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The Holy Lady Fatima al-Zahra (S.A)

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There have been many women who have made an everlasting mark on the history of civilization and humankind. They have been great in various aspects. Yet one woman contributed more than perhaps any other woman, while she was not more then a young girl. She had all the great and virtuous attributes of the women of respect and honor – and more. Her prayers and supplications were no less than the most inspiring words of poetry to the God she adored. Her eloquence of speech, her bravery and strength, her loving tenderness towards her noble father, husband and children are what philosophers still write and speak of in terms of a cure for the ills of today’s society. She was filled with spiritual devotion, as is becoming of any true saint. Her actions were her belief, without fault or mistake. She rose above the frail diversions of this life and was truly the best example for all women throughout all time.
This woman is Fatima Al Zahra (as) the daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammmad (P), the wife of Imam Ali ibn Abu Taleb (as) the mother of Imams Hassan and Hussein (as).
In the shade of her father the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P), and in the lap of her chaste and noble mother, Khadija bint Khuwailid, Fatima Al Zahra was born in the holy city of Mecca on Friday 20th Jamadi Thani. She had the spirit of the Holy Prophet, his characteristics and morals. Indeed, she was the complete inheritor of her father. The distinguished relationship between the Holy Prophet (P) and his dear daughter attracted the attentions of those who lived nearby. They talked about the resemblance between the father and the daughter. The Holy Prophet, who spoke only that which had been revealed to him, addressed Fatima in these words: “Oh Fatima! Allah, the Mighty, the Exalted, is angered at the one who makes you angry and is satisfied with the one who pleases you”.
She was possessing of life, honour, beauty and high stature, living under her father’s care. It was such a unique relationship that it made the Prophet’s later wife Ayesha, marvel at it and proclaim: “ Never have I seen anyone more like the Messenger of Allah in his solemn way {of standing and sitting} than Fatima” she added, “When she {Fatima} came in the room to see him, he { The Holy Prophet} would rise to his feet, take her hand, kiss her and seat her where he was seated . And when he came to see her, she would stand up, take his hand, kiss him and seat him where she was seated”.  Nothing can be said more than that he was born and brought up in the household of the Holy Prophet (P).
Fatima was the greatest woman with regard to her honour, faith and position in the sight of  her Creator. Thus, so many people approached her father asking for her hand in marriage. The caliphs Umar and Abu Bakr were for instance, among those who asked for her hand. Other people among the leading men of the Quraysh tribe thought of asking for Fatima’s hand in order to achieve the honour of being the son-in-law of the Messenger of Allah. Nevertheless, the Holy Prophet would say to these people, “This matter is yet not divinely settled”. Finally Imam Ali, the son of Abu Taleb approached the Holy Prophet on this matter the Prophet was extremely delighted.
Fatima (as) married Ali (as) and the tree of Prophethood bore fruit. Fatima gave birth to Imam Hassan and then to Imam Hussein, The Prophet welcomed them and named them. Fatima the noblest of all women , married Ali for his faith, piety trustworthiness and high principles, not for wealth , money and the fading luxuries of this world. She accepted the holy bond with a simple modest mahr (dowry) that smashed the very values of materialism, abrogating its deceptive role in the subject of marriage, replacing it with Islamic values and ideals. Her marriage would no doubt teach the generations how elusive (false) is the nature of materialism and how it dwarfs before the sublime human values and ideals.
The glory of Al-Zahra towers over any other any other glory. Asceticism and worship of the Creator are two natural traits of the Holy Family of the Holy Prophet, for here were the finest examples of the highest ideals, the greatest Islamic personalities that had ever lived lived  on this earth.
Fatima (as) did not live long after the death of her father (P). She was the first from among his family to join him in the afterlife. Fatima Al Zahra (as) left this world with pain and grief, leaving both sons and daughters to be brought up by their father Ali.

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