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Stress and Students

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With exams going on at the moment, there are a number of students who call home or their friends and say they are ‘stressed’!
What is being stressed?
Stress is what happens when a person is unable to cope with pressure, and this pressure comes in many shapes and forms and triggers physiological responses.
The drive for students to be better than others, in this tough job market may be an amazing thing but it has led to an increase in the number of stressed students. Today’s students have the worst emotional health of any student group ever studied.

How does stress affect our body?
1. Rash, Eczema and Psoriasis
2. Heart disease and Hypertension
3. Aches, Back Pain and Nervous Tics
4. Ulcers and Cottonmouth
5. Insomnia and Headaches
6. Nausea, Ulcers and Irritable Colon
7. Recurrent Infections and Impotence

How does stress affect your mind?
A study carried out last year showed that 60% of students felt very sad, 50% of students felt overwhelming anxiety and 30% of the students felt so depressed that they were unable to function.
Only 26% of students ever consider visiting a counsellor, out of which 10% actually do so. Students who are stressed and more likely to eat more at night, which is one of the biggest factors in college weight gain.

What are the biggest causes of stress?
- Academics
- Finances
- Relationships
- Future plans
- Adjusting to college life

What can you do to overcome stress?
- Make sure you have a strong social support system as this is crucial to combating stress.
- Break up your routines with exercise, hobbies or relaxing.
- Be good to your body; get enough sleep, eat well and stay active.
- Never be ashamed or afraid to seek help.

Most students have exams right now – and following the above advice may not be possible for now, but you can try this trick right now, to reduce your stress levels and perform well in your exams:
1. Breathe comfortably
2. Acknowledge each thought and let it float past you
3. Do it for 10 minutes

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