Husayn; the Saviour of Islam

Husayn; the Saviour of Islam0%

Husayn; the Saviour of Islam Author:
Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum
Category: Imam Hussein

Husayn; the Saviour of Islam

Author: Mir Ahmad Ali
Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum

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Husayn; the Saviour of Islam
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Husayn; the Saviour of Islam

Husayn; the Saviour of Islam

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum

Alhassanain (p) Network for Islamic Heritage and Thought

Husayn, the Saviour of Islam

Author(s): S.V. Mir Ahmad Ali

Publisher(s): Ansariyan Publications – Qum

Table of Contents

Foreword 7

Introduction 9

Husayn the King of Martyrs 11

The Importance of the Context 11

The Whole Human Race- One Family 11

How the Human Family Got Divided 12

The Man-Made gods and Deities 13

The Guidance from God 13

Humanity and its Guidance 14

Supplement 18

The Seed of Abraham caused to grow in the wilderness 19

Abraham tested with a sacrifice 20

Abraham declared Truthful, but the Sacrifice, postponed 20

The Failure of Judaism and Christianity 22

The Darkened Earth 24

The Land of Advent of the Last Apostle of God 26

The Darkness Demanded the Promised Light 27

The Lord's Covenant with Abraham Fulfilled 27

Heaven's Announcement of the Advent of the Last Apostle of God 27

The Last Apostle of God 32

Islam the Universal Religion for Mankind 34

The Holy Qur'an, the Word of God 34

To Destroy Islam is to Destroy Humanity 34

The Fate of the Apostolic Missions, Previous to the Holy Prophet Muhammad 35

Divine Measures to Secure the Final Word of God for Ever 35

The Divinely Planned Measure for an Everlasting Guidance to Humanity 38

The Other Reference Used 39

Fatima Married to Ali 40

Husayn's Father 41

Husayn's advent dreamt by Lady Ummul Fadhl 41

Husayn arrives on Earth 42

Husayn's Martyrdom Prophesied 43

Husayn a Duplicate Muhammad 44

Heaven's Regard for Hasan and Husayn 44

The Holy Prophet's Personal Regard for Husayn 45

The Declaration of the Holy Prophet about Husayn 46

The Ancient Prophets-informed of the Great Sacrifices 47

Every Prophet had appointed his Successor 47

The Holy Prophet Muhammad appoints his Successor 48

The Holy Prophet's declaration 49

The Start of the Trouble 51

The Logical Inference 54

The Funeral of the Holy Prophet 55

History repeats itself 56

The Love of the World-Maddens man 56

Karbala's Foundation laid 56

The Fate of the Caliphate 56

What happened to the Directive from God 57

Man cautioned against the Disobedience to God and the Holy Prophet 58

The Sense of Discretion and Discrimination 58

A Point of Note for False Unitarianism 59

Goodness and Evil, can undo each other 59

The Successor to the First Caliph Nominated 60

The Successor to the Second Caliph Co-opted 61

Fatimah's house attacked 61

Ali to exercise patience 61

Fatimah's house threatened with fire 62

Fatimah wounded 62

Ali's patience 62

Ali arrested 63

Ali reads out Salman's mind 63

Salman is of us the Ahlut-Bayt 63

The open enmity becomes settled hypocrisy 63

The three classes of the people- The believers, the disbelievers and the Hypocrites 64

