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A Supplication from Imam Mahdi (A.T.F.)

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O God! sustain us with Thy goodwill for obedience as a duty
And for abstinence from sin and criminality,
And for intentions with sincerity,
And for cognizance of Thy Holiness and Sanctity.
And dignify us with guidance, steadfastness and stability
And adorn our tongues with wisdom and veracity
And fill our hearts with knowledge and sublimity.
And free our stomach from the suspected & forbidden food & gluttony.
And withhold our hands from robbery & tyranny,
And restrain our eyes from lust & immorality.
And deafen our ears to slander, nonsense & futility,
O God! Bless our elite with beneficence and piety,
And the students with interest & endeavor to be an authority,
And the audience to obey divine laws, & sermonized oratory,
And the muslim patients with repose and recovery,
And their dead ones with Thy Compassion and Mercy,
And our old ones with peace and dignity,
And the youth with repentance and apology,
And the women with bashfulness and chastity,
And the rich with bounty, generosity and humility,
And the poor with contentment, patience and serenity
And the warriors with help and victory,
And the prisoners with release, ease and tranquility
And the chiefs with justice and clemency,
And the citizens with good conduct and equity,
And enrich the Hajis and pilgrims with sufficiency,
And help them perform every obligatory duty,
In the Hajj and Umrah ceremony,
O The Utmost Merciful of all, with Thy Beneficence and Mercy.

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