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This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought

Publisher: www.data.nur.nu
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Publisher: www.data.nur.nu

This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought


ها hā ha! look! there! ها هو hā huwa look, there he is! ها انتم hā antum you there! as a prefix (mostly written defectively): هذا hādā, f. هذه hādihī, هذي hādī, pl. هؤلاء hā’ulā’i, dual m. هذان hādānī, f. هاتان hātāni this one, this; see also alphabetically; -- هذاك hādāka, f. هاتيك hātīka pl. هؤلائك hā’ulā’ika that one, that; -- هكذا hākadā so, thus; وهكذا wa-hākadā and so forth; -- هاهنا hāhunā here; -- هاءناذا, هأنذا hā’anādā, ها انت ذا, هأنتذا hā’antadā, ها هو ذا, ها نحن اولاء I (emphatic form); you there; this one, that one, that; we here, etc.; here I am! there you are! etc.; -- with suffix: هاك hāka pl. هاكم hākum, here, take it! there you are! there you have ...! following (below) is (are) ...; هاكه hākahū there he is

هاء hā’ pl. -āt name of the letter هـ

هابيل hābīl2 Abel

هات hāti pl. هاتوا hātū give me (us) ...! bring me (us) ...! let me (us) have ...!

هاتان see under ها

هاتور hātōr Hator, the third month of the Coptic calendar

هارب (Engl.) harb harp (musical instrument)

هاشمي see هشم

الهافر al-hāvir le Havre (seaport in N France)

هاك ,هاكم and هاكه see ها

هؤلاء see ها

هأنذا , هأمتذا see ها

هانم hānum pl. هوانم hawānim2 lady, woman

هوانمي hawānimī ladylike, womenlike, feminine

هأهأ ha’ha’a to burst into laughter

هاهنا see ها

هاواي hāwāy Hawaii

هاون hāwun, هاوون hāwūn pl. هواوين hawāwīn2, اهوان ahwān mortar (vessel) | مدفع الهاون midfa’ al-hā. mortar (mil.)

هايتي haitī Haiti

1 هب hab imperative of وهب

2 هب habba u (habb) to get in motion, start moving; to approach, attack, tackle (الى or ل s.th.), embark (الى or ل upon), begin (الى or ل with), start doing s.th. (الى or ل ); (with foll. imperf.) to proceed abruptly to do s.th., set out to do s.th.; to rush, fly (الى at s.o.); to wake up; to rise, get up (من from, esp., from sleep); to revolt, rebel, rise (على against s.o.); -- (habb, هبوب hubūb, هبيب habīb) to blow (wind); to rage (storm); to break out (fire); to waft, drift (على in s.o.’s direction; of a scent), meet (على s.o.; of a pleasant smell) | هب للحرب (ḥarb) to take up arms, enter the war; هب للمقاومة (muqāwama) to take up arm, in opposition, rise in arms; هب واقفا (wāqifan) to plant o.s., station o.s, stand; هبت ريحه (rīḥuhū) he is in clover, he is in luck'. way, he has a lucky hand with everything; هب فيه الكلب (kalb) the dog attacked him, fell upon him; كل من وهب ودب (man, dabba) everybody and his brother, every Tom, Dick and Harry II to tear, rend (هـ s.th.); to blacken with soot (هـ s.th.); to besmut (هـ s.th.); to botch, bungle, do in slipshod manner (هـ s.th.) IV to wake up, awaken, rouse (من ه s.o. from sleep) V to be torn

هبة habba gust, squall

هبة hiba see وهب

هباب habāb fine dust

هباب hibāb soot, smut

هبوب habūb strong wind, gale

هبوب hubūb blowing (of the wind)

مهب mahabb pl. مهاب mahābb2 place where or from which the wind blows; windy side, weather side, direction of the wind; blowing of the wind; draft | في مهب الريح storm-swept, exposed to storms, threatened by storms

هبت habata i (habt) to knock out, fell, throw to the ground (ه s.o.); pass. hubiṭa to be despondent, faint-hearted; to be dim-witted

هبيت habīt despondent, faint-hearted, cowardly; dim-witted

هبر habara u (habr) to mangle (with the teeth; ه s.o.); to carve into large pieces (هـ meat)

هبر habr boned meat

هبرة habra piece or slice of meat

هبيرة hubaira hyena | ابو هبيرة abū h. frog

هبش habaša i (habš) to gather up, gather, collect (هـ s.th.); to seize, grab, clutch (ب with the hand or with the claws)

هبط habaṭa u i (هبوط hubūṭ) to descend, go down, come down; to fall down, drop; to settle down; to sink; to dip, slope down; to fall to the ground; to fall in, come down, collapse (roof); to set down, land, alight (airplane, travelers, هـ in a country); to lose weight, become lean (body); to abate, subside, let up, stop, die down (wind, fire, etc.); to fall, drop, slump (prices); to go, come (هـ to a place); -- u (habṭ) and IV to cause to sink or descend, lower, let down, bring down, take down, send down, fling down, throw down (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to lower, out down, reduce (هـ the price); to come (هـ to a place)

هبط habṭ reduction, lowering; decrease, diminution

هبطة habṭa decent, decline, fall, drop; depression (geogr.)

هبوط hubūṭ sinking; fall, drop, decline, decent; diminution, lessening, lowering, reduction (of the price); decrease; weakness, feebleness; slump (on the stock market); (airborne) landing | هبوط اضطراري (iḍṭirārī) emergency landing; هبوط الخم h. ar-raḥim prolapse of the uterus, hysteroptosis

هبوط habūṭ slope, declivity, drop, cliff, bluff

هبيط habīṭ emaciated, skinny, enervated, worn out

O اهبوطة uhbūṭa pl. اهابط ahābiṭ2 parachute

مهبط mahbiṭ pl. مهابط mahābiṭ2 place of a fall, of descent; landing place, airstrip, runway; falling, faU. drop; place of origin, birth place, cradle (fig.); O cathode (el.) | مهبط الوحي m. al-waḥy the cradle of Islam; في مهبط الغروب at (the time of) sunset

هابط Ilabil descending, falling, dropping, sinking | O هابط بالمظلة الواقية (miẓalla, wāqiya) paratrooper

مهبوط mahbūṭ emaciated, skinny, enervated, worn out

هبل habila a (habal) to be bereaved of her son (mother) V to take a vapor bath VIII to avail o.s., take advantage (هـ of an opportunity); to intrigue. scheme | اهتبل هبلك ihtabil habalaka watch out for your own interests! take care of your own affairs! mind your own business!

هبل hiball a tall, husky man

هبيل habīl dolt, fool

اهبل ahbal2, f. هبلاء hablā’2, pl. هبل hubl dim-witted, weak-minded, imbecilic, idiotic

مهبل mahbal, mahbil pl. مهابل mahābil2 vagina

مهبلي mahbalī vaginal

مهبل mihbal nimble

مهبول mahbūl stupid, imbecilic, idiotic; dolt, dunce, fool

هبهب habhaba to bark, bay

هبهاب habhāab mirage, fata morgana; swift, nimble

هبا (هبو ) habā u (هبو hubuw) to rise in the air (dust, smoke); to run away, bolt, take to sight

هبوة habwa pl. habawāt swirl of dust

هباء habā’ pl. اهباء ahbā’ fine dust; dust particles floating in the air | هباء منثصور atoms scattered in all directions; ذهب هباء (habā’an) to vanish. dissolve into nothing, end in smoke; ذهب هباء منثورا (habā’an) or ضاع هباء منثورا (ḍā‘a) to go up in smoke, fall through, come to nought, dissolve into nothing; ذهب به هباء (habā’an) to ruin, thwart s.th.; to scatter s.th. in all directions

هباءة hbā’a (n. un.) dust particle; mote

1 هتر hatara i (hatr) to tear to pieces (هـ s.th.) III to abuse, revile, insult, call names (ه s.o.) IV (also pass. uhtira) to become feeble-minded, childish (old man) VI to revile each other, fling accusations at each other; to be contradictory, conflicting (testimonies; Isl. Law) X to be negligent and careless; to act in a reckless, irresponsible manner; to make light (ب of s.th.), attach little importance (ب to), slight, disdain, despise (ب s.th.); to jeer, scoff (y at s.o.), deride, ridicule, mock (ب s.o.); pass. ustuhtira to be infatuated (ب with), dote (ب on)

هتر hitr pl. اهتار ahtār drivel, twaddle, childish talk; lie, untruth, falsity, falsehood

هتر hutr feeble-mindedness, dotage

مهاترة muhātara abuse, revilement, vituperation, insult; pl. -āt wrangle, bickering

تهاتر tahātur confrontation of similar evidence (Isl. Law)

استهتار istihtār recklessness, thoughtlessness; wantonness, unrestraint, licentiousness; disdain, scorn

مهتر muhtar driveling, twaddling, raving; childish old man

مستهتر mustahtir heedless, careless; reckless, thoughtless, irresponsible; wanton, unrestrained, uninhibited

مستهتر mustahtar blindly devoted (ب to), infatuated (ب with), doting (ب on)

2 هاتور look up alphabetically

هتف hatafa i (hatf) to coo (pigeons); -- (هتاف hutāt) to shout; to rejoice, shout with joy; to acclaim, hail, cheer, applaud (ل or ب s.o.); to jeer, boo (ضد s.o.); to praise highly, extol (ب s.th.) | هتف به to call out to s.o.; هتف به هاتف (hātifun) a voice called out to him, an invisible force told him, made him (do s.th.); هتف بحياته (bi-ḥayātihī) to cheer s.o.; هتف ثلاثا (talātan) to give (ل s.o.) three cheers VI to shout encouragement to one another, encourage one another (على to do s.th.)

هتفة hatfa shout, cry, call

هتاف hutāf pl. -āt shout, cry, call; exclamation of joy; hurrah; acclamation, acclaim, applause; cheer (ل to s.o.) | هتاف الحرب h. al-ḥarb battle cry, war cry; عاصفة الهتاف storm of applause, thundering applause

هاتف hātif shouting, calling loudly; (in earlier Sufism) invisible caller, voice; (pl. هواتف hawātif) telephone; O loudspeaker; pl. هواتف exclamations, shouts, cries, calls | هاتف القلب h. al-qalb inner voice; بالهاتف by telephone

هاتفي hātifī telephonic, telephone- (in compounds)

هتك hataka i (hatk) to tear apart, rip apart (هـ s.th., esp., a curtain, a veil); to unveil, uncover, discover, disclose, reveal (هـ s.th.); to disgrace, rape, ravish (ها a woman) | هتك عرضه (‘irḍahū) to disgrace s.o. II to tear to shreds, rip to pieces, tatter (هـ s.th.) V to get torn; to be exposed, shown up, discredited, disgraced, dishonored, ravished, raped; to give o.s. over (في to s.th. disgraceful); to be disgraceful, dishonorable, shameless, impudent VIII pass. of hataka

هتك hatk tearing, rending, ripping apart; disclosure, exposure, exposé; dishonoring, disgracing, degradation, debasement, rape, ravishing | هتك الأسرار disclosure, uncovering of s.th. hidden

هتكة hutka dishonoring, disgracing, degradation, debasement

هتيكة hatīka disgrace, scandal

تهتك tahattuk shamelessness, immorality; impudence, insolence

متهتك mutahattik insolent, impudent; shameless, dishonorable

مستهتك mustahtik insolent, impudent; shameless, dishonorable

هتامة hutāma s.th. broken off, fragment, breakage

اهتم ahtam2 f. هتماء hatmā’2, pl. هتم hutm having no front tooth; toothless

هتن hatana i (hatn, هتون hutūn) to discharge a pouring rain (sky)

هتون hatūn rain-fraught, heavy with rain (cloud)

هج hajja u (هجيج hajīj) to burn, be on fire, be aflame; to flame, blaze, be ablaze II to set ablaze, stir up, stoke (هـ the fire)

هجأ haja’a a (هجء liar, هجوء hujū’) to be appeased (hunger) IV أهجأ جوعه (jū‘ahū) to appease s.o.’s hunger

هجد hajada u (هجود hujūd) and V to stay awake at night, keep a night vigil; to spend the night in prayer

