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Mary And Jesus In Islam

Mary And Jesus In Islam

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum


Mary And Jesus In Islam

Author: Yasin T. al-Jibouri

Ansariyan Publications



This version is published on behalf of www.alhassanain.org/english

The composing errors are not corrected.

Table of Contents

Preface 5

Introduction 30

The Major Differences Between Islam And Christianityn 32

Maryam (MARY) Daughter Of `Imran (AMRAM) 35

Birth Of Jesus Son Of Mary 38

Jesus And Mary Leave For Egypt 45

Mary And Jesus Return Home 46

Mary's Death And Prophethood Of Jesus 47

The Disciples 48

Saint Barnabass 50

The Holy Spirit 57

Miracles Of Jesus 58

The Table Of Viands 63

The Almighty Admonishes Jesus 66

Invocations By Jesus 70

Supplication By Jesus Whereby He Brought The Dead Back To Life 71

Was Jesus Crucified? 72

After Jesus: The “Son Of God” And “The Trinity” 74

Finally, Is It Christianity Or Paganism? 78

Attis 79

Adonis or Tammuz 80

Dionysius or Bacchus 81

Osiris 82

Mithras or Mithra 83

Bel or Baal: Striking Similarities Between the Babylonian and the Christian Passion Plays 84

Conclusion 87

Notes 92