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This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought

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Publisher: www.data.nur.nu

This book is corrected and edited by Al-Hassanain (p) Institue for Islamic Heritage and Thought


دأب da’aba a (da’b, da’b, دؤوب du’ūb) to persist, persevere, be indefatigable, untiring, tireless (فى or على in s.th.); to go in for s.th. (على ), apply o.s., devote o.s. (على to), practice eagerly (على s.th.)

دأب da’b pl. ادؤب ad’ub habit

دأب da’b, da’ab and دؤوب du’ūb persistence, perseverance, tirelessness, indefatigability, assiduity, eagerness

دئب da’ib and دائب dā’ib addicted, devoted, persistent, assiduous, eager, indefatigable, untiring, tireless (على in)

دؤوب da’ūb untiring, tireless, indefatigable, persevering, persistent

ادأب ad’ab2 more persistent, more assiduous

دادة dāda governess, dry nurse, nurse

داغ dāg pl. -āt brand (made on cattle, etc.)

دال dāl name of the letter د

داليا dāliyā dahlia(s) (bot.)

داما dāmā checkers| لوحة الداما lauḥat ad-d. checkerboard

دامجانة see دمجانة

دانتيلا (Fr. dentelle) dantilla lace

دانق dānaq, dāniq pl. دوانق dawāniq2 an ancient coin. = 1/4 dirham; small coin; a square measure (Eg.; = 4 sahm = 29.17 m2)

دانمارك dannmark Denmark

دانماركى danmarkī Danish

الداننوب ad-dānūb the Danube

داية dāya pl. -āt wet nrse; midwife

دب dabba i (dabb, دبيب dabīb) to creep, crawl (reptile); to proceed, advance, or move slowly; to go on all fours; to enter (فى s.th.), come (فى into); to steal, creep (فى نفسه into s.o.’s heart; of a feeling, e.g., doubt); to spread (فى over, in, through), fill, pervade, invade (فى s.th.) ; to gain ground; to gain ascendancy (فى in s.o.; of a condition, an idea, a sensation); to stream in, ruah in (of sensations, فى upon s.o.)| دب فيه دبيب الحياة (d. al-ḥayāh) to gain vitality II to sharpen, point, taper (هـ s.th.)

دب dubb pl. ادباب adbāb, دببة dibaba bear| الدب الاصغر (aṣgar) Little Bear, Ursa Minor (astron.); الدب الاكبر (akbar) Great Bear, Ursa Major (astron.)

دبي dubbī ursine

دبة dabba sand hill, mound

دبيب dabīb creeping, crawling; infiltration; influx, inflow, flow (e.g., of sensations, of life, of vigor); reptile

دباب dabbāb creeping, crawling, repent, reptant

دبابة dabbāba pl. -āt tank, armored car

مدب midabb: من مدب النيل الى مصبه (maṣabbihī) from the lower Nile to its mouth

دابة dābba pl. دواب dawābb2 animal, beast; riding animal (horse, mule, donkey)

دويبة duwaibba tiny animal, animalcule; insect

مدبب mudabbab pointed, tapered

دبج II to embellish, decorate, adorn, ornament (هـ s.th.); to put in good style, formulate, compose, write down, put down in writing (هـ s.th.)

ديباج dībāj pl. دبابيج dabābīj2 silk brocade

ديباجة dībāja (n. un. of ديباج ) brocade; introductory verses or lines, proem, preamble; face, visage; style, elegance of style; renown, repute, standing, prestige

تدبيج tadbīj embellishment, adornment, ornamentation; composition, writing (of a book)

مدبجات mudabbajāt embellishments of speech, fine figures of speech

دبدب dabdaba to tread, tap

دبدبة dabdaba sound of footsteps, footfall, pitapat; pattering or clattering noise; snapping, flapping noise

دبدوبة dabdūba pl. دباديب dabādīb2 point, tip, tapered end

1 دبر dabara u (دبور dubūr) to turn one’s back; to elapse, pass, go by (time) II to make arrangements, make plans (هـ for), prepare, plan, organize, design, frame, devise, concert, arrange, get up, bring about (هـ s.th.); to hatch (هـ a plot, etc.); to contrive, work up (هـ a ruse); to direct, conduct, manage, run, engineer, steer, marshal, regulate (هـ s.th.), be in charge (هـ of); to manage well, economize (هـ s.th.) |دبر خطة (kiṭṭatan) to devise a plan; دبر الشؤون to conduct the course of business, be in charge IV to turn one’s back (عن or على on s.o.); to flee, run away; to escape, dodge; to slip away V to be prepared, planned, organized, managed; to reflect, ponder (في or هـ on); to consider, weigh, contemplate (في or هـ s.th.); to treat or handle with care, with circumspection (في s.th.) VI to face in opposite directions, stand back to back; to be contrary, opposite, opposed; to be inconsistent, incompatible X to turn the back (ه on s.o.)

دبر dubr, dubur pl. ادبار adbār rump backside, buttocks, posteriors; rear part, Rear, hindpart; back; last part, end, tail | من دبر behind, at the back, in the rear; from behind, from the rear; ولى دبره wallā duburahū to turn one’s back; to flee, run away

دبري dabarī trailing behind, belated, late

دبرة dabra turn (of fate)

دبور dabūr west wind

دبور dabbūr pl. -āt dabābīr2 hornet; wasp

تدبير tadbīr pl. -āt planning, organization; direction, management, disposal, regulation; economy, economization; -- (pl. تدابير tadābīr2) measure, move, step | تدبير المنزل t. al-manzil housekeeping, household management; تدبير منزلي (manzilī) do.; قام بالتدابير اللازمة and اتخذ التدابير اللازمة (ittakada,qāma) to take the necessary measures

ادبار idbār flight, retreat

تدبر tadabbur reflection, meditation (في on), thinking (في about); consideration, contemplation (في of)

تدابر taddbur disparity, dissimilarity, contrast

دابر dābir past, bygone (time); the ultimate, utmost, extremity. end; root |قطع دابر الشيء (dābira š-šai’) to eradicate, root out s.th., suppress s.th. radically; بالأمس الدابر (amsi) sometime in the past; ذهب كأمس الدابر (ka-amsi d-dābiri) to vanish into thin air, disappear without leaving a trace (actually: like yesterday gone by)

مدبر mudabbir manager, director; ruler, disposer; leader; ringleader |مدبر المكائد schemer, intriguer, intrigant

مدبر mudbir: مدبرا ومقبلا mudbiran wa-muqbilan from the rear and from in front

2 دبارة dubāra (=دوبارة ) packthread, string, twine, cord, rope j thread

1 دبس dibs sirup, molasses, treacle, esp. of grapes

2 دبوس dabbūs pl. دبابيس dabābīs2 pin; safety pin |دبوس انكليزي safety pin

دبش dabaš junk, rubbish, trash; -- dabš rubblestone, rubble; crushed rock (used as substratum in macadamizing)

دبغ dabaga a i u (dabg) to tan (هـ a hide)

دباغة dibāga tanning, tanner’s trade

دباغ dabbāg tanner

مدبغة madbaga pl. مدابغ madābig 2 tannery

دبق dabiqa a (dabaq) to stick, adhere (ب to); to cleave, cling (ب to) II to catch with birdlime (هـ a bird)

دبق dibq birdlime

دبق dabiq sticky, gluey, limy

دبك dabaka u (dabk) to stamp the feet; to dance the dabka (see below)

دبكة dabka (syr.) a group dance in which the dancers, lined up with looked arms or holding hands, stamp out the rhythm and sing

دبلة dibla pl. دبل dibal ring

دبلوم diblōm and دبلومة diblōma pl. -āt diploma

دبلوماسي diblōmāsī diplomatic; diplomat

دبلوماسية diblōmāsīya diplomacy

دثر datara u (دثور dutūr) to fall into oblivion, be forgotten, become obsolete, antiquated, extinct; to be blotted out, wiped out, effaced, obliterated (track by the wind) II to cover, envelop (ه s.o.); to destroy, annihilate (هـ s.th.) V to wrap o.s. (في in), cover o.s. (في with) VII to be or become wiped out, blotted out, effaced, obliterated; to be old; to be forgotten, have fallen into oblivion, be obsolete VIII iddatara to wrap o.s. (ب in), cover o.s. (ب with)

دثار ditār pl. دثر dutur blanket, cover

مدثور madtūr past, bygone, ancient (time)

دج dajja i (dajj, دجيج dajīj) to walk slowly II دججه بالسلاح to arm s.o. to the teeth

دج dujj (syr.) thrush (zool.)

دجة dujja intense darkness, pitch-darkness

دجاج dajāj (coll.) chickens; fowl (as a generic designation)

دجاجة dajāja (n. un.) hen; chicken | دجاجة الحبش d. al-ḥabaš guinea fowl

مدجج بالسلاح mudajjaj bi-s-silāḥ heavily armed, bristling with arms

دجر dajira a (dajar) to be embarrassed, be at a loss

ديجور dajūr pl. دياجير dayājīr2 gloom, darkness, dark

ديجوري daijūrīi dark, gloomy

دجل dajala u to deceive, dupe, cheat, take in (على s.o.); to be a swindler, a charlatan, a quack II to coat, smear (هـ s.th.); to gild (هـ s.th.); to deceive, dupe, cheat, take in (على s.o.), impose (على on)

دجل dajl deceit, trickery, humbug, swindle

دجال dajjāl pl. -ūn, دجاجلة dajājila swindler, cheat, imposter; quack, charlatan (fem. دجالة ); Antichrist

تدجيل tadjīl imposture, humbug; charlatanry, quackery

2 دجلة dijla the Tigris river

دجن dajana u (dajn, دجن dujūn) to be dusky, murky, gloomy (day); -- (dujūn) to remain, stay; to get used, become accustomed, become habituated; to become tame, be domesticated II to tame; to domesticate (هـ an animal) | دجنه لخدمة فلان (li-kidmati f.) to put s.th. or s.o. to use for s.o., make s.th. or s.o. of service to s.o. III to flatter, cajole, coax, wheedle, try to win or entice by gentle courtesy (ه s.o.) IV to be murky, gloomy, overcast (day); to be dark (night)

دجنة dujna, dujunna darkness, gloominess, gloom

ادجن adjan2 dark

داجن dājin tame, tamed, domesticated (animal); dark, gloomy | حيوانات داجنة (ḥayawānāt) domestic animals

دواجن dawājin2 poultry

دجا (دجو ) dajā u to be dark, gloomy, dusky; to overshadow, cover, veil, shroud, blanket (هـ s.th.), spread (هـ over) III to play the hypocrite, JlOIl'l as a friend (ه of s.o.); to cajole, flatter (ه s.o.)

دجى dujan gloom, darkness, duskiness

دياج الليل dayājī l-lail dark of night

مداجاة mudājāh hypocrisy; flattery, adulation, sycophancy

داج dājin dark, gloomy

دحدح II tadaḥdaḥa to waddle

دحدح daḥdaḥ and دحداح daḥdāḥ dumpy, squat, stocky

دحر daḥara a (daḥr, دحور ) to drive away, chase away (ه s.o.); to dislodge, remove (ه s.o.); to defeat (ه an army) VIII to be driven away, be routed, be repelled, be thrown back; to be defeated (army); to go under, go to ruin, succumb, break down, collapse

اندحار indiḥār banishment, rejection; (pl. -āt) defeat (mil.); ruin, fall, break-down, collapse; catastrophe |اندحار الكون ind. al-k. end of the world

مدحور madḥūr routed, repelled; expelled, cast out; ostracized, banished

دحرج daḥraja to roll (هـ s.th.) II tadaḥraja to roll, roll along; to roll down

داحس dāḥis pl. dawāḥis whitlow, felon (med.)

دحس daḥasa a (daḥs) to insert, thrust in, shove in, foist in, smuggle in VII to interfere, meddle; to mix

دحض daḥāḍa a to be invalid, void, untenable (argument); to disprove, refute, invalidate (هـ an argument) II and IV to disprove, refute, invalidate (هـ an argument)

دحض daḥḍ refutation, disproof

دحوض duḥūḍ: invalidity, shakiness, weakness, refutability (of an argument or a claim)

مدحاض miḍḥāḍ: دعوى مدحاض (da‘wā) an invalid, unjustified claim

دحا (دحو ) daḥā u (daḥw) to spread out, flatten, level, unroll

O مدحى midḥan pl. مداح madāḥin roller, steamroller

ادخر iddakara, مدخرة see ذخر

دخس dukas dolphin

دخل dikala u (دخول dukūl) to enter (هـ , less frequently في , also الى , s.th.), go, step, walk, move, come, get (هـ, في, الى into); to penetrate, pierce (هـ, في, الى s.th.); to take possession of s.o. (ه ), befall, seize (ه s.o.; e.g., doubt); to take up (خدمة a post), start at a job; to enter s.o.’s (على ) room or house, drop in on s.o. (على ), come to see s.o. (على ); to call on s.o. (على ); to consummate the marriage, cohabit, sleep (", or على with a woman); to come (على over s.o.; e.g., joy); (gram.) to be added (على to); to supervene, enter as a new factor, aspect, element, etc. (على upon s.th.), be newly introduced (على into s.th.); to make one’s own, acquire (على s.th.); to join, enter (هـ or في e.g., a religious community); to participate, take part (هـ in); to set in, begin (time, event); to be included (في in; ضمن ḍimna), fall, come (في, ضمن, تحت under), belong, pertain (في, ضمن, تحت to), be within s.th. (في, ضمن, تحت ); pass.: dukila to be sickly, diseased, abnormal |دخل على الأمر تعديل (ta’dīlun) the matter has undergone modification; دخل الخدمة (kidma) to take up one’s post, start at a job, report for work; دخل المدرسة (madrasa) to enter school; دخل الميناء (mīnā’) to enter the harbor, put in; دخل الموضوع to come to the point; دخل في عقله (في جسمه ) dukila fī ‘aqlihi (fī jismihī) to suffer from a mental (physical) disturbance II to make or let enter, bring in, let in (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to enter, insert, include (ه s.th., في or هـ in) III to come over s.o. (ه ), befall, seize (ه s.o.; e.g., doubt, suspicion, despair) IV to make or let enter, bring in, let in, admit, lead in, show in (ه s.o.); to move, take, haul (على or في هـ s.th. into); to incorporate, include, embody, insert (في or هـ هـ s.th. in); to cause to set in, bring about, produce, set off, trigger (على هـ s.th. in); to introduce (هـ s.th., e.g., an innovation, an improvement, على in or on s.th.) |ادخله المدرسة (madrasa) to send s.o. to school; ادخل تغييرا على to bring about a change in ...; ادخلت عليه تعديلات (udkilat) the matter was subjected to modifications V to meddle (في in), interfere (في in, with); to interpose, intervene (في in); to invade (في s.th.), intrude, obtrude (في on), disturb (في s.th.); to interlock, mesh, gear VI to meddle (في in, e.g., في شؤونه in s.o.’s affairs), butt in (في الحديث on a conversation); to interfere (في in, with), interpose, intervene (في in); to interlock, mesh, gear; to be superimposed; to intergrade, shade, blend (ببعض or بعضه في بعض one into the other); to come over s.o. (ه ), befall, strike, seize (ه s.o.; e.g., doubt. grief)

دخل dakl income; revenues, receipts, returns, takings (as opposed to karj); interference, intervention; doubt, misgiving |ضريبة الدخل income tax; ليس له اي دخل فيه (ayyu daklin) and لا دخل به or له فيه (dakla) he should not meddle in ..., he has nothing to do with ..., it is none of his business

دخل dakal disturbance, derangement, disorder, imbalance, or defect of the mind; defect, infirmity

دخلة dikla intrinsic nature, essence; inner self, innermost, heart, soul (of a person); secret intention |راجع دخلته rāja‘a diḳlatahū to commune with o.s., search one’s soul

دخلة dukla: ليلة الدخلة lailat ad-d. wedding night

دخلة dukkala a variety of warbler

دخيل dakī1 inner, inward, internal; inner self, heart, core; -- (pl. دخلاء dukalā’2) extraneous; foreign, alien; exotic; foreigner, alien, stranger; not genuine, false, spurious; newly added (على to); novice; (new) convert; guest; protégé, charge, ward |كلمة دخيلة (kalima), لفظ دخيل (lafẓ) foreign word or expression; (syr.-pal.) دخيلك (dakīlak) please, if you please

دخيلة dakīla pl. دخائل dakā’il2 inner self, inmost being, intrinsic nature, essence; heart, soul |في دخيلة نفسه inwardly, inside, in his heart; دخائل نفوسنا our inmost being; دخائل الأمور the underlying nature of things, the factors at the bottom of things; دخائل شؤونه d. šu’ūnih his private affairs, (of a country, etc.) its internal affairs

دخول dukūl entry, entranoe, admission; entering, ingress; beginning, setting in; penetration; intrusion, invasion; first coition in marriage (Isl. Law) |دخول الحرب d. al-ḥarb entry into war

دخولية dukūlīya octroi, city toll

دخل madkal pl. مداخل madākil2 entrance; hallway, vestibule, anteroom; entrance hall, lobby, foyer; mouth (of a port, of a canal); O anode (el.); introduction (to a field of learning); behavior, conduct |مدخل السيارات (sayyārāt) driveway; مدخل لدراسة القانون introduction to the study of law; حسن المدخل ḥusn al-m. good manners, good conduct

مداخلة mudākala interference, intervention; participation, interest (في in)

ادخال idkāl leading in, showing in, bringing in, taking in, hauling in; involvement, implication; insertion, interpolation, incorporation, inclusion; introduction (e.g., of a constitution; of an improvement, على on an apparatus, or the like)

تدخل tadakkul entry, entrance; invasion; interference (في with, in), intervention; intrusion, obtrusion | عدم التدخل ‘adam at-t. noninterference, nonintervention (pol.)

