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This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought

Publisher: www.data.nur.nu
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Publisher: www.data.nur.nu

This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought


1ل la (intensifying particle) truly, verily; certainly, surely; frequently after ان inna, introducing the predicate: ان ربي لسميع الدعاء inna rabbī la-samī’ d-du’ā’ truly, my Lord hears the prayer; also as a correlative of لو lau and لولا lau-lā: لو كنت تفعل هذا لكان انفع (la-kāna anfa’a) if you did this it would be more useful; لولا تاب لهلك lau-lā tāba la-halaka if he had not repented he would have perished; (particle of oath) لعمرك la-’amruka by your life!

2ل li 1. (prep.) for; on behalf of, in favor of; to (of the dative); because of; for the sake of; due to, owing to; for, for the purpose of; at the time of, when, as; by (designating the author or originator); occasionally substituting for الى ; as to ل paraphrasing the genit. and acc. see grammar | لي عليه مال he owes me money; ما له وما علبه his right and his duty; his credit and his debit, his assets and his liabilities; له ان he has a right to ..., he is entitled to ..., he may ...; it is possible for him to ..., he is able to ..., he can ...; ليس لي ان I have no right to , it does not behoove me to ...; لك هذا or لك ذلك you can have that! it’s up to you; it’s all right with me! all right! O.K.! agreed! هل لك في or الك في would you like ...? do you want ...? do you feel like ...? قرأت له كتابا I read a book by him, I read one of his books; لا تدوم له حال (tadūmu) no state is of any permanence with him, he is never the same for a very long timeقاموا لمعاونتنا (li-mu’āwanatinā) they set out in our support; لسبع ليال خلون من شعبان li-sab’i layālin kalauna min ša’bāna when seven nights of Shaban had passed; للمرة الأولى li-l-marrati l-ūlā for the first time; لأول وهلة li-awwali wahlatin at first sight, at once; اخوه لأبيه وأمه li-abīhi wa-ummihī his brother on the paternal and maternal side, his brother-german, his full brother 2. (conj. with the subjunctive) that, so that, in order that, in order to; (with apoc.) expressing an order. an invitation: ليكتب li-yaktub he shall write, let him write (with preceding و wa or ف fa contracted to wal- or fal with elision of the i)

لأجل li-ajli (with foll. genit.) because of, on account of, for

لأن li-an (conj. with the subjunctive) that, so that, in order that, in order to; (with لا) لئلا li-allā in order not to, lest

لأن li-anna (conj.) on the grounds that; because; for

لذلك li-dālika therefore, hence, that is why, for that reason

لكي li-kai and لكيما li-kai-mā (conj. with the subjunctive) that, so that, in order that, in order to

لما li-mā (shortened لم li-mā) why? wherefore? for what reason? لماذا li-mā-dā why (on earth)?

لهذا li-hādā therefore, hence, that is why, for that reason

لا lā (particle) not, no! with apoc. expressing negative imperative: لا تقل lā taqul don’t say! with indef. acc. expressing a general negation; there is not, there is no ..., e.g., لا اله الا الله lā ilāha illa llāh there is no god but Allah; لا خير فيه (kaira) there is no good in it, it’s no good; لا بد منه (budda) there is no escape from it, it is inevitable; لا جرم lā jarama certainly, surely; لا شك lā šakka no doubt, doubtless; لا سيما lā siyyamā especially. particularly; الا a-lā see أ; بلا bi-lā without; ولا wa-lā (with preceding neg.) nor, either; not even, also حتى ولا ḥattā wa-lā, e.g., لم يعطني حتى ولا قرشا (lam yu‘ṭinī, qiršan) he did not give me even a piaster, he did not give me as much as a piaster; لا – ولا neither -- nor

لا ابالية lā-ubālīya indifferent attitude, indifference

لا أدرية lā-adrīya skepticism; agnosticism

اللا أنا al-lā-anā the nonego (philos.)

لا أنانية lā-anānīya selflessness, unselfishness

لا جنسية lā-jinsīya statelessness, being without nationality

لا ديني lā-dīnī antireligious, irreligious, without religion

لا دينية lā-dīnīya irreligion, godlessness

لا سامي lā-sāmī anti-Semitic; anti-Semite

لا سامية lā-sāmīya anti-Semitism

لا سلكي lā-silkī wireless, radio (adj.); radio, broadcasting; radio message | اشارة لا سلكية (išāra) radio message

اللاشعور al-lā-šu‘ūr the unconscious, unconscious mind, unconsciousness

لاشعوري lā-šu‘ūrī unconscious, unaware

لا شيء lā-šai’ nothing, nonentity, nil

لا شيئية lā-šai’īya nonexistence, nothingness; nullity, nihility

لامبالاة lā-mubālāh and لامبالية lā-mubālīya indifferent attitude, indifference

لامركزية lā-markazīya decentralization

لامسؤولية lā-mas’ūlīya irresponsibility

لا نظام lā-niẓām lack of system, confusion

اللانهاية al-lā-nihāya the infinite

لانهائي lā-nihā’ī infinite

اللاتين al-lātīn the (ancient) Latins

لاتيني lātīnī Latin | الحي اللاتيني (ḥayy) the “Quartier latin” (in Paris)

اللاتينية al-lātīnīya the Latin language, Latin

لادن lādan, lādin laudanum

لازورد lāzuward, lāzaward lapis lazuli; azure

لازوردي lāzuwardī azure-blue, azure, sky-blue, cerulean

لازوردية lāzuwardīya azure, blue of the sky

لاسيه (Fr. lacet) lāsēh lace, cord

1 لأك IV to send as a messenger (الى ه s.o. to) ملأك mal’ak and ملك malak pl. ملائك malā’ik2, ملائكة malā’ika angel; messenger, envoy

ملائكي malā’ikī angelic(al); heavenly

2 لائكي look up alphabetically

لاكن lākin, lākinna however, yet, but

لألأ la’la’a (لألأة la’la’a) to shine, flash, glitter, glisten, sparkle, gleam, shimmer, glimmer, beam, radiate; to wag (بذنبه bi-danabihī the tail) II tala’la’a to shine, glitter, glisten, sparkle, gleam, shimmer, glimmer, beam, radiate

لألأة la’la’a shine, glow, brightness, brilliancy, radiance, flash, glitter, twinkle

لألاء la’lā’ glitter, flash; light, glow, gleam; perfect joy, unruffled gaiety; dealer in pearls

لؤلؤ lu’lu’ (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl.: لآلي la’ālī2 pearls | زهر اللؤلؤ zahr al-l. daisy; عرق اللؤلؤ ‘irq al-l. mother-of-pearl, nacre

لؤلؤى lu’lu’ī pearly; pearl-colored, whitish | شعير لؤلؤي pearl barley

تلألؤ tala’lu’ shining, radiance, brilliancy

متلألئ mutala’li’ shimmering, glistening, glittering, flashing, sparkling

لأم la’ama a (la’m) to dress, bandage (هـ a wound); to repair, mend (هـ s.th.); to solder, weld; -- لؤم la’uma (lu’m, لآمة la’āma, ملأمة mal’ama) to be ignoble, lowly (of character and birth); to be base, mean, vile, evil, wicked III to agree (ه with s.o.); to suit, fit (garment; ه s.o.); to be adequate, appropriate (هـ to s.th.), be suitable, fit, proper, convenient, favorable, propitious (هـ for s.th.); to be adapted (هـ to), be in harmony (هـ with), match (هـ s.th.); to agree (climate, food; ه with s.o.), be wholesome (climate, air, food; ه for s.o.); to bring about a reconciliation, make peace (بين between), reconcile (بين – و s.o. with); to make consistent or congruous, reconcile, harmonize, bring into harmony (بين different things) IV to act ignobly, behave shabbily VI to be mended, be repaired, be corrected; to go well (مع with); to act meanly VIII to be mended, be repaired, be corrected; to be joined, be connected, be patched up, be soldered, be welded; to match, fit together, harmonize, be in harmony, agree, go together, be congruous, conformable, consistent; to be tuned or geared to each other (fig.); to unite, combine; to cohere, stick together; to heal, close (wound); to gather, assemble, convene (persons); to meet (committee, congress, council, etc.)

لأم la’m dressing, bandaging (of a wound); joining, junction, connection; repair

لؤم lu’m ignoble mind, baseness, meanness, vileness, wickedness; niggardliness, miserliness; sordidness; iniquity

لئم li’m peace; concord, agreement, union, unity, unanimity; conformity, consistency, harmony

لأمة la’ma cuirass, pair of cuirasses

لئيم la’īm pl. لئام li’ām, لؤماء lu’amā’, لؤمان lu’mān, ignoble, lowly, low, base, mean, evil, vile, wicked, depraved; sordid, filthy, dirty; niggardly, miserly

ملاءمة mulā’ama adequacy, appropriateness, properness, suitability, fitness; peacemaking, (re)conciliation; concord, union, agreement, harmony

ملائم mulā’im adapted, suited, appropriate (ل to), suitable, fit, proper, convenient, favorable, propitious (ل for); agreeing, harmonizing, in conformity, consistent (ل with)

لام lām name of the letter ل

لامي lāmī lām-shaped, resembling the letter ل

لاما lāmā llama (zool.)

لانش (Engl.) lanš pl. -āt launch, motorboat, small steamer

لاهاي lāhāy The Hague (city in SW Netherlands)

لاهوت lāhūt godhead, deity; divine nature, divinity | علم اللاهوت ‘ilm al-l. theology

لاهوتي lāhūtī theological; theologian

اللاهوتية al-lāhūtīya theology

لاهور lāhūr2 Lahore (city in W Pakistan)

لأواء la’wā’ 2 severe distress, hardship

لأي la’y slowness, tardiness; tediousness, tiresomeness | بعد لأي after great difficulties, in the end, finally, after all

لائكي (from Fr. laïque) lā’ikī layman; secular, laic, lay

لائكية lā’ikīya laicism

لب labba u (labb) to remain, abide, stay (ب in a place); -- (1st pers. perf. labibtu) a (لبب labab) and (1st pers. perf. labubtu) u (لبابة labāba) to be sensible, reasonable, intelligent II to kernel, ripen into kernels, produce kernels (grain, nuts) V to gird o.s. prepare o.s. (ل for)

لب lubb pl. لبوب lubūb kernels, core (of fruits); the innermost, marrow, pith; core, gist, essence; prime, best part; -- (pl. الباب albāb) heart; mind, intellect, reason, understanding

لبة labba pl. -āt upper part of the chest; throat of an animal, spot where its throat is slit in slaughtering

لبة libba (eg.) golden necklace

لبب labab pl. الباب albāb upper part of the chest; throat of an animal, spot where its throat is slit in slaughtering; breast collar (of a horse’s harness); martingale

لباب lubāb marrow, pith, core, quintessence, gist, prime, beet part | لباب الخشب l. kašab cellulose

لبيب labīb pl. الباء alibbā’ understanding, reasonable, sensible, intelligent

تلبيب talbīb pl. تلابيب talābīb2 collar | اخذ بتلابيبه to collar s.o., seize s.o. by the collar

لبؤة labu’a pl. -āt lioness

لبتة labta carp (zool.)

لبث labita a (labt, lubt, labat, لباث lubāt) to hesitate, tarry, linger; to abide, remain, stay (ب in a place); (with imperf.) to persist in an activity, keep doing s.th. | ما لبث (لم يلبث) أن (حتى ) it did not take long before he …, presently he ..., he lost no time in …; لبث يفعله he did it for a while V to hesitate, tarry, linger; to abide, remain, stay

لبث labt, lubt, labat hesitation, tarrying, delay; stay, sojourn

لبثة lubta short delay, brief respite; pause; temporary stay or stop, stopover

لبخ labk, labak (coll.; n. un. ة ) a variety of acacia (Mimosa lebbec L.), also lebbek tree (Albizzia lebbek Bth.; bot.)

لبخة labka pl. labakāt cataplasm, poultice; soft mass, mush; emollient plaster, emollient

لبيخ labīk fleshy, corpulent

لبد labada u (لبد lubūd) to stick, adhere, cling (ب to s.th.), get stuck (ب on); to abide, remain, stay (ب in a place) II to cause to adhere and mat together, to felt, mat (هـ wool); to line with felt (هـ s.th.); to beat down, weigh down (هـ s.th., e.g., the hail -- grass); to full (هـ s.th.) IV to cling firmly, adhere, stick (ب to s.th.) V do.; to stick together; to become felted, matted, entangled, interwoven; to be compressed; to become clouded; to become overcast (بالغيوم with clouds; sky); to become gloomy (face)

لبد libd pl. لبود lubūd, الباد albād felt | لبود من الغمائم thick masses of clouds

لبد labad wool

لبد labid coherent; compact

لبد lubad the seventh vulture of Luqmān (whose death ended Luqmān’s life; metaphor of longevity)

لبدة libda pl. لبد libad mane (of a lion); (eg.) skullcap of felt, worn under or without a tarboosh; felt hat (of the dervishes)

لبدة lubda pl. لبد lubad matted and pressed wool or hair, felt

لباد labbād feltmaker; felt

لبادة lubbāda pl. -āt horse blanket, saddle blanket; -- (pl. لبابيد labābīd 2) felt cap

ملبد mulabbad: ملبد بالغيوم (bi-l-guyūm) overcast, heavily clouded (sky)

متلبد mutalabbid: متلبد بالغيوم overcast, heavily clouded (sky)

لبس labisa a (lubs) to put on, wear (هـ a dress, garment); to dress (هـ in), clothe o.s. garb o.s. (هـ in or with) II to dress (هـ ه s.o. in), clothe, garb, attire (هـ ه s.o. with); to cover, envelop, overlay, coat (ب هـ s.th. with. layer); to drape, line, face, case (ب هـ s.th. with); to inlay (e.g., wood with ivory); to suffuse (ه s.o., e.g., pallor), seize (ه s.o., e.g., so tremor); to make obscure, unclear, abstruse, involved, complicated (على هـ s.th. for s.o.); to deceive, dupe (على s.o.) III to be on intimate terms, associate closely, hobnob (ه with s.o.); to be in close contact (هـ, ه with s.o., with s.th.); to surround (ه s.o.; environment, milieu, conditions) IV to dress (هـ ه s.o. in), clothe, garb, attire (هـ ه s.o. with); to drape, envelop, coat, overlay, cover, face, line, case (هـ s.th.) V to dress, get dressed (ب in), clothe o.s. (ب in or with); to be dressed, clad, attired; to be covered (ب with), be enveloped, wrapped (ب in); to get involved (ب in s.th.), be drown (ب into s.th.); to meddle, bother (ب with), go into s.th. (ب ); to be obscure, incomprehensible, dubious, equivocal, ambiguous (على for s.o.) VIII to be obscure, dubious, equivocal, ambiguous (على for s.o.); to get mixed up (ب with); to mistake (هـ s.th., ب for)

لبس labs, lubs and لبسة lubsa tangle, muddle, confusion, intricacy, obscurity, uncertainty, abstruseness, ambiguity | كان في لبس من امره to be uncertain about s.o.; to have doubts about s.o.

لبس libs pl. لبوس lubūs clothes, clothing, dress, apparel; costume

لبسة libsa manner or style of dressing, costume

لباس libās pl. -āl, البسة albisa clothes, clothing; costume; apparel; garment, robe, dress; (eg., syr.) (men’s) drawers | لباس الرأس l. ar-ra’s headdress, headgear; لباس التقوى l. at-taqwā decency, modesty; لباس رسمي (rasmī) and لباس عسكري (‘askarī) uniform; لباس السهرة l. as-sahra evening gown, evening clothes, formal dress; لباس وطني (waṭanī) national costume; البسة جاهزة ready-made clothes

لبيس labīs worn; worn clothes, secondhand clothes; Nile carp (Cyprinus niloticus: zool.)

لبوس labūs clothing, clothes; suppository (med.) | لبوس رسمي (rasmī) uniform

ملبس malbas pl. ملابس malābis2 garment, dress, robe, apparel, suit; pl. also: clothing, clothes, costume | O ملبس الوقاية protective clothes; ملابس التشريفة dress uniform; ملابس داخلية وخارجية (dākilīya wa-kārijīya) underwear and outer clothes; ملابس رسمية (rasmīya) livery, uniform; O ملابس الميدان m. al-maidān field uniform; محل الملابس maḥall al-m. ready-made-clothes store

تلبيس talbīs clothing, dressing, garbing; draping, lining, facing, casing; overlaying, coating; wall facing, wall plaster, paneling; inlay work; deception, deceit, fraud

تلبيسة talbīsa suppository (med.)