هجر hajara u (hajr, هجران hijrān) to emigrate; to dissociate o.s., separate, part, secede, keep away (هـ, ه from), part company (ه with ); to give up, renounce, forgo, avoid (هـ s.th.); to abandon, surrender, leave behind (الى هـ s.th. to s.o.), relinquish, leave, give up, vacate (هـ s.th., الى in favor of s.o.) II to induce (ه s.o.) to emigrate in to emigrate IV to leave, abandon, give up (هـ s.th.); to talk nonsense, talk through one’s hat VI to desert one another, part company, separate, break up

هجر hajr abandonment, forsaking, leaving, separation; avoidance, abstention; separation from the beloved one; hottest time of the day

هجر hujr obscene language

هجرة hijra departure, exit; emigration, exodus; immigration (الى to); الهجرة the Hegira, the emigration of the Prophet Mohammed from Mecca to Medina in 622 A.D. | دار الهجرة Medina

.sA "'in of the Hegira. pertaining

to Mohammed’s emigration | سنة هجرية (sana) a year of the Hegira., a year of the Muslim era (beginning with Mohammed’s emigration)

هجرة hujra, hijra pl. هجر hujar, hijar agricultural settlement of the Wababi Ikhwan in Nejd

هجراء hajrā’ obscene languageهجر

هجير hajīr midday heat

هجيرة hajīra midday heat, midday, noon

مهجر mahjar pl. مهاجر mahājir2 place of emigration, retreat, refuge, sanctuary; emigration; settlement, colony

مهاجر mahājir obscenities

مهاجرة multajara emigration

هاجرة hājira pl. هواجر hawājir2 midday heat, midday, noon; -- (pl. -āt, هواجر hawājir2) obscene language, obscenity

هاجري hājirī midday (adj.); excellent, outstanding

مهجور mahjūr abandoned, forsaken, deserted; lonely, lonesome; in disuse, out of use, obsolete, antiquated, archaic

مهاجر muhājir emigrant, émigré; المهاجرون those Meccans who emigrated to Medina in the early period of Islam

هجس hajasa u i (hajs) to occur all of a sudden (في نفسه to s.o.), come to s.o.’s mind (في نفسه ); to mumble, mutter, talk to o.s.

هجس hajs idea, thought; foolish talk

هجسة hajsa pl. hajasāt idea, thought; notion, concept; fear, apprehension, anxiety, concern, misgiving, scruple; pl. fixed ideas, apprehensions, misgivings

هجاس hajjās braggart, boaster, show-off

هاجس hājis pl. هواجس hawājis2 idea, thought; notion, concept; fear, apprehension, anxiety, concern, misgiving, scruple; pl. fixed ideas, apprehensions, misgivings

هجص (eg.) hagaṣ mischief, nuisance, horseplay

هجع haja‘a a (هجوع hujū‘) to sleep peacefully; to be or become calm, quiet, still; to be silenced, calm down, subside (uproar, excitement, and the like); -- (haj‘) to appease (هـ the hunger) IV to allay, appease (هـ the hunger)

هجعة haj‘a slumber

هجوع hujū‘ slumber; lull, calming down; subsidence, abatement, letup, remission, ebbing (e.g., of a disease)

مهجع mahja‘ pl. مهاجع mahāji‘2 bed-chamber; quarters, barracks room (Syr., mil.) | رئيس المهجع approx.: barracks orderly, barrack sergeant (Syr., mil.)

هجل hajala u (hajl) to cast amorous glances, make sheep’s eyes

هجم hajama u (هجوم hujūm) to make for s.o. (على ), rush, pounce (على upon s.o.); to attack, assail, charge (على s.o., s.th.); to raid (على s.th.); to take by surprise, capture in a surprise attack, storm (على s.th.); to enter without permission (على s.th.), force one’s way (على into), intrude, tresspass (على on), invade (على s.th.); to keep quiet II to make (ه s.o.) attack, order s.o. (ه ) to attack III to attack, assail, charge (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to launch an attack (هـ on); to make for s.th. (هـ ), rush, pounce (هـ upon); to raid (هـ s.th.); to assault (ه s.o.), fall upon s.o. (ه ); to intrude, trespass (هـ on), invade (هـ s.th.) IV = II; V to fall upon (على ) VI to attack one another VII to fall down, collapse (house); to be in poor health, be frail; to flew down (tears); to shed tears (eye)

هجمة hajma pl. hajamāt attack, charge; assault, onset, onslaught, raid, surprise attack, coup de main; severity (of winter)| O هجمة معاكسة (mu‘ākisa) counterattack

هجمي hajmī aggressive, violent, outrageous, brutal

هجوم hajūm violent wind

هجوم hujūm attack, charge, assault, onset, onslaught, raid; offensive; fit, attack, paroxysm (of a disease); forward line, forwards (in soccer, and the like) | هجوم جانبي (jānibī) flank attack; هجوم جوي (jawwī) air raid; هجوم مضاد (muḍādd) or هجوم معاكس (mu‘ākis) counterattack; خط الهجوم kaṭṭ al-h. forward line (in soccer, and the like); قلب الهجوم qalb al-h. the center forward (in soccer, and the like)

هجومي hujūmī aggressive, offensive

مهاجمة muhājama attack, charge; assault, onset, onslaught, raid; O police raid, police roundup

تهجم tahajjum pl. -āt assault, attack, raid

مهاجم muhājim attacker, assailant, aggressor; forward (in soccer, and the like)

هجن hajuna a (هجنة hujna, هجانة hajāna, هجونة hujūna) to be incorrect or faulty II to excoriate, flay, censure scathingly, run down, disparage (ه s.o.) X to consider (هـ s.th.) bad, wrong or improper; to disapprove (هـ of s.th.), condemn, reject (هـ s.th.)

هجنة hujna fault, defect, shortcoming; meanness, baseness

هجان hajjān pl. هجانة hajjāna camel rider

هجين hajīn pl. هجن hujun, هجناء hujanā’2, مهاجين mahājīn2, مهاجنة mahājina low, lowly, base, ignoble, mean; -- (pl. هجن hujun) racing camel, dromedary

هجينة hajīna pl. هجائن hajā’in2 racing camel, dromedary

استهجان istihjān disapproval, disapprobation

هجا (هجو ) hajā u (hajw, هجاء hijā’) to ridicule, mock, satirize, disparage, run down (ه s.o.); to lampoon (ه s.o.) II and V to spell (ه s.th.) III to compose defamatory or satiric poems (ه against s.o.), defame, satirize, lampoon, ridicule, mock (ه s.o.) VI to ridicule each other in satiric verse

هجو hajw ridiculing, scoffing; defamation, disparagement; lampoonery, mockery, ridicule, irony; satiric poem, satire

هجوي hajwī defamatory, denigrating, disparaging, satiric

هجاء hijā’ derision, ridiculing, scoffing; satire; defamatory poem; (pl. اهجية ahjiya) spelling, successive order of letters; alphabet

هجائي hijā’ī alphabetical; satiric

اهجوة uhjuwa and اهجية uhjīya pl. اهاجي ahājīy satiric poem, lampoon

تهجية tahjiya and تهج tahajjin spelling

هاج hājin spelling; defamatory, denigrating; mocker, scoffer, derider; satirist

هد hadda u (hadd, هدود hudūd) to break, crush, break off, pull down, tear down, raze, demolish, wreck, destroy (هـ s.th.); to undermine, sap, weaken, ruin (هـ, ه or من s.o., s.th.); -- i (هديد hadīd) to crash down, fall down, collapse; -- a i (hadd) to be weak and decrepit II to threaten, menace (ب ه s.o. with), scare, frighten, terrify, daunt, cow, intimidate, brow-beat (ه s.o.) V do. VII to be or get torn down, demolished, razed, wrecked; to fall down, collapse, break down; to be broken down, be dilapidated, be in ruins, be a wreck

هد hadd razing, pulling down, wrecking; demolition, destruction

هدة hadda and هديد hadīd heavy, thudding fall; thud, crash (of s.th. collapsing)

هداد hadād slowness, gentleness; هداديك hadādaika gently! slowly! take it easy!

مهدة mihadda, rock crusher, jawbreaker

تهديد tahdīd pl. -āt threat, menace; intimidation | تهديد بالتشهير extortion by threats of public exposure, blackmail (jur.)

تهديدي tahdīdī threatening, menacing

تهدد tahaddud threat, menace; intimidation

مهدود mahdūd destroyed, demolished, wrecked | مهدود القوى m. al-quwā weakened, debilitated, exhausted

مهدد muhaddid menacing, threatening; threatener, menacer

مهدد muhaddad threatened, menaced

هدأ hada’a a (هدء had’, هدوء hudū’) to be calm, still, quiet, tranquil; to become calm, calm down; to subside, abate, let up, die down (storm, etc.); to stop, halt, linger, rest, remain, stay (ب at a place); to stop (عن s.th., doing s.th.), cease (عن to do s.th.) | هدأ روعه (rau‘uhū) to become composed, calm down II to calm, quiet, pacify, tranquilize, appease, soothe, placate, temper, assuage, allay (من or هـ s.th., ه s.o.); O to slow down, drive slowly | هدأ اعصابه (a‘ṣābahū) to soothe the nerves; هدأ من روعه (rau‘ihī) to reassure s.o., set s.o.’s mind at rest; هدئ روعك haddi’ rau‘aka calm down! take it easy! don’t worry! don’t be afraid! هدئ من روعك (rau‘ika) calm down! take it easy! IV = II; to lull (هـ a baby) to sleep

هدء had’ calm(ness), quiet(ness), peace, tranquility, stillness

هداءة hadā’a calm, quiet, peace, tranquility, stillness

هدوء hudū’ calm(ness), quiet(ness), peace, tranquility, stillness | بهدوء calmly, quietly

تهدئة tahdi’a calming, quieting, pacification, tranquilization, appeasement, reassurance; O slowing down, slow driving

هادئ hādi’ calm, quiet, peaceful, tranquil, still | هادئ القلب h. al-qalb calm(ly), confident(ly); هادئ البال composed(ly), with one’s mind at ease; المحيط الهادئ (muḥīṭ) the Pacific Ocean

هدب hadaba a (hadab) to have long lashes (eye); to have long, drooping branches (tree) II to fringe, trim with fringes (هـ a garment)

هدب hadb, hudub (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. اهداب ahdāb eyelashes; fringes | باهداب trimmed with fringes, fringed; تمسك باهدابه (bi-ahdābihī) to be most devoted to s.o., be at s.o.’s beck and call, be under s.o.’s thumb; تمسك (تعلق) بأهداب الشيء to adhere, cling to s.th.; اخذ بأهداب الشي to apply o.s. to, attend to, engage in, cultivate, practice s.th.

هدب hadib having long lashes

أهدب ahdab2, f. هدباء hadbā’ having long lashes

هداب huddāb (coll.; n. un. ة ) fringes; edging, border

هدج hadaja i (hadj, هدجان hadajān, هداج hudāj) to shamble, shuffle along, walk with unsteady, tottering or tremulous steps (old man), totter, hobble, limp II to make (هـ s.th.) tremble V to tremble, quaver, shake (voice)

هودج haudaj pl. هوادج hawādij2 camel litter, howdah; sedan chair, litter

هدر hadara i (hadr, هدير hadīr) to peal, rumble, roll (thunder); to surge (sea); to roar (lion); to bray (donkey, camel); to clamor, raise a din, be noisy; to storm, rage, rant, shout, bawl, bellow (person); to snarl (in a fury); to bubble, boil, simmer; (with ب ) to blare s.th. out; -- u i (hadr, hadar) to be in vain, be made to no avail (effort); to be spent uselessly (money); to be abed in vain or with impunity (blood); -- (hadr) to shed in vain or with impunity (هـ blood); to spend uselessly, squander, waste (هـ effort or money); to ruin (هـ the health) IV to regard as nonexistent (هـ s.th.); to consider invalid (هـ s.th.); to invalidate, void (هـ s.th.); to thwart, foil, ruin (هـ s.th.)