تداخل tadākul interference, intervention; interlock, meshing, gearing; superimposition; intergradations; permeation, pervasion; O interference (phy.)

داخل belonging, pertaining (في to), falling (في under), included (في in); inner, inward, inside, interior, internal; inside, interior (of s.th.); dākila (prep.) within, inside, in; داخلا dākilan inside (adv.) |من الداخل from within; from the inside

داخلة dākila pl. دواخل dawākil2 interior, inside, inmost, hidden part; الداخلة the Dakhla oasis (in central Egypt)

داخلي dākilī inner, inward; internal; interior, inside; domestic, home, inland (as opposed to خارجي kārijī external, foreign; pol.); indigenous, native; private; belonging to the house; داخليا dākilīyan inside (adv.) |تلاميذ داخلية boarding students (as opposed to خارجية day students); حرب داخلية (ḥarb) civil war; مدرسة داخلية (madrasa) boarding school; ملابس داخلية underwear; ملاحة داخلية inland navigation

داخلية dākilīya interior |داخلية البلاد the interior of the country, the inland; وزارة الداخلية ministry of the interior; وزير الداخلية minister of the interior

مدخول madkūl sickly, diseased, abnormal; (mentally) disordered; of weak character, spineless; (pl. مداخيل madākīl2) revenue, receipts, takings, returns

دخمس dakmasa (دخمسة , dakmasa) to fool (على s.o.) about one’s real intentions, pull the wool over s.o.’s (على ) eyes; to cheat; to be sly, crafty, artful

دخمسة dakmasa deception, fooling, trickery; cunning, craft, slyness

دخن dakina a to be smoky; to taste or smell of smoke; -- dakina a u to smoke, emit smoke (fire) II to fumigate, fume (هـ s.th.); to smoke, cure with smoke (هـ foodstuffs); to smoke (هـ a cigarette, tobacco, a pipe) IV to smoke, emit smoke (tire) V to be smoked, be cured with smoke; to be fumigated

دخن dukn pearl millet, dukhn

دخن dakan smoke, fume, vapor

دخان dukān (dukkān) pl. ادخنة adkina smoke, fume, vapor; tobacco

دخنة dukna smoke color; a kind of incense (Calamus aromatious)

O دخينة dakīna cigarette

دخاخني dakākinī (eg., tun.) tobacconist

دخن madkana pl. مداخن madākin2 chimney, smokestack, funnel

تدخين tadkīn fumigation; smoking (e.g., of fish); (tobacco) smoking

داخنة dākina pl. دواخن dawākin2 chimney, smokestack, funnel

مدخن mudakkin smoker

ديدبان look up alphabetically

ديدن daidan habit, practice

ددى III to pamper, spoil (ه a child)

در darra i u (darr) to flow copiously; to stream, flow, well; to accrue (على to s.o.; profit, wealth); to be abundant, plentiful IV to cause to flow; to bestow lavishly, heap (على ه s.th. upon s.o.), shower, overwhelm (على ه with s.th. s.o.); to yield (هـ a profit, على to s.o.) X to stream, flow; to be abundant; to cause or try to bring about the abundant flow of (هـ ); to cause s.th. (هـ ) to yield in abundance; to be out for s.th. (هـ ), seek to gain (هـ a profit), try to make (هـ a living)

درر darr milk; achievement, accomplishment |لله دره li-llāhi darruhū (literally: his achievement is due to God) how capable, how good, how excellent he is!

در durr (coll.) pearls

درة durra (n. un.) pl. -āt, درر durar pearl; -- a variety of parrot (Psittacus Alexandri L.)

دري durrī glittering, twinkling, brilliant (star)

درة dirra, darra pl. درر dirar teat; udder

مدرار midrār showering abundant rain (sky, cloud); spouting, pouring forth, welling out

دار dārr flowing copiously; productive, rich, lucrative; profitable

مدر mudirr: مدر البول (baul) diuretic(al), pl. مدرات البول diuretics; مدر العرق (‘araq) sudorific

درأ dara’a (dar’) to reject (هـ s.th.); to avert, ward off (هـ s.th., e.g., خطرا kaṭaran a danger, عن from) VI iddāra’a to contend (في for)

درء dar’ repulsion, prevention, averting; warding off, parrying

دريئة darī’a pl. -āt target

درابزين darābazīn railing, parapet, banisters, balustrade

دراج Durrës (It. Durazzo, seaport in W Albania)

دراق durrāq (syr.) peach

درامي dərāmī dramatic

درب dariba a (darab, درب durba) to be accustomed, be used (ب to), be practiced, trained, skilled (ب in) II to habituate, accustom (هـ, ه s.o.) s.th., في or ب or على to); to practice, drill (ه s.o., على ب or على in); to school, train, coach, tutor (ه s.o., في, ب or على in) V to be accustomed, be used (على or في to); to be or become practiced, skilled, trained, drilled, schooled (على or فى in); to train (athlet.)

درب darb pl. دروب durūb narrow mountain pass; path, trail, track; road; alley, lane|درب التبانة d. at-tabbāna the Milky Way

دربة durba habituation, habitude, habit; familiarity (with s.th.), experience; skill, practice

دريبة darība court of first instance (Tun.)

تدريب tadrīb habituation, accustoming; practice; drill; schooling, training, coaching, tutoring| التدريب العسكري (‘askarī) military training

مدرب mudarrib pl. -ūn instructor, drill instructor; trainer, coach (atthlet.); tamer (of wild animals)

مدرب mudarrab experienced; practiced, skilled; trained; schooled

درازين darābazīn and درزين darbazīn railing, parapet, banisters, balustrade

دربس darbasa to bolt (هـ a door)

درباس dirbās pl. درابيس darābīs2 bolt, doorbolt

دربكة darabukka (eg.), dirbakka (syr.) pl. –āt darabukka, a conical, one-headed hand drum, open at the small end

دربكة darbaka banging or rattling noise, din, uproar, turmoil

درج daraja u (دروج durūj) to go, walk, move, proceed, advance (slowly); to approach gradually, step by step (الى s.th.); to follow a course (على ), proceed along the lines of (على ), proceed in such and such a manner (على ); to go away, leave, depart; to outgrow (من a nest, a habitation); to be past, bygone, over (time); to have passed away, be extinct; to circulate, be in circulation, be current, have currency; to grow up (child); -- (darj) to roll up, roll together (هـ s.th.); to wrap, wind, twist (على هـ s.th. around); -- darija a to rise or advance step by step|درج العرف على daraja l-‘urfu ‘alā it has become the general practice to II to make (ه s.o.) rise or advance by steps, promote (ه s.o.) by degrees; to move or bring (هـ s.th.) gradually closer (الى to); to approximate (الى هـ s.th. to); to roll up, fold up (هـ s.th.); to circulate, put into circulation (هـ s.th.), give currency (هـ to s.th.), make (هـ s.th.) the general practice; to divide into degrees, steps or grades, graduate, grade, gradate (هـ s.th.); to insert, include, enter (فى هـ s.th. in) III to go, keep up (هـ with, e.g., with the time, with a fashion) IV to insert, include, incorporate, embody (فى هـ s.th. in); to enter, register (فى هـ s.th., e.g., in a list), book (هـ s.th.) V to progress by steps, advance gradually; to proceed step by step (الى to); to make progress (فى in); to graduate, grade, be graded, graduated, gradated VII to be inserted, entered, incorporated, embodied, included (فى in); to be classified (فى in, تحت under) X to make (ه s.o.) advance or rise gradually, promote (ه s.o.) by degrees; to lead (ه s.o.) gradually (الى to), bring (ه s.o.) around to (الى, ل ); to bait, allure (ه s.o.); to entice, tempt, lure into destruction (ه s.o.)

درج darj entry, entering, registering, registration, recording; a rolled or folded paper; roll, scroll| فى درج الكتاب in the book; فى درج الكلام d. il-kalām in the course of the talk

درج durj pl. ادراج adrāj drawer (of a table, desk, etc.); desk (e.g., for pupils in school)

درج daraj pl. ادراج adrāj way, route, course; flight of steps, stairs, staircase| رجع ادراجه raja‘a adrājahū (also عاد ادراجه ) to retrace one's steps, go back the way one came; to go back, turn back; ذهب ادراج الرياح (adrāja r-riyāḥ) to go the ways of the winds, i.e., to pass unnoticed, without leaving a trace; to end in smoke, come to nothing, be futile, be in vain

درجة daraja pl. -at step, stair; flight of steps, stairs, staircase; degree, step, tone (of a scale; mus.); degree (math., geogr.; of temperature); grade, fate; degree, order, rank; club (also, e.g., in trains, of a decoration); phase state, stage (of a development); mark, grade (in school)| درجة الحرارة d. al-ḥarāra (degree of) temperature; الدرجات العليا (‘ulyā) the maximal temperatures; الدرجات السفلى (suflā) the minimal temperatures; درجة الطول d. aṯ-ṯūl degree of longitude (geogr.); درجة علمية (جامعية ) (‘ilmīya, jāmi’īya) academic degree; درجة العقل d. al-'aql level of intelligence, IQ; دفتر الدرجات report card (in school); من (فى) الدرجة الاولى (ūlā) first-rate, first-class; ذو درجة of superior quality, high-grade, high-class; لدرجة ان (li-darajati) to the extent that ; to such an extent that ...; to much that ...

دراج durrāj pl. دراريج darārīj2 francolin (zool.); see also alphabetically

تدرج tadruj2, تدرجة tadruja pheasant

دراجة darrāja pl. -at bicycle|دراجة نارية motorcycle

مدرج madraj pl. مدارج madārij2 way that one follows or pursues; course, route; road, path; starting point, outset, rise, growth, birth, dawn, beginning(s); tarmac, runway (of an airfield); (as also mudarraj) amphitheater; (amphitheatered) auditorium or lecture room; grandstand, bleachers| منذ مدرجه since its beginnings; مدرج نشأته naš’atihī the place where he grew up; سار فى مدارج الرقي (m. ir-ruqīy) to travel the road of progress

تدريج tadrīj graduation; classification, categorization; gradation| على التدريج, مع التدريج, بالتدريج gradually, by and by, by degrees, by steps, step by step, more and more

تدريجى tadrījī gradual, gradatory, progressive; تدريجيا tadrījīyan gradually, by and by, by steps, by degrees, in stages

ادراج idrāj insertion, interpolation, incorporation; entry, registration, recording (فى in a list)

تدرج tadarruj gradual advance or progress; gradation, graduation| بالتدرج gradually, by and by; تدرج ارتقائه t. irtiqā’ihi his gradual rise

استدراج istidrāj capability of gradually winning s.o. over, persuasiveness, art of persuasion

دراج darrāj current, prevalent, widespread, popular, common, in vogue, circulating, in circulation| الكلام الدراج (kalām) and اللغة الدارجة (luga) the popular language, colloquial language

مدرج mudarraj graded, graduated; -- (pl. -āt) open staircase, open-air stairs, fliers, stoop; grandstand, bleachers; amphitheater; (amphitheatered) auditorium or lecture room

مدرج mudrai inserted, interpolated, incorporated; entered, registered; contained, included (فى, ب in), comprised (فى, ب by)

درد darida a (darad) to become toothless, lose one’s teeth

ادرد adrad2 toothless

دردى durdī sediment, dregs, lees

دردبيس dardabīs ugly old woman. hag

دردرة dardara roar, rush (of water); idle talk, prattle, chatter

دردار dardār elm (bot.)

دردور durdūr eddy, whirlpool, vortex

دردش dardaša idle talk, prattle, chatter

1 درز daraza u to sew, stitch

درز darz pl. دروز durūz seam, hem; suture

2 درزى durzī pl. دروز durūz Druse|جبل الدروز jabal ad-d. the Jebel ed Druz, the mountainous homeland of the Druses in S Syria

درس darasa u (dars) to wipe out, blot out, obliterate, efface, extinguish (هـ s.th.); to thresh (هـ grain); to learn, study (هـ s.th., على under s.o.), درس العلم على (‘ilm) to study under (a teacher, a professor); -- u (دروس durūs) to be effaced, obliterated, blotted out, extinguished II to teach; to instruct (ه s.o., هـ in s.th.); III to study (ه together with s.o.) VI to study (هـ s.th.) carefully together VII to become or he wiped out, blotted out, effaced, obliterated, extinguished

درس dars effacement, obliteration, extinction; -- (pl. دروس durūs) study, studies; lesson, chapter (of a textbook); class, class hour, period; lecture; lesson (taught by experience, etc.)| القى دروسا عن (alqā) to lecture on ; اعطى دروسا (a‘ṯā) to give lessons; دروس منزلية (manzilīya) homework (of a pupil or student)

دراس dirās threshing (of grain)

دراسة dirasa pl. -āt studies; study| دراسة عالية (‘āliya) collegiate studies; دراسة ثانوية (tānawīya) attendance of a secondary school, secondary education, high-school education; دراسة متوسطة (mutawassiṯa) secondary education, high-school education (Syr.)

دراسى dirāsī of or pertaining to study or studies; scholastic, school; instructional, educational, teaching, tuitional| رسوم دراسية tuition fees; سنة دراسية (sana) academic year; scholastic year, school year

دريس darīs dried clover

عمال الدريسة ‘ummāl ad-darīsa (eg.) railroad section gang, gandy dancers

دراس darrās pl. -ūn (eager) student

O دراسة darrāsa flail; threshing machine|O حصادة دراسة (ḥaṣṣāda) combine

درواس dirwās mastiff

مدرسة madrasa pl. مدارس madāris2 madrasah (a religious hoarding school associated with a mosque); school| مدرسة ابتدائية (ibtidā’īya) the lower grades of a secondary school, approx. = junior high school; مدرسة اولية (awwalīya) elementary school, grade school; مدرسة ثانوية (tānawīya) secondary school, high school; مدرسة تجارية (tijārīya) commercial college or school; مدرسة حربية (ḥarbīya) military academy; مدرسة داخلية (dāḳilīya) boarding school; مدرسة عالية (عليا ) (‘āliya, ‘ulyā) college; مدرسة الفنون والصنائع school of industrial arts, school of applied art and handicraft; مدرسة كبرى (kubrā) college; المدرسة القديمة the old “school” (= intellectual or artistic movement)

مدرسي madrasī scholastic, school

تدريس tadrīs teaching, instruction, tuition |هيئة التدريس hai’at at-t. teaching staff; faculty, professoriate (of an academic institution)

دارس dāris pl. دوارس dawāris2 effaced, obliterated; old, dilapidated, crumbling |تجدد دارسه tajaddada dārisuhū to rise from one’s ashes

مدرس mudarris pl. -ūn teacher, instructor; lecturer |مدرس مساعد (musā‘id) assistant professor

درع II to arm; to armor, equip with armor (هـ s.th.) V and VIII iddara‘a to arm o.s., take up arms, put on armor

درع dir‘ m. and f., pl. دروع durū‘, ادرع adru‘, ادراع adrā‘ coat of mail, hauberk; (suit of) plate armor; armor plate; armor; armature; (pl. ادراع adrā‘) chemise

دراعة darrā‘a pl. -āt armored cruiser

دراعة durrā‘a pl. درارع darārī‘2 loose outer garment with sleeves, slit in front

دارع dāri‘ armored, armor-clad, ironclad

دارعة dāri‘a pl. دوارع dawārī‘2 armored cruiser

مدرع mudarra‘ armored; armadillo (zool.) | قوة مدرعة (qūwa) tank corps; سيارة مدرعة (sayyāra) armored car; مشاة مدرعون (mušāh) armored infantry (mil.)

