Names and Titles of Ameerul Momineen (asws)

Names and Titles of Ameerul Momineen (asws)0%

Names and Titles of Ameerul Momineen (asws) Author:
Translator: Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi
Publisher: Wilayat Mission
Category: Imam Ali

Names and Titles of Ameerul Momineen (asws)

Author: Abdul Rasool
Translator: Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi
Publisher: Wilayat Mission

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Names and Titles of Ameerul Momineen (asws)
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Names and Titles of Ameerul Momineen (asws)

Names and Titles of Ameerul Momineen (asws)

Publisher: Wilayat Mission

Qaf ق

1. Qasr al Masheed (Beautiful palace)

Salih bin Sohail narrates, “Ameerul Momineen (asws) is like a beautiful palace. Fatima (sa) and Her Offspring are such a blessing that if you are able to obtain love for Them in your heart you will have no desire for anything else.”

(Maani ul Akbar pg 111)

2. Quran al Azeem(great quran)

Hassan Amiri narrates, “I asked Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) regarding this saying of Allah, “And certainly We have given you seven of the oft repeated verses and the great Quran (15:87).” Imam (as) said, “We are those seven oft repeated verses and Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as) is the great Quran.”

(Al Burhan Second Vol pg 354)

3. Qaid al Ghar al Mahjaleen (Leader of those with shining foreheads)

Imam Jafar (as) bin Muhammad (as) narrates from His Father who narrates from His Grandfather that RasoolAllah (saw) said, “On the night of Miraj when I ascended to the heavens, I reached Sidrat ul Muntaha. I heard a crier there saying, “I order the entire creation to love Ali (asws). Verily! He is the leader of the muslims, leader of the pious, and the leader of those with shining foreheads on the day of judgement.”

(Amali al Toosi First Edition pg 196)

4. Qamar (moon)

Hasan bin Saeed asked ibne Abbas (ra) regarding this ayah, “I swear by the sun and its brilliance (91:1).” Ibne Abbas (ra) replied, “This is reference of RasoolAllah (saw). “The moon when it follows the sun (91:2) is in reference of Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as). “And the day when it reveals it (91:3) is in reference of Hasan (as) and Hussein (as). “And the night when it draws a veil over it (91:4) is in reference of Bani Ummaya.”

(Tafseer e Furat pg 212)

Ans bin Malik narrates, “One day when RasoolAllah (saw) was performing Fajr prayers, after finishing His prayer He came towards us and said, “O’people! If you lose the sun, associate yourself with the moon. If you lose the moon, associate yourself with the flower blossoms. If you lose the flower blossoms, associate yourself with the leaflets. I am the sun.

Ali (asws) is the moon. Fatima (sa) is the flower blossom. Hasan (as) and Hussain (as) are the leaflets. They will never be separated from the Book of Allah until They reach Me at the spring of Kauthar.”

(Fazail ibne Shazan pg 163)

5. Qatil al Fajrah (Killer of unrighteous)

RasoolAllah (saw) said, “Ali (asws) is the Imam of the righteous and killer of the unrighteous. I am helper of those who are helpers of Ali (asws). One who abandons Him (Ali asws) I will abandon him.”

(Kunzul Amal)

6. Qaid al Atqiya (Leader of pious)

Abul Hasan Ali (as) bin Musa (as) Reza narrates from His Father who narrates from His Father who narrates from His Forefathers, “One who wishes to ride in the arc of salvation, one who wishes with the strongest chain, one who wishes to remain steadfast to the rope of Allah, then he must love Ali (asws) after Me and become an enemy of His (Ali asws) enemies and love the Imams (as) from His Offspring. Verily, They are My caliphs and successors. They are the proof of Allah upon His creation after Me. They are the masters of My ummah. They are the leaders of the pious in jannah. Their party is My party. My party is the party of Allah. The party of Their enemies is the party of shaitan. Allah’s peace be upon Muhammad (saw) and His Progeny (as).

(Ayun Akhbar al Reza (as) First Edition pg 292)

7. Qasim bil Suiyah (One who treats every person equally)

Maaz bin Jabil narrates RasoolAllah (saw) said, “O’Ali (asws)! People disputed with You regarding the prophet hood. There is no prophecy after Me. There are seven attributes that You possess that the people do not and the people of Qureish will not be asked regarding these attributes. You are the first believer. You fulfilled Your every promise with Allah. You established the order of Allah. You did not discriminate between the peoples and treated every person equally. You did justice between them. You are the best judge. On the day of judgement, You will be the greatest to Allah from amongst all.”

