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This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought

Publisher: www.data.nur.nu
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Publisher: www.data.nur.nu

This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought


1ت abbreviation of تلفون telephone

2ت ta (particle introducing oaths) by, تالله ta-llāhi by God!

تاء tā’ name of the letterت

تابوت tābūt pl. توابيت tawābīt2 box, case, chest, coffer; casket, coffin, sarcophagus|تابوت العهد t. al-‘ahd ark of the covenant; تابوت رفع المياه t. raf‘ al-miyāh Archimedean screw; تابوت الساقية t. as-āqiya scoop wheel, Persian wheel

تابيوكا tābiyōkā tapioca

تأتأ ta’ta’a to stammer (with fright)

تاج see توج

تؤدة see وأد

1 تأر IV اتأر البصر (baṣara) to stare (ه or الى at s.o.)

2 تارة see تور

تازة tāza (= طازة ) fresh, tender, new

تاك taka fem. of the demonstrative pronoun ذاك dāka (dual nom. تانك tānika, genit., acc. تينك tainika)

توأم , توءم tau’am, f. ة , pl. توائم tawā’im2 twin

التاميز at-tāmīz the Thames

تاى tay (tun., alg.) tea|تاى احمر black tea

تايور tāyōr and تايير tāyēr (Fr. tailleur) pl. -āt ladies’ tailored suit, tailleur

تب tabba i (tabb, تبب tabab, تباب tabāb) to perish, be destroyed X to stabilize, be stabilized, be or become stable; to be settled, established, well-ordered, regular, normal; to progress well|استتب له الامر everything went well with him

تبا له tabban lahū may evil befall him! may he perish!

استتباب istitbāb normalcy, regularity, orderliness, order; stability; favorable course or development

التبت at-tibt Tibet

تبر tabara i (tabr) to destroy, annihilate (هـ s.th.)

تبر tibr raw metal; gold dust, gold nuggets; ore

تبار tabār ruin, destruction

تبرية tibrīya dandruff

تبريز tabrīz2 Tabriz (city in NW Iran, capital of Azerbaijan province)

تبع tabi‘a a (taba‘,تباعة tabā‘a) to follow, succeed (ه s.o., هـ s.th.), come after s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ); to trail, track (هـ, ه s.o., s.th) go after s.o. or s.th. (هـ, ه ); to walk behind s.o. (ه ); to pursue (هـ s.th.); to keep, adhere, stick (هـ to s.th.), observe (هـ s.th; to follow, take (هـ a road), enter upon (هـ a road or course); to comply (هـ with s.th.); to belong, pertain (هـ to); to be subordinate, be attached (ه to s.o.), be under s.o.’s (ه ) authority or command, be under s.o. (ه)|تبع الدروس (durūsa) to attend classes regularly III to follow (هـ, ه s.o. s.th.; also = to keep one's mind or eyes on, e.g., on a development); to agree, concur (ه with s.o., على in s.th.), be in agreement or conformity (هـ, على with); to pursue, chase, follow up (ه s.o., هـ s.th.); to continue (هـ s.th.; سيره sairahū on one’s way), go on (هـ with or in) IV to cause to succeed or follow (in time, rank, etc.); to place (ه s.o.) under s.o.’s (ه ) authority or command, subordinate (ه ه to s.o. s.o., هـ هـ to s.th. s.th.) V to follow (هـ s.th., esp. fig.: a topic, a development, the news, etc., = to watch, study); to pursue, trail, track (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to trace (هـ s.th.); to be subordinate (هـ, ه to), be attached (ه to s.o.) VI to follow in succession, be successive or consecutive, come or happen successively; to form an uninterrupted sequence VIII to follow, succeed (ه s.o., هـ s.th.), come after (هـ, ه ); to make (هـ s.th.) be succeeded or followed (ب by s.th. else); to prosecute (ه s.o.), take legal action (ه against); to follow, obey, heed, observe, bear in mind (هـ s.th.); to pursue (هـ s.th.); to examine, investigate, study (هـ s.th.); pass. uttubi‘a to have or find followers, adherents (على for s.th., e.g., for an idea)|اتبع سياسة (siyāsatan) to pursue a policy; اتبع يمينه (yamīnahū) to keep (to the) right X to make (ه s.o.) follow, ask (ه s.o.) to follow; to seduce (ه s.o.); to have as its consequence, engender, entail (هـ s.th.); to subordinate to o.s., make subservient to o.s. (هـ s.th.)

تبع taba‘ succession; subordinateness, dependency: following. Followers; subordinate, subservient (ل to s.th.): بالتبع successively, consecutively; تبعا ل taba‘an li according to, in accordance with, pursuant to, in observance of; due to, in consequence of, as the result of; (pl. اتباع atbā‘) follower, companion, adherent, partisan; subject, national, citizen; appertaining, appurtenant, pertinent, incident

تبعى taba‘ī: عقوبة تبعية (‘uqūba) incidental punishment (jur.)