مدرعة mudarra‘a pl. -āt armored cruiser

درف darf side, flank, wing; protection

درفة darfa pl. درف diraf leaf (of a double door or window)

درفيل darfīl dolphin

1 درقة daraqa (leather) shield

O درق daraq thyroid gland

درقي daraqī shield-shaped; thyroid | الغدة الدرقية (gudda) thyroid gland

2 دراق look up alphabetically

1 درك II to last, continue, keep up (rains) III to reach, get, catch, overtake, outdistance, outrun (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.), catch up, come up (هـ, ه with); to keep up, continue without interruption (هـ s.th.) IV to attain, reach (هـ s.th.), arrive (هـ at); to get, catch, overtake (ه s.o., هـ s.th.), catch up, come up (هـ, ه with); to come suddenly, unexpectedly (ه upon s.o.), overtake (ه s.o.; death); to obtain (هـ s.th.); to grasp, comprehend (هـ s.th.); to perceive, discern, notice (هـ s.th.); to realize, understand (هـ s.th.), become aware, become conscious (هـ of s.th.); to mature, ripen (e.g., a fruit); to attain puberty, reach sexual maturity (boy) V تداركت الشمس الى المغيب (šams, magīb) the sun prepared to set VI to reach and seize one another; to continue without interruption, go on incessantly; to face, meet, obviate, take steps to prevent (هـ s.th.); to put in order, set right, correct (هـ s.th.), make amends (هـ for), provide compensation or indemnity (هـ for a loss, or the like) X to correct, rectify, emend (هـ s.th.); to set right, put in order, straighten out (هـ s.th.); to make good, repair, redress (هـ a damage, a mistake, etc.), make up (هـ for); to supplement, supply (هـ that which is missing); to anticipate, forestall, obviate (هـ an event)

درك darak attainment, achievement, accomplishment; overtaking, catching up; police; (pl. ادراك adrāk) bottom, lowest level

دركي darakī policeman

دركة daraka lowest level; pl. –āt descending steps (as opposed to درجات ; cf. درجات الحيات ودركات الموت darajāt al-ḥayāh wa-d. al-maut)

دراك darrāk much-accomplishing, efficient, successful

مدارك madārik2 mental faculties, mental powers, intelligence, intellectual capacities, perception, discernment |المدارك الخمس the five senses

دراكا dirākan (adv.) constantly, incessantly, without interruption

ادراك idrāk reaching, attainment, achievement, accomplishment; realization, perception, discernment, awareness, consciousness (فقد الادراك faqd al-i. unconsciousness); comprehension, understanding, grasp; reason, intelligence; sexual maturity, puberty; age of maturity |سن الادراك of sinn al-i. age of discretion (Isl. Law)

تدرك tadarruk gradual decline

استدراك istidrāk redress, reparation; correction, emendation, rectification

مدرك mudrik rational, reasonable, endowed with reason, intelligent; (sexually) mature, pubescent, at the age of puberty

مدركات mudrakāt realizations; cognitions; fixed notions, established concepts

2 درك (Engl.) derrick, derrick crane

درم darima a to fall out (teeth) II to clip, trim (هـ nails)

درن darina a (daran) to be dirty, filthy IV do. V to suffer from tuberculosis

درن darn pl. ادران adrān dirt, filth; tubercles; tuberculosis | درن رئوي (ri’awī) pulmonary tuberculosis

درنة darana (n. un.) pl. -āt tubercle; small tumor, outgrowth, excrescence, tuberculc, nodule

درني daranī tubercular, tuberculous

تدرن tadarrun tuberculosis |تدرن رئوي (ri’awī) and تدرن الرئة t. ar-ri’a pulmonary tuberculosis

تدرني tadarrunī tuberculous

متدرن mutadarrin affected with tubercles, tuberculated

مدره midrāh pl. مداره madārih2 spokesman

درهم dirham pl. دراهم darāhim2 dirhem, drachma (Ir. = coin of 50 فلس ); a weight (Eg. = 1/12 اوقية = ca. 3.12 g); دراهم money, cash

دريهمات duraihimāt (dimin. with a derogatory sense; approx.:) pennies

دروة dirwa pl. -āt (eg.) protecting screen or wall; parapet

درواس dirwās mastiff

درويش darwīš pl. دراويش darāwīš2 dervish

1 درى darī ī (دراية dirāya) to know (ب or هـ s.th. or of s.th.); to be aware, be cognizant (ب or هـ of); to understand, comprehend (ب or هـ s.th.) |وما يدري الا و all of a sudden there was III to flatter, treat with flattery or gentle courtesy, cajole, coax (ه s.o.); to deceive, fool, mislead (ه s.o.); to dissemble; to conceal, hide, mask, disguise (ه s.th.) IV to let (ه s.o.) know (ب s.th. or about s.th.), inform, notify, advise (ب ه s.o. of) |وما ادراك ما (adrāka), also وما ادراك ب do you realize what is? you don’t even know what means! VI to hide, conceal o.s.

دراية dirāya knowledge, cognizance, acquaintance

ادرى adrā more knowledgeable, better informed, knowing better (ب s.o., s.th.), better acquainted (ب with)

لا ادري lā-adrī a skeptic

مداراة mudārāh sociability, affability, companionableness

دار dārin knowing, aware, cognizant (ب of s.th.)

2 مدرى midran, مدرة midra (= مردى mirdan), مدراة midrāh pl. مدار madārin pole (esp. one for punting boats)

درياق diryāq (= ترياق ) theriaca; antidote

دزينة (It. dozzina) dazzīna dozen

دس dassa u (dass) to put, get, slip, shove, thrust, insert (في هـ s.th. into); to bury (في هـ s.th. in the ground); to instill, infuse (في ب, هـ s.th. in); to administer surreptitiously (السم as-samma poison, ل to s.o.); to foist (في هـ s.th. into); to smuggle (في هـ s.th. into, بين ه s.o. among); to interpolate (هـ s.th.); to intrigue, scheme, plot (على, ل against s.o.) |دس الدسائس to engage in secret machinations, intrigue scheme II to put in, get in, slip in, shove in, thrust in, insert (هـ s.th.); to hide, conceal (هـ s.th.) V to engage (secretly, الى in); to be hidden (في in) VII to slip (بين between or among, في into), creep, steal, sneak (بين among, في into), infiltrate (في s.th.); to ingratiate o.s., insinuate o.s. (في or الى to s.o., into s.o.’s confidence); to be hidden

دسيسة dasīsa pl. دسائس dasā’is intrigue, machination, scheme, plot |دس الدسائس dass ad-d. machinations, intrigues, scheming, plotting (ضد against); plot, conspiracy

دساس dassās pl. -ūn intriguant, intriguer, schemer, plotter, conspirator; sand snake (Eryx jaculus)

1 دست dast pl. دسوت dusūt place of honor, seat of honor, seat of office; council |دست الحكم d. al-ḥukm (a ruler’s) throne

2 دست dist pl. دسوت dusūt kettle, boiler, caldron made of copper (eg., syr.)

3 دستة dasta dozen; pack, packet, package

دستور dustūr pl. دساتير dasātīr2 statute; regulations; by-laws; (basic) constitutional law; constitution (pol.); -- (colloq.) dastūr permission

دستوري dustūrī constitutional |النظام الدستورى constitutional form of government

دستورية dustūrīya constitutionality | عدم الدستورية ’adam ad-d. unconstitutionality

دسر dasara u (dasr) to push, shove, push off (هـ s.th.)

O داسر dāsir propeller, airscrew

دسكر daskara pl. دساكر dasākir2 village

دسم dasam fatness (of meat); fat, grease

دسم dasim fat; fatty, greasy, grimy, grubby; rich, abundant, substantial; meaty, pithy, full of thoughts (e.g., reading material)

ادسم adsam2, f. دسماء dasmā’2, pl. دسم dusm very fat; fatty, greasy, grimy, grubby; -- richer, more substantial, pithier

دسامة dasāma fattiness, greasiness, griminess, grubbiness

دسومة dusūma fatness; richness, substantiality

دسام dassām plug, stopper

ديسم daisam amaranth (bot.)

دسمبر disembir, disambir December

دسو II to introduce, bring in (هـ s.th.) V to be hidden, concealed; to penetrate (الى into)

دش (Fr. douche) duš shower, douche

دشيش dašīš and دشيشة a kind of porridge made of crushed wheat and butter

دشت dašt junk, trash, rubbish, refuse

دشن II to hand over, present (هـ s.th.); to consecrate, dedicate, inaugurate (هـ s.th.)

تدشين tadšīn consecration, dedication, inauguration | تدشين الكنيشة consecration of the church

دشو V to belch, burp, eruct

دعة da‘a see ودع

دع da‘‘ to rebuff, turn down (contemptuously, II the poor, an orphan)

دعب da‘aba a (دعابة du‘āba) to joke, jest, make fun (ه with s.o.) III to play, toy (ه, هـ with s.th., with s.o.); to joke, jest, make fun (ه with s.o.); to give (ه s.o.) a good-natured slap or smack (ب ); to flirt (ها with a woman) ; to dally, philander, play around (ها with a woman); to play (ه about s.o.; e.g., waves); to stroke gently, caress, fondle (ه s.th.); to beguile, tempt, delude (ه s.o.; said of hopes); to play (هـ a musical instrument) | داعب البيانو to play on the piano VI to make fun, have fun together, have a good time

داعب dā‘ib joking, jocose, playful, jolly, gay, funny

دعابة du‘āba pl. -āt joking, jesting, fun-making, fun; joke, jest

دعاب da‘‘āb jocose, playful, jolly, gay

مداعبة mudā‘aba pl. -āt play, fun-making, fun; joke, jest; pleasantry; dalliance, flirtation, philandery

داعب dā‘ib joking, jocose, playful, jolly, gay, funny

مداعب mudā‘ib joking, jesting

دعبل di‘bil frog spawn, frog’s eggs

مدعبل muda‘bal indisposed, out of sorts; round, ball-shaped

ادعج ad‘aj2, f. دعجاء da‘jā’2, pl. دعج du‘j black-eyed; deep-black and large (eye)

دعر da‘ira a (da‘ar) to be immoral

دعر da‘ar immorality, indecency

دعر da‘ir unchaste, lewd, licentious, dissolute, obscene, bawdy, immoral, indecent

دعارة da‘āra, di‘āra indecency, immorality, licentiousness, debauchery |بيت الدعارة bait ad-d. brothel

داعر dā‘ir pl. دعار du‘‘ār unchaste, lewd, licentious, dissolute, obscene, bawdy, indecent, immoral

دعس da‘asa a (da‘s) to tread underfoot, trample down, crush (هـ s.th.); to knock down, run over (ه s.o.; automobile) VII pass. of I

دعك da‘aka a (da‘k) to rub (هـ s.th.); to scrub, scour (هـ s.th.); to scrub on a washboard (هـ laundry); to crush, squash, mash (هـ s.th.); to crumple (هـ paper)

دعم da‘ama a (da‘m) and II to support, hold up (هـ s.th.); to prop, shore up, stay, buttress, underpin (هـ s.th.); to cement, consolidate, strengthen (هـ s.th.) VIII ادعم idda‘ama to be supported; to rest, be based (على on)

دعمة da‘ma pl. دعم di‘am support, prop

دعامة di‘āma pl. -āt, دعائم da‘ā’im2 support, prop, stay, shore; pier; buttress; pillar (esp. fig., e.g., دعائم السيادة pillars of authority)

تدعيم tad‘īm support, strengthening, reinforcement, consolidation, underpinning

دعو ) and دعي) دعا da‘ā u (دعاء du‘ā’) to call (ه s.o.); to summon (ب or ه s.o.), call or send for s.o. (ب or ه ); to call up (ب s.o., الى, ل for); to call upon s.o. (ه ), appeal to s.o. (ه ) for s.th. or to do s.th. (ل, الى ), invite, urge (ل, الى ه s.o. to do s.th.); to invite, ask to come (الى ه s.o. to; e.g., to a banquet); to move, induce, prompt (ل, الى ه s.o. to do s.th.), prevail (ل, الى ه on s.o. to do s.th.); to call (ب, هـ ه s.o. by a name), name (ب, هـ ه s.o. so and so), pass.: دعي du‘iya to be called, be named; to invoke (الله God = to pray to); to wish (ل s.o.) well, bless (ل s.o.; properly: to invoke God in favor of s.o.), invoke a blessing (ب ) upon s.o. (ل ), pray (ب for s.th., ل on behalf of s.o.), implore (ب ل for s.o. s.th.); to curse (على s.o.; properly: to invoke God against s.o.), call down evil, invoke evil (على upon s.o.); to propagate, propagandize (ل s.th.), make propaganda, make publicity (ل for); to demand, require (الى s.th.), call for (الى ); to call forth, bring about, cause, provoke, occasion (الى s.th.), give rise (الى to) |دعي للاجتماع (du‘ya) to be summoned, be called into session (parliament); دعي الى حمل السلاح du‘iya ilā ḥamli a-silāḥ to be called up for military service, be called to the colors; رجل يدعى (yud‘ā) a man called ..., a man by the name of ...; دعا له بطول العمر (ṭūli l-‘umr) he wished him a long life III to challenge (ه s.o.); to pick a quarrel (ه with); to proceed judicially (ه against), prosecute (ه s.o.) VI to challenge each other, call each other forth or out, summon each other; to evoke one another (thoughts, reminiscences, sentiments); to be dilapidated, be tumble-down, threaten to fall (walls); to sink, subside, cave in; to fall down, sink to the ground (person); to collapse, break down, decline, degenerate (fig., of a cultural phenomenon); to dock together, rally VIII ادعى idda‘ā to allege, claim, maintain (هـ s.th., ان that); to lay claim (هـ to s.th.), demand, claim (هـ s.th.); to make undue claims (هـ to s.th.), arrogate (to o.s.), assume unduly or presumptuously (هـ s.th.); to effect, feign, simulate, pretend, purport (ب s.th.); to testify (in court); to accuse (ب or هـ على s.o. of), charge (ب or هـ على s.o. with), blame (ب or هـ على s.o. for), hold s.th. (ب or هـ ) against s.o. (على ) X to call or send (ه for s.o.), summon (ه s.o.); to cite, summon for examination or trial (ه s.o.; court, police); to recall (ه s.o., e.g., a diplomatic envoy); to call, appoint (ه s.o., e.g., a professor to a chair); to invoke (ه s.o.); to invite, urge (الى ه s.o. to do s.th.), suggest (الى ه to s.o. s.th. or to do s.th.), call upon s.o. (ه ) to do s.th. (الى ), appeal (الى ه to s.o. for s.th. or to do s.th.); to call for (هـ ), require, demand, necessitate, make necessary or requisite (هـ s.th.)