ملابسة mulābasa intercourse, intimate association, close relations; ملابسات relations, connections; concomitants, accompanying phenomena; surrounding conditions, environment

الباس ilbās clothing, dressing, garbing

تلبس talabbus: قضايا التلبس qaḍāyā t-t. (jur.) cases of “flagrante delicto”, criminal cases in which the perpetrator was caught in the act

التباس iltibās confusion, tangle, intricacy, obscurity, ambiguity, dubiousness, doubt | رفع الالتباس raf‘ al-ilt. correction, rectification, clarification; احاط به الالتباس (aḥāṭa) to be wrapped in obscurity, be completely ambiguous

ملبوس malbūs worn, used (clothes); (eg.) possessed, in a state of frenzy or religious ecstasy; pl. ملبوسات articles of clothing, clothes

ملبس mulabbas involved, intricate, obscure, dubious; inlaid, coated, incrusted; sugar-coated, candied; (pl. -āt) bonbon, candy; dragée

متلبس mutalabbis: متلبسا بالجريمة (he was caught, and the like) redhanded, in the act, flagrante delicto

ملتبس multabis involved, intricate, ambiguous, equivocal; dubious, doubtful, uncertain, unclear

لبط labaṭa II (labṭ): لبط به الأرض (arḍ) to throw s.o. to the ground, fell s.o.; -- i to kick; to gallop about (animal)

لبق labaqa II (لباقة labāqa) to be clever, slick, adroit, skilled, skillful, versatile, suave, elegant, have refined manners; -- labiqa a (labaq) do.; to fit, suit, become (clothes; ب s.o.) II to fit, adapt, adjust (هـ s.th.)

لبق labaq cleverness, smartness, slyness, subtlety; skill, adroitness, slickness, ingenuity; seemliness, propriety, decency, decorum

لباقة labāqa cleverness, smartness, slyness, subtlety; skill, adroitness, slickness, ingenuity; seemliness, propriety, decency, decorum; elegance, refined manners, suavity, gracefulness

لبق labiq clever, smart, sly, subtle; slick, adroit, skilled, skillful, versatile; elegant, suave, of refined manners; fitting, proper, becoming, seemly

لبيق labīq clever, smart, sly, subtle; skillful, adroit; elegant, suave, refined

لبك labaka u (labk) and II to mix. Mingle, intermix (هـ s.th.); to confuse, mix up, muddle, jumble (هـ s.th.); -- labika a, V and VIII to get confused, be thrown into disorder, be disarranged, become disorganized

لبك labk and لبكة labka mixture; confusion, muddle, jumble

لبيك see لبي

لبلب lablaba to fondle, cares (ب her child; mother)

لبلب lablab, lublub affectionate, tender

لبلاب lablāb English ivy (Hedera helix; bot.); (eg.) lablab, hyacynth bean (Dolichoe lablab; bot.)

لبلوب lablūb (eg.) pl. لباليب labālīb2 young shoot, sprout, vine

لبن II to make brick VIII to suck milk

لبن libn, labin (coll.) unburnt brick(s), adobes

لبنة labina (n. un.) pl. -āt brick, adobe

لبن laban pl. البان albān, لبان libān milk; (syr.) leban, coagulated sour milk; pl. البان dairy products, milk products | لبن الخض l. al-kaḍḍ buttermilk; شرش اللبن širš al-l. whey; O ميزان اللبن mīzān al-l. lactoscope; فرع الألبان far‘ al-a. dairy department

لبني labanī lactic, milk (adj.); milky, milklike, lacteous, lacteal

لبنية labanīya a dish prepared of milk

لبنات labanāt lactate | لبنات الجير l. al-jīr calcium lactate

لبان labān breast

لبان lubān frankincense, olibanum | لبان جاوي (jāwī) benzoin; لبان ذكر dakar (eg.) olibanum, oriental frankincense (resin of Boswellia carteri; bot.); لبان شامي (eg.) a pitchy resin used as a depilatory (resin of Pinus Brutia Ten.); لبان العذراء al-‘adrā’ magnesia, Epsom salts, bitter salt

لبان libān sucking, nursing; (eg.) towline

لبان labbān brickmaker; milkman

لبانة lubāna pl. -āt, لبان lubān wish, desire, object, aim, goal, end; business, undertaking, enterprise

لبانة libāna selling or production of milk products, dairy

لبنة labina, لبون labūn, لبونة labūna pl. لبان libān, لبن lubn, lubun, لبائن labā’in milk, giving milk | حيوان لبون (ḥayawān) mammal

لبنى lubnā storax tree

لبنان lubnān2 Lebanon

لبناني lubnānī Lebanese (pl. -ūn) a Lebanese

ملبن malban a sweet made of cornstarch, sugar, mastic and pistachios

ملبنة malbana dairy

لبوة labwa pl. labawāt lioness

لبى II to follow, obey (هـ a call, an invitation), respond, accede (هـ to), comply (هـ with a request), carry out (هـ an order) | لبى نداء ربه (nidaā’a rabbihī) to be called away by the Lord, pass away

لبيك labbaika here I am! at your service!

تلبية talbiya following, obeying, observance, accedence, response, compliance | تلبية ل (talbiyatan) in compliance with; تلبية لدعوته (li-da‘watihī) upon his invitation

لبيريا libēriyā Liberia

لت latta u (latt) to pound, bray, crush (هـ s.th.); to mix with water (هـ flour); to knead (هـ dough); to roll (ب s.th. in), coat (ب هـ s.th. with); (eg.) to prattle, chatter | لت وعجن في مسألة (wa-‘ajana, mas’ala) not to tire of raising a problem anew, discuss a question back and forth

لت latt (eg.) idle talk, prattle

لتات lattāt (eg.) prattler, chatterbox, windbag

لتر litr pl. -āt liter

لتموس (Engl.) litmūs litmus

لتوانيا lituwāniyā Lithuania

التي allatī see الذي (alphabetically)

لثة see لثو

لثغ latiga a (latag) to pronounce defectively (esp. the lingual r), lisp (ث for س) | لثغ بالسين (sīn) to lisp the s

لثغة lutga defective pronunciation, lisping

الثغ altag2, f. لثغاء latgā’2, pl. لثغ lutg having a speech defect, lisping

لثم latama i (latm) to kiss (هـ s.th.); to strike, hit, wound, injure (هـ s.th.) II to veil (هـ the face) with the li/dm (q.v.); to veil, cover (هـ s.th.) V and VIII to veil one’s face; to cover o.s., wrap o.s. up, muffle o.s.

لثمة latma kiss

لثام litām veil (covering the lower part of the face to the eyes); cover, wrapping

ملثم mutallam and متلثم mutalattim veiled

لثة lita pl. -āt, لثى litan gums

لثوي litawī gingival, alveolar, of or pertaining to the gums | الحروف اللثوية the interdental sounde ث, ذ and ظ ; (phon.)

لج lajja (1st pers. perf. lajijtu) a and (1st pers. perf. lajajtu) i (لجج lajaj, لجاج lajāj, لجاجة lajāja) to be stubborn, obstinate, unyielding, relentless; to persist, persevere (في in); to insist (في on); to continue (في s.th.), keep doing s.th. (في ); to importune, pester, trouble, bother, inconvenience (على s.o.); to bear down (ب on s.o.), hit hard, wear out, weaken, exhaust (ب s.o., e.g., battle), torment, harass (ب s.o., e.g., hunger) III to argue or dispute obstinately (ه with s.o.) VIII to be noisy, uproarious, tumultuous; to roar, storm, rage

لج lujj and لجة lujja pl. لجج lujaj, لجاج lijāj depth of the sea; gulf, abyss, chum, depth

لجي lujjī fathomless, of tremendous depth (sea)

لجة lajja clamor, din, noise, hubbub

لجاجة lajāja stickling, disputatiousness; obstinacy, stubbornness; insistence, persistence

لجوج lajūj and لاج lājj obstinate, stubborn, unyielding, relentless, insistent, troublesome, importunate, obtrusive, officious

لجأ laja’a a (لجء laj’, لجوء lujū’) and لجئ laji’a a (لجأ laja’) to take refuge (الى in), resort, have recourse (الى to), fall back (الى on); to seek information (الى from), refer (الى to) II to coerce, force, compel (الى ه s.o. to) IV do.; to shelter, protect, guard (ه s.o.); to entrust, commit (امره الى amrahū one’s cause, one’s affairs to) VIII to flee (الى to), take refuge (الى in), resort, have recourse (الى to)

ملجأ malja’ pl. ملاجئ malāji’2 (place of) refuge, retreat; shelter; sanctuary, asylum; home; base; pillbox, bunker, dugout | ملجأ الأطفال day nursery, nursery school, children’s home; ملجأ الأيتام orphanage; ملجأ الشيوخ home for the aged; ملجأ العميان m. al-‘umyān institution for the blind; ملجأ العجزة m. al-‘ajaza infirmary; O ملجأ مضاد للغارات الجوية (muḍādd, jawwīya) air-raid shelter

التجاء iltijā’ resorting, recourse (الى to), seeking refuge (الى in, with)

لاجئ lāji’ one seeking refuge; refugee; emigrant; inmate of an asylum

ملتجئ multaji’ one seeking refuge, a refugee

لجب lajab noise, uproar, tumult; huge, boisterous army

لجب lajib uproarious, tumultuous, noisy, clamorous

لجلج lajlaja and II talajlaja to repeat words`in speaking; to stammer, stutter

لجلجة lajlaja stutter; stammering, stammer

لجلاج lajlāj stutterer, stammerer

ملجلج mulajlaj constantly repeated, reiterated

لجم lajama u (lajm) to sew (هـ s.th.) II and IV to bridle, rein in (هـ a horse); to restrain, curb, hold down, silence (ه s.o.); to put the bridle (ه on s.o.) VIII to be bridled, be curbed, be tamed, be harnessed (e.g., energies)

لجام liillm pl. الجمة aljima, لجم lujum bridle, rein

ملجوم maljūm and ملجم muljam bridled, curbed, harnessed

لجن lajina a (lajn) to cling, adhere, stick (ب to)

لجنة lajna pl. -āt, لجان lijān, لجن lijan board, council, commission, committee | لجنة التحقيق investigating committee; لجنة ادارية (idārīya) administrative board, committee of management; لجنة الامتحان board of examiners, examination board; لجنة الانضباط disciplinary board; لجنة تنفيذية (tanfīdīya) executive committee; لجنة صلحية (ṣulḥīya) arbitration committee, board of arbitration; لجنة فرعية (far‘īya) subcommittee; لجنة قارة (مستديمة ) (qārra, mustadīma) standing committee, permanent committee; لجنة المراقبة l. al-mūrāqaba board of directors

لجين lujain silver

لجيني lujainī silvery

لح laḥḥa (laḥḥ) to be close (relationship) IV to implore, beseech, request with urgency; to insist (في on); to beس et, importune, pester, harass (على s.o.); to urge, press (ب or في على s.o. to do s.th.)

لحح laḥiḥ and لاح close, narrow

لحوح laḥūḥ obstinate, stubborn, persistent

ملحاح milḥāḥ obstinate, stubborn, persistent; importunate, obtrusive

الحاح ilḥāḥ urging, pressing, urgency, insistence; emphasis; urgent solicitation, earnest request | بإلحاح or في إلحاح insistently, earnestly, urgently

ملح muliḥḥ pressing, urgent; persistent; insistent, emphatic; importunate, obtrusive

لاحب lāḥib open, passable (road); o electrode

لحج laḥaj2 Lahej (sultanate and city in the Aden Protectorate)

لحد laḥada a (laḥd) to dig a grave; to bury, inter (ه s.o.); to deviate from the right course, digress from the straight path; to abandon one’s faith, apostatize, become a heretic; to lean, incline, tend (الى to) IV = I; VIII to deviate, digress; to abandon one’s faith, apostatize, become a heretic or unbeliever; to be inclined, lean, incline, tend (الى to)

لحد laḥd pl. لحود luḥūd, ألحاد alḥād grave, tomb; (ancient meaning: charnel vault with a niche for the corpse in the lateral wall)

لحاد laḥḥād gravedigger

إلحاد ilḥād apostasy; heterodoxy, heresy

إلحادي ilḥādī of or pertaining to godlessness

ملحد mulḥid heretical, unbelieving; -- (pl. -ūn, ملاحدة malāḥida) apostate, renegade; heretic

لحس laḥasa a (laḥs) to eat away (هـ s.th., esp. a moth the wool), devour (هـ s.th.); -- laḥisa a (laḥs, لحسة laḥsa, luḥsa, ملحس malḥas) to lick (هـ s.th.); to lick up, lap up, lick out (هـ s.th.)

ملحوس malḥūs licked; (eg.) imbecilic

لحظ laḥaẓa a (laḥẓ, لحظان laḥaẓān) to regard, view, eye (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), look (هـ, ه at); to notice, see, perceive, observe (هـ s.th., ان that) III to regard, view, eye (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), look (هـ, ه at); to see, behold (ه s.o.), catch light (ه of); to notice, perceive, observe (ان that, هـ s.th.); to remark, say, make the remark (ان that); to consider, bear in mind, observe, heed, take into consideration (هـ s.th.); to pay attention (هـ to); to supervise, superintend (هـ s.th.) | لاحظ عليه شيئا to observe or notice s.th. in s.o.; مما يلاحظ ان mimmā yulāḥaẓu anna it will be noticed that ..., obviously ..., evidently ...

لحظ laḥẓ pl. الحاظ alḥāẓ look, glance

لحظة laḥẓa pl. laḥaẓāt (quick or casual) look, glance, glimpse; moment, instant | اللحظة الراهنة the present moment, the immediate present; في لحظة in a moment, instantly; في هذه اللحظة at that moment; لحظات laḥaẓātin for a few moments

لحظتئذ laḥẓata’idin at that moment

ملاحظة mulāḥaẓa pl. -āt seeing, noticing, perception; observation; remark, comment, casual statement, note; observance, heed, notice, attention, consideration; supervision, superintendence, surveillance, control | ذو ملاحظة considerable, notable

لاحظة lāḥẓa pl. لواحظ lawāḥiz2 eye; look, glance

ملحوظ malḥūẓ noted, noteworthy, remarkable

ملحوظة malḥūẓa pl. -āt observation; remark; note

ملاحظ mulāḥiẓ director, superintendent; overseer, supervisor, foreman

ملاحظ mulāḥaẓ: والملاحظ ان obviously ..., evidently ...

لحف laḥafa a (laḥf) to cover, wrap (ه s.o.) IV do.; to request or demand urgently V and VIII to wrap o.s. (ب in), cover s.o. (ب with)

لحف liḥf foot of a mountain

لحاف liḥāf pl. لحف luḥuf (also الحفة alḥifa) cover, blanket; bedcover, counterpane, coverlet, quilt, comforter, wrap

ملحف milḥah and ملحفة milḥafa pl. ملاحف malāḥif2 cover, blanket; wrap

الحاف ilḥāf importunity (of a petitioner)

ملتحف multaḥif wrapped (ب in), covered (ب with)

لحق laḥiqa a (laḥq, لحاق laḥaq) to catch up (ب or ه with s.o.), overtake (ب or s.o.), to reach (هـ, ب s.th.); to catch, make (هـ, ب e.g., a train), to touch (ب s.th.); to cling, adhere, attach o.s., stick, hang on, keep close (ب to s.o.), to join (ب s.o.), come along (ب with s.o.), to follow, succeed (ب s.o.), to unite (ب with); to betake o.s., go (ب to), to enter (بمدرسة bi-madrasatin a school, بخدمة bi-kidmatin a service, لحق بخدمته to take up a position with s.o., enter the services of s.o.), to overcome, befall, affect, afflict (ه s.o.; disease, fear, loss, and the like), come, descend (ه upon s.o., calamity, etc.), to be incumbent (ه upon s.o.), be imperative (ه for) III to follow (ه s.o.); to go after s.o. (ه ), trail, pursue, chase (ه s.o.) IV to attach, affix, join, subjoin, append, annex, add (ب هـ s.th. to). enclose (ب هـ s.th. in); to connect (ب هـ s.th. with); to increase, augment (هـ ب s.th. by), to take in all a member, admit (ب ه s.o. to an organization, and the like), enroll (ب ه s.o. in), to inflict (هـ ب upon s.o. or s.th. s.th.), cause (هـ ب s.o. or s.th. s.th., esp. damage); pass. ulḥiqa to be admitted (ب to an organization, a society, etc.), become a member (ب of), enter (ب a service) VI to follow in close succession; to pursue or chase each other, to blend into a continuous sequence, pass insensibly into each other VIII to reach (ب s.th. or s.o.); to catch up (ب with), overtake (ب s.th. or s.o.); to join (ب s.o.), go or come along (ب with), to enter (ب a service, a school, a university), join (ب an army, an organization, etc.), become a member (ب of), to matriculate (ب at a university), enroll (ب in a faculty), to take up (ب a position, a job), to be attached (ب to), be connected, be affiliated (ب with), to be attached, devoted, loyal | التحقبالحكومة to go into government service X to annex (هـ s.th.)