(Manaqib al Khawarzmi pg 61)

8. Qalam (Pen)

Muhammad bin Fazil asked Abul Hasan (as) regarding this saying of Allah, “I swear by the Pen (68:1)”. Imam (as) said, “Pen is Ameerul Momineen (asws).”

(Taweel ul Ayat Second Vol pg 810)

9. Qul al Mukhtalif (Different sayings)

The saying of RasoolAllah (saw) regarding the wilayat of Ali (asws) that was revealed upon Him by Allah “He who is averse is made to turn away from it (51:9)” means those who oppose the amr (command/authority) of Allah will be thrown into hell.”

(Al Manaqib Third Edition pg 96)

10. Qarah

In Khutba Noorania, Moula Ali (asws) says, “I am Qarah”

11. Qarin min Hadeed

Abu Hamza Thumali narrates from Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) that Ameerul Momineen (asws) said, “Verily Allah was unique in His oneness. Then He spoke through His kalimah.

He then created Me and My Offspring. Then He spoke and created ruh (spirit) through His kalimah. Then He placed this spirit in the noor. Then He placed this noor in Our physical forms. We are the spirit of Allah and His kalimat (words). We resided under the green shadow. There was no sun, moon, day, night nor any eye to witness them. We were worshipping Him and performing His tasbeeh. We were doing this before the creation of the universe. Then He took the oath of allegiance from all of the prophets of Iman (faith) and nusrat (help). For Us, He said, “And when Allah made a covenant through the prophets:

Certainly what I have given you of Book and Wisdom, then a messenger comes to you verifying that which is with you, you must believe in him and you must aid him (3:81)”.

Allah made it wajib (compulsory) upon every prophet to believe in Muhammad (saw) and help His successor. Soon they will help Him. Verily, Allah took the oath of allegiance for My help along with the oath of allegiance for belief in Muhammad (saw). I fought for Muhammad (saw) and slaughtered His enemies and fulfilled My promise with Allah.

However, Allah’s prophets and messengers did not help Me. Allah will bring back to life all of the prophets from Adam (as) to Muhammad (saw) and all will fight alongside Me. How strange it is that Allah shall bring the dead back to life! They will call from Talbia “I am present, I am present”. They will call towards Allah and cut the throats of His enemies until Allah will fulfill His promise to the momins to make them as His caliphs upon this earth as He had done so before. He will establish that religion for them that He had chosen for them.

Then He will bestow upon them peace after they have known fear. They will worship Him and will not commit shirk. They will worship Him in the state of iman (faith). The momins will not dispute amongst each other. They will not practice taqiya. They will return after the return (rajat). Verily, I am the one who shall return over and over. All of the kingdoms and wonders are for Me. I am the slave of Allah, brother of RasoolAllah (saw), trustee of Allah, trustee of the secrets of Allah. I am the face of Allah, His path, His scale. I am that kalimah (word) of Allah that causes the people to gather and causes the gatherings to disperse. I am the greatest names of Allah. I am His best example. I am His greatest sign (Ayatul Kubra). I am the Lord of heaven and hell. I will place the inhabitants of the heavens and hells in their proper places. I will arrange the marriage of the inhabitants of jannah and punish the inhabitants of hell. I will be standing on Araf. I am Dabitul Arz. I am the distributor of hell. I am the Lord of the treasures of jannah. I am the Lord of Araaf. I am Ameerul Momineen. Master of the pious. The sign of previous nations. The tongue of the speakers. Seal of Successors. Inheritor of Prophets. Caliph of Allah. Siratul Mustaqeem (straight path). Allah’s proof upon the heavens and earth and all that is between them and on them. I am the witness of Allah upon the creation. I was witness to your creation and will be witness on the day of judgment. I am the one who has ilm ul mania, ilm ul wasia, ilm ul baliya, ilm ul kaziya. I am Fazl ul Kitab (blessed speech). I am the one for whom the clouds, the lighting, the darkness, light, wind, mountains, oceans, stars, sun, and moon were made to be obedient to. I am the one who slew the nation of Aad and Thamud and the people of Ras. I am the one who slew Firoan. I am the one who saved Musa (as). I am Qarn al Hadeed. I am the Farooq (honor) of this nation. I am the one who guides. I am the one who has knowledge of all things. O’ people, ask Me before you lose Me. O’ Allah, I make You as witness without You I have nothing. You have blessed Me with all greatness. Thanks be to Allah.”

(Mukhtasir al Basair al Darjat pg 73)

12. Qatb al Dayjoor

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am qatb al dayjoor”.

13. Qamar al Surtan(moon and constellations)

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am the moon and constellations”.

