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Humanity Awaiting the Promising Hope

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And how can you disbelieve, while it is you to whom the communications of Allah are recited, and among you is His apostle? And whoever holds fast to Allah he indeed is guided to the right way. 102. O you who believe! Observe your duty to Allah with right observance, and die not save as those who have surrendered (to Him). [The Family of 'Imran]
The example of the sealing Islamic Mission is the example of the fruits Allah has bestowed on man. These fruits which in combination can make and produce a physically perfect, even and powerful man. When they discord, differ and are misused, they will not deliver that benefit desirable with them. Nonetheless the body is in need of all those things contained by these fruits that contribute to the production of power, vitality and functionality. Divine wisdom has estimated the distribution of the human body's needs on the properties of these fruits. In the manner that when man gets used to one apart from the others he should feel poverty and want for those properties he had not received.
I say: The example of religion is the example of the fruits. Considering that religion is considered a perfect unit that should be used in its totality, without any ill intention in selecting some parts, discarding the remainder.
The human society if follows all the items in its methodology, instructions, and recommendations, will attain perfect happiness. But, if it partially makes use of it, it is in fact benefiting by that part it had followed.
It is quite right that when a society abandons some recommendations and acts by some other, it should not attain absolute happiness. But, at the same time, it will not undergo absolute hardship.
If we presume that our society has not been committed to the act of kindness to the parents, or any other religious act of devotion, it will benefit as far as it had been committed. If a nation acts by Islamic principles in the area of economy, like holding unlawful: usury, deceit, theft, or laziness, it will become a happy nation, economically speaking. See you not how the western nations have achieved an amazing economic growth when they acted by the recommendations of Islam in this area. Although they be not informed of the legislating authority it is following its instructions, even if it be not carrying out other Islamic instructions like the prayers, fasting, ordering to good or warning against evil and wrong-doing…
This discussion is not but a preface to what I wish to say on the birthday of the awaited proof Imam may Allah hasten his noble reappearance.
For, faith in the existence of this great Imam and a serious conviction in the idea of awaiting his reappearance are among the most important recommendations prophets had left to their followers and nations in the course of history. Where Allah did not send a prophet without making clear to him that the end of the world will be in good and happiness, and that the best finish belongs to the pious, earth will be inherited by the righteous servants of Allah, where He will give power to the oppressed at the end. Believing and faithful are all the prophets, messengers, and righteous Imams in the truth of the final reappearance of the awaited proof's, peace be upon him. Truly Allah should fill earth with justice and happiness after it had been filled by cruel people and their followers with oppression and misery.
Whereas the prophets and topping them our lord and beloved, Mohammad, peace be upon him, have given the happy news that the awaited may reappear within their life time. The Imams in the progeny, peace be upon them, had given the same happy news. If we presume the commitment of humanity in this belief, notwithstanding their belief or commitment in the rest of beliefs and divine recommendations, we can sure say that this nation will accomplish a great benefit by paying attention to this divine recommendation.

