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The Life Story and Martyrdom of Hazrate Fatima (S.A)

The Life Story and Martyrdom of Hazrate Fatima (S.A)

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications – Qum
ISBN: 978-964-438-960-3

The Life Story and Martyrdom of Hazrate Fatima (S.A)

Author: Mahdi Jafari

Table of Contents

1: The Most Brilliant Creation. 3

2: Her Birth. 4

3: The Virtues of Fatima. 6

4: Her Married Life 7

5: The Generous Gift To The Prophet 8

6: The Death Of He Who Had Graced The World With His Innocent Presence 9

7: The Event That Took Place In Saghifeh. 10

8: The Property Called Fadak. 13

9: The House Of Doom. 15

10: Mourning For Zahra. 17

11: The Exact Date Of The Martyrdom. 18

12: The Prophet Of God And Fatima The Proper Prayer Before Sleep. 19

Greetings to Fâtemeh. 19

The ninth child. 20

The reward. 20

13: The Hadis Of Kessa. 22

1: The Most Brilliant Creation

God Almighty appeared to man a hidden gem. His Providence had decided to create a human creature on Earth, who would be His rightful heir. So, To show His Might and Power, and to create the most noble creature who would be His trustful servant, and the keeper of His Knowledge, He created the five “ Holy Ones “. Among these five Holy creatures, on the Heavenly plane, Hazraté Fâtemeye Zahra was the most beautiful creation among all the other creations…

In an authentic Hadis, it is said:” O Ahmad! If it weren’t for thee, I would never have created Heavens and Earth, and if it weren’t for Ali, I would never have created thee, and if it weren’t for Fâtemeh, I would never have created you two…”

Yes… It is true that Fâtemeh was an Angel… A most beautiful angel, who for a while, clothed herself with the clothes of Man. So it is not so strange when God says:” We gave you Kowssar! So, respect your God with your prayer, give an offering, for he who is your enemy, will not have any progeny…”[Al-Kowssar, 1-3] .

Imam Bagher has been reported to say:” This is the pure Tree of our Prophet; and its trunk is represented by Ali, while its root are represented by Fâtemeh, and its fruit are Fâtemeh’s Progeny, and finally its leaves and blossoms are none others than the Shiites of Fâtemeh…”

2: Her Birth

It was in the fifth year, or the end of the fourth year before Hegira, when the Archangel Gabriel, appeared before our Prophet [Peace be upon him!] and announced to him :” O Mohammad! God Almighty has sent thee His Greetings, and He orders thee to keep thyself away from Hazraté Khadijeh for forty days! “

Our Prophet, even though he had a great affection and sweet feelings for his sweet and kind wife, in order to obey God Almighty, submitted himself to this ordeal.

So, for forty days, our Prophet spent his days in fasting, and his nights in deep meditation and prayers. Until the Archangel Gabriel came down to Earth once again and announced to him:” O Mohammad! God sends His supreme Greetings to thee! He orders thee to be prepared for His precious and worthy gift, and His best wishes.”

And then the Archangel Gabriel provided a meal for him, and said:” O Mohammad! Thou should eat from this meal…”

‘‘After our Prophet broke his fast, by eating from the Heavenly plate that the Archangel Gabriel had offered him, he received the order to go home, to his sweet and dear wife. After this event, the Archangel Gabriel came down to our Prophet, and told him:” ‘‘God has given His solemn Oath to Himself that this very night, a child shall be conceived from thee and thy wife.”

Hazraté Khadijeh, after having married our Prophet, had been suddenly left alone and ignored most cruelly by other women from her tribe, named “Ghoraysh’’.

The woman of her tribe didn’t approve of her marriage with our Prophet, so, when she got pregnant, the unborn baby, in her womb, became her sole friend in her utter isolation and solitude…

One day, when Khadijeh was talking with the baby in her womb, our Prophet entered the house suddenly, and asked her most curiously, with whom she had been talking during his absence?! She told him what was happening… Our Prophet said to her:” The Archangel Gabriel has told me about my beloved daughter.