لحق pl. الحاق alḥāq cultivable alluvial soil left behind by a flood

لحقي laḥaqī: مواد لحقية (mawādd) detritus (geol.), alluvium, alluvial residues

لحاق liḥāq accession (ب to), entry, entrance (ب to, into), joining (ب of), enrollment (ب in), membership (ب in)

ملاحقة mulāḥaqa pl. -āt pursuit, chase; legal prosecution

الحاق ilḥāq joining, junction, subjunction, attachment, appending, affixation, affixture, addition, annexation; admission (ب to an organization, and the like), enrollment (ب in an association, and the like), political annexation

التحق iltiḥāq entering (ب of), entry, entrance (y to office. into a school. etc.), joining (ب of), affiliation (ب with); accession (ب to)

استلحاق istilḥāq annexation; avowal of paternity (jur.)

لاحق lāḥiq reaching; overtaking; subsequent, following; added, affixed, appended, subjoined, attached, joined, connected | سابقا – لاحقا sābiqan – lāḥiqan previously -- later on, at first -- subsequently

لاحقة lāḥiqa pl. لواحق lawāḥiq2 appendage, appurtenance, adjunct; pl. acceasories, appurtenances, adjuncts, dependencies

ملحق mulḥaq added, affixed, appended, attached, subjoined (ب to s.th.), enclosed (ب in s.th.); adjoining, adjacent, contiguous; written or printed in the margin, marginal; appertaining, appurtenant, incident, pertinent, accompanying; incorporated, annexed; supplement; -- (pl. -āt, ملاحق malāḥiq2) appendix; addition, addendum, postscript; supplement, extra sheet (of a newspaper, periodical, book); enclosure (in a letter); appendage; pendant, locket; tag, label; trailer (of a truck, etc.); annex, subsidiary building, wing or addition to a building; -- (pl. -ūn) attaché; assistant; pl. ملحقات also: annexed provinces, dependent territories, dependencies | ملحق بحري (baḥrī) naval attaché; ملحق تجاري (tijārī) commercial attaché; ملحق جوي (jawwī) air attaché; ملحق عسكري (‘askarī) or ملحق حربي (ḥarbī) military attaché; ملحق صحفي (ṣuḥufī) press attaché; ملحق فخري (fakrī) titular attaché

متلاحق mutalāḥiq successive, consecutive, uninterrupted. continuous | متلاحق الحركة m. al-ḥaraka in continuous motion

لحم laḥama u (laḥm) to mend, patch, weld, solder (up) (هـ s.th.); -- laḥima a to get stuck II to solder (هـ s.th.) VI to join in battle, engage in a mutual massacre; to cling together, cleave together, stick together, hang together, cohere; to hold firmly together; to be joined, united VIII to adhere, cleave, stick (ب to); to be in immediate contact (ب with); to cling (ب to), fit closely (ب s.th.); to grapple, fight, struggle (in a clinch or in close combat); to cling together, cleave together, cohere; to stick together; to be interjoined, intermesh, be closely united; to close, heal up, sear over, cicatrize (wound)

لحم laḥm pl. لحوم luḥūm, لحام liḥām flesh; meat | بلحمه وشحمه (šaḥmihī) in his real human form; لحما ودما (daman) dyed in the wool, inveterate

لحمة laḥma (n. un.) a piece of flesh or meat

لحمة laḥma, luḥma pl. لحم luḥam woof, weft (of a fabric); decisive factor, motif; luḥma relationship, kinship

لحمية laḥmīya conjunctiva

لحم laḥm fleshy, corpulent; carnivorous

لحام liḥām pl. -āt soldering; welding; soldered seam, soldered joint; solder

لحام laḥḥām butcher; solderer; welder

لحيم laḥīm fleshy

لحامة laḥāma fleshiness, corpulence

ملحمة malḥama pl. ملاحم malāḥim2 bloody fight, slaughter, massacre, fierce battle

شعر ملحمي ši‘r malḥamī heroic poem

التحام iltiḥām close union; cohesion; conjunction, union, connection, coherence; adhesion (phys.); grapple, struggle, fight, close combat

ملتحمة multaḥima conjunctiva

لحن laḥana a (laḥn, لحون luḥūn, لحانة laḥāna) to speak ungrammatical Arabic (interspersed with barbarisms); -- laḥina a to be intelligent II to chant, psalmodize; to intone, strike up a melody; to set to music, compose (هـ s.th.)

لحن laḥn pl. الحان alḥān, لحون luḥūn air, tune, melody; grammatical mistake, solecism, barbarism

لحن laḥin intelligent, understanding, sensible

تلحين talḥīn pl. تلاحين talāḥīn2 musical composition, musical arrangement

تلحيني talḥīnī singable

ملحون malḥūn incorrect, ungrammatical (language); (magr.) poetry in colloquial language

ملحن mulaḥḥin composer

(لحو and لحي) لحا laḥā (laḥw) and لحى laḥā a (laḥy) to insult, abuse, revile (ه s.o.) VI to call each other names, heap abuses on each other VIII to grow a beard

لحو laḥw and لحي laḥy insult, abuse, invective, vilification, defamation

لحي laḥy, dual: لحيان laḥyān, pl. الح alḥin, لحي luḥīiy jawbone

لحية liḥya pl. لحى luḥan, liḥan beard, whiskers (on cheeks and chin), full beard | اطلق لحيته aṭlaqa liḥyatahū to let one’s beard grow; لحية التيس l. at-tais salsify (Tregopogon porrifolium; bot.)

لحية luḥayya2 Luhaiya (town in NW Yemen, on Red Sea)

لحاء liḥā’ bast

الحى alḥā long-bearded

ملتح multaḥin bearded, having a beard, e.g., ماتح بلحية سوداء (bi-liḥya saudā’) a black-bearded man

لخص II to abridge (هـ s.th.); to summarize, sum up, epitomize, condense, compress (هـ s.th.); to excerpt (هـ s.th.), make an excerpt or extract (هـ of); to give the essence of s.th.; to sketch, outline (هـ s.th.); pass. يلخص yulakkaṣu it can he summed up (في ان to the effect that) V to he summarized, be epitomized, be condensed, be summed up (في in), amount briefly (في to), be in its essence (في s.th.), narrow down (في to)

تلخيص talkīṣ abridgement; condensation; summary, resume; epitome, abstract, synopsis, outline; brier, abort report

ملخص mulakkaṣ abridged, excerpted, summarized, condensed; (pl. -āt) extract, excerpt, essence, gist

لخلخ laklaka to shake, shake off (هـ s.th.) II talaklaka to shake, totter

ملخلخ mulaklak shaky, unsteady, tottering

لخمة lakama, lukama sluggish; gauche, awkward, clumsy

لخن lakan putrid stench

لخن alkan2, f. لخناء laknā’2, pl. لخن lukn stinking; uncircumcized (as an abusive term)

1 لدة lida see ولد

2 اللد al-lidd Lydda (city and international airport in W Israel)

3 لد ladda a (ladd) to dispute violently, have a fierce quarrel (ه with s.o.) II to defame, slander (ب s.o.); to bewilder, perplex, nonplus V to turn helplessly right and left, be bewildered, perplexed, confused; to be headstrong, recalcitrant

لدد ladad vehement quarrel, violent dispute

لدود ladūd, الد aladd2, f. لداء laddā’2, pl. لد ludd, لداد lidād, الداء aliddā’2 fierce, grim, dogged, tough | عدو الد (‘adūw) mortal enemy, archenemy, foe; عدو لدود do.

متلدد mutaladdid obstinate, recalcitrant, headstrong, rebellious

لدغ ladaga u (ladg) to sting, bite (snake, s.o.); to taunt, hurt, offend (ه s.o.)

لدغة ladga sting; bite

لديغ ladīg pl. لدغاء ludagā’2, لدغى ladgā stung; bitten

1 لدن laduna u (لدانة ladāna, لدونة ludūna) to be soft, supple, pliant, flexible, resilient, elastic II to soften (هـ s.th.); to mollify, attenuate, temper, ease, mitigate, alleviate (هـ s.th.)

لدن ladn pl. لدن ludn, لدان lidān soft, gentle; pliant, pliable, flexible, supple, resilient, elastic; plastic

لادن lādan, lādin laudanum

لدانة ladāna and لدونة ludūna softness, pliability, flexibility, suppleness, plasticity, resilience, elasticity

لدائن ladā’in2 plastics

2 لدن ladun (prep.) at, by, near, close to; in the presence of, in front of, before, with; in possession of; من لدن from, on the part of; since; -- (conj.) since, from the moment when; لدن ان do.

لدني ladunī (i.e. من لدن الله ) mystic; العلم اللدني (‘ilm), العلوم اللدنية knowledge imparted directly by God through mystic intuition (in Sufism)

لدى ladā (prep.) at, by (place and time); in the presence of, in front of, before, with | لدى الحاجة in case of need, if necessary; لديه ladaihi he has; ما لديك the condition you are in, your state of mind; ليس لدينا غيرما (gairu) we know no more than what ...

لذ ladda (1st pers. perf. ladidtu) a (لذاذ ladad, لذاذة ladāda) to be sweet, delicious, delightful, pleasant, gratify the senses II and IV to please, gratify, delight (ه s.o.); to give pleasure (ه to s.o.) V and VIII to be pleased, delighted (ب at), delight, revel, take pleasure (ب in), be gratified (ب by); to find (هـ s.th.) delicious or pleasant, take delight (هـ in), enjoy, savor, relish (هـ s.th.) X to find delicious or pleasant (هـ s.th.); to find delightful (هـ s.th.); to take pleasure (هـ in)

لذة ladda pl. -āt joy, rapture, bliss; pleasure, enjoyment, delectation, delight; sensual delight, lust, voluptuousness

لذيذ ladīd pl. لذ ludd, لذاذ lidād delicious, delightful; pleasant; beautiful, wonderful, splendid, magnificent; sweet

لذاذة ladāda pl. لذائذ ladā’id2 sweetness; charm; bliss; rapture; enjoyment, delectation; pleasure, delight

ملذة maladda pl. -āt, ملاذ malādd2 joy, pleasure, amenity, comfort; delightfulness, enjoyment, delectation; voluptuousness

متلذذ mutaladdid epicure

لذع lada‘a a (lad‘) to burn (هـ s.th.); to brand, cauterize (ه s.o.); to hurt (with words), insult, offend (ه s.o.) V to burn

لذع lada‘ burning, combustion; conflagration, fire | لذع البنادق rifle fire

لذاع laddā‘ burning; very hot, scorching; pungent, acrid, sharp; biting (words)

لوذع lauda‘ and لوذعي lauda‘ī sagacious, ingenious, witty, quick-witted, quick at repartee

لوذعية lauda‘īya sagacity, ingenuity, esprit, wit, quick-wittedness, mental alertness

لاذع lādi‘ burning; pungent, acrid, biting; sharp

لاذعة lādi‘a pl. لواذع lawādi‘2 gibe, taunt

اللاذقية al-lādiqīya Latakia, the ancient Laodicea (seaport in W Syria)

1 لذي ladiya a (ladan) to adhere, cleave (ب to)

2 الذي look up alphabetically

لز lazza (1st pers. perf. lazaztu) u (lazz, لزز lazaz, لززاز lizāz) to tie (ب ه s.th. to), connect or join firmly, unite (ب ه s.th. with), make (هـ s.th.) stick (ب to) II to connect or join firmly, press together (هـ s.th.); to cram together; to urge, press, coerce (الى ه s.o. to) VI to be crammed together; to lie close together V and VIII to be united, joined, connected (ب with); to adhere, cleave, stick (ب to)

لز lazz and لزة lazza U bolt, staple, cramp

ملزز mulazzaz crammed together; closely united; firm, solid, compact

لزب lazaba u (لزوب luzūb) to be firm, be firmly fixed, hold fast; to adhere, cleave, cling (ب to); to stick (ب to); -- laziba a (lazab) to cohere, cleave together, stick together

لزب lazib pl. لزاب lizāb little

لزبة lazba pl. لزب lizab misfortune, calamity

لازب lāzib sticking, adhering, clinging; firm, firmly fixed | صار ضربة لازب (ḍarbata l.) to become necessary, indispensable; ضرب ضربة لازب (ḍuriba) to meet with grave misfortune, be stricken by disaster

لزج lazija a (lazaj, لزوج luzūj) to be sticky, ropy, gluey, viscid; to stick, cling, get stuck (ب to)

لزج lazij sticky, gluey, ropy, viscid; adhesive

لزوجة luzūja stikiness, glueyness, ropiness, viscidity

لزق laziqa a (لزوق luzūq) to adhere, cling, cleave, stick, (ب to) II to affix, post (هـ s.th.); to stick on, paste on (هـ s.th.); to paste together (هـ s.th.); (eg.) to palm off, foist (هـ ل s.th. on s.o.) IV to Palte on, stick on, affix (هـ s.th.) VIII = I

لزق lizq adjoining, adjacent, contiguous | لزقه lizqahū or بلزقه close to his side, cose by

لزق laziq sticky, gluey

لزقة lazqa compress, stupe; plaster

لزاق lizāq adhesive, agglutinant, glue, cement, paste

لزوق lazūq and لازوق lāzūq compress, stupe; plaster, adhesive plaster, court plaster

لزم lazima a (لزوم luzūm) to cling, adhere, belong (هـ to), attend, accompany (هـ s.th.); to persist, persevere (هـ in), stick, keep (هـ to), keep doing (هـ s.th.);to adhere, be attached, keep close, stick (ه to s.o.); to be inseparable (هـ, ه from s.o., from s.th.); to stay permanently (هـ in); to be necessary; to be requisite, imperative, indispensable (ه for s.o.); to be incumbent (ه upon s.o.), be s.o.’s (ه ) duty | لزم داره (فراشة ) to stay at home (in bed); لزم الصمت (ṣamta) to keep went, maintain silence III to attend, accompany (هـ s.th.); to adhere, stick, keep (هـ to); to pursue or practice incessantly (هـ s.th.); to be constantly with s.o. or in s.o.’s company (ه ), be constantly around s.o. (ه ) to be assigned (ه to), accompany, attend (ه s.o.); to be inseparable (ه, هـ from s.th., from s.o.); to keep doing (هـ s.th.), persist, persevere (هـ in); to work with perseverance, display sustained activity (هـ for) IV to force, compel (هـ ه s.o. to); to force, press (هـ ه , also ب ه upon s.o. s.th.); to enjoin, impose as a duty (هـ ه , also ب ه on s.o. s.th.), obligate (هـ ه , also ب ه s.o. to or to do s.th.) | الزمه الحجة (ḥujja) to force proof on s.o., force s.o. to accept an argument; الزمه الفراش to confine s.o. to bed, compel s.o. to my in bed (of a disease); الزمه المال (or بالمال ) to impose the payment of a sum on s.o. VI to be attached or devoted to each other, be inseparable VIII to adhere, stick, keep, hang on (هـ to); to keep doing (هـ s.th.), persist, persevere (هـ in), keep up, maintain preserve (هـ s.th.), abide (هـ by); to take upon o.s. (هـ s.th.); to make a rule (هـ of s.th.), make (هـ s.th.) one’s duty, impose upon o.s. (هـ s.th.); to assume as a duty (ب or هـ s.th.); to undertake, obligate o.s., bind o.s., pledge (ب or هـ to do s.th.); to be in duty bound, be obligated or under obligation, be or become liable (ب or هـ to do s.th.); to be forced, be compelled (ب or a to do s.th.); to be responsible (ب or هـ for); to take over the monopoly (هـ of s.th.), monopolize, farm (هـ e.g., the levying of tax..) X to deem necessary (هـ s.th.); to necessitate, make necessary or requisite (a s.th.); to require, need (هـ s.th.), call (هـ for), be in need (هـ of s.th.)