تبعة tabi‘a pl. -āt consequence; responsibility, irresponsibleness|القى التبعة على (alqā) to make s.o. or s.th. responsible

تبيع tabī‘ pl. تباع tibā‘ following attached, attending, adjunct; -- (pl. تبائع tabā’i‘2) follower, adherent, partisan; aide, help, assistant, attendant, servant

تبعية taba‘īya pl. -āt subordination, subjection; subordinateness, dependency; citizenship, nationality; بالتبعية subsequently, afterwards; consequently, hence, therefore, accordingly

تباعا tibā‘an in succession, successively, consecutively, one after the other, one by one

متابعة mutāba‘a following, pursuing, pursuit, prosecution; continuation

اتباع itbā‘ (gram.) intensification by repeating a word with its initial consonant changed, such as katīr batīr

تتبع tatabu‘ following (esp. fig., of an argument, of a development, see V above); pursuit; prosecution; succession, course|التتبع التاريخى the course of history; تتبعات عدلية (‘adlīya) legal action, prosecution

تتابع tatābu‘ sucession; relay (athlet.); بالتتابع consecutively, successively, in succession; serially, in serialized form

اتباع ittibā‘ following; pursuit (e.g., of a policy); adherence (to), compliance (with), observance (of); اتباعا ل ittibā‘an li according to, in accordance or conformity with, pursuant to, in observance of

O اتباعى ittibā‘ī classical

O اتباعية ittibā‘īya classicism

تابع tābi‘ pl. تبعة taba‘a, تباع tubbā‘ following, succeeding, subsequent; subsidiary, dependent; minor, secondary; subordinate (ل to s.o.), under s.o. (ل ); belonging (ل to); subject to s.o.’s (ل ) authority or competence; adherent (ل to) following (ل s.o. or s.th.); -- (pl. اتباع atbā‘) adherent, follower, partisan; subject, citizen, national; subordinate, servant; factotum; (pl. توابع ) appositive (gram.); appendix, addendum, supplement; O function (math.)| الدول التابعة (duwal) the satellite countries

تابعة tābi‘a pl. توابع tawābi‘2 female attendant, woman servant; a female demon who accompanies women; appurtenance, dependency; consequence, effect, result; responsibility; pl. توابع dependencies, dependent territories; O satellites (pol.), = الدول التوابع (duwal) the satellite countries

تابعية tābi‘īya nationality, citizenship

متبوع matbū‘ followed, succeeded (ب by); one to whom service or obedience is rendered, a leader, a principal (as distinguished from تابع subordinate)

متتابع mutatābi‘ successive, consecutive

متبع muttaba‘ observed, adhered to, complied with (e.g. regulation, custom); followed, traveled (road, course)

تبغ tibg pl. تبوغ tubūg tobaooo

تبل tabala i to consume, waste, make sick (ه s.o.; said of love) II, III and توبل taubala to spice, season (هـ s.th)

تابل tābal, tābil pl. توابل tawābil2 coriander (bot.); spice, condiment, seasoning

تبولة tabbūla (syr., leb.) a kind of salad made of bulgur, parsley, mint, onion, lemon juice, spices, and oil

متبول matbūl (Iove-)sick, weak, ravaged, consumed

متبل mutabbal spiced, seasoned, flavored; (syr., leb.) stuffed with a mixture of rice, chopped meat and various spices, e.g., بذنجان متبل stuffed eggplant

تبلوه (Fr. tableau) tablōh pl. -āt a painting

تبن tibn straw

تبنى tibnī straw-colored, flaxen

تبان tabbān straw vendor

درب التابنة darb at-tabbāna the Milky Way

متبن matban pl. متابن matābin2 straw-stack

تبيوكا tabiyōkā tapioca

1 التتر at-tatar and التتار at-tatar the Tatars

تترى tatarī Tatarian; Tatar

تترى tatra (from وتر ) one after the other, successively, in succession

تتك titik trigger

تتن tutun tobacco

تتنوس tetanūs tetanus (med.)

تجر tajara u and VIII to trade, do business; to deal (فى or ب in s.th.) III do. (ه with s.o.)

تجارة tijāra commerce; traffic, trade; merchandise

تجارى tijārī commercial, mercantile, trade, trading, business, (used attributively); commercialized|بيت تجارى (bait) commercial house, business house; الحركة التجارية (ḥaraka) trade, traffic; شركة تجارية (širka) trading company; اتفاق تجارى (ittifāq) trade agreement

متجر matjar pl. متاجر matājir2 bussiness, transaction, dealing; merchandise; store, shop

متجرى matjar commercial, trade, trading, business (used attributively)

اتجار ittijār trade, business (ب in s.th)

تاجر tājir pl. تجار tujjār, tijār merchant, trader, businessman, dealer, tradesman| تاجر الجملة t. al-jumla wholesale dealer; تاجر التجزئة t. at-tajzi’a and تاجر القطاعى t. al-qiṯā‘ī retailer

