب s.th.) V = I

افواه afwāh pl. of فم fam; -- افواه afwāh, افاويه afāwīh aromatic, spices

فوة fuwa (eg.) madder (Rubia tinctorum L.; bot.)

فوهة fūha pl. -āt, افواه afwāh, فوائه fawā’ih2 mouth; opening, aperture, orifice, hole, vent; muzzle; crater; abyss, gulf, chasm; hydrant (syr.)

افوه afwah2 broad-mouthed

مفوه mufawwah eloquent

في fī (prep.) in; at; on; near, by; within, during; among, in the company of, with; about, on; concerning, regarding, with reference to, with regard or respect to, as to j dealing with, treating of, consisting in (in book titles); for the sake of, on behalf of, because of, for; according to; in proportion to; (as to syntactical regimen see under the respective verb) | هل لك في do you feel like ...? would you like to ...? do you want to ...? خمسة في ثلاثة five times three; خمسة امتار في عشرة five meters by ten (width and length); كذب في كذب (kidb) lie after lie; كلام في كلام (kalām) just so many words, idle talk; نحن اقارب في اقارب our social relations are those of kinsfolk; فيما مضى fīmā maḍā or فيما مضى من الزمان (zamān) in the past; formerly, before; فيما يلي (yalī) and فيما بعد (ba‘du) in the following, in what follows, below; فيما اعتقد (a‘taqidu) as I believe; فيما بينهم among themselves, among them; تبسم في خبث tabassama fī kubt he smiled maliciously

فيما fīmā (conj.) while; in that, as | فيما اذا in case that …, if

1 فاء (فيأ ) fā’a i (فيء fai’) to return; to shift from west to east (shadow) II to afford shadow, be shady (tree) IV to give as booty (هـ على to s.o. s.th.); to give, afford, grant, award (هـ على to s.o. s.th.), bestow (هـ على upon s.o. s.th.) V to shade o.s. (في or هـ with s.th.), seek shade (في or هـ under s.th.)

فيء fai’ pl. افياء afyā’, فيوء fuyū’ (afternoon) shadow

2 فئة see فئ

فيتامين fītāmīn pl. -āt vitamin

فيتنام viyetnām Vietnam

فيتو vītō, vētō veto (pol.) | حق الفيتو ḥaqq al-v. veto power (pol.)

فيتون faitūn phaeton (light four-wheeled carriage)

افيح afyaḥ2, f. فيحاء faiḥā’2 fragrant, redolent, aromatic, sweet-smelling; wide, vast, extensive; الفيحاء epithet of Damascus

فياح fayyāḥ heavy-scented, strong-smelling

(فيد ) IV to benefit, help, avail (ه s.o.), be of use, of help, bring advantages (ه to s.o.), be useful, helpful, beneficial, profitable, advantageous (ه for s.o.); to teach (هـ ه s.o. s.th.); to notify, advise (ب or هـ ه s.o. of), acquaint (ب or هـ ه s.o. with s.th.), inform (ب or هـ ه s.o. of, about), let (ه s.o.) know (ب or هـ about); to report (ب or هـ s.th., also, e.g., to the police; بان or ان that); to acquire, gain, win (هـ s.th.); to derive benefit, profit, or advantage (من from), profit, benefit (من by), turn (من s.th.) to account or advantage; (gram.) to convey a complete, self-contained meaning X to acquire, gain, win (هـ s.th.); to learn, be told, be informed (هـ about); to derive benefit profit, or advantage (ب or من from), profit, benefit (ب or من by), turn (ب or من s.th.) to account or advantage; to utilize, turn to profitable use, use (ب or من s.th.), make use (ب or من of s.th.); to gather, conclude, deduce, infer (من from)

افيد afyad2 more useful; more profitable

افادة ifāda utility, usefulness, benefit, advantage; (pl. -āt) notice, notification, communication, information, message; testimony, deposition (in court) | افادة الاستلام acknowledgment of receipt

استفادة istifāda utilization, use

فائدة fā’ida pl. فوائد fawā’id2 utility, avail, benefit, advantage; gain, profit; interest (on money); useful lesson, moral; use (e.g., of a medicine)

مفيد mufīd useful, beneficial, advantageous; favorable, profitable; instructive

مفاد mufād contents, substance, purport, meaning (e.g., of an article) | اشاعة مفادها ان išā‘atun mufāduhā an a rumor to the effect that ...