لزمة lazma pl. -āt official concessions, license, franchise

لزوم luzūm necessity, exigency, requirement; need, want | حسب اللزوم ḥasaba l-l. as required, as the occasion demands; عند اللزوم in case of need, when (if) necessary, if need be; بسكويت لزوم السفر بالبحر (l. as-safar bi-l-baḥr) biscuit for the voyage

لزام lizām necessary, requisite; necessity, duty, obligation | كان لزاما عليه ان to be s.o.’s duty to ..., be necessary for s.o. that he ...

الزم alzam2 more necessary, most necessary

ملزمة malzama pl. ملازم malāzim2 section, signature (of a book, = 16 octavo sheets)

ملزمة milzama pl. ملازم malāzim2 vise; press

ملازمة mulāzama adhesion, clinging, sticking; remaining, staying, dwelling; close attachment; dependence; inseparableness, inherence, intrinsicality; following, pursuit, pursuance; perseverance, assiduity, zeal

الزام ilzām coercion, compulsion

الزامي ilzāmī forced, compulsory, obligatory, required

التزام iltizām pl. -āt necessity; duty, obligation, commitment, liability; engagement (philos. ); contract; farming of taxes, farmage; concession, license, franchise; monopoly; التزاما iltizāman by contract, by the job | قام بالتزاماته to meet one’s obligations

لازم lāzim inherent, intrinsic, inseparable, indissoluble; necessary, requisite, imperative, indispensable, unavoidable, inevitable, inescapable; incumbent, binding, obligatory; intransitive (gram.); legally binding, irrevocable (Isl. Law) | كالازم as it must be, comme il faut, properly

لازمة lāzima fixed attribute, inherent property; standing phrase (of s.o.)

لوازم lawāzim2 (pl.) necessary, inseparable attributes or manifestations; necessities, exigencies, requirements; necessaries, requisites; necessaries, fixtures

ملزوم malzūm obligated, under obligation, liable | ملزوم بالأداء (adā’) liable for taxes, taxable

ملزومية malzūmīya duty, obligation, commitment, liability

ملازم mulāzim tenacious (with foil. gen. it.: of), clinging, keeping, sticking (with foll. genit.: to); persevering, persisting, remaining, abiding; inseparable; closely connected, or attached; attending, accompanying; adhering; adherent, follower, partisan; second lieutenant (U.A.R., Tun.) | ملازم اول (awwal; U.A.R., Leb., Jord., Ir.) first lieutenant; ملازم ثان (tānin; Leb., Jord., Ir., formerly also Eg., syr.) second lieutenant

ملتزم multazim engaged, committed, under obligation; holder of a concession or monopoly; tax farmer; concessionaire, concessionary; contractor

ملتزم multazam pl. -āt requirement

مستلزمات mustalzamāt requirements, prerequisites, requisites; necessary or inevitable consequences

لستك lastik and لستيك lastīk rubber; eraser

لسع lasa‘a a (las‘) to sting (ه s.o.); to burn

(هـ s.th., e.g., the mouth); to hurt (with words; ه s.o.)

لسعة las‘a sting, bite; biting words

لسيع lasī‘ pl. لسعى las‘ā, لسعاء lusa‘ā’2 stung

لاسع lāsi‘ stinging; burning; biting, acrid, pungent, sharp

لسن lasina a (lasan) to be eloquent II to point, taper, sharpen (هـ s.th.)

لسن lasan eloquence

لسن lasin and السن alsan2, f. لسناء lasnā’2, pl. السن alsun eloquent

لسان lisān m. and f. , pl. السنة alsina, السن alsun tongue; language; mouthpiece (fig.), organ (esp., of a newspaper; = لسان الحال see below) | على لسان from his mouth, through him; على لسان الصحف (l. iṣ-ṣuḥuf) through the organ of the press; قيل على لسانه ما (qīla) things were ascribed to him which ..., he was rumored to have said things which ...; لسان رسمي (rasmī) official organ; متحدث بلسان وزارة الخارجية (mutaḥaddit) a spokesman of the Foreign Ministry; باللسان or لسانا lisānan orally, verbally; دار على السن الخاص والعام (a. il-kāṣṣ wa-l-‘āmm) to be the talk of the town, be on everyone’s lips; لسان الثور l. at-taur borage (Borago officinalis; bot.); لسان الحال the language which things themselves speak, silent language, mute expression (as distinguished from the spoken word); organ (of a party or political movement; a newspaper); ولسان حاله يقول while he seemed to say ..., with an expression as if he wanted to say ...; لسان الحمل l. al-ḥamal plantain (Plantago major L.; bot.); لسان العصفر l. al-‘uṣfur common ash (Fraxinus excelsior; bot.); لسان القفل l. al-qufl bolt of the lock; لسان القوم l. al-qaum spokesman (of a crowd); لسان الكلب l. al-kalb hound’s-tongue (Cynoglossum; bos.); (eg.) also a variety of scorpion’s tail (Scorpiurus muricatus L.; bot.), having circinately coiled pods; لسان المفتاح l. al-miftāḥ bit of the key; ذو لسانين dū lisanain double-tongued, deceitful, insincere, two-faced

لساني lisānī oral, verbal

ملسون malsūn liar

لشبونة lišbōna2 Lisbon (capital of Portugal)

(لشى *; from lā šai’a:) III to suppress, crush, destroy, ruin, annihilate (. s.th.) VI to be suppressed, be crushed, be destroyed, be annihilated; to come to nothing, be ruined, be frustrated, fail; to disappear, vanish, dwindle, wane, fade

ملاشاة mulāšāh annihilation, destruction

تلاش talāšin annihilation, ruin, failure, frustration; disappearance, evanescence, vanishing, waning, decline

متلاش mutalāšin coming to nothing, dwindling, waning; destructible; evanescent, transient, ephemeral

لص laṣṣa u (laṣṣ) to do stealthily or secretly (هـ s.th.); to rob, steal (هـ s.th.) V to become a thief; to act stealthily

لص liṣṣ pl. لصوص luṣūṣ, الصاص alṣāṣ thief, robber

لصوصية luṣūṣīya thievery, theft, robbery

متلصص mutalaṣṣiṣ behaving like a thief, thievish | اتى متلصصا الى (atā) to steal to, sneak up to

لصق laṣiqa a (laṣq, لصوق luṣūq) to adhere, cleave, cling, stick (ب to) II to paste together, stick together (هـ s.th.) III to adjoin (هـ s.th.), be next (هـ to s.th.), be contiguous (with), abut (هـ on), touch (هـ s.th.); to be in touch, in connection, in contact (ه with s.o.) IV to attach, affix, stick, paste, glue (ب هـ s.th. to); to connect (ب هـ s.th. with), join ( s.th. to); to bring (هـ s.th.) close (ب to); to press (ب هـ s.th. against) | الصق لوحة (lauḥa) to post a placard; الصق به تهمة (tuhma) to raise an accusation against s.o. VI to cleave together, cling together, cohere, stick together; to agglomerate, conglomerate, cake, frit together; to blend, pass into each other VIII = I; to hang on (ب to), get stuck (ب to, on); to fit closely (ب s.th.), cling (ب to)

لصق liṣq adhering, clinging, cleaving | لصق close to him (or it); هو بلصقي (لصقي ) he and I are inseparable

لصق laṣiq sticky, gluey, glutinous; adhesive, agglutinant; tenacious

لصيق laṣīq one who cleaves or clings (ب to); adjoining, adjacent, bordering, neighboring, abutting, contiguous; close-fitting, skintight (dress)

لصق laṣūq plaster

ملاصقة mulāṣaqa junction, conjunction, connection, contact, union; adjacency, contiguity; O adhesion, cohesion (phys.)

الصاق ilṣāq poster, bill

تلاصق talāṣuq and التصاق iltiṣāq cohesion, adhesion; contiguity, contact; coherence

ملاصق mulāṣiq adjoining, adjacent, abutting, contiguous, bordering, neighboring, in close contact; companion; neighbor; adherent

ملصق mulṣaq attached, affixed; stuck on, pasted on, glued on; fastened; brought close; connected, joined; (pl. -āt) poster, bill, placard

متلاصق mutalāṣiq cohering, sticking together; blending, passing into each other

ملتصق multaṣiq attached, affixed, adhesive, sticking; adjoining, adjacent, bordering, neighboring; contiguous, connected, meeting or touching each other, in contact; in the immediate proximity (ب of), close to (ب )

ملضوم malḍūm de (row), close (rank)

لطخ laṭaka a (laṭk) to stain, blot, sully, soil, spatter, splash (ب هـ s.th. with) II do. V to he soiled or stained

لطخة laṭka pl. laṭakāt smear, blotch, spot; stain, blemish, blot, disgrace

لطخة luṭaka pl. -āt and لطيخ liṭṭīk ass, dolt, fool

لطس laṭasa u (laṭs) to strike, hit (ه s.o.)

ملطاس milṭās pl. ملاطيس malāṭīs2 pickax

لطش laṭaša u (laṭš) to strike, hit (ه s.o.)

لطع laṭa‘a a (laṭ‘) to strike, hit (ه s.o.); to strike out, erase (هـ s.th.)

لطعة laṭ‘a blot, stain

لطف laṭafa u (luṭf) to be kind and friendly (ب or ل to, toward s.o.); -- laṭufa u (لطافة laṭāfa) to be thin, fine, delicate, dainty; to be graceful; to be elegant; to be nice, amiable, friendly II to make mild, soft, gentle, soften (هـ s.th.); to mitigate, alleviate, ease, soothe, allay, palliate, assuage, extenuate (هـ s.th.; also من ); to moderate, temper, lessen, diminish, reduce (هـ s.th.; also من ); to tone down (هـ s.th.; also من ) III to treat with kindness, with benevolence (ه s.o.); to be civil and polite (ه to, toward s.o.); to be complaisant, obliging, indulgent, compliant (ه toward s.o.), humor (ه s.o.); to flatter (ه s.o.), fawn (ه upon); to caress, fondle, pet (ه s.o.) | لاطفه على كتفه (katifihī) to pat s.o. on the shoulder

V to be mitigated, be tempered, be moderated; to be civil and polite, show o.s. friendly and kind, be so kind as to do s.th. (ب ); to bestow most kindly, have the kindness to give (ب s.th., also, e.g., advice. على to s.o.); to be tender, affectionate, nice (ب to s.o.); to win (ب s.o.) over by subtle means, by favors, by tricks; to go about s.th. (في or ب ) gently, carefully, with caution; to do secretly, covertly, without being noticed (ب with verbal noun: s.th.) VI to show o.s. friendly and kind; to be polite, courteous, civil, nice X to find (هـ s.th.) pretty, sweet, nice; to like, find pleasant or charming (هـ s.th.)

لطف lutf pl. الطاف alṭāf kindness, benevolence, friendliness; gentleness, mildness; civility, courteousness, politeness; daintiness, cuteness, gracefulness; delicateness, delicate grace (e.g., of the limbs) | بلطف gently, softly

لطافة laṭāfa thinness fineness, delicateness; gracefulness, loveliness, charm; kindness, benevolence; friendliness; politeness, esprit, intellectual refinement, sophistication; suavity, urbaneness

لطيف laṭīf pl. لطاف liṭāf, لطفاء luṭafā‘2 thin; fine; delicate, dainty; little, small, insignificant; gentle, soft, light, mild; pleasant, agreeable; amiable, friendly, kind, nice; civil, courteous, polite; affable, genial; pretty, charming, lovely, graceful; intellectually refined, full of esprit, brilliant, witty; elegant; اللطيف the Kind (one of the attributes of God) | يا لطيف O my God! good heavens! for goodness sake! الجنس اللطيف (jins) the fair sex

لطيفة laṭīfa pl. لطائف laṭā’if2 witticism, quip; joke, jest; subtlety, nicety | لطائف الحيل l. al-ḥiyal subtle tricks; لطائف النكات l. an-nukāt nice jokes

الطف alṭaf2 finer; more delicate; kinder, nicer, more elegant

ملاطفة mulāṭafa amiable treatment, amiability; civility, courteousness, politeness; friendliness; benevolence, kindness; caress; pl. -āt caresses

تلطف talaṭṭuf friendliness (ب toward s.o.), amiability; favoring, favoritism; civility, courteousness, politeness

ملطفات mulaṭṭafāt sedatives

لطم laṭama i (laṭm) to strike with the hand (هـ the face, with despair, in lamentation); to slap (ه s.o.); to jolt; to eject; to bump, strike (هـ against s.th.); to hit (هـ s.th.) VI to exchange blows, fight, brawl, battle (hostile armies); to collide, clash (waves) VIII to collide, clash

لطمة laṭma pl. laṭamāt blow; slap, box on the ear; jolt, thrust

لطيم laṭīm parentless

ملطم malṭam cheek

متلطم multaṭam clash (esp., of waves), tumult, turmoil (of a battle, and the like), melee

لظي laẓiya a (لظى laẓan) to burn brightly, flare, flame, blaze, be ablaze; to burn with rage V and VIII do.

لظى laẓan blazing fire, blaze, flame

لعب la‘aba and la‘iba a (la‘b) to slaver; to slobber, drool (baby); -- la‘iba a (lu‘b, li‘b, la‘ib, تلعاب tal‘āb) to play (ب with s.th.; على an instrument); to toy ( with); to dally (ب with); to trick, cheat, deceive, dupe (على s.o.) | لعب الأوراق (aurāqa) to play cards; لعب دورا (dauran) to play a part or role; لعب الموسيقى to make music; لعب بالشطرنج (šaṭranj) to play chess; لعبت به الهموم he became the sport of sorrows; لعب في عقله (‘aqlilhī) to turn s.o.’s head II to make (هـ s.th.) play, set (هـ s.th.) going; to wag (هـ the tail) III to play (ه with s.o.); to have fun, play around, jest, dally, trifle (ه with s.o.) IV to make play, cause to play (ه s.o.) V to play, act playfully VI to play (ب with s.th.); to make fun (ب of s.o.), mock (ب at s.o.); to pull s.o.’s (ب ) leg; to playa trick; to act fraudulently

لعب la‘b, li‘b, la‘ib pl. العاب al‘āb play; game, joke, jest; (un, amusement, diversion, pastime, sport | لعب القمار gambling, gamble; الألعاب الاولمبية the Olympic Games; ألعاب رياضية (riyāḍīya) athletics, sports; ألعاب سحرية (siḥrīya) legerdemain, sleight of hand, magic; العاب القوى a. as-quwā athletics, specif., track and

field; العاب نارية (nārīya) fireworks; ساحة الألعاب athletic field; مدرس الأتعاب mudarris al-a. athletic coach, athletics instructor

لعب la‘ib funny, amusing, merry, gay

لعبة la‘ba (n. un.) game; trick

لعبة lu‘ba pl. لعب lu‘ab plaything, toy; doll; butt for mirth or derision, sport, laughingstock

لعبة lu‘ba, لعاب la‘‘āb and لعيب li‘‘īb very playful

لعاب lu‘āb saliva, spittle; slaver, drivel | لعاب الشمس l. aš-šams gossamer, air threads; سال لعابه على his mouth watered for …

لعابي lu‘ābī salivary; mucous, slimy

لعيبة lu‘aiba pl. -āt (little) doll

لعوب la‘ūb flighty, coquettish, flirtatious (woman); playful, dallying, trifling

العوبة ul‘ūba pl. الاعيب alā‘īb2 plaything, toy; play, sport, dalliance; fun; prank; trick

ملعب mal‘ab pl. ملاعب malā‘ib2 playground; athletic field, stadium; playhouse, theater; scene; circus ring; pl. ملاعب malā‘ib matches, contests, events (in sports)

ملعبة mal‘aba plaything, toy

تلاعب talā‘ub game (e.g., of a speculator, of a gambler), gamble; free play | مجال التلاعب (majāl) free play, free scope, elbow-room; latitude, margin; clearance

لاعب lā‘ib playing; player; sportsman; athlete; gymnast | لاعب الجنباز l. al-jumbāz gymnast, athlete

ملعوب mal‘ūb pl. ملاعيب malā‘īb2 covered with spittle; slobbering, driveling, drooling; prank, trick, ruse, artifice

ملاعب mulā‘ib fellow player; playmate, playfellow; fraudulent

لعثم II tala‘tama to hesitate; to falter, stutter, stammer

لعثمة la‘tama and لعثم tala‘tum hesitation; stuttering, stutter

متلعثم mutala‘tim and متلعثم اللسان m. al-lisān stammering, stuttering

لعج la‘aja a (la‘j) to hurt, be sore, burn III to oppress, distress, agonize (ه s.o.)