My race would be coming forth from the womb of this very daughter. There will be religious leaders, who shall come to this world, from this lineage, and after the ending of the Revelations to me, these descendants of mine, shall be my rightful successors…”

So, Khadijeh spent her days of pregnancy in this manner, and finally, the happy day in which her beloved daughter was destined to be born, arrived. Our Prophet sent messages to the Ghoraysh women, so that they would come and help his tender and beloved wife for the delivery of the child. But the Ghoraych women refused to do so, and replied: ‘‘she didn't listen to us when we told her not to get married to you! Why did she get married to a poor man like you…?!’’

But God The Merciful, was aware of the hard condition of Khadijeh, and He wouldn’t leave her alone… he sent some of His Intimates to help her out…

Just as Khadijeh was beginning to deliver her baby, she suddenly saw four women who entered unexpectedly into her private room. They were enveloped by a heavenly Light that filled her room…

They were none others than : Sara, Abraham’s wife, Assieh, Mozahem’s daughter [and Pharo’s wife], Mary, Imran’s daughter [and the mother of Jesus], and finally Safoura, Joshua’s daughter… With the gracious help that they procured, she could deliver her baby safely into the world.

The baby, as soon as she opened her innocent and beautiful eyes into the world, began to talk. She said:” I testify to the great Mission of my holy father bestowed upon him by the Merciful God. My father is the last Prophet, and he is the Messenger of God!. My husband is the patron of great men, and my two sons, are the heralds of our Religion…”

The Angels brought forth the joyous news of Fâtemeh’s birth to Heavens, and because of her birth, there appeared a brilliant light in the sky, and it lighted everywhere! Never had the Angels of Heavens seen such a beautiful and bright light in Heavens!

This holy baby had nine names: Fâtemeh, Sédigheh, Mobârakeh, Tâhereh, Zakieh, Râzieh, Marzieh, Mohadésseh, and finally Zahrâ…

3: The Virtues of Fatima

Fâtemeh is the most gracious Lady that the world has known and seen so far…! All the friends and all the enemies of Islam, are wont to admit to her numerous virtues and to her great wisdom. Fâtemeh is so full of magnificence, innocence and greatness, and possesses such a high rank in the Divine Hierarchy, that God has promised Himself to save all those who truly love Fâtemeh, from Hell, and to bestow upon these faithful believers, all the Benedictions that come forth from the adoration of the Angels towards Himself.

In the Eyes of God, Fâtemeh possesses such magnitude and such closeness to the Divine Love that God has named her : the most Dignified Lady among all other women in the whole world … This divine title, means that she is not only a perfect human being, but that she also has links with the great entities of Islam.

Thus, God Almighty has promised Himself that whenever Fâtemeh Becomes angry at someone, God Himself shall be angry at that person, and whoever shall rejoice her, shall also rejoice God.

4: Her Married Life

There began the married life of Ali and Fâtemeh. From the first, every chore was divided among them : what was inside the house, came to Fâtemeh’s responsibility, and what was outside of their home came to Ali’s responsibility.

Their life was very simple, and required many efforts, so much so that Fâtemeh’s hands soon became hurt and painful, from the manual mill…Finally a day came when Fâtemeh, in utmost despair, asked her father to give her a maid. Her father asked which of the two things were more precious to her? A maid, or something much deeper and much better…? Ali was near them; Fâtemeh, with her husband’s help, chose what was the better of the two, and our Prophet concluded that the better thing was indeed a prayer that every Muslim should feel grateful and most honored to pronounce it, after the daily prayers. He explained: ‘‘You have to say 34 times “Allâho Akbar’’, 33 times “Alhamdoléllâh’’ and 33 times “ Sobhânallâh”!’’

The fact is, their poverty was because they helped the poor. They gave so much to the needy that the reader may indeed feel confused…

One wishes to know if they were indeed humans or were they some heavenly creatures, come to Earth?