هدرا hadran uselessly, to no avail; in vain, for nothing, futilely | ذهب هدرا to melt away uselessly, futilely, be spent in vain, be wasted

هدر hudr fall, tumble

هدار haddār swirling, rushing, torrential, roaring, raging; surging (sea); weir; spillway, millrace

هدارة haddāra waterfall

هدير hadīr roaring, roar; surge, raging, storming, uproar

مهدر muhdar invalid, void

هدف hadafa u (hadf) to approach (الى s.o. or s.th.). draw or be near s.o. or s.th. (الى ); to aim (الى at) IV to approach (الى s.o. or s.th.), draw or be near s.o. or s.th. (الى ) V to strut X to be exposed, be open (ل or الى to a danger); to be susceptible or sensiitive (ل to); to make (هـ s.th.) one’s goal or object, aim (هـ at), have before one’s eyes, have in mind (هـ s.th.)

هدف hadaf pl. اهداف ahdāf target; aim, end, object, objective, purpose, design, intention; goal (in sports) | جعله هدفا ل make s.o. the target or object of …, expose s.o. to s.th.; كان هدفا ل to be exposed, be open to ...; O أهداف حربية (ḥarbīya) military targets

هداف haddāf sharpshooter, marksman

هدفان hadafān (practice) target

مستهدف mustahdif exposed, open (ل to s.th.)

هدل hadala i (هديل hadīl) to coo (pigeon); -- i (hadf) to let down, let hang, dangle (هـ s.th.); -- hadila a (hadal) and V to hang loosely, dangle; to flow, be wide and loose (garment)

اهدل ahdal2, f. هدلاء hadlā’2, pl. هدل hudl hanging down loosely, flowing

مهدل muhaddal hanging down loosely, flowing

هدم hadama i (hadm) to tear down, pull down, rue, wreck, demolish, destroy (هـ s.th.); to tear up (هـ s.th.) II to tear down, pull down, rue, wreck, demolish, destroy (هـ s.th.); to tear up, blast, blow up (هـ s.th.) V to be torn down, be razed, be demolished, be destroyed, be wiped out; to be dilapidated; to fall down, break down, collapse VII do.

هدم hadm razing, pulling down, wrecking (of a building); demolition, destruction

هدم hidm pl. اهدام ahdām, هدم hidam old, worn garment; pl. هدوم hudūm clothes, clothing

هدام haddām destructive

هدام hudām seasickness

تهديم tahdīm wrecking, demolition, destruction, annihilation

تهدم tahaddum fall, downfall, crash, collapse, breakdown

هادم hādim crushing, devastating, annihilating, destructive; destroyer, demolisher

مهدوم mahdūm torn down, razed, demolished, wrecked, destroyed

مهدم muhaddam and متهدم mutahaddim torn down, razed, demolished, wrecked, destroyed; in ruins, dilapidated, ramshackle, tumble-down

مستهدم mustahdim dilapidated, tumbledown (walls)

هدن hadana i (هدون hudūn) to be or become quiet; to calm down, quiet down III to conclude a truce (ه with s.o.)

هدنة hudna pl. -āt calm(ness), quietness, peace, tranquility, stillness; pause, intermission, cessation; truce, armistice

هدن hidāna truce, armistice; peace

هدون hudūn calm(ness), quiet(ness), peace, tranquility, stillness

مهادنة muhādana conclusion of a truce, truce negotiations

هدهد hadhada to rock, dandle (ه a child)

هدهد hudhud pl. هداهد hadāhid2 hoopoe (zool.)

هدى hadā i (hady, هدى hudan, هداية hidāya) to lead (ه s.o.) on the right way, guide (ه s.o., هـ on a course); to guide, show, direct (الى ه s.o. to), show (ه s.o.) the way (الى to); to lead (ه s.o., to the true faith); to supply, bring, procure (هـ s.th.); -- i (هداء hidā’) to bring, load, conduct (الى ها the bride to the bridegroom) III to exchange presents (ه with s.o.) IV to bring, lead, conduct (الى ها the bride to the bridegroom); to give as a present (الى or ل هـ s.th. to s.o.), present (الى or ل s.o., هـ with), make s.o. (الى or ل ) a present of (هـ ); to dedicate (الى or ل هـ s.th. to s.o.), confer, bestow, award (هـ e.g., an order); to send, convey, transmit (هـ ه to s.o. s.th.) V to be rightly guided, be led well; to get (الى to), reach (الى a place, s.th.) VI to make each other presents, exchange presents; to exchange among each other (هـ s.th., also التحية at-taḥīya to exchange greetings, greet or salute each other); to guide, load, conduct, take, bring (ه s.o.); to sway to and fro, swing rhythmically (in walking); to walk with a swinging gait; to stride; to move forward. Move on, advance; to get (الى to), reach (الى a place); to get as far as (الى ), penetrate (الى to); to flock (الى to s.o.), rally (الى around s.o.) VIII to be rightly guided, be led on the right way; to be led, be shown, be taken (الى , J to); to find the way (الى to); to find, detect, discover (الى s.th.), come upon s.th. (الى ); to hit upon s.th. (الى or ل , e.g., an idea), be made aware, think (الى or ل of), arrive (الى or ل at); to be led back, find one’s way back (الى to the true faith, من away from evil); to be guided (ب by s.o.), take (ب s.o. or s.th.) as an example or model, follow s.o.’s (ب ) load X to ask to be rightly guided, pray for divine guidance, seek the right way

هدي hady guidance, direction; way, road, course, direction; manner, mode, fashion

هدى hudan right guidance (esp., in a religious sense); guiding, leading (of s.o.); right way. true religion | كان على هدى to be on the right way; to embrace the true religion; على غير هدى aimlessly, at random; سار على غير هدى to wander aimlessly

هدية hadya, hidya (line of) conduct, procedure, policy, course, way, direction; manner, mode, fashion

هدية hadīya pl. هدايا hadāyā gift, present, donation; offering, sacrifice

هداية hidāya guidance | على غير هداية without divine guidance, aimlessly, at random

اهدى ahdā better guided; more correct, more proper, better

اهداء ihdā’ presentation; donation, grant(ing); award, bestowal, conferment; dedication (of a book)

هاد hādin pl. -ūn, هداة hudāh leading, guiding; leader, guide

مهدي mahdīy rightly guided; Mahdi

مهتد muhtadin rightly guided

هذا hādā (dem. pron.), f. هذه hādihī, هذي hādī, pl. هؤلاء hā’ulā’i, dual m. هذان hādāni, f. هاتان hātāni this one, this | بهذا bi-hādā hereby, herewith; لهذا li-hādā therefore, for this reason; مع هذا herewith; in spite of it, nevertheless; هذا الى ان (ilā an) besides, moreover, furthermore, what’s more; هذا و besides, moreover, furthermore, what’s more; on the other hand; هذا ويوجد (yūjadu) besides, there is ...

هذب hadaba i (hadb) to prune, trim (هـ s.th.); to clean. purify, cleanse, smooth (هـ s.th.), polish (هـ s.th., also fig., e.g., the style) II do.; to improve, refine (هـ s.th.); to rectify, set right, correct (هـ s.th.); to check, revise (هـ s.th.); to bring up (ه a child); to educate, instruct (ه s.o.) V pass. of II

تهذيب tadīb expurgation, emendation, correction; rectification; revision; training; instruction; education, upbringing; culture, refinement

تهذيبي tahdībī of or pertaining to education, educational, educative; instructive, didactic

تهذب tahaddub upbringing, manners, education

مهذب muhaddib teacher, educator

مهذب muhaddab well-mannered, well-bred, refined, polished, urbane, cultured, educated, well-behaved, polite, courteous

متهذب mutahaddib well-mannered, well-bred, refined, polished, urbane, cultured, educated, well-behaved, polite, courteous

هذر hadara u i (hadr) to prattle, babble, prate, talk nonsense; to blurt out, blab (ب s.th.) II to joke, make fun, jest

هذر hadr prattle, babble, idle talk; raillery, taunting words

هذر hadar prattle, babble, idle talk; mockery, scoffing

هذر hadir prattling, garrulous

هذرم hadrama to babble, jabber, prattle, prate

هذلول hudlūl pl. هذاليل hadālīl2 elevation, hillock; little river, small stream

خط هذلولي kaṭṭ hudlūlī hyperbola (math.)

هذى hadā i (hady, هذيان hadayān) to talk irrationally, rave, be delirious

هذاء hudā’ raving, irrational talk, delirium

هذيان hadayān senseless jabber, rigmarole, raving, drivel, delirium; state of absennt-mindedness; folly; madness, insanity, mania, craze; hallucination

هاذ hādin delirious, raving

هر harra i (هرير harīr) to growl; to whimper, whine

هر hirr pl. هررة hirara tomcat; cat

هرة hirra pl. هرر hirar cat

هرير harīr growling, growl; yelping, whining, whimper(ing); spitting (of a cat)

هريرة huraira kitten

هرأ hara’a a to tear, lacerate (هـ s.th.); to wear out, wear off (هـ a garment); to affect strongly, beset grievously, try, wear out, harm, hurt (ه s.o.); to irritate (هـ the skin); to he hitingly cold (wind) II to cook too much, overdo (هـ meat) IV = II; V to he overdone (meat); to he tom, lacerated VIII to he tom, lacerated, mangled, torn to pieces; to be worn out, shabby

هراء hurā’ prattle, idle talk

مهترئ muhtari’ overdone, boiled to shreds; torn, lacerated, mangled; worn out, shabby

هرب haraba u (harab, هروب hurūb, مهرب mahrab, هربان harabān) to flee (الى to); to escape (من a danger); to desert; to run away, elope (مع with) II to help (ه s.o.) to escape; to force to flee, put to flight (ه s.o.); to liberate, free (ه a prisoner) ; to rescue (هـ a distrained or impounded thing; jur.); to engage in illicit trade, to traffic; to smuggle V to escape, elude (من s.th.); to shirk, dodge, evade (من a duty, or the like)

هرب harab flight, escape, getaway; desertion; elopement

هروب hurūb flight

هربان harbān fugitive, runaway, on the run; a runaway, a fugitive, a refugee

هراب harrāb coward

مهرب mahrab pl. مهارب mahārib2 (place of) refuge, retreat, sanctuary; flight, escape, getaway | لا مهرب منه (mahraba) inescapable, unavoidable

تهريب tahrīb illicit trade, trafficking; smuggling, smuggle, contrabandism

هارب hārib fugitive, runaway, on the run; a runaway, a fugitive, a refugee; deserter; see also alphabetically

مهرب muharrib illicit dealer, trafficker; smuggler

مهرب muharrab pl. -āt smuggled goods, contraband

هرج haraja i (harj) to he excited, agitated, in commotion II to make (ه s.o.) drunk, befuddle, cloud, fog, blur (ه s.o.’s mind or perceptions); to joke, make fun, jest (في in conversation)

هرج harj excitement, agitation, commotion; disorder, muddle, confusion | هرج ومرج (wa-marj) turmoil, confusion, chaos

مهرج muharrij jester, clown, buffoon

هرجلة harjala chaos, muddle, confusion

هردبشت hardabašt buncombe, nonsense; trash, rubbish, junk

هرس harasa u (hars) to crush, mash, squash, bruise, pound (هـ s.th.); to tenderize by beating, pound until tender (هـ meat)

هرس harīsa a dish of meat and bulgur; (eg.) a sweet pastry made of flour, melted butter and sugar

هراس harrās pl. -āt steamroller

O آلة هراسة āla harrāsa steamroller

مهراس mihrās pl. مهاريس mahārīs2 mortar

هرش II to sow dissension (بين between, among) III to quarrel, wrangle (ه with); to dally, joke, banter (ه with)

هرش harš scratching; wear and tear, attrition, depreciation (of tools, machinery, etc.)

هراش hirāš quarrel, wrangle

مهروش mahrūš worn out, battered

هرطق harṭaqa to become a heretic

هرطقة haṭaqa heresy

هرطوقي harṭūqī pl. هراطقة harāṭiqa heretic (Chr.)

هراطقي harāṭiqī heretic (Chr.)

هرطمان harṭamān a brand of oats

هرع hara‘a a (hara‘) and pass. huri‘a to hurry, hasten, rush (الى to) II pass. hurri‘a and IV ahra‘a do.

هرع hara‘ hurry, haste, rush

هراع hurā‘ hurry, haste, rush

هرف harafa i (harf) to praise excessively, shower with extravagant praise (ب s.th.

or s.o.)

هرق haraqa a (harq) to shed, spill (هـ s.th.) IV do.; to sacrifice (هـ s.th.)