لعجة la‘ja pain

لاعج lā‘ij pl. لواعج lawā‘ij2 ardent, burning (esp., love); pl. لواعج ardent love, ardor (of love)

العس al‘as2, f. لعساء la‘sā’2 red-lipped

لعق la‘iqa a (la‘q, لعقة la‘qa, lu‘qa) to lick (هـ s.th.)

لعقة la‘qa spoonful

لعوق la‘ūq electuary

ملعقة mil‘aqa pl. ملاعق malā‘iq2 spoon | ملعقة شاي teaspoon

1 لعل la‘l garnet (min.)

2 لعل la‘alla see2 عل

لعلع la‘la‘a to resound, reverberate, clang, roar, boom II tala‘la‘a to shimmer, glimmer, gleam, flicker; to be starved; to be parched with thirst; to be exhausted

لعلع la‘la‘ pl. لعالع la‘āli‘2 vibration of fata morgana

لعن la‘ana a (la‘n) to curse, damn, execrate (ه s.o.), utter imprecations (ه against s.o.) III to utter the oath of condemnation (لعان li‘ān, q.v.) VI to curse each other

لعن la‘n cursing, execration, malediction

لعنة la‘na pl. la‘anāt, لعان li‘ān curse; execration, imprecation | لعنة الله عليه God’s curse upon him!

لعنة lu‘na damned, cursed, confounded; execrable, abominable

لعان li‘ān oath of condemnation; sworn allegation of adultery committed by either husband or wife (Isl. Law)

لعين la‘īn and ملعون mal‘ūn pl. ملاعين malā‘īn2 cursed; confounded; damned; outcast, execrable; detested, abhorred, abominable; اللعين the Evil One, the Devil

متلاعن mutalā‘in cursing each other, hostile, inimical

لعا لك la‘an laka call to one who has stumbled: may you rise again!

لغوب lugūb, lagub exhaustion, lassitude, fatigue, weariness; great pains, trouble, toil

لاغب lāgib pl. لغب luggab languid, fatigued, weary, tired

لغد lugd pl. الغاد algād, لغود lugūd and لغدود lugdūd pl. لغاديد lagādīd2 flesh at the throat and under the chin

لغز lagaza u (lagz) to speak in riddles; to equivocate III and IV do.

لغز lugz pl. الغاز algāz riddle, puzzle; enigma; conundrum; mystery, secret | O لغز الكلمات المتقاطعة l. al-kalimāt al-mutaqāṭi‘a crossword puzzle

ملغز mulgaz puzzling, enigmatic, cryptic, mysterious; dark, obscure, ambiguous, equivocal

لغط lagaṭa a (lagṭ, لغاط ligāṭ) to be clamorous and noisy; to raise a din; to shout, clamor II and IV do.

لغط lagṭ, lagaṭ, pl. الغاط algāṭ noise, din; clamor, shouting; lamentation (عن over or for s.th.) i uproar, turmoil, tumult

2 لغم lagama to mine, plant with mines (هـ s.th.)

لغم lugm, lagam pl. الغام algām mine

لغم lagm and الغام ilgām mining (e.g., of a harbor, of a road, etc.)

2 لغم IV to amalgamate, alloy with mercury

لغام lugām foam, froth

الغام ilgām amalgamation

لغمط lagmaṭa (eg.) to smear, sully, soil

لغا (لغو ) lagā u (lagw) to speak; to be null; -- لغا lagā u (lagw) and لغي lagiya a (لغا lagan, لاغية lāgiya, ملغاة malgāh) to talk nonsense; to make mistakes (in speaking) sV to render ineffectual (هـ s.th.); to declare null and void or invalid, invalidate, nullify, annul, abolish, abrogate, eliminate (هـ s.th.), do away (هـ with s.th.); to cancel (هـ a project); to withdraw (هـ permission, a motion)

لغو lagw foolish talk; nonsense; null, nugatory, ineffectual; mistake, blunder, ungrammatical language

لغة luga pl. -āt language; dialect; idiom; vernacular; lingo, jargon; word; expression, term; اللغة classical Arabic | لغة اجنبية (ajnabīya) foreign language; لغة عامية (‘āmmīya) popular language; لغة الكناية literary language; لغة المحادثة l. al-muḥādata colloquial language; لغة المهنة l. al-mihna professional jargon, slang; لغة المولد l. al-maulid mother tongue; اهل اللغة ahl al-l. philologists, lexicographers; علم اللغة ‘ilm al-l. lexicography, philology, linguistic science, linguistics

لغوة lagwa dialect, idiom, vernacular

لغوي lugawī linguistic; philologic(al); lexicographic(al); philologist, lexicographer, linguist; لغويات linguistic matters, philologica

إلغاء ilgā’ abolishment, abolition, abrogation, repeal, elimination, cancellation, revocation, rescission; annulment, nullification, quashing; countermand

لاغ lāgin abrogated, repealed, annulled, canceled, invalid, ineffective, null and void

لاغية lāgiya grammatical mistake, incorrect usage

ملغى mulgan abrogated, repealed, annulled, canceled, invalid, void; abolished; expired; suppressed; negligible

لف laffa u (laff) to wrap up, roll up, fold up (هـ s.th.); to wind, coil, spool, reel (هـ s.th.); to wind (على هـ s.th. on; على هـ s.th. around), twist, wrap, fold (على هـ s.th. around); to envelop (ب or في هـ s.th. in or with), cover, swathe, swaddle (هـ s.th. ب or في in or with), wrap, infold (ب or في هـ s.th. in); to connect (ب هـ s.th. with), join, attach (ب 0 s.th. to); to grow densely, be overgrown, form a tangled mass; to make a round of calls (على on), visit (على people); (eg.) to go around s.th. (هـ ), go about s.th. (هـ ) in a roundabout way, make a detour, beat about the bush | لف لفه (laffahū) to do just like s.o., be of the same kind as s.o., belong to the same sort as s.o. II to wrap up or infold tightly V to wrap o.s. up (في in), cover o.s. (في with) VIII do.; to wind, twist, coil; to turn, make a turn (automobile, etc.); to intertwine, grow in a tangled mass; to gather, assemble, rally (حول around); to clasp, enclose, encircle, embrace (ب s.th.)

لف laff winding, coiling; wrapping, enfolding; rolling, folding; (eg.) circumambience, circumvention, detour, roundabout way, subterfuge, dodge, excuses; pl. الفاف alfāf swaddling clothes, diapers | اللف والدوران (dawarān) detours and evasions; لف ونشر (našr) folding and unfolding; involution and evolution (rhet.); من غير لف without much ado, without ceremony

لف liff pl. الفاف alfāf densely growing trees; pl. thicket, scrub, undergrowth, brushwood

لفة laffa pl. -āt turn, rotation, revolution; coil, twist, convolution, whorl, spire; winding; roll, scroll; pack, packet, package, bundle, bale; turban | لفة بريدية (barīdīya) postal package; لفات من الرق (raqq) parchment scrolls

لفافة lifāfa pl. -āt, لفائف lafā’if wrapping, covering, cover, envelope; wrapper, wrap; altar cloth, cloth covering the paten and chalice (Copt.-Chr.); bandage; swaddling band; puttee; cigarette (also لفافة من التبغ min at-tibg); pl. لفائف (fig.) guise (of s.th.)

لفيف lafīf gathered, assembled; crowded, thronging; multitude, crowd, swarm, body, cluster, group (من of people); mixed company | لفيف الناس mob, rabble, riffraff; اللفيف الأجنبي (ajnabī) the Foreign Legion

لفيفة lafīfa bundle; package, pocket, pack; cigarette

الف alaff2 f. لفاء laffā’2 stout, plump (figure, body)

ملف milaff pl. -āt reel, spool; coil (el.); winding; wrapping, covering, casing; blanket, sleeping blanket; cover, wrapper, jacket (of a book, etc.); (letter) envelope; folder, portfolio; letter file; dossier | O ملف التأثير induction coil (el.); O ملف ابتدائي (ibtidā’ī) primary coil (el.); O ملف خانق choking coil, choke (el.)

ملفاف milfāf wrapping, covering, cover

تلفيف talfīf pl. تلافيف talāfīf2 winding; coil, twist, convolution, whorl, spire; pl. تلافيف expletive after في , e.g., في تلافيف سويدائها (suwaidā’ihā) in the depth of her heart; في تلافيف الظلام (ẓalām) in the dark; بين تلافيفه in it, inside it, around in it

التفاف iltifāf turn; bypassing, outflanking, sank movement, envelopment, surrounding

ملفوف malfūf wound, coiled; wrapped up (في in); rolled up, rolled together, convolute; twisted, wound (على around); fastened, attached (على to); swathed (ب in or with); plump, stout (body); (syr.) cabbage

ملتف multaff winding, twisting, coiling; wound, coiled; rolled up, rolled together, convolute; spirally wound; intertwined, interwoven, entwined; gathered, assembled, grouped (حول around); clasping, enclosing, embracing, encircling (ب s.th.)

لفت lafata i (laft) and IV to turn, bend, tilt, incline, direct (الى هـ s.th. to or toward), focus (الى هـ s.th. on); to turn sway, avert (عن هـ s.th. from) | لفت نظره الى (naẓarahū), الفت نظره الى to turn one’s eyes or one’s attention to; to direct s.o.’s eyes to, call s.o.’s attention to; لفت النظر to catch the eye, attract attention; to be impressive, stately, imposing; الفت النظر do.; لفت الناس to attract, interest, or captivate people V to turn, turn around, turn one’s face (الى to); to look around, glance around; to peer around | تلفت حوله (ḥaulahū) to look around, glance around; تلفت يمنة ويسرة (yamnatan wa-yasratan) he looked to the right and left VIII to turn, turn around, turn one’s face (الى to); to wheel around, turn around; to address o.s. (الى to); to pay attention, attend (الى to), heed, observe, bear in mind, consider, take into account, take into consideration (الى s.th.); to take care (الى of), care (الى for) | التفت حوله (ḥaulahū) to look around, glance about X to attract (هـ the eye, attention); to claim, arouse, awaken (هـ the interest, the attention, من of s.o.) | استلفت نظره (or انظاره ) to arouse or attract s.o.’s attention, catch s.o.’s eye

لفت lift turnip (Brassica rapa L.; bot.)

لفتة lafta (n. un.) turnabout, about-face; (pl. lalatāt) turn, turning; gesture; sideglance, glance, a furtive, casual, or quick, look

لفات lafāt and لفوت lafūt ill-tempered, surly, sullen

الفت alfat2, f. لفتاء laftā’2, pl. لفت luft left-handed

التفات iltifāt turn, inclination, turning (الى to, toward); attention, notice, heed; regard, consideration; care, solicitude; sudden transition (styl.) | بدون الالتفات bi-dūn l-ilt. inattentive(ly); بدون الالتفات الى inconsiderate of, without consideration for; عدم الالتفات ‘adam al-ilt. inattention; نظر اليه بعين الالتفات (bi-‘ain l-ilt.) to give s.th. sympathetic consideration

استلفاتة istilfāta (n. vic.) a turning (الى to, toward); turn of the face or eyes; side-glance, glance

استلفات istilfāt stimulation of attention

لافتة lāfita sign (bearing an inscription)

ملفت mulfit: ملفت للنظر (naẓar) attracting attention, striking, conspicuous

ملتفت multafit turning around, looking (الى at); regardful; attentive; heedful, careful; considerate

لفح lafaḥa a (lafḥ, لفحان lafaḥān) to burn, scorch, sear (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); -- (lafḥ) to strike lightly; to touch, brush (هـ s.th., e.g., of the breath)

لفحة lafḥa pl. lafaḥāt fire, heat (esp., of fever)

لفوح lafūḥ and لافح lāfiḥ pl. لوافح lawāfiḥ2 burning, scorching, searing

لفاح luffāḥ mandrake (Mandragora officinarum; bot.)

لفظ lafaẓa i (lafz) to emit (ب, هـ s.th.); to spit out (ب, هـ s.th.); to eject (ب, هـ s.th.); to throw (ه s.o.) out (من of); to speak, enunciate, articulate; to pronounce, utter, express, voice, say (ب, ه s.th.) | لفظ النفس الأخير (nafas) to breathe one’s last, die, expire; to be in the throes of death; لفظ انفاسه (anfāsahū) to be in the throes of death, breathe one’s last; لفظه لفظ النواة (lafẓa n-nawāh) to spit s.th. out like a date pit, brush s.th. aside, reject s.th., dismiss s.th. V to pronounce, enunciate, articulate (ب s.th.)

لفظ lafẓ pl. الفاظ alfāẓ sound-group, phonetic complex; expression, term; word; wording; formulation; articulation, enunciation, pronunciation; لفظا verbatim, literally | لفظا ومعنى (ma‘nan) in letter and spirit; أخطأ اللفظ (akṭa’a) to mispronounce

لفظي lafẓī of or pertaining to words, verbal; literal; pronounced; oral

لفظة lafẓa pl. lafaẓāt word; utterance, saying

لفيظ lafīẓ ejected, emitted; pronounced, uttered

تلفظ talaffuẓ pronunciation, enunciation, articulation

ملفوظ malfūẓ ejected, emitted; pronounced, uttered

لفع lafa‘a a (laf‘): لفع الشيب رأسه l. š-šaibu ra’sahū grey hair covered his bead II to cover (هـ s.th., ب with) | لفع الشيب رأسه l. š-šaibu ra’sahū = I; V and VIII to wrap o.s. up (ب in)

ملفع milfa‘ head shawl, muffler

لفق II to invent, fabricate (هـ s.th.); to concoct, contrive, devise, think out (هـ s.th.); to falsify (هـ s.th.); to trump up (هـ s.th.); to patch up, piece together (الى a s.th. with)

تلفيق talfīq invention, fabrication, concoction, fibbing; falsification

تلفيقة talfīqa pl. -āt invented story, fib, yarn

ملفق mulaffaq invented, fabricated, trumped up, fake, fictitious; concocted, contrived, devised; patched up, pieced together; embellished with lies

لفلف laflafa to wrap up, envelop, cover (a s.th.) II talaflafa to wrap o.s. up (في, ب in)

لفو IV to find (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) VI to put right, to right, repair, correct (هـ s.th.); to make good (هـ a deficiency), eliminate, remove (هـ a danger); to remedy (هـ s.th.); to redress (هـ a loss, and the like), make up (هـ for a loss)

ملافاة mulāfāh correction, adjustment, elimination (of a deficiency)

تلاف talāfin repair, correction; elimination, removal (of a deficiency, of a danger); remedy; redress, reparation

لقب II to call, surname (ب ه s.o. by an agnomen or title) V to be surnamed (ب by an agnomen or title)

لقب laqab pl. القاب alqāb agnomen; nickname; title, honorific; last name, surname, family name (as opposed to اسم given name, first name) | لقب البطولة title of champion (in sports)

ملقب mulaqqab surnamed, nicknamed, called (ب by the laqab ...)