بضاعة تاجرة biḍā‘a tājira salable, marketable merchandise

تجاه tujāha (prep.) in front of, opposite, face to face with, facing

تحت taḥta (prep.) under; below, beneath, underneath| تحت (tajriba) on probation; in an experimental state; تحت التحضير in preparation; تحت الحفظ (ḥifẓ) in custody, under guard; تحت السداد (sadād), تحت التسديد due, outstanding, unsettled, unpaid (com.); تحت السلاح under arms; تحت سمعهم (sam‘ihim) in their hearing, for them to hear; تحت التسوية (taswiya) outstanding, unpaid, unsettled (com.); تحت اشراف (išrāfi) under the patronage or superintendence of; تحت الشعور subconscious; تحت تصرفه (taṣarrufihī) at his disposal; تحت الطبع (ṯab‘) in press; تحت عنوان (‘unwāni) under the title of; تحت اعيننا (a‘yuninā) before our eyes; تحت التمرين in training; تحت اليد (yad) in hand, at hand, available, handy; تحت يده in his power; من تحت min taḥt from under, from beneath; under

تحت taḥtu (adv.) below, beneath, underneath

تحتانى taḥtānī lower, under- (in compounds)| ملابس تحتانية underwear

تحف IV to present (ب ه or هـ ه s.o. with s.th)

تحفة tuḥfa pl. تحف tuḥaf gift, present; gem (fig.), curiosity, rarity, article of virtu, objet d'art; work of art|تحفة فنية (fannīya) unique work of art

متحف matḥaf pl. متاحف matāḥif2 museum| متحف الشمع m. aš-šam‘ waxworks

تخ taḳḳa u to become sour, ferment (dough)

1 تخت pl. tuḳūt bed, couch; bench; seat; sofa; chest, case, box, coffer, cabinet; wardrobe; platform, dais; band, orchestra| تخت الملك t. al-mulk throne; royal residence, capital; تخت المملكة t. al-mamlaka capital (of a country)

تخت روان, تختروان taḳtaruwān, taḳtarawān mule-borne litter

2 تختة taḳta board; desk; blackboard

تختخ taḳtaḳa to rot, decay

1 تخم taḳima a to suffer from indigestion, feel sick from overeating IV to surfeit, satiate (ه s.o.) to give (ه s.o.) indigestion, make sick (ه s.o.); to overstuff, cloy (ه the stomach) VIII = I

تخمة tuḳama, tuḳma pl. تخم , -āt indigestion, dyspeptic

متخوم matḳūm suffering from indigestion, dyspeptic

2 تخم taḳama i to fix the limits of (هـ ), delimit, limit, confine, bound (هـ s.th.) III to border (هـ on), be adjacent (هـ to s.th.)

تخم taḳm pl. تخوم tuḳūm boundary, border, borderline, limit

متاخم mutāḳm neighboring, adjacent

تدمر tadmur2, usually pronounced tudmur2 Palmyra (ancient city of Syria, now a small village)

تدمرى tadmurī, usually pronounced tudmurī anyone| لا تدمرى nobody, not a living soul

ترابيزة (eg.; tarābēza) pl. -āt table

تراخوما trāḳōmā trachoma (med.)

تراس (Fr. terrasse) terās terrace

ترام , ترامواى trām, tramwāy tramway

ترب tariba a to be or become dusty, covered with dust II and IV to cover with dust or earth (ه s.o., هـ s.th.) III to be s.o.’s (ه ) mate or comrade, be of the same age (ه as s.o.) V to be dusty, be covered with dust

ترب tirb pl. اتراب atrāb person of the same age, contemporary, mate, companion, comrade

ترب tarib dusty, dust-covered

تربة turba pl. ترب turab dust; earth, dirt; ground (also fig.); soil; grave, tomb; graveyard, cemetery, burial ground

تربى turabī pl. -īya (eg.) gravedigger

تراب turāb pl. اتربة atriba, تربان tirbān dust, earth, dirt; ground, soil

ترابى turābī dusty; dustlike, powdery; earthlike, earthy; dust-colored, gray

O ترابة turāba cement

تريبة tarība pl. ترائب tarā’ib2 chest, thorax

متربة matraba poverty, misery, destitution; (pl. متارب matārib2) dirt quarry

مترب mutrib dusty, dust-covered

تربس tarbasa (= دربس ) to bolt (هـ a door)

ترباس tirbās pl. ترابيس tarābis2, ترابس tarābis2 bolt, l&tch (of a door or window)

تربنتين tarbantīn turpentine

تربيزة (eg.) tarabēza table

تربين trbīn pl. -āt turbine

تراث see وترث

ترتر tirtir gold and silver spangles (eg.)

ترجم tarjama to translate (هـ s.th. عن from one language الى to another); to interpret (هـ s.th.); to treat (هـ of s.th.) by way of explanation, expound (هـ s.th.); to write a biography (ل of s.o., also ه )

ترجم tarjama pl. تراجم tarājim2 translation; interpretation; biography (also ترجمة الحياة ); introduction, preface, foreword (of a book)| الترجمة السبعينية (sab‘īnīya) the Septuagint

ترجمان turjumān pl. تراجمة tarājima, تراجيم tarājim2 transla.tor, interpreter

,-:;" mutarjim translator, interpreter; biographer

مترجم mutarjam translated|مترجم على الفلم (film) synchronized (film)

ترح tariḥa a (taraḥ) and V to grieve, be sad II and IV to grieve, distress (ه s.o.)