(20) It is indeed impossible to comprehend such spiritual greatness and generosity and abnegation…

Fâtemeh was a pure example in her life, but also in her ways of praying. When she would finish her chores, and after having taken care of her little children, she used to begin her long prayers… In Friday nights, she used to pray until dawn, and cry and ask God that the whole humanity be granted the Divine Salvation…

5: The Generous Gift To The Prophet

When the day came that the famous combat of Kheybar took place, and after the great heroism of Ali Ibn Abi Tâléb before the great gates of Kheybar’s fortress, the war ended finally, and victory belonged to Muslims.

There was a little village near Kheybar by the name of “Fadak’’; its Jewish inhabitants had made peace with the Prophet. They had offered him half of their village to make peace with him, and to show him their loyalty;

In return, they had asked the permission to remain in their homeland. This piece of land became a possession of the Prophet. The Messenger of God gave the money that came from his land to the poor families of Bani Hashem Tribe.

But with the coming of the sourate : Ar- Roum, [where it said]: ‘‘You should give your relatives’ due’’, the Messenger of God, offered Fadak to Fâtemeh, by God’s Command.

6: The Death Of He Who Had Graced The World With His Innocent Presence

It was the tenth year of the immigration of the Messenger of God to Medina. After his return for the from his last Pilgrimage [Hajj], and after having said his farewell to all the Muslims who had accompanied him to Ghadir, with the Archangel Gabriel’s announcement, he came to know that he had an important mission to accomplish. In fact, the future of the Muslims, depended solely upon their reunion with Ali, as the sole Imâm of the Muslims, and upon their pledge to him as their lord.

The Prophet was spending his last days on earth in Medina… Upon discovering the motive of her father’s wish to talk, Fâtemeh began to cry like a river, and her noble and beloved father, in a hushed voice, confided in her that she would soon be the first person to join him in the Hereafter. Suddenly, a beautiful and sweet smile appeared on Fâtemeh’s gracious face, and that was the reason why the few people who were present there at that time, never understood nor discovered the real reason for Fâtemeh’s sudden crying and smiling.

But then, the days to come, proved exactly what meant Fâtemeh’s crying and smiling…

The sad time to bid farewell had finally come…

The Messenger of God demanded some paper and something to write; But then came out those undignified and spiteful sentences from the mouth of one those unfaithful enemies who hated the Prophet:” He is raving! We shouldn’t be listening to what he has to say…”

So then, the Prophet told everyone to leave him alone, and said his last wishes to Ali, Fâtemeh Hassan and Hosseyn, and revealed some of the things that would happen in the future. He also revealed the sad truth about the fact that nobody would offer the Leadership to Ali, and that his rightful place would be taken by force by other people.

He then said to Ali, in the most gracious manner: ‘‘The best thing for you to do is to wait…”

Ali said most respectfully:” You have ordered me to wait, I will do as you wish, and ignore what is my rightful due…”

Suddenly, there came many sad cries… For the news of the Prophet’s death and his Ascension to Heavens, soon reached the people of Medina.

The conspirators and the enemies of the Prophet, soon found out that it was the best possible time to begin their hateful conspiracy.

7: The Event That Took Place In Saghifeh

The Ansârs, after the death of our Prophet, decided to organize a meeting in a place called “ Saghifeh Bani Sâédeh “ to choose and name their caliph. But the immigrants [Abubakr, Omar and Abu Obeydeh Jarrâh were their leaders] soon knew of this meeting, and they came to talk and negotiate with the Ansârs.

The immigrants wanted desperately to rob the Leadership from the Ansârs, and to come to power themselves. So, to persuade the other party, they talked about many things with them.

Finally, they decided to choose Abubakr, as the rightful calife. In the midst of it all, there came an old man who, seeing that he had no choice but to reunite with Abubakr, told him:” It’s like the day of Adam…” [that is : as Satan was forced to adore Adam, he suddenly refused to do; and the same was being repeated there and then, and by doing this, all the human race was surely to be forced out of Heaven once more…]

Now, outside Saghifeh, Ali was busy with the Prophet’s funeral. Suddenly Salmâné Fârsi came and told him about the reunion of some of the immigrants with the Ansârs, and the leadership of Abubakr.