14. Qus al Arak

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am the qus al arak”.

15. Qastas al Qatr

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am qastas al qatr”.

16. Qasim Ilm

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am qasim ilm”.

17. Qatil al Jin (killer of jinns)

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am the killer of jinns”.

18. Qaseem al Jinan (distributor of jannah)

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am distributor of jannah”.

19. Qalaa al Bab (remover of the door)

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am one who removed the door”.

20. Qatil min Bagha (slayer of the rebellious)

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am the slayer of the rebellious”.

21. Qurn al Aqran

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am qurn al aqran”.

22. Qaid al Amlak (guide of kings)

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am the guide of kings”.

23. Qutb al Aqtab

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am qutb al aqtab”.

24. Qudrat Allah

Muhammad bin Sadqa narrates Abu Dharr Ghafiri (ra) asked Salman Farsi (as), “Do you know the marifat of Ameerul Momineen (asws) with nooraniat?” Salman (as) replied, “O’Abu Abdullah, come with me and we will ask Ameerul Momineen (asws). We went, but did not find Him. We waited for a while until He returned. Ameerul Momineen (Asws) said, “What has brought you here?” They replied, “O’Ameerul Momineen (asws), we came here to ask You regarding Your marifat with nooraniat.” Moula (asws) said, “I welcome both of you. Verily you are not from amongst those who lower My status. I swear by My age, “RasoolAllah (saw) has said, “Recognition of Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as) as Noor is in fact the recognition of Allah. Recognition of Allah in terms of His Noor is the pure deen (religion).”

Then Moula (asws) said:

“He who has only outward belief in My Wilayat while inwardly having animosity will obtain no benefit from any of His deeds.”

“O’Salman (as)! Only when one recognizes Me with My Noor only then will he be able to attain iman (faith). Only those who recognize Me with My Noor are the true believers. He is the one whose heart has been tested by Allah with true iman (faith). He is the one in whose heart the true Islam is amplified. Thus he shall become an “Arif” (gnostic) and “Mastabser”

(clairvoyant). The one who does not recognize Me with My Noor falls into ambiguity and becomes of those who are followers of shaitan (la).

O’Salman (as)! O’Jondab (ra)! Verily Recognizing Me as Noor is the recognition of Allah. My Recognition is Allah’s Recognition. Recognition of Allah is Recognition of Me. This is the true religion. Allah did not place upon mankind any order other than to accept Tauheed e Allah (98:5) (Oneness of Allah). Testifying to the prophet hood of RasoolAllah (saw) is the true religion. Whenever Allah orders to “establish prayer” it refers to the belief in My Wilayat. One who pledges his allegiance and submits himself completely unto Me has truly established “salat” (prayer). Yet this matter is difficult, exceedingly difficult! Zakat (poor rate) is the acknowledgment of the greatness of the attributes of Aimmah (as). All of this is the true religion.

As attested to in the Holy Quran, true iman (faith) is the recognition of tauheed (oneness) and the testimony of nabuwat and wilayat. One who acts upon these beliefs achieves deen (religion).

O’Salman (as)! O’Jondab (ra)! One whom after being tested by Allah instantly accepts Our Amr (authority) and does not reject any matter which pertains to Us is a momin and Allah will open his heart to the acceptance of Our Amr (authority/command). He will not display even an element of doubt or suspicion. However he who objects with “why and how”

becomes a kafir (disbeliever). Therefore be submissive to the Amr e Allah. Verily We are the Amr e Allah (Command of Allah).

O’Salman (as)! O’Jondab (ra)! Verily Allah has made Me as His Trustee upon the creation and His Vicegerent upon His earth, in His territories, and over His servants. Allah has blessed Me with such attributes that even those people who have true understanding regarding the merits of such blessings and those who have knowledge regarding all matters will still not be able to truly comprehend the status which Allah has blessed Me with. A true momin is one who recognizes Me in this manner.

O’Salman (as)! Allah said, “Do not seek the help of Allah except through patience and prayer”. Patience is Muhammad (saw) and Prayer is My Wilayat. This is why Allah has declared it to be difficult to understand such attributes. In truth My Wilayat is exceedingly difficult except for those whose souls are submissive. Thus My Wilayat has been made easier by Allah upon those whose souls have submitted.

O’Salman (as)! We are those Secrets of Allah which shall not be hidden. We are His Noor that can never be extinguished. And We are those blessings which can never be matched.

Our first is Muhammad, Our middle is Muhammad, and Our last is Muhammad. One who recognizes Us in this way is a follower of the true religion.