ترح taraḥ pl. اتراح atrāḥ grief, distress, sadness

ترزى tarzī pl. ترزية tarzīya (eg.) tailor

ترزية tarziya tailoring

1 تراس look up alphabetically

2 ترس II to provide with a shield or armor

ترس turs pl. اترس atrās, تروس turūs shield; disk of the sun; -- tirs pl. turūs cogwheel, gear| صندوق التروس ṣundūq al-t. gearbox, transmission; سمك الترس samak at-turs turbot (zool.)

مترس matras, mitras pl. متارس matāris2 and متراس mitrās, pl. متاريس matārīs2 bolt, door latch; rampart, bulwark, barricade; esp. pl. متاريس barricades

ترسانة tarsāna, ترسحانة tarsḳāna arsenal; shipyard, dockyard

ترسكل (Fr. tricycle) tricycle

ترسينة (It. terrazzino) tarasīna balcony

ترع tari‘a a to be or become full (vessel) IV to fill (هـ s.th., esp. a vessel)

ترعة tur‘a pl. ترع tura‘, -āt canal; artificial waterway| ترعة الايراد t. al-īrād feeder, irrigation canal; ترعة التصريف drainage canal (Eg.); الترعة الشريفة the Residence of the Sultan of Morocco

ترغل , ترغلة turgul, turgulla turtledove

ترف tarija a to live in opulence, in luxury IV to effeminate (ه s.o.); to provide with opulent means, surround with luxury (ه s.o.) V = I

ترف taraf and ترفة turfa luxury, opulence, affluence; effemination

ترف tarif opulent, sumptuous, luxurious

مترف mutraf living in ease and luxury; sumptuous, luxurious; luxuriously adorned, ornate, overdecorated (ب with)

ترفاس tirfās (magr.) truffle (bot.)

ترفل tarfala to strut

ترقوة tarquwa pl. تراق tarāqin collarbone, clavicle (anat.)

1 ترك taraka u (tark) to let be, leave, relinquish, renounce, give up, forswear (هـ s.th.); to desist, refrain, abstain (هـ from s.th.); to leave, quit (ه s.o., هـ a place); to leave out, omit, drop, neglect, pass over, skip (هـ s.th.); to leave (ل or الى هـ s.th. to); to leave behind, leave, bequeath, make over (هـ s.th., ل to s.o.; as a legacy)| تركه يفعل to let s.o. do s.th.; ترك مكانا الى to leave one place for (another); تركه في ذمته (fī dimmatihī) to leave s.th. in s.o.’s care, leave s.th. to s.o.; تركه على حاله to leave s.th. or s.o. unchanged, leave s.th. or s.o. alone; تركه وشأنه (wa-ša’nahū) to leave s.o. alone, leave s.o. to his own devices III to leave (ه s.o.); to leave alone (ه s.o.); to leave off hostilities (ه against s.o.)

ترك tark omission, neglect; relinquishment, abandonment; leaving, leaving behind

تركة tarika pl. -āt (also tirka) heritage, legacy, bequest

تريكة tarīka pl. ترائك tarā’ik2 old maid, spinster

متارك mutāraka truce

متروك matrūk pl. -āt heritage, legacy

2 ترك II to Turkify, Turkicize (ه s.o.) X to become a Turk, become Turkified, adopt Turkish manners and customs

الترك at-turk and الاتراك al-atrāk the Turks

تركى turkī Turkish; Turk; التركية at-turkīya theTurkish language

تركيا turkiya Turkey

تتريك tatrīk Turkification

تركستان turkistān2 Turkstan

التركمان at-turkumān the Turkmen

ترمبيط turumbēt (syr.) pl. -āt (Western) drum; ترمبيطة turumbīṯa (eg.) pl. -āt do.; specif., bass drum

ترمبطجى turumbaṯgi (eg.) drummer; bandsman (mil.)

ترمس turmus, ترموس turmūs lupine (bot.)

ترمومتر termūmitr thermometer

ترنج turunj see اترج, اترنج

تره tariha a to concern o.s. with trifles

ترهة turraha pl. -āt sham, mockery, farce; lie, humbug, hoax

ترواده (Fr. Troade) tirwāda Troy

تروب (Engl. troop) squad, platoon; squadron|تروب سوارى (sawārī) cavalry squadron (Eg.)

ترمبيتجى = ترمبطجى see under ترمبيط above

ترياق tiryāq theriaca; antidote

تريكو (Fr.) tricot

تسعة tis‘a (f. تسع tis‘) nine

تسعة عشر tis‘ata ‘ašara, f. تسع عشرة tis‘a ‘ašrata nineteen

تسع tus‘ pl. اتساع atsā‘ one ninth, the ninth part

تسعون tis‘ūn ninety

التاسع at-tāsi‘ the ninth

تشرين الاول tišrīn2 al-wwal October, تشرين الثانى t. at-tānī November (Syr., Ir., Leb., Jord.)