فيدرالي fīdirālī federalistic | دولة فيدرالية (daula) federal state

فيروز fairūz and فيروزج fairūzaj turquoise

فيروز vairus pl. -āt virus

فيزا , ﭬيزا (Engl.) vīzā visa

فيزياء fīziyā’ physics

فيزيائي fīziyā’ī physical

فيسيولوجيا fīsiyōlōjiyā physiology

1 فيش (Fr. fiche) fīš pl. -āt (electric) plug (syr.)

2 فياش fayyāš braggart, show-off, self-inflated person

فيصل faiṣal see فصل

فاض (فيض ) fāḍa i (faiḍ, فيضان fayaḍān) to overflow, flow over, run over; to inundate, flood, deluge (على s.th.); to flow, stream, pour forth, issue, emanate; to abound, super abound, be abundant, plentiful, superabundant; -- (faiḍ) to spread (of news); -- (faiḍ, فيوض fuyūḍ): فاضت روحه or نفسه (rūḥuhū, nafsuhū) to give up the ghost IV to pour forth; to fill (هـ s.th.) to overflowing; to pour, pour out, pour forth (على هـ s.th. over), shed (هـ s.th., esp. tears); to be prolix, long-winded, verbose (في in one’s speech); to abandon o.s. without restraint (في to s.th.); to speak or report extensively, in detail, at great length (ب about), dwell (ب on), describe in detail (ب على to s.o. s.th.); to pronounce distinctly (ب a word) X to pour forth. spread (على over), flood (على s.th.); to spread (of news); to be superabundant, be too much; to be elaborate, complete in detail, exhaustive, thorough

فيض faiḍ flood, inundation, deluge; emanation; superabundance, plenty, copiousness, abundance; (pl. فيوض fuyūḍ) stream

فياض fayyāḍ overflowing, effusive, exuberant; elaborate, exhaustive (speech); munificent, bountiful, liberal, generous | فياض الخاطر brilliant, overflowing with ideas

فيضان fayaḍān flood, inundation, deluge | فيضان النبل the annual inundation of the Nile

مفيض mafīḍ outlet, vent, drain; escape, way out | ليس لنا منه مفيض we cannot help doing it, we cannot but do it; لا يجد مفيضا من (yajidu) he must by all means ...; لا يجد مفيضا الى الكلام he can’t find an opportunity to speak freely

افاضة ifāḍa elaborateness, detailedness, exhaustiveness

استفاضة istifāḍa (super)abundance, plenty; profusion

فائض fā’iḍ abundant, copious, plentiful, profuse, superabundant; surplus; (pl. فوائض fawā’iḍ2) interest (on money)

مستفيض mustafīḍ elaborate, detailed, extensive, exhaustive, thorough

فايظ (< فائض see above) fāyiẓ usury (eg.)

فايظجي fāyiẓgī usurer (eg.)

فيفاء faifā’2 pl. فياف fayāfin desert

فيكونت (Fr. vicomte) vikōnt and (Engl.) vaikaunt viscount

1 فال (فيل ) fāla i (فيولة fuyūla, فيلولة failūla) to be erroneous (view)

2 فيل fīl pl. فيلة fiyala, فيول fuyūl, افيال afyāl elephant; bishop (chess) | سن الفيل sinn al-f. ivory

فيلا villā pl. فيلات villa, country house

ديدان الفيلاريا dīdān al-fīlāriyā filaria (zool.)

الفيلبين al-fīlibīn the Philippines

فيلج failaj, فيلجة failaja pl. فيالج fayālij2 cocoon of the silkworm

فيلسوف failasūf pl. فلاسفة falāsifa philosopher

فيلق failaq pl. فيالق fayāliq2 large military unit; army corps; corps

فيلم = فلم film film

فيلولوجيا fīlōlōjiyā philology

فيم fīma = فيما fī-mā why? wherefore?

فيما fīmā see في

فينة faina pl. -āt time, point of time, instant, moment | الفينة بعد الفينة (al-fainata), الفينة بعد الأخرى al-fainata ba‘da l-ukrā, بين الفينة والفينة , في الفينة بعد الفينة from time to time, now and then, once in a while, at times, sometimes

فينان fainān having beautiful, luxuriant hair; luxuriant, long, flowing (hair)

فينا , فيينا (It. Vienna) fiyennā, viyēnnā Vienna

فينوس fīnūs Venus

فينيسيا fīnīsiyā Venice

فينيقي fīnīqī Phoenician; (pl. -ūn) a Phoenician

فهيق II tafaihaqa to be prolix, long-winded, circumstantial

فيهقة faihaqa prolixity, long-windedness

الفيوم al-fayyūm El Faiyūm (town in N Egypt)