O’Salman (as)! O’Jondab (ra)! Muhammad (saw) and Myself are one Noor. And before all other creations had been created We were already reciting the praises of Allah. We were the cause of the creation of the entire universe. Then Allah divided this Noor into two parts; first was His prophet Mustafa (saw) and His Successor Murtaza (saw). Then Allah said to each half “Be Muhammad (saw)!” “Be Ali (asws)!” This is the reason RasoolAllah (saw) said, “I am from Ali (asws) and Ali (asws) is from Me. None other than Myself and Ali (asws) are able to convey the Divine Message of Allah.” In Quran where Allah says “Ann fosanawa ann faskum (3:61)” is a reference to Our being One Essence in Alam e Arwah and Anwar (worlds of spirits and noor). And where Allah says “If He has died or is slain(3:144)” “died” is a reference to the death of Prophet (saw) and “slain” is in reference to the martyrdom of His Successor. As We are One Essence and One Noor. We are One in purpose and attributes. However We are different in Our bodies and names, but in Alam e Arwah We are One Noor. As RasoolAllah (saw) said, “O’Ali (saw), You are My Soul which is inside of Me. In this world of creation RasoolAllah (saw) said, “You are from Me and I am from You. You are My inheritor and I am Your inheritor. You are the Soul of My body.” Allah says, “Sallu illay wa salamu tasleema”. “Sallu illay” (sending blessings on Him) is reference to Muhammad (saw) and “salamu tasleema” (acknowledge Him) is reference to Me (Ali saw). Allah joined Me with Muhammad (saw) in One Noor and then split that Noor into two beings based upon Their Names and Attributes. Then Allah ordered His creation to send blessings upon Muhammad (saw) and salam upon His successor Ali (saw).

RasoolAllah (saw) said, “One shall not gain any benefit or reward from sending blessings unto Me until he submits to the Wilayat e Ali (saw).”

O’Salman (as)! O’Jondab (ra)! During His time Muhammad (saw) was “natiq” (speaking) and I was “samit” (silent). During every era both “natiq” and “samit” are present.

Remember, Muhammad (saw) is the Master of those who shall gather on the Day of Judgement and I am the Master of Resurrection. Muhammad (saw) is the warner and I am the one who guides. Muhammad (saw) is the Lord of Jannah and I am the Lord of Rajat (Return). Muhammad (saw) is the Lord of Hawz e Kausar (divine spring) and I am Sahib e Lawa (standard bearer of the flag which will be raised on the Day of Judgment).

Muhammad (saw) is the Lord of the Keys to the Gates of Jannah and I am the Lord of Jannah and Jahannum (paradise and hell). Muhammad (saw) is the Lord of Revelation and I am the Lord of Inspiration. Muhammad (saw) is the Lord of Signs and I am the Lord of Miracles.

Muhammad (saw) is the Seal of all Prophets and I am the Seal of all Successors. Muhammad (saw) is the Master who invites the creation towards the religion of Allah and I am the Protector of the Religion. Muhammad (saw) is the most generous prophet and I am Sirat ul Mustaqeem (true path). Muhammad is “raoof o raheem” (most kind and merciful) and I am Aliulazeem (most high most great).

O’Salman (as)! Allah says “He causes the Spirit to descend upon those whom He chooses”

(40:15). This Spirit then descends unto the one entrusted with the Command and the Decree. I (Ali saw) give life to the dead and possess full knowledge of all things in the heavens and upon the earth. I am Kitab ul Mubeen (Undeniable Book).

O’Salman (as)! Muhammad (saw) is the one who establishes the Hujjat (proof) and I am Hujjatullah (proof of Allah) upon the creation. And the Spirit ascended with Him unto the heavens. I am the one who enabled Nuh (as) to sail His Ark. I was present with Yunis (as) in the belly of the whale. I parted the sea for Musa (as) to allow Him a safe passage through it.

I am the one who destroyed the enemies of Allah. I possess all of the knowledge of the prophets and their successors and I am Fazl al Khatab (a blessed speech). The prophet hood of RasoolAllah (saw) was completed through My Wilayat. I cause the rivers and oceans to flow and cause the mountains to rise up from the surface of the earth. I am likened unto the Father of the Earth. I am the wrath of the Day of Judgment. I am that Khizr (as) who taught Musa (as). I taught Dawood (as) and Solomon (as). I am Zul Qarnan. I am the one who removes sufferings by the command of Allah. I am the one who spread the earth. I am the one who shall send wrath on the Day of Judgment. I am the one who shall summon all unto Allah on the Day of Judgment. I am Dabba tul Arz (sign of Allah regarding the coming of the Day of Judgment). RasoolAllah (saw) said, “O’Ali (saw) You are Zul Qarnan and its both ends. You were in existence before the beginning of the creation and will remain until its end.”