تشيكوسلوفاكيا tšekoslovākiyā Czechoslovakia

تشيلى tšīlī Chile

تطوان tiṯwān 2 Tetuēn (city in N Morocco)

تع abbreviation of تعالى , see علو

تعب ta‘iba a (ta‘ab) to work hard, toil, slave, drudge, wear o.s. out; to be or become tired, weary (من of s.th.) IV to trouble, inconvenience (ه s.o.); to irk, bother, weary, tire, fatigue (ه s.o.)

تعب ta‘ab pl. اتعاب at‘āb trouble, exertion, labor, toil, drudgery; burden, nuisance, inconvenience, discomfort, difficulty, hardship; tiredness, weariness, fatigue; pl. اتعاب fees, honorarium

تعب ta‘ib and تعبان ta‘bān tired, weary, exhausted

متاعب matā‘ib2 troubles, pains, efforts; discomforts, inconveniences, difficulties, troubles; complaints, ailments, ills (attending disease); hardships, strains

متعب mut‘ib troublesome, inconvenient, toilsome, laborious; burdensome, irksome, annoying; wearisome, tiresome, tiring; tedious, dull, boring

متعب mut‘ab tired, weary

تعتع ta‘ta‘a to stammer; to shake (ه s.o.); اتعتع itta‘ta‘a to move, stir

تعز ta‘izz2 Taizz (city in S Yemen, seat of government)

تعس ta‘asa a, ta‘isa a to fall, perish; to become wretched, miserable; ta‘asa and IV to make unhappy or miserable, ruin (s.o.)

تعس ta‘s and تعاسة ta‘āsa wretchedness, misery

تعس ta‘is and تعيس ta‘īs pl. تعساء tu‘asā’ wretched, miserable, unfortunate, unhappy

متعوس mat‘ūs pl. متاعيس matā‘is wretched, miserable, unfortunate, unhappy

تف taffa to spit II to say "phew"

تف tuff dirt under the fingernails; تفا لك tuffan laka phew! fie on you!

O تفافة taffāfa spittoon, cuspidor

تفتا tafettā, تفتاه taffeta

تفاح tuffaḥ (call.; n. un. ة ) apple(s)

تفكة tufka pl. تفك tufak (ir.) gun, rifle

تفل tafala u i (tafl) to spit

تفل tufl and تفال tufāl spit, spittle, saliva

تافل tāfil ill-smelling, malodorous

متفلة mitfala spittoon, cuspidor

تفه tafiha a (tafah, تفاهة tafāha, تفوه tufūh) to be little, paltry, insignificant; to be flat, tasteless, vapid, insipid

تفه tafah and تفه tufūh paltriness, triviality, insignificance

تفاهة tafāha paltrineBB, triviality, insignificance flatness, vapidity, insipidity, tastelessness; inanity, stupidity, silliness

تفه tafih and تافه tāfih little, paltry, trivial, trifling, insignificant; worthless; commonplace, common, mediocre; flat, tasteless, vapid, insipid; trite, banal

تافهة tāfiha pl. توافه tawāfih2 worthless thing; triviality, trifle

تقاوى see قوى

تقلية see قلى

تقن IV to perfect, bring to perfection (هـ s.th; to master, know well (هـ s.th., e.g., a language), be proficient, skillful, well-versed (هـ in s.th.)

تقن tiqn skillful, adroit

تقانة taqāna firmness, solidity; perfection

اتقن atqan2 more perfect, more thorough

اتقان itqān perfection; thoroughness, exactitude, precision; thorough skill, proficiency; mastery, command (e.g., of a special field, of a language)| فى غاية الاتقان to greatest perfection; of excellent workmanship

متقن mutqan perfect; exact, precise

تقى taqā i to fear (esp. God) VIII see وقى

تقى taqīy pl. اتقياء atqiyā’2 God-fearing, godly, devout, pious

اتقى atqā more pious

تقى tuqan and تقوى taqwā godliness, devoutness, piety

1 تك takka u to trample down, trample underfoot, crush (هـ s.th.); to intoxicate (ه s.o.; wine)

2 تك tikka pl. تكك tikak waistband (in the upper seam of the trousers)

3 تك takka to tick (clock)

تكة tikka pl. -āt ticking, ticktock (of a clock), ticking noise

3 تكية look up alphabetically

تكوت tukūt pl. of Engl. ticket

1 تكتك taktaka to trample down, trample underfoot (هـ s.th)

2 تكتك taktaka to bubble, simmer (boiling mass)

3 تكتك taktaka to tick (clock)

تكتكة taktaka ticking, ticktock (of a clock), ticking noise

4 تكتيك taktīk tactics

تكية takīya pl. تكايا takāyā monastery (of a Muslim order); hospice; home, asylum (for the invalided or needy)