مهراق muhrāq poured out, spilled

مهرقان mahraqān, muhraqān, muhruqān shore, coast; ocean

اهراق ihrāq shedding, spilling | اهراق الدماء i. ad-dimā’ bloodshed

مهرق muhraq spilled, shed; -- (pl. مهارق mahāriq2) parchment; O wax paper

هرقل hiraql2, hirqil2 Heraclius (Byzantine emperor); Hercules

هرم harima a (haram, مهرم mahram, مهرمة mahrama) to become senile and decrepit II to mince, chop (هـ s.th.)

هرم haram decrepitude, senility; old age

هرم haram pl. اهرام ahrām, اهرامات ahrāmāt pyramid | O هرم ناقص frustum of pyramid, truncated pyramid (math.)

هرمي haramī pyramidlike, pyramidical, pyramidal

اهرامي ahrāmī pyramidlike, pyramidical, pyramidal

هرم harim decrepit, senile; advanced in years, aged, old; old man

هرمس harmasa to he grave, stern, gloomy (face)

هرمون hormōn pl. -āt hormone

هرهر harhara to move, shake (هـ s.th.); to attack (على s.o.)

1 هرا (هرو ) harā u (harw) to cane, thrash, wallop (ه s.o.)

هراوة harāwa pl. هراوى harāwa stick, cane; cudgel, truncheon, club

2 هراة harāh Herat (city in NW Afghanistan)

هروي harawī of Herat

هرول harwala to walk fast; to burry, hasten, rush (الى to)

هرولة harwala quick pace, haste, hurry

مهرول muharwal hurrying, speeding; in a hurry

هري hury pl. اهراء ahrā’ granary

هار hārin reeling, tottering, unsteady

هز hazza u (hazz) to shake (ب or هـ s.th.); to swing, brandish, wave (هـ a lance or sword); to jolt to and fro, jog, rook (ه s.o.); to make (ه s.o.) tremble; to convulse, shake, rock, upset, sway (هـ s.th.) | هز كتفيه (katifaihi) to shrug (one’s shoulders); هز رأسه (ra’sahū) to nod, shake one’s head; هز ذيله (dailahū) to wag its tail II to shake, swing, brandish, wave (هـ s.th.) V to be moved, agitated, shaken, jolted, upset, convulsed, receive a shock; to move, stir, shake, sway, swing, vibrate, oscillate VIII do.; to tremble, quake, quiver; to be moved, touched, deeply affected (ل by ); to rock (rider on a camel) | لا نهتز له كثيرا this won’t affect us greatly, this is not likely to disconcert us, this will hardly cause us any headache; اهتز فرحا (faraḥan) to tremble with joy; اهتز اليه قلبه (qalbuhū) to be elated by s.th.

هزة hazza (n. vic.) pl. -āt motion, movement, stir, commotion, agitation; convulsion; jolt, jog, push; O (electric) shook; vibration, oscillation; tremor, shake | هزة ارضية (arḍīya) seismic shock, earthquake; هزة السرور (الطرب، الفرح ) (ṭarab, faraḥ) joyous excitement, delight, rapture

هزة hizza liveliness, vivacity, high spirits

هزاز hazzāz shaking, jolting; rocking; rolling, swinging; shaker (in concrete construction, for coal, and the like)

هزيز hazīz bluster(ing), sough (of the wind); rumbling, roll (of thunder)

مهزة mahazza excitement, agitation

تهزيز tahzīz movement, agitation, shaking

اهتزاز ihtizāz convulsion, shock; trembling, shaking, tremor; swinging, oscillation, vibration; excitement, agitation, commotion, emotion

اهتزازة ihtizāza (n. vic.) tremor, vibration

مهتز muhtazz trembling, tremulous, shaking, quivering

هزأ haza’a, هزئ hazi’a a (هزء haz’, huz’, هزؤ huzu’, هزوء huzū’, مهزأة mahza’a) to scoff, jeer, sneer, laugh (من or ب at), make fun (من or ب of), deride, ridicule, mock (من or s.o.) V and X to deride, mock (من or ب s.o., s.th., also على )

هزء haz’, huz’ and هزؤ huzu’ derision, scorn, disdain, contempt; mockery

هزئي huz’ī mocking, derisive

هزأة haz’a object of ridicule, butt of derision, laughingstock

هزأة huza’a mocker, sarcast; scorner, disdainer, despiser

مهزأة mahza’a derision, loom, disdain, contempt; mockery; scornful laughter, sneer

استهزاء istihzā’ mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn | باستهزاء mockingly, derisively

هازئ hāzi’ mocker, scoffer

مستهزئ mustahzi’ mocker, scoffer

هزبر hizabr, hizbar pl. هزابر hazābir2 lion

هزج hazija a to sing

هزج hazaj name of a poetic meter

اهزوجة uhzūja pl. اهازيج ahāzīj2 song

1 هزر hazara i (hazr) to laugh II (eg.) to joke, make fun, jest

هزار hizār (eg.) joking, jesting, fun-making

2 هزار hazār pl. -āt nightingale

هزع haza’a a (haz’), to hurry, be quick V do.

هزع hazī’ part of the night

هزل hazala i (hazl, huzl), hazila a (hazal) and pass. huzila to be emaciated, lean, skinny; to loss weight, become lean, skinny, emaciated; -- hazala i (hazl) to joke, talk lightly, jokingly; to cause to lose weight, make lean, emaciate, enervate (ه s.o.) II to emaciate, waste away, enervate (ه s.o.) III to joke, make fun, jest (ه with s.o.) IV to emaciate, waste away, enervate (ه s.o.) VII to be or become lean

هزل had joking, jesting, fun

هزلي hazlī jocular, funny, amusing, droll, humorous; humoristic; comical

هزلية hazlīya or رواية هزلية comedy (theat.)

هزل hazil joker, jester, funnyman, wag, wit

هزال huzāl emaciation; leanness, skinniness

هزال hazzāl joker, jester, funnyman, wag, wit

هزيل hazīl pl. هزلى hazlā lean, skinny, emaciated

مهزلة mahzala pl. -āt, مهازل mahāzil2 comedy

هازل hāzil joking, jocose, jocular, funny, humorous, amusing; joker, wag, wit | صحف هازلة (ṣuḥuf) funnies, comics

مهزول mahzūl pl. مهازيل mahāzīl2 emaciated, wasted, haggard, gaunt; weak, feeble

هزم hazama i (hazm) to put to flight, rout, vanquish, defeat (ه the enemy); to put out of action, neutralize (ه an opponent) VII to be defeated, be routed, be put to flight

هزم hazm vanquishing, routing; defeat

هزيم hazīma roll of thunder, rumbling, rumble, thunder; fleeing, fugitive, in flight, on the run

هزيمة hazīma pl. هزائم hazā’im2 defeat, rout | O روح الهزيمة rūḥ al-h. defeatism

انهزام inhizām (suffering of) defeat, frustration; rout, (disorganized) flight

انهزامي inhizāmī pl. -ūn defeatist

انهزامية inhizāmīya defeatism

هزهز hazhaza to move, agitate, shake, jolt, shock, convulse, upset (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.) II tahazhaza to be moved, agitated, shaken, convulsed, upset, receive a shock

هزهزة hazhaza pl. هزاهز hazāhiz2 movement, agitation, shock, convulsion, commotion, disturbance

هس hass i (hass) to whisper

هس hass whisper, whispering; soliloquy

هس huss hush! quiet! silence!

هسيس hasīs whisper, whispering sound

هستولوجيا histōlōjiyā histology

هستيريا and هيستيريا histēriyā hysteria

هيستيري histērī hysteric(al)

1 هش hašša i (هشوشة hušūša) to be crisp (bread) -- u i (هشاش hašāš, هشاشة hašāša) to be in good spirits, display a cheerful mien, wear a smile; to smile (ل or ب at s.o.), meet s.o. (ل or ب ) in a courteous, amiable manner, receive s.o. kindly; to cheer up (ل over or because of), be delighted (ل by); -- u to drive away, chase away (هـ flies, and the like); -- u i (hašš) to chop off (على هـ leaves for the cattle) II to cheer up, enliven (ه s.o.), raise s.o.’s (ه ) spirits

هش hašš delicate, fragile; crisp, brittle, crumbly, friable; fresh and soft; gay, cheerful, happy, lively, brisk

هشاش haššāš soft, crumbly, friable

هشيش hašīš soft

هشاشة hašāša gaiety, cheerfulness, happiness

هاش hāšš crisp, blithe, cheerful, bright-faced | هاش باش (bāšš) gay and happy

2 هش hušš hush! quiet! silence!

هشم hašama i (hašm) and II to destroy (هـ s.th.); to smash (هـ s.th.); to crush (هـ s.th.) V and VII to be or get smashed, destroyed

هشيم hašīm frail, fragile; dry stalks, straw, chaff

هاشمي hāšimī Hashemite

مهشم muhaššam destroyed (city); crushed

هصر haṣara i (haṣr) to pull toward o.s., bend down (هـ s.th., e.g., a branch); to produce a crack or break (هـ in), crack, break (هـ s.th.)

هصور haṣūr epithet of the lion

هض haḍḍa u (haḍḍ) to walk fast, move briskly, advance, progress, get on

هضب haḍaba i (haḍb) to be long-winded, verbose

هضبة haḍba pl. هضاب hiḍāb hill, elevation, mountain

هضم haḍama i (haḍm) to digest (هـ the food; of the stomach); to oppress, terrorize, outrage, wrong, treat with injustice (ه s.o.); to stand, bear, endure (ه s.o.); to stomach (هـ s.th.), put up with s.th. (هـ ) VII to be digested VIII to oppress, wrong (ه s.o.), do (ه s.o.) an injustice

هضم haḍm digestion; patience, long-suffering | هضم الجانب forbearance, compliance, indulgence; سهل الهضم sahl al-h. easily digestible, light

هضمي haḍmī digestive, alimentary

هضوم haḍūm digestible, agreeing, wholesome

هضيم haḍīm digested; digestible; oppressed, terrorized, outraged; slender, slim

هضيمة ha4ima encroachment, inroad, injustice, wrong, outrage, oppression

انهضام inhiḍām digestion; digestibility

مهضوم mahḍūm digested; digestible; oppressed, terrorized, outraged

هطع IV to protrude the neck (in walking) | اهطع في العدو (‘adw) to run fast

هطل haṭala i (haṭl, هطلان haṭalān, تهطال tahṭāl) to flow in torrents, fall heavily, pour down (rain) VI do.

هطل hiṭl wolf

هطول huṭūl: هطول الأمطار h. al-amṭār downpour, heavy rain

هيطل haiṭal pl. هياطلة hayāṭila, هياطل hayāṭil2 fox

هف haffa i (هفيف hafīf) to pass swiftly, flit put; to flash; to brush, touch lightly; -- i (haff, hafīf) to blow, whiffle, sough (wind); to spread, waft (fragrance) | هفت نفسه الى (nafsuhū) he yearned for …; هف على باله it occurred to him all of a sudden, it flashed across his mind

هف hiff empty; light, light-headed, thoughtless, frivolous

هفاف haffāf flashing, sparkling, shining; blowing (wind); light, fleeting; thin and transparent, diaphanous

الهفوف al-hufūf Hofuf (chief town of al-Hasa district in E Saudi Arabia)

مهفة mahaffa fan; feather duster

مهفوف mahfūf light-headed, irresponsible, reckless, unscrupulous

هفت hafata i (haft, هفات hufāt) to fall down, collapse; to be nonsensical, absurd; to talk nonsense VI to pounce, rush, fall, plunge (على on or into); to crowd in (على on), throng, flock (على to), tumble one over the other, fall all over themselves; to suffer a breakdown; to cave in, collapse, break down; to be broken, wrecked,

ruined (nerves)

هفتان haftān (eg.) weak, exhausted, spent, weakened

تهافت tahāfut collapse, breakdown | تهافت الأعصاب nervous breakdown

هافت hāfit wrong, erroneous (opinion)

مهفوت mahfūt baffled, startled, perplexed

الهافر look up alphabetically

هفهف hafhafa to be slender, slim; to float in the air II tahafhafa to be slender, slim

هفهفة hafhafa sough, whispering of the wind

هفهاف hafhāf slender, slim, svelte; slight, frail, delicate; thin, sparse (e.g., beard); diaphanous, transparent, gossamery; light, weightless, defying gravity; flowing, waving, fluttering

مهفهف muhafhif slender, slim, svelte; thin

هفا ( (هفو ) hafā u (hafw, هفوة hafwa, هفوان hafawan) to slip, commit a lapse, make a mistake; to err; to be weak with hunger, famished, starved; to hurry, rush (الى to); to reach quickly (الى for s.th.), snatch (الى at s.th.); with ب : to induce s.o. (الى to), tempt s.o. to do s.th. (الى); (هفو hafw, hufuw) to flutter, fly, float in the air; to throb violently, beat feverishly, flutter, be passionately excited, be impassioned (heart; esp., with love); to feel a desire, yearn (الى for)

هفوة hafwa pl. hafawāt slip, lapse, error, mistake, fault, offense, sin

هاف hāfin famished, starved

هكتار hiktār pl. -āt hectare

هكذا hākadā so, thus, this way, in this manner

هيكل look up alphabetically

هكم V to be dilapidated, ramshackle, tumble-down, to fall down, collapse; to mock, scoff; to make fun (ب or على or ه of s.o.), ridicule, deride, jeer (ب, على, ه s.o.); to be annoyed (على by), regret (على s.th.)