لقح laqaḥa a (laqḥ) and II to impregnate, fecundate, pollinate (هـ s.th.); to graft, bud (هـ a tree); to inoculate, vaccinate (ه s.o.) VI to cross-pollinate

لقح laqḥ impregnation, fecundation, pollination

لقاح laqāḥ seed, semen, sperm; pollen; infective agent, virus; vaccine | لقاح الجدري l. al-judarī variolovaccine; O لقاح الوقاية serum

تلقيح talqīḥ impregnation, fecundation, pollination, grafting, budding; inoculation, vaccination | تلقيح الجدرى t. al-judarī vaccination (against smallpox)

دقيق اللواقح daqīq al-lawāqiḥ2 pollen

ملقح mulaqqaḥ inoculated, vaccinated

لقس laqis: لقس النفس l. an-nafs annoyed, cross

لقط laqaṭa u (laqṭ) to gather, collect, pick up from the ground, glean (هـ s.th.) II = I V to gather, glean (هـ s.th.); to pick up (هـ s.th., also, e.g., with the ear) VIII = I; to receive (هـ radio waves, a radio message; to take (هـ a picture; phot.) | التقط صورة (ṣūra) to make a picture

لقط laqaṭ that which ill picked up or gathered, leftovers, gleanings

لقطة luqṭa that which ill picked up or gleaned, gleanings; article or thing found; (lucky) find; (eg.) bargain, pickup

لقاط luqāṭ and لقاطة luqāṭa that which is picked up or gleaned; leftover ears of grain, gleanings; offal, refuse

لقيط laqīṭ pl. لقطاء luqatā’2 picked up, found; foundling

لقيطة laqīṭa (female) foundling

ملقط milqaṭ pl. ملاقط malāqiṭ2 (pair of) tongs, pincers; (pair of) tweezers, pincette; (pair of) pliers | ملقط الجنين forceps; ملقط النار fire tongs

التقاط iltiqāt gathering, collection, gleaning; taking up, picking up; reception (radio) | جهاز الالتقاط jahāẓ al-ilt. receiver (radio)

لاقط lāqiṭ receiving (radio set); gleaner; gatherer | O لاقط الصوت l. aṣ-ṣaut pickup (of a phonograph); phonograph; O لاقطة الألغام mine sweeper

ملتقط multaqiṭ finder

لقع laqa‘a a (laq‘) to throwaway, discard (هـ s.th.)

لقف laqifa a (laqf, لقفان laqatan) to seize quickly, grab, snatch (هـ s.th.); to catch (هـ s.th.); to snatch up, take over (عن هـ s.th. from s.o.) V and VIII do.; to seize (هـ on), rob, usurp (هـ s.th.)

لقلق laqlaqa to clatter (stork); to babble, chatter, prattle

لقلق laqlaq and لقلاق laqlāq pl. لقالق laqāliq2 stork

لقلقة laqlaqa clatter (of a stork); babble, chatter, prattle; (eg.) gossip

1 لقم laqama u (laqm) to clog up, obstruct, block (هـ s.th.); -- laqima a (/aqrn) to eat, devour. gobble, swallow up (هـ s.th.) II to feed bit by bit (ه s.o.); to load (هـ a weapon; syr.) | لقم القهوة (qahwa) to stir ground coffee into hot water IV to make (ه s.o.) swallow; to feed bit by bit (ه s.o.) VIII to devour, swallow up (هـ s.th.) لقمة luqma pl. لقم luqam bite; bit, mouthful; little piece, morsel | لقمة سائغة titbit, choice morsel: جعله لقمة سائغة ل (ja‘alahū) to make s.o. an easy prey of ...; لقمة القاضي pastry of fine flour, fried in oil like doughnuts and sprinkled with sugar or honey

لقيمة luqaima pl. -āt snack, bit, morsel

ملقم mulaqqim pl. -ūn (syr.; mil.) assistant gunner, loader, cannoneer no. 1

2 لقمي laqmī or لاقمي (magr.) palm wine

3 لقمان luqmān2 Lokman, a legendary sage and author of numerous fables | بقيت دار لقمان على حالها (baqiyat) everything has remained as before

لقن laqina a (لقانة laqāna, لقانية laqāniya) to understand, grasp (هـ s.th.); to gather, infer, note (هـ s.th.) II to teach (هـ ه s.o. s.th.), instruct (هـ ه s.o. in); to dictate (هـ ه to s.o. s.th.); to instill, infuse, inculcate, inspire (هـ ه in s.o. s.th.), insinuate, suggest (هـ ه to s.o. s.th.); to whisper (هـ ه to s.o. s.th.), prompt (ه s.o.) V = I; to learn, receive, get (من هـ s.th. from), be informed (من هـ of s.th. by)

لقانة laqāna and لقانية laqāniya quick understanding, grasp

تلقين talqīn instruction, direction; dictation; dictate; inspiration, insinuation, suggestion; suborning of a witness (Isl. Law)

ملقن mulaqqin prompter; inspirer; a faqīh who instructs the deceased at his grave what to tell the two angels of death

لقوة laqwa facial paralysis

لقي laqiya a (لقاء liqā’, لقيان luqyān, لقي luqy, لقية luqya, لقى luqan) to encounter (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), meet (هـ, ه with s.o., with s.th.); to meet (ه s.o.); to come across s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ), light upon s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ); to find (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to experience, undergo, suffer, endure (III s.th.), meet with s.th. (هـ ); to fall to s.o.’s (ه ) lot or share III to meet, come to meet (ه s.o.); to encounter (ه s.o.), have an encounter (ه with); to come across s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ), light upon s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ); to experience, undergo, suffer, endure (هـ s.th.). meet (هـ with s.th.); to receive, get, obtain, achieve (هـ s.th.) | لاقى آذانا صاغية (ṣāgiyatan) to find willing ears IV to throw, cast, fling (هـ s.th.); to throw off, throw down. drop (هـ s.th.); to throw away, discard (هـ s.th.); to put or lay (هـ s.th.) before s.o. (على ), submit (على هـ s.th. to s.o.), pose (على هـ a question to s.o.); to report (على or الى هـ on s.th. to s.o.), set forth (على or الى هـ s.th. to s.o.); to recite, play, sing (هـ a song, a musical composition); to present (هـ s.th., e.g., a broadcast); to give (هـ a lecture), hold (هـ a class), make, deliver (هـ a speech); to extend (هـ a greeting, الى to s.o.); to impose, lay (على هـ s.th. on s.o.), burden (هـ على with s.th. s.o.) | القى باله الى, القى بالا ل to pay attention to; القى بيانا عن (bayānan) to make a statement about or on; القى البيض (baiḍ) to lay eggs; القى بزمامه الى (bi-ẓimāmihī) or القى مقاليد امره الى فلان (m. amrihī) to lay one’s rate in s.o.’s hands, entrust one’s fate to s.o.; القى بنفسه (binafsihī) to throw o.s. into, plunge into; القى بنفسه في احضانه (aḥḍānihī) to throw o.s. into s.o.’s arms; القى بيده (bi-yadihī) to surrender to s.o., give o.s. up to s.o.; القى الحبل على الغارب (ḥabl) to give froe rein, give a free hand, impose no restraint; القى خطابا على to make a public address to; القى الدرس (dars) to recite the lesson; القى الرعب في قلبه (ru‘b, qalbih`i) to strike terror to s.o.’s heart, frighten, alarm s.o.; القى السلاح to lay down one’s arms, capitulate, surrender; القى المع اليه (sam‘) to lend one’s ear to s.o., listen to s.o.; القوا اليه اسماعهم (asmā‘ahum) they lent him their ears, they listened to him; القى عليه سؤالا (suālan) to put a question to s.o., ask s.o. a question; القى على عاتقه شيئا to impose s.th. on s.o., hold s.o. responsible for; القى علوما to teach sciences; القى القبض على (qabḍ) to arrest s.o.; القى القنابل على to drop bombs on s.th., bomb s.th.; القى عليه القول (qaul) to dictate to s.o.; to direct, instruct s.o., give s.o. instructions; القى عليها كلمة الطلاق (kalimata ṭ-ṭalāq) he pronounced the formula of divorce against her; القى محاضرة (muhāḍara) to give a lecture, hold a class; القى المسؤولية عليه (mas’ūlīya) to place the responsibility on s.o., saddle s.o. with the responsibility V receive (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to take, accept (هـ s.th.); to get, obtain (هـ s.th.); to learn (عن هـ of s.th. from), be informed (عن هـ of s.th. by); to learn (على or عن هـ s.th. from s.o.), take lessons (عن from s.o.), be taught, be instructed, be coached (عن by s.o.) | تلقى امرا (amran) to receive an order, have orders (soldier); تلقى الأوامر to take orders (com., and the like); تلقاه بالتسليم والقبول (qabūl) to agree wholeheartedly to s.th., submit willingly to s.th.; تلقى دروسا في to take lessons in (some field, ort, science, eto.); تلقى العلوم في الجامعة to study at the university VI to meet, join each other, come together, get together VIII do.; to encounter, meet (ب s.o.) X to throw o.s. down; to lie down, lie

لقى laqan pl. القاء alqā’ offal, discard

لقية luqya encounter, meeting; luqya, laqīya s.th. found, a find

لقيا luqyā encounter, meeting

لقاية liqāya encounter, meeting; s.th. found, a find

القية ulqiya riddle, conundrum

تلقاء tilqā’a (prep.) opposite; in front of | من تلقاء نفسه min tilqā’i nafsihī or من تلقاء ذاته by o.s., of one’s own accord, spontaneously, automatically

تلقائي tilqā’ī automatic; spontaneous; تلقائيا spontaneously, automatically

ملقى malqan pl. ملاق malāqin meeting place, rendezvous; junction, crossing, intersection; road or street intersection, crossroads

لقاء liqā’ encounter; meeting; get together; reunion; liqā’a (prep.) in exchange for, in return for, for, on | الى كفالة (kafāla) on bail; الى اللقاء good by! so long! au revoir!

ملاقاة mulāqāh encounter, meeting, get-together, reunion; reception

القاء ilqā’ throwing, casting, throw, cast, fling; delivery, diction; dictation; recitation, recital | علم الإلقاء ‘ilm al-i. elocution

تلق talaqqin receipt, reception, acceptance; acquisition (also of a skill, of knowledge, eto.); learning (of an art, skill, eto.); pursuit (of studies) | تلقى العلوم في studies at (e.g., at a university)

تلاق talāqin meeting, encounter

التقاء iltiqā’ meeting, reunion (مع with)

ملق mulqin: ملقيات الألغام البحرية mulqiyāt al-a. al-baḥrīya mine layers

ملى mulqan thrown, cast, discarded

ملتقى multaqan pl. ملتقيات multaqayāt meeting place, rendezvous; gathering point, collecting center; intersection, junction, confluence, crossroads | الى الملتقى good-by! so long! au revoir!

1 لك lakka u (lakk) to hit with the fist, to cuff, buffet, pommel (ه s.o.) VIII to be pressed together, thickly set, crammed, jammed, crowded; to crowd together, gather in a mass; to make mistakes or blunders, speak ungrammatically

2 لك lakk pl. الكاك alkāk, لكوك lukūk lac, one hundred thousand (specif., 100,000 rupees)

3 لك lukk, lakk resin; lao; sealing wax

لكأ laka’a a (لكء lak’) to strike, hit; -- لكئ laki’a a (لكأ laka’) to abide, remain, stay (ب at a place) V to be tardy, dilatory, slow, to dawdle, tarry, hesitate (في in s.th.); to loiter, loaf, hang about | تلكأ في الأداء (adā’) to be in default, fail to meet one’s financial obligations

لكأة luka’a hesitant, tardy, dilatory, sluggish, slow; behindhand, in arrears, defaulting

لكز lakaza u (lakz) to strike with the fist; to kick (ه s.o.), to thrust (ه s.o.)

لكز lakiz miserly, stingy

لكاز likāz pin, nail; peg

لكيع lakī‘ pl. لكعاء luka‘ā’ moan, base, ignominious, disgraceful, wicked, depraved; silly, foolish

لكاعة lakā‘a meanness, baseness, disgracefulness, wickedness, depravity

لكم lakama u (lakm) to strike with the fist, box, punch III to engage in a fiat fight, box (ه with s.o.)

لكمة lakma pl. lakamāt blow with the fist, punch

ملكمة milkama boxing glove

ملاكمة mulākama fist fight, boxing matoh

ملاكم mulākim boxer, pugilist, prize fighter

1 لكن lakina a (lakan, لكن lukna, لكونة lukūna, لكنونة luknūna) to speak incorrectly, barbarously; to stammer

لكنة lukna stutter, stammer; incorrect usage, ungrammatical language; incorrect pronunciation

لكانة lakāna: لكانة في الكلام (kalām) speech defect, faltering way of speaking

الكن alkan2, f. لكناء laknā’2, pl. لكن lukn speaking incorrectly; stammering, stuttering

2 لكن lakan pl. الكان alkān basin, copper basin

3 لكن lākin, lakinna see لاكن

لكي li-kai, لكيما li-kai-mā see ل li

2 لم lam (particle, with foll. apoc.) not | لم يكتب lam yaktub he did not write; الم a-lam not though? الم اقل لكم (aqul) haven’t I told you, though? لم -- الا lam -- illā only, nothing but, just, not till, not before

2 لم lima = لما li-mā, see ل li

3 لم lamma u (lamm) to gather, collect, assemble (هـ s.th.); to reunite (هـ s.th.); to arrange, settle, put in order (هـ s.th.); to repair (هـ s.th.), pass. lumma to suffer from or be stricken by a slight mental derangement | لم شعثه (ša‘atahū) to put s.th. in order again, straighten s.th. out, put s.th. right; to recover, pick up; to help s.o. get back on his feet, لم شمل القطيع (šamla l-q.) to round up the herd IV to befall, overcome (fatigue, fear, weakness, adversities, etc.; s.o.); to pay (ب s.o.) a short visit, call ( on s.o.), stop, stay (ب at s.o.’s house); to have sexual intercourse (ب with s.o.); to broach (ب a topic), .peak (ب about). discuss (ب s.th.), to give a survey (ب of), outline, state briefly (ب s.th.), to touch briefly (ب on a subject), to be acquainted or familiar (.... with s.th.), to get to know (ب s.th.), to familiarize o.s., acquaint o.s. (ب with s.th.), to commit, perpetrate (ب a crime), to take, consume (ب food, drink) VIII to gather, assemble, rally; to unite; to visit (s.o.), call (ه on)

لمة lamma pl. لمام limām collection; gathering, assembly; visit, call; misfortune, calamity, slight mental derangement, touch of insanity

لمة limma pl. لمم limam curl, ringlet, lock

لمة lumma traveling party; group, troop, body (of people)

لمم lamam slight mental derangement

لماما limāman occasionally, from time to time, rarely, seldom

لمام lammām wild thyme (bot.)

المام ilmām knowledge, cognizance (ب of s.th.); acquaintance, familiarity, conversance (ب with); (pl. -āt) survey, outline, summary, resume

لامة lāmma evil eye

ملموم malmūm collected, gathered, assembled; concentrated at one point; slightly insane

ملم mulimm completely familiar, conversant (ب with); expert, connoisseur | ملم بالقراءة والكتابة literate

ملمة mulimma pl. -āt misfortune, calamity, disaster

1 لما li-mā see ل li

2 لما lammd (conj.) when, as, after; since, whereas; (particle; with foll. apoc.) not, not yet

لمباجو (Engl.) lambāgō lumbago

لمبة lamba pl. -āt lamp; tube (radio)

لمج V to take a snack

لمجة lumja appetizer, hors d’oeuvre, relish, snack

لمح lamaḥa a (lamḥ) to glance (الى or ه at s.o.); to see, sight, behold, notice (ه s.o., هـ s.th.); to become aware (ان that); -- (lamḥ, لمحان lamaḥān, تلماح talmāḥ) to flash, sparkle, glisten, shimmer II to insinuate, intimate, give to understand (الى s.th.), hint (الى at), allude, refer (الى to) III to cast a casual or furtive glance (ه at s.o.) IV to glance casually or furtively (الى or ه at s.o.)

لمح lamḥ quick look, glance; moment, instant | لمح البصر l. al-baṣar glance of the eye; في لمح البصر, كلمح البصر, دون لمح البصر, في اقل من لمح البصر (aqalla) like lightning, in a trice, instantly, in no time

لمحة lamḥa pl. lamaḥāt quick, casual look, glance; wink; glow of light, light, brightness, flash (of lightning) | فيه لمحة من ابيه (abīhi) he looks like his father

لماح lammāḥ shimmering, gleaming, shining

ملامح malāmiḥ2 features, lineaments; traits; outward appearance, looks | فيه ملامح من ابيه (abīhi) he looks like his father; ملامح وظلال (ẓilāl) lights and shades (in painting)

تلميح talmīḥ pl. تلاميح talāmīḥ2 allusion, intimation, insinuation, hint, reference; تلميحا by way of suggestion, indirectly

لمز lamaza u i (lamz) to give (ه s.o.) a wink; to speak ill (ه of s.o.), carp (ه at s.o.), find fault (ه with s.o.), criticize, blame, censure, backbite, slander, defame (ه s.o.)