دعوة da‘wa call; appeal; bidding, demand, request; call, convocation, summons (الى to), calling up, summoning; (official) summons, citation; invitation; claim, demand, plea; missionary activity, missionary work (also نشر الدعوة našr ad-d.), propaganda; -- (pl. دعوات da‘awāt) invocation, imploration, supplication, prayer; good wish |دعوات صالحات good wishes; دعوة بالشر (šarr) imprecation, curse; صاحب الدعوة host

دعوى da‘wā pl. دعاوى da‘āwā, دعاو da‘āwin allegation, pretension; claim; lawsuit, case, action, legal proceedings (Isl. Law) |بدعوى ان on the pretext that ...

دعي da‘īy pl. ادعياء ad‘iyā’2 adopted son; bastard; braggart, bigmouth, show-off; pretender; swindler, impostor

دعاء du‘ā’ pl. ادعية ad‘iya call; invocation of God, supplication, prayer; request, plea; good wish (ل for s.o.); imprecation, course (على against s.o.)

ادعى ad‘ā more conducive, more stimulating, of greater incentive (الى, ل to), causing or provoking to a greater extent (الى, ل s.th.)

دعاوة da’āwa, di‘āwa pl. -āt propaganda (pol.); publicity (الى for)

دعاوى da‘āwī, di‘āwī propagandistic

دعاية di‘āya propaganda (pol.)

دعائي di‘ā’ī propagandistic

مدعاة mad‘āh determining factor, decisive motive or incentive, cause, occasion

تداع tadā‘in imminent collapse, impending breakdown; mutual summoning |تداعى المعانى tadā‘ī l-ma‘ānī association of ideas

ادعاء iddi‘ā’ pl. -āt claim; arrogation, undue assumption, presumption; allegation; pretension, pretense; accusation, charge; الادعاء the prosecution (in a court of justice)

استدعاء istid‘ā’ summons, summoning; recall, calling back; official summons, citation

داع dā‘in pl. دعاة du‘āh one who invites, inviter; propagandist; host; motive, reason, cause |لا داعي (dā‘iya) it is not necessary, there is no need, there is no cause (ل for)

داعية dā‘iya one who calls for s.th. (الى ), invites to s.th. (الى ); propagandist (with foll. genit. or الى : of s.th.), herald; (pl. دواع dawā‘in) motive, reason, cause, occasion; pl. دواع requirements, exigencies |داعية حرب warmonger; لدواع صحية li-dawā‘in ṣiḥḥīya for reasons of health; من دواعي سروري it gives me great pleasure ...

مدعو mad‘ūw one invited, guest; called, named, by the name of

متداع mutadā‘in evoking one another, one leading to the other (reminiscences, thoughts); frail. shaky (constitution); dilapidated, tumble-down; ready to fall, threatened with collapse; declining, in a stage of decline, on the downgrade

مدع muda‘in one who makes an allegation or pretension, alleger, pretender; claimer, claimant; plaintiff; prosecutor (jur.); arrogant, presumptuous, bumptious |المدعي العمومي (‘umūmī) the public prosecutor; المدعى العام (‘āmm) do. (Mor.)

مدعى muda‘an claimed; المدعى عليه the defendant (jur.); pl. مدعيات muda‘ayāt claims, pretensions

مستدع mustad‘in applicant, petitioner

دغدغ dagdaga to tickle (ه s.o.); to crush; to chew, munch (هـ s.th.)

1 دغر dagara a (dagr, دغرى dagrā) to attack (على s.o.). fall upon s.o. (على )

دغر dagr attack, assault

دغرى dagrā attack, assault

2 دغرى dugrī (eg., syr.) direct, straight; straight ahead

دغش IV ادغشت الدنيا adgašat id-dunyā it became dark, twilight fell

دغش dagaš darkness, dusk, twilight

دغيشة dagīša darkness, dusk

دغص dagiṣa a (dagaṣ) to be chock-full, on tile point of bursting

داغصة dāgiṣa pl. دواغص dawāgiṣ knee-pan, kneecap, patella

دغل dagal pl. ادغال adgāl, دغال digāl place with luxuriant tree growth; thicket, bush, jungle; -- defectiveness, faultiness, corruption

داغل dagil covered with dense undergrowth (place); impenetrable; corrupted

مدغل mudgil covered with dense undergrowth (place); false, perfidious, insidious (in character)

دغم IV and VIII ادغم iddagama to put (في هـ s.th. into), insert, incorporate, embody (في هـ s.th. in); (gram.) to contract (في هـ one letter into another), assimilate (في هـ s.th. to) VII to be incorporated, embodied, merged, amalgamated; to be assimilated, contracted

دف daffa i (دفيف dafīf) to flap the wings (bird) II to hurry, rush

دف daff pl. دفوف dufūf side; lateral surface

دف duff, daff pl. دفوف dufūf tambourine

دفة daffa side; leaf (of a double door or window); cover (of a book), الدفتان the two covers of a book; rudder, helm |قائد الدفة or مدير الدفة mudīr ad-d. steersman, helmsman; قبض على دفة التنفيذ to take the helm, make o.s. the leader; يد الدفة yad ad-d. tiller; من الدفة للشابورة (eg.) all together, one and all, all without exception

دفية diffīya (eg.) loose woolen cloak

دفئ dafi’a a and دفؤ dafu’a u to be warm; to feel warm II and IV to warm, heat (هـ s.th.) V, VIII ادفأ iddafa’a and X to warm o.s.

دفء dif’ warmth, warmness, heat

دفئ dafi’ and دفيء dafī’ warm

دفآن daf’ān2, f. دفأى daf’ā warm

دفاء difā’ heating

دفاءة dafā’a warmth, warmness, heat

دفاية daffāya pl. -āt stove

مدفأ midfa’ and مدفأة midfa’a pl. مدافئ madāfi’2 stove, heating stove

تدفئة tadfi’a heating, generation of heat

دفتر daftar pl. دفاتر dafātir 2 booklet; notebook, copybook; daybook, journal; ledger (com.); roster, register, official register | دفتر حسابي (ḥisābī) account book; bank-book, passbook; دفتر الحسابات d. al-ḥisābāt letter file, letter book, folder, portfolio; دفتر الشروط publication setting forth the terms of a purchase, the conditions of a lease, the stipulations of a contract, or the like; دفتر الاشتراك subscription booklet; دفتر الصندوق d. aṣ-ṣundūq cashbook (com.); دفتر المساحة cadastre, land register; دفتر اليومية d. al-yaumīya diary, journal; مسك الدفاتر mask ad-d. bookkeeping

دفترخانة daftarkāna archives, public records office (Eg.) | دفترخانة الأملاك العقارية d. al-amlāk al-‘aqārīya land-registry office (Tun.)

دفتيريا diftēriyā diphtheria

دفر dafara to push, push back (ه s.o.); dafira a (dafar) to stink

دفر dafar stench

دفر dafir stinking, fetid

دفس dafasa to hide (A s.th.); to push

دفع dafa‘a a (daf‘) to push; to push away, shove away, push back, drive back, repel, remove, dislodge, drive away (عن هـ, ه s.o., s.th. from); دفعه جانبا (jāniban) to push, shove, or elbow, s.o. aside; to rid (عن نفسه o.s., هـ of s.th.), get rid of s.th.; to get the better (هـ, ه of s.o., of s.th.), conquer, master control (ه s.o., هـ s.th.); to fight (ب هـ s.th. with); to reject, repudiate (هـ s.th.); to rebut, refute, disprove (هـ s.th.); to propel, drive (هـ s.th.); to move, cause, urge, impel, egg on, goad (ه or ب s.o., الى or ل to do s.th.), induce, incite, force, compel, oblige (ه or ب s.o., الى or ل to), make s.o. (ب or ه ) do s.th. (الى or ل ); to band over, present, turn over (ل or الى هـ s.th. to s.o.); to pay (ثمنا tamanan a price, الى or ل to s.o.) |دفع خطاه الى (kuṭāhū) to wend one’s way to III to resist, withstand (ه s.o., .s.th.). offer resistance (هـ, ه to); to contradict, oppose (ه s.o., عن so as to make him abstain from s.th.), dissuade (ه s.o., عن from); to suppress (هـ s.th.); to defend (عن s.o., s.th.), uphold (عن s.th.); to be entrusted with the defense (عن of s.th., of s.o., also jur.) V to dash forward; to dart off, rush off; to pour forth, flow, stream, gush forth (water); to spring up, make itself felt (an idea, a social tendency, and the like) VI to shove or push one another; to push or shove one another away or aside; to push off, shove off (عن from); to issue in intermittent bursts, gush forth intermittently; to burst forth, rush out, sally (من from); to be propelled, be driven forward; to storm forward VII to dart off, rush off; to proceed rashly, blindly, without forethought; to be too impetuous, be too hotheaded; to plunge headlong (في into s.th.); to rush, dart. make (الى at s.th.), pounce (الى on s.th.); to rush off, hurry off, go quickly (الى to; with foll. imperf.: to do s.th.); to give o.s. (ل to s.o.); to burst forth, gush out, pour forth, spurt, spout, flow, run (من from; water); to let o.s. be carried away or be overcome (وراء by s.th., e.g., وراء شهواته šahawātihī by one’s bodily appetites, وراء شعوره by one’s feelings, وراء العاجلة by worldly things); to proceed, set out, begin (with foll. imperf.: to do s.th.) X to try to ward off or stave off (هـ s.th., ب by)

دفع daf‘ pushing back, shoving aside; repulsion. driving away, driving off; dispelling; parrying, warding off, staving off; repulse, rejection. repudiation; rebuttal; handing over, turning in; payment

دفعة daf‘a (n. vic.) pl. dafa‘āt shove, push, thrust; impetus, impact, momentum, forceful impulse, drive; ejaculation; payment; deposit; disbursement; pl. issues (stock market)

دفعة daf‘a pl. dufu‘āt, dafa‘āt that which issues at anyone time, a burst, a gush, a spurt, and the like; time, instance |دفعة واحدة (duf‘atan) all at one time, all at once, in one stroke, in one fell swoop; هذه الدفعة this time; ست دفعات six times; على دفعات متفاوتة (mutafāwita) at different times

دفاع daffā’ propelling, impelling, giving impetus; O piston (techn.)

مدفع midfa’ pl. مدافع madāfi‘2 gun, cannon |O مدافع بعيدة المرمى (ba‘īdat al-marmā) long-range guns; مدفع رشاش (raššāš) machine gun; O مدافع ضخمة (ḍakma) heavy artillery; O المدافع المضاد للطائرات (muḍādda) or المدافع المقاومة للطائرات (muqāwima) antiaircraft guns; O مدفع ثلاثي مضاد للطائرات (tulātī, muḍādd) three-barreled anti-aircraft gun (mil.); مدفع هون m. hāwun mortar; ضرب مدفع الظهر ḍarb m. aẓ-ẓuhr marking of exact noon by cannon shot

مدفعي midfa‘ī gun-, cannon-, artillery- (in compounds); artilleryman, gunner, cannoneer

مدفعية midfa‘īya artillery

دفاع difā‘ protection; defense (عن of s.th., of s.o., also jur.) |خط الدفاع kaṭṭ ad-d. line of defense; halfbacks (soccer); مجلس الدفاع majlis ad-d. defense council; وزارة الدفاع ministry of defense, war ministry; الدفاع الوطني (waṭanī) national defense; الدفاع المضاد للطائرات (muḍādd) anti-aircraft defense; دفاع شرعي legitimate self-defense

دفاعي difā‘ī defensive, protective

مدافعة mudāfa‘a defense (عن of s.th.)

اندفاع indifā‘ pl. -āt rush(ing), plunging, plunge (في into); outburst, outbreak eruption; élan, dash, impetuosity, rashness, hotheadedness, fire, exuberance, effusiveness; self-abandon; اندفاعا indifā‘an spontaneously

اندفاعة indifā‘a (n. vic.) sudden outburst, outbreak (e.g., of wailing)

دافع dāfi‘ repellent, expellant; driving, pushing, giving impetus, incentive, impellent, propelling, propulsive, etc.; repeller; payer, e.g., دافعوا الضرائب the tax-payers; (pl. دوافع dawfi‘2) incentive, impulse, impetus, spur, motive; بدافع (with foll. genit.) motivated by ..., by reason of ..., on the strength of …

مدفوعات madfū‘āt payments

مدافع mudāfi‘ defender (عن of s.o., of s.th.)

دفق dafaqa u i (dafq) to pour out, pour forth (هـ s.th.); -- u (dafq, دفوق dufūq) to be shed; to flow, well out, spout, gush forth; to overflow (0 with s.th.) V to pour forth, spout forth, gush forth; to rush in; to break forth, break out, burst out; to go off (shot); to plunge blindly (في, الى into s.th.); to rush (على against); to crowd (على into) VII = V

دفق dafq pouring out, effusion

دفقة dufqa pl. dufuqāt, dufaqāt, dufqāt = دفعة duf‘a |دفقة واحدة (dufqatan) = دفعة واحدة; دفقات الريح d. ar-rīḥ gusts; دفقة من الماء gush of water

دفاق dafāq bursting forth, darting out, rushing out

تدفق tadaffuq outpour, outflow, issue, effluence, efflux, effusion; influx, run, rush, inrush, inpour; outbreak, outburst; impulsiveness; exuberance, effusiveness

دافق dāfiq pl. دوافق dawāfiq2 bursting forth, breaking out, erupting; gushing, torrential

متدفق mutadaffiq impulsive; exuberant, effusive

دفلى diflā oleander (Nerium oleander L.; bot.)

دفن dafana i (dafn) to bury, inter, inhume (ه s.o.); to hide, conceal, keep secret (هـ s.th.)

دفن dafn burial, interment, inhumation

دفين dafn pl. دفناء dufanā’2 buried, intend; hidden, secret

دفينة dafīna pl. دفائن dafā’in2 hidden treasure, treasure-trove

مدفن madfan, مدفنة madfana pl. مدافن madāfin 2 burying place, burial ground, cemetery

دفاية see دفئ

دق daqqa i (دقة diqqa) to be thin, fine, fragile, frail; to be little, small, tiny, minute; to be subtle, delicate; to be insignificant, unimportant, trifling, inconsiderable; to be too fine, too subtle (عن for perception); -- u (daqq) to crush, bruise, bray (هـ s.th.); to grind, pulverize, powder (هـ s.th.); to pound (هـ s.th., e.g., meat); to strike (clock); to beat, throb (heart); to hammer, throb (engine); to knock, rap, bang (الباب al-bāba on the door); to bump (رأسه بالحائط ra’sahū bi-l-ḥā’iṭ one’s head against the wall); to drive (هـ a nail); to ram in, drive in (constr. eng.); to beat, strum, play (على a musical instrument); to type (على on a typewriter); -- to sound, resound, ring out (said of musical instruments) | دق الجرس (jarasa) to ring the bell; دق جرس الخطر (j. al-kaṭar) to sound the alarm; دق الجرس على to call s.o. up, give s.o. a ring; دق الجرس (jarasu) the bell rang; دقت الساعة the clock struck II to triturate, pulverize, reduce to powder (oil s.th.); to he precise, exact, strict, meticulous, painstaking, proceed with utmost accuracy or care (في in s.th.); to scrutinize, examine closely, determine exactly (ه s.th.); to do (ه s.th.) carefully, with precision! دقق البحث (baḥta) to investigate carefully; دقق النظر (naẓara) to watch attentively or carefully, scrutinize, examine closely (في s.th.); دقق الملاحظة (mulāḥaẓa) to observe closely III to deal scrupulously (ه with s.o.) IV to make fine, make thin (ه s.th.) VII to be crushed, brayed, pounded; to be broken |اندق عنقه (‘unquhū) he broke his neck X to be or become thin or fine

دق daqq crushing, bruising, braying, pounding; pulverization, trituration; grinding (down); beat(ing), throb(bing); bang(ing), knock(ing), rap(ping); tattoo(ing) |دق الجرس d. al-jaras peal, ringing, sound of a bell; دق الحنق d. al-ḥanak chatter, prattle

