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21 Provisions for the Journey (Mishkat), Volume 2 Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi
22 Sciences Of Hadith Sheikh Mansour Leghaei
23 Tadwin al-Hadith (Compilation of Holy Prophet's Ahadith) Rasul Ja'farian
24 The Prohibition of Recording the Hadith, Causes and Effects (A Glance at the Methodologies and Principles of the two Muslims Schools of Hadith) Seyyed Ali Shahristani
25 The Truth about the 'Companions' Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Husaini Milani
26 Three Books of Shaikh Saduq in One Volume Sheikh Sadooq
27 Tradition of Myrobalan Fruit (Hadith al-Halila) Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (`a)
28 Tuhaf Al-Uqoul (The Masterpieces Of The Mind) Al-Hasan bin Ali bin Al-Hussein bin Shu'ba Al-Harrani

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Ali Abbasi:Al-Kafi
2019-04-01 10:28:08

Salamun Alaikum Can you please send me all the Arabic-English translations from WOFIS in PDF and Word Format. Or, can you send me the link. I pray for your service towards Islam.

Ali Abbasi




Dear Ali Abbasi

Thx for ur message and Duas. We have edited only two Volumes of WOFIS and u can download them from the following links:
Volume One:

Volume Two:

Other Volumes are not yet edited.

With Regards


Alhassanain(p) Network for Heritage and Islamic Thought