What happened to the Hypocrites 65

The Possible and the Acceptable Answer 65

The Life in the House of the Ahlul Bayt 66

Fatimah's Position 66

The miserable plight of the Holy Lady 67

Fatima Martyred: Succumbing To the Wound 68

Hasan about 8 years 68

Husayn about 7 years 68

Zainab (daughter) about 6 years 68

Umm Kulthoom (daughter) about 5 years 68

The Ahlul Bayt knew their lot, beforehand 68

Ali's Regard for Fatimah 69

The Holy Qur'an - Its Compilation 71

The Devil's plan frustrated 74

Miracles- Their Value and Significance 74

The Biggest Miracles of the Holy Prophet 75

The Succession to an Apostle of God 76

The Imamat, promised to Abraham 80

The Logical Identification of an Imam 80

The Importance of the Choice of the Right Imam 81

Every Individual Responsible for His Own Choice 81

The Door of Pardon for Sincere Repentance open 82

Redemption or Intercession through the Right means Possible 82

What is Imamat? 83

The Start of the Imamat of Ali 84

Ali as the Imam 84

The Position of an Imam 85

Tenure of the Caliphate started at the Saqeefa 85

Ali Resembles the Holy Prophet 85

Car gonaahi bakoni dar shab- e- Aadeena bakon 86

Taake az Sadr nasheenaane Jahannam baashi 86

Ali during the age of the three Caliphates 87

The Religious Landmarks of the age- Ali witnessed 87

Ali Weds Lady Ummul-Baneen 89

The Alliance for a Holy Cause 89

‘Abbas the Standard-Bearer of Husayn arrives 89

The Caliphate thrust upon Ali 90

The state of affairs - Ali was offered 91

The unique position of Ali 92

Comparing Ali to others 93

Husayn intercedes for Shimr 94

Hasan receives the Imamat 95

The Ahlul Bayt and the Temporal Power 95

Ad-donya jeefaton wa tullaboha Kilab 95

The Age of Political intrigucs and murderous plots 96

Hasan Martyred 97

Hasan's advice to Husayn 98

Hasan's Body shot at 98

The fate of the devotees of the House of the Holy Prophet 98

The Fate of the Faith 99

Hasan's Services and Sufferings 99

The Truth underlying the Sex difference in the Creation 100

Saheeh- correct Ghalat- wrong or false 102

M'otabar- reliable Ghaira M'otabar- unreliable 102

Mustanad-certified Ghaira Mustanad-uncertified 102

Musalsal- continuously related Ghaira Musalsal-not continuously related 102

The Sulhe-Hudaibiah Repeated 102

A Liar has no Memory 103

Had Womanhood gone Mad 103

The False Allegation against Hasan as well as Ali 104

Hasan's Patience-the Reason for it 105

Husayn takes charge of the Imamat 107

The Ruling Power and the Ahlul Bayt 107

A Wonderful Act of Pure Godliness 108

The Situation That Demanded another 'Muhammad' To Rescue the Correct Faith 109

Husayn prophesies His Son's Martyrdom 110

The Call from the Governor 111

Husayn decides to leave Madina 112

The Holy Imam's Determination 114

The Situation Worsens and the Atmosphere Gets Totally Darkened 116

Husayn at Mecca and the Deputation from Kufa 117

Muslim the Holy Imam's Deputy to Kufa 117

Muslim in Kufa 118

Muslim sends out His Children with His Message to the Holy Imam 118

Muslim Arrested and Martyred 119

Children of Muslim Martyred 120

No Refuge for the Holy Imam Even in the Holy Ka'ba 121

Husayn saves the Sanctity of the Great Sanctuary 122

The Holy Imam Learns of the Fate of His Deputy, Muslim 122

Where should Husayn go? 122

Water stored for the Enemies 123

The Hunt for the Holy Imam 123

Husayn saves the Enemies from Death 123

The Prophesied Desert of Karbala 125

The Holy Imam points out the destined Spots 125

Husayn Purchases the Site for the Graves of the Martyrs 125

Arrival of Yazid's Forces 126

Yazid's Army at Karbala 126

No Room for any Criticism left 127

Husayn besieged at Karbala 127

Water Supply to Husayn's Camp Cut Off 128

Enemy Decides to Attack 128

The Holy lmam and Ibn Sa'd confer 129

The Night before the 10th Muharram 129

The Final Shifting 130

‘Abbas the Brave, Guards the Camp of the Holy Imam 131

The Night in the Yazidian Camp 131

The Holy Imam's Last Prayer with His Devotees on Earth 131

The Imam of the kind, never did appear 132

Sermon of the Holy Imam on the Day of Ashoora 132

Hurr joins the Holy Imam 133

The Battle of Truth against Falsehood 134

Zainab sends her two Young Sons 134