1 تل tall pl. تلال tilāl, اتلال atlāl, تلول tulūl hill, elevation| تل ابيب t. abīb Tel Aviv (city in W Israel)

2 تل tull tulle

تلاتل talātil2 hardships, troubles, adversities

تليد talīd, تالد tālid, تلاد tilād inherited, time-honored, old (possession, property)

تلسكوب tiliskūb telescope

تلع IV to stretch one's neck; to crane (هـ the neck)

تلعة tal‘a pl. تلاع tilā‘ hill, hillside, mountainside; (torrential) stream

تليع talī‘ long, outstretched, extended; high, tall

تلغراف tiligrāf, taligrāf pl. -āt telegraph; telegram, wire, cable|ارسل تلغرافا الى to send a wire to

تلغرافى tiligrāfī, taligrāfī telegraphic

تلف talafa a (talaf) to be annihilated, be destroyed; to be or become damaged or spoiled, be ruined, break, get broken, go to pieces II to ruin (هـ s.th.); to wear out, “finish” (ه s.o.) IV to destroy, annihilate (هـ s.th.); to ruin, damage, spoil, break (هـ s.th.); to waste (هـ s.th.)

تلف talaf ruin, destruction; ruination, damage, injury, harm.; loss; waste

تلفان talfān spoiled; useless, worthless, good-for-nothing

متلف matlaf, متلفة matlafa pl. متالف matālif2 desert

متلاف mitlāl wastrel; ruinous, harmful, injurious

اتلاف itlāf pl. -āt annihilation, destruction; damage, injury, harm

تالف tālif ruined, damaged, broken; spoiled, bad

متلوف matlūf and متلف mutlaf ruined, damaged, broken; spoiled, bad

متلف mutlif annihilator, destroyer; injurer; damaging, ruinous, harmful, injurious, noxious

تلفز talfaza to televise, transmit by television

تلفزة talfaza television

اذاعة تلفازية iḍāfa talfāẓīya television broadcast, telecast

O تلفاز tilfāz television set

تلفزيون (Fr. télévision) tilivisyōn television

تلفن talfana to telephone

تلفون tilifūn and تليفون talīfūn pl. –āt telephone

تلقاء see لقى

تلك tilka fem. of the demonstrative pronoun ذلك

تلم talam pl. اتلام atlām (plow) furrow

تلمذ talmada to take on as, or have for, a pupil or apprentice (ه s.o.); to be or become a pupil or apprentice (ل of s.o., also على ), receive one’s schooling or training (على from) II tatalmada to be or become a pupil or apprentice (ل or على يده of s.o.), work as an apprentice (ل or على يده under s.o.)

تلمذة talmada school days, college years; apprenticeship; (time of) probation

تلماذ tilmād learning, erudition

تلميذ tilmīd pl. تلاميذ talāmīd2, تلامذة talamida pupil, student, apprentice; probationer; trainee; disciple| تلميذ بحرى (baḥrī) approx.: chief warrant W-3 (naval rank; Eg.); تلميذ سفرى (safarī) approx.: chief warrant W-4 (naval rank; Eg.)

تلميذة tilmīda pl. –āt girl student

تلمسان tilimsān2 Tlemcen (city in NW Algeria)

تلمود talmūd Talmud

تله taliha a (talah) to be astonished, amazed, perplexed, at a loss

تاله tālih and متله mutallah at a loss, bewildered, perplexed|تاله العقل t. al-‘aql absent-minded, distracted

(تلا (تلو ) talā u (تلو tulūw) to follow, succeed; to ensue; -- (تلاوة tilāwa) to read, read out loud (هـ s.th., على to s.o..); to recite (هـ s.th.) VI to follow one another, be successive

تلو tilwa (prep.) after, upon|ارسل كتابا تلو كتاب to send letter after letter

تلاوة tilāwa reading; public reading; recital, recitation

تال tālin following, succeeding, subsequent, next; بالتالى bi-t-tālī then, later, subsequently; consequently, hence, therefore, accordingly

متتال mutatālin successive, consecutive

تلى tallī (tun.) tulle

تليباثى tilībātī telepathy; telepathic

تليس tallīs, tillis pl. تلاليس talālīs2 sack

تليفزيون (Fr. télévision) tilīvisyōn television

تليفون pl. –āt talīfūn telephone

تليفونى talifūnī telephonic, telephone- in compounds)

تم tamma i to be or beoome complete, completed, finished, done; to be performed, be accomplished (ل by s.o..); to come to an end, be or become terminated; to come about, be brought about, be effected, be achieved, come to pass, come off, happen, take place, be or become a fact; to be on hand, be there, present itself; to persist (على in); to continue (على s.th. or to do s.th.) II and IV to complete, finish, wind up, conclude, terminate (هـ s.th.); to make complete, supplement, round out, fill up (هـ s.th.); to carry out, execute, perform, accomplish, achieve (هـ s.th.) X to be complete, completed, finished

