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2022-10-13 13:26:00

pl make site https says site insecure in browser with s it does not work


We checked the book "Contemporary Man and The Social Problem" on the relevant link, it works and doesn't have any problem. Thanks for your comment. Please check the link once again. Meanwhile i am sending the book to your mentioned email also directly.




ameerz:Looking for Salawat book pdf
2018-12-10 13:58:42

salam looking the famous "Salawat-The Problems to Solutions" -book by Qazwini can anyone help me here?? jazakallah khair


We dont have this book. Sorry for that.

Qamar Hussain:Content missing when language is switched.
2018-03-04 17:55:34

As Salaamu Alaykum I was looking for 14 Masoomeen (14 sitare) in urdu , i have had found that in hindi but when i switch language in urdu the urdu pdf is not available .plz contact.

thnx 4 ur comment, we dont have pdf of some books in some languages. if any book does not have it pdf, then the html is the only version available.


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