اهكومة uhkūma derision, mockery, taunt, gibe

تهكم tahakkum mockery, derision, scorn, irony; sarcasm

تهكمي tahakkumī mocking, derisive, sarcastic, scornful

متهكم mutahakkim mocking, ironical

1 هل hal interrogative particle introducing direct and indirect question; also preceding the first part of an alternative question: هل -- أم hal -- am whether -- or

هلا hallā = هل لا is (or does) not ...? why not?

2 هل halla i (hall) to appear, come up, show (new moon); to begin, let in (month) II to say the words lā ilāha illā llāh; to shout with joy, rejoice, exult, jubilate; to applaud, acclaim, cheer (ل s.o.) IV to appear (new moon); to cheer, exult; to offer up (ل ب an animal to a deity) V to shine, gleam, glow, be radiant; to beam with joy (face); to be delighted, jubilant; to cheer. rejoice, exult, jubilate VII to fall heavily, pour down (rain); to begin (في with), take up, undertake, tackle, attack (في s.th.), embark (في upon) X to begin, set in (new month); to raise one’s voice; to intone, strike up (هـ a tune); to begin, start (هـ a task); to open, begin, introduce, initiate (ب هـ s.th. with or by)

هلال hilāl pl. اهلة ahilla, اهاليل ahālīl2 new moon; half-moon, crescent; parenthesis; any crescent-shaped object

هلالي hilālī lunar; crescent-shaped, lunate, sickle-shaped

هلل halal fright, terror, dismay

تهليل tahlīl pl. تهاليل tahālīl2 utterance of the formula lā ilāha illā llāh; rejoicing, exultation, jubilation; applause, acclamation, acclaim, cheering, cheers

تهلل tahallul joy, jubilation, exultation

استهلال istihlāl beginning, opening, introduction, initiation

استهلالي istihlālī incipient, initial, starting, opening, introductory, initiative

مهلل muhallal crescent-shaped, lunate

متهلل mutahallil jubilant, rejoicing, exultant; radiant, beaming

مستهل mustahall beginning, start, outset

هلب haliba a (halab) to be hairy, covered with hair

هلب halib hairy, covered with hair; shaggy, hirsute

هلب hulb (coll.; n. un. ة ) hair, bristles

هلب hilb pl. اهلاب ahlāb anchor, grapnel, grappling iron, boat hook

اهلب ahlab2, f. هلباء halbā’2, pl. هلب hulb hairy, hirsute, shaggy

هلابة hulāba lochia (med.)

مهلبية muhallabīya a dessert resembling blancmange, made of rice flour, milk and sugar

هليلج halīlaj and اهليلج ihlīlaj myrobalan, emblic (fruit of Phyllanthus emblica L.; bot.); ellipse (geom.)

اهليلجي ihlīlajī elliptic(al)

1 هلس halasa i (hals) to emaciate, consume, waste away (ه s.o.; of a disease); pass. hulisa to be consumptive, suffer from pulmonary tuberculosis II to waste away, become lean, emaciated, haggard; to talk nonsense IV to smile

هلس hals emaciation, wasting away; pulmonary tuberculosis, consumption, phthisis; nonsense, bosh, silly talk

2 هلوسة look up alphabetically

هلسنكي helsinkī Helsinki (capital of Finland)

هلع hali‘a a (hala‘) to be impatient or restless, be anxious, be in despair

هلع hala‘ impatience, restlessness, uneasiness; fear, burning anxiety; alarm, dismay

هلع hal‘ impatient, restless, uneasy, anxious; dismayed, appalled

هلوع halū‘ impatient, restless, uneasy, anxious; dismayed, appalled

هلوف hillauf bearded; bristly

هلقم halqama to gulp down, devour (هـ s.th.)

هلك halaka i (halk, hulk, هلاك halāk, تهلكة tahluka) to perish; to die; to be annihilated, wiped out, destroyed II and IV to ruin, destroy (هـ s.th.) | اهلك الحرث والنسل (hart, nasl) to destroy lock, stock and barrel VI to exert o.s., do one’s utmost (في in); to pounce, fall, throw o.s. (على upon); to fight desperately (على for); to covet, crave (على s.th.); to feel enthusiasm (على for), devote o.s. eagerly (على to), go all out (على for); to become languid, tired, weak; to drop in utter exhaustion (على on); to break down, collapse VII and VIII to risk danger, imperil o.s., act desperately X to exert o.s., do one’s utmost (في in); to waste, squander, spend, exhaust, use up, consume (هـ s.th.); to discharge, pay off, amortize (هـ a debt); pass. ustuhlika to perish, die

هلك hulk death; destruction, ruin

هلكة halka, halaka total loss, ruin, destruction; disaster; jeopardy, perilous situation, danger

هلاك halāk total loss, ruin, destruction; perdition, eternal damnation

مهلكة mahlaka. mahluka. mahlika pl. مهالك mahālik2 dangerous place, danger spot; dangerous situation; danger, peril

تهلكة tahluka ruin; jeopardy, perilous situation, danger

تهالك tahāluk enthusiasm, zeal, ardor (على for), (vivid) interest (على in); weakness, fatigue, languor

استهلاك istihlāk consumption; attrition, wear and tear; discharge, amortization

استهلاكي istihlākī consumer- (in compounds; e.g., goods, prices, etc.)

هالك hālik pl. هلكى halkā, هلك hullak, هلاك hullāk, هوالك hawālik perishing, dying; dead; mortal, destructible, perishable; doomed to perdition, damned; irretrievably lost, irredeemable

مهلك muhlik destructive, devastating, annihilating, scathing, withering; pernicious, ruinous, dangerous, perilous, deadly, lethal; medium of destruction or extermination

متهالك mutahālik broken down, down-and-out; exhausted

مستهلك mustahlik consumer

مستهلك mustahlak consumption

هللويا hallilūyā hallelujah

1 هلم halumma up! get up! come! now then! come on! onward! forward! (with acc.) out with ...! bring ...! give me (us) ...! | هلمي اليه (halummī) now then, go (f.) quickly to him! هلم بنا (bi-nā) come on! let’s go! وهلم جرا (jarran) and so on, etc.

2 هلم hillam languid, listless, slack, limp

هلام hulām jelly, gelatin

هلامى hulāmī jellylike, gelatinous

تهلين tahlīn Hellenization

هلهل halhala to weave finely (هـ s.th., also a

poem), weave flimsily (هـ s.th.); to wear out (هـ a garment), let it become shabby, threadbare, thin

هلهل halhal fine; thin, flimsy; delicate

هلاهل halāhil fine; thin, flimsy; delicate

هلهولة halhūla pl. هلاهيل halāhil2 (eg.) worn dress, old rag, tatters

مهلهل muhalhal thin, flimsy, gauzelike, diaphanous; finely woven (also, of a poem); worn, shabby, threadbare, tattered, ragged

هلوسة halwasa hallucination; vision

هليكوبتر helikoptar helicopter

هليلج halīlaj and اهليلج ihlīlaj myrobalan, emblic (fruit of Phyllanthus emblica L.; bot.); ellipse (geom.)

اهليلجي ihlīajī elliptic(al)

هليون hilyaun asparagus

1 هم hum they (3rd pers. m. pl. of the pers. pron.)

2 هم hamma u (hamm, مهمة mahamma) to disquiet, make uneasy. fill with anxiety, distress, grieve (ه s.o.); to preoccupy, interest, regard, concern, affect (ه s.o.), be of interest (ه to s.o.); to be on s.o.’s (ه ) mind, be s.o.’s (ه ) concern; to worry, trouble (ه s.o.); to be important, be of importance or consequence (ه to s.o.); -- (hamm) to worry, be concerned (ب about); to have in mind, intend, plan (ب s.th., to do s.th.); to consider (هـ doing s.th.), think of doing s.th. (ه ); to be about, be going (بأن, ب to do s.th.), be on the point of doing s.th. (بأن, ب ), begin to, start doing s.th. (بأن, ب ); to rise, get up IV to grieve, distress, concern, preoccupy, affect, regard (ه s.o.); to be on s.o.’s (ه ) mind, be s.o.’s (ه ) concern; to worry, trouble (ه s.o.); to be of interest (ه to s.o.), interest (ه s.o.); to be important, be of consequence, to matter VIII to be distressed, grieved, worried (ب by); to worry, be concerned (ب about); to concern o.s. (ب , occasionally also ل , with); to feel concern (ب for), take an interest (ب in); to attach importance ( to); to be interested (ب in); to look (ب after); to pay attention (ب to). take notice (ب of), bear in mind (ب s.th.); to go to trouble, go to great lengths (ب ل on behalf of or for s.o. about s.th.); to take care (ب of s.o.), take s.o. (ب ) under one’s wing, help, assist (ب s.o.); to provide (ب for); to be anxious or solicitous (ل about)

هم hamm pl. هموم humūm anxiety, concern, solicitude; worry, care; sorrow, grief, affliction, distress; interest; intention, design, plan; important matter; weight, moment, importance, significance, consequence

هم himm pl. اهمام ahmām, f. همة himma, pl. -āt, همائم hamā’im2 decrepit, senile; old man

همة himma pl. همم himam endeavor, ambition, intention, design; resolution, determination; zeal, ardor, eagerness; high-mindedness, high-aiming ambition | بعيد الهمة and عالي الهمة high-aspiring, having far-reaching aims; high-minded

همام hammām careworn, worried; anxious, solicitous; eager, active, energetic

همام humām pl. همام himām high-minded; generous, magnanimous; heroic, gallant

اهم ahamm2 more important, of greater importance

اهمية ahammīya importance, significance, consequence; interest | عديم الأهمية unimportant; علق اهمية على (‘allaqa) to attach importance to; كان من الأهمية بمكان عظيم (makānin) to be of the greatest importance

مهمة mahamma pl. مهام mahāmm2 important matter; task, function, duty; commission, assignment, mission | مهام الأمور important matters; مهام المنصب m. al-manṣib official duties, official functions

تهميم tahmīm lulling a baby to sleep by singing

تهميمة tahmīma lullaby

اهتمام ihtimām pl. -at concern, interest; anxiety; solicitude; care; attention; endeavor, ambition

هام hāmm important, significant, momentous, weighty, ponderous, grave, serious; interesting

هامة hāmma pl. هوام hawāmm2 vermin; past; reptile; see also under هموم

مهموم mahmūm concerned, worried, anxious, distressed, grieved, sorrowful; preoccupied; interested

مهم muhimm important, significant, momentous, weighty, ponderous, grave, serious; interesting

مهمة muhimma pl. -āt important matter; pl. requirements, exigencies; equipment, material(s); stores, supplies, provisions | مهمات حربية (ḥarbīya) war material; O مهمات متحركة (mutaḥarrika) rolling stock

مهتم muhtamm interested (ب in); concerned, anxious, solicitous (ب about); attentive (ب to), mindful (ب of)

مهتمات muhtammāt tasks, functions, duties

هما humā both of them (3rd pers. dual of the pers. pron.); see also همو

همايون humāyūnī imperial

همج hamija a (hamaj) to he hungry

همج hamai (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. اهماج ahmāj small flies, gnats; riffraff, rabble, ragtag; savages, barbarians

همج hamaj hunger | همج هامج ravenous hunger, voracious appetite

همجي hamajī uncivilized, savage; rude; barbaric, barbarous; a savage, barbarian

همجية hamajīya savageness, savagery; rudeness; barbarism

همد hamada u (همود humūd) to abate, subside, let up, calm down, die away, fade away, die down, cool off; to become smaller, shrink II and IV to quiet, calm, still, appease, placate, soothe, mitigate, alleviate, allay, stifle, quell, suppress, put out, extinguish (هـ s.th.)