تمام tamām completeness, wholeness, entirety, perfection; full, whole, entire, complete, perfect; separate, independent; تماما tamāman completely, entirely, wholly, perfectly, fully, quite; precisely, exactly| بدر تمام (badr) and قمر تمام (qamar) full moon; فى تمام الساعة السادسة at 6 o'clock sharp; بتمام معنى الكلمة (ma‘nā l-kalima) in the full sense of the word; بالتمام entirely, completely

تميمة tamīma pl. تمائم tamā’im2 amulet

اتم atamm2 more complete, more perfect

تتمة tatimma completion; supplementation; supplement

تتميم tatmīm completion; perfection; consummation, execution, fulfillment, realization, effectuation, accomplishment

اتمام itmām completion; perfection; termination, conclusion; consummation, execution, fulfillment, realization, effectuation, accomplishment

استتمام istitmām termination, conclusion

تام tāmm complete, perfect, entire, consummate; of full value, sterling, genuine

تمباك tumbāk Persian tobacco (esp. for the narghile)

تمتم tamtama to stammer, mumble, mutter; to recite under one's breath (ب s.th)

تمر tamr (coll.; n. un. ة , pl. tamarat, تمور tumūr) dates, esp. dried ones| تمر هندى (hindī) tamarind (bot.)

تمرجى (eg. tamargī), تمورجى, تومرجى pl. -ya male nurse, hospital attendant; تمرجية pl. -āt female nurse

تموز look up alphabetically

تمساح timsāḥ pl. تماسيح tamāsīḥ2 crocodile

تمغة tamga stamp; stamp mark|ورق تمغة waraq t. stamped paper

تمن tumman rice

تموز tammūz2 July (Syr., Ir., Leb., Jord.)

1 تن tunn tuna (zool.)

2 تينن tinnīn pl. تنانين tanānīn2 sea monster; Draco (astro.); waterspout (meteor.), see also alphabetically

تانئ tāni’ pl. تناء tunnā’ resident

تنباك tunbāk (pronounced tumbāk) and تنبك tumbak Persian tobacco (esp. for the narghile)

تنبال tinbāl pl. تنابيل tanābīl2 short, of small Stature

تنبر (Fr. timbre) tambar pl. تنابر tanābir2 stamp (magr.)

متنبر mutambar stamped (magr.)

تنبل (Turk. tembel) tambal pl. تنابلة tanābila lazy

تنجستين (Fr. tungstène) tongəstēn tungsten

تندة (It. tenda) tanda awning, roofing, sun roof

تنور tannūr pl. تنانير tanānīr2 a kind of baking oven, a pit, usually clay-lined, for baking bread

تنورة tannūra (syr., leb.) (lady's) skirt

تنس tennis

1 تنك tanak tin plate

تنكجى tanakjī tinsmith, whitesmith

تنكة tanaka pl. -āt tin container, can, pot, jerry can

2 تانك tānika see تاك alphabetically

تنيس tennis

تنين tannīn tannin, tannic acid

تهته tahtaha to stammer, stutter

1 تهمة tuhma pl. تهم tuham accusation, charge; suspicion; insinuation

2 تهامة tihāma2 Tihama, coastal plain along the southwestern and southern shores of the Arabian Peninsula

توا tawwan right away, at once, immediately; just (now), this very minute| للتو li-t-tawwi at once, right away, also with pers. suffix.: لتوى li-tawwī, لتوها li-tawwihā (I have, she has) just ; at once, presently, immediately

تواليت (Fr. toilette) tuwālēt toilette

توأم see تأم

(توب) تاب tāba u (توب taub, توبة tauba, متاب matāb) to repent, be penitent, do penance, with عن : to turn from (sin), be converted from, renounce, forswear s.th.; (said of God) to restore to His grace, forgive (على s.o.)|تاب الى الله to turn to God in repentance II to induce to repentance or penitence, make repent (ه s.o.) X to call on s.o. (ه ) to repent

توبة tauba repentance, penitence, contrition; penance

تواب tawwāb doing penance; repentant, penitent, contrite; forgiving, merciful (God)

تائب tā’ib repentant, penitent, contrite

توبل see تبل

توبوغرافيا tobogrāfiyā topography

1 توت tūt mulberry tree; mulberry|توت ارضى (ardī) and توت افرنجى (ifranjī) strawberry; توت شوكى (šaukī) and توت العليق t. al-‘ullaiq raspberry

2 توت tūt the first month of the Coptic calendar

توتيا tūtiyā, توتياء tūtiyā’, توتية zinc

توج II to crown (ه s.o.; also fig. ب هـ s.th. with) V to be crowned

تاج pl. تيجان tījān crown; miter (of a bishop)|تاج العمود t. al-‘amūd capital of a column or pilaster); تاج الكرة t. al-kura calotte

تويج tuwaij little crown, coronet

تتويج tatwīj crowning, coronation

توجو tōgo and توجولند tōgōland (Eg. spelling) Togo (region in W Africa)