Ali, after having all the preparations that was needed for that holy funeral, stopped to perform his prayer in front of the sanctified body of our Prophet. Many people came to show their dutiful respect to the Messenger of God for the last time, and to perform the prayer of the dead before his sanctified body and to bid him farewell…

Afterwards, Ali did not linger with the mourners who had gathered there to show their loyalty to him.

But unfortunately, the majority of Muslims had given their oath to Abubakr.

Afterwards, when they saw Fâtemeh, they used to say most peevishly: “we would rather have given our oath to your dignified husband than to Aboubakr… but Abubakr was the first to ask for our allegiance …”

And Fâtemeh would reply: ‘‘What you mean is that my husband should have left the sanctified body of my respectful and noble father as it was lain on the floor, untouched, and that he should have come rapidly to you, to ask for your allegiance…?! You mean to tell me that he should have left my beloved father, without the benefit of preparing him a dignified funeral?! You mean to tell me that he should have thought about his leadership, and begin a dispute for this earthly matter, instead of mourning my father?! All right… May God remember your actions, and take measure for your deeds!”

After a while, the responsible man for that conspiracy decided to make Ali swear allegiance to them, so as to empower their fragile yet strong new position.

But Ali, by pretending that he was fully concentrated on collecting all the sourates of the Holy Qur’an replied:” I have sworn solemnly that until I have not collected all the sourates of the Holy Qur’an, and until I have not set them right, not to go out of my home and not to put my cloak [Abâ] on my shoulders… “ so he refused firmly to swear allegiance to them. Unfortunately, the enemies had made a plan in case Ali would refuse to join them.

Someone by the name of Ghanfaz and his cruel gang, came in front of Ali’s house to take him by force to mosque, so that he would swear allegiance to the new caliph.

But they were faced with Fâtemeh’s refusal to open the door. With a sign from Omar Ibn’l Khatâb , the hateful servants of these men, with the leadership of Ghanfaz, made a fire and burnt the entrance door of Ali and Fâtemeh’s house. Then they kicked the burnt out door aside… But what of it?

The door opened all right, but by having been shut open, the peg of the door encountered with Fâtemeh’s fragile bossom and hurt deeply the beautiful flower of the household of Mohammad…

Suddenly the enemy entered the house. One hand on the sword, the other hand on the whip…

Fâtemeh on seeing this, cried out loud:” O Father!

O Messenger of God!” The enemy took out his sword, and with the width of his weapon, pushed her hard towards the wall, so much so that the ribs of this sweet, beloved lady, broke, and it resulted in a miscarriage… The stillborn would have been a boy named Mohassa, even though it wasn’t born yet…

Fâtemeheye Zahrâ hurt so much that she fell hardly on the ground, and began sobbing and crying out to her maid: “O Fezzeh! Help me… I swear to God that I have a miscarriage…’’

They then put a cord on Hazraté Ali’s neck, to take him by force to the Mosque. Fâtemeh pushed herself up, so that she could take the hem of Ali’s clothes, and make him stay. But the hellish and hateful Ghanfaz, on seeing this, slashed Fâtemeh’s arm with his whip so violently that her arm swelled at once…

On the way to the mosque, a jewish man, upon seeing Hazraté Ali, greeted him most respectfully, and suddenly began to say the proper sentences [The Shahadateyn] so as to become a Muslim.

Somebody asked him curiously: ‘‘What made you believe the truth about Islam?’’

He answered promptly :” It was the innocence I perceived in Hazraté Ali’s being…”

They took Hazraté Ali to the mosque and told him: ‘‘If you don’t swear your allegiance to the new caliph, we will behead you surely!’’

Hazraté Ali replied to them :” If you do this, not only have you undoubtedly murdered a servant of God, but also the brother of our Prophet…”

Fâtemeh, after receiving such a terrible blow from her enemy, had fallen hardly on the groond and lost consciousness for a while. But after some time, she opened her eyes and said : “ Fezzeh! Where is my lord, Ali? “

Her servant answered her sadly:” O milady! They took him to the mosque!”

Fâtemeh took the hands of her two little sons Hassan and Hosseyn, and there she entered the mosque and began making a little speech, there and then.