O’Salman (as)! If one dies from amongst Us, He is not dead and if someone is slain from amongst Us, He is not slain. One from amongst Us who is in occultation performs His duties as We do. We are not born in this world the way humans are born in this world. You cannot compare Us with mankind. I was the voice of Isa (as) when He spoke from the cradle. I am the helper of Nuh (as) and Ibrahim (as). I am the one who will send the wrath of Allah. I shall also bring about the trembling and shall cause the final quake. I am the Lohay Mahfooz (Protected Tablet) and all of the knowledge within it originates from Me. I can appear in any form by the wish of Allah. Whoever has observed these appearances has seen Me and whoever has seen Me as observed the Signs of Allah. We Masoomeen (as) are the Noor of Allah which can never be rejected or changed.

O’Salman (as)! Every prophet is honored because of Us. You can praise Us with whatever titles or attributes within your imagination however do not ascribe rabuyiat (godship) to Us. People find salvation through Us and reach their destruction due to Us.

O’Salman (as)! He who firmly believes in all that I have explained is that momin whose heart has been tested by Allah with iman (true faith) and he has recognized Our true status.

One who doubts or hesitates is a nasibi (enemy of Allah) even if he claims to believe in Our wilayat he is a liar.

O’Salman (as)! Myself and the Divine Guides from My Family, Imams (as), are the hidden mystery of Allah and Most Beloved by Him. We are all One. Our Amr (authority) is One. Our mystery is One. Thus do not try to find differences amongst Us or you will be killed (go astray). We shall appear in every age by the will of Allah. Afflictions shall be upon the one who denies us. Only those whose hearts, eyes, and ears have been sealed will deny Us.

O’Salman (as)! I am the Father of every believer.

O’Salman (as)! I am the most courageous. I shall be coming soon. I will overwhelm all and make their hearts shudder and make them become deaf. I am the “Supreme Test” which shall be revealed unto all. We are the Signs of Allah, His Proofs, and His Veil. We are the Face of Allah. After My Name was written on the Throne of the Sky, it attained its importance. When it was written on the heavens, they became established. When it was written on the earth, it became stable. When My Name was written on the mountains, they became upraised. When it was written on the wind, it began to blow. When it was written on the lightning, it began to flash. When it was written on the raindrops, they began to provide nourishment. When it was written on the Noor, it became radiant. When it was written on the clouds, the rain began to flow from them. When it was written on the thunder, it became quietened. When it was written on the night, it caused the night to become dark. When it was written on the day, it made it luminous and radiant. “

(Bihar ul Anwar First Edition pg 26)

25. Qalb Allah (heart of Allah)

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) narrates Ameerul Momineen (asws) said, “I am the knowledge of Allah, His heart, His tongue, His eye, His side, and His hand.”

(Al Tauheed pg 164)

26. Qateel Koofan

Ambassador of Ambassadors *Amongst the other names of Ameerul Momineen (asws) are al Qaseem, al Qasim, al Qanat, Qazi ul Deen, al Qazi, al Qaim, al Qibla, al Qawi, al Qeem, al Qaleel, al Qasar, al Mashida, al Qadam (Manaqib Third Edition pg 73)

Kaf ك

1. Kirar

Ans narrates, “I heard Imam Sadiq (as) narrating from Ameerul Momineen (asws) that someone asked Ameerul Momineen (asws), “Why do You not buy a horse of Your own?”

Moula (asws) replied, “I have no need for this because whatever horse I sit upon becomes as if it is My own and will never flee while I am fighting in the battlefield. Any horse that would flee whilst I am fighting in the battlefield, I would never ride upon.”

(Al Bihar vol 41 pg75)

2. Kufv al Zahra (The equal for Syeda sa)

Ameerul Momineen (asws) narrates RasooAllah (saw) said to Me, “O’Ali (asws), the people of Quraish tease Me regarding Fatima (sa). They ask Me to marry Her with one from them. I refused them and married Her with You. I told them it was not Me that refused them it was Allah that refused them. Jibrael (as) came to Me and said, “O’Muhammad (saw)! If Ali (asws) was not there, then there would have been no kufv (equal) for Your Daughter, Syeda (sa), upon this earth.”