(توح) تاح see تيح

تارة tāratan once; sometimes, at times|تارة – تارة, تارة – طورا (ṯauran), تارة – اخرى (uḳrā) sometimes – sometimes, at times – at other times

توراة taurāh Torah, Pentateuch; Old Testament

تورﭙيد , توربيد turpīd, turbīd torpedo (sub-marine missile)

توربين turbīn pl. -āt turbine

تورتة torta pl. -āt pie, tart

(توق) تاق tāqa u (tauq, توقان tawaqān) to long., yearn, wish (الى for), hanker (الى after), desire, crave, covet (الى s.th.), strive (الى for), aspire (الى to)

توق tauq, توقان tawaqān longing, yearning, craving, desire

تواق tawwāq longing, yearning, eager (الى for), craving (الى s.th)

تائق tā’iq longing, yearning, eager (الى for), craving (الى s.th)

توكة امامية (tōka amāmīya; eg.) belt buckle (mil.)

تول tūl tulle

تومرجى see تمرجى

تون tūn and تونة tūna (zool.)

تونج (Turk. tunç) tunj bronze

تونس tūnus2 Tunis

تونسى tūnisīy pl. توانسة tawānisa Tunisian (adj. and n.)

تونية tūniya pl. توانى alb of priests and deacons (Chr.)

(توه) تاه tāha u and II = (تيه) تاه tāha i and II

توهة tūha daughter

تياترو (It. teatro) tiyātrō theater

تيتل taital pl. تياتل see ثيتل

تيتنوس tītānūs tetanus (med.)

(تيح) تاح tāḥa i to be destined, be foreordained (by fate, by God; ل to s.o.); to be granted, be given (ل to s.o.) IV to destine, foreordain (هـ ل to s.o. s.th.); to grant, afford, offer (هـ ل s.o. s.th.); pass. utīḥa to be destined, be foreordained, be granted, be given (ل to s.o.)|اتيح له التوفيق (utīḥa) he met with success, he was successful; اتيح له الفرصة (furṣa) he was given the opportunity, he had the chance .

تيار tayyār pl. -āt flow, stream, course, current, flood; fall (of a stream); movement, tendency, trend; draft (of air); (el.) current|O تيار مباشر (mubāšir) and تيار مستمر mustamirr) direct current; O تيار متناوب (mutanāwib) and O تيار متغير (mutagayyir) alternating current; O تيار متذبذب mutadabdib) oscillating current (el.); O يار نابض (nābiḍ) pulaoting current; O يار سريع التردد (sarī‘ at-taraddud) high-frequency current; O تياربطيء التردد (baṯī’ at-taraddud) low-frequency current; O تيار عالى الجهد (‘ālī l-jahd) heigh-tension current; O تيار واطئ الجهد (wāṯI’ al-jahd) low-tension current; O تيار ذاتى (dātī) self-induced current

O متار matār (Byr.) dynamo, generator

تيزة (Turk. teyze) tēza maternal aunt

تيس tais pl. اتياس atyās, تيوس tuyūs billy goat

اتيس atyās2 foolish, crazy

الحمى التيفودية al-hummā t-tīfūdīya typhoid fever

تيفوس tīfūs typhus

تيك tīka fem. of the demonstrative pronoun ذاك dāka

1 تيل II (from Turk. tel) to cable, wire, telegraph (syr.)

2 تيل tīl hemp; linen

3 تيلة tīla fiber, staple

1(تيم) تام tāma I (taim) to become enslaved, enthralled by love; to enslave, make blindly subservient (ه s.o.; through love) II to enslave, enthrall (love; ه s.o.); to make blindly subservient, drive out of his mind, infatuate (ه s.o.; love)

متيم mutayyam enslaved, enthralled (by love), infatuated

2 تيماء taimā’ Taima (oasis in NW Arabia)

تيمارجى see تمرجى

تين tīn (coll.; n. un. ة ) fig |تين شوكي (šaukī) fruit of the Indian fig (Opuntia ficusindica Haw.)

تينك tainika see تاك alphabetically

(تيه) تاه tāha i to get lost, wander about,1ose one's way, go astray; to stray, wander (thoughts); to escape (من s.o.), slip (من s.o.’s memory); to perish, be destroyed, be lost; to be perplexed, startled, astonished; to be haughty; to swagger, boast, brag (على to s.o.)|تتيه على وجهه ابتسامة asmile flits over his face II to mislead, lead astray (ه s.o.); to distract, divert (ه s.o.); to confuse, confound, bewilder (ه s.o.) IV = II

تيه tīh desert, trackless wilderness; maze, labyrinth; haughtiness, pride

تياه tayyāh straying, stray, wandering; haughty

تيهان taihān2 straying, stray, wandering; perplexed, at a loss, bewildered; proud, hughty

تيهاء taihā’2 and matāha a trackless, desolate region; متاهة maze, labyrinth

تائه tā’ih straying, stray, wandering, roving, errant; lost in thought, distracted, absent-minded; lost, forlorn; infinite; haughty

تيوليب (Engl.) tulip