Qasim, son of Hasan 135

‘Abbas the Brave-The Standard Bearer 135

Ali al-Akbar's Martyrdom 136

Husayn stands alone 136

Baby Ali al-Asghar comes into the field 136

The Messenger from Madina 137

The Final Separation 138

Husayn hands over the Charge of the Imamat 139

The Parting Advice to Zainab and Umm Kulthoom 139

Husayn in the Battlefield to Offer the Greatest Sacrifice for the Truth 139

The Last Call of the Holy Imam in the Way of the Lord 140

The Severed Head of Husayn Glorifies God 141

Bodies of the Martyrs Trampled by the Devil's Cavalry 142

Husayn's Camp Plundered and Set on Fire 142

The Looted Caravan 142

The Tortures of the Journey 142

The Divine Light Shines Out 143

The Severed Head of Husayn Recites the Word of God 143

The Captives in Damascus 144

The Old Testament Prophesies The Martyrdom 145

Who was Victorious, Yazid or Husayn? 146

What is 'Shahadat' or Martyrdom 146

Jesus and Husayn 146

The Martyrs of Karbala-the Kind of Men they were 148

The Companions of Husayn and those of the Holy Prophet 149

Brief Notes on Some of Those Martyred in Kufa and Karbala 150

Both from Kufa who joined the Holy Imam at Karbala 150

Husayn the International Hero 157

Husayn, the King of Martyrs 158

Where is Yazid? 158

The Friends and Foes of the Truth, Clear Distinction 158

The King of Martyrs Mourned 158

Husayn's Martyrdom Prophesied in the Old Testament 159

Shia'ism or Islam-Original 160

What is Shia'ism? 160

Why then call it Shia'ism and not Islam? 160

Shia'ism-Its Articles of Faith and Its Practice 162

The Last Day of the Final Judgment (Qiamat) 163

Prayer wajib Rak’ats or units Sunnat 164

Intercession or Shafa'at 165

The Houses of Miracles and response to Prayers 166

Respect, Regard and Reverence to the Sacred Emblems 166

Some Guiding Clarifications 167

Sajdah 169

Prayer before Any Object 170

Dedication of any Place as Memorial with Regard for it 170

Remembrance of the Righteous Ones 170

'Seena-Zani' or the Chest-Beating 171

What is an Alam? 172

Alam or the Emblem 173

Majlis al-Aza or the Mourning Congregations 173

The Decree of the Holy Imam 177

The Definition of 'Ijtehad' 177

Consolidated View of the Account as a Whole and the Co-relation of the Events 178

Conclusion 183

Husayn of Karbala 187


The history of mankind is a chain of successful and failing revolutions, one replacing another, only to be replaced by yet another. Revolutions have always been a tool of evolution. A sure sign that change must occur. The message of Muhammad was in the true sense of word a revolution.

It gave mankind a new vision, a new sense of purpose; it was the message of peace and goodwill, of love and tolerance, in a society where hatred, corruption and lust of power ruled high. It was beyond social, cultural and geographical barriers.

It perceived all human beings to be one, originating from the same creator. And yes, difficult though it was, Muhammad did succeed in creating a society based upon the values he preached.

But alas within a brief period of less than half a century after his death, the society he had conceived crumbled, the values he held dear were lost. By careful manipulation and shrewd planning those who opposed him during his life grasped the power. Their rule was areign of terror. The oppressive authority of Bani Ummaya was bent upon systematically dismantling Islamic jurisprudence.

The prophets' traditions were being slaughtered or otherwise silenced. It was true, as it always is in such crucial times, that fear and greed remained the only motivations. The general public, as it was under the perpetual fear of the sword on its head, remained quiet.

It seemed that no one would be able to challenge the oppressors. The situation demanded timely action failing which the shariat of Muhammad was bound to be doomed and the sacrifices made for it would have come to naught. If Muhammad's message was right, someone had to take a stand, Husayn, the grandson of prophet stood up. Yazid-the Ummayid ruler wanted him to endorse his anti-Islamic rule by pleading allegiance. No!' no! Not Husayn. He was surrounded by Yazid's army; it was the desert of Karbala.