همود humūd extinction; cooling off (of a passion, and the like); lull; fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness; motionlessness, torpor; stiffness, rigidity, rigor; death

هامد hāmid calm, quiet, still, extinct; lifeless; rigid, stiff (corpse)

همر hamara u i (hamr) to pour out, shed (هـ s.th., water, tears) VII to be poured out, be shed; to pour down (rain), flow (tears)

همرة hamra shower of rain; growl(ing), snarl(ing)

همز hamaza u i (hamz) to prick; to drive, urge on, prod, goad on (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to spur (هـ one’s horse); (gram.) to provide with hamza (هـ a letter or word)

همز hamz spurring, goading, prodding, urging, pressing; beating, striking, kicking; backbiting, slander | همز لمز (lamz) innuendoes, defamatory insinuations; taunts, gibes, sneers

همز hamz glottal stop before or after a vowel (phon.)

همزة hamza pl. hamazāt hamza, the character designating the glottal stop: ء (gram.) | همزة القطع h. al-qaṭ‘ disjunctive hamza (gram.); همزة الوصل h. al-waṣl conjunctive hamza (gram.); همزة الوصل بين the (connecting) link between ...

هماز hammāz slanderer, backbiter

مهمز mihmaz pl. مهامز mahāmiz2 spur; goad

مهماز mihmāz pl. مهاميز mahāmīz2 spur; goad

همس hamasa i (hams) to mumble, mutter; to whisper (ب s.th., الى to s.o.) | همس في اذنه (fī wajhihī) to whisper in s.o.’s ear VI to whisper together, exchange whispered remarks

همس hams mutter(ing), mumble; whisper(ing)

همسة hamsa pianissimo of a singer; whisper; pl. همسات hamasāt whispering, whispers

هوامس hawāmis2 mumbled or whispered words

همش hamaša u (hamš) to bite (ه s.o.)

هامش hāmiš margin (of a bock, page, etc.) | على هامش on the periphery of ..., on the side lines of ..., aside from, in connection with ..., on the occasion of ..., apropos of | على هامش الأخبار sidenotes of the news (title of a BBC news commentary)

هامشي hāmišī marginal

همع hama‘a a u to shed tears (eye); to stream, flow, well

همك hamaka u (hamk) to urge, press (في ه s.o. to do s.th.) VII to be engrossed, be completely engaged (في in s.th.), be dedicated (في to), give o.s. up, abandon o.s. wholeheartedly (في to, also على ), be loot, become absorbed (في in), be completely taken up, be preoccupied (في with)

انهماك inhimāk wholehearted dedication, abandon, engrossment, exclusive occupation, absorption; preoccupation

منهمك munhamik engrossed, absorbed, loot (في in), taken up, preoccupied (في with); given, addicted (في to); dedicated (في to)

همل hamala u i (haml, هملان hamalān, همول humūl) to be bathed in tears, shed tears (eye) IV to neglect (هـ s.th.); to omit, leave out (هـ s.th.); to disregard, fail to consider or notice, overlook, forget (هـ s.th.); to cease to use, disuse (هـ s.th.); to leave unpointed, provide with no diacritical points (هـ a consonant; gram.) VI to be careless, negligent, remiss, lazy VII to be bathed in tears, shed tears (eye); to pour down (rain)

همل hamal left to o.s., to one’s own devices, left alone; left untended (cattle); neglected, disregarded

اهمال ihmāl negligence; neglect; dereliction of duty; carelessness, heedlessness, inattention; nonobservance, disregard, nonconsideration

هامل hāmil pl. همل hummal roving, roaming; vagabond, tramp

مهمل muhmil negligent, neglectful, remiss; careless, heedless, inattentive, slovenly

مهمل muhmal neglected; omitted; disregarded, not taken into account; obsolete, antiquated; lacking, devoid of, not provided with; without diacritical points, unpointed (gram.); المهملات deadletter office | مهمل الإمضاء without signature, unsigned; رسالة مهملة dead (i.e., undeliverable) letter; سلة المهملات sallat al-m. wastebasket; كمية مهملة (kammīya) negligible quantity

هملج hamlaja to amble (horse)

هملاج himlāj pl. هماليج hamālīj2 ambler, ambling horse

همهم hamhama to say “hmm”; to mumble, mutter; to grumble; to growl, snarl; to hum, buzz, drone

همهمة hamhama pl. -āt, هماهم hamāhim2 an inarticulate utterance (“hmm, hmm”),e.g., to express astonishment, and the like; mumble, mutter(ing)j hum, buzz, drone (also. e.g., of an airplane); growl, snarl

هما (همو ) hamā u (hamw) to flow; to pour forth; see also alphabetically

1 هن hanna , to weep, sigh; to long, yearn (الى for)

2 هن hunna they (3rd pers. f. pl. of the pers. pron.)

1 هنة hana see under هنو

هنا hunā and ههنا hāhunā here, over here, in this place; hūnā (with foll. verb) there, then, now, by now, at this point | الى هنا or لهنا here, over here, to this place; up to here, so far, up to this point, up to this amount; من هنا from here; of this, hereof, from this, hence; for this reason, therefore; by this, hereby; هنا وهناك here and there

هناك hunāka and هنالك hunālika there, over there, in that place; there is (are) | هناك قول مأثور (qaul) there is a proverb; الى هناك there, over there, to that place; من هناك from there, from that place; ماذا هنالك what’s up? what’s the matter?

2 هنأ hana’a u a i (هنء han’, hin’, هناء hanā’) to be beneficial, wholesome, healthful, salutary, salubrious (ل or ه to s.o.), do s.o. (ل or ه ) good; -- هنئ hani’a a (هنأ hana’) to he delighted (ب with), take pleasure (ب in), enjoy (ب s.th.) II to congratulate, felicitate (على or ب ه s.o. on or on the occasion of); to make happy, gladden, delight (ه s.o.) V to enjoy, savor (ب s.th.), take pleasure (ب in)

هناء hanā’ and هناءة hanā’a happiness, bliss; good health, well-being; congratulation, felicitation

هناء hinā’ tar

هنيء hanī’ healthful, salutary, salubrious, wholesome, beneficial; pleasant, agreeable; easy, smooth, comfortable | هنيئا لك or هنيئا مريئا hanī’an marī’an approx.: may it do you much good! I hope you will enjoy it (i.e., food)!

تهنئة tahni’a pl. تهانئ tahāni’2 congratulation, felicitation

هانئ hāni’ happy, delighted, glad; servant; هانئة hāni’a servant girl, maid

مهنئ muhanni’ congratulator, well-wisher

الهند al-hind India; the (East) Indians | الهند البريطانية British India; الهند الصينية (ṣīnīya)

Indochina; الهند الشرقية (šarqīya) East India; جزر الهند الغربية juzur al-h. al-garbīya the Caribbean Islands, the West Indies

هندي hindī Indian; (pl. هنود hunūd) an Indian | المحيط الهندي (muḥīṭ) the Indian Ocean; الهنود الحمر (ḥumr) the American Indians

مهند muhannad sword made of Indian steel

هندب hindab, هندباء hindibā’ wild chicory, endive (bot.)

هنداز hindāz measure

هندازة hindāza cubit (Eg., = 65.6 cm)

هندسة handasa engineering; mechanical engineering; architecture, architectural engineering; army engineering; geometry; geodesy, surveying | علم الهندسة ‘ilm al-h. geometry; هندسة الري h. ar-riyy irrigation engineering; الهندسة الزراعية (zirā‘īya) agronomy; الهندسة السطحية (saṭḥīya) plane geometry, planimetry; الهندسة الفراغية (farāgīya) solid geometry, stereometry; هندسة المدن h. al-mudun town planning; الهندسة المعمارية (mi‘mārīya) architecture; هندسة الميدان h. al-maidān combat engineering; الهندسة الكهربائية (kahrabā’īya) electrotechnics, electrical engineering; هندسة اللاسلكي h. al-lā-silkī radio engineering; الهندسة المدنية (madanīya) civil engineering; الهندسة الميكانيكية mechanical engineering

هندسي handasī technical, technological; geometrical; of or relative to mechanical engineering; engineering, industrial | فرقة هندسية (firqa) corps of engineers; القوات الهندسية (qūwāt) corps of engineers; the engineers (mil.)

هنداسة hindāsa = هندازة , see above

مهندس muhandis architect; engineer; technician | مهندس زراعي (zirā‘ī) agricultural engineer; مهندس عسكري (‘askarī) army engineer; مهندس كهربائي (kahrabā’ī) electrotechnician, electrical engineer; مهندس معماري (mi‘mārī) architect

هندم handama to order, array, adjust (هـ s.th.); to make smart, neat, trim; to dress up, spruce up (ه s.o.)

هندمة handama harmony; orderliness, tidiness, neatness, trimness

هندام hindām harmony; orderliness, tidiness, neatness, trimness; attire, dress, garb | اصلح هندامه to adjust one’s clothes; to dress, dress up

مهندم muhandam well-ordered, well-arrayed; orderly, tidy, neat; trim, smart; well-dressed; made to measure, tailor-made (suit)

هنشير hanšīr pl. هناشير hanāšīr2 (tun.) country estate

هنغاري hungārī Hungarian (adj. and n.)

هنف II to hurry, hasten, rush III and VI to laugh contemptuously, sneer; to sob, whimper

هناك and هنالك see1 هنا

1 هنم hanam dried dates

2 هانم look up alphabetically

هنيهة hunaiha a little while; hunaihatan for a little while

هنهن hanhana to lull to sleep with a song (ل a baby)

هنهونة hanhūna lullaby

هنة hana pl. -āt, هنوات hanawāt thing; s.th. unimportant, trifle, bagatelle; blemish, defect, fault, flaw

هنو hinw time

هني hanīy (= هنيء ) wholesome, delicious

هه hih (interj.) oh! alas! woe! (also derogatorily) oh, come now!