(Amali al Toosi First Edition pg225)

3. Kabeer (Greatest)

Asbagh narrates, “Once Hz Salman Farsi (as) was asked regarding Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as) and Syeda (sa). Salman (as) Said, “I heard RasoolAllah (saw) saying, “The wilayat of Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as) is wajib (compulsory) upon you.Verily, He is your moula. Love Him. He is your master. Obey Him. He is the most knowledgable. Honor Him. He is your leader that will take you towards jannah. Whenever He calls you, answer His call.

Whenever He orders you, it is wajib upon you to obey Him. Love Him the way you love Me.

Honor Him the way you honor Me. I do not tell you anything except the commands of the Lord who is most glorified.”

(Maya Manqaba pg 4)

4. Kalimah (word)

Ibn Abbas (ra) narrates, “I asked RasoolAllah (saw) regarding those words that were taught to Adam (as) and caused Allah to accept His repentance. RasoolAllah (saw) said, “Adam (as) asked Allah, “For the sake of Muhammad (saw), Ali (asws), Fatima (as), Hasan (as) and Hussain (as)”. Allah then accepted His repentance.”

(Al Khasal pg 27)

5. Kalimatullah al Aliya (Greatest word of Allah)

RasoolAllah (Saw) said, “After Me the enemy of Allah is kafir (disbeliever). One who wages war against Him is a mushrik (polytheist). One who loves Him is a momin (true believer).

One who prefers Him over all things is associated with haq (truth). Ali (asws) is the noor of Allah amongst His kingdom. He is the proof of Allah upon His creation. Ali (asws) is the sword of Allah upon His enemies. Ali (asws) is the inheritor of the knowledge of the prophets. Ali (asws) is the greatest word of Allah. He is the leader of the people with bright shining foreheads. Ali (asws) is the Imam of all muslims. Allah does not accept anyone’s iman (belief) without the wilayat and obedience of Ali (asws).”

(Amali ul Sudooq pg 450)

6. Kitab al Minzil (Revealed Book)

Abu Baseer narrates, “I heard Imam Abu Jafar (as) saying regarding this ayah, “And this is the book We have revealed, blessed” (6:92), Imam (as) said, “The blessed is Ameerul Momineen (asws) and He is the interpretator of Quran, the revealed book. He is the blessing upon the ummah of Muhammad (saw). This ayah “that men of understanding may take heed” (14:52) is referring to those who love Him, His Shia.”

(Tafseer Qummi Second Edition pg 234)

7. Kalimatul Tamah (Absolute word from amongst the words)

Verily, Imams (as) hear the voices of Their mothers in the womb. “And the word of your Lord has been perfected in truth and justice” (6:115). After the Imam (as) has grown, Allah establishes a pillar of noor for Him. He observes the deeds of the creation from the heavens. Verily, Ali (asws) is the absolute word from amongst those words”.

(Bihar vol 25 pg 39)

8. Kamal ul Deen (completion of the religion)

Abu Jawood narrates, “I heard Imam Abu Jafar (as) saying regarding this ayah of Allah “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you”

(5:3), Imam (as) said, “The wilayat of Ameerul Momineen (asws) is the reason for the completion of the religion.”

(Tafseer Furat pg 119)

9. Kahf al Aramil (helper of widows)

Moula (asws) said to His Son Imam Hussain (as), “I am the helper of widows.”

10. Kirkir

Amongst the Armans, Moula (asws)’s name is Kirkir.

11. Kawan al Makan

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Khawan al Makan.”

12. Khays

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Khays.”

13. Kon al Farq

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kon al Farq”.

14. Klua al Wahsh

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Klua al Wahsh.”

15. Kamard al Hinood

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kamard al Hinood.”

16. Kirkis al Sidoos

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kirkis al Sidoos.”

17. Kaboor al Farq

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kaboor al Farq.”

Kashif al Kirbat Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kashif al Kirbat.”

18. Kashif al Radaa

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kashif al Radaa.”

19. Kafoo al Wafa

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kafoo al Wafa.”

20. Kiwan al Khan

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kiwan al Khan.”

21. Kasi al Arah

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Kasi al Arah.”

22. Kinz Israr al Nabuwat

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am the treasure of the mysteries of nabuwat (prophet hood).”

*Amongst His other names are Al Kafi, Al Kalimah, al Kitab, al Kowakib, al Karar, al Kauthar, al Kahf, al Kashif

Lam ل

1. Lisanullah (tongue of Allah)

Aswad bin Saeed narrates, “I was with Imam Abu Jafar (as), when He began saying without being asked by Me, “We are the proof of Allah. We are the doors of Allah. We are the tongue of Allah. We are the eye of Allah amongst His creation. We are the owner of His command (amr).”