She said:” Leave my cousin and husband alone! Otherwise I will discover my hair, to show my utter desperation and grief in this very place… I have put the very cloth that the Prophet used to wear, on my head, and then I will go to the grave of my Father and will complain against you all! “

The fiery words of Fâtemeh, with the refusal of Hazraté Ali to swear his allegiance, and the arrival of the faithful friends of the Messenger of God in that moment, made the enemies retreat, and they were forced to let Hazraté Ali go his way… By what is written officially, this event took place exactly six days after the death of the Prophet…

8: The Property Called Fadak

Only a few days after the burial of the holy Prophet, the enemies took Fadak by force. Fadak which had been the property that was in possession of Fâtemeh while the Messenger of God was still alive. But soon after the Prophet’s decease, they suddenly took Fadak from the daughter of the Messenger of God, by Abubakr’s order, and they also let out all the persons who used to work there…

Unfortunately, despite all the things that Fâtemeh or Hazraté Ali or even the witnesses of this event told and testified, everything remained unheeded and unheard by the enemies, and they ignored the testimony of the illustrious daughter of our noble and gracious Prophet…

So one day, Fâtemeh and a group of immigrant [Ansâr] ladies decided to go to the mosque. Inside the mosque, there was a curtain which divided the space in two parts, so that men were not permitted to look upon the part where the ladies were seated. Fâtemeh approached that curtain to talk and make the men, hear what she had to say.

Fâtemeh cried out loud, so much so that the whole mosque began to tremble by the deep sorrow that was surging out, from the bottom of Fâtemeh’s heart… Many people began to cry by listening to her discourse; she began first by praising the Lord Almighty.

Everybody was listening intently to what she was going to say. And then she began to utter those unforgettable sentences which have remained to this day, as the most memorable and the most tragic discourse ever made by a Muslim woman…

At the end of her discourse, she began to talk in a way that made everybody think that she was confiding to the glorious soul of her beloved father, and was telling him of all the things that had happened to her and her family, since his departure from this world, and what wrongs she had suffered, and what disrespect she had been forced to face, and what pains and agonies she had endured in silence…

After this, she came back home. Ali was waiting for her. Fâtemeh on seeing his beloved husband, made some complaints about the ungracious behavior of those who has come to power, and told him about her longing to see her father again. She also talked about her concern about Ali’s leadership, and the fact that the people hadn’t supported them in any ways…

Hazraté Ali replied to her :” O daughter of the best man in the universe! O, thou who art the best reminiscence and reminder of the last Prophet on Earth! Don’t be sad… Don’t complain, because thy sufferings will not go away… Be certain that all thy enemies owe thee lots of things… I don’t remain in the house because of laziness or some weakness of character. But because I have done everything that was possible for me to do.

If thou wishest for a better life, thy sustenance has remained untouched and is at thy disposal, and fortunately thou dost not need thy enemies’ help! Leave them be, and wait until the time when God shall take care of each one of them.”

Fâtemeh said:” All right… I will say no more… I will leave them. May God take care of them in His proper time. I will entrust myself into God’s Will.”

9: The House Of Doom

Fâtemeh used to cry a lot because of her longing for her father… She cried night and day. She was restless and full of sorrow. Finally, some foolish and unthoughtful persons came to see Ali, And began to complain about Fâtemeh’s crying. They told him that either Fâtemeh should mourn her father by nightfall, and remain silent by morning, or mourn by morning, and remain silent by nightfall.

They said that they couldn’t bear her mornings any longer, and that Ali should find a way to keep her quiet. On hearing this, Fâtemeh got used to take the little hands of her two sons, and go at the end of the “Baghi “ graveyard, under a thorny shrub, to be able to mourn properly her beloved father and cry at her will. Her wailing were so strong and pitiful, that every caravan that passed from Medina, on hearing these sobbing and wailings, paused for a few minutes to think about this strange, unending sorrow…

Finally by nightfall, the enemies uprooted the said shrub, so that Fâtemeh could not even go there anymore. But Ali, put a sort of a tent there by the name of “ The House of doom “[Beytol Ahzân] for the sake of the Prophet’s daughter, so as to show their enemies, their untamable independence, and their infinite freedom of mind, which were the characteristics of the Household of Hazraté Ali Ibn Abi Tâléb and his wife Fâtemeh.