Mankind Between Despair and Hope
Mankind studies the news about world destruction, international wars, political conspiracies, and the violation of rights. It is surprised at the horrible news every morning and night. Whereas it is amazed when it is told that an explosive belt fastens earth called the atomic, chemical, and bacterial danger and a whole lot of devastating horrible and terrible arms.
It is also amazed at: the widening hole in the ozone layer, that earth's temperature and the surrounding atmosphere is increasing to the limit where seas will overflow the land; the increasing possibility of earthquakes taking place and volcanoes exploding, and other horrifying and appalling news.
The strategic studies emphasize that the world with whatever human elements it contains will finish very soon if this frequent destruction goes on. Where unstudied use of oil, poisonous gases, uprooting the forests created to the benefit of man will lead to the extinction of whatever exists on this planet.
Such news studied by mankind every morning and night will lead to its introversion and hopelessness with life and motion. Even, in this heavily high-flying and pessimistic air, man will wish for death before it becomes it.
Because the human heart with a nature of turbulence and change is disable in resisting and standing in the face of the aforementioned terror.
But, if humanity itself studies the Exalted and Magnificent Allah's words: And verily We have written in the psalms, after the Remembrance. The earth shall be the inheritance of My righteous salves. [The Prophets]
And updates itself and believes in the idea that Allah will not finish the world but with good, happiness and right, and that this ship stormed by different tornadoes and strong waves should reach the port of safety, and that it is expected that in any given moment the divine miracle should take place, even if to coming generations. Then it will live with hope an energetic and lively reality insisting on the challenge with hopelessness without submission to doubt.
Therefore, the Shiite Islamic call should be directed and addressed to all people, including the Christians, Jews, the unbelievers and the worshipers of idols. It should be tinted with that color of bringing the good news and truth that: Allah has not created His creatures among people so that He would torture them or finish their existence upon earth in misery, and that these oppressors and extravagant who spread corruption on earth are all overpowered by Allah's absolute domination. For, our creator is the leader of the world and the controller of its destiny. He is that merciful to whose mercy there is no limit. And, this divine mercy and will should not and does not leave man's destiny in the hands of the oppressors and corrupt among men.
The world might remember the developments of the cold war between the west headed by the United States and the east headed by the ex-Soviet Union, and how the world was then on the verge of an atomic war -with Allah we take refuge- in the crisis of the gulf of pigs in the era of the two oppressive presidents Khroshov and Kennedy in the 60s, where the United States threatened that it would declare a nuclear war if the Soviet Union had not retrieved its atomic missiles from Cuban lands, those lands the US considered a security border and field for itself. There are also other crises that human beings did not carefully follow, or that of which it is not yet informed.
Thus I wonder what has prevented such a great catastrophe from taking place. Especially that we and the whole world know that whoever produces such destructive weapons is by no means in possession of enough wisdom and necessary will to check himself upon such a great crisis and challenge. Considering that atomic explosions are not to distinguish between the aggressive and defending party, then all sides should finish away.
I shall strike two other examples upon the way we are leading: the sunk submarine in the Norwegian Sea which is still stuck at the bottom of that sea, where every body is ignorant of the reasons behind its defect and sinking. To top that it is not known that what should happen to its atomic missiles aboard. The second example is the suicidal bombed boat that attacked the US warship, an atomic one, near Adan Port. A global plight would have happened, had not the boat exploded one or one and a half meters away from it.
What should happen to the world if one among these maniac in chiefs of the atomic weapons in one of these super states decides to push those horror buttons with the intention of relieving man form its torment and anxiety?!!

The All-Beneficent God is Firm in Power
But, the Quran, which is a message from the Creator to His creature, man, emphasizes the void nature of this possibility and the falsity of this belief. 5. The All-Beneficent God is firm in power. [Ta Ha], that is Allah will not leave mankind burn. He is their Protector to the very promised day, when humanity and the world should be released form oppression and cruelty.
Perhaps a close reading of the Quranic verses that deal with the preceding nations uncovers that earth's oppressors and idols like Pharaoh, Nimrod, Croesus, Haman and their dynasties and followers did not die a natural death terminating every human being. They were, instead, dethroned or wiped out of power. For, Allah, the Merciful, had given them a time limit so that it would be a test for them and all other people. But, those time limits and excuses were not eternal and every dead line is and has an ending. But, Zionist savagery that excepts not any child or old person and shoots them with bullets of cruelty and extermination, or that barbarism exercised by Sadam and his supporters against the Iraqi civilians, and all other sorts of oppression are not to be pictured as eternal. Whoever does so should sentence himself to non-existence before taking the cruel's cruelty.