ههنا see1 هنا

1 هو huwa he; it (3rd pers. m. sing. of the pers. pron.); God; هوذا see ذا

هوية huwīya essence, nature; coessentiality, consubstantiality; identity; identity card (= بطاقة الهوية, تذكرة الهوية) | اوراق الهوية aurāq al-h. identification papers, credentials; تذكرة الهوية tadkirat al-h. (ir., syr.) identity card; عرف هويته (‘urifa) to be identified

2 هوة hūwa see هوى

هوتة hauta, hūta pl. هوت huwat depression in the ground; chasm, abyss

هوج hawaj folly, light-headedness, rashness, thoughtlessness

اهوج ahwaj2, f. هوجاء haujā’2, pl. هوج hūj reckless; impatient, rash, thoughtless, harebrained, precipitate, hasty, foolhardy; violent, vehement, frantic

هوجاء haujā’ pl. هوج hūj hurricane, tornado, cyclone

هاد ( (هود ) hāda u (haud) to be a Jew II to proceed Ilowly; to intoxicate, inebriate (ه s.o.; of wine); to make Jewish (ه s.o.) III to be indulgent, forbearing, conciliatory, considerate, complaisant, obliging (ه to s.o.); to avoid, shun (ه s.o.), stay out of s.o.’s (ه ) way V to become a Jew or Jewish

الهود al-hūd the Jews, the Jewry

هوادة hawāda forbearance, indulgence, consideration, complaisance, obligingness; clemency, leniency, gentle-heartedness; relaxation, mitigation (of laws)

تهويد tahwīd Judaization

مهاودة muhāwada complaisance, obligingness, indulgence, consideration | مهاودة الأسعار low pricing

متهود mutahawwid Judaized, under Jewish influence or control

متهاود mutahāwid moderate (price)

هودج see هدج

هوذا see ذا

هار (هور ) hāra u (haur, هؤور hu’ūr) to be destroyed, crash down, fall down, collapse; -- (haur) to pull down, topple, wreck, demolish, destroy (هـ s.th., esp., a building); to bring down, throw to the ground (ه s.o.) II to endanger, imperil, jeopardize, expose to danger (ه s.o.); to bring down, throw to the ground (ه s.o.) V to be destroyed, crash down, fall down, collapse; to rush headlong into danger; to be light-headed, careless, irresponsible; to elapse, pass, go by (time) VII to be demolished or torn down; to crash down, fall down, collapse; to fall apart (line of argument)

هور haur pl. اهوار ahwār lake

هورة haura pl. -āt danger, peril

هواري hawārī pl. هوارة hawwāra volunteer; O short-term soldier, irregular; الهوارة irregular troops

هير hayyir rash, precipitate, thoughtless, ill-considered, imprudent

تهور tahawwur light-headedness, carelessness, irresponsibility; hastiness, rashness, precipitance

انهيار inhiyār crash, fall, downfall; collapse, breakdown

متهور mutahawwir rash, hasty, precipitate; frivolous, thoughtless; lightheaded, careless, irresponsible, reckless; foolhardy, daredevil

هورمون hormōn hormone

1 هوس hawisa a (hawas) to be baffled, startled, perplexed; to be utterly confused, be at a complete 1088, be at one’s wit’s end II to baffle, startle, perplex, confuse, bewilder, confound (ه s.o.); to delude, beguile, befool, infatuate, dazzle, blind (ه s.o.); to craze, drive crazy, render insane (ه s.o.) V to be beguiled, befooled, infatuated, dazzled, lose one’s head; to abandon o.s. completely; to be a fantast, a visionary VII to be beguiled, befooled, infatuated, dazzled

هوس hawas foolishness, folly, craze, madness; dreaminess, visionariness, rapture, ecstasy; wild fancy, fantasy; raving madness, frenzy; infatuation, blindness, delusion

هوس hawīs thought, idea, concept, notion

هويس hawīs and هاويس hāwīs pl. اهوسة ahwisa (eg.) look, canal lock

اهوس ahwas2 foolish, crazy, mad; dazzled, blind, infatuated

مهووس mahwūs (religious) visionary

مهوس muhawwas foolish, crazy, mad; dazzled, blind, infatuated

متهوس mutahawwis pl. -ūn fantast, visionary

2 هوسة hausa clamor, shouting, uproar

هوش hawiša a (hawaš) and هاش hāša u (hauš) to be excited, be in a state of commotion II to excite, agitate, unsettle (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to rouse, incite, stir up, inflame (هـ the mob); to sick (على هـ a dog on), set, incite (على ه s.o. against); to exert a disturbing influence (على on) III to annoy by its barking (ه s.o.; of a dog) V to get tumultuous, get excited, run riot

هوشة hauša excitement, agitation, commotion, riot, uproar, ruckus, rumpus, row, fracas; turmoil, tumult

تهويش tahwīš excitation, agitation; incitement, instigation

مهوش muhawwaš exciting; troublemaker, agitator, rabble rouser

هاع ( (هوع ) hā‘a u a (hau‘) to vomit, throw up; to retch II to make (ه s.o.) vomit V= I

1 هاك hāka see ها

2 هوكي hokī hookey | هوكي الانزلاق ice hockey

هال (هول ) hāla u (haul) to frighten, scare, terrify, appall, horrify, strike with terror (ه s.o.) II to alarm, dismay, frighten, terrify, horrify, fill with horror (ه s.o.); to threaten, menace, scare (ب على s.o. with); to wield menacingly (ب a stick); to picture (هـ s.th.) as a terrible thing, mike (هـ s.th.) appear terrible; to exaggerate, overemphasize (هـ or منعن s.th.), make much ado, make a great fuss (من about) X to deem significant (هـ s.th.); to consider terrific, appalling, tremendous (هـ s.th.); to be horrified (هـ at), be appalled, be staggered (هـ by)

هول haul pl. اهوال ahwāl, هؤول hu’ūl terror, fright, alarm, shook, horror, dismay; power | ابو الهول abū l-h. the Sphinx; يا للهول yā la-l-haul oh, how terrible!

هولة haula a terrifying thing, a fright; object of rear or terror

هال hāl mirage, fata morgana; cardamom (spice)

هالة hāla pl. -āt halo (around moon or sun, also, e.g., of a saint); ring around the eye; nimbus, aureole, glory

تهويل tahwīl pl. -āt, تهاويل tahāwīl2 frightening, soaring, alarming, intimidation, cowing, browbeating; exaggeration; nightmare, phantom, bugbear, bogey, bugaboo; pl. تهاويل embellishments, ornamental flourishes; pleasant visions

هائل hā’il dreadful, frightful, terrible, horrible, appalling, ghastly, awful; huge, vast, formidable, gigantic, prodigious, tremendous, stupendous; extraordinary, enormous, fabulous, amazing, astonishing, surprising; grim, hard, fierce (battle, fight)

مهول muhawwil terrible, dreadful

هولاندا holandā or هولانده holanda Holland

هولاندي holandī Dutch, Hollandish; (pl. -ūn) Dutchman, Hollander

هوليوود Hollywood

هوم II to nod drowsily (head of s.o. falling asleep); to doze off, fall asleep; to doze, nap V to doze off, fall asleep; to doze, nap

هامة hāma pl. -āt, هام hām head; crown, vertex; top, summit; see also under همّ

1 هان ( (هون ) hāna u (haun) to be or become easy (على for s.o.), be of little importance (على to); هان عليه ان to attach no importance to the fact that ..., care little that ...; -- (hūn, هوان hawān, مهانة mahāna) to be or become despicable, contemptible II to make easy, ease, facilitate (على هـ s.th. for s.o.); to represent or picture (هـ s.th., على to s.o.) as easy or as of little importance; to make light (هـ or من of), belittle, minimize, deride, flout, disparage (هـ or من s.th.) | هون عليك (hawwin) take it easy! don’t get excited! never mind! IV to despise (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to humble, humiliate, abase, demean, scorn, disdain, slight, treat with contempt or disdain (ه s.o.); to insult (ه s.o.) VI to consider easy (ب s.th.); to think little. make little (ب of), attach little importance (ب to), disdain, despise (ب s.th.); to be negligent, remiss, lax, careless, (في or ب in s.th.), neglect (في or ب s.th.); (with negation) not to fail (في to do s.th.), not to tire (في of doing s.th.) X استهان istahāna and استهون istahwana to consider easy (ب s.th.); to make little (ب of), esteem lightly, disesteem, underrate, undervalue (ب s.th.); to disdain, despise (ب s.th.); to misunderstand, misjudge (ب s.th.) | لا يستهان (yustahānu) not to be sneezed at, not to be overlooked

هون haun ease, leisure, convenience, comfort; easiness, facility; هونا haunan slowly, gently, leisurely, imperceptibly | على هون slowly, gently, leisurely, imperceptibly; على هونك at your convenience

هون hūn disgrace, shame, degradation, abasement

هوان hawān despicableness, lowly, contemptible position; insignificance, negligibleness; degradation. abasement; disgrace, shame, ignominy

هين hayyin, hain pl. -ūn, اهوناء ahwinā’ easy; insignificant, negligible, of little value; inconsiderable; unimportant; plain, simple, homely, modest | هين لين hain lain simple and nice

هينة hīna easiness, facility; convenience, comfort, ease; leisure

هوينا huwainā gentleness, mildness, kindliness; slowness, leisureliness, leisure, ease; الهوينا slowly, gently, leisurely, unhurriedly

اهون ahwan2 f. هوناء haunā’2 easy; comfortable; -- (elative) easier; smaller, less, lesser; of less value, more worthless | ما اهونه (ahwanahū) how small, how worthless it is! اهون الشرين a. aš-šarrain the lesser evil

مهانة mahāna contempt, despicableness; degradation, abasement, humiliation, disgrace, shame

اهانة ahāna insult; affront, contumely, abuse

تهاون tahāwun disesteem, disdain, scorn, neglect; indifference (ب to s.th.)

استهانة istihāna disesteem, disdain, scorn, neglect; contempt

مهين muhīn insulting, abusive, offending; contemptuous, humiliating, disgraceful, ignominious, outrageous

متهاون mutahāwin negligent, remiss, lax, indifferent

مستهين mustahīn disdainer, scorner, despiser

2 هاون look up alphabetically

1 هوى hawā i (huwīy) to drop, fall, tumble, fall down, come down, sink; to topple, tumble down, be upset; to swoop down (predatory bird); to pounce, fall (على upon); to blow (wind); to overthrow (ب s.o. or s.th.) | هوى على رقبتها (raqabatihā) he fell in her arms, he embraced her; هوى بمقامه (maqāmihī) to degrade s.o.; -- hawiya a (هوى hawan) to love (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to become fond (هـ, ه of); to like (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to go in (هـ for a hobby), take up as a hobby (هـ s.th.) II to air, ventilate (هـ a room), expose to the wind or to fresh air (هـ s.th.); to fan the air III to show o.s. complaisant (ه to s.o.), humor (ه s.o.); to flatter (ه s.o.) IV to fall down, drop; to drop (ب s.th.); to pounce, fall (على upon s.o., ب with); to lean, bend (على over); to reach (الى for), grab, grasp (الى at). make for s.th. (الى ); to strive (الى for), aspire (الى to), desire (الى s.th.) | اهوى بيده الى (bi-yadihī) to stretch out one’s hand for, reach out for V to be aired, be ventilated VI to break down, collapse; to plunge down, throw o.s. down VII to fall down, drop; to be thrust down X to attract (ه s.o.); to seduce, tempt (ه s.o.); to entice, lure (ه s.o.); to charm, enchant, fascinate, enrapture, delight, entrance, carry away (ه s.o.)

هوى hawan pl. اهواء ahwā’, هوايا hawāyā love; affection; passion; inclination, liking, bent, wish; desire, longing, craving; fancy, whim, caprice, pleasure; اهواء sects, heretic tendencies | على هواء be convenient to s.o., please s.o.; في الهوى in love; اصحاب الأهواء sectarians, dissenters

هوة hūwa pl. -āt, هوى huwan abyss, chasm; cave, cavern; pit, hole, ditch, trench; (fig.) gulf

هواء hawā’ pl. اهوية ahwiya, اهواء ahwā’ air; atmosphere; wind, draft; weather, climate | الهواء الأصفر (aṣfar) the plague; هواء طلق (ṭalq) open air; fresh air; في الهواء الطلق outdoors, in the open, in fresh air; هواء مضغوط compressed air; سلك الهواء silk al-h. aviation; طلمبة الهواء ṭulumbat al-h. air pump

هوائي hawā’ī airy, breezy; aerial, air- (in compounds), atmospheric(al); pneumatic; O inside (diameter, width); antenna, aerial, سلك هوائي (silk); flighty, whimsical, capricious; ethereal; fantastic | دولاب هوائي wind wheel; O هوائي اطاري (iṭārī) frame antenna; O هوائي طوقي (ṭauqī) loop antenna; O هوائي مرتفع (murtafi‘) elevated antenna; O هوائي مرسل (murtafi‘) transmitting antenna; O هوائي مزدوج (muzdawij) two-wire antenna; O هوائي مستقل (mustaqbil) receiving antenna; O هوائي مفرد (mufrad) single-wire antenna

هواء hawwā’ amateur

هواية hawāya pl. -āt hobby, sport or art cultivated as an amateur; amateurism, amateurship

هواية hawwāya fan; ventilator

اهوى ahwā more desirable, preferable

اهوية uhwiya abyss, chasm, deep, depth

مهوى mahwan, مهواة mahwāh pl. مهاو mahāwin2 abyss, chasm, gulf; place of one’s longing, object of desire; atmosphere

مهواة mihwāh ventilator

تهوية tahwiya airing, ventilation

استهواء istihwā’ fascination, captivation; enchantment; seducement, enticement, temptation; suggestion

هاو hāwin pl. هواة huwāh falling, dropping, sinking; loving, in love; lover; fancier, fan, amateur; dabbler, dilettante

هاوية hāwiya chasm, gulf, abyss, infernal depth, bottomless pit, hell

2 هوية huwīya see1 هو

هي hiya she (3rd pers. sing. f. of the pers. pron.)