Fâtemeh because of her daily mourning and sufferings which she had received from their enemies was becoming weak and weaker every day. At last she became ill…

Ali became the only person who took care of her during her illness. Another person was a woman by the name of Asmâ Bent Omeyss. At last, the news of her illness reached the ears of the citizens of Medina.

A multitude of Muslim women came to see her, and to help her recuperate her lost health. But their number was so great, that they couldn’t enter her house; so, many of them remained in the outside. The house of Fâtemeh was so simple and poor, and her personality was so sweet and humble, so great in her magnitude and glory, that everybody grew silent and nobody could utter a word in her presence…

Finally, Fâtemeh in answer to a lady, began to talk and say very important things to all of them. While she was talking, she admitted that:” My state of mind is such, that I verily love no more the earthly world, and I despise your men… I tried to examine and test their mentality and their readiness to come to my aid, but the sad result was that I grew very unsatisfied and very upset by their reaction… so, I left them be with their way of behavior and thinking.”

The reaction of Fâtemeh’s complaint on her illbed, produced a spiritual awakening on Ansâri women; so much so that the enemies of Ali were forced to go and negotiate with him, to silence this rebellion. They found a way : could they come and pay a visit to Fâtemeh?...

But not only their visit to Fâtemeh, did not improve the situation, but it also worsened their case, and made them more hateful and mean and petty in front of the others…

Unfortunately, the health of Fâtemeh went away slowly and each passing day, she grew worse… Finally, in the last day of her very short life, in midday, she went to a deep sleep. In her dream, she saw her beloved father who told her that on that very same night, she would come to meet him at last…

Fâtemeh, woke up and decided to prepare herself for her deathbed; she washed her body, put on a neat dress and then lied down to the direction of the Qibla. She then put her fragile, innocent and pure hands on her bosom.

After that, Fâtemeh told Ali about her beatific vision, and gave him her last directions, and made her testament.

She said: ‘‘In the Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate! This is the testament of Fâtemeh, the Prophet’s daughter. I attest that there is no God, but He, and Mohammad is His last Messenger. Heaven and Hell exist truly, and the Resurrection will be accomplished, and nobody should doubt this undeniable truth. For God will truly resurrect all who have slept in their grave… O Ali! I am Fâtemeh, daughter of Mohammad.

God has made me your wife, so that not only in this world, but also in the Hereafter, I will be your faithful companion, and be always at your side my noble husband…

You were more dignified and worthier than all, to become my husband.

O Ali! After my death… and after some time has elapsed, make a prayer for my sake, and then put me on earth, so that nobody learns of this news, and nobody finds out the whereabouts of my grave! I entrusted thee to God, and till the Resurrection Day, I tell thee my farewell and my good wishes : to thee and to my beloved children…!”

After that, only a few seconds had passed, when Fâtemeh looked at the corner of the room in which she was lying down, and said joyfully:” I salute thee, O Gabriel! I salute thee, O Messenger of God!”

And then, her eyes were shut, and her soul flew up lightly to Heaven…

10: Mourning For Zahra

In the middle of the night, the cry of a hopeless sorrow flew of this house. And then some more…

The women from the Ghorayche tribe, especially those from the Bani Hashem tribe, came out of their house, and with hair flowing on their shoulders to show the depth of their sorrow, they began marching to Fâtemeh’s house, to make their condolences to Hazrâte Ali, and to Fâtemeh’s little children, now orphans…

The men of Medina came by large groups to show their respect to Ali, and to mourn with him. Ali was seated in a corner, and Hassan and Hosseyn and Zeynab and Ommo Kolssoum were crying unendingly…

The people, on seeing this scene began to cry. Because of what Fâtemeh had demanded from Ali, he announced to his friend Abuzar:” Tell these people that the funeral has been postponed…”

Finally, nightfall came. Ali, with the help of Asmâ, washed the fragile, slim and pure body of Fâtemeh, and covered her with a shrine. When he wanted to close the shroud, he called out his children to come and see their beloved mother for the last time, and to bid farewell to her…

Some say that she was only eighteen, and some say that she was twenty eight years old when she died.