The True Hope
The Quran, the sayings of the prophet and his progeny's; and rational necessities have given us the good tidings that there will come that day when Imam Mahdi will reappear holding the flag of the Quran and the prophet. That his call will be answered by the whole world, after when nations and the peoples had been hopeless in the course of history. After they had reached the zero point. There it finds in the appearing Imam all divine hope, a unique savior for whom Allah has preserved the earth and that promised day.
It is quite advisable for us the propagators of the Quran's message, not to expect people's submission and surrender to this message though teaching them nocturnal prayers and immediately afterwards introducing and showing the idea o f the savior's reappearance
The contrary case is correct where in the start we should make clear to the world the truth of that Quranic happy news concerning the appearance of that example of justice, good, welfare, and peace. This glad news is the innermost part of Shi'ism. It represents the peak in the line and conduct of the leader of the faithful, Ali, his son, Imam Hussain; and the rest of the good guiding Imams. Then the world will discover the right path and touch with this reason and heart the true nature of Islamic belief that should drive them to hope and life.
There is a radical difference between the glad tidings of this hope and all those witnessed by humanity in the course of history. Those kinds were not but false claims made up by this or that man to achieve personal interest/benefits, or to pass the cruel's cruelty and keeping them in that power they know would someday be void and empty.
This glad tiding of the proof Imam, Al-Hassan's son, is not at all detached from reality. The creator of mankind, the prophets, and the Imams on one hand had issued it, and on the other it is the true translation for a human and historical need.

Killing the Liars
The believers in particular and the Muslims in general are afflicted with troops of the educated (?) who direct all their efforts to interfere with what of which they know nothing, to trespass into the sanctity of knowledge and specialization. So that they could shake faith and Islam in the hearts, while knowing or not knowing the result of these lies.
There are a great number of magazines, books, media corporations, and propaganda loud speakers that excite people to doubt belief, despair change and development. Not knowing that doubt, hopelessness and doing them are horrible forms of disbelief and hypocrisy. If we consult Allah's Book, which is truth itself, we will find that those who ridicule the believers and belief should receive the severest and most harsh chastisement and torture on the day of resurrection. Their chastisement will even be harsher than that of the disbelievers. For, the disbelievers do bother those who have believed. But, those who ridicule are by nature anti-beliefs who set trickery and harm.
The noble sayings (hadith) relate that the punishment of those who ridicule the facts of the Quran and the beliefs of the believers is an eternal and everlasting hell to which they are thrown, whereas they can see in the distance of a thousand years the glimpse of Paradise's light. Then they should embark on the impossible to arrive at it, passing through great flames containing whatever jinn, beasts, hardship and chastisement. The moment they get to it, it goes off and the gate of Paradise is closed on them. But, once again they see a glimpse of light and another door to which they rush, hoping they would rescue themselves and escape the chastisement. Then, too, they should face a similar destiny. Thus, they remain in a perpetual hell.
I say: we heard and you hear the lies of those who ridicule the Islamic movements, religious culture and sanctities, all in cool blood, they have their own interest and motives like ignorance, greed, and disbelief. Here, we have no other choice but to keep a distance, guide and direct them, seeking refuge with Allah, the All-Mighty, when facing them and where guidance and advice proves useless. For, they are not but hellish creatures who burn whoever approach them. Be all watchful of them because they believed and then disbelieved, and they will not inflect any harm unto the true believers.
The believing man had better look for hope culture and excite ambition and hard work, and these could be found in the Quran and the words of the Progeny.
If the search concerns the existence and reappearance of the proof Imam, the believing man has to know that Allah regards disgraced those who disbelieve in the Islamic belief. How do you disbelieve while Allah's signs are recited to you, and His messenger is with you?
To the effect that if the messenger physically dies, he is still alive, living between the Muslims, though his successors (khaliphs) and guardians who are the speaking Quran, peace unto the inhabitants of earth, the historical hope for all mankind. Henceforth, we should aid him and surrender to him, strengthening our positive relation with him. For only there resides guarantee to that hopelessness would be discarded out of the heart and one would tread upon the road of advancement and prosperity.
We ask Allah the Glorious and Exalted to make us successful in being guided by the light of the guiding Imams, understanding their orders, applying their teachings, so that we become among their followers, and loyals in this world and the one to come. He is the patron of all success.

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