دق diqq fine, thin; little, small, tiny, minute; delicate, fragile, frail |شجر دق (šajar) shrubbery, brush, scrub; حمى الدق ḥumma d-d. hectic fever

دقة daqqa (n. vic.) pl. -āt bang, knock, rap; beat, throb; stroke, striking (of a clock); hammer, hammering sound; thumping, thump |دقات القلب d. al-qalb heartbeats; دقة الجرس d. al-jaras peal, or ring, of a bell; telephone call, ring

دقة diqqa thinness; fineness; smallness, tininess, minuteness; triviality, pettiness, paltriness; subtlety, subtleness, finesse; critical or precarious state, delicate situation; accuracy, exactness, exactitude, precision |بدقة exactly, accurately, precisely, minutely, painstakingly, meticulously, sharply; دقة الشعور acuteness of feeling, sensitivity, sensitiveness, sensibility

دقة duqqa pl. دقق duqaq fine dust; powder

دقاق duqāq crushed, brayed, or pulverized, substance; powder; dour of lupine

دقيق daqīq pl. دقاق diqaq, ادقة adiqqa fine, thin; delicate, frail, fragile; little, small, tiny, puny, minute; subtle; paltry, petty, trifling, trivial; precise, accurate, exact; painstaking, scrupulous, meticulous; inexorable, relentless, strict, rigorous; delicate (situation), critical, trying, serious, precarious; -- flour, meal |دقيق الحساب keeping strict account, strict, relentless, inexorable; دقيق الشعور sensitive; دقيق الصنع d. aṣ-ṣan‘ finely worked, of delicate workmanship; دقيق النظر d. an-naẓar clear-sighted, penetrating, discerning, sensitive; ابو دقيق abū d. butterfly; الأعضاء الدقيقة (a‘ḍā’) the genitals

دقيقة daqīqa pl. دقائق daqā’iq2 particle; nicety; intricacy; detail, particular; minute (time unit) |دقائق الأمور the niceties, intricacies, or secret implications of things

دقاق daqqāq grinder, crusher; flour merchant; frequently or constantly beating, striking, etc.; player of an instrument |ساعة دقاقة repeater (watch)

دقاقة daqqāqa knocker, rapper (of a door)

ادق adaqq2 finer; more delicate; smaller, tinier; more accurate, preciser; stricter

مدق midaqq beetle; pounder, pestle; (eg.) trail, footpath

مدقة midaqqa pl. مداق madāqq2 pounder, pestle; beetle; clapper. tongue (of a bell)

تدقيق tadqīq accuracy, precision, exactness, exactitude بتدقيق exactly, precisely, accurately, minutely

مدقق mudaqqiq exact, accurate (scholar), thorough (investigator), painstaking, meticulous, strict, relentless

مدقق mudaqqiq precise, exact (data)

داقرة dāqira pl. دواقر dawāqir2 elay vessel 2 (tun.); -- stipend for underprivileged students (tun.)

دقشوم daqšūm (eg.) rubblestone, crushed rock; brickbats, gravel

دقع daqi‘a a (daqa‘) to grovel, cringe; to be miserable, wretched, humble, abject; to live in poverty IV do.; to make miserable (ه s.o.; poverty)

ادقاع iddiqā‘ mass poverty

مدقع mudqi‘ miserable, wretched; degrading, abasing (poverty)

دقل daqal mast (of a ship); mainmast; (coll.; n. un. ة ) a brand of dates of good quality (magr.)

1 دك dakka u (dakk) to make flat, level or even, to smooth, level, ram, stamp, tamp (هـ earth, the ground, a road); to press down, weigh down; to beat down; to devastate, demolish, destroy, ruin (هـ s.th.) II to mix, mingle (ه s.th.) VII to be crushed; to be leveled

دك dakk pl. دكوك dukūk level ground; -- devastation, demolition, destruction

دكة dakka pl. -āt rubblestone, crushed rock; hallast

دكة dikka pl. دكك dikak bench

دكان dukkān pl. دكاكين dakākīn2 bench; store, shop

دكانجي dukkānjī storekeeper, shopkeeper, retailer

مدك midakk pl. -āt ramrod; O tamper rammer

2 دك II to provide (هـ trousers) with a waist-band (dikka or tikka)

دكة dikka (= تكة tikka) waistband (in the upper seam of trousers)

دكتاتورية diktātūrīya dictatorship

دكتاتورى diktātūrī dictatorial

دكتور duktūr pl. كاترة dakātira doctor | دكتور في الحقوق doctor of laws, LL.D.; دكتور في الطب (ṭibb) doctor of medicine, M.D.

دكتوراة duktūrāh doctorate, doctorship, doctor’s degree, title of doctor | الدكتور الفخرية (fakrīya) honorary doctorate

ادكر see ذكر

دكريتو (It. decreto) dikrītō pl. دكريتات decree

1 ادكن adkan2, f. دكناء daknā’2 pl. دكن dukn blackish, dark (color)

داكن dākin dark, dark-colored |احضر داكن dark green; اصفر داكن yellowish, of a dingy yellow, mud-colored

2 دكان see1 دك

دل dalla a (دلالة dalāa) to show, demonstrate, point out (على ه to s.o. s.th.); to lead, guide, direct, conduct (الى or على ه s.o. to), show s.o. (ه ) the way (الى or على to); to show, indicate, mark (على s.th.); to point (على to s.th.), evince, indicate, denote, imply, bespeak, suggest (على s.th.), be indicative, be suggestive (على of); to furnish evidence (على for s.th.), prove (على s.th.); -- (1st pers. perf. dalaltu) i (دلال dalīl) to be coquettish, flirt, dally (of a woman; على with s.o.) II to prove (على s.th.), furnish the proof (على for), confirm, corroborate (ب على s.th. with); to sell or put up at auction, auction off (على s.th.); to pamper, coddle, spoil (ه s.o.); to fondle, caress, pet (ه a child) IV to make free, take liberties (على with s.o.); to pride o.s. (ب on), be conceited (ب of) V to be coquettish, flirt, dally (of a woman; على with s.o.); to be coy, behave affectedly; to take liberties (على with s.o.); to pamper, coddle (على s.o.) X to ask to be shown (على s.th.); to seek information, inform o.s. (على about); to obtain information; to be informed (على about); to be guided (ب by), act or proceed in accordance with (ب ); to conclude, gather, infer (على s.th., ب or من from), draw conclusions (ب or من from, على with regard to), judge (على s.th., ب or من by)

دل dall proper, dignified conduct; coquetry, flirtation

دلة dalla pl. دلال dilāl pot with long curved spout and handle used for making coffee (among Syrian nomads and in some parts of Saudi Arabia)

دلال dalāl coquetry, coquettishness; pampering, coddling, spoiling

دليل dalīl pl. ادلة adilla, دلائل dalā’l2, ادلاء adillā’2 (the latter of persons) indication (على of); sign, token; symptom; proof, evidence (على of); guide; tourist guide, cicerone; pilot (of a ship, of an airplane); guidebook, guide manual, handbook; directory, telephone directory; railroad guide, timetable; guide rail (tech.); roller path (in steel construction) |اقام الدليل على to furnish the proof for, demonstrate, prove s.th.; دليل ظرفي (ẓarfī) circumstantial evidence; دليل قاطع cogent proof, conclusive evidence

دلال dallāl auctioneer; broker, jobber, middleman, agent, commission merchant; hawker

دلالة dalāla pl. -āt pointing; guidance; leading, leadership; indication (على of); sign, token; sense, meaning

دلالة dilāla auction, public sale; business of a broker or middleman; brokerage commission; trade of a dealer, jobber or agent

دلالة dallāla middlewoman, woman broker

ادل adall2 proving more cogently (على s.th.), more indicative or suggestive (على of) |ادل دليل على (dalīlin) the surest evidence of, the best proof of

تدليل tadlīl reasoning, argumentation, demonstration; proving (على of), furnishing of proof or evidence (على for); corroboration, substantiation, confirmation; pampering, oeddling, spoiling; fondling, petting, caressing; pet form (of a name) |اسم التدليل pet name; تدليلا من a pet form of ...

تدلل tadallul coquetry, coquettishness; pampering, coddling, spoiling

استدلال istidlāl reasoning, argumentation, demonstration; conclusion, inference, deduction; proof, evidence (على of)

دالة dālla familiarity, chumminess; liberty (that one takes with s.o.); audacity. boldness

مدلول madlūl proven; (pl. -āt) meaning, sense |مدلولات الكلمات m. al-kalimāt lexical meanings

مدلل mudallal pampered, spoiled (child)

مدل mudill presumptuous, arrogant |مدل بنفسه (bi-nafsihī) conceited, self-important

1 دل dulb plane tree, sycamore (bot.)

2 دولب pl. دواليب look up alphabetically

دلتا Nile Delta, Lower Egypt

دلج IV to set out at nightfall

دلوح dalūḥ pl. دلح duluḥ moisture-laden cloud

دلدل daldala to set into a swinging motion, dangle II tadaldala to hang loosely, dangle

دلدل duldul and دلدول duldūl porcupine (zool.)

دلس II to swindle, cheat; to counterfeit, forge, falsify (هـ s.th.) III to deceive, defraud (ه s.o.), impose (ه on)

تدليس tadlīs deceit, fraud; swindle

تدليسي tadlīsī fraudulent

مدلس mudallas forged, counterfeit |نقود مدلسة counterfeit money; مفاتيح مدلسة forged keys

دلع dala‘a a (dal‘) with لسانه lisānahū: to stick out one’s tongue; to loll, let the tongue hang out II to pamper, spoil (ه a child); to caress, fondle, pet (ه s.o.) IV شيء يدلع نفسه (eg.) a nauseating, disgusting thing VII to stick out, be stuck out, hang out, loll (tongue); to dart out, lick out, leap out. dare up (dame), break out (fire); to be pampered, spoiled (child)

دلع dal‘: اسم الدلع ism ad-d. pet name

دلاع dallā‘ (coll.; n. un. ة ) watermelon (magr.)

دلغان dilgan clay

دلف dalafa i (dalf, دلوف dulūf, دلفان dalafān) to walk with short steps. toddle; to go or walk slowly, saunter, stroll (الى to); to advance (Jo toward); to approach step by step (الى s.o. or s.th.); to penetrate, reach (الى as far as); to grope (الى for, of the hand); to leak, drip, trickle (water)

O دالف dālif pl. دوالف dawālif2 ricochet (mil.)

دلفين dulfīn pl. دلافين dalāfīn2 dolphin

دلق dalaqa u to spill, pour out (هـ a liquid) VII to be spilled (liquid)

دلك dalaka u (dalk) to rub (هـ s.th.); to stroke (هـ s.th.), pass the hand (هـ over s.th.); to knead (العجين the dough); -- u (دلوك dulūk) to set, go down (sun) II to rub (هـ s.th., ه s.o.), embrocate (هـ s.th.); to knead; to massage (ه s.o.)

دلك dalk rubbing; grazing, brushing, touching, touch

دلوك dalūk liniment

دلوك dulūk, دلوك الشمس d. aš-šams sunset

تدليك tadlīk embrocation; massage

مدلكة mudallika pl. -āt masseuse

دله II to rob s.o. (ه ) of his senses, drive (ه s.o.) crazy (love) V to go out of one’s mind, go crazy (with love) |تدلهت في حبه (ḥubbihī) she has fallen in love with him

مدله mudallah madly in love

دلهم IV idlahamma to be dark, gloomy; to be deep-black

دلهم dalham dark, gloomy; deep-black

ادلهمام idlihmām a deep black

مدلهم mudlahimm dark, gloomy; deep-black

دلو II to let hang, dangle (هـ s.th.); to hang, suspend (هـ s.th.); to lower (هـ s.th.); to drop, let down, let fall down (هـ s.th.) IV = II; to cast down (هـ glances, الى on s.o.); to let one’s glance (بانظاره bi-anẓārihī) sweep down; to express, utter, voice (ب s.th., e.g., برأيه bi-ra’yihī one’s opinion); to deliver, make (بتصريح a statement; pol.); to adduce, present, advance, offer (بحجة bi-ḥijjatin an argument); to inform, notify, advise (ب الى s.o. of), let (الى s.o.) know (ب about); to offer, present (ب الى to s.o. s.th.); to grant, give (بحديث ل an interview to s.o.); to slander, defame: asperse (في s.o.) |ادلى دلوه بين الدلاء (dalwahū, dilā’) or ادلى بدلوه في الدلاء to make one’s contribution (together with others), add one’s touch, put in one’s two bits’ worth V to hang down, be suspended, dangle (ب from); to be lowered, be let down; to be or become low; to sink, descend |تدلى للسقوط to threaten to fall down, be ready to fall

دلو dalw usually f., pl. ادل adlin, دلاء dilā’, ادلاء adlā’ leather bucket; bucket, pail; Aquarius (astron.)

دلاية dallāya pendant

ادلاء idlā’ delivery (of a statement); utterance, statement; presentation; granting

دالية dāliya pl. دوال dawālin waterwheel (for irrigation); trellis, espalier on which grapevines are trained; varix, varicose vein

متدل mutadallin pendent, suspended, hanging, dangling; projecting, overhanging, ready to fall down

داليا look up alphabetically

1 دم dam pl. دماء dimā’ blood; دماء homicide cases (jur.) |دم الأخوين d. al-akawain dragon’s blood (a dark-red, resinous substance derived from the dragon tree, Dracaena draco)

دمي damī blood- (in compounds), sanguine

دموي damawī blood- (in compounds), sanguine; sanguinary, bloody

2 دم damma u (damm) to coat, smear, besmear (ب هـ s.th. with); to paint, daub, color, dye, tinge, tint (ب هـ s.th. with) II to rub, embrocate, anoint (ب هـ s.th. with)

دم damm ointment, unguent, salve, liniment, embrocation; paint; pigment, dye, dyestuff; rouge

دمام dimām ointment, unguent, salve, liniment, embrocation; paint; pigment, dye, dyestuff; rouge

دميم damīm pl. دمام dimām ugly; deformed, misshapen | دميم الخلقة d. al-kilqa ugly to look at, of repulsive appearance

دمامي damāma ugliness; ugly appearance; abominableness, monstrosity

الدمام ad-dammām Dammam (seaport in E Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf)

دمث damuta u (دماثة damāta) to be gentle, mild (character) II to soften, mellow (هـ s.th.)

دمث damit pl. دماث dimāt: دمث الأخلاق gentle, mild-tempered

دماثة damāta mildness, gentleness, tenderness (of character)

دمج damaja u (دومج dumūj to enter (في s.th.), go or come into (في ), be inserted, incorporated (في in) II to write shorthand IV to twist tightly, twine firmly (هـ s.th.); to enter, insert, include, incorporate, embody (في هـ s.th. in); to introduce, interpolate, intercalate (في هـ s.th. in); to annex (في s.th. to) VII to be inserted, he incorporated (في in); to be annexed (في to); to merge (في with), be swallowed up, he absorbed (في by); to be fused, fuse, amalgamate

تدميج tadmīj shorthand, stenography

ادماج idmāj insertion, incorporation, interpolation; inclusion (في in); assimilation

اندماج indimāj incorporation, insertion (في in); amalgamation, merger, merging (في with); absorption (في by); annexation (في to); fusion; assimilation

مدمج mudmaj firm, compact

مندمج mundamij firm, compact, tight

دمجانة damajāna (also دامجانة ) pl. -āt demijohn, carboy

دمدم damdama to mutter, grumble, growl, snarl

دمدم damdama pl. -āt growl, snarl; rumbling noise, rumble

1 دمر damara u to perish, he ruined, he destroyed II to annihilate, destroy, ruin, demolish, wreck (هـ s.th.) V to he destroyed, demolished, ruined, wrecked VII to he destroyed, be annihilated

دمار damār ruin, destruction

تدمير tadmīr annihilation, destruction, demolition

اندمار indimār utter defeat, rout, destruction, annihilation

مدمرة mudammira pl. -āt destroyer (naut.)