هيا hayyā (interj.) up! come on! let’s go! now then!

هاء) هيء ) hā’a i a and هيؤ hayu’a u (هيأة ḥai’a, هياءة hayā’a) to be shapely, well-formed, beautiful to look at, present a handsome appearance; -- a (هيئة hī’a) to desire, crave (الى s.th.) II to make ready, get ready, put in readiness (هـ s.th.); to prepare (هـ s.th.); to fix up, fit up, set up (هـ s.th.); to pave the way (ل for s.o., for s.th.); to arm, mobilize, get in fighting condition (mil.); to put in order, to order, array, arrange (هـ s.th.); to incline, dispose, make inclined (ل ه s.o. to), influence (ل ه s.o. in favor of) | هيأ الأسباب ل (asbāba) to pave the way for ...; هيأ ذاته ل (dātahū) to prepare o.s. (at heart) for ...; هيأ فرصة ملائمة ل (furṣatan mulā’imatan) to offer a good opportunity for III to agree, come to an agreement (في ه with s.o. about); to concur (في ه with s.o. in); to adapt o.s., adjust o.s. (ه to s.o.) V to be prepared, be in readiness, be ready, stand ready (ل for); to be armed, be prepared for war, be in fighting condition (mil.); to prepare o.s., get ready (ل for); to be possible (ل to s.o.); to be well-dressed | تهيأ tahayya’ make ready! (mil. command) VI to adapt themselves to one another, make mutual adjustment; to be in agreement, be agreed

هيئة hai’a pl. -āt form, shape; exterior, appearance, guise, aspect, bearing; air, mien, physiognomy; attitude, position; situation, condition, state; group, (social) class; society, association; body, corporation; organization; board, commission, committee; corps; cadre, skeleton organization | هيئة الأمم المتحدة h. al-umam al-muttaḥida and الهيئة الأممية (umamīya) the United Nations Organization; الهيئة الاجتماعية (ijtimā‘īya) human society; هيئة الإذاعة اللاسلكية h. al-idā‘a al-lā-silkīya broadcasting corporation; هيئة اركان الحرب h. arkān al-ḥarb general staff; هيئة اركان حرب الأسطول (usṭūl) naval staff; هيئة برلمانية (barlamānīya) parliamentary group; هيئة التحكم board of arbitration; jury, committee of judges, committee of umpires (in sports), the referees (in military maneuvers); هيئة التدريس teaching staff; faculty, professoriate (of an academic institution); هيئة حاكمة (حكومية ) (ḥukūmīya) governmental agency, authority; هيئة دبلوماسية diplomatic corps; الهيئة السعدية (sa‘dīya) the Sa’dist Union (formerly, a political group in Egypt); هيئة طبية (ṭibbīya) ambulance corps; هيئة نيابية (niyābīya) representative body, parliamentary body; علم الهيئة ‘ilm al-h. astronomy

هيء hayyi’, هيئ hayī’ good-looking, handsome; shapely

تهيئة tahyi’a preparation; training; adaptation, adjustment, accommodation

مهايأة muhāya’a joint usufruct, use or profit sharing (Isl. Law)

O تهيؤ tahayyu’ military preparations

تهيؤ tahayyu’ (mutual) adaptation, (mutual) adjustment

مهيأ muhayya’ prepared; ready

(هيب) هاب hāba (1st pen. perf. hibtu) a (هيبة haiba, مهابة mahāba) to fear, dread (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), be afraid (هـ, ه of); to stand in awe (هـ of), be awed (هـ, ه by); to honor, respect, revere, venerate (ه s.o.) II to make (هـ s.th.) be dreaded (الى by s.o.), make it dreadful to s.o., inspire s.o. (الى ) with awe (هـ of); to make s.th. (هـ ) appear dreadful or awesome (الى to s.o.); to threaten, frighten, intimidate, cow, daunt (على s.o.) IV to call out, shout (ب to s.o.); to call upon s.o. (ب ), appeal (ب to s.o.); to drive, urge, rouse, egg on, encourage (الى ب s.o. to) V = I; to awe, frighten, scare, threaten (ه s.o.) VIII = I

هيبة haiba fear, dread, awe; reverence, veneration, esteem, respect; awe-inspiring appearance, venerableness, gravity, dignity; standing, prestige

هياب hayyāb timid, timorous, shy, diffident; respectful

هيوب hayūb timid, timorous, shy, diffident; respectful; awful, fearful, dreadful; awe-inspiring, awesome, venerable

مهاب mahāb object of reverence and respect

مهابة mahāba dignity

تهيب tahayyub fear, dread; awe

مهوب mahūb and مهيب mahīb dreaded, dreadful, awful

مهيب muhīb awe-inspiring, awesome, venerable; grave, solemn, dignified

متهيب mutahayyib respectful, reverential

هيت II to call (ب s.o.)

هيت haita, هيت لك (laka) come here!

هاج ( (هيج ) hāja i (haij, هيجان hayajān, هياج hiyāj) to be astir or stirred up, be or get excited, agitated; to rise; to awaken, be awakened, spring up (desire); to be in great excitement, be very upset, be furious, indignant (على about, at); to run high, be rough, stormy (sea); -- هاج and II to move, stir, agitate (هـ s.th.); to stir up, excite (هـ s.th.); to disturb, trouble, perturb, disquiet (هـ s.th.); to provoke, incite, stimulate (هـ s.th.); to kindle, ignite, inflame, incense (هـ s.th.); to make (هـ the blood) boil; to awaken, arouse, evoke (هـ e.g., a desire); to bring to light (هـ s.th.); to irritate, inflame (هـ an organ); to drive, urge on, spur on (هـ, ه s.o., s.th., على to); to rouse, start, scare up (هـ a bird) IV = II; V and VIII to be astir, be restive, be in a state of commotion, be disturbed, be excited, be agitated; to be awakened, be (a)roused, be scared up

هيج excitement; agitation; commotion, disturbance, turmoil; dissension, strife; combat, battle

هيجا haijā and هيجاء haijā’ fight, combat, battle, war

هيجان hayajān excitement; agitation; commotion, disturbance, turmoil, tumult; outburst of rage, fury, irritation, indignation, bitterness

هياج hiyāj excitement; agitation; commotion, disturbance, turmoil, tumult; outburst of rage, fury, irritation, indignation, bitterness; raging, uproar (of the elements)

تهييج tahyīj excitation, agitation, stimulation; provocation, incitement; instigation; stirring up, fanning; incensement, inflammation; O induction (el.)

تهيج tahayyuj disturbance, commotion, turmoil; excitement, agitation; emotional disturbance; affect (jur.)

هائج hā’ij stirring, astir, agitated, in commotion; rough, heaving (sea, waves); excited, impassioned; angry, furious, enraged | هاج هائجه he became angry, he flew into a rage

مهيج muhayyaj exciting, stirring, rousing, stimulating; provocative, inciting; incendiary, inflammatory; agitator, troublemaker, incendiary, seditionary, rabble rouser; (pl. -āt) a stimulant, an excitant

متهيج mutahayyij and مهتاج muhtāj agitated, upset, excited, impassioned

هيدروجين hīdrōžēn hydrogen

هير II to hurl down, topple, tear down, destroy, demolish (هـ s.th.)

هير hayyir see هور

هيراطيقي hīrāṭīqī hieratic (writing)

هيروغليفي hīroglīfī hieroglyphic

هيروين hīruwīn heroin (chem.)

هاش ( (هيش ) hāša i (haiš) to be agitated, excited

هيش hīš thicket, brush, scrub

هيشة haiša excitement; commotion, turmoil, tumult, riot

هاض (هيض ) hāḍa i: هيض جناحه hīḍa janāḥhū his wing was broken, he wass powerless

هيضة haiḍa summer cholera, cholera morbus; Asiatic cholera

مهيض mahīd broken, shattered | مهيض الجناح m. al-janāḥ broken-winged, helpless, feeble, sapless

هاط ( (هيط ) hāṭa i (haiṭ) to shout, clamor, raise a din, be tumultuous

هيط haiṭ shouting, clamor, din, uproar, ruckus

هياط hiyāṭ shouting, clamor | هياط مياط (miyāṭ) tumultuous uproar, ruckus, wild shouting, tumult

هيطل see هطل

مهيع mahya‘ pl. مهايع mahāyi‘2 broad, paved road

هاف ( (هيف ) hāfa i (haif) to be parched, thirsty; -- a (haif) to run away (slave); -- هيف hayifa and hāfa a (haif, hayaf) to be slim, slender, slight, frail

هيف haif parching wind

هيف hayaf slenderness, slimness

هيوف hayūf burned up with thirst

هيفان haifān2 parched; thirsty

اهيف ahyaf2, f. هيفاء haifā’2, pl. هيف hīf slender, slim; slight, frail, wispy

هيكل haikal pl. هياكل hayākil2 temple; large building, edifice; altar; skeleton; framework (of a structure), frame; chassis (of an automobile); colossal, gigantic, huge

هيكلي haikalī: مناورة هيكلية (munāwara) cadre maneuver, skeleton exercise (mil.)

1 هال ( (هيل ) hāla i (hail) to pour, strew, sprinkle (على s.th. on) II and IV do.; to pile up (هـ sand, earth; said of the wind) VII to be heaped up, be poured in a heap, fall in a heap; to rain down (bombs); to shower (ب على s.o. with), assail (على s.o., ب على s.o. with; instead of ب also accusative of a verbal noun) | انهال عليه ضربا وشتما (ḍarban wa-šatman) he fell upon her with blows and abusive language

هيل hail piled-up sand | الهيل والهيلمان (hailamān) heaps of money, enormous sums

هيلان hayalān sand heap

انهيال inhiyāl, انهيال الأرض inh. al-arḍ landslide

2 هيول hayūl mote, atom

3 هيولى hayūlā, hayyūlā primordial matter; matter; substance

هيولي hayūlī material (adj.)

هيولاني hayulānī material (adj.)

هام ( (هيم ) hāma i (haim, هيمان hayamān) to fall in love (ب with); to be in love (ب with); to be enthusiastic, ecstatic, frantic, beside o.s.; to be in raptures, be crazy (ب about), be gone on (ب ); to roam, rove, wander | هام على وجهه (wajhihī) to wander aimlessly about; هام في وديان (widyān) approx.: he was no longer himself, he was floating in higher regions, he was beside himself, he was out of his senses; هام بأنظاره to let one’s eyes wander; -- (هيام huyām, hiyām) to thirst (ب for) II to confuse, bewilder, puzzle, mystify, mislead (ه s.o.); to infatuate, enchant, captivate, carry away, rob of his senses (ه s.o.; of love) X pass. استهيم ustuhīma to be infatuated, enchanted, captivated, carried away; to be passionately in love

هيام huyām, hiyām passionate love; burning thirst

هيوم hayūm confused, puzzled, baffled, mystified, perplexed

هيمان haimān2, f. هيمى haimā, pl. هيام hiyām, madly in love; very thirsty

هائم hā’im pl. هيم huyyam, هيام huyyām perplexed, mystified, baffled, puzzled, confused; out of one’s senses, beside o.s.; in love, mad with love

مستهام mustahām in love, mad with love

هيمن haimana to say “amen”; to guard (على s.o.), watch (على over s.o.), watch narrowly (على s.o.), keep an eye on (على ); to control (على s.th.)

هيمنة haimana supervision, superintendence, surveillance; control; suzerainty, supremacy, ascendancy, hegemony

مهيمن muhaimin supervising, superintending, controlling; guardian; protector; master (على of s.th., also, e.g., of a situation)

هين and هينة see1 هون

هينم hainama to murmur softly

هيه hīh (interj.) hey! Let’s go! step lively! look alive!

هيهات haihātu, haihāt, haihāti but oh! far from the mark! wrong! what an idea! how preposterous! | هيهات ان it is absolutely out of the question that ...; هيهات ان يفعل كذا how far he is from doing so! هيهات بين هذا وذاك what a difference between them! how different they are! وهيهات لك ذلك and how impossible is this to you!