He lost his friends and family, all butchered right before his eyes. There he stood all alone; completely worn out physically, withered and lean, pale and thin, on the sands of Karbala, a daring feat it was. It required much more than robust energy, more than enduring vitality, more than unyielding will, more than patience; it required a firm belief.

In his cause and in Allah itself. A belief that is the foundation of Islam. He was slaughtered mercilessly, but his mission survived, the revolution of Muhammad was rekindled. Hope was revived, courage re-instilled in the masses. By butchering Husayn and plundering his family, Yazid assured his own defeat. It is more than thirteen centuries and Husayn is still the source of inspiration for humanity at large.

This book is a narration of his journey both physical and intellectual, its courses and its effects. We at Tarikhe Tarsile Qur’an realize that readers may differ in their views regarding the detailed material presented herein. But one fact remains, there never was a Husayn before him, there has been none after.

Anwer Ali



A small book of about twenty-five pages “The King of Martyrs” was published in 1925 and since then, it was reproduced four times and every time in several thousands and yet the demand for it had been on the increase, and this is the Fifth enlarged edition.

With the increase in the standard of literacy among the masses, the demand for the Islamic literature in its original purity is growing steadily. Today, more than ever; the awakened intellect of the human world is seriously in quest of the invaluable knowledge which Islam alone can provide. The pity is that most of the great Muslim scholars, who are the stores of knowledge about the original teachings of Islam, do not care for the modern western languages, and those who have mastered these languages have never had the benefit of a serious study of Islamic literature through the original sources.

Whatever knowledge, about Islam and the Islamic literature, these scholars of the modern languages possess, they could have it from the prejudicial translations into those languages mostly by the missionary class, brought out with the exclusive purpose of spreading prejudice against Islam, and the Holy personalities of the Faith to secure the unearned glorification for their own heroes and enlist believers in their own respective creeds.

Unfortunately some of our own brethren get the information from such hostile sources and present it as the genuine truth and never care to scrutinise with reference to the original sources of the knowledge. The kind or the degree of knowledge about Islam and the Islamic affairs which some of these men possess is disclosed from their talks and writings.

Particularly in regard to the great event of Karbala which has been termed in the very Word of God, i.e., the Holy Qur’an, as “Zibhe Azeem” or the Great Slaughter, most of our Muslim brethren either do not know it at all or they have been misinformed or have grossly misunderstood it. One thing very gratifying which has been often noted, that is when such ill-informed ones are rightly informed, they immediately acknowledge the Truth, the glory of Husayn, the Holy King of Martyrs, the divinity endowed in his Holy Personality and the important part the devotion to the Holy Imam, plays in elevating the human soul to the heights of heavenly glory.

This book is intended just to give a glimpse of the divine plan implemented in the enactment of the great heart-rending tragedy and the unique and the glorious position of its Holy Hero and the Godly Band of his faithful comrades.

Uninformed or misinformed of the original teachings of Islam and the actual position of its great Heroes, some of our brethren have unwarrantedly and unreasonably criticised certain acts of devotion on the part of the devotees of the Faith and its Great Heroes, terming it polytheism. A very brief clarification of the matter has also been given at the end of this brief work for the information of those who would like to have it.

It is earnestly hoped that the learned readers will mind the matter, graciously by passing the mistakes, if any, in the printing matter. This book needs reprinting and it is under contemplation, and God willing the next issue will be free from such shortcomings. I am indebted to the following devotees of the Holy King of Martyrs who helped the publication of this humble work:

1. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Husayni (Our American Brethren in Faith and a staunch Devotee of the King of Martyrs and the one whose attachment to the Holy Ahlul Bayt is ideal).

I have to helplessly restrain myself from mentioning the names of the devotees of the Holy Imam who have helped this publication, for their expressed desire not to have any publicity of their names.

S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali

Karachi, 11- 6 - 1964