2 دمور dammūr (eg.) a coarse calico-like fabric

دموري dammūrī (eg.) made of dammūr (see above)

3 دميرة damīra (eg.) flood season of the Nile

4 لا دومرى lā dūmarī (= لا تدمري ) nobody, no one, not a living soul

5 تدمر tadmur2, usually pronounced tudmur, Palmyra (ancient city in Syria, now a small village)

تدمري tadmurī, usually pronounced tudmurī, someone, somebody; لا تدمري nobody, no one, not a living soul

دمس damasa u to hide, conceal, disguise (هـ s.th.); to bury (ه في الأرض s.o. in the ground) II do.

دمس dims (eg.) cinders, ashes

دماسة damāsa darkness

ادماس admās (pl.) hovels, shanties, huts

دموس dammūs pl. دماميس damāmīs2 cave, cavern

ديماس daimās, dīmās, ديموس daimūs pl. دياميس dayāmīs2 dungeon; vault

دامس dāmis pitch-dark; dark, gloomy, dusky

فول مدمس fūl mudammas stewed beans

دمشق dimašq2, dimišq2 Damascus (capital of Syria)

مدمشق mudamšaq damascened, damasked; (syr.) having adopted a sophisticated style of living (imitating that of Damascus), urbanized

دمع dama‘a a to water (eye) IV to cause to weep, evoke tears, make (the eyes) water

دمع dam‘ pl. دموع dumū‘ tears

دمعة dam‘a (n. un.) tear, teardrop; (eg.) dim‘a gravy

دمعي dam‘ī: قنبلة دمعية (qunbula) teargas bomb

دمعة dam‘a and دميع damī’ pl. دمعى dam‘ā, دمائع damā’i‘2 readily inclined to weep, frequently weeping, tearful, lachrymose (woman)

دموع damū‘ and دماع dammā‘ watering, watery, tearful (eyes)

مدمع madma‘ pl. مدامع madāmi‘ lachrymal canal

1 دمغ damaga a to refute, invalidate (هـ a falsehood, an error, a false accusation); to triumph (هـ over falsehood; said of truth)

دماغ dimāg pl. ادمغة admiga brain

دامغة dāmiga cogent argument; شهادة دامغة (šahāda) irrefutable testimony

2 دمغ damaga u (damg) to stamp, provide or mark with a stamp (هـ s.th.); to hallmark (هـ gold and silver articles); to brand (هـ an animal)

دمغ damg stamping |دمغ المصوغات d. al-maṣūgāt hallmarking of gold and silver articles

دمغة damga stamp; hallmark (on gold and silver articles) |ورق دمغة waraq d. stamped paper

مدموغ madmūg stamped, bearing a stamp

دمقراطي dimuqrāṭī democratic; democrat

دمقراطية dimuqrāṭīya democracy; democratic attitude or conviction

دمقس dimaqs raw silk

دمقسي dimaqsī silken, silky

مدموك madmūk and مدمك mudmak firm, tight, taut

دمل damala u (daml, دملان damalān) to fertilize, manure, dung (هـ the soil); -- damila a (damal) to heal, heal up, scar over, cicatrize (wound) VII to heal, heal up, scar overt cicatrize (wound); to fester, suppurate (sore)

دمل dummal (n. un. ة ) pl. دمامل damāmil 2, دماميل damāmīl2 abscess, boil, sore, tumor, ulcer; furuncle; bubo, plague boil; inveterate evil

طاعون دملي ṭā‘ūn dummalī bubonic plague

دملج dumluj pl. دمالج damālij2, bracelet, bangle

1 دمن damana u (damn) to fertilize, manure, dung (هـ the soil) IV to give o.s. up, devote o.s., apply o.s. (على or هـ to), go in for (على or هـ ); to be addicted (على e.g., to liquor)

دمن dimn (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. دمن diman fertilizer, manure, dung

دمنة dimna pl. دمن diman vestiges or remnants of a dwelling, ruins

دمان damān fertilizer, manure, dung

ادمان idmān addiction; excess; mania; dipsomania |ادمان المسكرات i. al-muskirāt alcoholism

مدمن mudmin addicted, given up (على e.g., to wine); an addict (على of)

2 دمان dumān see دومان

دمنهور damanhūr2 Damanhur (city in N Egypt)

دموي see1 دم

1 دمى damiya a to bleed II and IV to cause to bleed

دام dāmin bleeding, bloody, gory

مدمى mudamman, f. مدماة bloody; blood-red

2 دمية dumya pl. دمى duman statue, statuette; image, effigy; dummy; doll

دمياط dimyāṭ2 Damietta (city in N Egypt)

دن danna u (dann, دنين danīn) to buzz, hum (insect); to drone

دن dann and دنين danīn buzz(ing), hum(ming), droning, drone

دن dann pl. دنان dinān earthen wine jug

دنأ dana’a a and دنؤ danu’a u (دنوءة dunū’a, دناءة danā’a) to be low, mean, base, vile, contemptible, despicable

دنيء danī’ pl. ادنياء adniyā’2, ادناء adnā’ low, base, mean, vile, despicable, contemptible; inferior, second-rate, of poor quality

ادنأ adna’2 lower, viler, meaner; more inferior, of poorer quality

دناءة danā’a lowness, baseness, meanness, vileness; inferiority

دنتلا , دنتلة (Fr. dentelle) dantilla lace, lacework

دنجل dinjil (eg.) pl. دناجل danājil2 axle, axle-tree

دندرمه (Turk. dondurma) dandurma ice cream

دنادشة danādiša common people, people of no consequence

دندن dandana to buzz, hum; to drone; to hum softly, croon (a song); to murmur

دندي dindī (eg.) turkey

دينار pl. دنانير look up alphabetically

دنس danisa a (danas) to be soiled, sullied, defiled, polluted II to stain, soil, dirty, befoul, sully, pollute, contaminate (هـ s.th.); to dishonor, disgrace (هـ s.th.); to desecrate (هـ s.th.) V pass. of II

دنس danas pl. ادناس adnās uncleanness, dirt, filth, squalor; stain, blemish, fault

دنس danis pl. ادناس adnās, دنساء dunasā’2 unclean, soiled, sullied, foul, polluted, defiled, stained

تدنيس tadnīs pollution, defilement, soiling, sullying, contamination; dishonoring, disgracing; desecration, profanation

دنف danifa a (danaf) to be seriously ill IV do.

دنف danif pl. ادناف adnāf seriouly ill

دنف danaf long illness; O cachexia, marasmus (med.)

مدنف mudnif, mudnaf emaciated, haggard, weak

دانق look up alphabetically

دنقلة dunqula Dongola (town in N Sudan, on the Nile)

دنكل = دنجل

دنمرك danmark2 Denmark

(دنو and دنى) دنا danū u (دنو dunūw, دناوة danāwa) to be near, be close; to come or go near s.o. or s.th. (من or الى or ل ), approach (من, الى, ل s.o., s.th.); to come close, get close (من, الى, ل to), approximate (من, الى, ل s.th.); to draw near, be imminent (time, event); دنا به من to bring s.o. close to ...; -- دني daniya a (دنا danan, دناية danaya) to be low, lowly; to be or become mean, base, vile, despicable, contemptible II to bring close (هـ s.th., ه s.o., من to), bring, take or move (هـ s.th., ه s.o.) near (من ), approximate (هـ s.th., من to); to apply o.s. (في to s.th.), busy o.s. (في with s.th.), delve (في into); دنى نفسه (nafsahū) to lower o.s., abase o.s., humble o.s. III to approach (ه s.o., هـ s.th.), come or get near s.o. or s.th. (ه, هـ ), come or get close (ه هـ to); to approximate (هـ s.th.); to measure up (هـ, ه to) |شيء لا يدانى (yudānā) an unequaled thing IV to be near, be close; to approach (من or الى or ل s.o. or s.th.), come, go or draw near s.o. or s.th. (من, الى, ل ), come close, get close (من, الى, ل to); to bring close (ه s.o., هـ s.th., من to), bring, take or move (ه s.o., هـ s.th.) near (من ), approximate (هـ s.th., من to); to lower, drop (هـ s.th., e.g., the veil) V to approach gradually (الى s.th. or s.o.); to be debased, sink low, sink, decline; to lower o.s., abase o.s., humble o.s. VI to come near each other, get close to each other, approach one another; to be close together; to approach, approximate (من s.th.) VIII ادنى iddanā to be near, be close, come or draw near, approach X to wish to be nearer or closer, try to come nearer or closer; to seek to fetch or bring closer (هـ s.th., الى to, to o.s.), reach out (هـ for s.th.), wish (اليه ه for s.th.)

دنو dunūw advent, approach; proximity, nearness, imminence (of an event)

دنى danīy pl. ادنياء adniyā’ near, close; low, lowly; mean, base, vile, despicable, contemptible, inferior, infamous, depraved

دنية danīy pl. -āt, دنايا danāyā a base quality or habit; s.th. disgraceful, infamy, vile action

ادنى adnā, f. دنيا dunyā pl. m. ادان adānin, ادنون adnūn pl. f. دنى dunan nearer, closer; situated lower down, nether; lower, inferior; lowlier; smaller, of less significance; more appropriate, better suited, more suitable |الشرق الأدنى (šarq) the Near East; المغرب الأدنى (magrib) Algeria; ادنى من حبل الوريد (ḥabli al-warīd) very near or close, imminent; الأقارب الأدنون the closest relatives; من ادناه الى اقصاه (aqṣāhū) from one end to the other; wholly, entirely, completely, altogether; الحد الأدنى (ḥadd) the minimum; ادناه hereinafter, below (in writings, documents, etc.) e.g., الموقعون ادناه (muwaqqi‘ūn) those signed below, the undersigned; لا ادنى (with foll. genit.) not the least, not a single, not one

دنيا dunyā (f. of ادنى adnā) world; earth; this world (as opposed to آخرة ); life in this world. worldly existence; worldly. temporal things or possessions; earthly things or concerns |الحياة الدنيا life in this world; ام الدنيا umm ad-d. Cairo; اقام الدنيا واقعدها aqāma d-d. wa-aq‘adahā approx.: to kick up a dust, make a stir, move heaven and earth

دنيوي dunyawī, دنياوي dunyāwī worldly, mundane, secular; earthly, temporal, transitory, transient

دناوة danāwa nearness, closeness, proximity, propinquity; lowness, lowliness; meanness, baseness, vileness

دناية danāya lowness, lowliness; meanness, baseness, vileness

تدن tadannin sinking, decline; low level, nadir (fig.) |التدني الأخلاقي (a­klāqī) the low level of morality, the moral decline

دان dānin low; near, close

متدان mutadānin close together

دهر dahr pl. دهور duhūr, ادهر adhur time; long time, age, epoch; lifetime; eternity; fate, destiny |بنات الدهر banāt ad-d. blows of fate, trials, afflictions, misfortune; تصاريف الدهر and صروف الدهر vicissitudes of fate. changes of fortune; adversities, adverse circumstances; دهر الداهرين dahra d-dāhirīn for all eternity, foever and ever; الى أخر الدهر ilā ākir d-d. do.; لا الدهر كله (ad-dahra kullahū) never in all one’s life

دهري dahrī an adherent of the dahrīya, a materialistic, atheistic doctrine in Islam; atheist, freethinker

دهري duhrī very old, far advanced in years

دهس dahasa a (= داس ) to trample underfoot, trample down, crush (هـ s.th.), tread (هـ on s.th.); to run over (ه s.o.)

دهش dahiša a and pass. duhiša to be astonished, amazed, surprised (من or ل at); to wonder, marvel (من at); to be baffled, startled, puzzled, perplexed, taken aback (من or ل by) II and IV to astonish, amaze, surprise, baffle, puzzle, perplex, startle (ه s.o.) VII = dahiša دهش dahaš perplexity, surprise, consternation, alarm, dismay

دهش dahiš astonished, amazed, surprised; baffled, puzzled, nonplused, perplexed, startled, disconcerted, alarmed, upset; dazed, stunned

دهشة dahša astonishment, amazement, surprise, wonder; perplexity, consternation, bafflement, bewilderment, dismay, alarm

اندهاش indihāš astonishment, amazement; perplexity, consternation, bafflement, bewilderment

مدهش mudhiš astonishing, amazing, surprising, marvelous; pl. -āt amazing things, marvels, wonders

مدهوش madhūš and مندهش mundahiš astonished, amazed, surprised; perplexed, baffled, puzzled, nonplused, startled; overwhelmed

1 دهق dahaq stocks (to hold the feet of an offender by way of punishment)

دهاق diḥāq full (cup), brimful

2 دهقان dihqān, pl. دهاقنة dahāqina, دهاقين dahāqīn2 man of importance, one who plays an important role, leading personality; grandee (in ancient Persia) | دهاقين السياسة d. as-siyāsa the political leaders

دهك dahaka a (dahk) to crush; to mash (هـ s.th.)

دهلز II tadahlaza to stroll about, walk about (in a hall)

دهليز dihlīz pl. دهاليز dahālīz 2 anteroom, vestibule, lobby, foyer; corridor, hall-way |ابن الدهليز ibn ad-d. pl. ابناء الدهاليز foundling

دهلي dihlī Delhi

دهم dahama a (dahm) and dahima a (daham) to come or descend (ه upon s.o.) suddenly; to surprise, take unawares, take by surprise (ه s.o.), come unexpectedly (ه to s.o.); to enter suddenly, raid, invade (هـ s.th.) II to blacken (ه s.th.) III to befall, seize, grip, attack (ه s.o.), come over s.o. (ه ; e.g., sickness, despair); to surprise, take unawares, catch red-handed (ه s.o.); to attack suddenly (ه s.o.), fall upon s.o. (ه ), invade, raid (ه e.g., a house); to overtake (ه s.o.; fate), catch up with (ه ) IX to be black

دهمة duhma blackness

ادهم adham2, f. دهماء dahmā’ 2, pl. دهم duhm black, deep-black |داهية دهماء (dahiya) disaster, catastrophe

الدهماء ad-dahmā’ 2 the masses, the common people, the populace, also دهماء الناس

مداهمة mudāhama police raid; house search

مدهم mudhamm very dark, pitch-dark

دهن dahana u (dahn) to oil (ه, هـ s.th., s.o., ب with); to anoint (ه, هـ s.th., s.o., ب with); to grease, smear (ب, هـ s.th., s.o., ب with); to rub, embrocate (ه, هـ s.th., s.o., ب with); to paint, daub (ه s.th.); to varnish (هـ s.th.) II do. III to treat with gentleness (ه s.o.); to cajole, flatter (ه s.o.), fawn (ه on s.o.); to cheat, dupe, gull, take in, outsmart (ه s.o.) V pass. of I

دهن dahn oiling, greasing; painting, daubing

دهن duhn pl. ادهان adhān, دهون duhūn, -āt, دهان dihān oil (edible, lubricating, for the skin); fat, grease

دهن duhnī oily, oil, oleic, oleo- (in compounds); fatty, greasy

دهنيات duhnīyāt fats, oils; fatty substances

دهناء dahnā’ desert

دهان dahhān house painter, painter

دهينة dahīna pomade

دهان dihān pl. -āt, ادهنة adhina cosmetic cream, cold cream, salve, ointment, unguent; consecrated oil, anointing oil; paint, varnish; hypocrisy, dissimulation, deceit; -- (without pl.) painting, daubing; whitewashing | ورشة للدهان (warša) paintshop

مداهنة mudāhana flattery, adulation, sycophancy, fawning; hypocrisy, dissimulation; deceit, trickery

مداهن mudāhin flatterer, adulator, sycophant; hypocrite

مدهن mudhin oily; fatty, greasy

دهور dahwara to hurl down (هـ s.th.); to tear down, topple, overthrow (هـ s.th.) II tadahwara pass. of I; to fall, tumble; to slump, sink; to be dragged down, sink to the lowest level

تدهور tadahwur fall, downfall; decline, slump

دهي dahiya a (دهاء dahā’) to be clever, smart, cunning, artful, wily; -- dahā a to befall, overtake, hit, strike (ه s.o.), come over s.o. (ه ; misfortune) II = dahā VI to pretend to be smart or cunning

دهاء dahā’ smartness, slyness, shrewdness, subtlety, cunning, craft

ادهى adhā smarter, shrewder; craftier, wilier; more skillful, subtler, more resourceful; worse, more calamitous

داه dāhin pl. دهاة duhāh smart, sly, shrewd, subtle, cunning, wily, artful; resourceful person

داهية dāhiya smart fellow, old fox, sly dog

داهية dāhiya pl. دواه dawāhin calamity, disaster, catastrophe |داهية دهياء (dahyā’) and داهية دهماء (dahmā’) disaster, catastrophe; فليذهب في داهية (fal-yadhab) let him go to hell!