Hassan and Hosseyn, ran hopelessly and sorrowfully to touch once again the dead body of their young mother… Gone so soon. They wanted to remain at her side and feel her presence near them. Minutes passed by, with only the sound of a tragic crying in the room, they talked lovingly and desperately to their mother, and verily, their sorrow was so deep that none can ever describe it.

They said: “O Beloved Mother of Hassan! O Beloved Mother of Hosseyn! We shall feel your absence more deeply by each passing day, and also the absence of our our beloved Grandfather, Mohammad Mostafâ [Peace be upon Him!]. When you reach the realm in which he lives now, please send our love to Him…! Tell him that we are left all alone in this whole world…!”

And then, Fâtemeh’s body was taken outside, and with the help of Hassan and Hosseyn, Ammâr, Yâsser, Meghdâd, Aghil, Zobeyr, Abouzar, Salmân, and some of the Bani Hashem tribe, they left town to take Fâtemeh’s body to the graveyard.

Ali, most painfully and desperately, laid down his beloved and innocent wife on the ground, and with indescribable sorrow, bid her farwell…

After finishing what was expected of him, he threw with utter desperation and love, some dust on his wife’s grave, and then looked sadly at the Prophet’s grave.

He then approached his grave and began a long confidence with him, which lasted a long time…

11: The Exact Date Of The Martyrdom

The true date of Fâtemeh’s martyrdom is a subject for discussion among Muslims. Some say that it was forty days after the death of our Prophet, some say it was sixty days after, some believe it was seventy five days after, and some say it was ninety days, and some do believe that it was ninety five days after the death of her beloved father. There are some who also believe that Fâtemeh died six months, or even eight months after her illustrious father.

But among the great Islamic scholars, there is an agreement that Fâtemeh died ninety days after her father…

Some say that her grave is in “ Baghi “ cemetery, and some believe that her grave is situated in her own little house.

We pray that Hazraté Fâtemeheye Zahra takes care of all of us, poor sinners, and that she would be willing to intercede in our favour…! May God hear her intercession for us, and forgive our sins and faults, and let us enter the Paradise!

12: The Prophet Of God And Fatima The Proper Prayer Before Sleep

Fâtemeh is known to have recounted this interesting true story:”

One day, as I was preparing myself to sleep, suddenly I saw my father entering our room. He said:” My beloved daughter! Never sleep at night, unless you have accomplished four things…!

First, You have to read your Quran from the beginning to end.

Then you have to ask for the great Prophets of God to intercede in your favor after your death.

The third thing you should remember, is that you have to make all the faithful believers happy and content of you.

And finally, you have to go to Mecca, and accomplish the Pilgrimage of Hajj”.

Fâtemeh said:” After having said that, my father began to perform his prayer, and I had to wait until he finished his prayer to ask more information from him. I said most confused:” O Messenger of God you have ordered me to do four things before sleep… But beloved father, I cannot see myself executing such things! I am unable to accomplish them at this late hour!”

The Prophet smiled graciously, and answered: “If you say three times the “Ikhlas” sourate, it’s as though you have read the Holy Quran from the beginning to end. If you say greetings and salutations to me and to the other great Prophets, you make us intercede in your favour. If you pray for the faithful believers, you have made them happy and content. And at last, if you say “Sobhân Allâhé, valhamdolléllâhé, valâ élâha éllâllâhé vallâho akbar…” “it’s as though you have accomplished the Pilgrimage of Hajj…”

The best gift in the world!

Fâtemeh has also recounted that once, she went to see her beloved father, to ask for a maid, so that she could do the house chores with her help.

Our Prophet asked her:” Do you wish me instruct you of something much more valuable than these wordly thing?” And then he added:” when you go to bed, always remember to say 33 times “Sobhanallâh’’, 33 times “Alhamdolléllâh’’ 34 times ‘ Allâho Akbar”.