لمزة lumaza and لماز lammāz fault-finder, captious critic, caviler, carper

1 لمس lamasa u i (lams) to touch, handle, feel with the hand, finger (هـ s.th.), pass one’s hand (هـ over s.th.); to seek (هـ s.th.), look, search, ask (هـ for); to perceive, notice (هـ s.th., الى that), become aware (هـ of s.th., ان that) | لا يلمس (yulmasu) intangible, impalpable; لمس الحقائق to take thing, as they are, face the facts III to be in touch or contact (هـ, ه with s.o., with s.th.); to touch, feel, finger, palpate (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to have sexual intercourse (ها with a woman) V to feel out, finger, palpate (هـ s.th.); to fumble, grope about; to grope, fumble (هـ for s.th.); to look, search (هـ for); to ask (هـ for) VI to touch each other, be in mutual contact VIII to request (هـ من s.th. from s.o., ل for s.o.), ask (من هـ for s.th. s.o.), solicit (ل ه s.th. for); to beg (هـ for), request urgently (هـ s.th.); to seek (هـ s.th.), look, search (ه, هـ for s.th., for s.o.)

لمس lams feeling, groping; touching, touch | حاسة اللمس ḥāssat al-l. sense of touch

لمسى lamsī tactual, tactile, of or pertaining to the sense of touch

لمسية lamsīya (tun.) date which has not attained full ripeness

لمسة lamsa (n. vic.) touch; (pl. -āt) retouch

لميس lamīs soft to the touch

ملمس malmas pl. ملامس malāmis2 place of touch, spot touched, point of contact; O feeler, tentacle (of insects); touch; contact | ناعم الملمس soft to the touch

ملمسي malmasī tactual, tactile

ملامسة mulāmasa touching, touch, contact; feeling, fingering, palpation; sexual intercourse

تلمس talammus search, quest

التماس iltimās request, solicitation; application, petition

ملموس malmūs touched, felt; palpable, tangible; ملموسات things perceptible to the touch, tangible things

ملتمس multamas pl. -āt request, petition, application

2 الماس look up alphabetically

لمص lamaṣ u (lamṣ) to rail (ه at s.o.); to make faces (ه at s.o.)

لمظ lamaẓa u (lamẓ) to lick one’s lips; to smack one’s lips V do. | تلمظ بذكره (bi-dikrihī) to speak ill of s.o., backbite s.o.

لمع lama‘a (lam‘, لمعان lama‘ān) to gleam, glitter, twinkle, flash, sparkle, glisten, shimmer, shine | لمع بسيفه (bi-saifihī) to brandish the sword; لمع بيده (bi-yadihī) to wave one’s hand; لمع في رأسه خاطر (kāṭirun) a thought flashed through his mind II to cause (هـ s.th.) to shine, gleam, or twinkle; to shine (هـ s.th.), give brightness (هـ to s.th.); to polish (هـ s.th.); to burnish (هـ s.th.) IV to wave (one’s hand); to point out, give to understand, intimate, insinuate (الى s.th.), hint (الى at), allude (الى to) VIII to flash, radiate, glow, shine; to sparkle, glitter, gleam

لمع lam‘ and لمعان lama‘ān luster, sheen, shine; shimmer, gleam, glow, brightness, light

لمعة lum‘a pl. لمع luma‘, لماع limā‘ shimmer, gleam, glow, flash, sparkle, glitter, brilliancy, radiance, beam; gloss, luster, burnish, polish; some, a little

لماع lammā‘ bright, brilliant, lustrous, sparkling, flashing, glistening, shining, radiant; O glossy, glazed, burnished, polished, satined, calendered (tech.) | جلد لماع (jild) patent leather

المع alma‘2 and المعي alma‘ī sagacious, smart, shrewd, clever, bright, intelligent; -- المع alma‘ more lustrous, shinier

المعية alma‘īya sagacity, smartness, shrewdness, cleverness, brightness, intelligence

تلميع talmī‘ polishing, polish

الماعة ilmā‘a allusion, hint

لامع lāmi‘ pl. لوامع lawāmi‘2 brilliant, lustrous, shining, gleaming, shimmering

لامعة lāmi‘a fontanel (anat.); (pl. لوامع lawāmi‘2) gloss, shine

متلمع mutalammi‘ radiant, brilliant, shining, lustrous

لملم lamlama to gather, gather up (هـ s.th.)

ململمة mulamlama trunk, proboscis (of the elephant)

لن lan (conj.; with foll. subj.) not (referring to the future)

جديد لنج (eg.) gad`id lang brand-new

لندرة landra London

لندن landan London

لنش (Engl.) lanš pl. -āt launch, small steamer, motorboat

لنينغراد leningrād Leningrad

لهب lahiba a (lahb, lahab, لهاب luhāb, لهيب lahīb, لهبان lahabān) to flame, burn, blaze II and IV to kindle, light, set on fire, ignite, inflame (هـ s.th.); to excite, stir up, provoke (هـ s.th.) V to flame; to be aflame, be ablaze, burn (also fig.: cheek, anger, thirst, etc.) VIII = V; to catch fire, flare up; to be inflamed (also med.)

لهب lahab, lahīb and لهاب luhāb flame, blaze, flare

لهبان lahbān, f. لهبى lahbā, pl. لهاب lihāb parched with thirst

الهاب ilhāb kindling, lighting, ignition, inflammation

التهاب iltihāb burning; inflammation (also med.); in compounds corresponding to Engl. “-it is” | التهاب الشعب ilt. aš-šu‘ab bronchitis

التهابي iltihābī inflammatory; inflammable

ملتهب multahib burning, flaming, blazing, aflame, ablaze; inflamed; heated, excited, glowing, aglow | قطن ملتهب (quṭn) guncotton

لاهوت look up alphabetically

لهث lahata a (laht, لهاث luhāt) to loll one’s tongue with thirst or fatigue; to pant, gasp, be out of breath; to breathe heavily

لهاث luhāt panting, pant, gasp | لهاث الموت l. al-maut death rattle, agony of death

لهثان lahtān f. لهثى lahtā panting, gasping, out of breath; thirsty

لهج lahija a (lahaj) to be devoted, dedicated (ب to s.th.), be attached (ب to s.o., to s.th.), be very fond (ب of), be in love (ب with); to be bent. be intent, be keen (ب on), be eager (ب for), be mad (ب about, after); to do (ب s.th.) constantly or fervently| لهج بالثناء عليه (tanā’) to extol s.o. fervently; لهج بذكره (bidikrihī) to speak constantly of s.o., mention s.o.’s name continually with praise; لهج بشكره (bi-šukrihī) to launch forth into profuse thanks or praises; لهج بالضراعة (ḍarā‘a) to resort to humble pleas IV causative: الهج لسانه بالشكر (lisānahū, šukr) to elicit profuse thanks from s.o. XI الهاج ilhājja to curdle, coagulate (milk)

لهجة lahja tip of the tongue; tongue; manner of speaking; tone; dialect, vernacular; language | بلهجة العاتب in a reproachful tone, reproachingly; شديد اللهجة in violent language, sharply worded

لهج luhja appetizer, hors d’oeuvre

لهد lahada a (lahd) to overburden, over-exert (ه s.o.)

لهذم lahdam sharp, pointed

لهط lahaṭa a (lahṯ) to slap

لهف lahafa a (lahaf) to sigh (على for s.th. lost); to regret, deplore, lament (على s.th.); to grieve (على for), fret, worry (على shout) V do.; to be eager, yearn (على for, also ل ), pant (على after, also ل )

لهف lahf regret, grief, sorrow | يا لهف yā lahfa and يا لهفا yā lahfā oh, what a pity! too bad! alas! يا لهف (with foll. genit. of pers.) oh, how unfortunate he is! يا لهفي عليك (lahfī) oh, how sorry I feel for you!

لهفة lahfa sigh, lament; anxiety, apprehension, concern, worry, sorrow, grief; yearning, longing, hankering, desire, impatience

لهفان lahfān2 f. لهفى lahfā, pl. لهافى lahāfā, لهف luhuf sighing; regretful; sad, sorry, worried, sorrowful, grieved; longing, yearning

لهيف lahīf pl. لهاف lihāf regretful, sorry, sad, worried, sorrowful, grieved

لاهف lāhif worried, troubled, sorrowful, grieved, full of regret

ملهوف malhūf worried, troubled, depressed; apprehensive, concerned, anxious; covetous, eager (الى or على for), desirous (الى or على of); longing. yearning

متلهف mutalahhif yearning, longing, hankering; anxious, eager, impatient

لهق lahiqa a to be snow-white

لهلق lahlaqa to loll one’s tongue with thirst

لهم lahima a (lahm, laham), V and VIII to devour, gobble, swallow up (ه s.th.); to consume, destroy (ه s.th.; fire) IV to make (ه s.o,) swallow (ه s.th.); to inspire (ه هـ s.o, with) X to ask (ه s.o.) for inspiration or advice; to seek to find out (هـ s.th.), try to get (هـ s.th.); to pray, turn (ه هـ to God for)

لهم lahim and لهوم lahūm greedy, covetous, voracious, gluttonous

الهام ilhām pl. -āt inspiration; instinct

ملهم mulham inspired

(لهو and لهي) لها lahā u (lahw) to amuse o.s., distract o.s., divert o.s., pass or kill time (ب with s.th,); to play, toy, dally, trifle; to fritter away, trifle away, prattle away (بوقته bi-waqtihī one’s time); to enjoy o.s., have fun, have a good time; to delight, take pleasure (الى or ب in); to enjoy, savor, relish (ب s.th.); -- (لهي luhiy, لهيان lihyān) to turn one’s attention (عن from); to try to forget, forget, give up, renounce (عن s.th.), become oblivious (عن of); -- لهي lahiya a (لها lahan) to like, love (ب s.th.), be very fond (ب of), be in love, be infatuated (ب with), be mad (ب about, after); to turn one’s attention (عن from), become oblivious (عن of), forget, give up, renounce (عن s.th,); to pay no attention (عن to), be heedless (عن of) II to delight, amuse, divert, distract (ب ه s.o. with), divert s.o.’s (ه ) attention (عن from), make (عن s.o.) oblivious (عن of); to keep, divert (عن s.o. from), take s.o.’s (ه ) mind away (عن from) III to approach, be near (ه s.o.) IV = II; V and VI to amuse o.s., pass the time (ب with s.th,), take pleasure, delight (ب in); to seek distraction (ب عن in s.th. from) VIII do.: to play, toy, trifle (ب with s.th.)

لهو lahw amusement, entertainment, diversion, distraction, passtime, pleasure, sport, fun, play | دور اللهو dūr al-l. and اماكن اللهو places of entertainment. amusement centers

لهاة lahāh pl. لهوات lahawāt, لهيات lahayāt, لهي luhiya, lihīy, لها lahan, لهاء lahā’ uvula

لهوى lahawī velar (adj.) الحرفان اللهويتان al-ḥarfān al-lahawīyatān the velars q and k

ملهاة malhāh object of delight; comedy | ملهاة عامية (‘āmmīya) popular farce

ملهى malhan pl. ملاه malāhin place of entertainment, amusement center; amusement, entertainment, fun, diversion, distraction | ضريبة الملاهي admissions tax, entertainment tax

ملهى milhan pl. ملاه malāhin plaything toy; pl. musical instruments, also آلات الملاهي

تلهية talhiya distraction, diversion, amusement

لاه lāhin (with عن ) heedless, inattentive, inadvertent, oblivious, forgetful

مله mulhin amusing, entertaining, diverting, pleasant

لو lau (conj.) if (as a rule, introducing hypothetical conditional clauuses) | لو ان lau anna (introducing nominal clauses) if; لولا laulā if not; لولانا if it weren’t (hadn’t been) for us; فيما لو fī-mā lau in case that; ولو wa-lau although, though; even if; (optative particle) if only ...! would that ...! I wish ...! لو يعلم I wish he knew! if he only knew!

لوبيا lūbiyā bean (bot.) | لوبيا بلدي (baladī) (eg.) cowpea (Vigna Binenais Endl.; bot.); لوبيا عافن (eg.) hyacinth bean, lablab (Dolichos lablab L.; bot.)

لوبيا lūbyā Libya

لوبي lūbī Libyan

1 لات (لوت ) (lāta: لات حين مناص l. hīnu manāṣin it’s too late to escape

2 لوت lūt (eg.) maigre (Sciaena aquila)

لاث (لوث ) lāta u (laut) and II to stain, tarnish, soil, sully (هـ s.th.); -- lawita a (lawat) to be dilatory, tardy, slow; to hesitate, tarry, linger V to be or get stained, blotted, tarnished, soiled, sullied (ب with) VIII to be dilatory, tardy, slow; to be obscure, confused, complicated (على for s.o.)

لوثة lauta stain, blot, spot

لوثة lūta languor, lassitude, fatigue, faintness; passion, weakness (في for, also with foll. genit.: for) |فيه (به) لوثة he is a little crazy, he has a bee in his bonnet

ملوث mulawat stained, blotted, tarnished, soiled, sullied, unclean; stricken with cholera, pestilence, etc.

ملتاث multāt mentally confused

لوج (Fr. loge) lōj pl. -āt, الواج alwāj (theater) box, loge; (masonic, etc.) lodge

لاح (لوح ) lāḥa u (lauḥ) to appear, show, loom, emerge, come in sight; to become visible (ل to s.o.); to break, begin to show (dawn); to shine, gleam, glint, flash, shimmer, glimmer, sparkle; to seem, appear; to wither, singe, parch, scorch; to tan (ه s.o.; sun) |يلوح لي ان it seems to me that ...; على ما يلوح as it seems, apparently II to make a sign, beckon, wave (ب ل or الى to s.o. with); to signal; to allude (ب to), hint (ب at), intimate, insinuate (ب ل to s.o. s.th.), give (ب ل s.o. s.th.) to understand; to flourish, brandish, swing, wave (ب s.th.); to turn grey (هـ the head; of old age); to burn, tan (ه s.o.; sun); to plank, lay with planks (هـ the floor) |لوح بيديه (biyadaihi) to wave with the hands IV to appear, show, come in sight; to shimmer, glimmer, glint, flash, sparkle; to wave, brandish, flourish, swing (هـ s.th.)

لوح lauḥ pl. الواح alwāḥ, alwāḥ board, blackboard; slate; tablet; slab; plate, sheet; pane; plank, board; panel; small board, signboard; shoulder blade, scapula |لوح اردواز (arduwāz) slab of slate, slate; O لوح مجعد (muja‘‘ad) corrugated iron; لوح الجليد block of ice; لوح حديد sheet iron; لوح زجاج zujāj sheet of glass, pane; O لوح متحرك (mutaḥarrik) spring-board (in sports); لوح معدني (ma‘dinī) metal plate, metal sheet; لوح النافذة windowpane

لوحة lauḥa pl. -āt, الواح alwāḥ board; blackboard; slate; tablet; slab; plate, sheet; pane; panel; plaque; plane, surface; screen; placard, poster; picture, painting |لوحة الاسم l. al-ism doorplate, name plate; لوحة التوزيع switchboard (el., tel.); لوحة الداما checkerboard; لوحة زيتية (zaitīya) oil painting; لوحة سوداء (saudā’) blackboard; bulletin board; لوحة الشطرنج l. aš-šaṭranj chessboard; لوحة الكتابة slate; writing tablet; blackboard

لواح lawwāḥ withering, singeing, parching, scorching

لوح talwīḥ pl. -āt beckoning, waving, flourishing, brandishing; sign, signal, wink, wave; allusion; hint, intimation, insinuation; metonymy; pl. hints, references; remarks, annotations, marginal notes

لائحة lā’iḥa pl. -āt لوائح lawā’iḥ2 program, project; bill, motion (esp., in parliament); order, decree, edict; ordinance; regulation, rule; pl. لوائح outward appearance, looks, outward sign| لائحة قانونية, لائحة القانون bill, draft law; لائحة السفر l. as-safar timetable, train schedule, railroad guide; لائحة الطعام l. aṯ-ṯa‘ām (syr.) menu, bill of fare

ملوحة mulawwiḥa signal, semaphore (railroad)

ملتاح multāḥ sun-tanned, sunburned

(لوذ ) lāda u (laud, لواذ liwād, lawād, luwād, لياذ liyād) to take refuge, seek shelter (ب with s.o., in s.th.), have recourse, resort (ب to); to keep close (ب to), observe religiously (ب s.th.)