داء (دوء ) dā’ pl. ادواء adwā’ disease, malady |داء الثعلب d. at-ta‘lab alopecia, loss of the hair; O داء الرقص d. ar-raqṣ St. Vitus’s dance; O داء الفيل d. al-fīl elephantiasis; داء المنطقة d. al-minṭaqa shingles, herpes zoster (med.)

دواء see دوى

دوب II to wear out, wear off (هـ s.th.)

دوبرة dūbara packthread, string, twine, cord, rope; thread

دوبيت dūbait a rhymed poem consisting of four hemistichs

دوح VII to spread

دوح dauḥ branching trees, branches

دوحة dauḥa tall tree with many branches; family tree, genealogical table

داحة dāḥa top (child’s toy)

داخ (دوخ ) dāka u (dauk) to conquer, subjugate (الى a. country); to resign o.s., humble o.s.; to be or become dizzy, have a feeling of dizziness; to feel ill, be sick, feel nausea II to conquer, subjugate (هـ a people); to make submissive, subdue, humble, humiliate, degrade (ه s.o.); to make (ه s.o.) dizzy; to molest, bother, trouble (ه s.o.); to daze, stun (ه s.o.) |دوخ رأسه (ra’sahū) to make s.o.’s head go round, make s.o. dizzy

دوخة dauka vertigo, dizziness; coma; nausea

دائخ dā’ik dizzy

تدويخ tadwīk subjugation, conquest

1 دود II to be or become worm-eaten

دود dūd (coll.; n. un. ة ) pl. ديدان dīdān worm; maggot; larva; caterpillar | دودة الحرير and دود القز d. al-qazz silkworm; دود القرع d. al-qar‘, دود قرعي (qar‘ī) ascarids; دود القرمز d. al-qirmiz cochineal; دود المش d. al-mišš cheese maggots; الدودة الوحيدة tapeworm

دودي dūdī wormlike, worm-shaped, vermiform.

مدود madūd, mudawwid wormy, worm-eaten

2 مدود midwad = مذود

دار (دور ) dāra u (daur, دوران dawarān)to turn, revolve, rotate, move in a circle (على, ب, حول around s.th. or s.o.), circle (على, ب, حول s.th. or s.o.); to begin to turn or rotate; to circulate; to go round, spread, be current, make the rounds (of rumors, etc.); to run, be in operation (of a machine or engine); to start running, start up (engine); to walk or go about, run around; to roam, rove, move about, wander about, gad about; to make the rounds (على among people), turn successively (على to several people); to turn, turn one’s face, wheel around; to veer, shift, change its direction; to change, take a different turn, become different; to turn (على against s.o.); to have to do, deal (حول or على with), treat (حول or على of), refer (حول or على to), bear (حول or على on), concern (حول or على s.th.); to take place, be going on, be in progress, be under way; to be discussed, be talked about (بين among); to circulate, pass around (ب s.th.); to lead, guide or &how around (ب s.o.); to let roam, let wander (بنظره, بعينه bi-naẓarihī, bi-‘ainaihi one’s eyes, one’s glance, في over) |در dur! about face! (command; mil.); دار رأسه (ra’suhū) to be or become dizzy, giddy; دار مع الفرص (furaṣ) to trim sail, adapt o.s. to the situation; دارت رحى الحرب (raḥā l-ḥarb) war broke out; المعارك التي دارت رحالها امس the battles that raged yesterday; دار بنفسه (bi-nafsihī) it passed through his mind; دار على الألسن (alsun) to be much-discussed, be on everyone’s lips; دار على الأفواه واسلات الأقلام (afwāh, asalāt al-aqlāmi to be current in both the spoken and written language, be in general use, be generally accepted (e.g., words); دار بلادا واكل اعيادا (bilādan, a‘yādan) he had bean around in the world and had seen a lot; (colloq.) دار باله (bālahū) to pay attention (الى, على to), be careful (الى, على with); دارت عليهم الدائرة calamity overtook them II to turn in a circle, spin, whirl, rotate, revolve (ب, هـ s.th.); to turn, turn around (ب, هـ s.th.); to invert, reverse (ب, هـ s.th.); to make round, to round (هـ s.th.); to circulate, pass around (هـ s.th.); to set going, set in motion, start (هـ s.th.); to wind (هـ a watch, a clock); to look, search (على for s.th.) |دور رأسه (ra’sahū) to turn s.o.’s head, persuade s.o., bring s.o. round III to go or walk around (ه with s.o.); to try to bring (ه s.o.) round; to ensnare, inveigle (ه s.o.); to try to ensnare (ه s.o.); to try to deceive (ه s.o.); to cheat, trick (على or عن ه s.o. out of s.th.); to get away, escape, dodge, duck out IV to turn, revolve, rotate, spin, whirl (هـ, ب s.th.); to turn around, turn (هـ, ب s.th., رأسه الى one’s head toward); to direct (على or الى هـ s.th. to, toward), aim (على or الى هـ s.th. at); to circulate, pass around (هـ s.th.); to set in operation, set going, set in motion (هـ a machine, an apparatus); to start, start up (المحرك al-muḥarrik the motor); to play, play back (هـ e.g., شرائط ناطقة tapes); to act upon s.th. (هـ ), drive (هـ s.th.); to get under way (هـ a job, a project); to take up (هـ s.th.); to initiate (هـ s.th.); to divert, turn away (عن هـ, ه s.o., s.th. from); to direct, conduct, steer, manage, head, run (هـ s.th.), be in charge (هـ of); to revolve in one’s mind, think over, ponder (هـ s.th., ان that) |ادار بوجهه الى (bi-wajhihī) to turn around to s.o., look back at s.o.; ادار رأسه (ra’sahū) to turn s.o.’s head, persuade s.o., bring s.o. round; ادار الحديث في الموضوع to bring conversation around to a topic, broach or discuss a subject V to be or become round; to be circular X do.; to circle, rotate, revolve, spin, turn; to turn (الى to), face (الى s.o.); to turn around; to turn one’s head, look back; to circle (حول s.th.), walk around s.th. (~حول )

دار dār f., pl. دور dūr, ديار diyār, ديارات diyārāt, ديرة diyara house; building, structure, edifice; habitation, dwelling, abode; residence, home; seat, side, locality; area, region; land, country (esp. pl. ديار see below |دار الآثار museum (of antiquities); دار البريد post office; دار البقاء d. al-baqā’ the eternal abode, the hereafter; الدار الباقية (bāqiya) do.; انتقل للدار الباقية to pass away, die; ال دار البيضاء (baiḍā’) Casablanca (seaport in W Morocco); the White House (in Washington); دار التجارة commercial house, business house; دار الحرب d. al-ḥarb war zone, enemy territory (Isl. Law: non-Muslim countries); دار الرياسة seat of the chief executive of a country; دار السعادة d. as-sa‘āda Constantinople; دار السلطنة d. as-salṭana Constantinople (designation before World War I); دار السلام d. as-salām paradise, heaven; epithet of Baghdad; Dar es Salaam (seaport and capital of Tanganyika Territory); دور السينما cinemas, movie houses; دار السلطة d. aš-šurṭa police station; دار الصنعة or دار الصناعة arsenal; دار صيني (ṣīnī) cinnamon; دار الضرب d. aḍ-ḍarb and دار السكة d. as-sikka mint (building); الديار العراقية (‘irāqīya) Iraq; دار العلوم name of a college in Cairo; دار الفناء d. al-fanā’ (as opposed to دار البقاء see above) the temporal world, this world; دار القضاء d. al-qaḍā’ court of justice, tribunal; دار الكتب d. al-kutub public library; دور اللهو d. al-lahw amusement centers; night clubs; دار التمثيل theater, playhouse; دار الملك d. al-mulk (royal) residence; الديار المصرية (miṣrīya) Egypt; دار الهجرة d. al-hijra Medina; دار الأيتام d. al-aitām orphanage, orphans’ home

دارة dāra pl. -āt halo (of the moon); circle; O (el.) circuit; O villa

دارى dārī domestic, native

دورى dūrī domestic (animal); عصفور دوري (‘uṣfūr) and دوري house sparrow

دور daur pl. ادوار adwār round (of a patrol; in sports); role, part (played by s.o. or s.th.); film role, stage role; periodic change, rotation, alternation; crop rotation; period; (one’s) turn; phase, stage, step, degree, station; epoch, age. era; fit, attack, paroxysm (of a disease); floor, story; musical composition; number, single performance (within a program) |دور وتسلسل (wa-tasalsul) vicious circle, circulus vitiosus; دور نهائي (nihā’ī) final round, finals (athlet.); دور الانعقاد d. al-in‘iqād session, term (parl.); الدور الأول (awwal) or دور البطولة d. al-buṭūla leading role, starring role; قام بدور or لعب دورا (la‘iba) to play a part or role; دور ارضي (arḍī) ground floor, first floor; كان دوره it was his turn; الدور له it is his turn; (انا) بدوري I for one; (I) for my part, (هو) بدوره he in turn, (he) for his part; بالدور alternately, by turns

دورة daura pl. -āt turn, revolution, gyration, rotation; circulation; cycle; circuit; round, patrol; procession (Chr.); round trip; tour (in general, of an artist or performer); detour; period (O also el.); session (of parliament); course (of instruction) (ir., syr.) |الدورة الدموية (damawīya) blood circulation; الدورة الجوية (jawwīya) air circulation; دورة اجتياز (تجاوز) الرتبة d. ijtiyāz (tajāwuz) ar-rutba officers’ training course (mil., Syr.); دورة زراعية (zirā‘īya) crop rotation; دورة تشريعية (tašrī‘īya) legislative period; دورة الفلك d. al-falak revolution of celestial bodies; دورة التفافية (iltifāfīya) flanking maneuver (mil.); دورة مالية (mālīya) financial period, fiscal year; دورة المياه d. al-miyāh lavatory (with running water), toilet, water closet

دوري daurī patrolling, patrol- (in compounds); periodic, occurring at regular stated times, recurring, intermittent; circulatory, cyclic, etc., see دور and دورة series (athlet.) الجهاز الدوري (jahāz) the circulatory system

دورية daurīya pl. -āt patrol, round; patrol, reconnaissance squad |دوريات الاستكشاف reconnaissance squads, patrols

داورية dāwirīya = دورية daurīya

دير dair pl. اديار adyār, اديرة adyira, ديورة duyūra monastery, convent, cloister

ديري dairī monastic, ministerial, cloistral

ديرة dīra region, area, land, homeland (bedouin)

دوار duwār, dawār vertigo, dizziness, giddiness; seasickness

دوار dawwār rapidly or constantly turning, whirling, spinning, rotating, circling, circulating; revolving, rotary, rotatory; whirlpool, eddy, vortex; itinerant, ambulant, roving; (eg.) farm building, farm |باب دوار revolving door; بائع دوار peddler, hawker; جهاز حفر دوار (jahāz ḥafr) rotary drilling rig; دار الشمس d. aš-šams sunflower

ديار dayyār monastic, friar, monk

ديرانى dairānī monastic, friar, monk

دوارة dawwāra whirlpool, eddy, vortex; compass, pair of dividers (syr.) |O دوارة الهواء d. al-hawā’ weather vane

دياري diyārī domestic; native

دوران dawarān turn(ing), rotation, revolution, gyration; circulation, circling, circuiting; round trip, tour

ادور adwar2 (elative): ادور على الألسن (alsun) more talked about, more frequently expressed or discussed

مدار madār pl. -āt orbit; circling, circuiting, circuit, revolution; axis; pivot; (fig.) that upon which s.th. turns or depends, the central, cardinal, or crucial factor, the pivot; center; subject, topic, theme (of a conversation, of negotiations); scope, range, extent, sphere; tropic (geogr.); O steering wheel |مدار السرطان m. as-saraṭān Tropic of Cancer, مدار الجدي m. al-jady Tropic of Capricorn; كان مداره على it (i.e., the dispute, or the like) was about ..., it hinged on ...; على مدار السنة (m. is-sana) throughout the year, all year round

تدوير tadwīr recitation of the Koran at medium speed (between tartīl and ḥadr; a technical term of tajwīd)

مداورة mudāwara pl. -āt cheating, humbug, trickery; outwitting; attempted evasion or circumvention, shift, dodge; persuasion, inveigling, ensnaring

ادارة idāra turning; turning around or over, reverting, reversion, inversion; starting, setting in operation; operation; drive (techn.); direction, management; administration; administrative agency, department, office, bureau |ادارة الأمن i. al-amn the police; ادارة عرفية (‘urfīya) military administration; سوء الإدارة sū’ al-i. mismanagement, maladministmtion; مجلس الإدارة Majlis al-i. board of directors, administrative board, committee of management; مرنز الإدارة markaz al-i. administration center, headquarters

اداري idārī administrative, departmental; administrative officer; manager (athlet.); اداريا idāriyan through administrative channels, administratively, officially

استدارة istidāra roundness, rotundity, circularity

دائر dā’ir turning, revolving, spinning; circulating; current (e.g., expression), common; ambulant, itinerant; in progress, under way j working, in operation; running (machine, engine); round

دائرة dā’ira pl. دوائر dawā’ir2 circle (also math.); ring; circumference, perimeter, periphery; sphere, scope, range, compass, extent, circuit; field, domain (fig.); official agency, department (esp. Ir., Syr., Leb.); office, bureau; department of a court of justice (Eg., Tun.); farm, country estate (eg.); misfortune, calamity, affliction |في دائرة within the framework of ...; على شكل نصف دائرة ‘alā šakli niṣfi d. semicircular; نقطة الدائرة nuqṭat ad-d. essential factor, pivot, crucial point, crux; O دائرة كهربائية (kahrabā’īya) electric circuit; O دائرة قصيرة short circuit (el.); دائرة المعارف encyclopedia; دوائر الحكومة government circles, الدوائر الرسمية (السياسية، العسكرية ) (rasmīya, siyāsīya, ‘askarīya) official (political, military) circles or quarters (journ.); دائرة الاختصاص jurisdiction (of an official agency, esp., of a court of justice); الدائرة السنية (sanīya) civil list; دائرة استئنافية (isti’nāfīya) appellate court (Eg.; jur.); دائرة انتخابية (intikābīya) electoral district; دارت عليه الدوائر to suffer adversities

دائري dā’irī circular, ring-shaped, annular

مدور mudawwar round, circular

مدير mudīr head, chief, director; administrator; manager; intendant, superintendent; rector (of a university); mudir, chief officer of a mudiria, approx. = governor (Eg.); (pl. مدراء mudarā’2) administrative officer at the head of a county (Syr., Leb., Ir., Saudi Ar.) | مدير الجوق m. al-jauq bandleader, conductor of an orchestra

مديرة mudīra directress; administratress

مديرية mudīrīya direction; administration; management; -- (pl. -āt) mudiria, province (Eg.); approx.: main department of a ministry (Ir.)