This is much better than anything in this world for you! My beloved daughter, are you happy, now that I have taught you this precious prayer?”

And Fâtemeh had replied:” Yes father, I am much obliged and I thank you!”

Greetings to Fâtemeh

Fâtemeh is known to have said: ‘‘When My father, was alive, he once had told me:” If anyone greets me or you three times in one day, he or she shall enter the paradise.”

Somebody had asked:” O beloved Prophet! While you are still alive, or even after your death?”

He had replied:” Not only in my lifetime, but also after my death.”

And Ali had heard from Fâtemeh that her father had announced that anyone who greets and salutes him or Fâtemeh, shall undoubtedly enter the Paradise.

Ali, as the savior of people

Fâtemeh is known to have said:” My beloved father had said:” O Ali! You are truly a benefactor of the Paradise! It’s you who will knock on the Gate of the Paradise, and without counting, shall let the people who love you and your family, enter the Paradise…!”

The ninth child

Hazraté Imâm Hosseyn had said:” My mother told me once that when I was born, my grandfather came to see me.

I was clad in a yellow cloth, and my beloved grandfather took instead a white cloth to envelop me with it, and when he had finished doing this, he then said the “ Azân “ in my right ear, and then the “Ighâmah’’ in my left ear. He had said then to my mother:” O Fâtemeh! Take good care of your baby. He will be the father of many Imâms! These nine Imâms shall be his progeny, and they will be a very great and holy Imâms! And the ninth one, will be none other than Imâm Mahdi [May we offer gladly our lives for him!]! “

The reward

Fâtemeh is known to have said:” I heard from my husband, and he too heard this from my beloved father that:” Whoever in this whole world has done a good deed for one of my progeny, and yet, has not received a great reward from God Almighty? Himself..?!”

Fâtemeh is known to have said:” My father has said the best people are those who prefer to be modest and humble, and who respect their companion in life [either his wife or her husband].”

Fâtemeh is known to have said:” Everybody should kneel down in front of his or her mother. Because Paradise is under the sweet feet of the mothers…”

Once the Prophet asked some women :” What is the best thing for women to do ? “ As these women didn’t know the answer, they hurried to Fâtemeh’s house to ask her the same question. She replied:” the best thing for a woman to do, is that she should never look directly at any man’s face, and never let other men gaze at her directly.”

Fâtemeh is known to have said:” Anyone who should wear an agate ring in his or her finger, has done a great benefit to himself or herself.”

Fâtemeh is known to have said: ‘‘Every one who reads the following sourates: ‘‘Hadid”, “Wâ’ghiah’’, “Ar-rahmân’’, will surely enter the Paradise!”

If you are troubled or anxious, or you have a great unsolved problem, and you think as though your heart is about to explode from sorrow or desperation, you have to perform a two Rikat prayer. After you have finished it, you have to say three times “ Allâho Akbar “, then you have to pronounce ‘‘Fâtemeh’s four Way Praises of God’’, and then you have to prostrate and tell hundred times this sentence:” Yâ Mollâty, Ya Fâtémato Aghisseyni…” Then you have to put your right cheek first and then your left cheek on the ground, and repeat this sentence for another hundred and ten times. With God’s Will, your wish shall be fulfilled, and your sorrow will fly away…”

Once, Fâtemeh asked her beloved father:” O Father! In the Day of Resurrection, where shall I meet you? “

the Prophet answered her:” O Fâtemeh! At the Paradise’s Gate. There, I will have the banner of Pure

Monotheism with me, and I well be interceding for my Ummah to God…”

Fâtemeh asked him:” And if I didn’t see you there?”

“ Then you will find me near the Fountain, where I am offering some water to my Ummah.”

“And if I didn’t see you there?”

“ Then you will meet me at the Bridge of Serât. I will stand up there and say to God:” O Lord! Make my Ummah pass safely from this Bridge!”

“ And if I didn’t see you there?”

“ Then I will surely be at the Gate of Hell, protecting my Ummah from the Fire…”

Fâtemeh on hearing this, was greatly overjoyed.

We salute most respectfully and most humbly our Lady Fâtemehyeh Zahra!