(Usool e Kafi First Edition pg 145)

2. Lith al Muhadeen (Lion of those who believe in the oneness of Allah)

Safwan Jamal narrated the ziarat of Ameerul Momineen (asws) from Imam Jafar Sadiq (as),

“Salam be upon You, O’RasoolAllah (saw). Salam be upon You, “O’Chosen of Allah. Salam be upon You, O’Trustee of Allah. Salam be upon You who was elevated in status by Allah whom Allah chose from amongst His creation. Salam be upon You O’Friend of Allah. Our salam be upon You as long as the night becomes dark and the day becomes bright. Salam be upon Youas long as the silent remains silent and the speaker continues his speech. Salam be upon You as long as the stars are shining. May the blessing of Allah be upon You. Salam be upon our Moula, Ali(asws) ibn Abi Talib (as) who has great attributes and status. Who is the most honored, most courageous, most brave. Who will quence the thirst of momineen at Kauthar. Salam be upon You who is the most wise, most blessed, the glory of those who are brave and who is the lion of those who believe in the oneness of Allah. Salam be upon You, o’killer of mushrikeen (polytheists). Salam be upon You,O’Successor of RasoolAllah (saw). Salam be upon You whom Allah testified to through Jibrael (as) who Allah helped through Mikael (as). Salam be upon You whom Allah bestowed great honor upon in both worlds and was blessed by Allah with all blessings. The blessing of Allah be upon You and Your Offspring and the Masoom Aimmah who enjoined the good and forbid the evil. They made the prayers wajib upon us, ordered us to pay zakat, ordered us to keep fast, taught us Quran. Salam be upon You, O’Ameerul Momineen, the master of religion, the leader of the pious. Salam be upon You, O’Door of Allah. Salam be upon You, O’Eye of Allah. Salam be upon You, O’Hands of Allah. Salam be upon You, O’Ear of Allah. Salam be upon You, O’Wisdom of Allah. Salam be upon You, O’Wrath of Allah upon kufar. Salam be upon You, O’Distributor of Jannah and Jahannum. Salam be upon You, O’the greatest blessing of Allah.

Salam be upon You, O’Master of the pious and noble. Salam be upon You, O’Wrath of Allah upon sinners. Salam be upon You, O’brother of RasoolAllah (saw), His cousin and son in law. Salam be upon You, O’Abul Hasan Ali (asws). Salam be upon You, O’Shajra al Tuba.

Salam be upon You, O’Sidrat ul Muntaha. Salam be upon Adam (as) who is the elevated servant of Allah. Salam be upon Nuh (as) the prophet of Allah. Salam be upon Ibrahim (as),

Khaleelullah. Salam be upon Musa (as) Kaleemullah. Salam be upon Isa (as) Ruhullah.

Salam be upon Muhammad (saw) habibullah. Salam be upon all those prophets, the trustworthy, martyred and pious people who lived amongst them. Salam be upon their noble friends. Salam be upon You, O’Noor of all Noors. Salam be upon the Offspring of Purified. Salam be upon the Father of Imams (as). Salam be upon You, O’Rope of Allah.

Salam be upon You, O’Side of Allah. Salam be upon You, O’Trustee of Allah upon the earth.

Salam be upon You, O’Caliph of Allah. Salam be upon You, O’Authority of Allah and caretaker of the religion. Salam be upon You, who speaks through His command. Salam be upon You, O’Brother of RasoolAllah. O’Husband of Batool. You are the unsheathed sword of Allah. Salam be upon You who came with clear signs. Salam be upon You, O’Master of miracles. Salam be upon the one who will protect us from destruction. Salam be upon the one whom Allah mentions in His clear and authentic ayahs. Allah says regarding You that You are Umm al Kitab (Reality of the Book). Salam be upon You, Favorite name of Allah. His face. His great mercy and His blessing. Salam be upon You, O’Proof of Allah. Salam be upon His successors, His chosen ones, His pure and obedient servants, may the blessings of Allah be upon all of them. O’my Moula (asws)! I have come before You. O’my Moula (asws)!

O’Hujjat of Allah! I came here while recognizing Your status and I am the friend of Your friends and enemy to Your enemies. I came here to gain the nearness of Allah. I beg You to intercede with Allah on my behalf. Protect me from hellfire. Fulfill all of my needs both in this world and in the hereafter.”

(Mafatih ul Jinan pg 427)

3. Lisanul Sadiq(tongue of the trustworthy)

Moula Ali (asws) said to His Son Imam Hasan (as), “I am the tongue of the trustworthy”.