مستدير mstadīr round; circular |مؤتمر المائدة المستديرة (mu’tamar al-mā’idat al-m.) roundtable conference

دورق dauraq pl. دوارق dawāriq2 (eg.) bulging vessel with a long, slender neck, carafe

دوزن dauzana to tune (a musical instrument); O to tune in (radio)

دوزان dūzān and دوزنة dauzana tuning (of a musical instrument); دوزنة O tuning (radio)

دوزينة (It. dozzina) dōzīna dozen

داس (دوس ) dāsa u (daus, دياس diyās) to tread, step (هـ on); to tread (هـ s.th.); to tread down, trample down, trample underfoot, crush (هـ s.th.); to thresh (grain); to treat with disdain, humiliate (ه s.o.); to run over (ه s.o.; automobile) VII pass. of I

دوس daus treading, trampling, tread, step

ديسة dīsa dense forest, jungle, thicket

دواسة dawwāsa pedal

مداس madās shoe, sandal

مدوس madūs, مداس mudās trodden, trampled down; crushed; run over

دوسنطاريا dusinṭāriyā, دوسنتاريا dysentery

دوسية (Fr. dossier) dosyē, دوسيه dōsē pl. -āt dossier, file

1 دوش (eg.) dawaš to irritate (ه s.o.) or drive s.o. crazy by noise

دوشة dauša (eg.) din, noise, clamor, uproar, hubbub, hullabaloo

2 دوش (Fr. douche) dūš pl. -āt shower, douche

دوطة (It. dote) dōṭa dowry

دوغ II to imprint a mark, to brand

داغ dāg pl. -āt brand (on cattle)

داف (دوف ) dāfa u (dauf) to mix, mingle (في هـ s.th. with); to add, admix (في هـ s.th. to)

دوق dūq duke

دوقة dūqa duchess

دوقي dūqī ducal

دوقية dūqīya dukedom, duchy

دوك II to chatter, prattle

دوك dauka din, row, hubbub, turnult, confusion

1 دال (دول ) dāla u" (دولة daula) to change periodically, take turns, alternate, rotate; to change, turn (time, fortune) |دالت دولة الاستبداد the time of absolutism is over, belongs to the past; دالت له الدولة fortune has turned in his favor (عليه against him) III to alternate, rotate (هـ, ه s.o., s.th.); to cause to succeed by turns or to follow one another (الأيام al-ayyāma the days; God); to alternate (بين between); to confer, talk (ه with s.o., في about), discuss (في ه with s.o. s.th.) IV to give ascendancy, afford superiority, give the upper hand (من ه to s.o. over); to make victorious, let triumph (على ه s.o. over), grant victory (على ه to s.o. over); to replace (ب هـ or من s.th. with), exchange, substitute (ب هـ or من for s.th. s.th.) |اديل لبني العباس من بني امية udīla li-banī 1-‘abbās min banī umayyata the rule passed from the Ommaiads to the Abbasides VI to alternate, take turns (هـ with or in s.th., e.g., in some work); to hand each other s.th. (هـ ), pass s.th. (هـ ) alternately between themselves; to handle alternately (هـ different things), take now this, now that; to exchange (الرأى ar-ra’y views); to make frequent use (هـ of s.th.); to confer, have a discussion, take counsel, deliberate; to parley, negotiate; to circulate, be in circulation, be current, have currency |تداولته الأيدي tadāwalathu l-aidī it passed from hand to hand, it made the rounds, it circulated; تداولته الألسن (alsun) it passed from mouth to mouth, it was the talk of the town, it was on everybody’s lips

دولة daula pl. دول duwal alternation, rotation, change; change of time, turn of fortune; dynasty; state, country; power, empire |صاحب الدولة title of the Prime Minister; دولة رئيس الحكومة daulat r. al-ḥ. His Excellency, the Prime Minister; فخامة الدولة fakāmat ad-d. title of the President of the Republic (Syr., Leb.); الدولة العلية (‘alīya) name of the ancient Ottoman Empire; الدول الكبرى (العظمى ) (kubrā, ‘uẓmā) the big powers; دولة منتدبة (muntadaba) mandatory power

دولة (dam., pronounced dōle = ركوة rakwa) metal vessel with long curved handle used for making coffee

دولي daulī state (adj.); duwalī international

دولية duwalīya internationality; internationalism; the International

دويلات duwailāt petty states, small countries

دواليك dawālaika alternately, by turns; successively, one by one, one after the other |وهكذا دواليك (wa-hākadā) and so forth, and so on

تدويل tadwīl internationalization

مداولة mudāwala pl. -āt parley, negotiation; deliberation, consultation; discussion; mudāwalatan alternately, one after the other, one at a time

تداول tadāwul alternation, rotation; circulation, currency; circulation of money |بالتداول alternately, by turns, one by one

متداول mutadāwal current, circulating, in circulation; valid; common, in common use, prevailing |الكلام المتداول (kalām) the colloquial language

2 دوال dawālin see دول

دولاب dūlāb pl. دواليب dawālīb2 wheel; tire; gearing, gears, wheels, mechanism, machine, machinery; closet, looker, cabinet, cupboard |دولاب الملابس wardrobe

دولار dūlār pl. -āt dollar

2 دام (دوم ) dāma u (daum, دوام dawām) to last, continue, go on; to persevere, persist | ما دام mā dāma as long as; (the more so) since, inasmuch as, as, because; while he is ..., when he is ; ما دام حيا (ḥayyan) as long as he is alive; ما دمت معك (dumtu) so long as (or while) I am with you II to move in a circle, turn, spin, revolve, rotate, gyrate, circle; to turn, revolve, spin, twirl (هـ s.th.) III to persevere, persist (على in), apply o.s. diligently and steadily (على to), pursue with diligence and perseverance (على s.th.); to continue IV to cause to last or continue, perpetuate, make lasting, make permanent (هـ s.th.) X to make (هـ s.th.) last or continue; to continue, go on (هـ with s.th.)

دوم daum continuance, permanence, duration; دوما dauman constantly, at all times, ever, always; -- doom palm (bot.)

ديمة dīma pl. ديم diyam, ديوم duyūm continuous rain

دوام dawām duration, continuance, permanence, perpetuity; uninterrupted succession; endurance, perseverance; abiding, stay (of s.o., في at a place); دواما dawāman and على الدوام permanently, perpetually, at all times, ever, always | وقت الدوام, اوقات الدوام, ساعات الدوام working hours, office hours (Ir., Syr.)

ديمومة daimūma = دوام

دوامة duwwāma top (child’s toy); whirlpool, eddy, vortex

مداومة mudāwama perseverance, endurance, persistence; continuance, duration; continuation

دائم dā’im lasting, enduring; endless, eternal, perpetual, everlasting; perennial; continued, continuous, continual, incessant, unceasing, constant; permanent, standing, established; durable |دائم التقدم والنمو d. at-taqaddum in a state of constant progress and growth

دائما dā’iman always |دائما ابدا (abadan) always and ever

دائمي dā’imī = دائم

مدام mudām wine

مستديم mustadīm constant, continuous, continual, incessant, uninterrupted

2 دومان dūmān rudder, helm

دومانجي dūmānjī steersman, helmsman

1 دون II to record, write down, set down, put down in writing (هـ s.th.); to enter, list, register, book (هـ s.th.); to collect (هـ poems) |دون شرطا (šarṭan) to stipulate a condition V to be recorded, be written down, be put down in writing

ديوان dīwān pl. دواوين dawāwīn2 account books of the treasury (in the older Islamic administration); divan, collection of poems written by one author; governmental office, administrative office; chancellery, office, bureau, secretariat; council or state, cabinet; council, consultative assembly, board of advisers, executive committee; government; court or justice, tribunal; hall; davenport, divan; (railway) compartment |لغة الدواوين lugat ad-d. official jargon, officialese; ديوان التفتيش inquisitional court; the Inquisition

ديواني dīwānī administrative, administrational, official; an Ottoman style of cursive (used by the secretaries of the State Chancellery for treaties, diplomas, firmans, etc.)

تدوين tadwīn recording, writing down; entry, listing. booking; registering, registration

مدونة mudawwana pl. -āt record, note; entry: body of laws; pl. مدونات writings, literature (on a given subject)

2 دون dūn low, lowly; bad, poor, inferior; meager, inadequate | عامله بالدون (‘āmalahū) he snubbed him

دون dūna (prep.) below, beneath, under (in rank, value, etc.); this side of, short of; before; without more than; with the exclusion of, leaving aside, disregarding ...; and not by any means, but not | دون ذلك (with foll. nominative) on the way to that, there is , before accomplishing that one must …, دون ذلك خرط القتاد (karṭ al-qatad) before one can do that, one must strip the tragacanth of its leaves, i.e., accomplish the impossible; بدون, من دون (dūni) without; with the exclusion of, excluding; بدون ان and من دون ان without (+ foll. gerund in Engl.); دونك dūnaka (with foll. acc.) here you are! take ...! watch out (هـ for)! beware (هـ of)! هو دون he is below him, he doesn’t measure up to him; كان دونه أهمية (ahammīyatan) to be of less importance than ...; اثم دونه كل اثم itmun dūnahū kullu itmin a sin to end all sins; الذين هم دون السن العسكرية (sinn, ‘askarīya) those below the age for military service; دون ما نظر الى (naẓarin) regardless of, irrespective of; دون ما فائدة with no benefit at all; completely useless; تخشى ان يسعدن دونها (takšā an yas‘adna) she is afraid they will be happier than she is; تلك الكتب دون غيرها (kutub, gairihā) those books and no others; ان متعجب من فضلك دون علمك (muta‘ajjib, faḍlika, ‘ilmika) I admire your virtue, but not your knowledge, or, I admire your virtue more than your knowledge; كم الأفواه دون دون التذمر والشكوى (kamma, tadammur, šakwā) he stopped their mouths to keep them from muttering and complaining; اذا كان الغصن دون ما يحتمله (guṣnu, yaḥtamiluhū) if the branch is not strong enough to carry him; وصل دونهم الى الغاية it was he, not they, who reached the goal; اشاحت بوجهها دونه (ašāḥat· bi-wajhihā) she averted her face so that he could not see her; حال دون الشيء to prevent s.th.; الأشعة دون الحمراء (aši‘‘a, ḥamrā‘) the infrared rays; الموجات دون القصيرة (maujāt) ultra-short waves (radio)

دونم dūnum a square measure (Ir. = about 2500 m2; Pal. = roughly, 900 m2)

1 دوى dawā and II to sound, resound, ring out; to drone; to echo, reverberate III to treat (ه a patient, هـ a disease) VI to treat o.s. (with a medicine); to be cured

دوى dawan pl. ادواء adwā’ sickness, illness, disease, malady

دوي dawīy sound, noise, ring, clang, roar, thunder, drone; echo, reverberation

دواة dawāh ( دواية dawāya) pl. دوي duwīy, diwīy, دويات dawayāt inkwell

دواء dawā’ pl. ادوية adwiya remedy, medicament, medication, medicine, drug

دوائي dawd'i medicinal, medicative, curative

داء see دوء

دواء diwā’ treatment, therapy (med.)

مداواة mudāwāh treatment, therapy (med.)

تداو tadāwin cure

2 دوى (Fr. douille) dūy socket (of a light bulb)

ديالوج diyalōg (Eg. spelling) pl. -āt dialogue

ديباج and ديباجة see دبج

ديوث dayyūt ( ديوس ) cuckold; procurer, pimp; a variety of warbler (zool.)

ديجور see دجر

الديجوليون ad-dēgōlīyūn (Eg. spelling) the Gaullists

ديدبان daidabān, daidubān pl. -āt, ديادبة dayādiba guard, sentry: sentinel |ديدبان المراكب ship’s pilot

ديدن see ددن

دير , ديرة, اديار, اديرة, ديرى, ديار, ديراني see دور

ديس dīs diss (Ampelodesma tenax; bot.)

ديسم see دسم

ديسمبر disembir, disambir December

ديك dīk pl. ديكة dīka, ديوك duyūk, ادياك adyāk cock, rooster |ديك الحبش d. al-kabaš turkey, turkey cock; ديك رومي (rūmī) do.; وزن الديك wazn ad-d. bantam weight

السعال الديكي as-su‘āl ad-dīkī whooping cough

ديكتاتوري = دكتاتوري

ديكور (Fr. décor) pl. -āt décor, stage decoration

ديماس daimās, dīmās, ديموس daimūs pl. دياميس dayāmīs2 dungeon, vault

ديمة , ديم, ديمومة see دوم

ديموطيقي dīmūṭīqī demotic (writing)

ديموقراطي , ديمقراطي dimuqrāṭī democratic; democrat

ديموقراطية , ديمقراطية dimuqrāṭīya pl. -āt democracy; democratic attitude or conviction

1 دان (دين ) dāna i to borrow, take up a loan; to be a debtor, be indebted; to owe (ب ل s.o. s.th., also, e.g., دان له بالشكر (šukr) d. lahū bi-š-šukr to owe s.o. one’s thanks; ب s.th., e.g., بالحياة bi-l-ḥayāh one’s life, ل to s.th. or s.o.); to be indebted (ب ل to s.o. for); to be subject, subject o.s., bow, yield, (ل to s.o. or s.th.), be under s.o.’s (ل ) power, owe allegiance (ل to s.o.), obey (ل s.o.); to grant a loan, lend money (ه to s.o.); to subject, subjugate (ه s.o.): to requite, repay (ه s.o.): to condemn (ه s.o.), pass judgment (ه on s.o.) III to have a debt (ه with s.o.), be indebted (ه to s.o.): to be the creditor (ه of s.o.), have a money claim (ه on s.o.) |داينه بمبلغ خمسة قروش (bi-mablag kamsat q.) he had a claim of five piasters on him IV to lend money (ه to s.o.): to sell on credit (ه to s.o.); to convict, find guilty, pronounce guilty (ه s.o.) V to be indebted, have debts; to subject o.s. (ل to) VI تداينوا بدين (dain) to contract a mutual loan, borrow money from each other X to make or incur debts, take up a loan

دين dain pl. ديون duyūn debt; pecuniary obligation, liability: obligation (Isl. Law); claim (Isl. Law), financial claim |بالدين on credit; رب الدين rabb ad-d. creditor; ديون الحرب d. al-ḥarb war debts: دين مضمون bonded, or funded, debt; دين ممتاز (mumtāz) preferred, or privileged, debt; دين موحد (muwaḥḥlad) consolidated debt; دين مطلق (muṭlaq) debt not bound to the physical person of the debtor, but outliving him (Isl. Law); دين مستغرق (mustagriq) claims against an estate which exceed or equal the assets (Isl. Law)

دينونة dainūna judgment; Last Judgment

الديان ad-dayyān the Judge (attribute of God)

مدينة madīna pl. مدائن madā’in2, مدن mudun town, city; المدينة Medina (city in W Saudi Arabia); see مدن

ادانة idāna verdict of guilty: conviction |صدر الحكم بإدانته ṣadara l-ḥukmu bi-idānatihī he was convicted

استدانة istidāna incurrence of debts

دائن dā’in creditor

مديون madyūn indebted, in debt: obligated, under obligation

مديونية madyūnīya indebtedness obligation

مدين madīn owing; indebted, obligated, under obligation; debtor |مدين بالشكر (šukr) owing gratitude, much obliged; كان مدينا ل to be indebted to s.o., stand in s.o.’s debt

مدين mudīn moneylender, creditor

مدان mudān convicted, found guilty; guilty; judged, condemned

2 دان (دين ) dāna i to profess (ب a religion, a conviction. etc.) | دان بالإسلام to profess Islam; دان بعاداته (bi-‘ādātihī) to adhere to one’s customs V to profess (ب a religion)

دين dīn pl. اديان adyān religion, creed, faith, belief |يوم الدين yaum ad-d. the Day of Judgment

ديني dīnī religious; spiritual |لاديني ir-religious; O العلم الديني science of religion

دين dayyin religious, pious, godly, devout

ديانة diyāna pl. -āt religion; communion, confession, denomination, sect |صاحب الديانة founder of a religion

ديان dayyān pious, godly, devout, religious

تدين tadayyun piety, godliness, devoutness, religiousness, religiosity

متدين mutadayyin pious, godly, devout, religious

متدينة mutadayyina religious community

دينار pl. دنانير danānīr2 dinar, a monetary unit (Ir., Jord.); pl. دنانير money

ديناري dīnārī diamonds (of a deck of cards)

دينامو dīnāmō dynamo, generator

ديناميت dīnāmīt dynamite

O دينم dainam pl. ديانم dayānim2 dynamo, generator

دية see ودى

ديوان pl. دواوين and ديواني see1 دون