ملاذ malād refuge, protection; shelter; asylum, sanctuary; protector

لائذ lā’id one seeking shelter or protection, refugee

لوذع and لوذعي see لذع

لور lūr lyre

لورد (Engl.) lord pl. -āt lord

لورى (Engl.) lorry, truck

لوز II to stuff with almonds (هـ s.th.); (eg.) to form bolls (cotton)

لوز lauz almond(s) (coll.), (eg.) patch (on a shoe) | لوز القطن l. al-quṭn cotton bolls; دودة اللوز dūdat al-l. boll weevil

لوزة lauza pl. -āt almond; اللوزتان the tonsils (anat.) | التهاب اللوزتين ilt. al-lauzatain tonsillitis

لوزى lauzī almond-shaped, almond (adj.)

لاس (لوس ) lāsa u (laus) to taste

لات (لوص ) lāṣa u (lauṣ) to peep, peer, pry (through a chink in the door, or the like) III do. (ه for s.o.); to stare, gaze (هـ or الى at s.th.), to look firmly, unflinchingly (هـ or الى at s.th.); to dupe, cheat, deceive (ه s.o.)

ملاوص mulāwiṣ sly, cunning, wily

لاط (لوط ) lāṯa u (lauṯ) to stick, cling, adhere ( to); to coat with clay, to plaster ( a wall)

لوط lūṯ Lot (Biblical name)

لوط lūṭī sodomite, pederast

لواط liwāṭ and لواطة liwāṭa sodomy, pederasty

لاع (لوع ) lā‘a u (lau‘) to he or heoome restive, impatient; to become ill j to seize vehemently, overwhelm, torment, make sick (ه s.o.; love); to tan (ه s.o.; sun) II to torture, torment, agonize VIII to be burning, inflamed, languishing (with love, longing); to feel burning anxiety (على for s.o.)

لوعة lau‘a ardor of love, amorous rapture, lovesickness; pain, grief, anguish, anxiety, torment, torture, agony

التياع iltiyā‘ burning, enrapturedness, burning anxiety. anguish; agony, pain, suffering

ملاوع mulāwi‘ cunning, artful, wily, crafty, sly

لوغاريتمات lūgāritmāt logarithms

1 لاف (لوف ) lāfa u (lauf) to eat, chew (هـ s.th.)

2 لوف lūf luffa, dishcloth gourd (Luffa cylindrical Roem; bot.)

ملوق milwaq pl. ملاوق malāwiq2 spatula

1 لاك (لوك ) lāka u (lauk) to chew (هـ s.th.); to talk constantly about s.th. (هـ ), to bring into discredit (سمعته sum‘atahū s.o.’s reputation) |لاك الكلام (kalām) to be inhibited in one’s speech, stammer, express o.s. imperfectly, السؤال الذي تلوكه الألسنة (alsina) the question which is on everyone’s lips; ما تلوكه الألسن (alsun) what people say, what is generally rumored

2 لائكي and لائكية look up alphabetically

لوكانده (It. locanda) and لوكنده lōkanda pl. -āt inn; hotel

لولب laulab pl. لوالب lawālib2 screw; spiral; spiral spring, coil spring, extension spring; spring; axle; (fig.) mainspring, pivot point

لولبي laulabī screw-shaped; spiral, helical | O لولبيات زهرية (zuharīya) spiroohetes, syphilogenous bacteria; درج لولبي (daraj) spiral staircase

1 لام (لمس ) lāma u (laum, ملام malām, ملامة malāma) to blame, censure, rebuke, chide, scold, reproach (في or على ه s.o. for) II to censure sharply, reprove, reprimand (ه s.o.) IV = I; V to blame o.s. ; to tarry, linger, take one'. time (في or على in or with s.th.), procrastinate, temporize, hedge VI to blame each other VIII to be censured, he blamed X to deserve blame, be blameworthy, reprehensible

لوم laum and لومة lauma censure, rebuke, reproof, blame, reproach

لومة luwama and لوام lawwām severe censurer, stem critic; censorious

ملام malām and ملامة malāma pl. ملاوم malāwim2 censure, rebuke, reproof, blame, reproach

تلويم talwīm censure, rebuke, reproof

لائم lā’im pl. لوم luwwam, لوام lawwām, ليم luyyam censurer, critic, accuser

لائمة lā’ima pl. لوائم lawā’im2 censure, rebuke, reproof, blame, reproach

ملوم malūm, مليم malīm and ملام mulām censured, blamed; blameworthy, reprehensible

لومان lūmān penitentiary, penal servitude

لومانجي lūmānjī convict, inmate of a penitentiary

لون II to variegate, dapple, make colorful (هـ s.th.); to color, tint, tinge, paint, daub (هـ s.th.); to make up, rouge (هـ the face, etc.) V to be colored or tinted; to color, change color, become discolored; to he colorful, variegated; to be fickle

لون laun pl. الوان alwān color; coloring, tint, tinge, hue, shade; complexion; kind, sort, specimen, species; dish, course; pl. (with foll. genit.) all kinds of | الوان الأطعمة a. al-aṭ‘ima all kinds of food; مختلف الألوان muktalif al-a. variegated, multicolored, motley, varied, various; جلى الوانه jallā alwānahu to bring out the different aspects of s.th., point up s.th., make s.th. stand out

لوني launī colorful, colored, color- (in compounds), chromatic

تلوين talwīn coloring

ملون mulawwan colored, tinted, colorful, many-colored, variegated, kaleidoscopic

متلون mutalawwin colored, tinted; many-colored, multicolored; iridescent, opalescent, scintillating; changeable, inconstant, unsteady; whimsical, capricious, fickle

لونجي (eg.) lawingī and لاونجي lāwingī attendant, bath attendant

لونجية lawingīya housekeeper, woman attendant, servant, housemaid

لوندا (It. lavanda) lawandā lavender | ماء اللوندا lavender water

لوى lawā i (لي layy, لوي lawīy) to turn (هـ s.th.); to crook, curve (هـ s.th.); to bend, flex, bend up, down, back or over (هـ s.th.); to twist, contort, wrench, warp (هـ s.th.); to distort, pervert (هـ s.th.); to turn (هـ the head), turn away, avert (هـ the face); to turn around, turn (على to s.o., to s.th.), face (على s.o., s.th.); to think back (على on), recall (على s.th.); to care, bother (على about), pay attention or heed (على to) | لوى فيه اللسان (lisān) to speak ill of s.o., backbite s.o.; لا يلوي على شيء not to care about anything, be utterly reckless; -- (لي layy, ليان layyān) to conceal, keep secret (عن هـ s.th. from s.o.); -- lawiya a (لوى lawan) to be crooked, curved, bent; to writhe, twist; to wind, coil II to bend, bow, incline, tilt, twist, wrench, contort, turn, crook, curve (هـ s.th.); to pervert, distort, complicate (هـ s.th.) IV to turn, twist, bend, crook, curve (ب or هـ s.th.); to avert (عن هـ s.th. from); to wave (بيده bi-yadihī one’s hand); to hoist (هـ a flag); to take away, put away, remove (ب s.th.) | الوى عنان الشيء to avert, prevent, restrain s.th. (عن from), check, curb s.th. V to be twisted, winding, tortuous, sinuous, bent, crooked; to be turned, be twisted; to turn, twist, wind, meander, coil; to writhe, wriggle, squirm; to display shrewdness and cunning VIII to be curved, crooked, bent; to be turned, be twisted; to twist, warp, get contorted, get bent out of shape; to turn off, turn away; to turn one’s back (or on s.th.); to be or become difficult, involved, intricate, complicated (على for s.o.)

لي layy bending, twist(ing), turn(ing) | لي الشيشة (eg.) the flexible tube of the narghile; لا يعرف الحي من اللي (ya‘rifu l-ḥayya) he doesn’t know enough to come in out of the rain, he wouldn't know a snake from a garden hose

لية Iayya pl. لوى liwan bend, fold, flexure, twist, tortuosity, sinuosity, turn, curve

لوى lawan pl. الواء alwā’ gripes, colic; agony, pain, hardship | قاسى الألواء واللأواء (la’wā’) to die a thousand deaths

لوى liwan pl. الواء alwā’, الوية alwiya curvature

لواء liwā’ pl. الوية alwiya, الويات alwiyāt banner, flag, standard; brigade (mil.; U.A.R., Leb., Ir.); major general (mil.; U.A.R.); rear admiral (Eg.); province, district (Ir.; the country is subdivided into 14 لواء | امير اللواء brigadier general (Ir.); لواء جوي (jawwī) air-force brigade; عقد لواء شيء (liwā’a š.) to found, start, originate, produce, cause, arouse, provoke s.th.; البارحة المعقود لواؤها للأميرال (liwā’uhā) the admiral’s flagship ...; عقد له لواء المجد (النصر ) ‘uqida lahū l. ul-majd (un-naṣr) approx.: he was awarded the laurel of fame (of victory)

لواء lawwā’ wryneck (zool.)

ملوى milwan pl. ملاو malāwin spanner, wrench; O peg (of stringed instruments)

التواء iltiwā’ curvedness, curvature; bend, twist, tortuosity, sinuosity, curve; crookedness, wryness; perverseness, absurdity | التواء الأرض ilt. al-arḍ unevenness of the terrain

التواءة iltiwā’a (n. vic.) pl. -āt a bending, flexing, twist (e.g., of the body in dancing)

لاو lāwin pl. لواة luwāh turning, twisting | غير لاو على reckless of, without regard for

ملوي malwī crooked, curved, bent; twisted, warped, contorted; winding, meandering, tortuous, sinuous; perverted, wrong, absurd

ملتو multawin = ملوى

ملتوى multawan pl. -āt turn (of the road), curve; curvature

1 لي and لية see لوى

2 لياء liyyā’ mackerel shark, porbeagle (zool.)

ليبريا lībaryā Liberia

ليبيا lībiyā Libya; ليبي lībī Libyan

ليت laita and يا ليت yā laita (particle, with foll. noun in acc. or personal suffix) would God! if only ...! | ليتني مت لأجلك laitanī muttu li-ajlika would God I had died for you! ليته كان هنا I wish he were here! if only he were here! يا ليت كان يذهب (yadhabu) I wish he had gone! ليت شعري (ši‘rī) I wish I knew ...!

ليترجية līturjīya pl. -āt liturgy

ليتوانيا lītuwānīya Lithuania

ليتواني lītuwānī Lithuanian

ليث lait pl. ليوث luyūt lion

لياذ see لوذ

ليرا līrā and ليرة līra pl. -āt pound (as a monetary unit) | ليرة انكليزية (ingilīzīya) pound sterling

1 ليس laisa (without imperf.) not to be (with ب or acc. s.th. or s.o.); not to exist; (= intensified لا ) not | ليس الا (illā) terminating a sentence: only, and no more, and nothing else; ليس – سوى (siwā) nothing but, only, merely; ليس على شيء من الحقيقة there is not a grain of truth in it; ليس – فقط -- بل (faqaṭ, bal) not only -- but also; ليس ل not to have, not to possess; ليس لنا شيء we don’t have anything; ليس له ان he has no right to ..., he mustn’t ...; ليس من not to belong to …, have nothing to do with ...; اليس كذلك a-laisa ka-dālik? Isn’t it so?; (with ب and participle) to be unable to, لست بفاعل lastu bi-fā‘ilin I can’t do it

2 ليس layisa a (layas) to be valiant, brave, courageous

اليس alyas2, f. ليساء laisā’2, pl. ليس līs valiant, brave, courageous

ليسانس (Fr. licence) līsans the academic degree of a licentiate

ليف II to rub with palm fibers (هـ s.th.) V to form fibers, become fibrous

ليف līf (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. الياف alyāf fibers, fibrils, bast | ليف هندي (hindī) coco fibers, coir; اليف الكتان a. al-kattān flax fibers

ليفة līfa (n. un.) fiber, fibril; tuft of palm fibers used as a brush | ليفة الاستحمام bath هـ sponge, luffa

ليفي līfī and ليفاني līfānī fibered, fibrous

تليف talayyuf fibration, fibrillation; cirrhosis (med.)

(ليق) لاق lāqa i (laiq) to befit, become (ب s.o.), be proper, seemly (ب for s.o.), be suitable (ب to s.o.), be worthy (ب of s.o.); to be suited, appropriate, fit (ب for s.th.); to fit (garment)

ليقة līqa pl. ليق liyaq tuft of cotton or silk threads which is inserted in an inkwell; putty; clay; mortar

لياقة liyāqa propriety, seemliness, suitableness; decorum, decency; capability, skill; efficiency, competence; worthiness, merit, desert; correct behavior, blameless conduct, good manners | مخل باللياقة (mukill improper, unseemly, unbecoming

اليق alyaq2 more suitable, more appropriate, more proper, fitter (ب for)

لائق lā’iq suitable, appropriate, proper, befitting, becoming, seemly; suited, adapted, fit; worthy, deserving

ليل lail (usually m.) nighttime, night (as opposed to نهار daytime); pl. ليالي layālī (syr.) a certain vocal style; ليلا lailan at night | ليل نهار laila nahāra day and night

ليلة laila pl. -āt, ليال layālin, ليائل layā’il2 night (u opposed to يوم ); evening; soirée; الليلة al-lailata tonight I بين ليلة وضحاها (wa-ḍuḥāhā) overnight; ليلة امس lailata amsi last night; yesterday evening; ليلة خيرية kairīya) charity soirée, benefit performance; ليلة الدخلة l. ad-dukla wedding night; ليلة راقصة soirée dansante, evening dance; ليلة زهرةا glamorous evening party; ليلة شادية (šādiya) soirée of vocal music; ليلة ليلاء (lailā’2) dark night; في ليلة ليلاء in the dark of night, under cover of the night; ليلة القدر l. al-qadr or ليلة القضاء l. al-qaḍā’ the night in which, according to sura 97, the Koran was revealed, celebrated between the 26th and 27th of Ramadan; ليلة المعراج l. al-mi‘rāj the night of the 27th of Rajab in which the Prophet made his journey through the seven heavens; ليلة نصف شعبان l. niṣf aš-ša‘bān the night between the 14th and 16th of Shaban, when, according to popular belief, the heavenly tree of life is shaken, shedding the leaves of those who will die next year; ليلة النقطة l. an-nuqṭa the night of June 17th (the 11th day of the Coptic month Ba’ūna) when, according to popular belief, a miraculous drop falls from heaven, thus causing the annual rise of the Nile

ليلتئذ lailata’idin (in) that night; (on) that evening

ليلي lailī nocturnal, nightly; of night, night- (in compounds); evening (adj.)

ليلى lailā a woman’s name | كل يبكي (يغني) على ليلاه kullun yabkī (yugannī) ‘alā lailāhu everyone sings his own tune, does as he pleases, follows his own fancy; كل يدعي وصلا بليلاه (yadda‘ī waṣlan) everybody claims to be the chosen one, every-one brags in his own way

ليلاء see ليلة

ليلك (Engl.) lailak lilac

ليمان līmān pl. -āt harbor, port; penitentiary

ليمون laimūn, līmūn (n. un. ة ) pl. -āt lemon | ليمون حامض lime; شراب الليمون šarāb al-l. lemonade

1 لان (لين ) lāna i (līn, ليان layān) to be or become soft, tender, gentle, mild, pliable, flexible, supple; to yield, give way; to soften, relent, calm down; to become milder, friendlier | لا يلين inflexible, unbending; لانت قناته (qanātuhū) to show o.s. compliant, yield, relent, give in II and IV to soften, relax, (هـ s.th.); to placate, soothe, allay, mitigate, assuage, temper, moderate (هـ s.th.) ill to be gentle, kind, friendly (ه to s.o.); to treat with kindness and leniency (ه s.o.)

لين līn softness; tenderness; tender treatment; gentleness; flexibility, pliableness, suppleness; yieldingness, compliance, tractability; pliancy, smoothness, diarrhea | لين العظام softening of the bones, osteomalicia (med.); لين القيادة tractability, docility; حروف اللين the “soft” letters ا, و, ي

لين layyin pl. -ūn, اليناء alyinā’2 and lain pl. -ūn soft; flabby, feeble; tender; gentle; flexible, pliable, yielding; pliant, supple, resilient, elastic, tractable | لين العريكة l. al-‘arīka mild-mannered, gentle-hearted; لين القياد tractable, manageable, docile, obedient; بطنه لين (baṭnuhū) he suffers from diarrhea

ليونة luyūna softness; tenderness; gentleness; flexibility, pliability, suppleness | ليونة الجانب sociability, companionableness, compliance, yieldingness, tractability

ملاينة mulāyana friendliness, kindness

ملين mulayyin softening, emollient; dissolvent, diluent; aperient, cathartic, laxative; ملينات laxatives

2 ليان see لوى