4. Lisanul Sidq(tongue of truth)

There are many authentic narrations from authentic narrators who wrote they found 300 different names of Ameerul Momineen (asws) in Quran.

Ibn Masood narrates regarding this ayah, “And surely it is in the original of the Book (Umm al Kitab) with Us, truly elevated, full of wisdom” (43:4) and this ayah, “And We left behind for them a truthful tongue of Ali” (19:50) and this ayah, “And ordain for me a goodly mention among posterity” (26:84) and this ayah, “Surely upon us resteth the putting together thereof and the reading thereof. Therefore, when we recite it, follow its recitation. And upon Us lies its explanation” (75:17-19) and this ayah, “You are only a warner and there is a guide for every people”(13:7). The warner is RasoolAllah (saw) and the guide is Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as).

And this ayah, “Is he then who has with him clear proof from his Lord, and a witness from Him recites it” (11:17). The proof is RasoolAllah (saw) and the witness is Ali (asws).

And this ayah, “Surely Ours is it to show the way. The first belongs to Us and the last belongs to Us”. (92:12-13) and this ayah, “Surely Allah and His angels bless the Prophet; O you who believe! call for (Divine) blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation” (33:56), and this ayah, “Lest a soul should say: O woe to me! for what I fell short of my duty with the side of Allah, and most surely I was of those who laughed to scorn” (39:56). The side of Allah is Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as) and this ayah, “We have recorded everything in Imam Mubeen” (36:12) Imam Mubeen is Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as), and this ayah, “And You are one of the messengers” (2:252) and “Surely You are on the Siratul Mustaqeem (right path)” (6:39), and this ayah, “Then on that day you shall most certainly be questioned about the blessing” (102:8) the blessing is the love of Ameerul Momineen (asws).

They have mentioned various other names of Ameerul Momineen (asws), but we will not mention them here. However, they are not hidden. They are very well known and there are more than 300 names of Ameerul Momineen (asws) in Quran.

(Fazail ibn Shazaan pg 174)

5. Ladheedh al Thamar

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Ladheedh al Thamar”.

6. Lith al Zaham (lion of the battlefield)

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am the lion of the battlefield.”

7. Lahz al Lowahz

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Lahz al Lowahz”.

8. Lowa al Rakiz

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Lowa al Rakiz”.

9. Lahj al Minhaj

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Lahj al Minhaj”.

10. Loosh al Sadoos

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Loosh al Sadoos”.

11. Lulu al Asdaf

Moula Ali (asws) says in Khutba Bayan, “I am Lulu al Asdaf”.

12. Lisan al Shakur

In the hadith of huzaifa, it is narrated that one day I came to RasoolAllah (saw). RasoolAllah (saw) said, “O’Huzaifa! Go towards the tent of the one who is the healer of pain, who is the bravest upon the earth, who is the Lisan (tongue) of Shakur, who is the most patient, whose name is mentioned in Taurah, Zaboor, and Injeel.”

(Medinatul Moajiz Second Edition pg 96)

*Imam al Aadil, al Mirabtul Maqatil, Ameerul Nahl, Ghaithul Mahl, Khasiful Naal, Zakiul Asal, Dhikr al Youm al Fazl, Imam Awal, Wasiul Afzal, Akhir wal Awal, Fihal ul Showl Youm al Fazaa wa al Hool, Sahib al Anaam wal Tool, al Quh wal Hul, Mahaqeeq bil Faal Zaman al Qul, Zirgham Youm al Jamal, Mirdoodla al Shams and al Tifal, Tarak al Salb Zirab al Qall, Haleef al Bayzul Asal, Shajaa al Sahil wal Jabil, Nifs RasoolAllah Youm al Mubhila, Sa’adah al Masaad Youm al Masawala, Khateebahul Masaqaa Youm al Maqawalah, Zowj al Batool, Akhu al Rasool, Saifullah al Maslool, Jawood al Khaliq al Mamool, Hajaj al Bahlool, Aalim al Maswaool, Mihaqul Batil, Malibisul Hiliull deen al Aatil, Aliyia fi al Tasweel Taweel, Wallah al Tanzeel Tafseel, Wallah fi Kul Mahal Fazalatul Fazail, Rayah Aseel, Warah Tahseel, Noorullah al Jaleel, Wajah al Jameel, aldheya hu maharb al kufar wal fajrah biltanzeel u taweel, al dheya mathalah hadhkur fi al taurah wal zaboor wal injeel, Jaal Allah min Dharitahullah, Fosal Bihiblah Hiblah, Jismah Wali, Rasmah Jali, Ismah Ali.

(Manaqib Third Edition pg 74)